Gasol Injury Latest Setback To Lakers


The Lakers announced Wednesday that Pau Gasol has a tear in the tissue on the bottom of the right foot, an injury said will sideline him at least six weeks.

The team said in a statement Gasol, injured Tuesday at Brooklyn, will return to Los Angeles on Thursday for additional examinations and that a timeline for his return will be set then.

That’s the news of the moment. The critical big-picture implication is that whatever plans the Lakers had of waiting to get healthy and then evaluating the roster before pushing the button on a shake-up deal just went away. The trade deadline is two weeks from Thursday, and the final opportunity for patience disappeared in Brooklyn.

Moving Gasol before was never as easy as most made it seem — it would have required an upgrade at power forward because the Lakers were already thin there with the injury loss of Jordan Hill. Moving Gasol also would have required a salary match that involved L.A. getting back something of value, not just a bunch of loose parts. That would have been a tough fit anyway. Now, with teams that would have been interested in Gasol knowing he is a question mark the rest of 2012-13, it became closer to impossible.

Dwight Howard (according to general manager Mitch Kupchak), Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash (according to logic) won’t be traded, Gasol’s value just plummeted and Metta World Peace didn’t have much to begin with. In other words, any Lakers deal of real impact will rank alongside Gasol-from-Memphis on the surprise scale.

Life in L.A. has been bad enough, even after wins in six of the last seven games, and now the Lakers’ hand is being dictated by outside circumstances. That’s a very bad spot to be in.

As Bryant noted after the win in New York, the Gasol injury increases the pressure on Howard to return to the lineup after missing the last three games because of a shoulder injury. That pressure will certainly not come from the Lakers, though. Howard is a little less than five months away from becoming a free agent and already feeling what it’s like to be underperforming under the spotlight. No one within the organization needs him feeling more of a squeeze.

Besides, they need him to permanently heal, not come back too soon and risk going out again. Howard is suddenly one of the few big men they have left.


  1. Hollins says:

    Mitch, if you’re reading this and want to keep your job call the basketball team from Ulm (it’s in Germany) and ask for Mr. John Bryant. He’ll play for the minimum and will help your team to get to the playoffs cause he’s a talented big who rebounds like a beast and hits threes. Yes, exactly what you need! If you don’t know him shame on you and try this helpful search engine called “Google”. I think you’ll like him! I know he doesn’t look particularly good and doesn’t play pretty but he produces!

    Best regards

  2. Laker 16TimeChamps. BACK OFF says:

    I like how HATERS take there time to post a comment. #LAKERS!

  3. dmh says:

    Just when the lakers started to be interesting again….

    On the other hand this is the coach that played Boris Diaw at center back in the day. Mike D is no evil doctor like Don Nelson, however I do remember one of his best seasons in Phoenix being without any big men for significant parts of the season. I think at this point, Mike D needs to channel his evil doctor and leave Clark and MWP as the Big men until D12 quits whining. If D12 is whining, you might as well bench him until he quits whining, injury or not. It doesn’t matter his true injury status, if he is whining then give Sacre and Clark all of D12’s minutes and the lakers will be better off.

  4. NBA-Hoops says:

    LOL where are all you laker fans claiming their gunna be the 2013 CHAMPS. bet you all look dumb now.. smh. all I can do is laugh

    • Dommy says:

      whats wrong with having faith in your team? they had the chances so it hasnt worked out, life goes on and hopefully they can improve 🙂 i laugh at you good sir

  5. micheah says:

    are we ever gonna catch a break this season,,,?? damn

  6. Hoàng Duy says:

    Lakers need to sign somebody in order to creat a deeper team both on court and bench. The only person can be that missing puzzle is Kenyon Martin. He is a veteran and also willing to sign with minimum salary.With Kenyon, the defensive definately will increase significantly without doubt lead to the chance to get the final spot in playoff is brighter.

  7. Busk1 says:

    Lakers will be in the playoffs, you’ll see. And haters will do what they do best, keep hating ! Shaq could even come back for some games until Dwight comes back in shape. I’d love it !

  8. TTKIN says:

    This season was over weeks ago anyways. Why cant baseball start already haha.

  9. Lakers Bid Decision says:

    The Lakers need to Trade D12 for Al Horford and Kyle Korver. Then all the drama and D12’s mindset of “I dont care” and “its all about me” and “my shoulder hurts” is gone and the team is SOLID.

  10. Mick Ultra says:

    On a more serious discussion, where did you guys learn proper grammar. Maybe you should stop writing on message boards and open up a book…..

  11. For me this all stems back to the horrible acquisition of DH. Just that alone left a bad taste in Gasol’s mouth, let alone hearing all the trade talks. For all we know he faked the injury then went home and kept on flexing his foot till it ripped, just so he wouldn’t be traded. I mean c’mon, I’m no doc but when you look at the replay, the injury is questionable. Who hurts them self on the way up? usually people rip things, tear things, or gets injured on the way back down. Just like DH, who goes to surgery right before the playoffs…You was fine all season, decided to leave the team, and then “ow, my back is broken, peace out Orlando, by the way good luck” Just so you don’t look like you were pulling a CA or LBJ. You’re a bum!!!!!!!!! The Lakers would have been fine, they shoulda kept Odom, Fisher, and Matt Barnes, but no they got rid of all of them to get an “injured” weak cry baby wanna be Center. This dude was never hurt in Orlando, now all of a sudden he has life threatening injuries or atleast thats how he acts…The Lakers will make the POs Kobe will make sure of that, how far they will get is whats questionable

    • Oh, I forgot to mention Mike D sux…Plse, plse get a new coach…Gosh…darnit…maybe Reggie Miller should coach them…HA!

    • dattebayo says:

      So you would have been fine with not trading Bynum and having him sit out the entire season because of his bad knees? Getting Howard for Bynum was a bigger heist than getting Gasol for Brown.

  12. topotamadre says:

    This is not a problem of LUCK. It’s a problem of MANAGEMENT. We all knew Pau Gasol was playing 37 mpp at 32 years old and 7 feet. We all knew Howard came from a major surgery which could have inhabilitated him basketball-wise forever. We all knew they had no bench. So, as I say, all these problems are not a coincidence or just bad luck. They are the result of putting out a team badly constructed and full of players who used to be leaders and don’t know how to play as rol players.

    • Leon says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I think the main Lakers’ problem is the organization itself and its “We are best in the world” arrogant approach.
      That is why Kobe is so good match there. This approach works only team is strong, tactics is bespoke and overall results are ok.
      But is there are problems…. they are in a big dark hole (recall the players’ reactions during Dallas swept 2 years ago). IMO there is no chance for this team this year to make a good result.

  13. Zr0 says:

    The Lakers selection is still strong. They will make the playoffs, beat the higher ranked team and reach the finals. In the finals they won’t have home court advantage, this will be the only negative factor of this season. The season will end up in succes.

    If you don’t know, now you know!!

  14. Miami Fan says:

    100% Lakers Cant go in playoffs.. @KArolis – hahaha i tell you Lakers dont have Good Bench players Just Lucky players.. hahaha… See the bench player’s of Miami too far from the Lakers. But miami they only play for fun.. win or lose its ok,, cuz this is not a PLAYOFFS like they play to become a CHAMPS.. XD

  15. rich says:

    The article seems to focus on trade again, and doesn’t mention any about the game. Its’s very strange. Well, those who critic Gasol, have now the opportunity to see what happens to the playoff hopes without him. Surely, they won’t use the word soft to describe the L.A failure coming up.

  16. Clone says:

    Mitch Kupchak should try to sign Flo Pietrus (Mickael’s brother).
    He is a great PF with a huge defensive skills and a very good long range shooting.He is probably the 2nd french best big man behind Noah and he is wasting his time with a bench role with Valencia.

  17. Tobias says:

    I agree with those who say this probably isnt that big of a deal. Have seen every lakers game and seems to me that when they are winning, gasol isn´t the a main factor in the game. But when they are loosing, he usually have a bigger roll but fail to execute…

  18. Jochen-Celt says:

    Good News for the Celts. As they`ll visit us tomorrow we`ll beat them now. hahahaha

  19. matt says:

    Oh my god, what an idiot…

  20. DR. C GOODE IS ON DRUGS says:

    what drugs are you on? no way denver, pacers or okc would give up those players for kobe in the back end of his career. hell as a denver fan i wouldn’t give up iggy for kobe.

  21. KobeWhiner says:

    Kobe: YES! i can score tons of points again! i can score 81pts again! be the ultimate ballhog again!

  22. kobeng Burat!!! says:


    That’s what happen in 2010 when the HEAT couldn’t beat the celtics in regular season… But what happen to the playoffs… Oh the HEAT came out in the EAST… sure they got beat on the finals… BUT what happened to your lakers those times???? Got SWEPT by the MAVS….. a year after GOT swept again by the THUNDERS… Thunders that got BEATEN by the HEAT in the FINALS… And NOW your lakers can’t even improve their record above .500 despite of having so called SUPERTEAM… Oh you got no bigman too just like the HEAT but hey… MIAMI is leading the EAST while your precious lakers with your kobegod stuck in 10th place in the WEST…. Go Cry kobetard…. Still anticipating the your lakers are going to be slaughtered again by the HEAT…. 1 thing i’m sure of… Your kobegod will be back to ballhog mode when DWADE and LBJ will toy kobehog like a 10 year old boy….AGAIN!!!!

  23. Eric says:

    As a fan I will always back LA.
    True – odds are against LA but, hey, I think they will find a way to get it done.

  24. Lakeshow2013 says:

    were fine howard should be back soon and his main thing with us is his defense not so much his offense so as long as he can avoid bringing the ball down so low when hes under the rim he wont have to worry to much about his shoulder nash will have to step up his scoring a bit but were fine kobe just trying to make a story and keep everyone interested in whats going on in laker land but he knows we need to make a push now and once we get in that 8th seed as long as we get in anything is possible 🙂 GO LAKESHOW

    • theking0522 says:

      Lol. You won’t be fine. Howard cannot make those jump shots Gasol can. All Howard does is shoot bricks!! You are done

  25. John says:

    They possibly wanted to trade him before, now they’re really in bad shape.

  26. Boogerman says:

    I don’t understand the Lakers fans when they keep blaming Pau everytime during their losing streak, but now after he got injured they become worried about him all of a sudden.

  27. 0824 says:

    SIgn Kenyon martin and trade meta and blake for batum!!!

  28. Clement Low says:

    Go Lakers go Lakers for life

  29. Bruce says:

    I appreciate the blind faith the Lakers fanatics have in their team. I truly believe only mathematically being eliminated from the post season will convince them this is not their year. And even then I still feel that many Laker fans will go to sleep thinking they can win another title in 2013. But know this about the Lakers: they stink this year. Stink. They have yet to climb over 500 and it’s February. And they play in the Western Conference. You can’t get in to the playoffs in the West being under 500. Period. Heck you can’t get in playing 500 ball. You must be over. Over 500. Something it has taken these Lakers over three months to still not do. Dallas is hot on their heels and they won’t go either. Portland is over 500 and not in. Then there’s the fact that 10 of the Lakers 15 March games are on the road. They are screwed. They are not going to make it in. They’re done. They’re a lottery team and need to focus on the future. One that doesn’t include Dwight Howard. Wake Up Lake Show!

  30. qaz says:

    kobe bryant for paul pierce and kevin garnett would work out good for both teams.

    kobe says hes playing only a couple more years and so do pierce and garnett.

    It would mean dwight howard would stay in la so would stabalise there future.

    It would mean boston gets a couple of years with kobe bryant as it looks like theyre going nowhere this year.

    It would show the world that no player is untradable and greater than the team. He wanted to get traded when things went sour in the mid 00s and has caused a all star team to be under .500. If the nbas all about winning i say go ahead and do it . The greatest ball hog in the history of the nba being traded so they can improve the team would go down in history as a point about team play and no doubt the team would imrpove after the trade.

    It also means the lakers could still make the playoffs this year and get a shot at the rring. Due to gasol being out 6 weeks the trade would mean garnett could take his spot straight away and pierce kobes till howard and gasol are ready to come back.
    The lakers would improve there defence and the problem of a shooting guard taking other players out of the game such as gasol howard and nash as pierce is more of a team player.. The teams defence would be mean having 3 talls howard garnett and gasol up back and metta running off the bench. This team would not only make the playoffs theyd most likely win the whole thing. Okalhoma lost harden and the frontline of this team would give the heat serious matchup problems.

    nash pg
    pierce sg
    gasol sf
    garnett pf
    howard c

    • Jonesy37 says:

      Of course! And the Lakers should also have traded Magic to the Celtics for Bird in the late 80’s!

    • Jonesy37 says:

      Actually in fairness you make some good points. But asking the Lakers and Celtics to switch franchise players is like asking Jordan to make a comeback with the Wizards. Wait…

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      Except pau gasol cannot play small forward by a longshot

  31. Karolis says:

    If the system works doesn’t matter who plays, they will get the wins. (Just look at Bulls and Celtics)

    They’ve won over the Nets without Howard and Metta.(His three pointers and defence have been a big factor this season}
    So with Gasol out someone else will execute. Clark will execute, Jameson , Meeks ….

    • Bstarr says:

      Amen!!! You seem to understand what is going on in this game called B’ball.

      If the system works and the coach is calling for the right plays it should not do as much damage as it looks. Bulls without Rose and C’s without Rondo are very good examples!

      Lakers still have Koby and Steve with help of Metta, Jameson and Clark. So Mike D’Antoni should get his act together and do his job the right way!! It’s true that he is missing Dwight and Pau as his big guys….but so does Toronto…nothing new in the league. And by the way, there are some teams winning by playing without a dominant center….MIAMI!!

      So NO, Lakers are not done. They just need a change of tactics!

      • theking0522 says:

        Yes, they are done. They are under .500 and the loses against Celtics and Heat will push them further down

  32. Dr C.Goode says:

    Just like the Celtics, the Lakers are done for 2013 and just like the Celtics they need to make trades but wont. I suggest the Lakers have do the (formally) unthinkable and trade Kobe Bryant, he clearly belongs to the Lakers of the past and although he’s playing fairly well it isn’t really working as they can’t get above .500 no matter what he does, I also think his shoot first mentality is destroying this team and causing unrest within the playing group. So while he’s playing well and his trade value is still high they should see what they can get for him. Lakers could trade him to OKC for Kevin Martin, Perkins, Sefolosha and Collison or to Denver for Brewer, Chandler, Iguodala and Miller. Another possible trade is to Indiana for Stephenson, Granger, Hill and Mahinmi. This way they can build their team and future around Howard and surround him with some decent pieces.

    • Philbert says:


      You are so wrong on many different levels….but if you are suggesting the Lakers trade Kobe you cannot truly be a Laker fan. First and foremost in your comment….is that Kobe has a “NO TRADE” clause in his contract so your entire point in mute. The Lakers still have the ability to pull together a gutsy underdog run at the playoffs and perhaps do some real damage. The have beaten OKC this season…and they just beat the Nets without Howard. Kobe seems to be realizing after all these years that he has to trust his team mates and make them better to win….and he is doing that now with some success. Kobe is the greatest player I have or will see in my lifetime….great work ethic….gives 110% all the time….intelligent and mature beyond his years. He will be a Laker for one more year and retire….and I would love to see him get another ring or two.

      So next time before showing your cards on the table……do a little research!!!!

    • Badgers says:

      Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not. Firstly, the Lakers would never trade Kobe. Secondly, your suggested trades are contending playoff teams trading half their roster for one player that they don’t need. Thirdly, he has a no trade clause.

  33. Takwach says:

    you gotta be cohesive, play together, as a team. Lakers couldn’t do that. Plus they went for popular players instead of good fits for them. They let Ramon Essions go to get a 38 year old Nash who could never play defense. They let Bynum go for DH who has the back of an 80 year old woman. They sacrificed the one thing that helped them out, their bench. There are only 4 legitimate contenders for the title. The Spurs, Thunder, Heat, and Knicks, in that order. All 4 play together, with chemistry, and the play DEFENSE.

    • NBAfan says:

      The Knicks aren’t contenders in my opinion. They are doing well, but the playoffs are another matter.

    • nonbiastfan says:

      there is no way the spurs are going to win the playoffs this year for several ears in a row now they have a great regular season even a good playoff run then get owned by another actual contender. the spurs have about as much to win it this year as the bobcats

    • Rocket33 says:

      Takwatch, if Dwight has the back of an 80 year old woman, then how would you describe Bynum’s knees?

  34. ali says:

    Why did everybody not mentioned and forgot E.Clark!!! the guy is a bang player!! him and jami can man up and do whats needed!! having the 7 footer doesnt really mean alot in the game unless your style is to be too defensive which isnt the case with the lakers!! I still can see them doing fine without both!

  35. Richard from New Jersey says:

    this probably wont happen but Lakers should think like the Celtics and blow up the roster trade KOBE,NASH,GASOL,HOWARD for like 7 first round picks and some decent players but being this is L.A free agents might come there…………heads hurts cant think no more.

  36. KB08 says:

    It’s funny when I see comments from Heat fans that they’re gonna win another championship this season. They can’t even beat the Knicks and the Pacers LOL

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      LOL but your Lakers won´t even make the playoffs. That´s for sure! Let´s speak again at the end of the season. You don´t have a clue about Basketball so stop talking. A single loss has nothing to do with the playoffs. The Heat will destroy the every other team in the playoffs. Only Spurs and OKC provide a challenge. That´s it. By the way…they also lost to bad teams like the Wizards etc.

    • theking0522 says:

      And your team cannot even beat the Magics AT HOME. LOL!!! You said your team was going to destroy everybody

  37. Go Lakers says:

    i don’t think this is such a bad news for us, now that they can’t trade pau, and of course none of us wants to see dwight traded. It leaves lakers with only one choice which is firing mike d’antoni who has been a disappointment to all of us, and bring a coach who can work with this roster.

  38. sacreblue says:

    Dwight does NOT have the blood of champion. If he wants to win, he should just gut it out with that shoulder of his. He may not be 100% but he can still be productive especially in other areas, He does not need to score much. The team is more cohesive now than the start of the season. Dont be a BABY dwight!!

  39. Lakers fan 4 life says:

    We beat OKC, the team that can beat James heats this season and we beat them with the same players we got now, you lakers haters are wishing that Kobe and Howard gets injury that way your team feels much better, let the best team win tomorrow regardless who that may be. GO LAKERS.

  40. jacobm says:

    it may not be the most popular opinion but i love to see what’s happening to the lakers this year, not only because i am not a fan of them but also because it sends a message to the whole league. you can’t just pack a roster with all stars and expect it to work, you need a few core players and some glue guys.

  41. laker fan E says:

    Dwight he make some really good plays by using the back board when fouled just practice free throws Clark he is really good to I would have him on the starting line ups every game he and Dwight I always believe in this team some people say that Lebron is better than Kobe. Kobe is far better he he have more rings, more points , LeBron has not win the mvp for all stars Kobe is 5 in the all time leading points kobe have broken records what Lebron CAN’T break. Kobe is the BEST AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST …

    • LA Dwight says:

      always? this season is slowly proving once again that kobe can’t do it on his own. his die hard fans make it seem like kobe won his 5 rings on his own, disregarding shaq and pau gasol. i’m no fan of lebron but at least he made it all the way to the finals with lesser than that. kobe on the other hand, demanded to be traded or have some teammates expunged before gasol came into the picture. apparently, he can’t do it on his own then. now? it just doesn’t look good. there is still time to make the playoffs. although i find it funny that when a team well above .500 loses two or three in a row or by a large margin, some easily say they’re doomed to lose early in the playoffs. yet these same people also say that a laker team, with it’s head practically under water, can still win it all.

      • ............... says:

        come on why do u gotta come here just to hate on kobe and the lakers???? name one player that has won a championship by him self with no other good players? that is just not possible ……..and lebron didnt take him to the finals alone he had good players if i remember correctly that was when williams was playing at his best almost an all-star? and yeah he didnt win it anyways so dont bring that up. As for this years lakers yes they are struggling but if they manage to get in the playoffs im sure not the 1st 2nd 3rd or any other team will want to play the lakers

  42. Bball Fan says:

    I initially had no sympathy for the Lakers. An arrogant, underperforming, overpaid team? Meh. But I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them lately. They are just starting to turn it around, to build team comraderie, and to learn how to play together. And who doesn’t like to see a team accomplish that? I had even started to see them as underdogs, imagine that.

    And then bad luck comes and takes it out of their hands by injuring all three big men on their team simultaneously. That’s just rough. Any team would be crippled if that happened. I just hope the players and management realize that if they continue to stick it out, heal, and improve their team play on the court, they stand a good chance of success in the future, even if this season is a bust.

  43. Chris says:

    Also for a team that is supposed to be the most dominant (did i mention healthy too?) in the league and have the world’s greatest the heat’s road record is pathetic. They’ve barely skated by bottom feeder teams with battered lineups.

  44. laker fan says:

    The Lakers can still make it to the play off I will always believe in them Kobe is eager for a next ring and the bench are to so they will bring it and the coach be is doing his part and after game he give the players advice

    • Lakers says:

      Lakers still got this….they have played with out gasol before…they can do it again…with Windows in boston and charolette and Illinois say a lose in miami there set for a incendio honestando and will mame it

  45. theking0522 says:

    The Lakers are done!!! They are still under .500 and Lebron will destroy them on Sunday, AGAIN!!! Howard still have injury issues and he might injury his shoulder again if he tries to come too soon. From champs to chumps. What a difference a couple of months make!

  46. Lakerfan says:

    This really screws up the Lakers’ playoff hopes… which were already getting slim to begin with… MAN what luck… 6 wins in 7 games it was looking good and then now this… DAMN

    • Scott The Magician says:

      Yah what a shame, he and the lakers had finally started playing well and the playoffs were in sight. Lets hope D12 gets back soon and the team can still get in.
      such a shame, they were doing amazing lately.

      • blagh says:

        Kobe, Dwight, Nash plus a few others like Clark, Jamison and MWP is not enough to AT LEAST make the playoffs? that will be a shame if it does not happen.