Blogtable: What To Do With Bynum

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Week 15: New York, Indiana or …? | The Bynum dilemma | Coach of the half-season

You’re Philly’s GM: What do you do with free-agent-to-be Andrew Bynum?

Steve Aschburner: Tough one. They made the trade and gave up a valuable asset in Andre Iguodala, so letting Bynum walk (limp?) away after one lost, partial season would be difficult. Then again, overpaying and putting your team on the hook for years to come for a player of dubious durability and questionable heart would be way worse. The Sixers need Bynum to get on the court and, at some point, go as hard as he can for as long as he can. Then they need to fix a price in their heads, well south of a max contract or at least with some non-guarantees, and stick to that. If the market for Bynum goes crazy, they should in good conscience let him go.

Fran Blinebury: His name [Philly’s real GM] is Tony DiLeo and he and I both wait for Bynum to get out onto the floor and show what he can do down the stretch of the regular season. There’s no reason to rush and panic and trade him away at the deadline. If Bynum can prove he’s healthy, Tony and I have the best center in the Eastern Conference.

Jeff CaplanYou do what you have to do and that’s get him signed to a long-term contract and cross your fingers. Skilled 7-footers don’t grow on trees, even ones with suspect knees and, at times, a suspect mind. If his wonky knees were a non-issue (and I know that’s a huge “if”), I’m a bigger fan of Bynum than Dwight Howard simply because of his fully evolved offensive capabilities. You can literally throw it into him on the low block and let him go to work old-school style, he’s that smooth. He’s not the defensive presence that Howard is, but no one is. Unfortunately, those knees are always going to be an issue and there’s nothing anybody can do about it, so you swallow hard, pay the man and hope to goodness he stays healthy (and for goodness sake put a no-bowling clause in the contract). If Bynum can stay healthy, the Sixers suddenly have one of the best inside-out combos in the game with All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday.

Scott Howard-CooperI try to re-sign him. I have to. How hard I try depends on what the doctors tell me. If the exam results show reason for concern, the team has to be protected. That could mean trying for a deal loaded with incentives, with enough potential payoff that Bynum would take such a package that might initially seem unattractive.

John Schuhmann: I offer something a lot less than a max contract, both in dollars and years. And if he doesn’t like it, I watch him walk out the door and I spend my money elsewhere. Obviously, his health is always going to be an issue, but so is his attitude and drive. When healthy, Bynum has a great combination of size and skills, but he’s just not a franchise player. Philly made a mistake by trading Andre Iguodala and Nikola Vucevic for this guy, but they shouldn’t compound that mistake by giving him a contract that has a good chance of being a serious burden in a couple of years.

Sekou Smith: Look at him, shake your head (while cursing him out under your breath) and then when you go back to your office and no one else is around you punch the wall. Had he showed up and played just a little bit, you would have had some idea of what you were getting in the former Lakers big man. What can you do with him? You basically have to hold on to him until the summer and then decide if you want to outbid someone for a 7-footer you paid all season but still don’t really know what he can do for your team.


  1. saynt614 says:

    Release him so he can come to Denver. XD

    That’ll raise some eyebrows

  2. Baller says:

    Odds are he will get a max deal from someone at the end of the season so signing him for a one-year deal for less money is unrealistic.

    The should of swallowed the pill when he arrived and offerened him a two year extension at max money, even though he always wanted to wait it out till next season, an extra two years of max $$$ with his knees would of been hard to turn down. Then you would of been only on the hook for two more seasons. Letting it play out to free agency Bynum will ask for 5 years at max making the likely hood Philly lets him walk high.

    Overall poor management.

  3. BB FAN says:

    I think what Philly needs to do is sign him to a one-year deal, with a team option for one more.
    The sallary should be between 8 and 12 million

  4. Bstarr says:

    A tough one indeed. Problem is that Bynum did not had a chance to prove himself in Philly yet. Either way it’s a risk. Letting him go or stay…

    But ok, I agree on the comments of an extention for him. But don’t forget that when he comes back he would be rusty and will need time to get in shape, so is 1 year going to be enough to make the right decision?

  5. dr.max says:

    is there any chance to see again name washington bullets,not wizards, they back retro jersey but they must back old name bullets.

  6. Matthew says:

    Bynum is awesome and worth the risk but learn from the Oden saga. And the latest from the Brandon Roy saga. New knees do not grow on trees either. Sometimes a player reaches their expiration date before their actual talent is gone.

  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    This is a juggling act. I would sign him short term contract. So that if (& a BIG IF) he gets injured then u would have 2 not pay big salary if u signed a long term contract.

  8. steppx says:

    good comments, guys. Personally, I wouldnt sign him. He has no record of not playing either hurt or sulking. The potential is seductive, but stay clear and learn the lesson DO NOT TRADE FOR BIGS WITH HEALTH ISSUES….(especially knees). I would try to move him for whatever I could soon as he take the court. Houston might bite……..get back T Jones, Montjunas and Patterson and call it a day.

  9. kwp 968 says:

    the next eddie curry

  10. kobe says:

    Bynum is done..put a fork in him…he will b out of the league in 2-3 yrs..alot of talent…no heart

  11. Mr.Honesty says:

    bynum can give you bad hair style on display while earning big money from you sitting on the bench.

  12. W/E says:

    If am Philadelphias manager i would trade him right away, or amnesty him so he can go continue his career at bowling

  13. Kamote says:

    Immaturity aside, it is still a fact that Bynum can’t keep himself healthy throughout one year. How can you have the Best Center in the East if he is always unavailable to play either at the start of the season or (even worse) at the playoffs? Losing Iguodala is one mistake (but in a way unleashed Young’s game), but signing Bynum to a burdensome contract would be borderline stupid.

    If they can do better than just let them walk, they should try to trade him to GM’s that still think that Bynum is the real deal. Either capable centers (eg. Pek, Perk, Asik, Utah’s bigs etc.) or expiring contracts. Holiday, Evans and Young are already showing signs of improvement, they just need capable and DURABLE big men with them.

  14. AM says:

    I would try to reach an agreement with Bynum. Sign him for 12 Million, one year, and see what he can do next season. And then, Phily could take a decision of what to do with him

    • Kamil says:

      Smart choice. I’d go as far as to pay him 15 million if he wanted it.

      I dont know the 76ers cap numbers, nor do I care. Its worth paying a couple extra million or whatever in taxes because your over the hard cap than letting him walk away and possibly play well somewhere else.

      If they just trade him away, I think it makes the Iguodala trade pointless because I personally think Iguodala is more valuable to a team that Bynum in the sense than in the past 6-7 years the NBA has changed; big men arent the driving force behind winning titles; deep teams with great perimeter guys and a commitment to defense is what gets you the title. Yes I know, having a scoring threat thats 7’0 on the low block would be great, but the reality is that is a luxury, one that most teams cannot land or afford for various reasons.

      That is what most GM’s dont understand. You can mix and match all you want, but sometimes your better off gutting it out old school style with the team you have and adding good pieces to compliment the ones you already have.

      I hope im not the only one who thinks the Sixers were a better team with Iguodala. Yea, he may not get you 25 every night, but he plays good defense, he is athletic, and he has shown that he can play with other great players who want the ball. Look what he has accomplished in Denver with Lawson and Gallo. If Wilson Chandler found his stride again, they are a top 4 team in the West.

      The Sixers on the other hand have went down hill since that trade I think. They havent showed signs of vast improvement or decline. Its like they are stuck in limbo till they can get a look at what Bynum can bring to the table.

      If Bynum comes back healthy and somehow stays healthy, the Sixers will automatically get a boost because he has also proven that he is the best if not one of the top 5 low block players we have in the NBA. If he made a commitment to defense I also think that would send shockwaves through to team and makes Doug Collins job a lot easier.

      So yes… good idea.