Blogtable: Next Best In East

Carlos Boozer (right) and David West, by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Carlos Boozer (right) and David West, by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 15: New York, Indiana or …? | The Bynum dilemma | Coach of the half-season

For argument’s sake, say Miami wins the East. Next: New York, Indy or …?

Steve Aschburner: I’ve been a skeptic on New York for a long time — never been a huge ‘Melo fan and I try to filter Knicks hype by half because of the media glut there. Mostly I’ve been proven wrong this season. But I’m not convinced yet, so I’m sticking with Indiana. The Pacers have a terrific locker room to go with a strong starting lineup, an emerging superstar in Paul George, David West‘s old-school game down low, a bench with helpful parts, a rim-protector in Roy Hibbert (frustrating as he can be) and a brashness from their coach, Frank Vogel. They also have an ace in the hole if Danny Granger‘s return goes well. Besides, Indiana gave Miami more of a scare last spring than the Knicks did.

Fran Blinebury: The chalk says the Knicks, the head says the Pacers. But I’m gonna crawl way out on a limb here, say that Derrick Rose comes back after the All-Star break and is feeling good by April. So by late May it’s the Bulls.

Jeff CaplanOr is right … as in OR the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose is coming back and the psychological boost alone has the potential to really juice the hardest working team in basketball. John Wall‘s very impressive return in Washington should really have Chicago jazzed for Rose’s chances to quickly get his game going and for the club to mesh after such a long layoff. Rose’s return has the power to transform and the Bulls are already holding down the No. 4 spot with the ability to quickly make a move up the standings after the All-Star break.

Scott Howard-CooperOr … Chicago. Not at the moment, but if the topic is projecting the second-best East team for the playoffs, since the question is based on the premise of the Heat winning the conference, it’s the Bulls with Derrick Rose. Indications are that he will be back in more than enough time to be rolling by the postseason. The Bulls are in the mix for No. 2 anyway. The Bulls with a good Rose puts them ahead of the other challengers.

John Schuhmann: I don’t know if they’ll finish second in the standings, but I think the team most likely to face the Heat in the Eastern Conference finals (unless they’re on the same side of the bracket) is Chicago. And I say that with a relatively conservative outlook on what they’ll get from Derrick Rose between now and May. I think the Bulls have the defense that neither New York or Brooklyn have and, with Rose (at somewhere less than 100 percent), the offense that Indiana doesn’t have.

Sekou Smith: As recently as three weeks ago I would have dismissed the idea of the Pacers being in the same space with the Knicks or Heat. But they’ve finally started to look like that team we all saw give the Heat fits in the playoffs last season. Frank Vogel has been coaching that way all season but his team didn’t catch up until recently. Now that they have, I think they could very well be that “second-best” team in the East. And they pose matchup issues for the Heat with their frontline and with a rangy athlete like All-Star swingman Paul George coming into his own. The Pacers are going to be a serious problem for anyone that sees them in the playoffs.


  1. NYPress says:

    I love all of you MIA d!ckriders who “just know” that they are coasting and will be in the ECF just off predictions. Its hilarious to think that they can’t be beat. 2 yrs ago they got to the finals on talent & the fact that teams didn’t know them enough. Last year they were one of the few teams who didn’t hv to worry about chemistry in lockout shortened season and had no major injuries either (same as this yr). Let me make this clear..THIS IS NOT LAST YEAR. Yes they are talented but by no means are they unbeatable. The 3 teams being mentioned IND, NY, CHI are just as talented and can beat MIA in a playoff series. Also all of those teams have dealt with injury & adversity this yr something MIA hasn’t. And MIA isn’t nearly as deep as those 3 either. After the big 3 NO ONE on that team scares anyone. No one who can score on their own. No inside play or person to protect the basket, just a bunch of shooters waiting (hoping?) LBJ gets doubled so they can get off a shot. To think that MIA will ‘just turn it up’ when it matters is stupid. Once again THIS IS NOT LAST YEAR. My prediction: if the games are called fairly(BIG IF) one of those 3 teams will come out of the east

  2. Go NY says:

    Funny how people didn’t believe in the Heat cus Lebron is a basket case until they won it all, now everyone thinks they’ll win every championship till he retires. If the regular season doesn’t matter, why play it. Last time I looked, the Heat are in first place in the east. If it doesn’t matter, then why do they maintain 1st place? I guess the regular season only matters to them when they play bad teams. When they play good teams and lose, well regular season doesn’t matter… that’s funny!

    Of course regular season is an indicator, and so far it screams trouble for the Heat. Pacers are legit, Bulls work hard, Knicks are deep and talented. This makes for great post season drama.

    Knicks all the way!

  3. RAMON says:


  4. Ben says:

    What I think all of you forget is that last year was last year, and this year is this year, all four teams, Chi,Miami,Ind,NY, are all playing well this year, chi and Ind are the best defensive teams on the league this year, defense wins championships, but they have to play that type of d in the playoffs, Paul George has shown he can shadow Lebron, and he has frustrated him this year, can he do it in the playoffs?? We will see, but to day Miami doesn’t care about the regular season is naive, of course they care, just not as much as when the post season starts. Each team has a shot this year, but if I’m picking a team no one wants to see in the playoffs, it’s the pacers, that includes Miami

  5. Ben says:

    i dont think that the bulls want it bad enough. sure D Rose coming back would be huge for them but when it comes down to it i think Indiana wants it more

  6. Melomvp says:

    Last season Bulls own Heat in regular season… Its also true that bulls loose to heat in playoff.. Rose got injured in that series, Bulls without rose lost to Heat playoff series, Bulls with rose won series against heat in regular season…

    Make sense.. Do u think if only or let say Drose did not injured him self during the playoff series against the Heat, would be the result might be the same or The other way around.. Bulls might or even got chance to beat theHeat in playoff its just what if.. So until the Heat faces the bulls again with a Healthy line up in playoff we still cannot judge it yet..

    Last season Heat shown some greatness in regular season and we cannot deny it, this season Heat has a healthy roster so far but still loose to a team that missing some star player thise season, Wizard, Pacers Knicks…

  7. InDianaJones says:

    I’m not a Heat fan, but from what I see, they’re still gonna take the eastern conference championship….. Lebron has the ability of Leadership, the value of a a true mvp…. Have you forgotten what he did at the final conference game with the Celtics? when his team was in trouble He take over and did everything that he can….. Knicks and Indi might beaten the heat ds season but the Heat’s mindset to be the back to back champion will not change.. Heat’s player are also improving especially w/ bosh and wade.. #BOSTON FAN

  8. Didn’t the pacers beat the heat twice last year in the regular season? Heat are just cruising til the playoffs no worries heat fans

  9. Lawddd4 says:

    Its funny last yr Mia did the samethin n we won. We doin the same now. All these teams in the nba r playin there best bball even okc n miami is yet 2 do that well wait till the playoffs. Ohh as 4 all these teams in the east that beat the Heat how come yall not leadin the east in wins? ohh wait cuz yall can’t. Matter infact yall can lead the east as ;long as we make it 2 the playoff yall in 4 it

  10. Christian Peralta says:

    I believe the Knicks will take the eastern confrence this year. They DO have the defense to take on Miami, and they also have the offense to destroy Miami. Once the Knicks face the bulls again, the Knicks will have their number.

  11. Lawddd4 says:

    All u pacer fans plz stop. Reg season means absolute nothin 2 Miami. pacers should of put miami away but wat happend ohh yea we won n moved on, same as last yr vs bost n 2yrs ago vs bull.s U guys hate so much on the Heat cuz the team u put 2gether on 2k didn’t work n this team did yall hate. Stop it wait till post season n wen yall beat us if than talk trash but un till than RESPECT the champs n don’t throw stones @ the throne. knicks r not gonna go any where i got em commin out the first round. Wen it’s playoff time ask any 1 who has won a ship it aint easy u gotta grind n heat r the only team in the east who onces it every other team in the east just wanna beat us. beatin us is not winnin a ring u fools

  12. King_Gee says:

    Regardless if heat is not interested in regular season games. I still think they need to practise their half court sets, and maybe try out some new rotations. Also work on their finishes, lebrons looking clutch more & more.

    As for pacers, knew they’re good, but damnnnnn pg is doing his thing!! Suprised by how good their playing. Bulls……… nows thats team ball right there, deff holding it down for rose!!!!

  13. LAKERS says:

    if im hotter than you and your hotter than everyone else but me…who is hotter than me??? REPLY TO THIS

  14. larry thomas says:

    I bet no team get’s swept out the play-off this season and for one BIG reason……you ready…….NO FLOPPING *coughs miami heat* lol

  15. Karlo Garcia says:

    Bulls. They still have time 2 get it straight.

  16. gerald29 says:

    pacers is a good team ..they need a one player to beat miami like kevin durant a true scorer .. they will not beat miami in a 7game series…regular season head to head .. doesnt guarantee to beat a team in a playoff…

  17. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Miami is absolutely NOT the best team in the East. The Knicks, Indiana, Boston, and Derrick-Rose-less Bulls are all better teams than MIA. All of them have beaten the Heat in regular season. In fact both Knicks and Pacers have 2-0 lead on MIA in regular season.

    Miami is not good this year as they were last year. They get out-rebounded in every game. Shane Battier and Mario Charmers can’t hit shots so LeBron has no support on the perimeter. Wade and Bosh are NOT playing well this year – they only get a few good games. LeBron is the most consistent Heat player and he’s playing with a very inconsistent team.

  18. jerseyguy says:

    very interesting posts im reading here … what’s funny to me is, of all the teams being mentioned, the pacers play the most “playoff” type basketball …along with the bulls….people seem to forget that the playoffs is a half court game, slow grind it out, physical game predicated on defense and rebounding…..say bye bye to all those fast break olly oops and lebron sprinting full speed for a dunk…they were fortunate to have that many 3s last year in the playoffs…that won’t happen again…teams know how to stop them now…slow down the game, protect the ball, and guard the 3…Miami is finished…no big man, no post game, no more rings

    I’m not a pacers or bulls fan…but one of those teams will come out the east this year

    • BUUULLLS says:

      Could not agree more.

    • dattebayo says:

      The Heat shot horrible from 3 against the Pacers in the Conference Semifinals. They made only 6 per game at 32% and despite that, they beat the Pacers. If you say the Heat are done, because they don’t have someone who can score out of the post, then the Pacers are seriously ****** with Roy Hibbert, who is shooting 41% from the field as a 7 foot 2 center. Ray Allen is a better and more efficient post player than that, lol.

  19. King Ralph says:

    chris bosh miss the series against the pacers last year and miami win the series anyway imagine whats going to happen this year when the playoffs start and you get ray allen, chis andersen ,shane ,haslem, cole, healthy plus the big 3 no chance miami repeat period (if not major injuries happen)

    • jerseyguy says:

      please stop with chris bosh…are you serious?….this woman is soft as hell….what’s he gonna do against Dave West / Roy Hibbert or Boozer / Noah….honestly …lebron is the closest thing miami has to a big man who can post…i honestly think him at the 4 is what allowed them to beat the pacers last year….that and they hit all those 3s which won’t happen again

  20. So all the Miami Heat stans should be sorted. First count out the ones that weren’t fans before the finals last year….Now count out the ones that weren’t Miami fans before Lebron arrives. Now count out people that just cheer for a team with because of a star player and have no real loyalty…Okay, no real basketball fans state your opinion. Because any real basketball fan knows that nothing is impossible and the Pacers over the Heat is far from impossible.

  21. Zakk says:

    The Pacers are the best team in the NBA in my opinion. And do point out that I am saying team. But check this matchup out between the Pacers and Heat, and this is why I am taking the Pacers…. The Pacers go 10 deep every night. Miami has about 7 or 8 players who contribute on a nightly basis. The Pacers bench is going to outscore the Miami bench. There is no question to that, I think all can agree on that. But where the Pacers really take over is the front line. Miami often puts Lebron or Battier at Power Forward. With the way David West is playing this season, I don’t think Battier can guard him. Then, Chris Bosh is stuck on Roy Hibbert. Hibbert has had a bad season, but if he plays big, even without producing, that is going to be enough to wear down the Miami throughout a series. The Pacers also boast great defenders in Paul George and Danny Granger, who are more than capable of going toe to toe with D-Wade and Lebron. George Hill and DJ Augustine both play solid at point guard. And Lance Stephenson moving to the bench with the return of Granger(or maybe even bringing Granger off the bench) will surely bolster the Pacers already strong bench play. I am taking the Pacers over the Heat definitely.

    The only thing I see getting in the way of the Pacers is the Bulls. The Bulls have the most tenacious defense in the NBA. With the return of a stud athlete, all-star, and leader in Derrick Rose, the Bulls will not be fun for ANYBODY to see in the playoffs. What will be fun to see is a Pacers vs. Bulls Conference Finals. With the city’s of Indianapolis and Chicago being so close to eachother, and the two being Central division rivals, that will be a hard fought series, with many implications, and a HUGE fan response! Not to mention the two are defensive powerhouses!

  22. MJ says:

    well for starters, I do agree that the playoffs are different from the regular season games …especially in a 7 game playoff series where a team can focus more on their opponents, tune up their game and etc….There is much more pressure to it… overall the pacers are a young emerging team in NBA with one veteran playing on the team so realistically speaking the HEAT players combined have much more experience in the playoffs and more veterans combined as well. Rangy athletes like All-Star swing-man Paul George at the moment are playing all-star level but the question is can George produce the same level of energy during the 7 game stretches in the playoffs? I think not….Heat are a dirty team especially throughout the playoffs and we’ve seen that last year when they met head-to-head with the pacers…I do credit the pacers for being the top defensive team in the NBA at the moment and if they can maintain that spot, they will be a tough contender in the playoffs…Without Derek Rose and his presence the Bulls cannot compete in the playoffs at all…losing to Philadelphia in the playoffs without his presence on the court is a great example!. D-Rose is a GREAT player but his return in April will degrade the team’s performance, being out of sync for that long – after two consecutive major knee injuries…

  23. theholyspectator says:

    as many people have mentioned here on this blog, heat are winning the east no questions about it…since the big three came together they never lost to any team in the east…celtics may have been the only team close enough to close miami out but failed cuz of a player by the name of LBJ and the true monster performance he had in game 6 aginast the c’s during last years ECF..(45/15/5) its all fun and games in the regular season..if you lose a game thats great ok whatever keep it movin, but when your in a playoff series its a totally different story..sorry but no team can beat miami in a 7 game series PROVIDED the big 3 are healthy and the ROLE players have stepped their games up a tad bit..and ya they are gonna repeat one in the west neither can beat the heat in a 7 game series…dont matter if its spurs or okc or anyone else..its not gonna happen…whats really funny is that many people that hate on the heat dont realize and someone above mentioned is that heat simply coast during regular season..and simply coasting they easily make the playoffs where as other teams work really hard to get to the playoffs…and so these other teams are playin yes harder but its not the same kinda effort that miami puts in the playoffs…when they decide to turn it up sorry but aint no team matchin them in offense and defense…and please stop using regular season games as a reference source..regular season and post season are two totally different things…people who dont know this dont know much about the nba

  24. The TRUTH says:

    Everybody is countin’ BOSTON out, right? This article and these comments are all BULLSHEAT!

  25. just blaze says:

    i dont see the knicks having the grit to win a playoff series..they just live off big city hype of media and finance…nothing more….pacers are definitely improved from last season…the emergence of paul george,addition of a fit danny granger and perhaps a ‘ wake up from slumber’ roy hibbert and fighting spirit determination could cause some damage to the Heat in a 7 game series come the playoffs…chicago are doing the basics off less hype and attention from everybody..they might just be the trump card….its gonna be interesting to see anyway…..#go spurs go#

  26. Bryan says:

    this year i officially call Heat vs. Spurs

    • dattebayo says:

      I was rooting for that last year, but then the Thunder got every call in the 4th in Game 6 😐

  27. RealMIAMIfan says:

    Man, the regular season does matter. I’m a die-hard miami fan, and i love the regular season. no matter how many losses we get, i enjoy seeing our chemistry grow through fails and success. Having said that, no one can be sure about who will come out on top. Being a fan of the Heatles, i believe that they are the best team when its all said and done. We’ve overcome every single obstacle in the playoffs…

    -Overcoming the Celtics and the Bulls WITH D-Rose 2 years ago on our Championship run that ended up a loss to Dallas.

    -Being down in the series to the Pacers and the Celtics, we overcame everyones adversity saying we were done.

    -and then finally coming through and winning the Championship last year after being down to OKC the BEST team in the West with their upcoming star KD.

    All we need now is for LeBron to show his true clutch gene by hitting a game winning shot and for Birdman to get into the chemistry…. and were set.

  28. LAKERS says:

    If kobe wins 9 more rings will lebron win 4 more rings?? Someone slap my face hard

  29. Chima says:

    There are 3 playoff maniacs in the Heat. Ray Allen, D-wade and LBJ. Tell me how Indy will stop these folks in the playoffs. it wont only be a win…it’ll be a riot

  30. jose says:

    Yeah baby!!!Everybody had shown its best….We,HEAT,have’nt.
    We are fresh, first in the conference ,healthy and experienced!!1We haven’t shown our best and still, playing half-steam, we are the first in the EAST…take it easy friends!!!
    We have knocking punch in the 12 round!!!

  31. LAKERSdynastyalldayinmybum says:

    Ima challenge sekou smith to a one on one game for 500K for my charity!

  32. Anthony says:

    No respect to the knicks!!!!!It’s ridiculous. Remember when the knicks were guna finish 7th in the eatern conference, remember when we were the second best team in new york, and know they are saying we aren’t better than indiana and chicago just becuase. Knick fans don’t worry about what they say. The Knicks will just prove them wrong once again. I mean really they have predicted the whole season wrong(Example A: The Lakers)what credibility do they have. They name all of these good traits about the bulls and pacers but fail to aknowledge that the knicks have those same traits and more. Roy Hibbert a rim protector……Tyson chandler a rim protector, David west low post…….Amare low post, all-star in paul george…….melo a freakn MVP candidate. We are also alot deeper. In the back of miami’s mind they’d rather play paul george or one legged rose in the playoffs then his boy melo. Because unlike the media players in the league know how special melo is. So imma stop rantin. Lol. But good luck bull and pacers. And to the Heat we will see you in the ECF. Book It

    • Anthony says:

      o yeah and i didn’t yet mention possible 6th man of the year j.r. smith. Defensive stopper in Iman Shumpert, J-kidd, Best three point shooter in the game in Steve Novak. Just had to throw that in there. Lol

  33. TheIronMango says:

    Everyone always hates on the knicks but really we don’t care. We’ve proven people wrong all year and will continue to do it. This team doesn’t care about the critics and really have an IDC mentality. They just go out there and do their business quietly and aren’t intimidated by anyone. We have possibly the best offense in the league, one of the best benches, and we’re still just starting to get healthy. When we defend like we know we can, no team can beat this knicks team

  34. Rubby says:

    What? I mean I love the Pacers but they’re not the best in the East, PacerNation#1. They beat the Heat, sure, but really all the Heat needs to do to beat the Pacers in the playoffs is to have some good games which is extremely likely with playoff players like LeBron and Wade. In the right circumstances, the Pacers could definitely get a run going but I just don’t think it’ll happen!

  35. Folzey says:

    The Pacers easily are one of the more, lets say best, TEAMWORK oriented teams in the NBA. One game its Paul George, another game its David West. I have watched games where they feed the ball to bench players. As in DJ Augustin, or Tyler Hansbrough. But every game, even if one man is doing most of the work offensivly. All of the Pacers are playing amazing defense. The addition of Danny Grangers scoring powers will do nothing but increase the Pacers scoring output. keeping the defense the same. I’m still an avid beleiver in Defense wins Championships. The Pacers will win out the east. Who do you got? Miama, New York, or Chicago for number 2?

  36. Adam says:

    The Heat would have to lose 5 games, even at this point in the season, for the Pacers to claim rank #1. The Lakers are 3 off of the 8th play off spot and people are still saying it’s impossible for them to make it. The math doesn’t change up top guys.

  37. Lebron says:

    Remember the 2011 season where the Bulls beat the Heat 3 times in the regular season but the Heat ended up winning the playoffs between them? Yeah, deja vu all over again. Heat are just coasting right now.

  38. nbafanhere says:

    I’m pretty much sure that the Heat is not worried about meeting the Pacers or Bulls in the playoffs, Lebron always turn beast mode when he needs to win 4 games when it matters.. but the Knicks is the only team that I can think of that can beat the Heat.. knicks’ line up is really deep.. but I will still go with the Heat.. it’s going to be Heat vs Spurs in the finals.

  39. Kamote says:

    Don’t sleep on the Celtics just yet. Yup Rondo and Sully are out, but still…

  40. Knicksfan says:

    I think that that first and second spot is up for grabs by all four teams. I think the pacers are clicking now both on defense and offense and look really scary. But Knicks and Miami have clutch players and the Knicks have a really deep bench that can do damage to any team in the league. what I really think will make a difference on the standings on this last stretch is the schedule. The team with the most congested schedule will be the most unfortunate. All four teams deserve equal credit for the positions they are in right now, and all are deserving of a 1st or 2nd spot in east.

  41. 888 says:

    As much the Pacers beat the Heat this season I don’t think that is any indication that the Pacers can beat them in a seven game series. The Heat have proven that they get even harder to handle during the playoffs. The Pacers and Knicks are vastly improved compared to last season but the Bulls, with a healthy Rose, can easily beat the Pacers. That being said; I have yet to see any eastern team beat the Heat in the playoffs during the big three era. 2010-11 was an example of how regular season wins by the Bulls and the Celtics against the Heat didn’t matter during the playoffs since they were all dispatched before it reached game 7. I say the Pacers can take the Heat 7 games, but even that might be stretching it.. If they even get past the Bulls.

    All in all these are just merely predictions during a season that’s had many surprises. It’s still too early to know who can beat who in the playoffs.. Heck, even before game 1 of a series is too early to tell that. Mark my words though, the only way the Heat will lose the playoffs this year is for a team in the WEST to beat them, nobody in the east can do it yet..

  42. The Prince says:

    Yeah…..they didnt have bosh for that series remember? thats why pacers dominated on this inside? everyone forgets this. Btw ima laker fan lakersalldaykobealldayinmymouth

    • Matt says:

      Honestly, I think Miami’s biggest move would be to bench bosh if the Pacers play the heat in the playoffs. He only played for a half, and the pacers were winning… Benching Bosh puts the ball in LBJ and Wade’s hands more, which would give my Pacers a problem.

      Hell, maybe I am high, but I honestly think that if Bosh stayed on the floor, the series would have went 7 games….

  43. Tony says:

    Regular season wins do not foreshadow the playoffs. Miami has proven time and time again that they can turn up pace at any given time. Miami is unfortunately not interested in the regular season and you can clearly see that in all the players but Lebron. Come playoff time Miami will go back to its rough and tough speedy defense. The playoffs is a whole different ball game. With the way Miami can spread the floor and allow the slashers to bang inside they are tough to beat. Their new signing, Chris Anderson is also showing progress game by game and brings a little bit of toughness. Miami will be alright. But the pacers will for sure give miami the business.

  44. NBA says:

    if you think you can beat miami based on 2 regular season wins,you’re going to have a bad time 😉

  45. Wow thats cold says:

    Not a single one of you is even entertaining the idea that the Knicks are even going to come SECOND in the East?? Let alone the reality that they’re winning the whole thing this year?!?!? Ok, ok I’m obviously biased but everybody keeps talking about how Indiana and Chicago have smacked the Heat around, well we beat them twice each by twenty point deficits! Not only did we beat them comfortably, but in the second game we literally knocked their confidence out from under them and took their pretentious “positionless” offense and shoved it in their face.

    Yes Indiana beat us, but only by five points and we were without THREE of our starters. And our most valuable bench player was playing in his second or third game back from major surgery. And another bench player (Rasheed Wallace) who until he got injured was quietly putting up solid numbers. Yeah, I know Indiana was without Granger too, big deal, Melo alone more than cancels that out. I think Indiana’s very good and their defense is impressive, but they can’t contain our offense when its healthy.

    I respect the hell out of Chicago too because they play hard, physical, and unselfishly. It seems silly to say being that they’re 3-0 vs NYK, but I just can’t see them winning a playoff series if New York’s healthy (a big “if” I’ll admit). Again, our roster as it is right now has never played Chicago. Yes, I’m also aware that we haven’t played them with Rose.

    Save for San Antonio, New York is the hottest team on the planet right now and even though a lot of its come against bad teams, their offense has really locked in. Stop hating!

  46. FakecerNation says:

    It took 4 games to bring down a team on playoff, I don’t think Pacer is this kind of team. I may say let’s just wait for the Playoff.

  47. John says:

    Who cares? Miami is going to win everything regardless…

    • going for da gold says:

      that is funny? remember when everyone said the knicks arent doing anything this year with old people …it will proberly be knicks and pacers at ECF

  48. bruno says:

    Despite Indiana being a very tough opponent for Miami e still think that they will only put “the pedal to de metal” once the playoffs start.

  49. taha says:

    miami is gona repeat no doubt

  50. PacerNation#1 says:

    Next Best?? If I am not mistaken, Pacers have beaten the heat, “VERY BADLY” mind you, NOT ONCE BUT TWO TIMES!! I think its a question of will it be the Pacers or Bulls out of the east.

    I hate the bulls because they are in the central division, and I think if they didnt have D-Rose, they wouldnt have fans, but that being said, they have shown great tanacity this year in staying right there with the Pacers.

    Both teams are missing thier All-Star leading scorere, and Team captain. Miami, mean-while has been as healthy as a horse and played 6 games less than the Pacers and Bulls. So maybe the blogger should rephrase the question; Who can hang with the Pacers and Bulls to be number 2 Knicks or Miami?

    • SO WHAT? The Bulls and the Celtics beat the Heat 2 years ago in the regular season and they both lost in the playoffs (4-1 against Boston, 4-1 against Chicago) Regular season means nothing except home court advantage.

    • hang time blog says:

      ^^^ lmfao

    • #Heatnation says:

      Yeah in season.. But mind you looking at the playoffs.. Are you sure indy can win over the miami heat? Nah!

      • PacerFan87 says:

        I think the pacers can, they were a game away from going up 3-1 in last years series. Another years worth of experience only heightens their chances of doing it this year.

      • McFly says:

        A game away from going up 3-1? AND? You realize you have to win 4 games right? Teams have come back from being down 3-1 before

      • thomas bone says:

        Pacers were only 30 bad foul calls away from beating the heat. I f heat dont get all them bs calls pacers will beat heat beat heat

    • james says:

      Oh Boy so you think Pacers are better than Miami? you are certenly a Pacer fan. The Bulls are a much better team than Pacers and Miami is a better team than Bulls. Only because Pacers beat Miami in regular season dont mean they can come close in a 7 game series. Miami once the playoffs comes they turn it up, Miami is about the playoffs not the regular season. you are a Pacer arent you.

    • AM says:

      The Knicks have also beaten Miami two times by 20 points, and the Bulls won the only game that they’ve played, so your point it’s not very coherent…

    • sohai says:

      “For argument’s sake, say Miami wins the East.”

      read it first young blood

    • Davy Jones says:

      See you in the playoffs, noop.

    • NBA.Alltheway says:

      Yes they did but what matters is the post season man and pleeeease stop with your nonesense pacers #1? Miami is still the champ and reigning mvp so better watch out for the post season. You might end up again as a crying Pacer fan. lol

      • PacerNation#1 says:

        WOW.. some really butt hurt Heat n Bulls fans showin up to respond to this one. LMAO. Ok guys Okay… Your two players will beat our TEAM something the HEAT have no concept of, but okay well just let you roll, dont come cryin to us when your chump get chomped!

      • Alex says:

        You said it. Miami is the MVP as in LeBron is the Miami Heat. PG can keep James under wraps in 4 games which means old man Wade and Bosh have to pick up the slack after 82 games not an abbreviated schedule like last year. See you in the Conference Championship. All we need is to win one in Miami. Heat won’t beat us very easily in the Fieldhouse (last year Game 4 took an unreal, unprecedented, will not be duplicated game from Wade and James to beat us).

    • dunkmaster says:

      Dude the reason no one in thier right mind is picking indy over miami is because when you talk about miami its all about the playoffs.. now if you actually think the pacers can beat miami in a 7 game series then i cant argue with that. but if you are basing your argument on the the two wins this season you are mistaken. Just look at the past two seasons chicago owned the season series with miami but when hey met them in the playoffs it was a 4-1 series with chicago having home court. Lebron shut down d rose and that was that. Pacers are doing great, but dont get ahead of yourself.

      • PacerNation#1 says:

        No Im not basing my argument off the two season wins, Im basing it on the fact that Indy had thier foot on Miami’s throat last year without PG being what he is now. You mix that with a few bailout games from the officials, you were granted, and coming in with a healthy Granger and we already beat you by double digtits twice and held you to a season low shooting, somehting niether NY or CHI did either this or last year is how I am basing my FACTS. Proof is in the putting. However if your not a facts type of fan, then I suppose anything is possible!

      • McFly says:

        Well Bulls MAY have had a chance last year, had D Rose not been in at the end of a blowout win in the 1st game of the playoffs and injured himself

    • Brandon says:

      No chance. Miami is built for the playoffs. Just wait.

    • YPA says:

      I understand your point, but have you check the Standing Table?

    • Bulls says:

      The Bulls have also beaten Miami this season and did so without the youngest MVP. And when it came to the Pacers, the Bulls swept them when they had Derrick Rose and when Pacers had their leading scorer Danny Granger back in the playoffs. The Bulls will be an entirely different team when Derrick Rose gets back and I believe they have the depth, courage, coaching, and potential to win this thing.

    • JG says:

      Hilarious. Enjoy your regular season wins in January. Miami doesn’t even care about the regular season.

    • REALIST says:

      Stop being so naive..Regular season wins dont mean anything and last time I checked neither the bulls or pacers have beaten Lebron in a 7 games series. True star play their greatest on the biggest stage until then it doesn’t matter…Bulls fan the past two years get excited because they beat the heat i or even swept during the regular season but it doesnt matter if you aren’t holding up a trophy at the end of the year. The Wizards without John Wall have beat the Thunder I guess with your attitude we should rolll out the red carpet to finals for them too.

    • Kingjames says:

      I think you stop watching basketball after regular season. You should start watching some playoff basketball and it shd be even better if you start with last years playoffs

    • Xepher says:

      There will always be fans on any team. Saying that Chicago wouldn’t have fans if Derrick Rose was not there is like saying Indiana wouldn’t have fans if Reggie Miller never played in a Pacer uniform (which is not true). Real fans always stick by their favorite team, no matter who is in the roster or the success of the team.

    • Adam says:

      The pacers have a solid team but Play offs are a different animal. No one doubts the heat aren’t playing %100. When push comes to shove, the heat will stomp any team in the east best out of 7. Sorry. And that’s coming from a bulls fan.

    • RNDNOTGVN says:

      Pacers are impressive, they did beat Heat twice. So did the Knicks. While both teams are formidable, you have to realize the Heat give minimum effort to the regular season. Them at 50% is still better than 90% of teams. The Heat get every teams VERY BEST every night, because teams live to play them and beat them. Very few teams see the Heat’s best until the playoffs. I do think the Pacers play great physical ball (Bulls too) and can make a run, but they’ll have to prove it come playoff time. I’m still taking a Heat over Knicks as East Conf Champs. Watch this Friday for a finals preview (Heat VS Clippers)!!! GO HEAT

    • danmacatuno says:

      Are you delusional? Can you see whose on top of the standing? A second round exit last year makes you number 1? I pity you.

    • danmacatuno says:

      Let’s see what your delusional Pacers can do in the playoffs. What a joke!

    • fan says:

      This is hilarious really, not even worth a discussion ahah

    • LBJ-FTW says:

      whatever floats your boat… if that makes you happy, then so be it! 🙂

    • Lbj says:

      Miami is not motivated by the regular season anymore… true superiority of a team is displayed in the playoffs series… just how good Lebron was in the playoffs last season, he has further elevated his game. This time around he will be scary in the playoffs from the beginning!