Report: Clippers Interested In KG?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The countdown to crazy season in the NBA is on.

Anything goes during crazy season, no rumor is too out there and no anonymous source is out off-limits. That’s what adds all of the spice to the process.

The very first and perhaps most intriguing report of the countdown season comes from The Sporting News, which has multiple sources claiming that the Los Angeles Clippers are interested in making a deal for Boston Celtics All-Star Kevin Garnett. The deal would reportedly involve the Clippers giving up promising young point guard Eric Bledsoe and veteran swingman Caron Butler.

The obligatory refuting of these claims are already in full effect, with ESPN’s Chris Broussard reporting that there have been no “trade talks” between the Clippers and Celtics, which of course would force someone to come up with a clear-cut definition of “trade talks.”

But there is no doubt that both the Clippers, losers of five of their last seven games with injured All-Star point guard Chris Paul on the shelf, and the Celtics, who will finish this season without their own All-Star point guard, Rajon Rondo, are searching for solutions. Sean Deveney of The Sporting News made a compelling case for these two franchises doing business in his initial report:

Celtics officials have made no decisions about the future, even with rookie power forward Jared Sullinger (back surgery) joining point guard Rajon Rondo (knee) last week in seeing their seasons end.

The Celtics came into Sunday’s game on a four-game winning streak and will wait until closer to the trade deadline to decide whether to keep this team together. The deadline is 3 p.m. ET Feb. 21.

For now, the Clippers wait on their injured guards. [Chauncey] Billups is working his way back from a foot injury. There is no timetable for the return of star point guard Paul from a knee injury. [Jamal] Crawford, the team’s sixth man, is wearing an industrial-strength facemask to protect his broken nose.

The Clippers are a battered bunch and losers of five of their previous seven games.

Coach Vinny Del Negro hopes to get Paul and Billups back during the team’s eight-game trip, which runs through Feb. 11.

“Right now, it is all about winning games,” Del Negro said. “We need to get guys back to win at a higher rate than we are right now, then we were used to at the beginning of the season. It’s a long season; you have to manage it the right way. When we think we’re getting everyone back, it seems like, so far this year, someone’s been injured. You have to manage that. You have to take the highs and the lows.”

But still, the Clippers are going for it. And why not? When healthy, they count themselves among NBA title contenders. That’s saying something for a franchise that had long been considered not just among the NBA’s worst, but in all of sports.

Considering, too, the struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers see this season as a chance to reach at least the Western Conference finals and in doing so to reorder the hoops hierarchy in LA.

Garnett, who makes his offseason home in Malibu, has a no-trade clause in his contract and two years left on his contract. So there is that one, gigantic hurdle to deal with. He’s not going anywhere he doesn’t want to go.

But he could have worse options than joining a Clippers team that could be one or two healthy stars away from making a championship run. The championship window in Boston is closed, no matter how hard Celtics coach Doc Rivers tries to fight it.

Garnett has a limited amount of time left to chase a second title to pair with the one he won with the Celtics in 2008. Rolling with the Clippers could be his best and last chance to add to his already Hall of Fame worthy resume. For a player as consumed by winning as Garnett has been his entire career, it would be hard to dismiss an opportunity like this were it actually on the table.

And that brings us back to the core of crazy season in the NBA. No matter how far-fetched an idea seems in theory, the possibilities will get floated to the basketball-loving public between now and the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

The countdown to crazy season in the NBA is on!


  1. KG & The Truth Pierce-CELTICS FOR LIFE!!!

  2. Rondo says:

    celtics still the BEST

  3. terry celtics says:

    As a celtics fan, i would say in normal situations KG would not agree to leave the team for any reason.But,considering the fact that Rondo is out for the season,there is no realistic hope to push for a last run to the championship.There is no doubt with regards to KG loyalty to the team,his leadership has been the competitive advantage of the c’s for the last 4 yrs especially during the last season when we were the “underdogs” against the Heat in the e. finals.So i wouldn’t object to the potential golden opportunity to trade him to the clippers where he can play with one of his best friend c. Billups and compete for a last ring on his rich resume but at the same time,allowing the c’s to rebuild the team for a better future.

    • terry celtics says:

      I think he wouldn’t object to waive his “no trade clause” in this situation considering the deep love he has for the c’s

  4. travis says:

    i go for celtics im a mad fan ilove kg,,,, but i wouldnt mind some young blood with eric bledsoe but maybe a jamal crawford instead of caron,,,,,,,

  5. Alyas Pogi says:

    Trade Gasol for Garnett. … Or Gasol for Josh Smith.

  6. Clips fans who like this rumored trade tells me one thing, what we true Celtics fans already know-KG is still a F??!!? BEAST & still has a lot left in the tank as he’s been displaying this season consistently. Certain tnt & espn commentators keep saying KG is too old yet the young opposing players can’t deal w/ him. When KG came to my Celts, he changed the whole culture here in Boston. Sort of what it used to be back in the day, just a lil different w/ current more modern times. Also when he came here there were like 5 or 6 other teams interested in him @ the time.
    Now to put these trade rumors all to rest, on our local sports channel comcast sportsnet central, an inerview w/ KG he said “I BLEED GREEN I DIE GREEN”! & “I wouldn’t read much into it(trade rumors)”! Now what you all think that means, He’ll retire a Celtic-NUFF SAID! THE WINDOW IS STILL WIDE OPEN FOR CELTS TO SNATCH BANNER18!

  7. NeekSmoove says:

    The Celtics can win with this group of guy. Yes, im a celtics fan , and being a fan i’ve laern the celtics never give up .. they had plenty of doubts last year being 15-17 by allstar break & the rumors came out to trade pierce &. look how far they went. the success to the celtics getting their 18th ring is their bench which this season started out bad but now you see the capability of them. playoffs i expect us to at least make the 2nd round without question. some pieces the celts should seek on adding is kenyon martin who hasnt been talked to alot. another is delonte west who likes playing for the celtics, 3x the charm if he comes back… if maybe hard without rondo but now everyone can have a chance to step up & not depend

  8. Even though Butler and bledsoe are good clippers would have a better player. This is good because after everyone(good players on clippers) recovers, Clippers would become one of the best teams in NBA HISTORY.

  9. Free KG! says:

    Pull the trigger. Send KG back to the West Coast! WIth their current state, the Celtics ARE NOT GOING TO GO ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR.

    Free Kevin Garnett!

  10. Mr.Sir says:

    KG for Pau Gasol…Pau n Pierce for Josh Smith! 🙂

  11. NeekSmoove says:

    This will be a dumb trade, unless its a 3 way team deal..
    1. the celtics have pride so leaving is never easy,
    2. if kg is trade for caron butler & eric bledsoe .. who will be left to play the center position .. pierce nor caron can play the 4
    3. unless atlantas involved with josh smith , i doubt the celts will pulled the trigger
    4. the past few games the celts have show they can win & play team ball & the clutch moments goes back to paul pierce … with rondo down, other teams dont know what to expect, they’re so used to scouting the celts thru rondo

  12. Rondo says:

    hope they get JOSH SMITH

  13. DeBrosh says:

    not gonna happen! KG will only waive if Pierce is also traded ! in any case, he should stay there!

  14. Boston18 says:

    The only way I see the Cs trading KG is if 1) They get in return Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan (not Butler). and 2) They initially trade Pierce (it hurts just to type this) to ATL with a SG like Lee or Terry for Josh Smith. Cs get younger, more athletic while each other team wins as well…

  15. Champ&U says:


    Every-one keeps talking about loyalty like you hope he reads your ramdom blog and stays because hes ( whats that word ) loyal but if the trade was brought to him – why would he stay . The fact is boston had its run and even jordan left the bulls, enough with the sneek pleeding, and stop with loyalty lines hoping he hears you, and dont blame him when he leaves.

    • Han says:

      Jordan didn’t left Bulls to join other team. He retired (2x), though yes he did come back for the 3rd stint with Wiz, but still he didn’t left Bulls to switch team, Don’t make up things to justify your comment

  16. Bean says:

    I could see this trade taking place because the C’s are in desperate need of a POINT GUARD and Eric Bledsoe could handle the role. Then next season when Rondo is back, the two will make a dynamic duo. This may be why Doc Rivers has been saving Fab Melo, a 7 footer. If we trade KG, we get a great guard and a decent forward that could give Paul Pierce a break and still account for production. The only problem for Boston is that we will be left stranded if Fab Melo can’t hold up the role as the team big man.

  17. Celtics all the way says:

    Whilst there is a trade no clause, which can be waived, Garnett won’t leave the Celts because he only chose to deny going into retirement to play for the Celts. If he wanted to get a Ring he would have spoken to other teams prior to signing with the Celts, but he didn’t. For Garnett it’s all or nothing: Play for the Celts or Retirement. He likes to win but only if it’s for the Celts. He’s a CELTIC LEGEND

  18. Fireball says:


  19. Dimitar says:

    Adding Kg will means that they will have the deafense for winning a championship.Just think about it Chris Paul a great stealer, DeAndre terrific shot blocker and adding KG is just perfect.They will play really hard team defense ,what every team needs if wonts to get deep in the playoffs . And just thing how good will be this for Griffin he needs some mentor to teach him to play some D

  20. Gillsy says:

    The funniest thing about this trade is the thought of Blake Griffin playing sf

    • CP3fan says:

      Griffin for 3, and for 3, and for 3..haha..BTW im a solid clipper fan..

      If this trade gonna happen, it may be good for both teams. Cuz in celts, they already need to rebuilt their roster since rondo is out for the rest of the season and celts need a center. The clippers then have an option to put garnet as a center or bench him. If this gonna happen, the clips will win the champ ring this season, if all their players get healthy + KG.

      Celts could get a player saying through a 3-team trade, getting PG and a center. That could be Bledsoe and whoever center it is. When rondo is back, bledsoe will be the backup point guard since he still need to develop his skills.

  21. Bstarr says:

    Uhm Sekou…..The championship window in Boston is closed…..Isn’t it too early to say this?? Anything can happen especially in the playoffs. Look what happened to Chicago and Orlando last year due injuries. Boston still has KG & Pierce and can do damage to Miami (looking at last game between them). Basketball is a team sport. They are only missing Rajon as a key player, others just need to step up like in the last 4 games.

  22. Also I can’t believe the writer says the Celtics window for another ring this year is closed-COMON MAN are you serious!!! Well okay then i guess Celts will just have to open that window with what they have & prove naysayers wrong yet again! Like KG said “Plastic people will melt away”!!!

  23. renz_garnett says:

    i would love this trade if this happens.. it’s a sorry for the celtics.. for the clippers.. it is a big addition.. kg will be the leader and he will guide or teach griffin to play real basketball.. not jjust dunking.. he will be the mentor for griffin and jordan

  24. Wow, this blog was posted @ 9:34am & already has 179 comments w/ most of them about my booooooy KG-THE HOLY TRINITY OF DEFENSE! KG isn’t going anywhere period! He is very loyal as i saw someone comment that he really didn’t want to leave Minn. which is a fact, look it up for those that say KG is disloyal-in the end of that deal for him to come to the Celts, it was just one of those things where the timing was right & the stars were aligned perfect for that to happen. Was just time to move on, after all he played 12yrs w/ Minn, i mean that’s a full career for most players on one team or more. He gave Minn his all & got them into playoff contention. He’s done the same w/ Celts always leaving it all out on the floor. The no trade clause, yeah-only if he agrees to be traded, the ball is in his hands w/ that. The hit is, KG DOESN’T WANT TO GO ANYWHERE! Whether rumors are true or not, Ainge or any G.M. can listen to any teams deals via phone but it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. To trade KG would be a travesty to Celts defense & change the whole complexion of it. Both his def & off tutorlage are what Celts need for the young big men. As a fan of the game i can respect that other teams are still interested in an aging Celtic cause that means what we reeeal Boston fans already know-KG IS STILL A F??!?! BEAST DEFYING ALL THE NAYSAYERS!!! KG is going no where-another ring w/ Celts-ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!!!

  25. Oburger says:

    why would celts make that deal? who will then start at centre? jason collins? for a team that struggles with good bigs to trade their best big for no big in return is stupid, and bledsloe would be a good pick up for the rest of this season, but what would you do with him when rondos back and they still have avery bradley on the roster. and an extra SF doesnt make sence either, i dont think this trade will happen…..

  26. vic132223 says:

    send him to miami. haha! just playing around guys. he should stay in boston. that’s where he got his 1st title

  27. sirsparhawk says:

    I would get rid of DJ, guy is just a waste of space. Low basketball IQ, no real touch around the basket, and weak hands. Needs to learn how to finish too.

  28. DONT_GO_KG says:

    I dislike the trade kg is a star of the celtics and he should retire a Celtic. FULLSTOP

  29. underdog says:

    man I do believe this is a better trade for the C’s…

    Celtics-Kings-Mavs can have this trade

    Pierce goes to a respectable franchise that can make a splash in next year’s free agency. Kings gets Terry’s veteran leadership, Kaman’s production, and an up and coming in Beaubois. Kings also get rid of Cousin’s who is incapable of being the face of a franchise to an organization that is on the move(to Seattle). Celtics get Cousins who can have it all figured out with Doc and KG’s mentoring.

    or this

    Carter goes to the Celtics to be fair for losing Terry and Pierce’s production. Dallas gets needed help in PG with Brook’s addition.

  30. NBA FAN says:

    Celts wont do this deal. They wont trade KG for a back up for Rondo that wont play much.

  31. Phil Jackson says:

    kG – center
    DJ- pf
    BG- sf
    CB- guard
    CP- guard
    beast starters

  32. D-ROc says:

    I don’t know if this deal has a legitimate shot, but this could actually benefit both teams. Even though the Clippers lose Butler and Bledsoe, I still feel that this trade could benefit both parties. Just because a player has a no-trade clause does not mean that he cannot be traded;in that situation, management would consult the player about the impending situation, and at that point it is all up to KG. I honestly feel that he wants to retire a Celtic after all the Celtic organization has done for him, but going out a champion is more realistic on that talented young Clippers team than it would be in Boston. Plus, he wouldn’t have to start with Griffin and Jordan getting the bulk of the minutes. The one thing that really concerns me is this: do the Clippers really want to part ways with Bledsoe? Because if CP3 doesn’t come back, who will the starter be? Chauncey Billups?

  33. aaaaaa says:

    “The championship window in Boston is closed…” I understand that this year we’re down Rondo, but doesn’t everyone say that every year anyway? We’ll make a good playoff run, just like every other year and next year we’ll be doubted again.

  34. cristian santana says:

    sekou smith is an idiot the celtics still have a small shot at the title

  35. spursalltheway says:

    go to the spurs! trade bonner, neal and blair. garnett has the best chance to win his 2 ring in spurs

    • DeBrosh says:

      seriously? you 4get the famous mother’s day rant? Spurs don’t win that way, they don’t want him! the spurs never get desperate!

  36. Usama Siddiqi says:

    guys tht r saying that kg is might go r really really dumb. I’m sorry, but really dumb. KG was pissed at allen for leaving the celtics and now he doesn’t even talk to him. There is no way hes going to leave

  37. Miami heat says:

    I don’t know why celtics fans said “Garnett is celtics forever” oh come on,,,,Garnett join ray Allen and Paul pierce to have a ring,,,he is same like lebron and other players in NBA…I can say pierce is the real celtics because he drafted at celtics…and Garnett play 4 or 5 years to celtics and everybody say he’s a LOYAL PLAYER….

  38. Gillsy says:

    KG could go if the C’s convince him it is best for the team. The statement comming out that PP has to go for him to go is an interesting one. My understanding is that Bostons ownership group have some plans in mind. If you trade a big for a point and a small foward when you already have two small fowards means that there would be more trades to come. PP may be getting traded for a big. Or Bradley may be getting traded for Cousins and next year start running Bledsoe and Rondo and the back court.

  39. Jimmy J says:

    Don’t really see this trade happening. LA have DJ and BG, don’t need KG. Celts should go get Calderon from Detroit he’d be perfect for them.

  40. Celt says:

    If Celtics Get Tyreke Evan from Sacramento kings … they will go way further deep in playoff then LA Clippers.. I hope they dont trade KG and Pierce

  41. Novak says:

    Trade Butler, Griffin and Crawford for Melo and Novak!

    Novak for 3!

  42. WEI says:

    I don’t think this trade will happened
    KG wants to be a Celtics for rest of this career.
    by the way I think they sould trade D.Jordan not Butler.

  43. allaroundballer says:

    Clips isn’t need more PF or C. DelNegro should be the solution, let see if he worth.

    Celtics have to rebuild someway.. But Bledsoe would be useless next season (when rondo’s back).

  44. Lance says:

    The C’s are doing great so far without Rondo. They’re already loaded with guards (Terry, Lee, Barbosa, Bradley) and Pierce who’s a playmaker. Trading Garnett for more little guys won’t do, especially on the defensive end.

  45. Lance says:

    Bledsoe and Butler for Garnett? What will become of the C’s frontcourt? Sheeeeesh, this ain’t gonna happen duuuuuh.

  46. arnel says:

    how about KG to Dwight?

  47. Jim says:

    what’s gonna be clippers lineup if they add garnett?0.o

  48. Tyler says:

    Celtics are on a 4-0 run which includes wins over the Heat and Clippers. They are moving the ball, playing great defence and looking like the Celtics we all want to see. Making a trade would be a huge huge mistake. Like the Perkins trade this would be the downfall of the Boston Celtics. I would rather miss teh pay offs than see garnett or Pierce traded. No Danny Ainge Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  49. Big A says:

    I don’t think that Garnett is willing to accept a bench role. And being a Clipper, it would never feel like he’s at his ‘home court’ when playing the real LA team. At the Celtics, he is king and still starting at the twilight of his career.

  50. Woody says:

    no,kg has been stayed in celtics for some years
    he must fight for the ring for pierce and rondo
    if celtics can use jason terry to trade with rudy gay,how amazing power that jeff green and rudy gay,isn”t it?

  51. Kas says:

    Don`t be silly, Garnet is going nowhere. If it weren`t for him, they would have no defence..or offence…or anything really and this season is not going to get any better, as they`ll maintain the same winning % without rondo and sully as they have with them in the line up and when the playoffs come, anybody has a chance, even shorthanded Celtics. I think best thing for them is to play this season out and see what happens next year.

  52. Crofish says:

    If the Celts are gonna let go of KG, i would rather they get bledsoe and a strong big in return. guards and forwards we have aplenty, but the celtics cant win a titles with a weak interior. its not a fluke that we won with perk in the middles and couldnt win another without him. i would love to see KG and Terry/barbosa go to utah for perhaps mo williams and either Al/Milsap or favours. anyone of those big bodies would do the celtics wonders. derrick favours the most of all.

  53. Youmelous says:

    If the trade goes to happen…Clippers’ll look like Man City!!
    They already have a good young team, maybe in Lobe City they’re afraid of the injuries!!
    As I’m a Celtics big fan, I guess Clips need something, They didn’t play well last day against Boston!
    I wish em the best as I’m thinking that KG will stay @ Boston, He ain’t going to be a new R.Allen!!
    Lotality 4 ever!
    Keep the good work…!!!
    Cheers from Morocco!

  54. it hurts to see lal lose says:

    there’re like 4 teams in which Garnett could be a super threat OKC, LAC, DAL, MEM, MIA, LAL, SAS, CHI

    the only teams i would see maybe trying to get garnnett in a the unlikely scenario of garnett leaving boston would be DAL, CHI or LAC

  55. levan7 says:

    Who in the right mind will trade kg for “Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler” how will this benefit the celtics ?? Ok lets just imagine that the trade append of course this season will be over for celtics they will become so small that they will need to start Pierce on the Center spot. ok Eric is a promising athlete but what will happen next season when young all start will return I am talking about #9 a walking triple double, will they need Eric any more ??? and Butler what will celtics do with him hi is not young or any thing I have more fait in kg next season then in Butler. It is funny how the press even started to talk about this, maybe some one joked about this in La and the press bloated it astronomically, of course I want celtics to trade fab melo for Lebron will this happen Noooooooooooooooooooooo

    Kg trade would make any seance if celtics would get a good draft picks at least does calipers have it no

  56. Just saying... says:

    what a load of B.S. if the clippers want a trade they should include D.Jordan not Butler.

  57. spguide says:

    I get that Garnett is loyal and all that , but if he does not get traded now , Boston won’t get anything , therefore he won’t be betraying the C’s in any way whatsoever .

    • steagle says:

      What do you mean Boston won’t get anything? KG has 2 more years left on his contract after this season. Here’s what Boston gets after KG retires – several million dollars of cap space freed up for free agents and trades. Boston doesn’t lose anything by keeping KG. By trading him, they would lose a lot. Defense, an emotional leader, a playmaker, a playoff veteran. No one on the Clippers could replace that.

  58. Thatguy says:

    This article is just stupid. Most of these comments are BS too. First of all, the championship window has NOT closed. This team is much deeper than it was last year, even with Rondo out. KG was thinking of retirement before this season. He had a famous idea of only coming back to the NBA as a Celtic. If he wanted, he could have gone to a much more promising team. Instead, he got a no trade clause contract. He isnt going anywhere. Anyway, the Celtics need as many good big men as they can possibly get. Why would they trade their only starter worthy center? They also dont need another SF. We have Pierce and Green. Yet another problem with this trade… Why on Earth would we need more guards?! Forget this rumour even exists. It’s hopeless.

  59. yoyosuites says:

    Here it is

    Clips Trade: Caron Butler, Lamar Odem and Eric Bledsoe 1st round Pick / KG World Peace, and Avery Bradley

    Celtics Trade: KG Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley, Fab Melo, Leo Barbosa/ Josh Smith, Eric Bledsoe, Zaza Pachulia and Lou Williams

    Hawks Trade: Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia, Lou Williams / Pau Gasol, Caron Butler, Fab Melo, Leo Barbosa Clip 1st rnd Pick

    Lakers Trade: Pau Gasol, Ron Artest / Paul Pierce Lamar Odem

    Good Trade for everyone….

  60. Jenova says:

    TRADE THIS AND THAT…blah you kids don”t know anything… just looking by the stars and plays of miami chumps or overrated knicks or lakers GEEZ!!! how many of you basketball fans knows basketball?? miami were lucky last year because celts lack players like avery and green… celtics have more than advantage than miami or knicks!!! as long as DOC is executing their plays.

    • BJ says:

      Jenova, you must be from that Larry Bird era, LOL. The Celtics will not go anywhere this year. Let the Celtic pride go and look at the wave of the future of this game. OKC, GSW, Clippers, MIA, ATL…… that Laker/Boston dominating era ended more than a decade ago.

      KG doesn’t need to come to the Clippers he won’t be able to keep up with the team, he’s too old now. good but he won’t fit into this Lob City style.

  61. Ty says:

    This is a horrible trade Eric Bledsoe is a very promising young star and Caron Butler still has a good couple years left in him.

    KG might still be a good player but he is too old at this point, The Clippers can find a deal elsewhere. Hopefully it can be a place where Bledsoe can start.

  62. 17,6 says:

    this would probably be a good trade if the clippers were sure that cp3 was gonna stay…cuz then losing bledsoe would not hurt at all cuz they would have the best PG in the NBA in cp3 signed 4 however many yrs they r now allowed 2 sign 4…everybody knows that during the playoffs deandre jordan is not gonna get any 4th quarter minutes so who r they gonna give them 2??? probably odom but i just don’t see him improving…sure he’s getting in shape but he’s not the odom we had in purple and gold…the clippers would be better with garnett at center and griffin at PF during the stretch and the clippers got barnes and hill 2 replace butler at the 3…rotations shrink in the playoffs anyway…

  63. Ziiiti says:

    You trade an eric bledsoe for a rudy gay(too late). You dont give up bledsoe for a short-leased KG.

  64. Tarek Fatahi says:

    KG is staying green till the end of his career. This is the stupidest post I’ve seen. And why would Celts trade our best and pretty much only big man? We’re looking for another one…
    And we still a championship team no matter what anyone says, I’m telling you, if Rondo and Sullinger weren’t injured we’d be in the Eastern Conference and even make it to the Finals

  65. TitoPerez says:

    All these GMs here talkin about Trade KG they been saying the Cs are old for 4 years now. Ppl forget to mention the Guy On the Bench DOC RIVERS WHO HAS AND CAN OUT COACH ALL EASTERN CONFERENCE COAChES With Less to work with Big factor ! The Celtics are cool if they stay healthy .. Lets see what The GMS on here have to say

  66. Samuel says:

    The Clippers would be foolish to make this deal. There is no guarantee that Billips will ever be healthy again. CP3 is also pretty injury prone. Why bring in another PF when you have Griffin and gamble on not having a PG at all. Just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  67. villmatic says:

    Besides how well Garnett plays with the Celtics and how well Butler and Bledsoe play with the Clippers, who is this actually benefiting? Clippers are trading a PG and SF for a PF/C when they already have Jordan and Griffin, so Garnett off the bench? Who will be there new starting SF? Back-up PG? And as for the Celtics, they still have Rondo, so idk how a new young PG will not cause fighting for the position, not to mention Butlers big contract can get in they way. Just saying.

  68. ballinallday says:

    I just got off the phone with my sources….he’s going guaranteed! you can take that to the bank!…who’s my sources?…why my cat of course,he has his own cell phone now.

  69. mike says:

    @karma..thats the sickest thing i’ve heard! shame on you!

  70. kgfan4life says:

    kg aint going anywhere he a celtic for life he aint a traitor like allen

  71. Dan C Long Island says:

    The Celtics were already doomed when the season started. Granted they are a veteran team with winning experience, but the immense improvement the Knicks have managed to have this season, not to mention contending with the likes of your Heat, Bulls and newly improved Nets the Celtics were a division title team at best. SHIP OUT GARNETT AND START OVER.

  72. karma says:

    fug garnett, so skinny the guy put so much energy in hate and evil that consume all his fat ! hope the guy will eat a crazy injury, end of carreer, and after that, drama in personal life, plus broken (money stolen lol)
    karma will hit you garnett, you derserve a lot of pain.
    shame of humanity, this guy represent the sickness of a sad world

  73. I thikn tht they should traid Garnett so tht’s a NO for me 🙂

  74. brett says:

    I just can’t believe Ainge and Mchale (rape the wolves) can’t make another deal!! KG has no loyalty, he’ll go wherever it makes him look the best!!

  75. Gene says:

    Apparently it would be acceptable for KG to leave Boston to chase a ring as long as it is management sanctioned.

  76. Jess says:

    I would like to see lamar odom and hollins traded away along with butler and bledsoe (love the youngster) for garnet and someone with young legs.. cuz clips have too many veterans on one team.. billups, hill, odom, butler

  77. 94302gt5.0 says:

    Not Happening, they are already having a problem with not having a big man so why get rid of kg. Buttler is old wouldnt do the c’s any good he shines sometimes because he has a great cast behind him, and they have rondo and jt they don’t really need bledsoe. that would be too small of a team and no big man.

  78. a1b2c3 says:

    what happens if the trade happens before all star weekend. does KG still start for the east?” lol

  79. Youmelous says:

    If the trade goes to happen…Clippers’ll look to Man City!!
    They already have a good young team, maybe in Lobe City they’re afraid of the injuries!!
    As I’m a Celtics big fan, I guess they need something, They didn’t play well last day against Boston!
    I wish em the best as I’m thinking that KG will stay @ Boston, He ain’t going to be a new R.Allen!!
    Lotality 4 ever!
    Keep the good work…!!!
    Cheers from Morocco!

  80. Birdman says:

    This is a ridiculous trade on both ends. Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley are emerging as the toughest defensive backcourt in the league in the absence of Rajon Rondo, and Kevin Garnett is the only rebounding big the Celtics have left.
    The Clippers, on the other hand, currently have a depleted backcourt and the last thing they need is a backup PF/C. Once Chris Paul comes back, they’ll be back in the driver’s seat in the Western Conference.
    The Celtics are starting to hit their stride- just like they did last year around this time. KG wouldn’t sell out the C’s to play in LA and the Celtics would never trade Kevin Garnett (or his team-friendly $12m contract).

  81. John says:

    I really don’t like this trade at all. The Clips have two young big men in Griff and DeAndre, both of whom I’d rather have than KG right now. Their reserves are good enough already, as Lamar and Barnes have been playing great chippy ball all season. Caron Butler is needed as a driving wingman; he’s the only semblance of a score by himself player on this team other than Paul and Crawford. And again, why the hell would you trade Bledsoe, a top PG prospect playing out of his mind for the injured CP3. Also, good point made above: Bledsoe should be treated like trade royalty until CP3 signs that extension. The Clips could need him next year–as a starter.

  82. nbashgkag says:

    why trade for KG when you Blake and Jordon in front court

  83. CESAR BOSTON says:

    celtics should went after Rudy Gay and got rid of Paul Pierce they making just about the same..that would been nice..The Raptors are going to be tough along with the Pacers in the East and of course Miami well..

  84. Cesar says:

    Man why in the world would Boston Celtics trade their Starting Center for another Guard..!!!!! tell me how that makes sense… ??? tell me??? n=and Caron Butler ???? are u serious with this dumb stuff.. Boston already has 4 guards.. and they are playing well they need to add big bodies not subtract it.. who do Clippers have to offer Deandre Jordan? Hollins? Odom? lmao… u better get ur brains checked if u think Garnett is worth giving up for those mediocre players.. Butler and Bledsoe are big time role players for sure.. but they dont fit in our system.. maybe bledsoe but like i said this trade would never happen unless Griffin is involved which then again makes my case..

  85. Broderick says:

    I don’t see KG going for a PG and SF. Plus those two contracts arent enough either. It would have to be a mulit team deal or the Clippers will have to give up a big and some picks

  86. ko0kie says:

    bulls**t.. clippers only have one real PG now… where would they get one from?! they will never let bledsoe go before CP3 does sign an extension..

  87. liki says:

    If you had seen how KG responded to Ray Allen when they met first time at Boston Vs. Miami after Allen’s leaving, you would not have said KG might be off on journey to Clipps for another ring. He is a man with loyalty and pride. I never expect KG will be on the same road as Ray Allen. That is the difference, I dare say.

  88. skrutz says:

    Has anyone considered that KG would come off the bench? I cant see them running him over DeAndre at center, and no way in hell he would replace BG.

    He would be yet another amazing addition to the bench (which at that point could pretty much be an alternate starting lineup, they’d be so good.), but would he be OK with that? Not too certain.

    Fun to talk about, but I think he’s going to be staying in green.

  89. MC says:

    horrible trade for both teams!!
    -Clipps are a fast pace and like to push team, KG would struggle to keep up. He is a half court player. avg about 30 mpg this season. Lots of miles on him. He carried T-Wolves for too many years, and not alot of effective time on the court left for him. Also what happens IF CP3 was to leave & Billups retires…. now what for PG??? Bledsoe role off the bench has been more effective than as a Starter. Their 2nd string was very strong. Once CP3 is back things should get back on track for the Clipps,
    -Celtics, do not need or have room for Beldsoe & Butler. Both would be limited playing time, especially next season when Rondo comes back. C’s are 4-0 right now with out Rondo, they are not struggling and have had great bench play, adding Butler and Bledsoe while losing KG would not improve their chances at a championship push.
    They both have the right players that fit into their systems already

  90. Skip To Ma Loo says:

    Sekou doesnt know what his saying men. Maybe at least he knows how to eat cheeseburgers and french fries. Last year, the Cs have no bench but a solid starting 5 and almost went to the Finals. Now, they have a solid bench and decent starting 5. Let just roll the dice and see what happens. I hope you dont eat your words, Sekou Just eat your cheeseburger and watch football men

    • ko0kiE says:

      again.. they had rondo and KG.. paul pierce doesn’t show up regularly anymore. now with rondo gone, do you really think you 36-year old Garnett can shoulder all the heavy load? they won’t stand a chance vs. miami, indiana, knicks or nets..maybe they won’t even make the playoffs..

    • What's wrong with football? says:

      Celtics were fighting to keep their 8th spot in the East even before Rondo got injured. I love Boston too, but why can’t we accept that they don’t have anything going for them this year? Their starting lineup is mediocre and they have a severe lack of scorers and playmakers. They’re really hurting without Rondo. They can play hard the rest of the season and come out being swept in the first round. That’s the truth of the situation.

  91. dissin says:

    He needs to head back to minesotta lol

  92. DANITo says:

    the clippers were doing fine before cp3 got hurt. they dont need garnet. and u still need a back up pg for cp3 cuz billups is old and coming off injury, so if they do that trade its a gamble.

    • BJ says:

      I agree DaNITo, CP3 will still need a backup PG and Bledsoe is perfect. he’s young, he’s talented and he’s still learning the game. Billups is good but i agree he’s old now, he has one or two years left in him. This trade would be a disaster for the team. they need to just keep playing the season out, get CP3 and Billups back into rotation ASAP.

  93. Marco says:

    KG will retire as a Celtic!! I believe in 2 years along with Pierce. And besides, I also think trading KG to the clippers would kill their chemisrty. KG is’nt gone sit on a bench and they already have Jordan and Griffin at 5 and 4. So who would accept a role on the bench with Jamal already being the 6th man?

  94. tamanjiri says:

    trading KG is like saying “let’s forget about banner 18”.. don’t worry guys, the C’s are gonna cause an uproar in the upcoming 2013 NBA Playoffs.. as long as we have KG and Pierce, banner 18 is still within reach..
    and one more thing, it’s better if the C’s ended up in the 8th seed so that they can knock the Heat in the 1st round..
    just one question before i end this post.. now that Rondo is out for the season, if we trade Garnett, who would step up in the playoffs if Pierce is out on a shooting slump? we do need veterans like KG, his experience will be valuable in tough situations..
    “Anything is possible..’
    Kevin Garnett

  95. CelticsPride says:

    KG has a definite chance for a legitimate run here in Boston. Trade would make no sense, KG is the heart and soul of the Celtics defense. Celtics are going to be better off without Rondo. When he’s on the floor too much focus is around him and they play more of a team game withuot him. Everyone gets involved. Idk if people been watching the Celtics but they are on a 4 game winning streak and have beat Miami, Clippers and the Knicks (@MSG) WITHOUT Rondo. That says a lot and the Celtics team now is looking more promising then with Rondo. Mark my words.

  96. kobe says:

    KG on the LAKERS…. THAT would be a dream come true

    • BJ says:

      just like it was a dream come true with they acquired Dwight Howard, right?.. lol

    • WammyGiveaway says:

      Lakers WILL get a Celtic. It’s just a matter of whom. Lakers could get Garnett first and pair him up with Dwight Howard, making the Lakers invincible. Or the Lakers could get Paul Pierce, giving up Pau Gasol (to Minnesota or Memphis, not Boston), upgrading the small forward spot, with a lineup of Nash, Bryant, Pierce, Artest and Howard. It’s just a matter of whether the Lakers also want Kevin Love or Josh Smith. But if there’s reason why the Lakers would make a trade: it’s to prevent the Clippers from making the playoffs.

      • BJ says:

        how could you possibly concieve that the Lakers will prevent the Clippers from making the playoffs?!.. lol. I dont think Ive heard a more ridiculous comment out here. the clippers have lost a few games, but they are still leading in the Pacific division and are third in the West conference. they have a spot in the playoffs gaurtanteed. they have GSW and MEM on their heels but they will be fine once CP3 and Billups gets back into rotation.

        the Lakers are in last and better start playing right to even be considered for the 8th spot. they have some very strong teams to beat in the west. so the Lakers making the playoffs won’t be easy. honestly its almost impossible at this point. but I wish them luck.

        its so funnyto me, the Clippers lose a few games and poeple talk like they are out of the playoffs and the Lakers are in. its a joke.

  97. Pierre says:

    I’m sort of starting to feel sorry for Jason Terry. Poor man tattooed the C’s logo on his arm. Probably because de Mavs logo looked like My Little Pony.

    Just sayin’.

  98. Skolimowski says:

    Why does the NBA site put mindless and unfounded speculation on their front page? Sekou, write some real sports journalism instead of gossip. Furthermore, this is not going to happen, for so many reasons.

    The only thing the Celtics need is a center.

  99. bap727 says:

    The Clippers already have Blake & DeAndre…why would they want KG?

  100. DreamOn says:

    Boston fans you gave up your future to win one in 08……the window has been closing sine then and has since been closed….look at the team above you in the standing can you really beat the top four teams in a seven game series.

    • steagle says:

      We did last year… twice. And we have arguably a deeper team this year, it just has taken awhile for the chemistry to build.

      Stop predicting who is going to win and lose, just enjoy watching the season unfold. There are surprises every year. San Antonio could win it all this year, you never know. One big injury to a star player and it changes everything. Imagine if LeBron or Carmelo goes down. Anything is possible, and it’s incredibly short sighted to count out a team with as much experience and heart as Boston. LeBron James will tell you the same exact thing.

      • DreamOn says:

        It was a good trade the future for a championship in 08 but it will take another 22 yrs for the next one. will the celtics even make the playoff this year? Hey you can DreamOn but you know the writing is on the wall the ends is here and the future is long gone.

      • ko0kiE says:

        boston just got lucky that the Sixers upset Chicago… oh and I say it… WITH derrick rose healthy, the eastern conference playoffs would have been very different…. CHI-MIA in Conference Finals.

        and if you didn’t watch the playoffs… it was rajon rondo who carried the celtics offensively.. what’s up again with him? Ohh yeah, he’s injured for the remainder of the season…. ohhh.. wait, the celtics are 3-0 without him, they CLEARLY don’t need him.. *sarcasm-off* cmon, be realistc!

        btw. am I the only one awaiting THE RETURN eagerly?? 😀

    • Broderick says:

      I agree with you on this. Perkins, Jefferson, Pierce, Allen and Rondo with Gerald Green Delonte West and Tony Allen off the bench would compete for the East for years. Garnett was a great move but if they would’ve just picked up Ray Allen it would’ve been an amazing deal. They gave up Allen Ray and a pick for Ray Allen. While the KG deal was very costly. I would kick Danny Ainge if I were a Celtics fan

  101. Ben says:

    Why would Clippers look to stengthen their biggest strength and weaken their biggest weaknesses? I very much doubt this rumour. Clippers shouldn’t even be thinking of a trade anyway, and I doubt they are in reality.

  102. keithmon says:

    The only way this trade will happen is if the Celtics are also going to make other moves to get another big man and scorer. That would probably mean trading either Pierce or Rondo or both.

  103. van haylem says:

    KG values loyalty as much as winning..if not more.

  104. NBA FAN says:

    what will happen if the trade happen before the All Star Game??? Will Garnett be a starter in West? West would have 13 allstar player?

  105. OctoPPus says:

    Pierce – nowhere – where’s the Head than?

  106. OctoPPus says:

    1 – they don’t have a center like KG (Willcox – not bad but he can’t manage it alll)

    2 – KG is a “celt” – forever ….

    3 – Bledsoe for KG ???? Come on )))))))))))))))) at least Chris Paul ….. or Crowford ……

  107. theholyspectator says:

    whatever goes down with boston…the c’s need to make some changes obviously and asap as we are 17 days away from the deadline…wit rando out their is absolutely no way they going deep in playoffs…they havent won a ring since what 07/08? thats when they had rondo/pierce/allen/garnett..and after that they had the same guys but still coudlnt win..and lost to heat last year by a game..face it this line up they have aint cuttin it and with rondo out its time to break it up…celtics had a good run its time to get young legs in there and start a team around rondo when he does come back next year..peirce and garnett are way past their cant get much production from em anymore…sure youll win some ball games but i was under the impression boston is about championships? and in no way are they pullin out the east when you teams like knicks/pacers/bulls and ofcourse the heat…..RIP boston celtics

  108. eohgoeringeorngm says:

    would be funny, considering the way garnett blanked allen after he left for the heat, irrronnyyyy

  109. kid says:

    championship for celtics is over? are you serious sekou?? It isn’t over until it’s over. get lost dude!!

  110. stingray says:

    non-sense comment by sekou smith against celtics..dont count yet the the celtics to be a contender…celtics will enetr the paly offs and maybe reach the eastern conference finals..but i’ll bet you, the clippers will not..shame on you sekou smith..

  111. theflowson says:

    terrible trade for the clippers and incredibly risky. Garnett is 37 years old and will probably retire in 2 years. If the clips don’t win the championship within those 2 years, they basically gave up a young point guard with plenty of potential and upside and a perfect back up to Chris Paul. Caron Butler isn’t that good anymore so shopping him doesn’t really matter. Billups has been injured for most of the time he has been with the Clips so I wouldn’t rely on him either.

    Clips could realistically shop Bledsoe while his stock is high, but it has got to be the right deal for them, this deal isn’t IMO.

  112. Dean says:

    As much as I would love Bledsoe to come to Boston, we definitely do not need Caron. I would go for Deandre Jordan and Bledsoe but I don’t think there is a good chance for that. I don’t really see the benefit to either team for this. I say let KG and Pierce retire as celtics, too many trades these days what happened to loyalty? We have a good group of young players in Avery, and Jeff Green, why doesn’t anyone else see that the Celtics need a BIG MAN.

  113. Clone says:

    It would make more sense for both teams if it was Bledsoe+Butler for Paul Pierce, not KG

    • Game Time says:

      I agree. Celtics would be getting the better end of the deal. A young athletic PG which is what they need. Clippers would not benefit from getting a vet PF, but with Pierce at least they could add a solid SG to complement CP3. Anyhow I don’t like the trade idea, but just in theory that’s what I think.

      • celtic533 says:

        And where is Rondo gonna go?seriously what are you gonna do with rondo and bledsoe together.Unless the celtics wanna trade rondo for another star like monta ellis or somthing the trade just doesnt make sense.

  114. John Doe says:

    lol, why don’t they just shut down the eastern conference? I mean seriously if all better players are playing in the west – why not just put the east in the D-League…

    • PetrGSW says:

      Lol, really man! The playoff race and first rounds in the east are a joke, most of the west teams that barely miss playoffs would easily beat everyone except maybey top three/four from the east…

  115. Ruben says:

    no thank you boston have many gards and we need KG and we need to find a C or PF

  116. Kamote says:

    Why would KG be traded?

    Look, the C’s already has a solid core for their future in Rondo, Bradley, Green and Jared (if he gets over his back problems). That’s already PG to PF. Under KG and Paul’s leadership, this team would still be a competitive unit until the two retire. And in 2 (or 3) years, if Paul and KG decide to retire or at least get a vet’s minimum so they can still play and end their career’s in Boston, the team will now lose around 25M off the books. They can use that to extend their new core’s contract, and maybe lure in an upcoming Center by that time (Drummond, Monroe, A. Davis).

    Boston can still make it to the playoffs and be that team no one wants to face in the 1st (or even 2nd) round. Losing KG would definitely close the championship door.

  117. Pissed Off Clipper Fan says:

    Donlad Sterling is an idiot! I’ve watched him throw so many good players away, but this would have to be the worst trade he’s done to date. Why in the world would you get rid of a young, athletic and developing PG? Billups won’t last another season and who knows for sure where Paul will go? The smart thing to do would have been to keep Bledsoe along with Blake and Jordan. Those three have so much athleticism, and talent that even without Paul we could have a decent team. As a Clipper fan I’ve endured too many years of bad management and just when it looked like we may be changing *BOOM* they make another bad decision.

    • celtic533 says:

      they didnt do it yet, calm down!Its probably not gonna happen

    • Common Sense says:

      This is a RUMOR! And I absolutely agree. Baby Bron, E-Bled, this kid was amazing before Paul got there. He destroyed DWade, he did that alley oop reverse. This kid is exciting and belongs with the crew. And there is no better defender in his position, PERIOD!!! Even Pauls’ defensive stats are arguably not as good. E-Bled needs to stay or STRONG CLIPPERS FANS WILL BE UPSET FOR SURE!

      • purpngold says:

        Its all crazy rumors right now, that’s all. But like Sekou says, you’ll be hearing a lot of crazy talk till trading deadline. Bledsoe is nice though, I would not mind him coming to the Lakers. He is one of those players that you just enjoy watching, full of energy and talent, and what we are seeing right now is just the beginning, there’s no telling how good he could turn out to be.

  118. Dom says:

    This will never happen haha, and that’s why I love KG, he’s loyal to his team and he wants to retire as a celtic, because his championship tied him to the team, unlike #20 not-even-gonna-say-his-name guy. KG isn’t looking for 15-20mins of playing time on a team that will pretty much win it for him, and would do so without him. He’s too competitive to just leave Boston because of their record.

  119. jm13 says:

    I hate it when u see talk on the Celtics not being contenders even though they always are a challenge come playoff time.

    • PetrGSW says:

      They are always hard team to beat in the east, but they are not going to beat Miami, healthy Bulls and probably not even the Knicks. And even if they did, they would get stomped by a younger team on fresher legs in the Finals… Not that I wouldn’t love to see them take out Miami, just dont see it happening. Best of luck with rebuilding!

  120. Heix says:

    WTF should the Celtics do with Bledsoe when Rondo gets healthy? And Butler when you already have Pierce? This trade sounds just stupid.

  121. BJ says:

    this wouldnt be a good trade at least not right now. it would be doing what the Lakers did, giving up good young talented players for old players that can’t keep up with these young gifted teams. Bledsoe is a young talent, he still needs to develop. they could give up Bulter for Garnett but that would be an even trade if you ask me. its not like Butler is hurt or anything. Butler and Garnett can both put up from 18-20 a night if they touch the ball enough. The Clippers just need to get CP3 and Billups back into rotation, that will take the pressure off of Bledsoe to run the team becaues he’s an excellent backup guard. I think putting Bledsoe in the lead position right now is making him more cautious of his play which is causing him to make more mistakes. As opposed when he comes off the bench with the the second squad he’s more explosive and unpreditable which is a good thing for the team as a whole.

    Bad trade to give up both of those guys for Garnett.

  122. alflex519 says:

    He is to LOYAL! We do remember his thoughts on Ray Ray leaving!

  123. Kamote says:

    The championship ring might be harder, but you just couldn’t say its closed. And why would KG be traded?

    Look, the C’s already has a solid core for their future in Rondo, Bradley, Green and Jared (if he gets over his back problems). That’s already PG to PF. Under KG and Paul’s leadership, this team would still be a competitive unit until the two retire. And in 2 (or 3) years, if Paul and KG decide to retire or at least get a vet’s minimum so they can still play and end their career’s in Boston, the team will now lose around 25M off the books. They can use that to extend their new core’s contract, and maybe lure in an upcoming Center by that time (Drummond, Monroe, A. Davis).

  124. past, present, future? says:

    Well well, if he leaves maybe he would add Allen’s number to his contacts again…

  125. jay says:

    kg is not going anyway. he is top loyal

  126. steagle says:

    This would not be a good trade for Boston at all. We already have a “young and promising” guard in Avery Bradley, to go along with arguable the league’s best PG in Rajon Rondo. Yes Rondo is out for the rest of the season, but he’ll be back next year, so what point is there in rebuilding the team with a new PG like Eric Bledsoe? Just let Boston continue to run its “PG by committee” system that has produced for straight wins with solid production from all the guards, including Barbosa and Terry.

    The only guarantee you’ll get by breaking up this Celtics core is not making the playoffs. Philly is only 3.5 games behind us, Andrew Bynum is back in the lineup and you know they are going to make a strong push after All Star break. If we want to stay in the playoff mix, keep the team as is, and make whatever trades in the summer. Ainge would be silly to disrupt the chemistry that is finally starting to form with this Celtics team.

  127. LA Dwight says:

    if it was just about winning for garnett, didn’t he miss a chance to join the spurs in the off season? it would have been an old frontline for the spurs but deadly nonetheless. however, it wouldn’t have helped the development of splitter. i can only wonder if loyalty is still in garnett’s mind.

  128. zgillet says:

    Not that great of a trade for the C’s. It might look good in the short run, but they have an amazing point guard already and Caron Butler is basically Paul Pierce’s second.

  129. E says:

    “Anything’s possible.” -KG

  130. John says:

    Doesn’t KG have a no-trade clause?? Meaning he decides if the team trades him or not…? Even if he was offered a trade to a TOP contender team, KG’s loyalty is far more superior and something like this would never happen. Stop this nonsense talk already.

    • Common Sense says:

      If anything he would be loyal to his blood brother Chauncey Billups. Also don’t forget he made an oath not to make the same mistake he made by staying too long in Minnesota. It might not happen, but it’s definitely not nonsense.

    • Derp says:

      His no-trade clause was mentioned, re-read the article.

    • KG is loyal not the celtics says:

      How KG can be loyal to a team that might want to trade him, the C’s aren’t loyal to him if that happen.

  131. Gabci says:

    KG ia a legend. He wants an another ring obviously, but with the Celtics.
    He was a good summer target, but he stayed. He’s not #20…
    Without RR we have the speed of Leandro, we share the ball perfectly, and play hard D.
    Bledsoe was great against us, but what will happen, when RR is back with 40 min/game?

  132. Game Time says:

    I knew something was wrong with Bledsoe. He has been playing horrible as of late and this trade rumor probably has him not caring anymore. Well I guess that’s if for the Clippers because killing the team chemistry with stupid trade rumors is only going to have them drop more games. Thanks Donald Sterling.

    • Dugan Nash says:

      Two double-doubles in the last three games, double digit scoring in the last seven games and a near triple-double vs. Minnesota… I’m struggling to see how this guy has been playing ‘horribly’ as of late. Why do people just say bogus nonsense for the sake of talking?

      • Game Time says:

        Because I’m not just looking at the box score and stats to make my statement…I’ve been watching him all season and if you have (which I know you haven’t) then you would see the same thing. Is 10pt and 10 ast with 3-14 shooting and 5 TO a good game to you? That’s not the kind of double double you want to brag about.

  133. Boere says:

    He won’t make the Clippers a contender, but he could get another ring at OKC. The Celtics must like their first round draft picks. Probably not gonna happen however, because of the salary cap.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      You are right the Clippers are even better without him. Still they are much more of a contender than the C’s are.
      Anyway good luck Boston. Clippers will make their way.

    • steagle says:

      OKC really doesn’t need any other pieces to win a championship. They are looking like one of the best, if not the best, teams in the league and have all season. They’ve got depth, and explosive starting 5 and extremely solid D. Of course KG would make them even better but if they can’t win a championship with the players they have now then that’s pretty sad.

  134. thesniper321 says:

    The championship window is closed in boston?? Are you a medium Sekou?? I’m about to make a lottery bid, do you mind sharing your numbers with me?

    • Ace says:

      I also find it very interesting to claim “the championship window is closed” for the Celtics… Watching the last games, I think the Celtics are a team that is good for any surprise, and once they make the playoffs, may God have mercy with the teams facing them, cause they won’t. They can beat any team in the playoffs, no matter how hard you try to fight it, Sekou!
      I wouldn’t even be surprised if they went all the way with their team. They are so balanced, they play fantastic team basketball, and despite losing two of their most important players, they still beat teams like the Clippers.

      • Hm says:

        They went scoreless for seven minutes and almost lost the game against the Clippers… That’s fantastic team basketball?

      • LS says:

        You got that right! I’m so tired of sports writers thinking they know or are expected to know when a team is done. The Celtics are as much a title-contender as they’ve been since 2008. Everyone is stepping up nicely since Rondo’s injury and I like how they’re playing more than ever.

        You don’t have a crystal ball, Sekou, so just report what happens instead of trying to predict what’s going to happen.

      • Common Sense says:

        I agree with your first point but try not to say “despite losing their two most important players they still beat teams like the clippers” Don’t forget the Clippers lost their two most important players in Billups and Paul. But they definitely are a legitimate team that knows how to get a win. That’s for sure

    • ko0kiE says:

      haha.. sure, you mean like last year when lebron singlehandedly beat them? oh yeah and they’re a year older now and no rondo around..plz don’t make a fool of yourself… boston can be happy to make the playoffs this year… toronto and philly are chasing them.

      • LS says:

        i think lebron was sweating bullets in game 7

      • BOSTON BEER says:

        Singlehandedly? That series went to 7 games and the celts had the heat with their backs against the wall for two of them.

      • Derp says:

        dude you for got Allen, and he’s on the other side too. And as for ‘BOSTON BEER’ that was before LBJ learned of his potential, once that game 6 ended, he followed it up by steam rolling through OKC

      • They won didn't they. says:

        A win is a win no matter if you win by 20 or 1 point, they won the Game, and Am not a Celtic’s fan, But they can still play withour Rhondo. 4 straight games. they can still make noise, am a Lakers fan but Am not going to put the C’s down.

    • Petr says:

      C’mon man, you know what he meant. Yes, the C’s are still good with the players they have (next season with healthy Rondo)and can give anyone (in the east) a series in the playoffs, but do you Really see them beating teams like Miami, Bulls (healthy Rose) and even Knicks in the east and than the Thunder, Spurs or whoever makes it out of the west? Like really? Not dreaming? Are u sure?KG and PP are getting older while other young teams are getting better! I think that everyone knows that realistically the KG championship chasing with Boston is over, time to rebuild around Rondo.

  135. tamanjiri says:

    Garnett won’t go to the Clippers, he has been loyal his whole career (win or lose, he’ll stay with the Celtics).. just wanted to make things clear, Garnett didn’t wanted to be traded to Boston, it was the front office’s decision (Garnett DIDN’T LEAVE Minnesota, he was TRADED.. he wanted to stay with the timberwolves his whole career that’s why he is loved by Minnesota fans and Minnesota fans also wanted KG to win a ring).. if he weren’t traded to Boston in 2007, he’d still be a timberwolf right now..

  136. DONTtradeGREEN says:

    good trade…..for clippers…
    however I dont see any advantage for Cs: Do we need Butler?, one more SF in the lineup…makes no sense. Bledsoe would be a nice addition,whatsoever.

  137. OAGI1 says:

    Both teams would win from this trade. Let’s face it as good as Bledsoe is, he is only third choice point guard when CP3 and Billups are healthy.Boston would gain a good veteran in Butler and would make the first step towards rebuilding by gaining a very promising guard in Eric Bledsoe. Meanwhile the Clippers would have the potential to become an amazing theam because Garnett is all about winning and would insert deeper the winning mentality that was so much needed in the Clippers organisation

    • BJ says:

      its not about being third choice its about having options, when the game is on the line. they can bring Bledsoe in on defense, when CP3 or Billups can’t keep up with a Westbrook or Curry.

  138. W/E says:

    omg dont trade Bledsoe, the guy is young and one of the best backup PGs in the league, KG is almost 37 hes gunna retire next year, the clippers should trade Butler and 1 or 2 older guys not Bledsoe.

    • steagle says:

      No, he’s going to retire in 3 years when his contract expires. He’s in for the long haul man. He wants to get his stats up there with the legends if he cans.

    • Pete says:

      You think Boston will trade arguably their most important player for a couple of old guys? Keeping dreaming bud.

      If Boston DID trade KG it would be because they are moving for the future – if they are building to compete now, then no way they will trade KG for someone oldish, becuase none of them will be close to as good as he is.

    • Derp says:

      CP3 and Billups are enough for their guard problems, and they have Jamal who can somewhat take over the role if needed, and why would the C’s take 2 vets when theyre trying to reorganize for when Rondo gets back, 2 of their 4 main guys for the title run are gone (Allen & Rondo) so there is absolutely no point in gathering vets.

  139. Dimes says:

    Terrible deal it may be. 4 both teams

  140. Beads says:

    I agree. Losing Bledsoe wouldn’t be a problem since Clippers soon have Billups back

  141. nba 101 says:

    there is no way this trade is going to happen

    • Hm says:

      Duh, it’s like everyone is ignorant of the fact that he is one of those guys with a no-trade clause.

      • Nilto says:

        NO TRADE DOESN’T MEAN HE CAN’T GET TRADED. All it means is that he has to agree with the trade and where he is going, and waive the clause. If this deal is on the table, I can’t see KG denying it. Winning is the most important thing at the stage of his career he is in.

      • TEE says:

        KG lives in Malibu in the offseason, I am sure he would not mind agreeing to that trade out of anywhere else.

      • MinneLakers says:

        This is actually a win win situation for both teams.. The C’s are in rebuilding mode now and what better way to rebuild than to have E Bledsoe in the team, a tested young PG and Clips would get a proven winner in Garnet not as a franchise player but as a leader.. Plus its best for Celts to trade him now while he still has value…

      • Champ&U says:

        The trade makes more since then you know ….Yes he has a no trade clause but that only means he chooses if he stays or goes . If the two teams are talking kg is gone for simply three reasons
        1. The Celtics are done for as far as a real run for a championship.
        2. The Clippers are 1 of only 4 teams that have a shot @ an championship.
        3. Family – KG and Chauncey Billups have known each other for ever even to the point were they call each other brothers and no Im not talking about the shoe thing they got going.
        BONUS. The only way he does not leave is pride sorry.

    • Maniak15 says:

      KG has a loyalty about him… he’s not gonna jump ship mid season. It took a LOT for him to leave the T-Wolves because he wanted to stay with one team his entire career. He won a title with Boston and strongly feels they can do it again before he retires. I don’t see him leaving, no trade clause or not.

      • MoneyBall says:

        That’s a good point. I mean look at how he treats Ray Allen every time they meet for a game. That would make him a straight hypocrite if he left Celtics like that.

      • White Mamba says:

        Its not KD’s decision….. The Celtics managment are the one who owns KD, and not KD himself. There’s nothing KD can do if the Celtics decides to trade him. Same as what happened to Harden, Gay, Calderon, and many other players in the past.

      • Imad Akel says:

        @white mamba first of all its KG not KD
        second of all KG has a no trade clause in his contract which means if the celtics want to trade him somewhere garnet can say NO if he doesn’t want to

    • Common Sense says:

      You don’t know much then. Garnett is basically best friends with Chauncey Billups. He’s the god father to Billups daughter. He also reportedly has a home in the Malibu area. But i don’t get it. We have 2 guards out and we get rid of our back up guard to get an all star center? I love KG, but it just doesn’t add up to me. Maybe E-Bled wants the trade because he wants to be a legitimate starter and knows Pauls coming back. But I love Bled and CB and if the ring is won, or Western conference champ is won, I would like the accolades to fall on their shoulders as well. They helped build this team!

      • Bobby says:

        Yea and its for those reasons why they chose to make up a trade rumor between KG and the Clippers.
        You’re crazy if you think this trade is possible.

        Trade Rumors = Drama = Entertainment = more ratings.

        KG is going no where.

      • Derp says:

        They need a big man out during clutch time to hit clutch shots and FT’s, I don’t see Blake or DJ doing those things.

      • KG won't be a hypocrite is celtics want to trade him. says:

        If the Celtics are looking to trade him he wouldn’t be a hypocrite, because he is not asking for a trade and the celtics wouldn’t be loyal to him, Celtics need to realize that if it wouldn’t been for KG they wouldn’t have won another ring. KG come to LA LAKERS.

      • KareemoftheCrop says:

        The only issue is…. Bledsoe isn’t starting when Rondo gets back. So sure, Bledsoe might start for the Celtics the rest of this season but he’s starting already for the Clippers with Paul and Billups out.

      • gustavo says:

        bledsoe is in the last year of his deal meaning he can start in boston if traded and then choose to go somewhere else in the offseason

  142. spguide says:

    I like this trade a lot , the Clippers would become a serious contender with Garnett , otherwise they would go far in the playoffs but no chance for winning the ring .
    And the C’s would get something for trading Garnett , especially Bledsoe who is young and promising .
    It would be easier for the C’s to start fresh dealing Garnett now, instead of no trade at all …