Kupchak: Lakers Won’t Trade Howard

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Trade Dwight Howard? Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak says nope.

In an interview with Newsday, Kupchak, a Long Island native, said he’s prepared to stand pat across the board with his underachieving, but star-studded Lakers team as they prepare for the fourth of seven consecutive road games at the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night.

Asked about his remaining options to salvage this season, Kupchak said: “We will not make a trade. We will not trade Dwight Howard. We have no intention of making a trade. It’s unlikely that we’ll make any trade with any of our principal players. To make another change at this time of the year being behind the eight-ball like we are, I think that would just make it more difficult. The talent is there. We have to find our way.”

Of course, this time of year it’s not exactly healthy to take a GM at his word. But it’s not as if Kupchak has much of a choice either. Unless the Lakers are receiving undeniable signs that Howard will walk away this summer, which will be his right as a free agent, they can’t give up on the league’s most physically dominating big man who just turned 27 in December.

So trade the unhappy Pau Gasol? Kupchak has no real choice here either because just as they don’t have a definitive clue that Howard will run away this summer, they also aren’t certain the mercurial one will be back. Kupchak can’t trade Gasol now and then risk losing Howard later after having traded Andrew Bynum.

The only deck shuffling that makes sense for the Lakers is to somehow acquire a solid 3-point shooter who can fit into Mike D’Antoni‘s offense. Although at this point it’s tough to tell how much, if any, of D’Antoni’s offense is actually being implemented since Kobe Bryant changed his stripes to become Mr. Facilitator.

Kupchak is right, this team has to find its own way out of the his mess. Lest we forget, even with Howard’s ailing shoulder, a 22-26 record and sitting 3 1/2 games out of the eighth and final playoff spot, the Lakers aren’t scraping the bottom of the talent barrel.


  1. Lakers Fan says:

    Improve The Bench Players…. thats the way Lakers to be Win..

  2. Dagger says:

    I like this trade. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=an7r2gm Please reply for comments. In my opinion this trade could do a lot of things for all teams. Stat could revive his career. Jimmer could be used well. Kings won’t have to keep changing rotations. Plus Knicks will a have a pot playmaker.

  3. Wayne Turner says:

    I think the Lakers problems show,it had nothing to do with the previous coach Mike Brown,and I also think it has nothing to do with the current coach.
    This team has no depths of players,and is an aging team.Kobe is carrying this team,and he’s aging of course.Nash is too old.Howard is only out for himself,expecting to win easily without doing the work,in a team sport he is NOT a team player.The bench is terrible.The Clippers bench is just about better than the Lakers starting team.
    If anyone is to blame for Lakers poor play,it’s management for dishing up this roster.

  4. Patrickmarc says:

    Lakers are nearly ready for next season,
    I have the feeling they play much better now,
    they can make big things.

  5. kobeeee says:


    SIMPLE AS 1 2 3!

  6. NY Fan says:

    Guys please stop talking about what trade would happen and instead do the actually trade and then talk about how it will affect both teams

  7. manny says:

    Come one now thats not news to anybody this article was not woth the time we all know that The only way howerd would change teams is if he wants to leave LA

  8. cdubbb24 says:

    they all have something to prove. we just have to sit back & watch. I’ve said all year, this is BASKETBALL. you can’t just throw guys together at this level & not expect growing pains. injury’s really hurt us among other things but we are finally getting it together. as a TEAM. coach included.

  9. Hammer says:

    We want Phil! We want Phil! Not d’antoni dammit. The Lakers should have listened to their fans. Big, costly mistake.

  10. kid says:

    Fire = M. Kupchak
    Fire = D’Antoni (he wants 3 point shooters to satisfy his system – why he decides)
    Waive = Gasol (nobody wants if you trade him – too expensive idiot)
    Hire = B. Shaw (using TRIANGLE offence is the best system to utilize the big guns – we all know that system wins 11 championship) go figure. BTW its cheaper.

    FACT = did D’Antoni system win a conference final??? not even a championship !!! E. Spolstera can even teach him.


  11. Kenny says:

    They should trade pau gasol to toronto for andrea bargnani. I think he would do good in los angeles

  12. Boltavolt says:

    They should trade pau and start earl clark and then get a good backup big man.

  13. dmac says:

    anyone would think the lakers are 10 plus games outside the 8, they may have played rubbish for the first half of the season but theres still another 30 plus games to go. lakers would be crazy too sell howard or gasol,these 2 7 footers in any other team in the nba would put a big smile on there coaches face. best thing for them would be to sack dantoni!

  14. CHINA MAN says:

    Trade him to smith add some players

  15. MomotzZIB says:

    Let’s see what will happen after the all-star break…..if houston and portland maintain their standings in the west? and if not then the Lakers have a hope for getting to the playoffs.

  16. money guy says:

    kobe needs to play like a facilitator,bcuz if kobe will shoot to much they will be still the same no matter how many star you put in the team.everyone should work not only him.his better to be a facilitator at least he knows his team mates well and he has a good vision on the court.not like d’antoni don’t know how to use the players.

  17. kaydeelethal says:

    Charles… I don’t understand what Kobe’s ball handling has to do with him being a factor. We all have seen the transition in this team since he tolok the P.G role. Besides, you need to understand the basics of balling, he stays with the ball tryna make plays.. not showcasing. it is his mates that need to KNOW what his eyes relay in terms of making plays. I have never seen a person talented this much AT HIS AGE. Moreover, 34 aint as old as it sounds, jus coz he plays a guard doesnt mean he is old. we have OLDER playes in NBA than Kobe. so STOP bitching about Lakers & Kobe in particular & get to write some facts. HE SACRIFICED from being the BEST scorer in the league for the sake of Los Lakers. It is more or less workin for the team, You guys still talk kobe-this, kobe-that. just being real, no offence

  18. Burak Uguz says:

    Lakers have to trade Coward because of his girl like attitudes.Players like Deron Williams and Dwight Howard can easily come across whit their team.We saw them doing these kind of things in Utah and Orlando.Lakers heading for championship but the guy doesnt wanna run back to defense and we can obviously see that Howard isnt tracking offensive rebounds as he used to be.Trade Howard immediatly for what you can get.Tyson Chandler is getting better,Kevin Garnett is gettin better,David Lee is gettin better but Howard wont get better.TRADE HOWARD!

  19. HarryPBUK says:

    How about Pau for Josh Smith?

    Also, why does the guy who wrote this article think Lakers need a new 3 point shooter? Steve Nash is one of the best shooters of all time and will cash a lot of open 3’s! Blake can shoot, Kobe can shoot, Jodie Meeks can shoot… it’s just a case of implementing the best offensive system which will fit the players but D’Antoni’s doesn’t seem to be doing that at the minute.

  20. eric says:

    you can give us your whole team if you want but you aint getting the king! heat 4 life

  21. eric says:

    howard and kobe for lebron?? lol as if miami would give him up for that. heat 4 life

  22. BasketCase says:

    Dwight Howard is the best centre in the League, simple.
    This year he is struggling and not 100% Healthy yet, but if you want to know what can happen if a team runs the offense correctly through him, look at some Orlando highlights footage from a few years back.
    To be honest, Howard is wasted on the Lakers this year, and before you Laker fans get all defensive, you guys could do just as well with a lower tier Center that would cost you a third as much, or just start Gasol in the 5 spot.
    Kobe is, and should be the focal point of the Lakers offense, he and Dwight will never play well on the same team as their games are too different, thats why Shaq and Kobe bickered so much toward the end, because they are both amazing talents,who play completely different games of Basketball but there was no room for them to both be the man.

    I dont really like Dwight, Kobe, or the Lakers, but there is no reason why either of them should have to play second fiddle, Dwight is wasted just being there to rebound and score now and then, he is a true center, perhaps the only true center in the NBA, but it would be like going back to the 90’s and playing Hakeem and Jordan on the same team, good on paper, but in actuality, the style the teams would need to play would have been too different. Let him go, chalk it up to experience, get a quality PF/C like Josh Smith, or Greg Munroe who can run a good Pick and Roll with Nash when required but wont break the bank.

    PS I wasnt strictly comparing Dwight to Hakeem, merely just that their teams got them a touch on every play

    PPS I certainly wasnt comparing Kobe to Jordan, thats crazy talk

  23. KobeWhiner says:

    bring all you want, even bring back michael jordan, Magic johnson, phil jackson, get everyone you want lakers, griffin, paul, in fact get every superstar into your team, as long as kobe still playing ball there Lakers will never ever win another championship. put that in the stone.

  24. LakersFanFromSpain says:

    Root of all evil is bringing a coach that runs a run’n’shoot offense with a team that averages 50 year old 😛 You gotta renew the team, that’s true, but D’Antoni is a HORRIBLE pick. Bring Byron Scott, fire D’Antoni and let’s wait 2 years and build a new team. It’s painful but right now we only have 4 players that can win championships, and 3 of them are above 34. We will not be able to compete against the thunder or the heat in postseason (if we even get there)

  25. Joseph_03 says:

    The Raptors are interested in Pau and the Spaniard is not happy with his current role. Why not fix the problem and deal Gasol before the deadline. I mean The Raptors could offer the Lakers the pieces that they would need.
    Let’s list the current list of needs.
    1. 2 way wing player(s)
    2. A serviceable big man
    3. A stretch 4
    4. Defensive guard

    The Raptors clearly want to be in the playoffs and need a solid center and at the same time dumb Bargnani.

    Maybe the following trade will make sense to both teams, Gasol, Duhon and Sacre for Bargnani, DeRozan, Kleiza and Valenciunas.

    Raptors supporters I believe will balk at the idea of trading DeRozan and Valinciunas but look at the result of the Raptors lineup after the trade.

    C – Gasol / Gray / Haddadi / Sacre
    PF – Johnson / Gasol
    SF – Gay / Fields / Pietrus / Acy
    SG – Ross / Anderson
    PG – Lowry / Lucas / Duhon

    The lineup as it looks can play small ball ala Miami Heat Slide Gasol at the 5 put Gay and either Fields or Peitrus at the forward spots then let Ross and Lowry do their thing in the backcourt. Let’s admit it, DeRozan will hold Ross from developing and looks more like a glorified role player, not something worth building your franchise core with. Then they can also play big and slide in Johnson without really sacrificing much. The players are mostly good to decent on the defensive end that they can hold their own.

    For the Lakers the linup will eventually look like this:
    Starters would look like
    C – Howard / Valenciunas
    PF – Clark / Jamison / Barganini
    SF – MWP / DeRozan / Kleiza / Ebanks
    SG – Kobe / Meeks
    PG – Nash / Blake / MOrris

    The Lakers look better with this lineup and are deeper, Valinciunas can benefit more since he can play both PF and C and is not really flat footed so he can play alongside Dwight if needed. The four is not stuck anymore since the only post player is Dwight all other big men on the lineup don’t need post touches to thrive. The bonus now is their wing players, DeRozan if he embraces it can be a better version of Trevor Ariza and supplement as Kobe’s partner out in the wings, he’s tall enough and skilled enough to play SF or SG. The biggest drawback of this lineup is that it might suffer from rebounding problems, but hey, you have Dwight in the middle and Kobe will surely bark for gang rebounding numbers from everyone on the floor and the Lakers still lack a defensive guard who can switch from both 1 and 2 spots.

  26. Tomi says:

    Bring Allen Iverson back,hell fit in the offense 😀
    or make a trade and bring Ray Allen,he can hit threes,o and Kevin Love is a great 4 to fit in the offense and he can shoot 3 pointers as well 🙂

  27. cmon you morons, the lakers were having their playoff run now…

  28. Dew says:

    Bring back Derek Fisher and Adam Morrison!! Problem fixed!

  29. palma says:

    trade pau for kevin love or for josh smith and korever

  30. palma says:

    trade d12,pau and kobe for lbj

  31. all4LA says:

    I love KB24 and Nash! but if possible, we should trade them for CP3 and and Blake Griffin! Kobe’s going to retire very soon, we need young bloods!
    or KB24 and Gasol for Nowitzki and Vince Carter! Reunion for Nash-Nowtizki. Dirk can shoot anytime he wants from the outside cause we still have D12!
    what do you think Dr.O’Neal?

  32. Edmundo says:

    Get Lamar Odom back!

  33. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    Andrew Bynum must be LAUGHING on his crippled knees right now….uLOLs…. Thinking of lakers with howard,artest,nash,kobe and pau same results as the sixers… The difference is Bynum still on healing state, once completely healed 100% The Sixers will sign him on max contract and will be ready… As for Howard….. Can he really be in lakers again after this season is over??? If he walks away the lakers can move on to rebuilding stage, Means more capacity room to acquire young talents… If he signs, the Lakers will be forced to make kobe 2nd fiddle to Dwight.. That’s how it is…. New Franchise Player…. and they will build a team around Howard….. not building blocks that will surround kobe…. Or just accept the fact that they made a bad decision in trading bynum away…. But hey Bynum and Howard can walkaway after this season But Howard has more reason to sign on other team than Bynum… Sixers embrace Bynum and He is more welcome…. Like what I read earlier on a comment, No body wants Howard right now…. Mitch can’t fool other GM’s because they knew that howard will simply walk after the season, He can ruin other team’s chemistry If involved on the trade… They may as well suffer with NOTHING…

  34. Tony says:

    How about trading howard and gasol for Bismak Biyombo and Desagana Diop??????????? You idots! Trading them is just like loosing the future of the lakers. There ain’t no other best big men in the league right now than DH12 and PG16! Let’s just wait and see what the team gets from each other. It’s just a matter of Chemistry. It is learned!


  35. south beach says:

    sell the whole team and let the clips run the city of angels

  36. laker4life says:

    fire mike put kobe as coach. he pretty much runs the team anyway

  37. Heisenberg says:

    This is the best decision Mr. Kupchak has done so far. Not doing anything. But still I don’t like Dwight Howard. He is such a burden on the laker team.

    • Angela says:

      I agree. I think they should trade Howard because hes not doing nearly as expected and he may not even stick around! Why risk it?

  38. lakers gaza says:

    fire mike dumtoni jim buss step down u idiot!!

  39. stulaaman says:

    two of the best big man in the game and dum mike wanna trade gasol his system is not proven to win hes never won a ring all i see on this team is bear egos and no dam team work or sacrifices if jim buss with the biggest egos have just hired phil then we would be in this mess post gasol more and howard would be more of a defensive guy for the team with rebounds and block shots simple i could coach this dam team its so simple

  40. Trade Deadline says:

    Maybe if we…

    Trade Steve Blake for Chris Paul
    Trade Jodie Meeks for Ray Allen
    Trade Darius Morris for Carmelo Anthony
    Trade Chris Duhon for Deron Williams
    Trade Robert Sacre for David Lee

    You’re Welcome.

  41. Obz says:

    trade Gasol and get Dirk Nowitzki man

  42. SooWoo Blood says:

    Lakers need to use the triangle offense. Mike need to go through phil’s old coaching books and learn that shiet.

  43. Strawberry Preserves says:

    I think Dwight Howard shall stay with the Lakers. and SteveNash must be an SG now instead of PG because of his age. The Lakers need Kobe Bryant as PG or they can acquire a young and fast PG to suit D’Antoni’s run and gun tactics. The Lakers team right now is too slow for D’Antoni’s offensive system and just incompatible.

  44. stulaaman says:

    fire jim buss and mike dumtoni

  45. mmmm says:

    lakers need to find a way to send pau (and probably others) to atlanta for kyle korver and josh smith…

    then either have korver coming of the bench or shift kobe to the 3 and have:


    with metta off the bench

  46. stulaaman says:

    trade kobe howard for lebron are you dum who the hell is lebron kobe a five time champs thats way too muc for that queen james

    • Fakers says:

      number of rings means nothing when you compare players individually. thats teams comparsion. if you want to compare players individually, check the general opinion between peers, coaches, fans, media, and stats as Finals MVP, Reg Season MVP, efficiency, ppg, rpg, apg, fg% etc.

  47. Elnagro says:

    I think resheed wallace will be a excellent fit for the lakers if he still can play the spreading of the court which opens it up for steve nash to get howard mor involve ,he also shoots the three exceptional.kobe can work better gasol and howard in the middle just clogs it up.wallacw will open it up.and still can post up.

  48. purpngold says:

    The question I have is: When are the Lakers going to get rid of DAntoni? He has been useless since he got here, whats the use of having him around?

  49. lewishung says:

    Horward no useful, not powerful, need trade him, keep paul,

  50. tropa says:

    trade d12,metta,clark, 2nd round pick,,,….. to caron b,dejordan,odom,

  51. lewishung says:

    need trade D12, no useful this moment, no powerful, Lakers need 3 point shooter (kerr style)

  52. Lakers' fanboy says:

    moronic comments. just want watch the games plz.

  53. ryan says:


  54. HAMER says:

    and a little more support on the bench

  55. HAMER says:

    Little more chemistry..
    that’s what they need..

  56. Brian says:

    With the track record DH has established this year, I would think he has little trade value. Only a severly struggling team would want to disrupt chemistry at this point in the season. So it’s not like Mitch has a bunch of options in trading DH. The Lakers will just have to deal with what they have this season. Ride out his contract, and look elsewhere next season.

  57. qwertyuiop says:

    trade howard

    keep gasol

  58. Blackmamba says:

    As a Lakers Fan i would like to change the coach ann hire Phil Jackson, because he is the best fit for the LA LAKERS for so many years.. his triangle offense is very effective to the team. Don’t trade the bigman Gasol andHoward the team need a 3 point shooter. that’s all… #LakersNation

  59. purpngold says:

    There’s something about Howard, I just dont trust him. He could be as dominant and as successful as he wants to be, but I dont see the heart in him to do that. Maybe it is due to hnis health status, or maybe his maturity level, or maybe there’s too much pressure and expectations on him, specially once Kobe is gone. He’s play so far leaves a lot to be desired for, will he stick around and sign or run out, Lakers knew it was a gamble when they traded for him, but at least they are keeping Gasol as insurance. Im glad at least they are doing something right. Keep this unit in tact and let them develop an identity with Kobe stearing the offence as facilitator. LETS GO LAKERS!

  60. Lakerscanwin says:

    The lakers don’t need to trade anyone. The coach is a problem because he isn’t even coaching now. They are playing a random offense and their own defense. Pau Gasol is worth more than KG right now. I repeat PAU is WORTH MORE than KG right now. He’s five years younger and doesn’t have the same wear and tear on his body. PAU can still play they just need to use him correctly. Phil Jackson said it best. Limiting PAU to a third option last year with Bynum as a second option was foolish. It gave the impression that Pau couldn’t handle the load. He is the guy that came into LA and made the finals his first season in. Triangles are always better than either of the Mike’s scribblings. Take Nash as an upgraded spot up shooter. Hammer the damn ball inside to PG or DH…play inside out slow the game down and forget the championship less italian.

  61. BRIAN says:

    Do you think Kobe Bryant is old? You are fooling yourselves. Kobe at 34 yrs old is still the best player in the league. Averaging 26pts per game. He is a manipulator. He can do whatever he wants to achieve. There are many young good players but having injuries as early in their prime. Kobe is bionic.

  62. lakerslakerslakers says:

    antwan jamison wants out. steve blake is surely no jordan farmar or sasha vujacic or shannon brown. trade these two for some solid bench players….or even gasol for some solid bench players…..thats the only way to win in a gasol trade.

    ps i think i spelt everyone’s name wrong

  63. CaboStLuke says:

    Trade Kobe and Howard for Lebron! That should make the Lakers a championship team

    • Boomboompow says:

      And why the hell would they do that?
      dude come on.
      first why would lebron come to the lakers.

      Everyone should be patient with Lakers.
      It’s talented, just needs to be adjusted.
      It’s up to D’Antoni, and I feel he can make that change!

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      Hahahahahahahaha, we don’t James here we won many titles without him. Miami can Keep him.

    • yd says:

      Maybe they should… then Miami would be the champions till kobe retires…. nope even till wade retires.

  64. yao says:

    lakers need young ,…..kobe…evans…gay..love…howard

  65. Angela says:

    I think Lakers should trade Dwight Howard. He has been pretty much a dud this season so far, and its not all his fault, he is hurt, but also he doesnt seem happy and he barely tries when he does play. I dont see good chemistry with him, Kobe, Nash, as well. There is also no gurantee he will resign, other players have left teams for less money before. He just doesnt seem like a good fit for the Lakers, and Im a Lakers fan. I love Gasol, and I luv the way he has been playing, I hope he retires a Laker. Keep Gasol, trade Howard is my opinion.

  66. Glosh says:

    Aw. Trade howard out pls, Gasol in howard out
    Or trade howard for tristan thompson, mareese speights and cj miles for howard.

  67. Novak says:

    Trade MWP, Pau and Dwight for Melo and Novak!

    Novak for 3!

  68. Tyboogie says:


  69. half_21 says:

    I think Howard should learn more post moves…all he can do on a screen situation is just roll ahead to the basket, unlike gasol who can fade and take a jump shot…so all the defenders do when howard give a screen is just wait for him to attack and strip him the ball which happens to howard consistently this season…howard should be more aggressive and learn to protect the ball more inside the paint and they will be good, and also get rid of that overrated coach of theirs who want to trade pau. He’s a proven fail in new York, he has all the pieces there to what he calls a run and gun offense.. They are small and has plenty of good shooters, and two superstars, melo and amare, but still failed to utilize those pieces… So mike really has a lot to do with what’s happening to the Lakers…

  70. jr says:

    They should give the ball more to kobe so he attract more attention.that way teams will force to double him most of the time.then here comes the supporting cast who should be able to knock down shots.kobe should take more shots because his the most consistent in all of them but if he gets double he should be able to find the open one.he should post up like jordan coz its easier to attract attention when you posting up

  71. bryant says:

    trade D antoni with Greg Popovich ,,,,, lol

  72. cp10 says:

    Linsanity in LA

  73. Lakersfan4ever says:

    Howard is not going anywhere, you haters get it, and Gasol either.

  74. JDee says:

    Howard is an overrated cry baby, we saw how he “carried” the Magic all these years (and no, if KG wasn’t injured in 2009, the Magic would have never made the Finals!) – KG will never play for the Lakers, he has green running in his veins, he’d rather die/retire before he joins the purple and gold – if anything, the Clippers would make more sense for him, and they have a much better/younger squad – KG doesn’t need to play alongside a 32 year old, a 34 year old and a 38 year old, he needs youth around him !

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      Good because we don’t need him in L.A LAKERS land. you guys keep him, but looks like his Team doesnt want him either.

  75. A says:

    trade World Peace

    i dunno

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      Are you kidding, Metta is the best older defender in the league and in our team, why we would trade him, Name one defender that is available right now as good as Metta is.

      • specialfriedrice says:

        no team would wan that moron…end of story…LA is stuck with him

      • heat1 says:

        they need to trade the all team and start all over

      • what the? says:

        They can’t trade Metta because he has bad rep. Nobody would want that bone headed flagrant machine.

      • yd says:

        Well if the trade for Batum and Alridge can be made possible for Gasol and MWP, why not? Two younger legs to replace the old. True it is that defense might be down, but if you already made up your mind to retain Howard, your def. is already in place like thunders with Ibaka doing most the def. (perkin is kind of in the shadow). Then we look at offensive, the two legs should be able to put in the no. Lakers need in score table beside Kobe. If you want to win championships with Kobe (the no. 6 and 7) try to minimize his minutes.

      • JordanL says:

        Metta is a bum and his defense is terrible, he cant stay in front of anyone. IDK what you are watching. I would trade Metta in a heartbeat, but as a throw in with another player like Pau or Howard because trading Metta alone, Lakers would get back nothing.

  76. bryan says:

    Lakers needs to change the coach to utilize their bigs Pau and Howard

    • specialfriedrice says:

      do you remember what happened to Coach Brown…who dared to tell kobe that the offense would go through the Lakers bigs…that went well didnt it…

  77. W/E says:

    Trade Coward the guy is useless

  78. 94302gt5.0 says:

    Howard isn’t going anywhere, this is the place to win championships. Its just a matter of time before KB retires and they will start to build around Howard with other talented players to win more championships come on wake up Jeff Caplan we’re talking about the lakers here not the bobcats.

    • finally someone with smarts says:

      …Lakers are waitin’, countin’ the days until Kobe “Ball Hog” Bryant packs it in and retires. Only then do Lakers – with D12 at the heart of a new Dynasty – begin to rebuild and *actually* start playing like championship material again. The Lakers are failing because Kobe is no leader .. just a huge ego. He lost the respect and, with it, the drive and spirit the rest of the squad had to play with him in charge. When he goes, the Lakers will reclaim their mojo – and hopefully – get to add to their 16 Titles.

  79. Sea Pea says:

    Garnett for Gasol and a first round pick. Garnett fits into D’Antoni’s offense.

    • Vlad M. says:

      What a JOKE, the 2 last places on earth Garnett will opt to go are:

      the one before last: HELL
      the last one: Los Angeles Lakers

      • Sea Pea says:

        Garnett lives part of the time in Malibu. It’s definitely on the table.

      • what the? says:

        It was the same with steve nash but look what happened. Besides if boston traded Garnett it’s not like he would have a say in where he s going.

      • KareemoftheCrop says:

        Sea Pea stop with quoting where he lives on the offseason as if that will be his motivating factor.

      • a01132272 says:

        to “what the?” Garnett has a no trade clause in his contract, meaning he cant be traded unless he approves

      • paly says:

        @what the? no way – Garnett has a no trade clause in contract – he has a lot to say about trade…

    • Mytownla87 says:

      Stop speaking basketball… When has KG ever been known to be on a scouting report for his 3 point accuracy? We dont need to trade Pau, he has done tooooo much for this organization to be giving up on him like this. Blame Mikes stubborness for not CONSISTANTLY utilizing Pau in the post. His play on the elbow and shooting 3’s has his percentage down. I understand his numbers are at an all time low, but he still is capable of a double double production. KG is aging, why the F wiould we trade an old fart for another old but grumpier fart?

      • Sea Pea says:

        I didn’t say Garnett was a 3 point threat. D’Antoni is not looking for a 3 point threat at the 4 position. He needs a big man that can hit the long jumper and the mid range jumper (quickly). Sort of like Shawn Marion. That’s the piece that goes in his offense. Yes he still needs a 3 point shooter at the small forward but I’m not talking about that. KG might be old but he’s still an All Defensive big man who can knock down the set shot. If they are not going to use D’Antoni’s system then you are right they don’t need KG. All you need is two years out of KG and he’s good for at least 3 more.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      It isn’t about where he lives. Do you even watch basketball?
      LA Boston is the greatest rivalry in sports. He isn’t coming to LA

      • Dr. O'Neal says:

        I went to Celtics and retire there despite having my 3 rings and 3 finals mvp from Lakers. what’s your argument ?

      • Sea Pea says:

        There are no more rivalry’s that stuff died at least 10 years ago. All these players are buddy buddy now and follow the money. Ask Ray Allen. Ask Steve Nash. You are crazy if you think these modern players care about some imaginary rivalry with some teams they could be traded to tomorrow. Free Agency….

      • shaq's not kg says:

        Dr. O’Neal that comparison doesn’t even work. Shaq was a ring chaser, and still backs up every criticism of his game with the fact that he won 4 rings (which is getting extremely annoying). KG isn’t built the same way. Also, Sea Pea the Ray Allen argument doesn’t work either considering KG and him aren’t exactly on speaking terms anymore because he bailed on Pierce and KG.

        Isn’t the KG trade thing all mute anyway because he has a no trade clause?

      • Deadpan Guy says:

        Hey Shaq, you won one in Miami more recently too! Getting forgetful in your old age?

      • Dr. O'Neal says:

        @shaq’s not kg
        ofc I was a ring chaser, who wouldn’t be? also, I believe KG and Metta’s warfreak egos cannot be handled by the Lakers if ever that transfer would happen. and if that were to happen, it’s like a west all star team gathered in one team. absurd.
        @deadpan guy
        ofc I know that. that’s why i said 3 rings. the one i won in miami is not included in the argument my man.

    • GCast says:

      The most intelligent idea I’ve heard regarding trading Gasol, besides my personal preference Batum, because even if Howard walks out at season’s end, Garnett can play some Center position too, plus i believe they can save more money with Garnett than Gasol, plus Garnett can shoot outside jumpers like Gasol, and play defense, and rebound the ball better than Gasol. The bonus part is, they’re last name both starts with the letter “G”. Hahaha. The Lakers would have to add more though for Danny Ainge to allow that trade.

      • GCast says:

        Jordan Hill will be Garnett’s back-up, and Earl Clark and Antwan Jamison will play the no. 4 position, and some 3 as well. Garnett is more of a Center than Gasol ($19M).

  80. charles says:

    Lakers won’t win with Kobe being their best player. They need Kobe to be their leader, their facilitator, and even their closer. But not their best player. They need Dwight Howard to be their best player. Kobe is great even now, but he’s not as young. All that means is he’s been in a ton of battles and can leverage that experience to teach, inspire and motivate. But he has to be willing to give the ball up – and when he does, the Lakers have been successful. They have a solid three point threat in Nash, an absurdly talented center and good pieces to work around. They can win if they learn to play as a team.

    • daniel.b says:

      well if there not going to trade howard then there thinking if they make the playoffs that howard will be the rim protector… remember, in the playoffs everything slows down and turns into a half-court set.. so every play howard is there playing his best defense and that’s why maybe the lakers aren’t going to trade him because of his defensive skills

    • paly says:

      DW12 is hugely overated… if he ever will be the best player on lakers squad, than lakers are in the huge troubles…

      • JordanL says:

        There are 2 MAJOR, MAJOR things wrong with your statement.
        #1. How the heck is a player the closer, facilitator, leader and leading scorer on the team and not gonna be their best player??! Dafuq?

        #2. Dwight Howard is extremely overrated and if he is the best player on your team that is a HUGE problem and that team will never win a ring. Dude is limited in the post, known to choke away games and is a terrible FT shooter.

      • garrett says:

        ya kobe is but howard is still good hes just in a slump

    • Denzo says:

      Absurdly talented Centre? Sacre right? Cause Howard is 27 and needs 51 yo Olajuwon to teach him to post up.. You know poor howard has only been in the NBA for 9 seasons and has now decided as a centre, he should post up a bit.. since he cant make any other type of shot… sorry but Howard is terrible, hes like Evans – without the hustle.

    • Doug says:

      JordanL, he never said that Kobe had to be their leading scorer. Basically, what Charles is saying is that the Lakers should resemble something a bit closer to the Kobe & Shaq days. Closer, but not exactly the same in that Kobe is the team’s leader and that they go to him down the stretch, while letting Dwight bare the load for the majority of the game. This will make for a rested Kobe down the stretch. Trust me, I understand how important this is because I too am 34 and my knees just can’t handle 4 qtrs of pull up jumpers under duress. But I’m good for 12 minutes. Maybe you’re under the impression that being the leader means being the leading scorer, but this is just not true.

      • Mr.ManSirGuy says:

        JordanL shutup! You’re dumb! quit trynna dog on charles!!!

        anywho…i think kobe should be the CLOSER n the FACILITATOR…and let howard be the leading scorer…when the game gets too close…start handing the ball to kobe to close it…i mean we all know kobe can score like crazy…now DWIGHT should step up and score the lights out…AFTER he’s taught HOW to score more than one way (DUNK)…

        OR…just trade GASOL for JSMOOVE!!! ^.^