Indiana Sends Heat A Message


INDIANAPOLIS – Paul George got knocked to the floor and three, count ’em, three Miami Heat players didn’t much like the foul call. Udonis Haslem looked exasperated at the whistle, LeBron James had a sour look on his face and, as James glanced at Dwyane Wade, he then joined in with his own half-skeptical, half-disgusted expression. Haslem went too far and got a technical for his trouble while George, well, he got a little satisfaction.

“I was joking out there with those guys, LeBron and Dwayne Wade,” George said after Indiana’s 102-89 victory at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. “I asked ’em, ‘When is it my time to get some of these calls?’ They joked back and said, ‘We don’t get those.’ I told Wade, ‘the whole first half was for you.’ ”

By halftime, George already was lugging three personal fouls. James and Wade had played no-touch defense, nary a foul between them.

“If it happens, it happens,” George, a newly minted 2013 All-Star, said of the league’s alleged superstar treatment. “But I don’t look to get any calls.”

George is looking beyond a few whistles, beyond even the two double-digit victories the Pacers have hung on Miami in the regular season. He and his teammates brought a little extra to Friday’s game because of what it means to them – their strategy, their confidence – over the long haul against the Heat. Which, naturally, means the playoffs, in what could be a chance to avenge their loss last May in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Miami, as defending champions, could shrug off what happened Friday as just one of 82, packing no meaning beyond an off-night against Portland or Milwaukee. That’s the privilege of the rings: freedom from fretting until the best-of-seven stuff starts.

“We move on to the next one,” James said. “We don’t put too much into winning or losing these games. I’m not worried. We’re not worried.”

Mostly, Miami looked peeved, a bit dyspeptic in slipping to 11-11 on the road. Indiana shot 55.7 percent, outrebounded the Heat (doesn’t everyone?) and held them to their lowest scoring output since James, Wade and Chris Bosh combined for 66 on Jan. 8 – and the other Miami players totaled just 11.

Clearly, though, this wasn’t just another game to Indiana.

“We know when we’re playing this team,” said power forward David West, who was a beast with 30 points on 12-for-15 shooting, with seven rebounds and five assists. West had an old-school big man’s night and should have cashed half of Roy Hibbert‘s paycheck, he carried the Indiana center so in the paint.

“We obviously have some confidence from matching up with them in the playoffs last year,” West said. “Mix that with playing well at home [the Pacers have won 13 straight at the Fieldhouse]. But we can’t overreact to it. I mean, it’s a good win against a good team, we did some good things. But we just can’t overreact to it.”

James, after all, had his way most of the night (28 points, six rebounds, 9-for-11 from the line). Miami turned up its defense (a little late, as it turned out) and stymied Indiana’s attack into 17 turnovers. Bosh got in early foul trouble and had just 13 points and two rebounds, but Wade stayed active for 17 points.

“The Heat have two of the best players in the world,” West said, “So, any time they show up, they’re going to bring some extra folks in the building and the energy is going to be different. There were games last year where, in our growth, we didn’t meet that challenge.

“Our team has grown in terms of going out and being able to execute what we’re trying to do. Not getting caught up in the atmosphere and environment, and being able to play some solid basketball.”

Indiana got the better of Miami in the clash of team strengths – its league-best defensive field-goal percentage (.419) vs. the Heat’s league-best offensive percentage (.489). The Pacers fended off a push late in the third quarter. And James and Wade were whistled for six fouls in the second half to just one for their All-Star Pacers buddy.

Well, buddy for a day when George teams up with all those Heat types in Houston.

“I guess it’s what All-Star is about,” George said. “It’s really just a weekend to have some fun with it and enjoy the time. From being real competitive, that’s the only way I’m looking at it, it’s just a break. But when it’s opening back up for the season, it’ll be easy to change the mindset to being competitive against those guys.”

He already is. The Pacers already are.


  1. Miami heat says:

    In the east as a Miami heat fan I would say I’m scared to pacers than celtics,Knicks and Chicago….because pacers is a complete team,,,they have scorer,they have 3 pointer they have low post guy..and they have center,,,but the only heat advantage is they can’t guard lebron and wade in low post in one on one game…so they have to double team or triple team them…and all the 3 pointers of Miami is waiting on the 3 point line…that’s the only way to beat pacers and okc…

  2. nbapacersfan says:

    Look, last year in the playoffs the Pacers had the Heat on the ropes and then let ’em off. Indiana’s youth and inexperience really showed. This year the Pacers are a little older, a lot wiser, and one more thing… against the Heat, they play p**sed off !

    The Indiana Pacers respect the Miami Heat… they DO NOT fear them.

    See ya in South Beach!


  3. dattebayo says:

    The Bulls swept the regular season series against the Heat and lost in 5 including 2 games at home in the playoffs in 2011, they had a home record of 36-5 during the season. I think the Pacers could win a playoff series against the Heat but the arguments for that shouldn’t be based on records, because the Heat will have home court advantage and they are just as good at home as the Pacers, if not better.

    The questions are: Will Wade and James get to the line. will the Heat force turnovers, will the Heat attempt and make their threes and will the Heat be able to defend Hibbert and West. In a 7 game series, I don’t see the Heat shooting 30% from deep with Ray Allen, I don’t see the Heat not getting calls like they did in this game, I don’t see Lebron not dominating in the post and I don’t see David West shooting 80% from the floor.

    That being said, good win for the Pacers, I am looking forward to a rematch and an interesting series this year. The Bulls and Celtics will not put up much of a fight, so the Pacers and Knicks will have to do this season.

  4. Hugh says:

    Indiana is the one team that matches up well with the Heat from the 1 spot to the 12 spot. Even the matchups that favor the Heat,the Pacers at least have a solid player in that matchup,then you take West,Hibbert(when active),Granger,Hansbrough and company and mix them with George and you have a team that can beat Miami badly on the boards and they can match them athletically on the wings. Scary,scary matchup if you are the Heat. Also,Indiana does not back down one bit and are not at all intimidated.

  5. Shaun Frinci says:

    Oh well, let’s see how the Heat survive if they face the Spurs in The Finals.

    • sick says:

      Spurs?? Lol i need that laugh!

    • dattebayo says:

      I was so looking forward to that Final matchup last season, but the refs effed the Spurs in the 4th quarter in game 6. I think Spurs vs Heat would be the best Final series you could ask for. Both shoot the threeball well, both feature great exciting players and both teams dominate at home.

  6. Errol Clarke says:

    Is it fair to say that until a different team wins the eastern conference finals or even reach there, Miami is the best in the east? I’m reading these comments, and most of them doesn’t sound as if you all understand basketball. Wade has more rings than any other player in the east. The only players that has as many rings as he does is own teammate Haslem. I cant count Bynam because he haven’t even played a game yet and also he just came to the east. These rings arent old either. Both have been won within the past 8 years and one is very recent. Which simple means these players show up when it matters most. Check film! Please keep in mind we are talking about the best in the east right now. Back to the point at hand. We cant speculate on what we have never seen. As far as I’m concerned, the teams that have made it to the eastern conference finals the past 5 years are the only teams that will give Miami a threat, with the exception of orlando because their star player is gone and the cavs because of obvious reasons. Boston 2008, 2012 and Chicago 2011 are the only two. Why no one else? Because these teams gives us facts and not Speculation. Miami has won the eastern conference the past two years and until another eastern team knock them off (which is how the NBA is, king of the Hill) the are the best in the east.

  7. inyoface says:

    pacers have the #1 defense in the league, good luck east coast in the finals against indiana. i think indiana and san antonio for finals

    • bigwes95 says:

      the blazers blew them out by 20 points not to long ago. miami playing at their best (play-off mode) will destroy indiana

  8. FansAreBiased says:

    Silly fans!! Indy fans want to be Winners even tho small markets are set up to be just fillers in the NBA. Pacers will have to play 5 on 8 EVERY night. So forgive them if they brought a little more to the game. MIA wants their team to be number 1! They want to believe they have a Dynasty that can turn it on and off because they’re THAT good. But we all love to bicker and fuss about whose better. Bandwagon fans and fans of teams who try to BUY a championship VS the Small Market teams that big cities love to hate on!! david vs Goliath! I love it!

  9. big salami says:

    the pacers are taking out the heat this yr come playoffs, too big too strong too much defense , the heat don’t stand a chance against them this yr , pacers in 5.

  10. Danny says:

    Playoffs is definitely different, but Heat is really slacking off…not winning against the good teams. VERY INCONSISTENT!

  11. garret says:

    ok, ima hardcore pacers fan first of all for those who call us fans dillusional for thinking we can’t beat you in a 7 game series get real we have a better d this year, and paul george wasn’t an all star last year he is the x-factor.
    i know we still gotta go to miami but we proved to the world u can’t beat us at home 13 straight wins, 18-3
    if we learn how to win on the road teams are in deep trouble
    but the best part of this all is we are dominating the champs without our best player our d, and our offense is only going to get better when granger returns.
    so you heat fans keep making excuses, and say wait till the playoffs and we will keep beating ya’ll

    • bigwes95 says:

      you know George choked last year by missing two free throws with less than a minute left right? and miami will have home court advantage, so they have to learn to win on the road. and granger will most likely actually mess up the chemistry. kobe is the best player on the lakers, but when he scores they lose. it’s not offense, the heat would crush them if they played play-off defense. you lost when they were playing without bosh, a wade that was injured and going through a divorce at the same time. please, keep talking about a couple of games in the regualr season, but when indiana can win a team with bascially one all-star healthy and one who couldn’t shoot for his life, then i’ll believe they can actually do something.

  12. NBA-Hoopz says:

    heat won’t repeat this year, mark it down. they don’t seem hungry at all this year.

  13. PacerNation#1 says:

    1.) The Pacers AND its fans didnt puch as much stock into this win as Miami did the loss.
    2.) It would be just another loss “IF” it werent another double digit loss to a team who has played 4 more games, thus standings dont reflect truth by all acounts Miami is not really in 1st place NY is! With Indiana closly in 2nd.
    3.)The Pacers DOMINATED again WITHOUT thier natural leading scorer and Proven ALL-STAR
    4.) Indiana is a TEAM, not relying on two players to carry them. Again refer to point 3. WITHOUT DANNY GRANGER
    5.) Pacers are a proud team with Proud fans, rather than the Heat fans complaining about us celebrating ANOTHER DOMINATE WIN, take it as a compliment we feel good about PROVING we are AS good if not BETTER than the STAR STUDDED HEAT!

    We will welcome another 7 game series against the Miami Chumps. We have already been hosed out of 2 games BADLY on our west coast road trips, we have not only Miami’s number but the refs number as well. How is that you ask, when the OWNER of the Pacers speaks up about the horrible officiating against his team you know the leauge and its officals take notice!

    Even with that said, we know we have to beat Miami in Miami, and that is NO easy feat for anyone team, even OKC. Here is the reality: Pacers live in the real world, Miami lives in a STAR STUDDED FANTASY world, that even if the Pacers hoist the trophy would still say, oh well we had an off season! Face it folks Larry Legend who Lebron will Never EVER EVER BE, put together over the course of team an unbeatable Team in 7 games! Go Pacers!

    • KING ALEX says:

      You know whats so funny, the miami fans are talking more about this game than pacers fans. You dont hear much Pacers fans talking bout we ready for them or bragging about it. THe miami fans are talking bout what will happen in a 7 games series. i will say this much, the miami heats are not as good as they were last year and the pacers are alot better even without danny granger. so when he comes back, its going to be better. (should ome of the bench though to help scoring of the bench). The only thing thats so funny is the leauge got to do something with these superstar calls. I watch that game and the pacers should of won that game by alot more than that. Wade gets more calls than lebron, paul george was right. those garbage calls wade got in the first half was ridiculous. Lebron got some but it wasnt that bad, but wade fouls was ridiculous in that first half. the game need to be called fair with no special treatment.

    • Amir says:

      You are funny, if Heat loses all 4 games, they are still 1 game ahead of Pacers. I hope your basketball knowledge will be better than your math 🙂

  14. TheDon says:

    why do ppl want to see the heat fail so bad???? that’s crazy to me

  15. Game Time says:

    LMAO. Indy won two games vs Miami in the regular season. Break out the champagne cause there won’t be any celebrating in the playoffs. Pacers are a good team with young talent, but be honest with yourselves they will not beat Miami without a certified star scorer in the playoffs. Call last year’s championship a fluke, or make up any excuse you want to brighten your hopes. Miami is still a better playoff team and until Indy proves they are you should take the facts into account, and not two regular season games.

  16. I knew tht the Heat would lose to the Pacers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  17. dj rgm9 says:

    The Heat gonna be exposed during play-offs theyre weakest link>>>strong centers! I strongly doubt the “cHEATers” repeating this year,Rose gonna be there too this year.”Cheater’s” gonna need luck this year too,even when they are at the finals they have to pray for team’s like Spurs&Grizzlys with real center’s are not placed.

    • have you payed attention to basketball last year? who won the finals without a good center? the heat beat the thunder, pacers, and the knicks all teams with an avg or better center..and d rose doesent matter heat can beat anyone in the east best of 7. Your just a heat hater

      • perkele says:

        they won the finals because they were playing the thunder. if they’d been up against the spurs there’s no way they would have won

      • lol what are you trying to say? the heat beat the thunder in 5 games..the thunder beat the spurs because they were better. The spurs were just too old from the regular season they got tired and won the first 2 games than blew 4 straight against the thunder…dont hate on the champs!

  18. cp10 says:

    Throwback jerseys did them in 😉

  19. Brent says:

    Dude, the Pacers don’t even have Granger back yet! #Finalsdomination

  20. inyoface says:

    heat fans looking for every excuse why they lost to the pacers. pacers are a better team than the heat this year.

  21. Ohreally!? says:

    As far as i remember…

    Chicago swept miami in the regular season in 2010-2011 season..
    In the playoffs Miami won 4-1

    Indiana got Miami’s numbers last season in the regular season
    In the playoffs Miami won 4-2 WITHOUT BOSH

    It may be a confidence booster for the pacers but come playoff time all stats will be reset to Zero.

  22. everyone on here are banwagon knick, laker fans and just like to hate on the heatles. i cant wait until the playoffs, just like last year the heat lost a season series to milwaukee, boston, and chicago without rose.. you think they care? no. As long as the heat are in the playoffs which they are number 1 in the east , i think theyl repeat.

    • big salami says:

      lol wow a heat fan calling knick and laker fans “bandwagon” fans, lol just think about what you just said , the irony…

    • Average Joe says:

      Dude, some of the most loyal fan bases are located in NY and LA. Granted, there are a few bandwagoners in the rank, but you don;t insult these fans by saying they are riding the same bandwagon.

  23. DAmNyouPeopLe says:

    aren’t we tired of these people? A mediocre team beating the champs is like winning a lottery and people just make too much story out of it! wake up people! It’s just 1 game! comeon!

  24. Pacers fans thinks they just won the championship or something , lmaooo. Even the celtics beat Miami four times in the regular season before n everyone was saying celtics will win the playoff series, but when it came to playoff Miami kicked their buttttt… Miami needs to trade Joel n few others for a young big men for much needed rebounding becuz cry baby bosh is to soft ( smh @ bosh rebounding) n heats need to stop relaying on James for everything n help him out..

    • nbapacersfan says:

      Pacers fans know they have not won the championship… yet.


    • alphamale says:

      nobody thinks they’ve won the championship…..however what we DO KNOW is that the pacers can push the heat around any time they want to. AND that the heat won’t be winning anything.

  25. everyone on here is pathetic.. heat played the same way last year in the regular season and than the heat turn it up in the people will eat your words..

    • Game Time says:

      What most these morons don’t realize is Miami has been doing this for two years. Let the teams they will likely face in the playoffs get confident about beating them. Then when the playoffs come Miami is running completely different sets and changing match ups. Now I’m also not saying Miami didn’t try to win, but it’s clear that Indiana was playing their A game vs Miami’s C.

      • andcrand says:

        Their “A” game? So 17 turnovers and without our leading scorer is playing their “A” game? What happens when they cut down on turnovers and get a guy who averages 18 ppg? Will it be their “A++” game?

      • alphamale says:

        psshhhh. the only thing thats clear is that Indiana’s monster defense forced the heat to play their C game. completely shut down ray allen and the three ball as a whole. NBA players are competitors…they dont just lose an important game on purpse. when dgrange comes back pacers will SMASH.

    • sick says:

      during playoff Pacers don’t have the balls.. lol

  26. JimD54 says:

    Miami would have lost to Boston last year had they not been given 47 free throws in game 2 of the ECF, yes they are a fluke their winning was a glamour move by the League, Durant doesn’t have the curb appeal that Lebron has, it’s not about the best team, it’s about how many jerseys and gym shoes the poster players can sell….. NBA”s all show biz these days

    • pakyaw says:

      no matter what kind of whining and complaining you post in here..,you cant change the fact that they are the CHAMPS..its already written on the book..

  27. JimD54 says:

    That is the way the NBA is set up now, the glamour player don’t get fouls called on them, Last year in the finals Lebron says “I don’t foul out” and he doesn’t. Last night he and Wade played the whole first half from behind and they never fouled anyone? Come on man, that’s why Wade and Lebron cry so much to the refs, the refs have spoiled them, they think they should get every call when they barrel their way to the basket, the NBA needs to clean up all this special treatment for their poster child players, that is if basketball is still a team sport……

  28. JULIO says:

    Miami won’t make the finals this year. you know why?. because everybody PUSH THEM AROUND. AND THEY ARE NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH. mark my words. ( 2/2/2013.

  29. No 1. Aussie says:

    The Pacers will dominate the Heat in this years Finals if they meet…..They are just too big and powerful, if West fires they have no hope.
    Pacers v Bucks for East Finals is a shoe in…

    • pakyaw says:

      Pacers will not past 2nd round….they have good coach,but i dont think paul george is ready for the big moment yet

    • Average Joe says:

      Maybe you don’t remember what happened last postseason. Heat won their series against Indiana despite losing Bosh to injury early in the series.

  30. gogoheat says:

    Battier has no way to guard David West who score the highest points. Heat should play bigger team against Pacers. Chris Bosh and Bird man should play front line. Bird man makes a few good baskets tonight. Look forward he can contribute more to the team.

  31. Obzcura says:

    For me, Heat need to improve on the inside… maybe they are giving up so much size for athleticism while battling a david west and a roy hbibert… the only legitimate center that have played in this game is andersen…

  32. MeloMVP says:

    Miami winning a championship last season was a fluke plus they only played fewer games.. see what happen if they are in a full season even a short handed team that without a star player still can beat them… namely KKNICKS and Pacers

  33. chris says:

    im shocked by the fact that wade disappeared in the second half lebron handle to much the ball. Miami do not win when wade is under 20 points, chris bosh is not a center, haslem is the 6th man of the team ,anderson should start ,
    too many problems in the heat house who need to be solve! THIS IS DWADE HOUSE (just my opinion)

  34. kozzy says:

    Paul George and West have been beasts so far this year! Go pacers!

  35. Skip To Ma Loo says:

    I think the Celtics will go on top of the East. Why? Bulls, Heat, Pacers, Hawks, Bucks, Nets, Knicks. All of them are beaten by the C’s this season. I know you have your own dogs this season but am just tellin’ what is obvious. Sullinger and Rondo is a big lost to them but as long as KG and Pierce is on the helm, and with smarts of the other guys, they will be unstoppable.

    • Mytownla87 says:

      if you truely believe that The Celtics are coming out of the east, then maybe basketball is a lil too complicated for you to understand

  36. Chester says:

    The heat are beatable as they dont seem as hungry this year. I like how west said the heat have only two great players, meaning he doesnt rate bosh. Good one david!

    • Average Joe says:

      And that would be a big mistake if he still thinks like that in the playoffs. Maybe you didn’t remember Bosh owning KG when he got back in the MIA-BOS series last year. And the first 2 games that Bosh played in the MIA-IND series, Bosh owned West and Hibbert. I would suggest that West don’t take Bosh for granted or he’s gonna get owned again.

      • Matt says:

        Bosh played one half of one game…was non productive and the pacers played better when he was on the floor.

  37. NothingButTheTruth says:

    Who cares? It’s just the regular season. The Miami Heat are already in the playoffs and they’re a different team during the playoffs. Try beating them four out of seven games during the playoffs and we’ll clap for you. Don’t let this victory get too much into your heads

    • Kamil says:

      People tend to forget what a VETERAN team can do to a SUPER team like the Heat.

      You see, all Miami needs is LeBron or Wade to choke during any series and they are in trouble.

      Last year they were up against a good, athletic and YOUNG Oklahoma team.

      What happen to the Heat when they went up against arguably the greatest shooting 7 footer to ever touch a basketball?
      Oh, and lets not mention the veteran group he had behind him that year.

      They got taken care of in 6 games.

      You dont just roll through the regular season with no urgency and suddenly go full throttle when the playoffs begin.

      Thats a recipe for d i s a s t e r

      • Game Time says:

        Verteran team? LMAO the Pacers aren’t a veteran team. Their oldest guy is David West who’s been in the league 9yrs. And what do you mean look what happened to them vs OKC? THEY WON! LMAO. I think you are confused man.

      • why is that a recipe for disaster? they did it last season..and lets be real for lebron and wade both to choke? i dont think so..those 2 are the top 4 best players in the game today and if lebron or wade were to struggle u still have lebron or wade and kick it out to ray or bosh or the other great 3 pt shooters on the team like rashard lewis who has lots of playoff hop off and stop hatin the champs

  38. amitpal says:

    All the miami heat r going to say oh its just another game. But the pacers r coming after the heat. I think this will be a huge confident booster for the pacers. Lets not forget the pacer arent as good as a team as miami but they sure do match uo well against them. They have size and defenders to match up with lebron and wade. They have three point shooting and more importantly they have two good post up players. Well Hibbert when he wants to be.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….”Lets not not forget”….. If you beat a team twice ….You ARE better than them !!! just that simple…… Heat seem to think they will just flip a switch come playoff time…..but remember, the foundation /momentum is Set during the regular season and their rivals have them in their crosshairs.

  39. Paces, Bulls, New York…all 3 teams own Miami. I can’t help but to be disappointed, at how Miami is handling their year as champs.

    • Game Time says:

      Who cares? Celtics and Bulls have been “owning” Miami throughout the regular season for two years. Hasn’t benefited them much in the playoffs.

      • Edub says:

        Why do people like you always seem to forget that it’s in the past. Mavs dominated Miami, and then Miami killed them in that next season, right? New year, teams and players get better. And Celtics weren’t even mentioned.