Paul, Wade Named All-Star Captains

HANG TIME, Texas — If all goes according to plan, this might just be an advance preview for June when Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul could captain lineups with another championship on the line.

If they meet in four months in the NBA Finals, they’ll have the Larry O’Brien Trophy up for grabs. For now, it will be strictly for bragging rights as the All-Star guards for the Heat and Clippers square off in leading a first-ever overall team format on All-Star Saturday Night.


Miami’s Wade will lead the Eastern Conference and L.A.’s Paul the Western Conference in a night of competition that will raise money for charity. The selections were made by the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. The captains were chosen, in part, for the leadership they have shown in supporting charitable causes.

As part of the new format, points earned by each conference throughout the four All-Star Skills Competitions will determine the conference that earns the title of 2013 State Farm All-Star Saturday Night Champion.

In addition, NBA Cares and State Farm will make a joint donation of $500,000 as part of the event, with $350,000 going to the winning conference’s charities and $150,000 to the runner-up conference’s charities. All of the charities will be selected by the conference captains, the NBA, and State Farm.

State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, an all-inclusive skills showcase, will take place on Feb. 16 at the Toyota Center in Houston and will be televised live by TNT at 8 p.m. ET. The event consists of the Shooting Stars, a competition featuring NBA players, WNBA players, and NBA legends; the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, a contest of top guards working against the clock to complete a series of passes, free throws, layups and agility drills; the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest; and the Sprite Slam Dunk contest.

The 62nd NBA All-Star Game will be played on Feb. 17, at the Toyota Center, which will also host the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge. NBA All-Star Jam Session, the hugely successful interactive basketball celebration, will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center and will host the Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and the Sprint Pregame Concert.


  1. Scott says:


  2. Kobe Ryan says:

    Go cp3 and wade! all da best for da mamba during da all star game.

  3. wooderson says:

    huge wade fan but the all star game is a complete joke. how can it be taken seriously when the players that a chosen are selected by the public?

  4. CUzzo says:

    what!!!! Kobe anyone?

  5. Paul Is Injured and they put him on the All Star team tht’s stupid

  6. bodjee says:

    Wow! The NBA is changing the value of a team captain with $500,000 of nachos in the name of charity.

  7. Tucker says:

    To all you people that are complaining about Wade being the captain.. READ THE ARTICLE AGAIN. They said they’re captains mostly due to their charity work. It’s NOT based entirely on their basketball ability!!! Learn to read!

  8. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    @John Doe
    As far as i know Dwade Is the Captain of the HEAT… He can be a captain in allstar games…. What jealous??? kobe who? Go check MIAMI HEAT ROSTERS… Ask the Owner , Ask Pat Riley Ask the coach… Ask LBJ and CBOSH… WHo’s the Captain??? WHat Jealous because kobe didn’t pick as their captain??? DWade washep up??? So what should we call on kobe??? Biplane on a DWade Stealth ERA??? kobe can’t even make his lakers on 8th spot… Cry losers…. Music in my ears….

  9. ray says:

    d wade really ?

  10. ezelee69eb says:

    2 lakers 2 clippers about to run the show

  11. John Doe says:

    Wade as captain?? Give me a break…..thanks to Lebron and Bosh, the heat have been on a roll and Wade has just been on cruise control…..washed up Wade! He’s practically done, better than average but barely…..he is a robin cause he needs batman aka Lebron to get work done……Lebron should have been captain….no questions asked…..

    • Team Los Angeles says:

      STOP!….getting your panties in a bunch! The reason Wade as well as Chris were chosen was because of their CHARITYwork, NOT because their contribution as basketball player!

      Just read FIRST!

  12. Alfred says:

    If you ignorant fools read correctly, they picked the captains based off their leadership in their charities.

  13. go for the CHARITY!!!THANKS!

  14. blahblah216 says:

    why aint lbj n durant caps?

    • Tilden says:

      Amen to that dude!!! The two best player right now!!! N the last two all stars games,they both play well!!!!

  15. jw says:

    Would of made Garnet captain in east and Paul in the west

  16. MJ says:

    DWade is a joke.

  17. Ian says:

    Melo should be captain

  18. Anthony Georgiou says:

    The blog was good, the only thing that really annoys me is the video which i know has nothing to do with Blinebury. Nevertheless, the song Wing$ is about the scam that is basketball shoes, they are expensive and at the end of the day shoes are shoes, hence the $ in the title of the song (wings is related to the Jordan poster). I thought Macklemoore was a man of the people not the corporate, in fact, in the words of Macklemoore “Make the money, dont let the money make YOU”. Dissapointing to say the least.

  19. King James says:

    Ma bro Wade all de way!!XD No eye dear tht ws an accident

  20. Kizza says:

    Sorry to be a hater on here NBA, but this is one of the worst songs I have ever heard! The singer dude’s little pose moves are are worthy of a spot in Blink 182’s “All the Small things” clip! Seriously lame! With the exception of hearing this song again, I’m looking forward to NBA All Star Weekend! Ohh and No-eye-deer, I completely agree with you on Wade! Was a really poor display of sportsmanship (or lack there of)!

    • LBJ=MVP says:

      Go listen to the full Wings song and get back to me…if you think its horrible you have absolutely no idea of what youre talking about. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis make music for the people and never conform to the ideal corporates view of mainstream music. go search their songs or listen to the album The Heist and be enlightened.

  21. Well says:

    D Wade the best player in NBA, nd the coolest. With his 6”4 is amazing!!

  22. thierry says:

    go dwayne wade he is my favorite player in the nba

  23. No-eye-deer says:

    Got to say that I’m a little surprised that D-Wade got captaincy. After all, he ripped Kobe’s face off last year. Not exactly the stuff of All-Star captains.

    • Hm says:

      I’m not sure how “ripping Kobe’s face off” makes him less of a captain. Not to mention that he didn’t intentionally break somebody’s nose. Watch the play.

    • lake of tears says:

      Not a big fan of Wade, but it does say he and CP3 were selected in part because of their involvement in charities. An ill-advised hard foul doesn’t take away from that

  24. Dwade says:

    D’Wade is always d best…

  25. LDV says:

    This shouldn’t been for the all star game itself. The all star game has been nothing but a joke in the past few years.