Everybody Wins On Trade Night


ATLANTA — The aftermath of draft night and the night of a big trade in the NBA involve similar routines for the executives whose fingerprints are all over the selections and deals. Study your own handiwork hard enough and it becomes easier with each passing second to justify whatever was done in the name of the greater good.

That’s also why front office types are fond of this theory that you can’t just judge draft picks or trades on the spot. They both require a little extra time before being examined.

But that’s only in the insulated world of said front office types, the men whose jobs are on the line each and every time a draft pick busts or a prized acquisition doesn’t live up to the hype.

If you let the men in charge of sealing the multiple player, three-team deal between the Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors and Detroit Pistons Wednesday night, they’ll swear under oath that the deal provided all interested parties with exactly what they were looking for.

Raptors general manager Bryant Colangelo (in the video above and here) has coveted Gay since the 2006 Draft, when the Raptors selected Andrea Bargnani with the No. 1 overall pick, the same Bargnani they are also trying to deal before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace gushed about veteran forward Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye, acquired from Detroit, and promising young big man Ed Davis snagged from Toronto:

“We are excited to add three players who bring with them a tremendous amount of value to our team and have achieved incredible success on the pro, college and Olympic levels,” Wallace said in a statement. “In these players, we welcome NBA Champion and Olympic gold medalist Tayshaun Prince, as well as up-and-coming athletic forwards Ed Davis, who won an NCAA title at North Carolina, and Austin Daye.”

Pistons boss Joe Dumars was just as effusive in his praise of Jose Calderon, the veteran point guard with the expiring contract who relocates from Toronto to Detroit with his coveted expiring ($10.5 million this season) contract:

“We are pleased to welcome Jose Calderon, knowing that he fits our mold as a high character individual who is a great competitor,” Dumars said in his statement. “Jose is a great facilitator at the guard position and a player that we feel gives us tremendous flexibility on the court when added to the core of guards we have on the roster.”

The flexibility for the Pistons will come this summer in the form of the projected $35 million and change in cap space they’ll have to work with this summer in free agency (and trades). Prince’s departure also means all of the players who toiled on the Pistons’ last championship team have finally exited the premises, closing the door on one era and perhaps opening the door for another in a few months.

And in that regard, all three of these teams can and will walk away claiming victory.

The Raptors got their man in Gay, 26, a dynamic wing player from a Western Conference contender whose contract (two years and $37 million after this season) forced the Grizzlies’ financial hand more than anything. Gay is hardly the only member of the top 20 salaries list who would not make your top 20 players in the league list, but he’s far from a bust. He just hasn’t reached All-Star status (yet?).

In the Eastern Conference, the road back to respectability is often just the right player or two or one big summer away. On the other hand, the Grizzlies were forced to weigh the long-term sustainability of a salary structure that doesn’t support coming up short of the Western Conference finals.

They reduced their payroll with this deal and also shed some $6 million in payroll after completing a multiple-player deal with the Cavaliers last week. Prince, 32, whose best days in the league predate Twitter,  still pays immediate dividends with his experience and leadership. Davis provides a huge development chip for the future and Daye, the No. 15 pick in the 2009 Draft, serves as the wild card, depending on how he adjusts to his new city and new role.

But the question will linger well into early spring for the Grizzlies: did they move up a spot on the Western Conference food chain, stay the same or take a step back by breaking up their promising (but expensive) core four of Gay, All-Star power forward Zach Randolph, former All-NBA center Marc Gasol and point guard Mike Conley?

“The Thunder, Clippers and Spurs are loving this deal,” an Eastern Conference assistant general manager said late Wednesday night. “Rudy would have been someone they had to worry about if they saw Memphis in the playoffs. Tayshaun was a great piece in his prime. But he hasn’t been that guy for a few years now. The big winners in this deal are the Thunder, Clippers and Spurs.”

Perhaps it’s best to give the final word to a man whose statistical value has often paled in comparison to some of the other, tougher to quantify benefits he brings to his own particular situation …



  1. Mr.LALALALALA says:

    cant wait until the rumor becomes true.
    Dwight Howard for Aaron Gray!!!

  2. Serpoint says:

    Suggestion trade for the Raptrors:
    Bargnani and Fields to Lakers for Gasol. With this one the Raptors are complete

  3. Unkle Daddy says:

    The Grizz did not get any worse because some of their bench players can fill the void Rudy left, but they certainly did not get any better. The Raptors lost a good piece and gained a good piece. If they think Rudy is gonna take them all the way to a championship they are mistaken. The number three guy on a good team can be the number one guy on a bad team, but they’ll still be just an ok team.

  4. TruGRIZZ Fan says:

    I think the Grizz will be just fine. Rudy Gay is just a good player. He has never been an all-star, he doesn’t take over games or been a real go-to player as some have suggested in this thread. Gay has been only slightly above average in his career, which means he wasn’t worth the max deal he got. Definitely we will miss him as far as chemistry goes. That’s the only thing I question with this deal is the timing based on it affecting the team chemistry. I watch every Grizz game and I often find myself saying Rudy just go to the hole or post somebody up! Don’t get me wrong, I liked the nucleus of the team with Rudy, but I think the team will be just fine without him. Tayshawn Prince brings more D on the wings with Tony Allen, plus he shoots a higher percentage than Rudy without demanding the ball. Gay shoots 40% from the field while Prince shoots 44%. Gay shoots 31% from three, Prince shoots 43%. Also Ed Davis and Jared Bayless played together in Toronto, so they should have good chemistry coming off of the bench for the Grizz. So, overall while the timing of this trade may be questionable, I don’t think losing Rudy Gay is going to set the Grizz back at all. I wish Rudy and Hamed the best in Toronto.

  5. W/E says:

    And calderon is a good player y did Toront trade him lol, i guess thats y these teams never win anything cause they never manage to get all the pieces together, it all starts from bad management..

  6. W/E says:

    THis is bad for the chemistry of the Memphis team, too many players leaving without getting much back, lol that was awfull they could get alot more for Rudy Gay,Prince was ok 10 years ago, now hes a bench player…

  7. Roy says:

    It’s sad to see my favourite west team give up their main scorer and basically first go to guy besides Randolph, but on the other hand as a guy who lives only 3 hours from the Raptor’s stadium it’s awesome seeing them pick up an all star level 3 man who can contribute well on both ends. Our offence will be hurt by the departure of Calderon but it will allow Lowry to reach his full potential. The team is turning into a young defensive team any ways which is a great model to have.

    Now I’m just hoping they trade Bargani for a a solid defensive PF and a role player and I think we can be one of the better teams in the otherwise weak east.

  8. 17,6 says:

    its obvious it was about the money but hey i was ready 2 take the thunder outta the pic when they traded harden and they r just fine so far (in the regular season) but i doubt they would’ve won the title even if gay stayed…charles barkely saying that the grizzlies r better then the clippers…ummm…the clippers beat them last yr with a decent team and a hurt cp3 and blake griffin…the clippers r way better this season so no barkely the grizzlies were not better then the clippers especially not now…

  9. kobeisthebest says:

    i cant believe they traded prince

  10. Samuel says:

    Rudy Gay is shooting 40% from the field. Just saying

  11. Raptors Fan says:

    … how the hell did we pull that one off? hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha


  12. Raptors Fan says:

    … how the hell did we pull that one off? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Carlos says:

    I think this was a bad trade for the Raptors. We had a situation with a lot of young guys coming into their prime, and some good veterans on the team who will be able to be replaced with solid players as they get older. We had decent point guard depth with Calderon, and Ed Davis was putting up solid numbers, and showing real promise in his 3rd year. To me the Raptors were a solid team that was better than their record showed, and they completely threw out veteran leadership, youthful promise, and a draft pick for Rudy Gay who will be declining from his status before the Raptors can be contenders.
    I think Colangelo is fighting for his job, and made a desperation trade to get the Raptors into the playoffs or brief success so his employment can be extended. Besides that Rudy Gay will leave the Raptors next contract renewal for Greener pastures. I think Colangelo is a better GM than public perception, and he knows basketball but Ed Davis should have been kept.

  14. VG7DaBaler says:

    Do yoy really want to start Jose over Knight who has a lot of upside? Trust me, Joe Dumars just messed up…. BIG TIME! Knight and Will Bynum were betterbeing the PGs for that organization. We all Know Will Bynum is a better PG, but also know Knight will blosom into their franchise PG and player along with Monroe and Drummond. Give it time is what I say. Even Turner is finally playing good ball and it’s his 3rd year. Not to mention the fact that we are going to have to start Singler at the 3, as if he could gaurd 2 gaurds already.

    My starting line up for the Pistons:


  15. aaaaaa says:

    I think the Raptors made out pretty well in this trade. They needed a small forward, and they got one of the best. The Grizzles did alright. I like Ed Davis, and Tayshaun Prince is still pretty good, but not as good as Gay so i don’t really understand why they did that. The Pistons got off the worst in this. I like Jose Calderon, but they already have guards like Brandon Knight who’s still developing, Will Bynum who is a pretty good backup point guard if you ask me (similar to Jarrett Jack), Rodney Stucky, and Kyle Singler. Also, they traded away their small forwards. They’re down to just Corey Maggette, who isn’t bad but when he’s your only small forward that’s a bit of a problem. I’d expect the Pistons to make another trade or two before the deadline, because they are already struggling and in my opinion, dug themselves deeper with this trade.

  16. thomas says:

    dumb trade by memphis

  17. Joe says:

    Bargs will be gone before the trade deadline for sure

  18. Not Blake Griffin says:

    (I told my brothers about this!! I told em’ to watch out for the Raptors, cause in the next few seasons they might make the playoffs!! I told em!) This Trade is a Huge plus for The raptors.. I say his year out, Give Rudy Gay less minutes this year and play my rookies bench more.. finish the year below .500 and get a high pick in the draft, then trade that draft pick for some key bench players & Trade Ross. This will create a solid and playoff potential team. Demar Derozan is still developing.. Give Ross more minutes & let em’ play more minutes this year & trade him with a High draft pick (or lottery pick). And Kyle Lowry still hasnt come back from injury.. And Villunciunis is still developing has a low post player with very good size. And Barghani, & Michael Pietrus coming off the bench at the 3 spot? They have Key pieces to make this Franchise a playoff team (FOR NOW!) It’s just up to the GM office to make some more moves.

  19. Luiz says:

    Rudy Gay is a good player, but he is not worth the money he gets.

  20. theflowson says:

    provided that tayshaun provides memphis with some good defense and ed davis plays in memphis the way he played in toronto, this really isn’t a terrible trade for them.

  21. Sonic98 says:

    Another thing we have to look at in this trade is that the team needing another player before Rudy even was traded. He was the only player that could create his own shot or went strong to the hole. We need another player like that playing behind Tony. People love to claim lack of 3-point shooting is the only thing that caused us to lose the OKC series, but lack of scoring was even bigger. Teams are going to take away your best option in the playoffs, so we can’t always rely on the inside game. No team is going to shoot lights out all the time if the only have jump shooting to rely on. You need people that can score around the rim and make the defense work. Now instead of just of needing one more player like that, we need two.

    And back to what I said earlier about fans thinking we can just dump Rudy and get back to the team we were two years. A lot of people think it makes us like the Duncan-Robinson Spurs. The only problem with that is that Marc Gasol is not Tim Duncan. As smart, athletic, and big as Marc is, he does not dominate at his position. There are no great centers in the league anymore. Marc should be putting up Shaq, Duncan, Robinson, and Akeem type numbers. He should be a center’s version of Rudy, Kobe, or Lebron. Memphis fans love to heap a lot of praise on him, but if you take away his jump shooting skills, teams are able to slow him down relatively easy on the offensive end without even putting a great player on him. He doesn’t use his size or dominate like he should.

  22. celtics1 says:

    wished tayshun prince had signed with the celtics not detriottwo season ago…. happy for my spurs cos memphis has been a pain in the neck lately

  23. what says:

    What are they going to say, that they’re unhappy with the trades they agreed to?

  24. tommyfait says:

    Are you guys dumb? Rudy Gay stated to BC that he wanted to be drafted by TORONTO IN 2006. So what does that say…

  25. Samuel says:

    I like the trade for Memphis. Bottom line is they couldn’t pay all four so somebody had to go. Gay is their 3rd best player bottom line. He’s exciting but Prince will give you better defense and veteran leadership. Davis is a good young post player and Daye is a good spot up shooter. They get three players who will contribute for one guy who is overpaid. Like somebody said, they went further in the playoffs without Gay. The loss of Mayo hurt them a lot more than this trade will. I think they have upgraded.

  26. 4dawyn says:

    Just to let you guys know Ed Davis is a very good and underrated player.. I think he is just 22-23yrs old now so basically he is just starting his career in the NBA. If the Grizz will just give him good minutes and time to develop he will be an all star in 3yrs. I will bet my money on that…

  27. jjk says:

    as a raptor fan great trade we needed a change upset jose had to leave though not mad bout ed davis though we still hav amir who i think is just as good also with the sixers struggling n celtics we can hav a chance to make a playoff spot last thing though i really think andrea can fit on this team as a 6th man wat do u guys think

  28. jacobm says:

    am i the only one who likes the idea of a Gay, Bargnani, and Valenciunas frontcourt? Rudy and Andrea will spread the floor and let Jonas bang in the middle one-on-one. add DeRozan into the equation and you have the potential for an offensive juggernaut, though at the cost of any defense

  29. AnnoYouLater says:

    do u guys really think gay is that good?…well right now i think hes just a little above average but prolly in being a piston would give him a lot of touches ..

  30. IKY says:

    im pretty sure rudy wasn’t gay about this.

  31. Alessio Laker 4 Life says:

    Everyone wins on trade night Mr Sekou?

    Well just wait and see Grizzlies come playoff time.


  32. Paulo says:

    Tayshaun will show you how to Shut down Durant and Kobe.. but they will surely miss Gay.. they dont have a go-to scorer now.. which is essential in close games..

  33. SUN RA says:

    This is a good and bad trade for all teams involved.
    Memphis traded Gay to build a bit in the future, which is good later but not great now unless Tayshaun will preform.
    Toronto lost two of it’s best players. Calderon is probably top 5 pgs and is really underrated as a three point shooter. But they will get Gay and the fans will go nuts over him.
    Detroit gets Calderon who’s a great player, but that doesn’t ensure any more Ws on their record.

  34. WILKSY08 says:

    Wow! Big trade, im not surprised about Gay though. That unit in Memphis had its time to win, now its time to move on. Also with the way Z-bo and Gasol are playing they can just build their team around their veteran front court, Randolph, Gasol and Prince- best all round frontcourt in NBA after Noah, Deng and Boozer. Prince really did surprise me though, sad day for pistons fans. Shows the league is changing- veterans are starting to move on. If in doubt blame Ray Allen lol

  35. JT says:

    Man I feel bad for calderon, he went to a bad piston team. At least Raptors have some talent there for rudy gay to work with.

  36. John says:

    To All the Haters, who say Rudy Gay has to go to Canada, he won’t be happy you really should learn a little more about it before you open your mouths. For every player who wants to Leave Toronto there are 3 or 4 who love it. Look at the Guys who have left. Vince Carter a Mommas boy who wanted to be closer to momma in florida. Bosh who all he cares about is Chris Bosh and how famous he can get, and Tracy Magrady, who wanted to be the man on a team that already had one. Not one of them Left because Toronto is a wasteland where no one wants to play..They all had reasons other than the fact it was Canada. Vince and Tracy have both stated publicly that they wish they never left. Toronto may be in another country, but we are the 5th largest city in North America with just as much endorsment money and Opportunity as most places in the US. Our guys were crying yesterday because they had to leave, Demar Derozan just resigned for 5 years, A california kid wh could have become a free agent and got closer to home wanted to stay in the great white north…So please guys, do a little research before you bash a city!!!!

  37. THATS CRAZY says:

    SO the starting line up for mephis is now 1. mike 2. toney 3. Tayshaun? 4. Zach 5. Marc Lol nice step back. They better hope that second round becomes a carlos boozer

  38. StephThunder says:

    Tayshaun Prince looks sad..I agree with SteveKerr43

  39. THATS CRAZY says:

    Memphis why would you trade away star potential for deep bench potential. You see if they would have traded away speights for prince. Wayne for Courtney Lee or Jeremy Lamb. Gay for Barganni or Lowry (seing that lowry is a sixth man now), and maybe Zbo for KG or Paul Pierce or Jared Sullinger, thats a better trade than this. You might have just ruined your chance at a playoff run. Now if they were doing what Thunder did and develop their team through the draft. might be smart at least better than this. Grizzlies fans you might have seen better days than this. Im glad i dont have to deal with this. I just dont like to see a good team go to waste like that. #Bulls Pride but Rudy Gay on the Bulls as a sg when rip retires now that’s Good Company.

  40. kjc says:

    i have been following the grizz since they moved to memphis from vancouver this is without a doubt the stupidest thing memphis has ever done my loyality is gone penny-cant you do something about this come-on

  41. tas says:

    can the raptors make the playoffs now? what do you think?

  42. yoyoma says:

    Horrible Trade for Memphis what were they thinking? However Really good for the Raptors. Now all Raptors need is the get Bargs traded for a good back up point guard and a decent 4 and they are a lock to be a playoff team next year.

  43. marco says:

    And Bargnani ????

  44. KDTrey5 says:

    This trade is bad for the Grizzlies, they get nothing in return but salary cap. The Raptors get the goods but need to make some additional moves. The Pistons getting Calderon? Where will they play him?

  45. Gilford says:

    Ok next step for the grizz, SIGN MICHAEL REDD!!!!

  46. DRose tinted spectacles says:

    If I was a Memphis fan I would be sick at this trade. As much as I appreciate the GM’s need to balance the books this trade says to me that in this small window where those 4 players were at the top of their game we aren’t willing to take a chance and go for the championship.

    To me this trade knocks the grizzlies back from being a problem for any of the Western Contenders and maybe a dark horse to come out of the west to just be a testing first round.

    • dattebayo says:

      Rudy Gay is far from the top of his game, that dude is putting up career lows throughout the stats sheet.

  47. TS says:

    Do the Raptors have enough good players to get a game on TV now? Do it NBA, do it.

  48. Byrd says:

    Good deal lets hope Rudy preforms in Toronto

  49. KD4life says:

    damn, Rudy in toronto. Thats amazing and bad at the same time

  50. lol says:

    i cant believe it, it actually happened… they traded rudy gay… i guess thats a goodbye to their championship run

  51. Big Euro says:

    I never understand why sports journalists automatically blanket anyone over 30 as past their prime. Sure, Tayshaun Prince is not as highly regarded as he was 5 years ago, but there are other reasons. For instance, sometimes being on a bad team when you are not a go to scorer makes your game look worse than it is and is not a reflection your physical abilities.

    Prince has had had no severe injuries and being with the Pistons has given him a long off season break for the past 5 years. Gay is a better player, but Prince may prove just as complementary with Randolph and Gasol. Austin Daye has range too, which is sorely needed on that team.

  52. Scott says:

    Memphis blew it. This new salary cap blows.

  53. Blusto says:

    All sides happy? I don’t think Prince is that happy… I don’t understand why Dumars had to make this move. Now the Pistons have several point guards on the team with just a few big guys. I agree that Daye had to be traded but why Prince? He was the last man from the championship team, a veteran who could teach younger players several useful moves, on and off the court just like Big Ben in his late years at Detroit. I think only the Grizzlies won on this trade by avoiding luxury tax and having more cap space now. Toronto had to give up its two starters but with Gay they won’t make the playoffs. He’s just not enough for them. I know it’s the time of rebuilding for the Pistons but besides the young talents like Knight, Monore or Drummond I can’t see any changes that would be able to make Detroit a playoff team.

    • Evan says:

      Did you miss the part where the pistons will have $35 mil in cap flexibility once Calderons contract expires? Not to mention after they miss they playoffs they will be looking at another top 10 draft pick. Amnesty charlie v and see what you can get in the trade / free agency market this summer. That’s why Dumars did it.

    • Joe says:

      I think prince is probably happy that he went from a lottery team to a possible contender in the west

  54. sObe2020 says:

    i know rudy gay is not happy about this trade.

  55. nath says:

    the trade was good for the memphies, because they need one who had a leadership experience like prince,..

  56. BlakeFan says:

    I agree with Perk on this one. Gay is a premier player and contentiously a top 20 player. He’s in my top twenty. Tayshaun P was instrumental in the Piston’s team D thing, and bought into it with all his heart. Remember that block V the Pacers when RMiller was a good 4-5 strides ahead of him and Prince ran to to do the from-behind pin that LeBron has perfected to this day? TPrince brings the Grizz toughness, which they hardly lack, but OKC, The Clipps and the Spurs know how to shut down Memphis without RGay. Heck, they have been shutting down Memphis WITH Gay. LAC’s 26 point drubbing exposed MGrizz as a team that need someone clutch who can hit from outside if you clog the lane. Can Connelly step-up? With Memphis comfortably in 4th can they stop the losing streak to sub 500 teams? ALl will be revealed during the stretch run now to the playoffs. I actually see LAC as being the team that takes the West this year. When they’re on I feel they’re the best team in the L. Only time will tell!

  57. Rickson says:

    wow Rudy will make big different to Raptors, the team will be really good

  58. The raptors will be a playoff team next year!

  59. St.Don says:

    this is an terrible trade like y’all really traded rudy gay you can kiss the grizzlies group goodbye you just did okc,spurs,and the clip show an huge favor thanks grizzlies (being sarcastic)

  60. MG20 says:

    The Raptors have to make additional moves in order to make sense of this. They are now stacked with players at the SG-SF spot most of which deserve more minutes than what they will be getting in a situation like this (Derozan, Gay, Anderson, Fields, Ross, Pietrus, Kleiza). IMO, Gay and Derozan cant play together since they both need the ball in their hands and basically dont do much to help the team without the ball. I hope they plan to trade Derozan who has a few good games from time to time, but is not consistent and overall not very efficient as he mostly shoots mid-range jumpshots. Ross is a great shooter, can spread the floor and has a great upside. Anderson is actually a great, ”under-the-radar” player and deserves heavy minutes. He plays with energy, shoots the 3 pointer, gets to the FT line, creates for others and even plays solid defense (salutes to him from Croatia btw, he is still the best foreign player to ever play there). Landry Fields is overpayed for what he does and Toronto should be looking to trade him. However, I’m not sure many teams will have him (or Derozan for that matter) because of the money they are getting paid.
    Gay is a good player, maybe the best on the Raptors right now, but not as good as the contract he has. Also unfortunate to see Calderon go, now they are left with Lowry who isnt much of a playmaker which sth they need most now, with so many scorers and ball-hoggers on the team. Lowry, Derozan and Gay IMO just render themselves mutally uselless, since they are all scorers, but neither has anyone to create for them.
    And what about Haddadi? Was he included in the trade? An underrated guy in my opinion…

  61. Bstarr says:

    “The Thunder, Clippers and Spurs are loving this deal”.

    Yes Sir I do agree on this one. First they lost O.J. Mayo to Dallas and now Rudy to Toronto….This will be felt in the playoffs. Grizz will be there but won’t last 2 rounds. Tayshaun Prince can’t fill that hole Rudy left.

    • Sonic98 says:

      I don’t think OJ was as big a loss as other do, especially the way we kind of leveled off in Dallas. He is only effective when he plays heavy minutes and takes a lot of shots. We had the same issue he had with Ellington. He’d have a great game where he’d just light it up, then he’d have 2 games where he took bad or rushed shots and made stupid plays.

  62. uwotm8 says:

    Perkins Per is 8 and Ed Davis PER is 18 he needs to shaddup. Calderon is under rated and Ed Davis has huge potential, Raptors gave up a lot.

    • Fan says:

      Difference is Perkins role isn’t to do anything but anchor. Anyway Davis has a lot of points from Garbage time when the teams start playing their bench at the end of games.

      • hasib says:

        Wrong. Davis plays out of position and has been a starter for Toronto. P.s doesn’t matter what your role is, PER is defined around how well you do your role.

      • RapsFan says:

        Davis was the starting PF for Toronto, not a bench player

      • RaptorFan` says:

        Actually Ed Davis starts on the Raptors and plays meaningful minutes. You clearly don’t watch or follow the Raptors so please do your research before you start talking about a team and a player that you know nothing of.

  63. steppx says:

    the new amateurs in memphis just blew a shot as a deep playoff run and maybe the title in the west…….it was pssible. Why did they do that? To save money? or just to make a damn trade. Gay is a big time player having an off year, so far. You watch, Prince isnt close to what he was…..this isnt 2005. Bad bad move for memphis.

    • Sonic98 says:

      I agree he’s having an off year. But even in an off year and even in games he struggled, we don’t win a lot of the games we won this season without Rudy making plays down the stretch.

  64. Toni says:

    i think this is a very bad trade for Grizzlies. Gay was there best player and to give up on him and get back Prince and Austin Daye?? C’mon man…just stupid im so sad right naw. Im a big Heat fan but i love all teams in NBA so it hurts me that a team makes that kinde of trade.

  65. Baller says:

    I agree with Perkins, this is a very bad trade for the grizzlies. You don’t just lose Gay. looks like a trade they did in a hurry. I would have weighed in on Zach or Marc. They have taken a big step backwards because fast and eminent guys like Gay don come easy anymore in this league. Maybe they now have cap room to experiment in the future, but i think Toronto just stole this one.

  66. lol says:

    i cant believe it, they actually did it… they traded rudy gay… now its no championship for the grizzlies

  67. sirsparhawk says:

    Lol if by under them he means wayyyyy under in every sense then yes. Still, bad trade for memphis.

  68. SteveKerr43 says:

    Such a shame the Pistons traded away Prince. Would have liked to see him retire a Piston.

  69. mikhulet28 says:

    im sure Toronto are happy that they receive Rudy Gay. Make another all star that will pair up with Gay and im sure Toronto will became an Eastern Conf. potential contender

  70. RJ says:

    Oh, my point with Leuer is that he might play with a chip on his shoulder knowing he’s barely hanging on. And if he works on his range, he could be somewhere between Steve Novak, Bonner, Brian Scalabrine, or even more like Troy Murphy with a little bulk. As long as you’ve got a guy, I think you give him a shot.

  71. andylx says:

    Rudy Gay is going to prove Memphis wrong.

    • Kobe8 says:

      there’s no one to blame on this trade, this team is going to be spurs-like team.

      • Spurs like? says:

        Ha! Spurs like? they have built a dynasty over more than a decade, there will be nothing spurs like about memphis

  72. RJ says:

    The Grizzlies did beat the Spurs two seasons ago in the playoffs, and gave the Thunder a tough series that I believe went 7 close games, all without Rudy Gay. If Tayshaun Prince can just be who he is for a couple more years, it may work just fine, and they may be just as good, maybe even slightly better, who knows? But my gut tells me they’re going to be slightly worse.

    Also, essentially replacing Mareese Speights with Ed Davis is a downgrade, if only because of the loss of physicality. Davis can’t guard many 5’s. Or even 4’s for that matter. He does seem to rebound pretty well though. Replacing Wayne Ellington with Austin Daye might even out, but you’ve lost a 2 guard. Depending on who they can put in at the 2 aside from Tony Allen, Daye could potentially fill the 3 point shooter/bench scoring role Ellington did, but I doubt it. And then obviously, at 32, Tayshaun is a downgrade from Gay. I imagine they’ll just waive Jon Leuer, though I’d like to see him get a shot. He’s only in the NBA now because he went to Wisconsin and the Bucks signed him, and I’m sure he’s aware of that. You never know though, he could be a Matt Bonner type of guy. And he’s stuck with the Spurs for what, 20 years now?

    Overall, I’d say both of the Grizzlies’ trades hurt their team a bit. I thought the new Collective Bargaining Agreement was supposed to help the small market teams compete. I don’t see the Lakers, Knicks, and Heat trading away salary to avoid the luxury tax, only the Grizzlies so far. It seems to be taking a competitive small market team out of contention instead. Nice.

    • dattebayo says:

      Only the Grizzlies, huh? So you think the Thunder just didn’t like Harden and thought they would be better with Martin?

      • Random fan full of opinions says:

        harden was going to be resigned. he took his time and to avoid complete losses the thunder traded him. it wasn’t about clearing cap space, they were losing harden either way so they picked up what they could from him.

      • Petr says:

        Do you really see Harden as a 6th man this season? I mean, everyone knew, at least since last season’s playoffss, that he was gonna be a star on some team, and everyone also knew it wasn’t gonna be the Thunder. Martin is a scorer, and a pretty good one at that, but he doesn’t have the ambition to lead the team anymore, so in a way he’s a better fit as a 6th man than Harden was, just cuz everyone knew it couldn’t last.

      • HookBait says:

        OKC is a small market team. They get a lot of exposure because of Durant but at the end of the day it’s still Oklahoma.

    • hasib says:

      Ed Davis is way way better than Maurice Speights will ever be.

      Ed Davis is a nightly double double just give him 28+ minutes.

      He’s a bigger piece than Prince in this deal believe it or not. If Z Bo goes down, the season is not lost anymore as they’ll have a cushion to fall on.

    • Sonic98 says:

      People really make too big a deal of the team beating the Spurs without Rudy. We were going to beat the Spurs no matter what. They just didn’t match up well with us. And let’s not forget we beat most of the playoff teams in the regular season with Rudy and actually slipped in playoff position with him gone. Everyone wants to say “we beat the Spurs and gave the Thunder a tough series.” It just isn’t true. We played well the first game and a half against the Thunder, but they were basically in control of the series. We were lucky to get it to 7 games. If not for a bad night by Westbrook and a few timely dunks by Sam Young, we don’t make that big come back in the game in Memphis and probably don’t even make it to game 6. For a minute there OKC, almost scored a knock out punch early in the series, but when you let a team hang around, you never know what will happen.

      The problem with our fans is they don’t look at things objectively. “We had a good run without Rudy and lost in first round with him, so trading Rudy must be the key to our success.” We had the highest seed in the history of the team without Zach playing most of the season and not playing well when he got back. Does that mean we’re better without Zach?

    • Mark says:

      Uh, the Spurs were a different team 2 years ago. They have improved since then while the Grizzlies took a couple of steps back.

    • Petr says:

      For real man, the last season’s agreement seems to do the exact opposite of what it was supposed to…

  73. Gay is Happy says:

    I’m sure, Raptors are happy right now when they receive Rudy Gay. They MUST need another All Star to help gay and to make raptors an Eastern Conference Contenders