Calderon Reacts To Trade (VIDEO) staff reports

Jose Calderon has only known one city, Toronto, in his NBA career. That all changed last night with his inclusion in the three-team Rudy Gay trade that put the Raptors’ all-time leader in assists and free-throw percentage in Detroit now as part of the deal.

Understandably, Calderon was doing his best to hold it together as he addressed how he found out about the trade and what’s next for him:


  1. Najee says:

    He was one of the best players on the team. The days of players playin for one franchise are over and have been ever since Reggie Miller and Jeff Foster retired from the Pacers.

  2. Kian says:

    We’re gonna miss you Jose! Toronto will always welcome you back.

  3. big cat says:

    a true professional and never complained once about being on a usually lousy Toronto team . Im a raps fan and follow them closely and ask tj ford , Jarrett jack , jerryd bayless , kyle lowry , etc .. how good jose is , all these guys came to Toronto to try and take this guys job and none of them could , well I guess kyle is the starter now but he is erratic and plays 1 on 5 ballhog basketball at times , not a true PG like jose in my opinion.

    • This past week has been strange bringing in a good player and loosing a good player in Jose Calderon. I wish Jose the best of luck in Detroit and hope he can make a new home in there, miss you buddy.

  4. Joe says:

    The Raps should she to sign him when he becomes a free agent, for less money, theres no way he would turn it down

  5. Anthony says:

    Boston should try and find a trade to get Calderon. They need a guard and Calderon will be a good one to fill in the point position

  6. wooderson says:

    i cant believe they traded him, he is sad and so are raptors fans.

    • Anthony says:

      Being a NBA player is part of a business. They know these things will happen, and be professionals about it. But no doubt in his eyes, he was sad to be traded to another team.

  7. Crazy Pete R says:

    Besides being one of the most professional athletes in the league, Jose is also one of the most consistent. His level of discipline is almost unmatched. On a better team, he would easily shoot around 55% from the field, and would have even fewer turnovers, which is scary.

    By the way, I love Nash, but I think Jose is an even better free throw shooter! 151 out of 154, give me a break!

    Neither the Spanish national team nor the Raptors really understood what he brought to the floor. When people talk about not being able to stop the ball, tTell me something, please. Can any guard stop any other guard?

    I just wish he was going to a contender.

  8. TommyTalent says:

    The raps, have been team first all year, sorley sad to see Ed Davis go, what an Improvement, Fastr UPS! Jose, I litterally shed a tear when I saw that piece outside of the Atlanta stadium.

  9. TommyTalent says:

    DeBrosh, have you been under a rock, we got Amir Johnson the biggest team first player in the NBA, do some research, I will miss Jose dearly, always my Fav player, but to say Jose was the only team first player the raps had, c’mon man give your head a shake, you got rocks in it boy.

  10. athens29 says:

    Go to dallas man. they need a point guard badly.

  11. Jody says:

    Think that was a mistake by Toronto as Calderon is a very very good point guard… Gays salary will be high and unless he has career years then it’s not really that great an investment especially considering Kyle Lowry’s proneness to injury. Hope that Jose can go to a contender for the next few seasons though as he deserves a chance for some post-season action

  12. Junior says:

    The only only player stayed by the raptors side whether they’re a good team or not is Calderon. Toronto will surely miss you .Lets see what Rudy Gay can do with the Raps

  13. Ddot says:

    Jose, you will be missed. Watching Raptors will not be the same without you. I think Brian made a mistake. Anyway, you will always be one of my favourite raptors. I will continue following your career. Toronto and Canada loves you.

  14. Michael says:

    Don’t really know much about the raptors but I respect Calderon for what he’s accomplished there. I always pick him up in fantasy and he never disappoints. Always seemed like a team first guy. Good luck in Memphis bro.

  15. Jose says:

    Jose is truly one of the elite point guard in the league. We love you Jose and we wish you the best of luck!!

  16. Joseph says:

    welcome to Detroit Jose! God knows we need his help.

  17. Sean says:

    Thank you jose you were great hope you win a title before toronto

  18. Joe Miller says:

    Sad, all in name of saving Money, sometimes the players are just like pawns its a shame. Good Luck Jose I know you will do well where ever you go, your a great guy and a great player.

  19. Ajay Jain says:

    I’ve been a season ticket holder forever, and to be honest with you watching Calderon play was what kept me a season ticket holder. After JYD, Calderon was the one guy that kept the team’s spirts up and gave up. Its so sad to watch him go. I am looking forward to April 1st game when we can see him again.

    From one Raptor Fan to another – Jose you will be missed!

  20. Raps4life says:

    Man i Love Jose, been a fan of the raps since day 1 and Jose Calderon is my all time fav Raptor slightly ahead of Alvin Williams. Wish him nothing but success and happiness, still keeping hope that we can resign him in the off season when we realize K lo isnt a point guard. Detroit will have a wayyy better chance at the 8th seed now with Jose then Toronto would have with gay. Toronto now is a beautiful orchestra but with no conductor to direct them

  21. rudy gay says:

    calderon is a really underrated player. He was really the soldier of toronto. he will be missed. best of luck to him in the future.

  22. TV63 says:

    He’s a humble guy. You can tell he’s sad to go.

  23. hasib says:

    Gonna miss Jose, I’m scared Lowry will get hurt too easy. Can’t wait to pick him up next summer. Hopefully at 5-6 million and 3 years.

  24. DeBrosh says:

    I hope Jose goes somewhere he can win Next year !
    he is a “team first” guy, leaves his ego at home and did whatever the Raptors needed.
    Every team needs one Jose especially when they are young or talentwise challenged. Question to Toronto now is, – “who will this person be?” Gay , Lowry, ? – Good luck with that!

  25. LabMonkey says:

    There will be plenty of demand for Calderon next summer. He’s a solid NBA point guard with a team first mentality. Probably not at 10 millions a year though.