Underachieving Lakers Join List Of Recent Disappointments


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Los Angeles Lakers have won two straight games in impressive fashion and host the New Orleans Hornets tonight (10:30 ET, NBA TV). They’re still six games under .500 and they still look like a real long shot to win a playoff series.

That would make these Lakers one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history. They brought together one of the best players of his generation, one of the best point guards in recent memory, one of the best international players in NBA history and the most impactful defender of the last several seasons. Yet here they are at 19-25, standing in 10th place in the Western Conference.

Injuries have played a role, and so has a coaching change. But there’s just too much top-line talent on the Lakers’ roster for them to have the record that they are. And it isn’t hard to see examples — mostly on the defensive end of the floor — of where they aren’t playing up to their ability on a nightly basis.

If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs, it will be difficult to find a more disappointing team in NBA history. But here are a few examples of recent teams to haven’t lived up to expectations. The list features current Lakers Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison and Pau Gasol, as well as head coach Mike D’Antoni

2010-11 Utah Jazz (39-43)
A case of a perennial playoff team falling apart in less than two weeks.

The Jazz were coming off a trip to the Western Conference semifinals. They lost Carlos Boozer, Wesley Matthews and Ronnie Brewer in free agency, but added Al Jefferson via trade. And they still had Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko and Paul Millsap, though Mehmet Okur missed 69 games with various injuries.

On the morning of Feb. 10, the Jazz were 31-23, but they ranked 18th defensively and had outscored their opponents by just two points over their 54 games. And at that point, Jerry Sloan decided he had enough. He resigned and then Williams was traded after the All-Star break. The Jazz went 8-20 under Tyrone Corbin, falling from sixth in the West to 11th.

2009-10 Washington Wizards (26-56)
Maybe the biggest train wreck season in NBA history.

The Wizards had Gilbert Arenas (returning from a knee injury that limited him to just 15 games in the previous two seasons), Caron Butler and Jamison back together. And they added Randy Foye and Mike Miller in a trade with Minnesota. The idea was that they would get back to where they were three seasons earlier, when they led the Eastern Conference through January.

But after a mid-December west coast trip, the Wizards were just 8-17. And on the plane ride back from Phoenix, Arenas and Javaris Crittenton reportedly got in a dispute about a card game. Two days later, Arenas brought guns to the Verizon Center locker room, and the rest is history.

Though they won the No. 1 pick the following summer, the Wizards still haven’t recovered. Since the start the 2008-09 season, Washington has a 99-256 (.279) record, worst in the league.

2008-09 Phoenix Suns (46-36)
We tend to think of Shaquille O’Neal being a bad fit in D’Antoni’s system. But the Suns actually ranked No. 1 in offensive efficiency in his one full season in Phoenix. The problem was that they ranked 25th defensively.

Maybe that was when we really started to appreciate Shawn Marion — who the Suns traded to Miami for O’Neal the previous season — for his defense. The Suns’ defense was hurt even more when they traded Raja Bell and Boris Diaw to Charlotte in December of ’08.

Right after the All-Star break, with the Suns holding a 30-23 record, Amar’e Stoudemire was lost for the season with a detached retina. But O’Neal and Nash missed only 15 games between them that season. And despite the presence of two future Hall of Famers (and past MVPs), the Suns finished two games out of the playoffs in a tough Western Conference.

The ’08-09 Suns were one of only two teams in the last 35 years to win at least 46 games and not make the playoffs. The other was the 2007-08 Golden State Warriors, who were 48-34.

2006-07 Memphis Grizzlies (22-60)
The Pau Gasol Grizzlies probably don’t come to mind when thinking about disappointing teams of the past, but only *five teams suffered a bigger drop-off in winning percentage over the last 35 years. And the Grizzlies didn’t have the personnel changes nor the injury issues that easily explain the regression with those five.

They did trade Shane Battier to Houston that summer for the draft rights to Rudy Gay. And Gasol did miss the first 22 games of the season, putting the Grizz in a 5-17 hole. But they weren’t much better when Gasol returned. Coach Mike Fratello was fired at 6-24 and they finished with the worst record in the league.

The 2005-06 Grizzlies went 49-33 under Mike Fratello, made the franchise’s third straight trip to the playoffs, and ranked second in the league defensively. Then Battier left, Eddie Jones wasn’t the same player anymore and the ’06-07 Grizzlies ranked dead last defensively.

*The five teams were the 2010-11 Cavs (departure of LeBron James), the 1998-99 Bulls (departures of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson), the 1996-97 Spurs (David Robinson played just six games), the 1982-83 Houston Rockets (departure of Moses Malone), and the 2007-08 Heat (injuries to Dwyane Wade and O’Neal, who was eventually traded).

2006-07 Miami Heat (44-38)
The defending champs lost O’Neal for more than two months to knee surgery and Dwyane Wade for six weeks to a shoulder injury.

But both were in the lineup when the Heat got swept in the 4-5 matchup in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Along with the 2011 Mavericks, they’re one of two defending champs since the 1998 Bulls that didn’t win a playoff game the following season.


  1. @ wao!!!!-sorry to hear that happening, it never should for any excuse! That’s happened sometimes where i’m from! Bless him & his family! May the Great Creator Bless his family through their mourning & healing!

  2. wao!!!! says:

    This 24 year old young man named Steven Cruzado was killed last Wednesday when he was playing street basketball in his neighborhood in Puerto Rico. He gave a hard foul to someone who was making a layup, then the other player got so angry he went to his sport-bag took out a gun and shot Steven Cruzado 3 times while he was running for his life. As you can see he was a LA LAKERS Fan for life… Let’s show some respect for this boy… R.I.P.

  3. lakers will not go to playoffs PERIOD… Im a laker fan btw.

  4. kjones082 says:

    You guys are missing the point. LEBRON is the best athlete in Basketball and has the most recent championship. when he enters the game he and his team plays 20x better and if you have ever watched a Heat game you would know. So all of you can kiss his @$$

  5. Kiddo says:

    don’t compare this season team with Shaq-Kobe-Malone-Payton (SKMP) era. SKMP era has a good reguler season. In book, this season team is much better than SKMP’s team but the result shown this season is much worst

  6. kumag says:

    I really wonder what meta is sniffing when he said theyll beat the bulls 72-10 this year, its pathetic they changed the first coach when they are losing they said they are losing because nash hasnt comeback, now coach is new and nash has returned so what’ s youre next excuse.

  7. Beavis says:

    Fire Jim hire Jeanie!!!!!

  8. Marco_tres3 says:

    shouldnt the shaq in phoenix team be a lesson to the lakers? before they hired mike d’antoni’ they should have looked at the phoenix suns… shaq wasnt a great fit in that system a so will dwightbe in here… kobe good job being unselfish this last few games but i think i would not be enough for them to over come this

  9. big bang theory says:

    why are we talking about the lakers , when they have done completely nothing this year to even start to talk about. Kobe is a good player and they might or might not make the playoffs, but they sure ain’t making the finals.

  10. killuabest says:

    Kick Dumbtoni…make him sweep d floor, sell tickets instead..Go Lakers…

  11. JPA says:

    the lakers franchise is undoubtedly the largest and dara turn around they are an unstoppable team and kobe ​​andis the same captain and best player in his 17th season

  12. 17,6 says:

    very very well said lakers4life couldn’t agree more…stop hating on kobe…no matter how much u hate he is gonna go down as the 2nd greatest player of all time

  13. houdinit says:

    Oh Hollywood marketing, how effective have you become? Look at all these gullible people shouting praises and proclaiming you great w/out so much as a care for their own sanity and self-respect. If anything, the propaganda and hype is a WIN

  14. :)) happy person says:

    I love it how a measly comment upsets the whole group :)))))) lol

  15. Kiddo says:

    what a pity. lakers fans act like the lakers has won 10 straight games. they just got lucky on the last 2 games.

  16. realbasketballfaln says:

    While, I am from Chicago, and I am a Bulls fan, I couldn’t disagree more with the first comment by Bullsfan4life. He is clearly not a basketball fan, just a Bulls fan if that. He doesn’t know much about the rules of trade or details of contracts. Not to mention, no true basketball fan can ever possibly say that Kobe is overrated. He will go down as one of the best players of all time. He didn’t ride on Phil Jackson’s coat tail any more than Jordan did. Who ever said the bulls will never win another championship is a complete idiot. While I’m sure we will sometime soon with Rose and the nucleus, I also know we still have a lot of work to do to accomplish what a fantastic lakers organization has done over history. The Bulls Dynasty was one of the greatest of all time, but it was only one dynasty compared to many for the Lakers. On behalf of all of us real Bulls fans 4 life, and true basketball fans, We do not agree with that first idiot.

  17. Moneysauce says:

    Get out of the Laker bubble of fantasy where the Lakers make the playoffs… its not happening. All you die hard Laker fans can keep trying hard, sound like a bunch of tea bagging republicans in your own little world where you’ll get Phil back or trade all the players you just traded for, for other players you think will fix the team.. The storied franchise doesn’t automatically mean this year will result in a championship. The team has been horrible, that’s simply a fact, accept it and move on to hoping next year goes better as they rebuild

  18. bwayan says:





    • Average Joe says:

      True dat, brother. But not all those men in “nice suits” know what they’re doing all the time.

  19. sam says:

    We said that 3 months a go, Gasol come of the bench, play tough like its play off game, share the ball, and have the killer instinct, most off it is mental toughness. cos the team defiantly don’t lake skills or talent. Hope they wake up from their hibernation they been in the last months.

  20. Lakershow says:

    why do people think it so easy to trade and change coach, especially with LA situation. Lakers already owes Mike Brown money, and if they realease Mike D antoni, they will also owe him money, and pay for another coach! Lakers will be sticking with Mike D antoni like it or not. He signed a 3 year contarct. Now trading pau or howard is not that easy. Gasol is old and makes millions of money. To be honest with you, no NBA team would want an aging over paid player. And for Howard, No one would want to sign him since he is never commited to a team, and just might sign somewhere else (brooklyn).

  21. ballerpr says:

    Where are the Kobe-Shaq-Payton-Malone Lakers? I believe this was the biggest bust. It reminds me a lot of this year’s lakers.

  22. Chris says:

    What I can’t get over is how everyone keeps pointing to the big names on the team and their place in history, without putting much emphasis on where they rank today – this quote is a perfect example:

    “That would make these Lakers one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history. They brought together one of the best players of his generation, one of the best point guards in recent memory, one of the best international players in NBA history and the most impactful defender of the last several seasons. Yet here they are at 19-25…”

    Let’s see here… Steve Nash is headed to the Hall of Fame, yes, but for what he did in his prime 4-9 years ago, not this year or last year. It would be generous to call him a top ten ranked PG right now with how he’s playing. Kobe Bryant has tons of accolades and is still playing very well, but he’s not what he was a few years ago physically. Pau Gasol has dropped in production significantly the past few years. The same can be said for Artest. Dwight Howard is the only one in the group that is still in his prime and he’s not at 100% coming off back surgery and missing training camp and the preseason.

    It’s not like this team is full of players putting out HOF level production right now – this season. Yet the media and those who dislike the team keep pointing to the big names on the team, as if they are still producing HOF type numbers, saying it’s the biggest disappointment of all time. It’s only a huge disappointment because of how much hype the media has built up around the team. Granted, the overly optimistic Lakers fans added to that too as they sometimes do. Plenty of people wanted to crown them when the season started because of the well known names. Not all of us were so quick to make that prediction.

    Some of us Lakers fans didn’t expect an automatic championship parade. We all watched the media talk this team up as if we had 3-4 guys who could be MVP this season. We knew there would be improvements over last year in some areas but not in all, and there was always a chance the team wouldn’t gel quickly, if at all. Very few expected it to be this bad, but look at how poorly management has run the team this season and it’s not tough to see why it’s turned out so bad.

    The Kobe haters will use this opportunity to spew more negativity about Bryant. The Lakers haters are loving all the losses and the constant scrutiny flowing through the media. There’s always a good chance of things not working out after a coaching staff change, let alone three changes in one season. Add in two new starters to that equation, even if they’re good players, and it further complicates things. Throw in an injury to one of those key starters that kept him out for over a month (Nash). You see what I’m getting at. Has this season been a disappointment? Sure. But let’s be realistic here, it’s not like the expectations weren’t a little outrageous to begin with.

  23. JRivera says:

    You all need to grow up. Its too early to tell who’s going to make it to the playoffs and who’s not and even if your team does not make it your probably still going to watch. And to Mr Hater from the first comment, you should stop trying to sound smart because you failed miserably.

  24. sbfern805 says:


  25. jast1983 says:

    Lakers will do fine. Trust me. They starting to figure things out and they gonna make to playoffs for sure. And then who knows.

  26. KB24 says:

    We don’t need any nut head bulls fan to comment on the most successful franchise in the nba history if your saying trade everyone and built around Scare that mean you don’t know anything about this sport we have the right playing for the job we can’t trade anyone that we have and get a better player for the amount that they are specially Pau..if everyone moves when Kobe has the ball instead of watching what his going to do will be good The only reason we did so good in the last two games was because everyone was moving cutting to the basket setting picks that’s basketball not watching the best player to ever play the game to do all the work on offense this league has gone way better than the 80s and 90s so you need to do all the easy things AS A TEAM in order to be successfull .

    • Jay says:

      the most successful franchise in the nba history are the boston celtics.

      • sbfern805 says:

        CORRECTION…again! Boston may have one more title, but Lakers have more wins and Final Appearances than Any other team. We are also the most popular team in the World!!

  27. Ali Bernali says:

    I am a lakers’ fan since the 80’s, team has ups and downs. I know most of you will hate me but my honest opinion, I think they suffer because they lack team defense and their bigs don’t dominate the game, why??? Coach does not look at that strength of the team…. I think the problem is not the players it is the coaching staff. I wish they can hire Bryan Shaw….. 🙂 I wish they will make it in the playoffs…

    • Average Joe says:

      Those problems you mentioned aren’t the only ones, either. Team had no chemistry, Kobe was taking too many shots, Gasol and Howard weren’t taking enough shots, Gasol was misused, Howard’s back, and so on. They turned things around the last couple of games. Let’s see if they can sustain it the rest of the way. I’d love to see them in the playoffs and take on the Spurs or Thunder in the first round. It would be a great test for them to try and win a playoff series against the best teams in the West.

  28. Craig says:

    Trade time, I wish I could offer something positive, but trades look the answer.
    One of the best starting fives ever, they just can’t play together.

  29. pjlim says:

    LET’S SEE…

  30. Jay says:

    as a real basketball fan you have to love this.
    they spend all that money and can’t even make the playoffs….names don’t win games!

  31. trueHEATfan says:

    As much as dude with first post puts up a good case this team has shown some promise the past couple of games. My biggest problem with his team was Kobe taking way to many shots which lately he has not done, has not taking 20 shots either of these past two games. I say let them play and see if this is the stretch that finally turns this team around.

    If the chance arose to get Josh Smith in a trade involving Gasol going to ATL then take it. J-Smoove is younger an more talented than Pau at this point anyways. Heck, they should even look into trying to get Amare if nothing is happening on the Josh Smith front. Pau would fir nicely in N.Y.

    • trueHEATfan says:

      Also please get rid of that coach already the team does not listen to him and it is all too obvious. The team is doing they’re own thing and winning now. Coach Mike D. is just kind of standing around hoping for the best. Go after a real coach there are a few out there that won’t breck your pockets like Phil. I would call Mike Fratello, heck I would even ask JEff Van Gundy to get off the announcers table and come coach these Lakers over the current choice.

  32. ferdinand ancheta says:

    I’m a lakers fan. Teams have ups and downs, but you have to look the team achievements. You Bullsfan4life should be change into Bullsfan4lie.. You don’t know what you are talking. If lakers didn’t make to the playoffs, you mean we follow your comments? Wa..ha..ha.. funny Guy. What about the Chicago Bulls when Direck Rose got injured?…Mess U

  33. DWM says:

    Why is Robert Deniro in the video above?

  34. Rick Velasco says:

    This is one big useless article!!!

  35. Nash fan says:

    They will be one of the biggest busts if they do not make the Playoffs! The Lakers are looking awesome right now with KOBE playing like MAGIC! I beleive that the Lakers will turn this season around and be a real threat if they make the Playoffs! LAKERS to finish strong before the break and need to become close to unbeatable after the break! GO LAKERS! WE BELIEVE!

    • Game Time says:

      Awesome? Wow I would say they are looking like a team finally, but awesome is a bigger stretch than size 36 shorts on Shaq.

      • Average Joe says:

        I wouldn’t say awesome, but that was a good start from Kobe. If they can manage to turn things around maybe, just maybe, they’ll make the playoffs or have a date with the Heat at the Finals.

      • Mytownla says:

        Awww… Look at average Joe, co-signing for another one of his bff’s comments…. You and Gametime must really really be close

  36. brian says:

    I think it is still too early to say they are a disappointment or bust. Sure they have been performing under par for most of the season, but they still have some time to get it together. If their recent play is any indication, I think they are on the right track. For the record, I am no Lakers fan(Blazer fan for the record), but I believe in giving credit where it is due. Never count Kobe out. He has done the impossible so many times in his career, and he can do it again.

  37. Isaaac says:

    why do these writers persist with the lakers? there are 29 other teams in the NBA, the majority of these teams have been a lot better than LAL this season too. get something else to write about. bro.

    • kobe says:

      the writers right about the lakers cause they grab headlines and r the MOST LIKED OR DISLIKED TEAM IN THE NBA..JUST LIKE THE YANKEES GRAB ALL THE BASEBALL HEADLINES

      • coach151 says:

        The team that grabs the headlines are the Heat, La Bron this, La Bron That, frankly I stopped watching Sports Center because when the Heat win its 30 minutes of coverage, when they lose its “Not their fault” “they’re Board” but its never the “other team” that won… Win the Lakers make the playoffs, win in the playoffs are these dumb dudes understand… ESPN is all in on the Heat, La Bron and whatever they do… I’m sick of that, Steve A Smith is a Jerk, period he thinks he knows what he’s saying but its all his personal opinions, and he’s intitled to them, but for once I would like the people at ESPN to just repot the news, and stop trying to make it…

      • Game Time says:

        @Coach151 I think you should start watching Sports Center in a language you understand.

      • Average Joe says:

        @coach151 From the words of Lakers fans, “It’s what sells.” You think that anything about LA sells and that’s how you justify the countless articles written by NBA beat writers about the Lakers. Well, same thing with the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat sells and that’s what ESPN is counting on. If you’re too stupid to understand what I’m saying then I believe you should stop pretending to know what you’re talking about.

      • Mytownla says:

        Gametime and Average Joe make a cute couple

  38. Lol says:

    Bullsfan4life you said to build the team around earl clark and robert sacre. You must be stupid for us to trade all of are players and build it around them. Dont get me wrong earl clark is good, but Robert Sacre. lol

    • Average Joe says:

      And you must be stupid not to detect the sarcasm.

      • Mytownla says:

        And you must be EVEN DUMBER not to realize that there WAS NO sarcasm, just pure hate, theres a difference since you were unaware, dnt worry, i dont mind schooling the misinformed such as yourself. You and your bff Gametime are beyond worthless. Just some bandwagon fans who are excited that they get there once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the MOST SUCCESSFUL FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME finally fail. Im a die hard Laker fan and i will continue to root for my squad no matter what the situation might be, and i will continue to destroy you haters and enjoy the attention that you wannabees show us Laker fans… Aww its ok Gametime, i understand i hurt your feelings a lil, get over it ok, youll be fine. And as for you Average joe, your name just says it all smh

      • Average Joe says:

        Kobe never retracted his comment about Lakers fans being “stupid”. Now I know why.

    • Bullsfan4life says:

      Well Lol it was meant to be funny. Because of the rules in the CBA most of my “suggestions” are impossibe. But I took it for granted that it was obvious. Also I was implying that LA is so bad that they might as well break up the team and start from scratch around no name roleplayers like Sacre. And that Jim Buss could do a lot worse! But I should have know that most of the readers of this blog are too dumb to recognize sarcasm. But I love the reactions I got over such a silly comment! I actually picture many of these dudes crying while they type their comments! Touchy, Touchy.

      • Average Joe says:

        I been trying to tell ’em that, bro. And all those knee-jerk reactions from Lakers fans says a little something about the state of their intelligence.

  39. Checco says:

    two wrong coaches in a row….that’s something you can’t avoid to pay in terms of production!

    They need a defensive coach – whith the players they have they can run any offens they want !!

  40. Miggy says:

    Lakers will be fine. As long as Kobe distributes the ball and Nash stays healthy as well, Lakers will make a run at a 7th seed.

  41. babilicious says:

    wow!!all the lakers problems got away with 2 wins in a row and all these stuff that all the ‘experts’ were saying 3 days ago r suddenly gone..this is how lakers gonna be this year..full of ups and downs..kobe isnt even close to magic way of playing or robertson plays c mon now..u guys think the problem is in kobe or gazol or dh12?these guys r all stars..i dont c any descent player in the bench tho thats y they dont have a chance this year..the same will happen to memphis also these guys emptied their bench for rudy gay..clippers,okc and knicks and denver heading the right way this year..

  42. Don’t hate. Just telling the TRUTH. If you can’t handel it then it you got a problem. Have fun in the draft lottery! Maybe you can really lucky and get the next Kwame Brown! Till then I will always speak the truth. So you haters gotta stop lving in the past. Peace, (not metta).

    • Mytownla says:

      If its anybody, YOU definitly shouldnt be telling anyone not to hate, moron

      • W/E says:

        Laker fans are so angry, and the blame is all on their pathetic team. Dont hate on comments u losers, hate your awfull team that simply suxs.

      • Mytownla says:

        @ W/E lmao shouldnt you be worried about when your mom is going to hop off this diiiiiick and finally come home? Dont trip on me lil boy, we Laker fans love read about all of the jealousy sourrounding us, so stop trying to defend your bff and come get yo moma, she startin to irritate me bro

      • W/E says:

        Mytownia u are pathetic, u have the attitude of a 12 year old idiot who rages hard on people cause his poor team is the joke of the league, u and ur BF laker fans got humilated hard this season and thats just the begining…

      • Game Time says:

        I agree with W/E. MyTown is a 12 year kid just discovering himself. He can’t seem to stop talking about genitals lol.

      • Average Joe says:

        They should be angry. They have the best team on paper and what do they have to show for it? Not their genitalia, I’m pretty sure of that.

    • kobe says:

      u better enjoy your 6 rings cause they aint getting anymore…rose will b out of league in 3 yrs..

  43. Dwade says:

    fak all LAL fans….move on…. accept and change ur team…. hahaha looser….

  44. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    The lakers can make the playoffs there only a few games out of the 8 spot, what i just seen on sunday agianst the thunder they can play with anybody, as long as kobe stays playing as the play maker and setting team mates up for them to make plays.

    • Jay says:

      a few games out of the 8 spot? they are 6 games under 500 and 500 won’t get you in the playoffs in the west

      • kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

        see the lakers dont need to win ever game what they need is the teams ahead of them to start losing so they can make up ground but if your winning and so are the teams in front of you then your not making up any ground thats what iam really trying to say

  45. nbafanhere says:

    Lakers one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history? They are the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT in NBA History! they got 4 superstars and still 6 games under .500? that’s pathetic! They got Kobe Bryant who people compare with Jordan the most(even though it’s not even close) they got the 3 time DPOY dwight howard, Best pick and roll point guard,one of the best international player to play in the NBA pau gasol and add Jamison,World peace,Clark and still under .500? Replace Kobe Bryant with Jordan,Magic or even Lebron(He lead the weak cavs team to the finals) then this is not just a playoffteam but a contender as well.. Hell even if they do make it to the playoffs 80% chance is a first round elimination for them, grabbing the 7th or 8th seed with this team is a disappointment.. Teams with no superstar is playing better than this Laker team., Please

  46. LAKERS says:

    hahaha.. He hates LAkers and KOBE… you are really scared for the LAKERS..

  47. nbafanhere says:

    Lakers one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history? They are the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT in NBA History! they got 4 superstars and still 6 games under .500? that’s pathetic! They got Kobe Bryant who people compare with Jordan the most(even though it’s not even close) they got the 3 time DPOY dwight howard, Best pick and roll point guard,one of the best international player to play in the NBA pau gasol and add Jamison,World peace,Clark and still under .500? Replace Kobe Bryant with Jordan,Magic or even Lebron(He lead the weak cavs team to the finals) then this is not just a playoffteam but a contender as well.. Hell even if they do make it to the playoffs 80% chance is a first round elimination for them, grabbing the 7th or 8th seed with this team is a disappointment.. Teams with no superstar is playing better than this Laker team.

    • DWM says:

      Most Lakers fans are stupid as Kobe once said, so this won’t make any sense to them.

    • Dan'o says:

      Lacking stats to back up your replace #24 theory. He’s been the ONLY consistent, productive, efficient player on the roster. Their record is despite his high level of play, not due to it. If you want to talk weak bench production, aging Pau, poor coaching then there is some data to reconcile with

  48. fjskalfd;s says:

    Multiply injuries and steve nash is 38! This is not MVP Steve Nash.

    • Average Joe says:

      And yet you were excited about getting him in the offseason along with Dwight and keeping Pau in the lineup. You fans said you were gonna be champs this season. Reasons and excuses are not gonna cut it, pal.

  49. lakers4lifekbb24 says:

    @ bullsfan4life have you been sippin on that Haterade? stfu son u sound like a straight up tw*t kid geez

  50. Logic says:

    That had to sting bad for the Warriors when they did not make the playoffs with a 48-34 record.

  51. Duane says:

    The problem with the Lakers isn’t as much as the Lakers but the people in charge up above (Jim Buss, Mike D’Antoni). The Lakers should have never hired him with the players on the roster. Jim Buss clearly didn’t want Phil Jackson to come in and demand whatever was reported he did. There’s clearly an issue there but whatever the case should be he made the mistake and its not like he can fire D’Antoni now or he will just prove to everyone and himself that a mistyake was made at the coaching spot. The only thing the lakers can do is hope they make the playoffs (which I think tey will) and upset some teams because the bottom line is they still have a really good team. There will be haters (bullsfan4life) that want to see LA crumble, but I get that.

  52. Game Time says:

    Underachieving is a understatement. If they were 5th or 6th I’d call that underachieving. A team with four guys who have been franchise players figthing to make the playoffs is just downright pathetic.

  53. Lakersfan4life says:

    Bullsfan4life …. It is obvious to see that you are a politician and not a sports person. Its either that or you just hate Lakers. Who knows probably you are still burning inside because Phil coached lakers after Bulls! Pfff and he said trade everyone LOL! Probably you didnèt even know Dwight, Nash and Pau were injured this season. Anyways I won’t even say anything for your post other than you are wrong! Just flat out wrong.

  54. stupidNBAfan says:

    yeah another super hater. u made me laugh so hard. continue being a douche. nice friend/ 🙂

  55. noyb says:

    Can’t agree with this tripe masquerading and an opinion piece. You certainly can’t pick on Antawn Jamison, who hasn’t even been given significant playing time! And Gasol has both been injured and misused. And Steve Nash was injured and is playing soon after recovery.

    Problem? C-O-A-C-H-I-N-G!

  56. really? says:

    You clearly don’t know a thing about basketball.

  57. Jeremiah says:

    Hahahahaha you’re a joke! This isnt NBA 2K13! You can’t possibly do all that. Your plan sounds like a fantasy! WAKE UP! ^^^

  58. Jerry Baylor says:

    The Lakers will make the playoff…but won’t go past the first round

  59. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are done. Their fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and their careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first round pick or picks. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him before its too late. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take all of the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done.

    • Kobe Bryant says:

      do you know that you’re so stupid?

    • Krada says:

      You mean Derrick Rose is done?

      • Bulls2012 says:

        Lmao Derrick Rose is not done hahah..and that comment from Bullsfan4life is pretty pathetic hah..I do think they should trade Gasol and Dwight, if they are not at .500 by the all-star break..but i beleive the Lakers are gonna get into the playoffs at as a 7 or 8th seed…I HATE OKC so hopefully the Lakers upset them =D

      • Bullsfan4life says:

        @KB @Max your Stupid.

    • GG says:

      You are the dumbiest dummy I have ever listen to u can never ba a general mananger of a team

    • DWAdEZZ says:

      Are you dumb son? Just by your tone we all know you hatin’. Fakers? What’s that even supposed to mean? They flop?

    • Lakers4Life says:

      Funny how you never mention Kobe’s back to back Titles in 2009 and 2010. Stop bashing Kobe! Too old and pitiful… You must have him mistaken with your mom… He’s averaging near 30 points in his 17th season and is the only player on the Lakers that has shown consistency, determination, and the will to win. He’s willing to take the blame for his team’s subpar performance this year and he’s willing and able to adapt his role from a scorer to a facilitator. 5 rings on his fingers says it all!

    • Mytownla says:

      lmao typical Laker hater… Bro… Y r u so mad? Is it bcuz your worthless team hasnt won anything since the Jordan Era and you dilusional bulls are itching for something to brag about? Lol homie your rediculous trade requests that you say the Lakers should make are obvious words from a hater. We Laker fans love your haters a lot, we love the attention and jealousy you ruh-tards tend to show, so please, keep on hating on the Franchise thats been waaaayyyyyyy more successful than you, we feed off of that and utilize it to our advantage. Bulls fan, lmao, your franchise will NEVER win a title again

      • Bullsfan4life says:

        My “franchise” is not the La fakers. They will NEVER win a title again. Have fun in the draft lottery

    • Lakers4Life says:

      And how can someone who’s scored 81 in a game, hit numerous buzzer beaters, been named MVP, won 5 championships and 2 Finals MVPs, and has had several 50+ point games be overrated???

      • Francisco says:


    • Lakers4Life says:

      Looks like your living in the past with your Bulls’ measly 6 Titles… To any other franchise, that might mean something, but when you’re talking about the Lakers, your talking about dynasties over the past 40 years and 16 Titles…

    • LOL says:

      Hate is a disease my friend.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      If anyone is overrated, it’s your worthless lemon of a player named Derrick Rose. The guy is injury prone and will be lucky if he ever plays a full season… STOP HATING ON KOBE!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Well said

    • R A says:

      Thanks for making my day…….best joke EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR

    • DG says:

      This post gave me cancer.

      Anyway, even if you think the Lakers are done, how could you possible call Kobe Bryant a coattail rider? Even if Shaq was the best player during his time with the Lakers, you also have to look at Kobe’s other two rings. He was EASILY the best player when the Laker’s repeated. You are completely delusional. Learn something about basketball.

      • Max says:

        Goodheavens Shaq GREAT? That Dude could not throw a FREE THROW into a WashTUB. He only made his stardom by being as large as a tank. he did not even have to jump,(could not have, if necessary, too FAT) he made the teams because of Height/Weight. Any thing less and Shaq would have been a “truck driver’. So he needs to thank his Geanology for his height&weight. Shaq the TANK! I like the guy, but he could not play with smaller players that had God given ability!!! Barely able to run up and down bb court! Wrote himself a book!!! Rings came through Kobes effort (see which player the Lakers traded?), and then D.Wade.(again which player got traded? Not D. WADE).
        Just like those calling for Old Phil Jackson, that old Dude is a smart old Dude, he only coached teams that were already winners, if not?? then he ups and RETIRES! Fans screaming bring back PHIL!!!PHIL says no, I will just stay up here with the Buffalos and let the Lakers blame M.D’Antoni!!!!! Phil did not want the job as the Current Laker Coach, but did want to be the one to refuse, but young Buss took that honor away!~!! Sent Phil packing!!!Now Jeannie Buss, Owner’s Sister has a great big,big ring, NO WEDDING! IF Phil wants IN top management? then Jeannie has to make peace with the current owner of the Lakers, her brother, and Phil needs to bring on the wedding band! Here comes the Bride???

      • Francisco says:


      • vaqw says:

        ok, max u obviouly didnt see shaq in his prime. hes the 5th best center of all time look it up. and by the way im not a shaq fan…

      • Stu.D says:

        Max. You are an idiot…
        Kobe can ball and so can Shaq, why does it always have to be one or the other with morons like you. Neither would have won those three without eachother.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      Funny how you never mention Kobe’s back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010. And if anyone is overrated, it’s Derrick Rose… If we can see him play maybe sometime this decade, then I might change my mind, but being injury plagued, he’s a lemon…

      • Jay says:

        well he is not completely wrong… kobe won 3 titles with shaq and 2 with gasol… everytime he won a title he had a all-star big man. without one the lakers didnt even made the playoffs.

      • DWM says:

        That’s all Kobe was good for. 2 years. He couldn’t even get MVP in all of the championships he was a part of. 2 years is all he could do and he won’t be doing any more than that. So if you wanna dwell in the past, that is your right. Presently, his 30ppg aren’t gonna get him an MVP.

    • kobe says:

      good one bullsfor life…Rose cant stay healthy boozer never shows up doing playoffs and u say lakers r done…hahahaha

    • Maybe....just maybe says:

      Why don’t you just suggest trading the Lakers for the Bulls, maybe it’ll make more sense than you?

    • Arun says:

      What a joker..LOL.. can’t believe I was reading this…LOL

    • kobetheman says:

      excuse me kobe is the face of the team he has led them to many thing u haters gonna hate cause the bulls are garbage after jordan and left and they will never match the status they had and guess what they are not fake u know who is overated two players that feeble derrick rose and that lebron james who is no king at all kobe sacrificed his scoring title for his teammates he is the most consistent of all lakers in this dynasty u understand u haters will neva be close to what kobe has achieved so go get a life

    • coach151 says:

      Why are you spending your time reading about the Lakers, the Bulls have their own problems as well… The thing that gets my goat is that everyone pretends to “know” what they are talking about, but I can tell you the truth, “You don’t know squat”… Of the players left on the Lakers Roster since the 2010 Championship Season, 3 players are left… (Oh, now you get the picture) when teh Miami Heat accuired Bosh & James to play with Wade they didn’t run through the league and win a title, no they slopped along the season and turned in a poor playoff series and got beat by the Mavericks in the Finals… Pau was not performing at 100% and didn’t inform anyone till it was too late, The rotation was never established because of injuries to Blake – Howard – and now we’ll have to do without HIll for the rest of the season… Everyone wants to pound on the Lakers, sure everyone wants the Lakers to lose, but I’m sorry this is actually a new team, so they in essence were broken up… Lamar is a Clipper along with Barnes… Fisher has retired, Bynum is in Philly, none of the Bench Players are here and we have a new Coach… Go follow the Bulls and leave your comments to your own team, Forrest was right… Stupid is, what stupid does… You just said something very stupid…

      • Average Joe says:

        I just love how you Laker fans were celebrating in the offseason when you got Dwight and Nash and you still get to keep Gasol in your team. You were saying that you were going to run roughshod over the entire league and take home the hardware. Now that the Lakers are struggling, you are all making excuses. Well, at least the Heat was second in the East, fourth in the league and got to the Finals in their first year. Now I’m not a Lakers hater or a fan of any team at all. I’m just calling it as I see it.

    • kdog says:

      I’m not even an LA fan.. but this has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Clearly you don’t know anything about basketball.

    • All City says:

      Wow! If the Lakers and Kobe make you this mad, then why read any article pertaining to them? (I’d love to see angry you get when the Lakers start clicking and destroying opponents, which will take place in the next couple months!)

      Keep reading all things Lakers, Hater! Enjoy this lil stretch of failure from the worlds greatest Franchise know to man because its not gonna last long!

      By the way, heres a lil fun fact for all you bulls fans who hate on the Lakers: Lakers have had less losing seasons then the bulls have had winning seasons!!! Take that to the bank and do the math, haters!

      Oh one last note, Drose is great and I love his game but he’s not going to be same coming off this injury! You cant throw your body around the way he does and not expect serious injuries! He needs to take notes from Kobe and learn some footwork!

    • sbfern805 says:

      LOL!!! “stop living in the past” I love that quote…especially from a Bulls fan. Did you forget the Bulls havent won sh&! since Jordan left?

    • slezz10 says:

      You sound duuumb haha but the worst is not even the Kobe part where riding shaq means putting up 30 ppg. But, He said build around Robert Sacre haha I love the Lakers but homies weak af! Give up on life bro.

    • BEAST24 says:

      and you also think that the greatest franshise and most sucessesful franshise in nba history is done.

    • Lakersfan says:

      do you even watch basketball? kobe is the best ever!

    • LAKERS4Life says:

      Be careful what you say. Lakers might end up with Derrick Rose any time soon. LMAO… This is LA and we always have the best of EVERY POSITION in history!!!

    • youare stupid says:

      you sir, are so stupid i cant even put it into words

    • Mamiyou says:

      He/she said ‘Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre” just that right here tells you what you need to know about him/her

    • BIG P. says:

      bullsfalife your a idiot. just plain stupid

    • Josh says:

      REBUILD AROUND EARL CLARK AND ROBERT SACRE? ARE YOU STUPID? Get out of here, you’re an idiot….

    • Dan'o says:

      derp derp, laker hating derpaderp

    • basketbal fan says:

      Is this comment meant to be a joke? Otherwise our friend here is a big joke.