Ball Is In Ainge’s Court Now


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That cold wind that blew through Boston for the second straight weekend — courtesy of a deflating development with one of the city’s beloved professional teams — was actually felt all over the NBA world.

Much like the news out of Chicago last spring when Derrick Rose tore his ACL, Sunday’s news that Celtics All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo‘s season had come to an abrupt end with the discovery of an ACL tear in his right knee forces a reshuffling of things in front offices league-wide.

With the Feb. 21 trade deadline approaching, any and every NBA GM who has Celtics boss Danny Ainge on speed dial is looking over their own assets as they prepare to call him and gauge his mood. Instead of taking his time and surveying the landscape as he attempts to rebuild the Celtics around Rondo, an All-Star starter for the first time in his career this season, Ainge now has to decide if it’s time to start over in Boston.

With all due respect to Celtics coach Doc Rivers, a longtime HT fave, the time to write that obit on these Celtics is upon us. This idea that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and the rest of this inconsistent Celtics crew is anything other than a first-round out (provided they make the playoffs, of course) seems a bit far-fetched.

They were struggling with Rondo, their best player. To assume they’ll do anything other than that without him … again, far-fetched.

Ainge has never been shy about taking risks before, so we can’t imagine he’d go conservative this time around. Rondo will return from this setback and he should remain one of the cornerstones of the franchise’s rebuilding project. Ainge has to decide if Pierce, a Celtic his entire career, and Garnett stick around or not.

The Big 3 era in Boston ended last season when the Heat pushed past the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, so there is no need for some burial ceremony for these guys. This is strictly a business situation for Ainge. Find the best possible scenario to deal either Pierce or Garnett (one but not both) and whatever periphery pieces that need to be included to facilitate a deal, and then patch up the rest for the future.

The list of younger players available on the trade deadline market seems to increase by the day. Rudy Gay, Kyle Lowry, Josh Smith are all talented players who could be available by the Feb. 21 deadline. Add one or two of those impact players to a young core that includes Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and a healthy Rondo (whenever he returns) and you’re talking about a nucleus capable of keeping the Celtics in the playoff mix and beyond.

Assembling a championship-caliber team, however, will require Ainge to be much more ambitious. It also requires a more intricate long-term plan, with whatever Ainge does next just a small piece of that larger puzzle.

In the immediate aftermath of the Rondo news, Rivers suggested that the next man will step up and take over for Rondo. And maybe a man who stepped away — Keyon Dooling — will come back and try to help fill the void. While that’s showing an extreme amount of confidence in a roster that has struggled with adjusting to its roles all season, it’s an admirable stance to take. It’s also easier said than done.

Whatever happens, know that Ainge’s fingerprints will be all over it, as Ainge explained to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

“In our situation, you can’t just philosophically say, ‘We’re going to do this,’ ” Ainge told Yahoo! Sports. “You have to tell me what it is. You have to tell me what opportunities we have.”

“Here’s the thing: If I wanted to say, ‘Hey, let’s play for the future,’ that’s hard to do. And if I play only for the ‘here and now,’ that’s hard to do.”

Those kinds of trades are hard to do, Ainge meant.

“I’m going to look and see what opportunities are there, like any other year,” Ainge said. “Last year, I was close to making a change that I felt would give us a better chance in the here and now, and in the future. And those are hard to do.”

When Ainge goes looking to see what opportunities are out there, the rest of the league’s executives need to keep eyes on their phones, because something big is bound to happen.

The ball is in Ainge’s court now and the rest of the NBA world is on alert!


  1. Ainge will do the right thing, i don’t think he’ll make any big trades.

  2. BigGuy says:

    Pao Gasol for Pierce

  3. LUGA KA says:

    Celtics don’t need to trade anybody…. They will be fine, They play with their HEART… They beat My team MIAMI.. too bad but I enjoy watching a great ball game… Everyone knows they won’t win it all… Buy hey at least they get further than the team who will get a record of 72-10… In Their dreams…. Celtics playing with who they got right now…. No excuses just pure basketball, I’m a HEAT fan, but I love what the Celtics are doing right now…. No Rondo No Problem… Just Keep on Playing…. Not whining ” Fire the coach, Help me with Offense, Help me with Defense, Pointing finger this, and pointing finger that” Hello Lakers… where you at? You can’t buy Championship….. With an allstar roster still ain’t enough????

    Let’s Go HEAT!!!!!

  4. Gillsy says:

    I know all about the Celtic pride thing, but it is time to keep rebuilding what has allready started. KG RR and PP are the only ones left from the team in 08. PP needs to go even though he probably dosen’t want to. As Larry Bird once said I love the Celtic’s but I wished they broke our front court up before we retired so they didn’t have to start from scratch. Like RR, Bradley, Sullinger and even a health next year Green is a good place to start, cause he is not totally fit yet is a good spot. I think if they want Gay Danny will have to pull the trigger soon and trade him before someone else does. Garnett has got a trade clause however, I understand all trade clauses can be borken if the player agrees to them. Going for a trade for Lowry would be good and won’t probably require much to give up. The biggest problem is a person in the middle.

  5. Man I’m glad some people on here have sense enough to know that it’s a horrible idea to trade any of our main staples of Pierce, KG, Rondo. In fact i don’t think we should trade anyone, just add to what Celts already have. Any main staple trades & blow ups might make things worse. A lot of people don’t realize that trading mid season disrupts the (whether it’s great or mediocre) already team chemistry especially mid season-adding to what they have is what helps. I know Ainge isn’t afraid to make big moves but he’ll be smart about it & take his time & he’s not nuckleheaded enough to make the mistake of trading Pierce, KG, or Rondo. For one KG’s defense is what turned Celts D into what it is today since “07-he’s a General on the floor-like Scale quoted before, “KG IS THE HOLY TRINITY OF DEFENSE”! Pierce-so what he’s been off lately-but when he gets going he is unstoppable-THE TRUTH-plus he does all the little things that impact the game that don’t shoe up on stat sheets that other all stars don’t do! & Rondo-well just being Rondo-he’s the best pg @ running an offense & his shot is coming along(he’ll be back stronger when he’s ready) & he’s great on defense! CELTICS-“08 Champs, “09 2nd round playoff eliminated, “10 lost in finals, “11 2nd round plyoff, “12 east finals-sounds like a hell of a run to me! People & media have kept doubting every year after “08, it’s ok, keep doubting, CELTICS DO HAVE MORE RUNS IN THEM & when they get there this year, us true fans will see yall jump back on the bandwagon yet again, that is if yall plastic people haven’t KG quote “Plastic people melt away”!

  6. Jason James says:

    hey danny ! ! sign d-fisher or delonte west!

    trade fab melo to andre drummond 🙂

  7. waryaltruist says:

    Ah, probably a time lapse. “Never mind”.

  8. waryaltruist says:

    Already been said, KG has a no trade contract, Celtics are screwed, just like the refs did to ’em in the 7 game finals against the Lakers, and again against Miami last year. Unfortunately, Ainge’s hands are tied.

  9. gerald29 says:

    is tyreke evans is available?just asking…

  10. Lillard says:

    Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce and Fab Melo to Miami for Chris Bosh, Norris Cole, and bench players! 3:)

    Miami gets to continue winning championships for the next few years.
    Waive Pierce next year for salary purposes and continue to develop Fab Melo to fix problems with rebounding.

    Celtics get a talented player in Chris Bosh to build with Rondo and Jeff Green in the future.

  11. Jayjaydee says:

    One small thing to do! Get a Center and put Garnett as a power forward instead, The C’s have a so many good guards and forwards they need a Better Center to win the championship no need to trade anyone else.

  12. KG05 says:

    All of you are saying about how KG has a no trade clause and if he chooses to leave Boston then he can get Ainge to pull the trigger for him to get traded. KG will never abandon ship. He’s a loyal soldier and a Celtic for life. The C’s will be just fine without Rondo. Let them ride out the rest of the season and we will see where we go from there.

  13. Dashkab22 says:

    Sign Allen Iverson!

  14. Tom says:

    how about Alen Iverson in green????

  15. Justin says:

    Dont trade anyone. There starting D will be better without Rondo on the floor. There problem is they didn’t run up the court with Rondo enough, now he is gone. Get a big man for cheap if possible. Pierce is the weak link and is to slow on O and D, but its better to let him retire a Celtic. Trading away our future to try and win this year without Rondo and a slow old core is stupid.

  16. Jenova says:

    It’s a gamble… TRADING Celtic ICONS?? and rebuild for the future now?? you think the it’ll flourish?? ABSOLUTELY NO!!!… With Rondo OUT trading KG or PP is a DISASTER to the franchise and i don’t know if DOC RIVERS can adjust if Pierce or KG is in another uniform… DOC Knows!!! and always will be…

  17. GDL says:


  18. ninjatae says:

    Sign Gilbert Arenas… I miss his game..

  19. Celtic_Guy says:

    Let’s trade for Kevin Love ! The best center in the NBA.

  20. CelticFan says:

    Lol some of my fellow Celtics fan are delusional or play too much 2K13 to suggest outlandish trade scenarios. Just because we think a player will fit well in Boston doesn’t mean other teams are idiotic enough to trade for our players. We really don’t have anything to offer, simple as that. We’ll struggle to maintain 8th seed this year and that’s all we got.

  21. John says:

    get Derek Fisher, Danny. He has what you need to run the offense.

  22. bu says:

    Also need to trade for a more decent backup PG, as Rondo can’t keep playing 38 mins a game & expect no injury, the way he plays & getting rebounds.

  23. bu says:

    Why do ppl talk about trade imm? Can’t you see how hard it is with the new guys trying to play the O’s & D’s system? If they break up now without the anchors of PP, KG, how will they function with so many pieces coming in? Celtics win by playing good D & team ball. Trading now would be a knee jerk reaction. Also, the players who are not fitting in to the system yet are Green, Barbosa & Terry. Lee is getting better now & with Bradley, they play lock down defense on backcourt which are important. So I only see those 3 Green, Barbosa & Terry possibly getting traded for the right fitting players.

    It’s a shame to see Green unable to play to his capability though he is coming back from surgery.

    Barbosa & Terry, just not the right fit to the system, esp on D.

  24. JONKSTA says:

    Garnett to the clippers. they can trade deandre and blodsoe.

    clips. need vet front court players and ones that play D. also cp3 can dish it out to KG for midrange or post him.cp3 and KG in pick and roll then blake runs baseline for a lob.

    blodsoe and rondo will finally help the C’s change up their style of play. blodsoe is athletic and a great defender. with deandre running up the floor and finally getting some minutes. they would also add youth to the C’s

  25. jp says:

    the celtics don’t need to trade anyone really. with rondo out, this is the time for JET, green, lee, and barbosa to step up. if barbosa can go back to being the player he was in phoenix, jet being who he was in dallas, and everyone else stepping up, we can go as far as the finals. pierce, kg, and bradley will do the most they can do. and what are you asking for in pierce. he’s old, struggling but he’ll get out of it by playoff time. if they really do need a point guard, they should consider signing arenas or maybe dooling or west. heck, get fab melo out of the dleague and get him to be our greg stiemsma. even though i love the idea of rudy gay coming to the celtics, i dont think it’ll be enough

    • gary newman says:

      I agree, who is rudy kicking out of the starting line up? He plays the 3, what PP or Rudy at the 4? not ideal.. For the future Rudy at the 3 but not at the 4 against the big front courts of the top teams.

  26. BallSmart says:

    the CELTICS will definitely make the playoffs… no doubt. KG is the top big man in the east (*see allstar roster) and to trade him is a losing strategy. you would have to have amnesia to forget what he did in the playoffs last year …or any other year. …And PP is too inconsistent for such a great talent, but does a great job as the offensive leader when Rondo is absent. I anticipate more production from Green and a few others but that won’t be a cure-all. the C’s have been one player short of a complete roster all season and now they’re 2 short. THEY NEED A POINT GUARD (W/ rondo out). …and if they (Danny Ainge) were clever… go get Gasol, J-Smuv, or someone similar to beef up inside. Lamar Odom could fit nice wit his excellent +/- on the defensive end. DON’T COUNT THESE GUYS OUT JUST YET… remember last year right?

  27. celtics says:

    hey danny! you know what? If youll trade any of c’s heart and soul, youll also lose the spirit. What people love about c’s is the family not the star. I THINK THEY SHOULD STAY, THEY ARE NOT INCONSISTENT! ITS YOU!. the c’s spirit is what more important look how they play not how they do SHOWTIME.

  28. celtics says:

    hey danny! you know what? If youll trade any of c’s heart and soul, youll also lose the spirit. What people love about c’s is the family not the star.

  29. Edgar says:

    Just hire Delonte West and Kenyon Martin, then the Celtics will be capable of getting in the play-offs even without Rondo. And make PP come off the Bench and start Jeff Green. Dont make any trade the Cs are better off with its current roster…Start KG at 5, Sullinger at 4, Jeff Green on 3. Terry on 2 and Lee at point….please…

  30. Edgar says:

    Just Hire Kenyon Martin and Delonte West Damn it!

  31. Just saying... says:


  32. JAKE says:

    Do not disrupt this team. We need one big man , that can rebound and give us 10 to 12 points . Lackers do not have not one i would like to see wearing Celtic Green. Give up a future pick to the Grizzles for Zack Randolph ( Z Bo ) .Paul pierce and K G should retire Celtics.

  33. The likelihood of either KG or PP moving is small but not implausible. Yes, KG gets the final call on trade matters and could opt for one more title shot with a contending team, though I’m not so sure. By rights, his Timberwolves jersey would one day find itself in the rafters but if he stays loyal, Beantown will be honouring him in the not so distant future. I can’t possibly suggest an outcome for PP as I am not Danny Ainge but I will say that I hope, as a Celtic fan, that Pierce retires wearing Green. He has contributed so much to the team, to the league and quite frankly, to basketball history. He might have struggled at times but he is a ten-time all-star with a superb record and does not deserve to end up at a team where he becomes part of the furniture. Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee are all worth holding close and though many of you may crucify me for saying so, I think even Jason Terry should be given the benefit of the doubt. Right now, Rivers needs everyone to put in 110% and Ainge needs to sacrifice dead weight, not all-stars, if he wants to bring new faces to this team before the season is out.

  34. Jethro Bartolata says:

    Rudy gay for the celtics ! And wait rondo stay garnett

  35. The likelihood of either KG or PP moving is small but not implausible. Yes, KG gets the final call on trade matters and could opt for one more title shot with a contending team, though I’m not so sure. By rights, his Timberwolves jersey would one day find itself in the rafters but if he stays loyal, Beantown will be honouring him in the not so distant future. I can’t possibly suggest an outcome for PP as I am not Danny Ainge but I will say that I hope, as a Celtic fan, that Pierce retires wearing Green. He has contributed so much to the team, to the league and quite frankly, to basketball history. He might have struggled at times but he is a ten-time all-star with a superb record and does not deserve to end up at a team where he becomes part of the furniture. Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee are all worth holding close and though many of you may crucify me for saying so, I think even Jason Terry should be given the benefit of the doubt. Right now, Rivers needs everyone to put in 110% and Ainge needs to sacrifice dead weight, not all-stars, if he wants to bring new faces to this team before the season is out.

  36. Dave says:

    Ok. I don’t know how people can think that Boston will land Lowry and why would they want to, did he not just sign with T.O… haha? If anything they look into Calderon. (ya his defense isn’t great but he can run a team, doesn’t turn over the ball and will make the sytem work)

  37. aaaaaa says:

    KG is not going anywhere (partly because of the no-trade clause), Pierce is staying because he is everything it means to be a Celtic, and Rondo staying because he’s Rajon Rondo. Now outside the Big 3, they should keep Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger, and only trade Jeff Green and Courtney Lee if they absolutely have to (I’d also rather they trade Courtney, Jeff has more to offer, though I do like both of them). Also, they should bring back Keyon Dooling (if he’s willing of course) and try and trade Leandro Barbosa and Jason Terry, who have both been inconsistent all season, for a solid point guard. If this were a week earlier, I would have said bring back Delonte West for a 3rd time, but he’s in the D-League or something like that, but if they can, he’s always another option. I have trust that Danny Ainge will make the right decisions. And don’t count my Celtics out of the playoffs just yet… Even though we’re down Rondo, we can still make some noise. Even with him everyone seems to forget about the Celtics every year, this year I can understand it a little more, but people still need to watch out.

  38. Celtic Pride says:

    Danny, you cant go wrong. We are Celtics!

  39. Why not? says:

    5 minutes after the Rondo torn ACL, the Clips are asking CP3 to sign the max contract extension at once. Why? Because Bledsoe+Odom+Hill=Garnett. It sounds good for both. Ainge takes a great young player to replace now and team with Rondo in the future. and 2 valuable exp. contract who play 3 and 4 (10M$ saved!). The clips willl lose some depth but could rotate Blake, De Andre and KG at 4-5. Should I say anything else?

  40. DD24 says:

    The Celtics should trade Jason Terry for Tyreke Evans.

  41. Ubuntu says:

    No one should be surprise if we go far in the playoffs. Danny don’t have to nothing let these group of guys keep playing and get better till Rondo gets back.

  42. apwmcelt says:

    I can’t say that the bench players will step up and the Celtics will be fine, but this talk is reactionary at best. If you think a team can’t play well without one of their top players than look to Chicago. If you think Boston can’t make it to, or hang in the playoffs than look back at the last three years in Boston. Sports writers all over the place have been writing off the C’s from the get-go. If you can’t get a championship team in a trade than why just trade away one playoff contender for another. Restructure Pierce’s and KG’s contracts and look for pieces in the off-season.

  43. cooljhotu says:

    no need for trades. sign a pg that would fit in a c’s offense. and let the new players step-up their game. JT common, u were once a pg at atlanta. also a great scorer in dallas. that’s what’s really missing, guys stepping-up each night and terry has to wake up from his slump

  44. Bill says:

    Emeka Okafor or Reggie Evans.

  45. frans says:

    Gilbert Arenas would be a solid addition. He still has some basketball left and his on court aggression fits the Celtic style. I think guys like doc and KG will keep him tame of the court, so signing him makes sense in my opinion.

  46. MoneyBall says:

    Why is every1 talkn bout trade talk? These guys dnt need to trade anybody. All these celt fans r scared dat their season is over without rondo. rose tore his acl. u guys didnt see da bulls start tryin to trade anybody. they jus hav to man up and play wit heart if they wanna get anywhere.

  47. msm says:

    aint no one getting traded from boston bigs , they getting Kyle Lowry and getting ridoff chris wilckok , leonardo barbosa and jason terry

  48. Than says:

    The C’s will probably give Courtney Lee and Fab Melo for a player of devin harris ‘s caliber. They cannot really trade neither KG nor Paul Pierce. They do not deserve such an abuse and it would be really immoral even to propose something like that to them. They should both retire with the C’s when their contracts elapse. Things are not really awful! Except they cannot really win a healthy Heat squad ( and when I say healthy I mean D-Wade) . And even if they do so, I think it’s silly to think that they could put up with the OKC rythm in the game without their All-Star point guard. I mean “Yes, it’s the C’s and team spirit and ubuntu”, but they have a clear quality difference which cannot be hidden in four games. ( Four games in order to win them in the Finals.)

  49. jiggyfgh says:

    no need for any trade at this point, they just have to sign gilbert lao, this guy is a freak of nature, someone who can turn their season around

  50. Pmand says:

    As hard as it is to admit, as tough as it is to let a future legend like Garnet and a loyal legend go (Paul Pierce). The best move may be to give both these guys a chance to win one more time. Garnet to OKC for Perry Jones makes sense. Pierce to Memphis for some servicable player also makes sense. This would give the Cs good young players to add to the Core (Rondo, Bradley, Fab Melo, Sullinger) THEN as crazy as it may seem there is still the Dwight Howard sweepstakes in the Off season. I think with Rondo to feed him the ball and the defensive philosophy of the Cs we stand a chance at him.

    • Pete says:

      For God’s sake NO DWIGHT HOWARD.

      That guy is an absolute tool and a cancer to any team he gets on to! He makes Beasley and Cousins look like supportive veterans by comparison!

      • steagle says:

        LOL. Honestly I’d prefer Cousins at this point – he has more of a future ahead of him, less injury prone, and really needs a dose of hard, disciplined leadership that you know Doc and KG can give him. Cousins has all the potential to be as good as Howard. I’d like to see him have that chance to mature with a team who means business.

  51. danito says:

    they should sign kyle lowrey, cuz thats the only decent pg that can fill the gap for now.
    lakers should make some trades too, lakers should try to get a back up for kobe and nash. there bench is terrible, they have nobody beside clark, cuz pau is not a bench player.

  52. Fredwins says:

    The celtics will be fine, things aren’t as bleak as they seem..Even if they don’t make the playoffs or get knocked out early in the playoffs they will be okay in the long run.. Ainge is a great GM, Doc is an exceptional coach, the guys on the team are great guys Paul, KG, and Rondo are all great leaders in their own way, and they are still developing their chemistry with alot of young and new guys..If the Celtics do miss the playoffs then they can get a solid draft pick and hopefully get some young talent they like to add with Fab Melo next season, or they can use that pick along with some expendable player to make a trade for someone they want..I personally wouldnt trade anyone, I love the team even the “underperforming” guys..This team should ride this thing out till the wheels fall off.

  53. Dapper Jay says:

    I think Ainge should just wait until the season is over and then when the FA market is open, he should try and sign O.J Mayo, Monta Ellis, Josh Smith, and/or Al Jefferson. Now, of course the Celtics couldn’t afford all of them (or maybe they could if they agreed to less pay), but just getting two of those four would help the Celtics significantly and Ainge wouldn’t have to make that hard decision to trade. Then, when Cousins is a FA in 2014, he can work to get him without having to trade KG or Pierce. Once Rondo returns and Ainge manages to get 2 of the 4 (or possibly all 4, or 3), the Celtics will be back to prominence and they’ll be title contenders again and Pierce can finish his career in Boston. Possible lineups that would work with the aforementioned players:

    PG: Rajon Rondo
    SG: Monta Ellis or O.J Mayo
    SF: Paul Pierce
    PF: KG (If no Smith) or Josh Smith
    C: KG (If no Jefferson) or Al Jefferson

    I know that this is just fantasy, but, it could work. Right now though, Ainge should just stay put and make moves this summer when the season is over instead of trying to make a last minute trade that would break up the chemistry and franchise players. Anyways…..GO CELTICS!

    • steagle says:

      Agreed. Look what happened last time Ainge did a big trade at the deadline – bye bye Perkins, bye bye Finals aspirations. There is absolutely no need at this point to rush into a trade with all the talented pieces he’s got already. These players just need time to mature. If they don’t make the playoffs and people underperform, ok, then you trade them. But let’s just let this play out.

  54. Nash fan says:

    how about… Kobe for Pierce and Nash for Rondo?

  55. don says:

    Hate that for Rondo, and I’m a Knicks fan. I will say this – it’s shocking to see Cs with so many mini-guards on the roster and not one is capable of running the offense. Probably speaks on the confidence Ainge had in Rajon.

  56. brooklyn says:

    trade courtney lee for devin harris .. everyone wins celtics get a replacement for rondo & hawks get a replacement for lou williams

  57. Henrik Jensen says:

    i can only see Kevin Garnett leaving for 2 teams, either Minnesota, to be back where it started, or chicago, to be back where it started before NBA. Garnett is no doubt enjoying his time in Boston, if Minnesota came up with a trade for getting back garnett, i do not think garnett would say no if it was a fair deal, same if bulls would give up ex. Boozer for Garnett, that is the only two teams i could see garnett landing at, unless celtics say to garnett directly he is not part of any future with the team, then garnett should try to move to any top 5 team in either east or west, and they would imedietly be a top contender..

  58. Marcus Simões says:

    1 MARCELINHO HUERTAS (BARCELONA) – 2 A Bradley – 3 P Pierce – 4 KG – 5 – J Sullinger

  59. zpeg_23 says:

    do you think KG will agree to a trade that is available?hahah knowing KG? come oooooooonn! KG doesn’t play for himself, he plays for a team. A team known as Celtics..plays for the team and not for his own fame..and a true Celtic fan knows to have faith especially in times like if you are a celtics hater, hate as much as you want, but in the end, the celtics will school you and let you understand the meaning of a TEAM in NBA..

  60. NBAfan35 says:

    Ummm you guys realize no trade clause only means if they want to trade Garnett that he basically has the option to decide where he wants to be traded to right? He can always waive the no trade clause

  61. chosen one says:

    get josh smith we dont need a good point guard what we have is good enough. we just need good PF.

  62. zpeg_23 says:

    if you know the Celtics way better then anyone else? it’s no time to panick..losing a game or a series is actually not the deal, it’s the fight that they gave.. say for instance last playoffs, miami may be the reigning ECF champs, but maaaaan! The Celts gave them a helluva fight..and that’s more than enough..

  63. xpact says:

    why all nba writters are panicking?? and already making the decision what the gm should do. rondo is a great player but it doesnt mean its the end for the C’s rondo is one of the piece in this block w/c can be replace… i think the C’s are still good… the only bad thing about this! is this article,,,,, you guys want the C’s to fail coz u already made an article that they are done.. there done when the season is done and when they crown the champ.. but until the ball is rolling nobodys is done…

  64. Awais says:

    I think the C’s will try for either calderon or Lowry while rondo is out

  65. Sunny says:

    Trade with the Lakers!

    Lakers give Dwight Howard and in return they get

    KG, Jason Terry, Jared Sullinger and Leandro Barbosa.

    Celtics will get rid of underperforming players, tighten their rotation, get younger and get a franchise player.

    Lakers will get outside shooters, KG can be stretch 4 and allow Pau to go to Center and they will get a good prospect in Jared Sulinger who can give solid minutes at the 4. And they will be free of the Dwightmare!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Horrible trade for C’s

    • Pete says:

      Dwight is not a franchise player.

      You can’t be a franchise player if you create problems everywhere you go, only to bail out any time things get bad.

      • steagle says:

        Amen. And I would never trade a promising, solid performing rookie center/PF like Sullinger for a premadonna, must-be-the-centerpiece center like Howard. Howard is great at what he does, no question, but I’d rather see Boston take the time to develop their young core than to dismantle it after so little time together to go after an established superstar.

        Plus age doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Don’t forget when KG joined the C’s he wasn’t exactly young. Or Allen. Not like Miami getting their latest darling LeBron James at age 26. C’s are all about developing promising talent, going after the hard workers and people who fit their style of play. They are not the Lakers, they are not South Beach. 17 titles attest to that level of commitment Boston has to its players.

  66. JimD54 says:

    I think we’ll be alright, find a point guard and move on like it is right now, we just showed Miami that we can still give them a series even without Rondo, we play Miami very hard, had the refs not given Miami 47 free throws in game 2 of the ECF last year we would have beat them in 6, and they are not as good this year as they were last, besides the Celtics have been coasting all year waiting for the playoff runs to start, by April I think we will still be in the picture…

  67. Big Two says:

    this is ridiculous. i wish we can just appreciate how hard they are playing

  68. LIKE ABOSH says:

    They’re not gonna make it to the playoffs….. and if they do they’re not getting past a healthy knicks or heat. Boston era is over

  69. LOL says:

    Garrnet to the HEAT! lets go lololol

  70. nikogalis says:

    Lowry would be a perfect fit for C’s

  71. Celtic says:

    you all must understand that, yes Garnett has the no trade clause, but if he is about to be traded and he knows it, you all very well know that KG of all people will not excersise the no trade clause, KG will take it as disrespect to be traded and will not want to stay on a team that wants to trade him.

  72. Vlad M. says:

    You guys are crazy with your “Garnett has a non-trade clause” etc…

    Garnett can be traded if he wants to!!

    If he gets an opportunity in a championship contender team like the Clippers for example, he might agree to it.

    Considering their title hopes are over, and that the C’s need to rebuild for their future, Garnett can accept a trade to a team that will be fighting for a place in the NBA Finals. If he stays in Boston, he will only be a break in the C’s future.

    Garnett is the kind of person that will make the trade happen if he feels that is the best way he can help the C’s.

    • Pete says:

      Then why didn’t he agree to re-sign for the vet min to help the team?

      Yes he’s loyal, but everybody has their price.

  73. Brandon says:

    KG can be traded if he chooses to. A no-trade clause gives the power of “go or no” to the player. It does not mean he cannot be traded at all; it just places the choice in his hands.

  74. LS says:

    I love it when the fans display more common sense and knowledge than the people who get paid to write this stuff. I’d take KG over any player if for no other reason his commitment every night he steps onto the floor. You know what you’re going to get from this guy – always have, always will. Pierce is in a slump right now; who knows if that’s going to change but he has been in BOS his entire career and given them some really great years when things weren’t going well at all.

    Boston has a fairly good mix of players with the new guys; they just don’t play BOS basketball and they don’t play consistent enough. You never know if they’re going to bring their A game or just stand around like spectators. BOS is a grind-it-out team and they need players who play with that mindset – every night.

    Don’t forget BOS won against MIA yesterday without Rondo and took them to a Game 7 when everybody was calling them old and washed up (much like they do every year), and Ray Allen wasn’t effective at all in that series. All I have to say is GO CELTICS!

    • alen says:

      yessir GO CELTICS, we like it that way, everyone has written us off last year and look how far we have gone, i like this group of guys and i think they will go far AGAIN

  75. JayRO says:

    What has been lacking for the C’s this year? Consistent energy and defense. Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee are perfect for that role. Clearly Rondo is a tough loss but extended minutes and confidence for the young athletic players is exactly whats needed, also if JET hits some jumpers. Im telling you Don’t bury this team. Beating the heat was no fluke.

    • dattebayo says:

      Dwyane Wade had 6 turnovers and went 6-20 and the Heat made only 5 out of 23 threes. The Celtics attempted more freethrows than the Heat and forced them to 20 turnovers. Do you honestly believe that this might happen 4 times in a 7 game series?

  76. zpeg_23 says:


    • alen says:

      well said ZPEG, Celtic way is the only way they can play, i think this group will come together and make a good deep run in the playoffs, im really not worried much

  77. KNM says:

    To trade #34 or #5 after incredible loyalty and heart, would be a travesty. Ainge, do not even go there.

  78. the C’s should invest in Gay. Aim for either Gay or Cousins because this team needs a big change to even get to the playoffs this year

  79. Konrad says:

    How about just signing a point guard. Delonte West, Baron Davis ( dont know if he’s back ).

  80. theprophetoftroy says:


  81. Steffen says:

    kAg – SERIOUSLY, can you think a lil bit. Garnett can be traded if he agree to the trade. Don’t you think he’ll be HAPPY to go to OKC and a very good shoot at the title at age what 36?

    • artifex says:

      Even IF KG would agree, whom would OKC send to Boston then? Perkins???
      Don’t see anyone OKC would let go. They put their men into contracts, they sorted out Harden – he got HIS team in Houston. OKC is quite done for the next years I’d say, unless fro maybe switching a few bench players.

    • Pete says:

      Do you know anything about KG?

      This season there were several competitive teams who wanted him (including the Spurs), but for KG his only two options were Boston or retire.

      The chance of him willingly agreeing to a trade to another team, and actually staying with them, is about one in a million.

  82. KaG says:

    C’mon man. You are NBA writer and you dont to a home work??? Garnett have a no trade contract so they can’t trade Garnett. and thank God! He still can play hard and he is more valuable for the team then Pierce.

    • Lakers R just Fine says:

      hahahahhahahahahhaha, lmfao, no way the Lakers would give Howard to anybody specially the Celtics. you are funny.

      • Anonymous says:

        He will be a free agent after this year…and KG might retire…you never know

      • Bleedgreenn says:

        Still C’s doesn’t need an useless C as D12 is, Sully is our rebounder and btw a rebounder is easy to find in free agency.
        We need a center who can play in post and D12 is clearly totally unable, let’s try to get to Cousins or Pekovic, by far better centers than D12.

      • Bleedgreen says:

        Still C’s doesn’t need an useless C as D12 is, Sully is our rebounder and btw a rebounder is easy to find in free agency. Let D12 in LA, he’s just a muscled guy who doesn’t know anything about playing Center, he demonstrated that in Orlando and now in L.A..
        Celtics need a center who can play in post, make some movements, and D12 is totally unable. Let’s try to get to Cousins or Pekovic. They’re not the new Hakeem The Dream but they’re far better than D12.

      • JummyJazz says:

        Lakers won’t give him away, but he is a free agent at seasons end. Boston would be a better fit.

    • artifex says:

      best replacement for Rondo as PG!!

  83. Faiz says:

    trade courtney lee for some starting pg, no one can replace rondo but a consistent pg would help this team while rondo isnt around

    • Lakers R just Fine says:

      Hey D Fisher is available.

      • Sam says:

        Lakers better sign him. They ned him more than Boston.

      • artifex says:

        It didn’t even work for DFish to play in Dallas because he needed time for his family in CA. How he gonna work it out in Boston then? And though things are more decided by business then by pride – who put in the last couple of points in the 2010 finals games 7? I don’t see that coming.
        I don’t see PP and KG (no trade) going anywhere either.
        Though Keyon isn’t that young player giving fresh air, he’s at least familiar with the team since anyone else would need time again to adapt, so makes sense to me, if he’s willing.

  84. PP says:

    No way Paul Pierce gets traded after 14 seasons as a Celtic, unless he wants to

  85. two says:

    garnett to okc and paul pierce to memphis looks likely to me

    but it would be very strange to see paul pierce in a non-celtic jersey

    • dedefr says:

      The Thunder and Grizz are focused more on youth than vets. Niether team would trade their younger talent (Gay on Grizz, take your pick for Thunder) for the solid, soon-to-retire Garnett or Pierce. Neither would take the contracts either (Garnett – 3yr, 34million; Pierce 2yr, 31million [option year included])

  86. SCC says:

    The Celtics aren’t going to make any trades. Garnett and Pierce are staying put, while they wait for Rondo’s comeback. Probably, Ainge will sign a new point guard. That’s all…

    • Denzo says:

      Thank you! I hope they take d Fischer and or someone who is feisty, that can roll with the celtics! Like a Lou Williams perhaps? Anyway I’m hardcore bulls but gotta love the Cs.

  87. R M says:

    Garnett has a no trade clause! How many articles are you going to write about him being traded when the Celtics don’t even have that option? Remember, it was either C’s or retirement for him. That leaves Pierce, and let’s face it, we couldn’t get anyone for him that would make it worth him ending his career anywhere other than Boston. Who else do we have to trade who isn’t part of the “future” core? Stay put, Danny.

  88. Jim says:

    I think the C’s should invest in Gay.From fran’s piece I saw that a lot of fans don’t want to give up on PP or KG but on the other hand without rondo the celtics would be lucky to even make the playoffs.Ainge should deal from a business standpoint (like always) and blow this team up,Aim for either Gay or Cousins

    • Bill says:

      I think that the C’s should trade for a person like Ryan Anderson. They could trade Jeff Green, Jason Terry and maybe a draft pick for Anderson and Al Farouq-Aminu.