Rondo’s End Starts Future in Boston


HANG TIME, Texas — Sometimes the decisions are made for you.

Danny Ainge can stop wondering about what to do, which direction to take with his Celtics as the NBA trade deadline of Feb. 21 draws near.

The future arrived in Boston like a punch in the gut with the sickening news that Rajon Rondo has a torn ACL in his right knee and is lost for the season.

Now it’s time to start over.

If Ray Allen having swapped jerseys for Sunday’s homecoming to the TD Garden with the Heat was first crack in the Celtics 21st century golden run that began in 2007, then Rondo’s injury sent the remnants crashing to the parquet floor.

Rondo was averaging 13.7 points, 11.1 assists and had just been named an All-Star starter for the first time. He was coming off back-to-back triple-doubles, including the double-overtime loss in Atlanta, where the injury evidently occurred.

After complaining of pain while trying to warm up prior to Sunday’s game, the point guard was taken to New England Baptist Hospital where an MRI revealed the tear.

The rest of the Celtics were given the bad news during the game and word circulated like whispers of a death in the family through the arena and the rest of the NBA world.

“We just got to rally round each other,” teammate Paul Pierce told ABC’s Doris Burke. “I feel for him. He was having such a great season … It’s disappointing news. Guys just got to step up.”

But it is one thing for Pierce to come through with a gutty triple-double performance of his own and for the Celtics to persevere through a double-overtime against Miami. It is quite another to believe that a Boston team without Rondo could take down the defending champion Heat in a seven-game playoff series. That is, assuming the Celtics even limp into the playoffs.

The win over Miami ended a six-game Celtics losing streak that already had coach Doc Rivers threatening to get one-way tickets out of town for anybody that couldn’t step up. He changed his lineup, putting rookie Jared Sullinger in to start at center in place of Brandon Bass. The Celtics are still two games below .500.

The harsh truth is that the blow is not just the end of a season for Rondo, but the end of the road for this core group of Celtics that won a championship in 2008 and lost in The Finals to the Lakers in 2010.

Ainge and Rivers might have been tempted to shake things up last summer, but wishful thinking and, perhaps, sentiment told them to try making one last run with their aging warriors. But Garnett at 36 is already playing greatly reduced minutes and Pierce at 35 had been mired in a slump of his own before Sunday and is no longer the workhorse.

Rondo, for all of his personality quirks and clashes with Rivers, was the on-court leader of these Celtics and had been for the past several seasons. He had developed a knack for rising up on nationally-televised games and in the playoffs and his efforts that often came with the gale force of a hurricane were what gave the Celtics any so-called puncher’s chance that existed.

The time now is to find out if there is a market to move Pierce as a “designated hitter” on a contending team. He’s got just one more year on his contract at $15.3 million. The two years and $23.5 million owed to Garnett could be problematic.

The bottom line is the Celtics can take a day to celebrate an emotional win in honor of their fallen star. But whenever Rondo does return, it has to be as the centerpiece to a new era in Boston.

Sometimes the decisions are made for you.


  1. Celtics will be ok, they’ll still do really good w/o Rondo & even better when he comes back.

  2. BlakiSaturn says:

    Iverson wants to be back in the nba. he could be the point for the C’s LET’S GO OLDIES!

  3. UK Laker says:

    gotta feel it for Rondo, i was looking forward as i do to seeing him in the playoffs. as much as i do hate the celtics i gotta respect them, Rondo and PP should remain green. as for KG he’s gotta be traded for josh smith.

  4. DONTtradeGREEN says:

    Trade rondo for cousins and tyreke evans!

  5. LUGA KA says:

    @mark ivan… The answer is NO… sure they beat MIAMI by 2 points… But I guess that’s the best game of celtics so far…. I must give credit where credit is due…. They play better than the HEAT… all true but do you expect the HEAT won’t step up their game when playoffs on the line??? The HEAT didn’t connect their 3’s either… come playoff time and 3’s will rain again… As of now the HEAT not playing 100% to early for the season to give it all… (avoid injuries) and they are still afloat #1 in the EAST… But again I feel bad for rondo… He shouldn’t have that kind of Injury… Hey Celtics…. Don’t worry You’re still better than the lakers… Cetics w/o Rondo is far better than lakers with Howard,Gasol,Metta Nash and Kobe….. Cetics 8th spot while lakers sitting in 10th place… And then kobe will return to his true nature,,, Ball Hog Mode……

    Let’s Go HEAT!!!!!

  6. Connor Pennalligen says:

    The celtics didn’t sign Michael Pietrus back ? of course they are doing worse

  7. Henri says:

    Looks like a job for AI!!!!

  8. mark ivan says:

    they did beat the heat with out rondo despite a several losing streak with rondo,,do u noticed some thing? seems like those guys wanna give evrything they’ve got to win a game,,.they can win with out rondo against the champ so it must be easier to win against other teams but they need to play hard in any circumstances….i feel bad for u rajon but it’s life u know! no excuses! i wish our team good luck! go celtics go!

  9. RondoFan says:

    No!!! An ACL tear? There is a long road to recovery for Rondo. Hope he recovers.

  10. Taiwanese says:

    Find Iverson!!

  11. RB3 says:

    As a SPURS fan, i would love to see KG and Tim Duncan as teamates. KG could fill in for Duncan when he retires, after all this is TD’s last contract. Though both of them seem to have a rivalry with each other and i would hate to see which Spurs players they would trade to acquire KG. I dont think the spurs will try to acquire him because they are doing very well at this point, but the addition of him would help their championship run. GO SPURS GO

    • dattebayo says:

      Tim Duncan and KG both signed a 3 year deal, roughly the same amount of money. After those 3 years, both are done in 2015. I don’t think the Spurs would give up Leonard and the Celtics probably wouldn’t want anybody else for KG…

  12. RondoNiac says:

    I hate pierce , but pierce is the heart of the celtics , they wont trade him , if they do , danny ainge will probably get shot /

  13. Clippersfan4471 says:

    As Clippers fan, I’d hate to see our team “tangled” with….but it’s pretty obvious that we will have to trade away Bledsoe before the start of next year. Could a trade to the Celtics work??? C’s get Bledsoe, Caron Butler and Trey Thompkins and we get Pierce and a future draft pick??? Gives the Celtics a point guard capable of running an offence and also gives the Clippers a starting 3 man who can produce a bit more than what’s currently happening??? Gives Bled a chance to run his own team and incrrease his value and give Pierce a chance at a title in LA. Just a thought??

  14. Rondo is a punk kid and Pierce is his teacher = Trades for the C’s… Lets make it happen Boston, Shake and Bake yo Roaster ASAP!

  15. NY FAN says:

    I’m a huge Knicks fan but i fell the celtics should try to trade for shumpert. Rondo will come back from this

  16. Melo says:

    carmelo anthony- best player in the NBA hands down

  17. Joe says:

    Seems like the C’s play pretty well when Rondo is out. Time to get a point guard who can actually hit 3s and make the defense respect him out on the perimeter instead of crowding the paint whenever hes on the court. Plus Rondo has the most value on the trade market even if he is injured out of the Boston roster.

  18. Joseph_03 says:

    It’s an ACL tear, so the Celtics should ponder on the likely possibility that even if Rondo comes back, he’ll lose some of his physical skills. Then they should start rebuilding, KG is the lone player with some sort of trade value right now. Pierce is going to be a Celtic for life, to trade him for a bunch of role players who could be available in the off season is pointless.

    Some contenders that need to get over the hump can use a KG who will stabilize their defense. Further his contract is not really that impossible to move. Nonetheless, its time to rebuild, KG maybe the heart and Pierce the soul of the Celtics but they don’t have their engine that runs the whole thing. Next year will be another year and father time will add some more on those aging veterans.

  19. TREYTREY says:

    man this is sad especially since we might have to move paul to get back in contention but you never no these guys with they old vet swag and smashmouth style of play could make a run even without rondo.

  20. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Talking about trading THE TRUTH???? NO, I HOPE IT WON’T HAPPEN!!!!!!! HE IS A CELTIC FOR LIFE.!!! It would be like trading Kobe out of the Lakers.

    Never happening.

  21. Patrick says:

    Celts should trade Rondo and anyone else other than Pierce/Garnett. Go for another ‘ship. No one takes them as serious contenders but with the right vets around them and some rolls going their way, Pierce and Garnett have enough heart to make a lengthy playoff run again.

  22. Shawn says:

    Dude rondo is the best pint gaurd tell me when Derrick rose cp3 or westbrook get a ring or have more triple doubles then bill russel have rings !!!

  23. DA says:

    Spurs franchise, listen well! This is your shot to get Garnett and pair him up with Duncan. Perfect fit for Garnett and will bring the team above OKC!

  24. Chester says:

    in my opinion a good trade for boston and another team is paul pierce for kyle lowry and andrea bargnani. lowry is not liked in toronto by the organisation and his teamates and bargnani would be a good weapon off the bench for boston. for toronto pierce would be a good leader to add some stability with all the younger players. toronto has been playing well of late with bargnani injured and ed davis and amir johnson promoted to starting duties. a lineup of calderon, derozan, pierce, davis and amir johnson is good and they have landry fields, ross, john lucas, and jonas volicianous when he comes back from injury. for the celtics lowry, bradley, green, sullinger, garnett starting with bargnani, courtney lee, barbosa etc off the bench isnt bad at all

  25. Chester says:

    theyll be running out of wheelchairs in boston

  26. EC says:

    I think it´s time for the NBA to rethink the schedule….. Rose, Rubio, Williams, Rondo, Rondo, Love, DH 12, CP 3, Budinger, Pekovic, and and and….. yes, bad luck, but is competition fairer now?

    Regarding the C´s, I know it would be hard but it´s time for a change now. I don´t know if it´s possible for the C´s to reduce the salary in KG´s/Pierce´s existing contracts, but if they were able to it would leave them with many options on the 2013 FA market. According to the ESPN list we´ll have the following (good to top) players as UFA (some with a player option):
    Blatche, J. Smith, B. Gordon, O.J. Mayo, Maxiell, D. West, CP 3, DH 12, T. Allen, M. Ellis, A. Kirilenko, J.R. Smith, K. Martin, N. Young, J.J. Hickson, Ginobili, Splitter, Calderon, Millsap, Jefferson, Williams, …

    If they solve some of the salary issues I can see the C´s making a good run on the FA market: the C´s offer a good nucleus, veterans, a good coach and the attitude and heritage of a champion. So why not.

    As for KG I could see a good match with the Mavs. They could trade Kaman, Wright, Roddy, Jones, Jones giving the C´s depth and salary cap related options. The Mavs would do fine with any of the combinations of Dirk/KG, Brand/KG, Dirk/Brand….

    I do however believe that the C´s will try to make a run without Rondo…

  27. irf says:

    time for irving to take no1 in all star game and probably the best pg in league righ now with cp3 and most deff no1 pg in 2 years.. 😀

  28. royy says:

    omg sad
    my favorite point guard!!!

  29. Even if the celtics hold on to the 8th seed they will end up playing my heat….sorry celtics that your team is in jeopardy. HEAT Come out of the east and Lebron shines in the finals again!

  30. Celts says:

    damn rondo damn! i’ve been a fan of him since his first year in Boston. Isn’t this just crazy for all the NBA fans. We have lost rose and now rondo. It just doesn’t feel right to see all these star players going down one by one telling us as if another will fall.

    PP and KG should play with Boston for the rest of their career. Pierce has become Celtic’s icon for years, and for his age he is still doing a good job bringing the team up. so why not a few more years? Come on Danny Ainge…

  31. Guzp says:

    MAYBE, DOC should step up.

  32. JummyJazz says:

    As a Celtics fan I’d rather finish last than trade Pierce!

  33. zpeg_23 says:

    paghilom mo oi! kiat lang dagway ninyo tanan..hulata ug mahuman na ilang season usa mo mgcgeg yaw2..loslos ninyo tanan!

  34. NZGSWFAN says:

    I think Celtics should pick up Cedric Jackson from the NZ breakers as pg for rest of the season,

  35. Boxhead413 says:

    Ok, there seems to be a little confusion about this type of injury. I’m from Australia, and torn ACL’s are a relatively common injury in our major football code, AFL. I’ve also personally suffered from an ACL tear and let me say…..This is a SERIOUS injury. I recall last season that people said Derrick Rose would be good for the Bulls season opener, as we all know he’s still not back. This is a particularly bad injury for someone who is so quick and relies on lateral movement to play there game. Don’t get me wrong, I love this guy and hope he recovers 100% but it seems unlikely. At 26-27 years of age a torn ACL can really alter an athletes ability to move freely at full pace.
    Time to rebuild C’s.

  36. By the way, anyone happen to notice JEFF GREEN POSTERIZING lebron & bosh @ ONCE-a 2 for 1-NUFF SAID!!!

  37. Jesus Buenaventura says:

    bring ALLEN IVERSON make a run in the playoffs.


  39. @ karma-i’m not sure what your karma strike back is trying to say about Rondo, it’s not like he’s done anything dirty like a lot of others have done to deserve it. But true fans & players of the game don’t wish that on any opposing team player. Like i would’t wish that on any Celtics rivals (& i can’t stand them)-heat, lakers, ny-so there’s no excuses when ur team lose. But that’s ok because Celts going to do mad damage come playoffs-UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Marco Polo says:

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! even although i’m heat fan but i’m soooooo sad. Rondo is really great player. i love to watch him plays

  41. Arcadio DC. BNeitez, Jr. says:

    prix is a bitter knicks fan. lol

  42. mavs fan says:

    The celtics need to trade pierce and garnett, you can’t keep guys forever especially when it comes to old guys. i know dallas is always gonna keep dirk, but seriously, pierce can rarely get to the hoop like lbj, durant or melo pierce can do jump shots. as a sf he needs to play like 2008 not now, trade him!!!!!!! maybe trade him for iggy since iggy isn’t doin good so far

  43. JackY says:

    Perhaps get AI

  44. John says:

    Sorry on Rondo tragedy..its make the Heat easy on more challenge in Eastern conference..better luck next season Cs fans..start building ur team and move on move on again..

  45. Where is the Jeff Green pick and Roll... says:

    I saw during preseason? The Celtics have a good roster. They just need to play Hard Nosed. I’ve

    watched those players at their best, and tonight’s win was probably HALF of what the Celtics can really do.

    When Jason Terry, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, and Barbosa decide to show up , the Celtics can be pretty good.


    put the ball in his hands….I’m tired of watching him shoot 3-pointers

  46. Celtics Fan says:

    I would just wait closer to the trade deadline. The Celtics play better team ball with Rondo on the bench, also Courtney and Avery’s on ball defense is better than Rondo. What I’m concerned about is when Kevin and Paul don’t have their shot where will the points come. Rondo is the one that can score in the paint while Kevin and Paul are jump shooters. Noone else can really get to the hoop consistently. Courtney has shown glimpses of Orlando Magic form, I’m hoping he can sustain through more than a couple of games at a time.

  47. Dlemma says:

    I’m not big into the Celtics, but I still see them as a playoff team no question. They’ve always had the pieces this year, and Avery Bradley coming back is a pretty solid replacement. I don’t see the Celts making a blockbuster trade (KG and Pierce traded!? NO WAY) but I could see them moving one of their young fellas along with Terry or Wilcox. Eric Bledsoe would be the perfect guy for them to target

  48. Stefan says:

    Wouldn’t it be the best option to trade for a solid point guard to fill in the gap, at least until the end of the season?The rebuilding process can start afterwards.After all, the Celts do deserve one more shot, don’t they?

  49. Sighhh says:

    I am a knicks fan, seeing rondo getting injured is sad. The C’s should just trade Rondo to the knicks….. hehehe

  50. tamanjiri says:

    trade KG? have you not been watching the games lately? KG is starting to revitalize just like last season.. don’t worry ’cause the Celtics will cause an uproar in the upcoming 2013 NBA Playoffs.. as long as we have KG and Pierce, banner 18 is stil within reach..

    one more thing, it’s better if we end in the 8th seed so we could knock the heat in the first round..

    “Anything is possible..”
    Kevin Garnett (2008 NBA Champion)

  51. RJ says:

    we should b okay we need a point guard or better yet the 2008 championship team maybe we should be good til rondo get back we need 2 get betta players doc rivers u should think about makin some good trades

  52. TiTAn says:

    A pity as Rondo was gonna be an ALL STAR, well looks like its time to rebuild for the Celtics. Unlike the Lakers who are pushing the limit on Kobes final 2 years. The Celtics gonna tear the team apart now, Garnett at 36 and Pierce at 35 have contracts that will hold Boston hostage unless they dump them. I’d rather they go into the lottery and rebuld now and give Rondo talent he can work with when he returns.

  53. Steffen says:

    Green for Poul George? you kidding me? How about Green for Lebron James?

  54. Steffen says:

    People keep saying “Pierce should be a Celtic for life” and ” he isnt going to be traded” – It’s all about the money in the NBA now a days. Don’t think for a second that any decision are effected by sentimentality.

    When the Celtics brought in Garnett and Allen, they got a good team but also committed to a real re-build, since they were getting old players on their last contracts. If the Celtics do anything I hope they trade Pierce, Garnett and Rondo for picks and start their rebuild clean. C’s arent going to attract anyone that could change the destiny of the current team.

  55. Shendog says:

    Are the Celtics going to bomb this team at the deadline or what? If Celtics do decide to trade Pierce or KG I think that Pierce is going to end up in Indiana because I think the team needs a veteran to help them be a major contender in the east, Atlanta so Boston can get Josh Smith, or Utah to get Heyward. As for KG I think Portland so they can get into the playoffs with some veteran experience and they can always use another big man or Atlanta for the same reason as Pierce.

  56. Skolimowski says:

    People keep calling the Celtics old, but I see a great young nucleus in Rondo, Bradley, Green and Sullinger. Granted, this might be a transition year, but because of other reasons other than age: they need to build chemistry, they need to recover from bad injuries and Doc has to decide whether Green is a PF or a SF. When Garnett and Pierce leave, it is possible they will take over. The main issue though is this: they need a center.

  57. dylan says:

    Sad to hear that Rando end the session like this. But I think Celtics will not trade KG and Pierce, no meaning…..Both of them cannot trade somebody that young and valuable. If I am the boss, finish this year with the current roster. KG might retire next year…or trade him on that time for some money or some young guy. Waiting Pierce to retire or trade him (if they willing to do so…) Get some draft and use the remaining money left by KG and Pierce to sign/trade some new force…..Or trade KG,Pierce & Rando…Start rebuild…And all the best Celtics.

  58. julius says:

    i think that pierce is going to have a monster second half and kg will help him out with 18pt 8reb.jeff green will help to with the scoring. Bradley & lee will play good D. terry will be the terry from Mavs. sully will help this team with reb. Barbosa will give u 12 and 4. i see this team going to the ecf or the finals

  59. Henrik Jensen says:

    celtics fan here, all the way, i say, sleep on it, see how the next 5 games goes, if they can win 3-4, they are good, if not they might have to look for the future, but i just hope they will keep garnett and pierce in that future, they have 4 shooting guards and 5 power forwards, whats up with that, better to trade for a Center and a Point guard..

  60. JG says:

    Dont matter if C’s dont make to the playoffs Rondo is on of the best Point guards of all time. The team is getting old everyone knows it so lets not concentrate on that fact. Fact is we long one of the most exciting point guards for the rest of the season and the beginning of next!!!! Get well soon Rondo we know you’ll be back with a vengeance!!! lol

  61. aaaaaa says:

    None of the Big 3 are getting traded… I’d expect anyone except them, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, and maybe Courtney Lee to possibly leave

  62. Celtic_for_Life says:

    Paul Pierce has always been and will always be a Celtic. Trading Pierce is like the Lakers trading Kobe. KG not only has a no-trade clause, but he has loyalty for the Celtic fans, and the team itself. He will never agree to being traded to another team. Either way, both guys are still good despite their age. Paul Pierce is still healthy, and KG is the defensive anchor while scoring in double digits even though his playing time is limited. What they need is for some other team member to step up their game or else be traded for either a good center or guard. KG and Pierce are the Boston Boys who should never be traded. They are two of the three faces of the Boston Celtics. I wish Rondo a speedy recovery and if we don’t do well the rest of the season, we will excel next season. Pierce and KG will still be there and with Rondo back, we will have the BIG THREE again.

  63. dattebayo says:

    Without Rondo, there is no banner 18 coming up this year. That’s really sad, but unfortunately true. The Celtics beat Miami, but Miami shot less freethrows than the Cs and they shot 21.7% from behind the arc. In a 7 game series, I don’t see that happening 4 times and for sure not in Miami (they didn’t even call LeBrons blatant travel at the beginning of the game).
    As a basketball fan, I am incredibly saddened by the Celtics loss. Rondo is a great player and I was really looking forward to seeing the Celtics rally in the postseason. Those Heat-Celtics series are fun to watch, no matter who wins it. Hopefully we will at least see a Bulls-Heat series, I just love to see great defensive teams play one another.
    Get well soon Rondo!

  64. CanadaPride says:

    Man I feel for Rondo,
    I was never a huge fan of his game but you gotta respect his competitiveness. Hope he gets back sooner than later

  65. anthony says:


    • SCC says:

      You really think the Pacers are trading Paul George just like that? And for back-up players like Jeff Green, Courtney Lee and Jason Terry? He’s their new franchise player, their cornerstone. He’s young and talented. There is no way the Pacers are trading him.

      • steagle says:

        Anyone can be traded depending on the deal. Pacers also have David West, Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger, all relatively young and dynamic players. Once Granger comes back, George’s numbers and minutes are going to go down and you never know, he might be shopped around for a mega deal.

  66. Let's Go says:

    I think you are wrong Fran. Bradley, Terry, Barbosa and Lee will all step up in his absence – and with fewer turnovers.

  67. Tim D says:

    There’s no way Ainge makes a drastic move. Doc said himself that someone in the locker room they have is going to have to step up. It’ll be interesting to see how they change the gameplan without Rondo but I still think the Celtics will make the playoffs and possibly advance a round or two. They have solid guards off the bench that can play defense and keep the Celtics in games. However, they are at a disadvantage in not having a good ball handler coming in for Rondo. They had Lee play for him tonight and he did perfectly fine handling the ball, however, it is unlikely that he will consistently be able to make plays for his team mates and take care of the ball as well as he did today.

  68. heat lover says:

    never liked him but ;(

  69. AussieCeltic says:

    Celtics should try and get Allen Iverson. He doesn’t add much youth, but he will add speed, one thing the Celtics need.

  70. croneberg says:


  71. 4dawyn says:

    Ban news for the Celtics.. Good news for Steph Curry!!!!

  72. Burn says:

    Rondo out for the season…..
    definitely can expect something to happen roster-wise, especially about KG next up if they miss the playoffs.

    A bit off-track, but….who’s going to replace Rondo in the All-Star ?

  73. The Truth says:

    Where do people come up with these crazy trades? Kawhi Leonard for Pierce? Yes because the Spurs want a 35 year old forward who is slow and can’t jump. Leonard is faster, longer, and a better defender.

  74. As long as Pierce as still around and K.G. plays motivated and the Celtics get a big contribution from Jason Terry and Avery Bradley then…….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!

  75. there still is depth says:

    there still is depth there, they just need to apply it…. Ainge should actually do something for once and NOT TRADE anyone. they can still work around this if they want to put their minds to it…. if they do trade they will get rid of jason terry, barbosa maybe wilcox and a slight waste of talent in fab melo. they will keep green he’s too versatile

  76. Luke says:

    As a Bulls fan, I know how you C’s fans feel. I didn’t like Rondo at all (and Rose is still way better) but I hate to see anyone go down like that. They’ll still make the playoffs, but they won’t go far (sorry).

  77. Kamote says:

    Boston can still survive as a unit. Terry, Bradley and Barbosa can step-up. Getting deep into the playoffs is another thing. Boston remains solid. Hopefully the new ones will be better next year. Sad news for Celtic fans, but Boston will remain competitive for years to come.

  78. Newmz says:

    There is no way Paul Pierce will ever get traded… he’d retire sooner. He was, is, and will be, a Celtic. Just like how Kobe won’t ever leave LA. KG’s no-trade clause will keep him around, too. I can see our bench being shifted around for the future, but those two guys will retire wearing green. I’m sure of it.

  79. ubuntu says:

    oh common you people..why keep on saying that KG could be traded? he has a no trade clause..meaning he can’t be traded unless he consents! jersey number 5 will be hang on the TD rafters coz’ my man KG will retire as a celtic..ubuntu!

  80. Just saying... says:


  81. Don’t trade Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett! They deserve better and will do anything in their own power to make one last run. If you watched the game today you would know what I mean.

  82. R M says:

    The Celtics clearly already have started the rebuilding process. They literally have 2 players other than Rondo left from the championship core, and one of them has a no-trade clause. The only move they can make is to trade Pierce, and if they do that I’m not sure I’d want to be a Celtics fan anymore.

  83. uainani says:

    Celtics is the kinda team where you cant determine if they will make it to playoffs because it may look like they have no chance but they always bounce back and surprise you.Pierce is staying and he is not going anywhere.

  84. warren says:

    The Celtics will become more of a cohesive team and will still make the playoffs, and thats the TRUTH!

  85. Pierre Hendrick Co says:

    Trade for Kevin Love.

  86. theprophetoftroy says:


    spurs get into win now mode. celtics have a sf with huge upside to pair alongside rondo green and garnett next year.

    • Mark says:

      No thanks. As the great Coach Popovich said before the season, Leonard is a “Spur for life.”

    • QuestionMark says:

      Yeah trade a young player on a team filled with veterans like the Celtics for another veteran. Makes perfect sense right? Kawhi Leonard has the skills to be a good defender, and he fits well with Manu, Duncan and Parker, he doesn’t need the ball often, he can shoot the 3. Pierce needs the ball in his hands for him too score. Plus do you really think an old Paul Pierce can guard Kevin Durant? Leonard can play much better defense on KD than Pierce can.

  87. uainani says:

    Honestly the Celtics haven’t been doing so great this season but i have faith they can do this without Rondo. Even though Rondo led the team i think Bradley,Lee,Pierce, Terry,and KG can do this they just have to play harder without him.They did good in other games without Rondo and i think they have a chance and they dont need to trade Pierce.I stay true to my team no matter what all they need is motivation from fans to push them not haters to look down on them nuff said.Go to work Boston cause i got your back no matter what.

  88. Emma says:

    This breaks my heart that people would start saying this! think about rondo and how he must be feeling. He can’t play and for people to be worrying about trading him and his team mates to start boston fresh probably breaks his heart as well! Pierce must retire as a celtic he’ll be a celtic for the rest of his basketball career and I know that Doc wouldn’t let Danny ainge trade him. Garnett is the heart and soul of this team. His emotion he has for the game will also remain in boston for the rest of his career. They prove themselves in and out every night. If anything, trade Terry he hasn’t been doing all that much for us this season. Also, for people to be counting us out of the playoffs because of the news about rondo is totally wrong. We just proved that we can even beat last years world champs without rondo! don’t count boston out yet! I believe in boston and as Paul Pierce once said, ” The game’s not over until the clock says zero!”

  89. Mike says:

    Grow up lj. It’s his job. His opinion matters enough to get paid for it.

  90. Matthew - Boston's fan! says:

    Feel so bad for rondo, his form was amazing, about to start his first all star game and now the injury strikes,
    I hope he can keep up his tremendous level of play next season.
    If Dany Ainge is even considering trading rondo he is an absolute idiot, Rondo’s value to our team is second to none and to trade him would be a really , really bad mistake. Let Pierce play out his contract, trading him would lead to no gain to us and to spoil the honour of being a one club player would be extremely distasteful to both Paul Pierce and the Boston Franchise. Let KG do what he thinks is best for him, If pierce retires after his contract expires i believe that KG would to, They are both tremendous players that have been through so much and i think it would be fitting if they both left together as celtics.
    I hope Rajon Rondo can come back from this injury and my thoughts are with him as he goes down the long road for recovery

  91. Mike says:

    Did he really say “golden run”? What “golden run”? One Championship is not a golden run.

  92. Fredwins says:

    No they should not rebuild, or “blow it up”, or trade anyone away…The Celtics should ride this thing until the wheels fall off..They should just use the remainder of this season and the payoffs to get Green, Sully, CLee, and Terry, playing well and gaining confidence and chemistry with each other on the court..Lets not forget about Fab Melo either, If you see what hes been doing in the D-League, he shows alot of promise for the celtics and their future. And yea I said it, they will make the playoffs..The Celtics still have a very good team, and Rondo is my favorite player, but at times they play even better without rondo in the line up, because he’s been holding the ball too long running out the shot clock while trying to get them into their half court offense. None the less this celtics group is still very talented in my eyes and by next year they will be a title contender again, that is if they aren’t already…I’m not ready to give up on my C’s..Everyone wants to break em up, but I dont wanna hear any of that.

  93. cristian santana says:

    without rondo celtics have no chance 😦

  94. Woody says:

    no,paul pierce the truth had stayed in boston celtics for 13 years,why trading him to another team?

    the contribution of jason terry is low,trading him to get rudy gay!!!

  95. I have never heard of such foolishness in my life! The Celtics won’t make the playoffs!!!???? Are you kidding me? Making the playoffs won’t be a problem at all, it’s the fact that they will probably be beaten badly when they get there that scares me. 8 teams out of 15 make the playoffs and the Celtics are still a good team. They will handle the bad teams and as proven today, they can still compete with the elite. Boston basically has no chance of winning it all, but not making the playoffs? What are you all smoking?

  96. big bang theory says:

    Aw boy rondo, man whyyyy. Why does it gotta beeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu whose injured. the playoffs will be so boring without you tbh at least he keeps things interesting, with fights, plays, or triple doubles. First derick and now rondo, the only two exciting point guards to watch in the playoffs, no offense to the other point guards. No more behind the back fake-lay-ups -sigh- sad day. Just made things easier for the heat…

  97. OKC ALL THE WAY says:

    that is such horrible news
    It was a shock the same as DRose

  98. roxanne leavell says:

    they should keep pierce and just get a temporary replacement for rondo

  99. lj says:

    My question is who is Fran Blinebury to say what the celtics are going to do next he’s not the coach, the GM, a player or even a trainer for the team. All he can do is speculate like the rest of us so he needs to just shut up and just wait to see what happens because he just looking for something to write about. It seems like he just copying what Magic Johnson said about the team after the game.

  100. Heat Fan All Day says:

    Don’t really like him or the Celtics, but I hope he has a very speedy and successful recovery. I feel the same way that I did when D.Rose went down. It’s never nice to see someone injured, even on an opponent like the Celtics who always challenge us. Best wishes to Rondo and the Celts, I hope whatever decisions are made work out for the best.

  101. Jenova says:

    HAPPY for the WIN… i knew the celts will win… “I HAVE FAITH IN THIS TEAM” and so does Paul Pierce!!! he keeps telling them that. KG is always determined to have that last title shot… and you dumb people want them to be traded??? who else will step up for this team?? only the TRUTH… even Rondo have faith for the old captain. end of story

  102. sj says:

    I don’t know how the wages will work out, but this is the right time to move for a center that Boston has been lacking. Hopefully in exchange for Wilcox and Lee/Barbosa. If the Cs finish 8th in the East, they should have a good draft pick next season too so they could aim for a center the

  103. Willy says:

    No one really gave Rondo the respect he has deserved over the years. When all the talk was about the Big 3 years back, Rondo was the 4th key man in the whole picture making it happen. Now with Allen gone and the only two years on the so called old guys he was the entire team. Now he is gone they fall apart? The Big 1 should look else where as well.

  104. boston fan says:

    someone must step up… Bradley Barbosa and Dooling

  105. jeotb1 says:


  106. Jethro Bartolata says:

    Aw this is he’s first time to be a allstar starter i hope he can recover immediately

  107. faran says:

    trade away kg? that is their whole team r u dumb wat the hell is sullinger and green gonna do. use some sense man

  108. dodong says:

    I think boston cant make it to the playoffs without rondo…

  109. Thomas Babilonia says:


  110. I may not be a Celtics fan but this was definitely depressing and overwhelming. Without injuries, these guys could have won more than one ring; however, for what it’s worth, that one ring solidifies how special the 2008-2010 Celtics team. I hope for the best for the Celtics.

  111. bASKETBALL guru says:


  112. karma says:

    hey rondo, it’s me, karma. it’s my time to strike back

  113. SCC says:

    It’s over. No playoffs for Celtics this season. Without Rondo they can’t compete against the Nets, Bulls (specially when Rose returns), Hawks, Pacers or Bucks. And once the Sixers have Bynum back, they’ll improve and become better than Boston. However, they shouldn’t trade Garnett or Pierce. This season is already lost no matter what they do. Garnett and Pierce are old, but still good. So the key for Boston is to pick a good center in the draft or sign one via free agency (Howard’s a free agent this summer) to upgrade their roster and wait until the next season.

    I wanted to watch the Knicks battling the Celtics in the playoffs and perhabs getting a little payback for what Boston did to NY the last two seasons in the first round of the playoffs. Maybe next year…

    • DJ3 says:

      You really think the Celtics would be able to sign Dwight? Does ANYBODY know about the Salary Cap?

      • SCC says:

        Of course I know about the salary cap. However, Howard can sign for less money, you know that? Right? Remember that LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh didn’t signed maximum contracts so they could build a solid team and win a championship. Not everything is about money. But if Howard wants a maximum contract, the Celtics can’t sign him, so they’ll have to look for other options.

        I don´t know if there are any good centers that’ll become free agents next summer. But if the Celtics are willing to trade players (except for Garnett, Pierce and Rondo) and/or offer some first round draft picks, they could get some young talented centers like DeMarcus Cousins or Greg Monroe.

      • RR9 says:

        If only Boston could go over the cap to sign Josh Smith and Dwight…. with a lost season, not a bad idea to dream

        Rondo, Smoove, D12…. that’s monster…. but it’d be funny watching them practice their free throws together XD

    • Pete says:

      Dwight won’t sign for less..

      Have you need learned anything about Dwight Howard’s selfishness over the last two seasons???

      • SCC says:

        OK. I know Howard is inmature, but if he doesn’t grow up, then he’s never winning a championship. It’s a fact he was unable to do it by his own, just like LeBron.

  114. El Undelador says:

    The 8 seed in the east could have a very bad record now, with the Cs most likely falling.

  115. Anonymous says:

    NOOO! Bad day for Celtics!

  116. AllthebesttoRondo says:

    It’s more likely for Pierce to be traded off than KG IMO. He has made some doubtful decisions resulting in TOs in very crucial moments (OTs ect.) these last couple of games and shooting-wise he has not produced at a consistent level. KG as we saw this night is on the other hand still one of the best defenders in the league: Him and Green really did well. In any case I would really hate to see Pierce go. It’s a tough call.

  117. Rondo best wishes for healing, Celtics-keep it going, Both-UBUNTU!!!

  118. heroes del silencio says:

    “Rondo’s End Starts Future in Boston”. what? really? what is this guy, flanbury trying to do by fragmenting words on the title? They really, really! need editorial work. They seriously do need one or fire! this guy.

  119. First of all big ups on today’s Rondo-less win. Very impressive but i’m not surprised My Celts did win-it’s what i expect from Celtics no-matter what! Terrible blow to lose Rondo though, after all he is the engine that runs Celts. Pretty much had me welling up! Rondo is very plyable though so i expect him to make a great recovery. All that he does may not be replaced by one player, HOWEVER; neva eva count out a Doc Rivers coached team, it just means that it’s time for the whole team to antyup & kick in 100% effort-EFFORT is what will get Celts through anything, it always has before. Effort is the one thing from the past that always works past, present, & future-that doesn’t get old! Everybody that keeps saying blow up the team, i don’t know, i disagree w/ that. Celts have shown glimpses of what this group can do, just obviously need a lot more consistency & add to roster w/ another big or 2 & now a pg. When Celts play like they did today against heat (which is a staple of how they have for 5yrs now), nobody can mess w/ them. That may be just one game but that’s how Celts play normally! Again anyone counting Celts out yet again, NEVA EVA COUNT OUT A DOC RIVERS COACHED TEAM! I still Celtics going far in the playoffs & trust & believe i’m not disillusioned-mark my words-watch come playoffs! GO CELTS!!!

  120. Richard says:

    as a part time Celtics fan I would love to Celtics to blow up the roster, chance boston wont make the playoffs so trade KG and paul and for next seson build around the young players they have now like rondo, jeff green ,
    Jared Sullinger and
    Avery Bradley

  121. shal says:


  122. Going 4 da gold says:

    So what I hear is there a new spot in all star game.. Jr smith should go in

  123. LazyBalls says:

    Stick a fork in it. Celtics…are…DONE!

  124. Celtics200 says:

    Let’s just hope the Celt’s can hang on to the eighth spot without Rondo.

  125. Kaneman says:

    The C’s need a scorer, so I’m putting two names out there: Gilbert Arenas and Allen Iverson.

    • Rocket33 says:

      As a fan of both players I’d love to see them play in the NBA again. But there is no room in Boston’s backcourt though. Terry and Barbosa are meant to be the scoring options so one or both of them would need to go. Bradley and Lee deserve a chance at starting together to try and build something for the future. Arenas seemed to handle a lesser role with Orlando so he might fit in as a scorer off the bench. I love Iverson but I don’t think he helps outside of jersey sales. He needs to start and that takes away from what they need to do with Bradley and Lee.

    • Pete says:

      OH GOD NO!

  126. steagle says:

    Were the Lakers considering trading Kobe when Steve Nash got injured, or any other time previously when they had a major injury or PG issue? No. And there is no way the C’s are going to get rid of The Truth, a Celtic Lifer, just because they lost Rondo. Now Pierce is back in his original role as the leader of this team, something he has tons of experience with. Trading him and bringing in new blood will mean a total loss of leadership on the court. KG might be the heart and soul, but he is not the strategic leader that Pierce is.

    KG is not getting traded either. No trade clause, and he has made it known he would rather retire than be traded. The front office knows that very well.

    Everyone else is fair game, though. I think the C’s will keep Bradley and Sullinger for sure, but Green, Terry, Lee, Barbosa, Wilcox, etc etc could all be pieces of a dynamic trade. Personally, I think we saw a very capable starting lineup tonight with Lee, Bradley, Pierce, KG and Sullinger. With enough on court experience together, that could be a playoff starting five right there.

    Boston, it would be incredibly foolish to trade one of the only remaining 10+ year lifers in the league (the other big one being Kobe), and you know KG will retire before he goes to any other city. Start thinking about getting a dominant center and let the other pieces you have mature.

    • brad says:

      Well said. Completely agreed on your points, steagle.

      Now is the time for this team to come together. There’s nothing worth gaining for the Celtics in trading the vets or the new players. This team was built to be versatile and complimentary to ease the transition of the KG/Pierce era to the Rondo/youth era. Without Rondo, their hands will be forced, but the mission remains the same in finding a balance in this team that consistently wins games and allows the vets to continue playing to their strengths in reduced roles.

  127. AAVT says:

    I don’t like Rondo at all, in fact I can’t stand him. However, tearing an ACL is just tragic. He has kept the Celtics interesting and he is talented. I wish him all the best and hope he gets better soon, the NBA needs people like him

  128. Nick says:

    Well, look at all the opinions and projections here. The Celtics are by no means done for this season, as proven by their victory over Miami today. Pierce still has a year or two in him, and I’m pretty sure he’ll retire if he gets traded. Both he and KG deserve to retire as Celtics, and if Ainge thinks we as fans are going to take a Pierce trade lightly, he’s dead wrong. Honestly, if I were GM, I’d let the season play out. As of right now, the Celtics need time to connect. Come the Playoffs, it can be decided whether it’s time to make some trades. Either way, there’s clearly an end in sight, but I don’t think it’s this year.

  129. celts says:

    I am pissed off. The celtics should trade some people for demarcus cousins

  130. Paul Pierce says:

    i’ll loan em one of ma wheelchairs

  131. W/E says:

    So the celtics are done for good this year.

  132. Megan says:

    ‘m Mad @ the celtics for winning to the heat but I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo sad tht Rondo got hurt 😦

  133. George says:

    Bad news for the Celtics. They where struggling with him on the court. Without him, I doubt they even make the playoffs. As stated in the article, it’s time for the Celtics to blow the team up and start all over. They have some great pieces to rebuild like Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley to name a few. The real problem will be moving Garnett. I wouldn’t say “problem” though, because it’s only two years. He can remain with the team and help the rebuild process by teaching the “kids”. Don’t know if moving Pierce is a must either, unless he wants to be moved. The Grizzlies would be a good landing spot for him. He can play the 2 spot or come of the bench and would make that team contenders instantly.

  134. Bulls2012 says:

    Wow. I’m sorry to hear about Rondo’s ACL injury. Even though I am a Bulls fan and not a big fan of Rondo, but i still can feel the pain of losing your best player to an ACL..In my opinion Rondo is a type of player which will bounce back with ease from this injury. Well hopefully someone can step up for Boston and we can get a Boston and Chicago playoff series and be better than the one we had in 2008!

  135. Druiddribbles says:

    Paul Pierce heard the Rondo news FIRST in the post game interview.

  136. Chitowncharles says:

    Hmmm think the bulls would be interested in Garnett? How about a starting line up of Rose (pg), Hamilton (Sg) Deng(3) KG(4) and Noah(5)..we could give them Boozeer and another guard off our bench to balance off salaries..both teams could amesty Boozer and KG after this season..Could give KG another legit shot at the championship (and be sort of a home coming for KG..high school days) and give Chicago another weapon that Miami has to account for..Think this could work!

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Noah and KG on the same team..I think not and why trade Boozer? hes averaging 16 and 10 a game..What other teams have their center and PF averging double doubles? Right now I rather have Boozer..With Jimmy Butler showing he can step up and looks like our future SF when Deng is done..

    • Let's be honest says:

      The Bulls are not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to player transactions, but they’re not THAT stupid. Boozer, for all his issues of late, is still much younger than Garnett, and if we get KG, how much of a window does he really have to play at a productive level? On the other hand, he knows Thibodeau well and would respect his leadership. On the OTHER hand, he also hates Joakim Noah, so I sort of struggle to understand how them playing together would do anything chemistry-wise for the bulls, who have actually built some very nice chemistry of late.

    • Pete says:

      If I’m boston there is no way in hell I’d trade KG for Boozer.

      Boozer is soft and plays zero defense. Plus he looks like a cross dresser with those pencilled eyebrows.*shudders*

  137. WhereWinningHappens says:

    I don’t like Rondo at all, but this ACL thing is just tragic… Hoping for a full recovery for him

  138. JimD54 says:

    We may not find another Rondo, but we will find another piece from the current team or somewhere else to fill in, the rest of the warriors will just have to step it up a notch. We let Miami know today that we can give them a series even without Rondo, a trade here, trade there who knows what we will come up with. We have a good squad if the refs had not given Miami 47 free throws in game 2 of last years ECF we would have been in the finals, the trade deadline is not here yet, anything can happen, Come on Danny and Doc and Players, time to go to work…..

  139. Tim says:

    Never want riser qnyone’s season end due to injury.

  140. MSKtoronto says:

    Oh my, tough to be a Celtic right now.

    You have to wonder if the front office has the guts to trade either Pierce or Garnett, I reckon none of the two would want to leave, Garnett is likely gonna end his career after his current contract, Pierce might have another 3-year deal in him. But without getting those contracts off the roster, its hard to really rebuild.

    Maybe they should go for Howard with all their guns except Rondo, Bradley and Green..

  141. NBA fan says:

    Kyrie Irving for Easter Allstar starter PG!

  142. Voice of Reason says:

    Great piece, Fran!

  143. OctoPPus says:

    hope he’ll get better – till the playoffs something may change as well …

  144. brooklyn says:

    feel real bad for rondo & the celtics even tho i support brooklyn … all the best for your recovery rondo

    • nate says:

      he wont be bumping up against any refs for a while… but at least he can wear his headband upside down in the hospital… on a more seriouse note my rockets could take pierce for some of our young guys (besides parsons, patterson and morris)… how about Linsanity and Mr. Whining About His Illness who doesnt show up to training camp that is in TEXAS where he was drafted. You dont have to fly there buddy! Those two for Rondo and Pierce… Okay and well throw in some picks if we have to…

      • DJ3 says:

        His problem isn’t with getting to training camp, he has a problem with flying to the games. And since the Rockets couldn’t do anything that doesn’t make them more money he could not play and what’s the point of going to practice if you’re not going to play?

      • Pete says:

        Why on gods green earth would we trade Pierce and Rondo (two of our three top players) for a mediocre PG (Linn) and a guy who man never play in an NBA game?

        Was that actually even a serious suggestions?

  145. Lav-poland says:

    Pierce is not going anywhere, he is a Celtic for life!

  146. jay says:

    ohhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :(((

  147. Celtic_Guy says:

    I know it’s difficult to say this but moving Pierce and Garnett may be a possibility to move in a new direction. Having said that, it would only be right to trade them to playoff contending teams. Since Pierce is from CA, the Kings or Lakers would be a good fit for him to retire, and trade for Cousins or Gasol.

    • nate says:

      why would kings get rid of cousins for an older player? they arent going anywhere this year so that makes literally no sense… cousins distractions are not worth trading for a soon to be retired player. what will the kings do in this situation… make a push to finish 500 by the end of the season? you should be a general manager

    • Le2e says:

      You say send them to playoff contending teams, but the lakers nor the kings are gonna be in the playoffs this year… cant tell if troll or just not thinking.

  148. Uzi says:

    Couldn’t agree more its time for a new era. But’s its going to bee so hard letting go of PP and KG. They both deserve to retire as celtics. If somehow we can make a deal for Josh Smith or Demarcus Cousins , DA’s gotta pull the plug

  149. bigurge says:

    i feel so bad for boston. i know they didnt play very well this season, but they arent (or should i rather say weren´t) built for the regular eason anyway. They gave the Heat more of a figth than any other team Miami faced in the playoffs and i was pretty sure, even when they finish 6th or 7th in the east, they could make it to the WCF. Unfortunately the era is over now that Rondo has torn his ACL. So its pretty obvious that Danny Ainge will search for young and talented players to trade KG and the truth for. I´m just curious where they will play, will they be on contenders??? especially in the West, there are a couple of teams who could reach the Finals if they get Pierce or KG (especially the Grizzleys, Spurs or Clippers – i did not mention the Thunder on purpose because i think they will reach the finals without KG or Pierce)

    • DJ3 says:

      2 out of the 3 teams you mentioned are already Finals contenders. The grizzlies could trade Gay for The Spit. That would help both sides.

      • kingofaces2895 says:

        Rudy Gay and Pierce cannot coexist… and Garnett has a no trade clause. I’m not sure he would agree to being traded even if it is to a championship contender. Also, what good would having Garnett do them. He could not play much when they have such a stacked front court in Randolph and Gasol. Garnett would best be sent in a package for Zach Randolph, who the Grizzlies would be more then happy to get rid of. Garnett is better offensively, and is a better defender than Randolph. With the right pieces to go along with him, the Grizz would agree to that trade.

      • the cub says:

        RE:Garnett would best be sent in a package for Zach Randolph, who the Grizzlies would be more then happy to get rid of. Garnett is better offensively, and is a better defender than Randolph. With the right pieces to go along with him, the Grizz would agree to that trade.
        – What rubbish! Z-Bo is an All-Star – he is having the best season in years. If ANY trade here is likely – Rudy for Paul Pierce and maybe a 1ST round pick. Similar salaries but for Grizzlies they only gotta pay for one year not two.

      • stofstar says:

        Don’t be silly, the Grizzlies are never trading Randolph, they adore him, he’s doing great.

    • Petr says:

      I have no idea what makes “kingofaces2895” say the Grizzlies would be more than happy to get rid of Z-Bo, he’s at his prime a rebounding machine and a great clutch scorer, plus with Mark G. they dont need anyone else to be their defensive orchestrator.
      Im a GSW fan, but this coment just didnt make sense to me… Get well soon Rondo…

  150. El Undelador says:

    I’m a Blazer fan, so I could care less about the Celtics. But injuries like this are terrible, no matter who they happen to. Hope Rondo comes back soon; the league is truly not the same without him.

    • JK says:

      same im a heat fan and i dont like rondos injury

      • DJ3 says:

        You are not a true Heat fan if you don’t feel at least a little bit of joy about Rondo’s injury. At the end of the day he still gets payed, the Celtics will not win the championship, so nothing really changes for them.

      • lakernc says:

        How long have you been a heat fan, as long as lebron has been there? LOL it is just hard to take heat fans serious, they are a hilarious breed of people.

      • Pete says:

        DJ3, you are the epitome of unsportsmanship.

        As a Celtics fan I cannot stand Dwyne Wade for his arrogance and his dirty antics, but that doesn’t mean I would be HAPPY if he suffered a season ending (and potentially career altering) injury.

        There is no honor in hoping for the Heat to get hurt, and then beating a crippled team. To truly appreciate it you need to beat your opponent at full strength.

    • Fan says:

      I like that Rondo is out
      , but not for this reason

  151. Dilan says:

    I don’t think Boston should trade pierce. Pierce needs to be a Celtic for life. Also if you trade pierce you’ll have to get a really good player to replace him which is not likely also Pierce has had a great season he’s just in shooting slump. His PPG is really good. The funny thing is how all the NBA writer and insiders want to trade Pierce and when the Celtics do they all say how they Celtics shouldn’t have because Pierce had a really good season.

  152. Rondooo says:

    Celtics were done since Jeff Green trade. Danny Ainge should had given another shot at that 2010 Boston team.

  153. Elwinder Singh says:

    Even with Rondo’s injury it’s going to be an extremely difficult decision for Ainge to trade Pierce, after all he is the captain of that team and a worthy stalwart at that, for sentimentality sake I’d want him to end his career in Boston…nevertheless clear heads have to prevail, thus Ainge has to make a move for the good of the franchise, It would be shame if this proud franchise undergoes another spell at the bottom of the league,

    • jeff adams says:

      in my opinion the celtics need to keep paul pierce for the rest of the year and career he was made to be a celtic for life he might be 35 years old but he can play im also gonna miss rondo he was great when the celtics really needed him

  154. theholyspectator says:

    boston like the lakers are gonna go thru the rebuilding times…rondo is the future of the celts…pierce and garnett are done..too old to keep going and keep performing at a high level…its sad to say but boston isnt a threat in the east anymore…oh well sooner or later this stuff happens..hope ainge figures out a plan cuz the deadline is approaching fast

  155. LS says:

    Oh, please. This is nothing but an opinion. Let’s let the season play out and each team’s performance speak for itself. Somehow BOS managed to win against the defending champions without Rondo. There’s nothing to say they can’t make it to the playoffs and finals without him.

    It’s time for a lot of guys on that team to start playing consistent b’ball and stop standing around waiting for someone else to do something. If they don’t, Ainge needs to get rid of them, Rondo or no Rondo.

  156. Joey says:

    Kevin Garnett has a no-trade clause. I love how everyone keeps forgetting that.
    You can’t trade him unless he consents, and of all the contenders the only team that really needs frontcourt depth is Miami. He’ll retire before agreeing to that.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I agree with you about KG retiring before going to the Heat, but I think there are other suitors. San Antonio could use him alongside Duncan. Not sure what they have to offer (that they are willing to give up) that helps Boston besides maybe Kahwi Leonard. The Knicks seem to play better without Stoudemire so maybe if KG and Melo have made up that trade (plus other pieces) could work.

      Still too early to blow it up in my opinion though. If they are still in the playoff race at the deadline I’d give them one more shot with KG and Pierce. Can’t see them going too far without Rondo though. They’ll need players like Bradley, Green, Sullinger and Lee to all step up and play well consistently.

    • I was informed that only kobe and nowitzki have no trade clauses

    • the cub says:

      RE:of all the contenders the only team that really needs frontcourt depth is Miami.
      Pierce will never get traded but….Since this is the month for fanciful trades here’s a three-way trade that might work:
      Grizzlies: Rudy to Miami; Bayless to Boston
      Miami: Chalmers to Memphis; Miller & Anthony to Boston
      Celtics: Pierce to Memphis; Collins to Miami

      Miami boost front court and maybe Rudy can really get going with LeBron and co.
      Memphis get increase in productivity at SF,a better bench PG and legit conference contender and reduce salary pressure for next year
      Boston can get some immediate replacement choices for Rondo, increase in depth and cash left over for free-agent pickup (sorry but without Rondo their season is over this year)

      • Bbaldude says:

        the grizzelers are only good because of there chemistry, they wont trade rudy gay, that is just not happening

  157. chris says:

    get well soon rondo.

    i’m devastated.

  158. Pffft says:

    There is absolutely no chance the Celtics attempt to trade Paul Pierce. The suggestion is just silly, and that is not an overstatement.

    • Champ&U says:

      Agreed. It would be the same move the pistons made trying to get better
      when they traded Billups for Allen I and has been at the bottom of the
      east since but ha what do we know.

  159. Zombie says:

    It seems like every year now that a key player in the East goes down. Last time it was Rose, this time Rondo. Only making it easier for the Heat to get out of East.

  160. CakesBerry says:

    Bad news for the Celtics..they messed up when they traded Tony Allen, Perkins, Big Baby, Nate Robinson + a lot more..they were SO DEEP and didnt make anything of it…as deep as the Clippers are now.

    • Pete says:

      Tony Allen never got traded, he left.

      Perk was traded because there was no other option – he had turned out the biggest deal Boston could offer because he wanted more money, he was not gong to re-sign so we had to trade or lose him for nothing.

      Big Baby was a disaster for us – utterly selfish and inconsistent.

      Nate is the only guy on that list that we actually chose to trade who I’d like to have back right now, though he is a defensive liability.

  161. DONTtradeGREEN says:

    Sad bad news!

  162. This gave me a depression

  163. Kyle says:

    We will bounce back, danny ainge will make a trade, just you wait Celtics haters.

  164. Max says:

    Hoping for a speedy recovery! Hopefully Celtics will rebuild in the right direction in the off season.

  165. wtf says:

    Rubio, Rose, then Rondo

    I see a trend here 😦

    • OMD says:

      Russell Westbrook?

    • whosnext says:

      CP3? hope not

    • dattebayo says:

      Maynor, Shumpert, Howard, Lou Willimas…

      • ACL is the new Achilles says:

        Is there some substance of recent use that weakens the tendons? I can’t exlain it otherwise.

    • dattebayo says:

      In these last 2 seasons, there were too many ACL tears and they almost exclusively happened to guards. If the league and the teams doctors don’t know why it happens, I can’t explain either. It’s just sad to see all these players go down for a year.

      Eric Maynor, Ricy Rubio, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis, Josh Howard, Brandon Rush, Lou Williams and now Rajon Rondo, that’s 9 players in 2 seasons. Wow.

  166. thatguy says:

    This hurts… A lot.
    Thought, I don’t think this is it. If Pierce doesn’t get traded, and KG stays for another season.. We’ve got another run. Green will be much better next season. So will Bradley. So even if KG/Pierce get 25 mins a game, we’ll have lots of other guys who contribute a lot.

  167. Roi says:

    Well this column could have waited a day, could it not? Thanks for the 1-2-punch, Fran

  168. Simon says:

    Wonder what Gilbert Arenas is up to these days??

  169. T.Evens says:

    Paul Pierce and KG’s careers will end in Boston. They are Celtics for life. I do not envy the choice Ainge has do make now but it must be taken. And Rondo should kept. Great win over the Heat! Celtics showed that they cant be ruled out too early!

    • Whozee says:

      KG can’t be a Celtic for life.

    • eugene says:

      I agree. Even I don’t like Paul Pierce, he’s been C’s all of his NBA life. And KG contract is too much for others to swallow, for a player that only good for 30 min/ game.
      IMHO, Doc should look at the way Spurs manage to turnaround their approach of the game, from a defensive minded to an attacking minded. They have veterans like Duncan and Manu (they’re older or the same age as KG and Paul Pierce) and young extraordinary PG (Rondo is much younger than Tony). If Spurs can stay at the top of the west, I can’t see why C’s can’t do the same with core that’s younger.

      • Mario hall says:

        Well because the spurs have a really good bench and in my opinion a better coach. The celtics bench just isn’t as strong. That’s why without rondo it will be hard for them

    • Giddi says:

      Celtic for life? Does “life” in Boston start at 31?

    • uwa says:

      I don’t think ainge has the guts to pull the trigger, plus who are they gonna get? mavs and bobcats are interested in getting better, bobcats can offer, biyombo and ben gordon (at best), mavs can offer anybody but nowitsky however nobody else on that team worth anything..

  170. jj says:

    Garnett has a non trade clouse

    • nate says:

      He should go to Bulls… This way when Rose comes back they have Garnett and Noah in frontcourt to back him up. They could prob convince him to go their for playoff push this year and next, plus could get him for a pick or two… Would be win win if you ask me…

      • Sean says:

        …He has a no-trade clause. He cannot be traded.

      • Zech Hilton says:

        He does have a no trade clause, but he can still be traded. Only if Garnett waives the no trade clause though, so it would have to be in a situation that he liked.

      • Marco29 says:

        Noah and KG are not the best friends in the world. Wonder how they would get along as teammates. And who Chicago send to Boston? Boozer?

    • anthony says:

      a no trade clause just states that a player has the right to veto or vote down any trade proposal that he isn’t interested in. That doesn’t mean he won’t get traded, it just means that the player ultimately has the final say so on any trade involving him.

  171. lol says:

    we can handle it without rondo we won against the heat without him 😀

    • nate says:

      How did that ever happen?

    • Bersem says:

      Celtics should trade Barbosa or Lee for a PG like Ridnour (Wolves need a SG) or Beno Udrih (Bucks)

    • Ant says:

      Anyone can win one game. Heck, the Wizards beat the Heat AND Thunder but do you think that they can win four out of seven games in a playoff series without Rondo? They didn’t do it last year and they had a better team last year.

    • youngestMVPever says:

      Do you honestly think you can expect a triple-double from
      Pierce every night in a 7 game series?

  172. Roy says:

    This is terrible. The best PG around goes down to the worst injury. So sad to see, hope he has a swift recovery.

    • chitownsdrose says:

      dude the best point guard went down almost a year ago and is coming back next month. no worries. d rose is here to stay now! haaaa ur all late about it

      • Chandler says:

        Chris Paul is best PG. Rose is close 2nd. Rondo, Williams, and Westbrook fighting for 3rd

      • celticssssss says:

        when rose wins a championship or even gets a coupe of tripple doubles then u can talk rondo is way better then rose rose is only a offensive player

      • B Radd says:

        The best pointguard will make his debut in the all star game for the east

      • uwa says:

        c.paul is the best point guard for sure..

      • math says:


        OMG you’re so right….. D-Rose the return is for very soon…..i couldn’t wait much longer to see him back on the court…coooommmee on bulls 🙂 and Rondo’s injury is very bad for the team but you gotta see, they win over the heat haha

  173. Jim says:

    On one hand yes the C’s should rebuild but on the other hand Pierce and KG don’t have much value on the market and besides their contribution to the franchise makes them hard to move on a sentimental level as well.This win should in no way however obscure the obvious,time to shake up this roster.