D’Antoni Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

HANG TIME, Texas — OK, so Mike Brown got the ax after a 1-4 (.200) start and now Mike D’Antoni is 12-20 (.375) as his replacement.

In some places that maybe be called progress. In Laker Land it’s got many fans already looking for the next candidate to sit in Phil Jackson’s former big chair on the sidelines. Even Phil Jackson.

But while the angry villagers may be carrying torches and pitchforks as they make their way to storm the front gate, our man Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register says they’re wasting their time and kerosene:

There’s plenty of heat and speculation — and plenty for Mike D’Antoni to hash out as far as better utilizing his players, including 2013 free agent Dwight Howard — but I was told Thursday the Lakers are not considering a buyout or firing of D’Antoni as head coach.

The Lakers’ next chance to get off the floor is tonight, when they start a three-game homestand against Utah, Oklahoma City and New Orleans.

The bad news for D’Antoni’s critics is they’ll still have him to kick around as the Lakers try to stumble toward respectability. The good news is at least he’s got to stay there and watch it with them.

What do you think? Is it too crazy for the Lakers to bounce a second coach in the same season?


  1. GMoftheLakers says:

    I will begin by trading Gasol, Nash, Artest, and Howard. I will amnesty Kobe.

    I will get many draft picks and young players and rebuild the team.

    I will hire Stan Van Gundy.

    Be patient Laker fans the time is coming.

  2. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are done. Their fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and their careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first rond pick or picks. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him before its too late. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take all of the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done

  3. Patty says:


  4. Brett says:

    Just root for the Clippers already you homers! The rest of the country can’t figure out why the people of LA persist in neglecting what might unfold as the greatest underdog/Cinderella story in American professional sports history…

  5. L.A.F.A.N. says:

    Well I have read all the comments and there are a lot of point on them.
    But the faacts are there, LA didn’t win a lot.
    Is this d antoni fault or kobe faults?
    Well for me kobe is doing his job.
    Score when the team needs.
    We is not sharing the ball a lot yes but to whom?
    The other players are so inconsistant that he can not trust them.
    If you whatch LA games kobe let them play at the beging of the games but the result is that LA begin to be distanced by the opponent.
    There are a lot of statistic showing LA loose when kobe score 30+ but this is because he score that much only when he see that the other player are missing their shot.
    And when he see them scoring the basket he shoot less and he score less and yws they win like last night.
    But this happens if the other players can still consistent like kobe.
    Now regarding DAntoni.
    Well all I know is that when brown get fired the lakers began to win till he arrived. they were playing far better and winning without Head coach so why not simply let them play without?

  6. John says:

    Trade MWP to LBJ
    Trade Gasol to DUrant
    Trade Clark to Anthony
    Trade meek to CP3
    No reason LAkersland will get the 17 thropy ds season ahahhaha..keep crying Lakers fans haha better luck nxt season..ball hogger 24

  7. Unkle Daddy says:

    First off I have to say this is the greatest Lakers season ever, I’m so happy. Now, let’s get some things straight. Anybody who thought Mike Brown was gonna work out as their coach was lost. Anybody who thinks D’Antoni was ever a good coach needs to look at his track record minus the Suns/Nash years. His record is terrible. It was not him who made it work, but Nash was the one who got him that record. Now, what has changed no one on this team has young legs (except Howard) to run a (run and gun style), you have to be able to run and gun… D’Antoni also doesn’t preach defense, hmmm the Lakers are terrible on defense I wonder why. The Lakers are at the cross roads they where at when Shaq and Kobe had to part ways, only this time it’s Kobe and Howard. Do you keep the one who is the franchise i.e (Kobe) like Shaq was or do you take the one you can build aound i.e (Howard) like Kobe was. Brian Shaw when this franchise wakes up I hope you get the job, your one of the few Lakers I ever respected. Dwight come home to Atlanta after this season, where you belong. Howard, Horford, Smith kinda has a championship ring to it 😉

  8. bu says:

    I fully agree with A.L RVA- 804 said. The core issues are:

    Management – family feud, the son & father thing; then there’s the no secure contract with Howard meaning that he can walk away easily, no security.

    Howard – overrated & no intensity, also used in wrong way

    Gasol – used in wrong way, while he has his emotions up & down even during the final playoffs with PJ

    System – no proper offensive nor defensive systems which relates to next point

    D’Antoni – let’s face it, he needs the job, & he’s an easy grab to try & use Nash to run an adapted system from the run & gun Suns time, so that, at least the Lakers are not without a coach. Clearly an interim measure until the family issues are sorted out, creating a better roster before the trade deadline or by next summer, then invite PJ back. PJ for sure will not want to coach in this org & team if the mess is the same. Notice about what PJ asked for in terms of involvement in the management as well as kinda like PT coach consultant before in a report. These are facts!

    Complementary pieces – Lakers will need to consider rebuilding in 2 years time as Kobe era goes sun down. So they tried to do some of it by bringing in Howard (appears to be more mentally stable than Bynum who can be a building block), while in the short term have Nash & the other pieces to “scotch tape” the roster together to remain respectable. Mgt & the players know very well this team don’t click even if PJ comes back. The problem is they are not even sure who to build around with now, as they got a taste of Howard’s true value. On the deals they’ve made so far, they did not bring in any younger talent to try to supplement the rebuilding process with the veterans either by trade or draft. If they want to build the team to win now, they certainly did not bring in the right pieces (look at their bench).

    Lakers are used to do block buster trades & ride on bunch of superstars rather than having certain values & systems & team ball in place (like Spurs, Celtics). They won the last 2 championships with the 1st one vs weak opponent (Howard & Magic) & a worn out battered Celtics team (without Perkins). The 2nd one also weak opponents in West, but give them credit as twin towers’ rebounding efforts were terrific while Artest did some excellent defensive job on Pierce in the critical moments. Still, not much system & Laker philosophy (other than “show time” but that’s not necessarily winning ball).

    I believe it all starts with management. Lakers management need to decide & focus on what exactly they’d like to do in the next 3-5 years. Stop talking about wanting to win. Everyone wants to win. Fix the house, & set correct expectations.

  9. Kilbil says:

    There’s to much star power in the lakers.. Howard coming off an injury and Nash and Bryant nearing the end of their respectful careers. I think the lakers should either get rid of gasol or world peace for some better role players. Just look what they are doing with the clippers. Revolving the team around Paul and Blake and everyone else as a supporting cast. That’s what the lakers need… A supporting cast for Howard Bryant and Nash and they will get at least the 7 or 8 seed and make a playoff push… Don’t count out the rockets either. They are making the playoffs as the 6 or 7 seed and possibly better if Lin can find a rythem consistently.
    Real talk!!!

  10. Oz says:

    Dismantle the entire team and rebuild! Enough said! Kobe is old and even though he can still get things done, he can not carry the entire team with his ball hog ways even though he tries time and time again!

  11. AK69 says:

    Kobe and Nash will be 35 and 39 next year. And keep losing would just make Dwight even more unsettle, leave signing new contract alone… Lakers has to win NOW. The management should admit D’Antonio is another mistake after Brown and skipped Zen Master and move on quick. Or the cost would be too high to bear at the end of this season…

  12. Kobe Over Bon says:

    Joke: Mike D’Antony Western conference All Star coach, rotfl

    Lets face it the Lakers are the laughing stuck of the NBA, last year it was the wizzards and the Nets and this year its the Lakers and Mike D’antony…

    It was a joke then, it is a joke now. 12-20 is an absolute joke.

  13. dwan fulwood says:

    Bring Phil Jackson back. Bring back the triangle and play to our strenghts. Nobody can match the Lakers inside with Dwight and Gasol. The triangle also would help our defense with proper spacing. Kobe has no respect or fear of Dantonio and it shows with his constant poor shot selection. Pat Riley would be leading the nba with this roster. Fire Dantoni and this 7 second or less offense and bring back the opost game and hard nose defense. Also let me mention the poison karma of Buss turning his back on true Laker fans that can’t afford cable. You may have got a billion but you lost half of your fan base.

  14. Lakers' fanboy says:

    i love how people are still blaming Kobe being selfish on the court is the reason why they are losing…….kobe is the general of the team. he let his teammates feel comfortable and have something to fall back to. even dwight say he likes playing with kobe. im not going to say it is the coaches fault. and u cant blame them because they only had very lilo time together as a team. when u starting to lose games u lose even more chemistry. so i say at least 70% of the problem now is chemistry and trust. also let kobe be kobe some night when his teammates are heating up than he believe in them and try to build up the chemistry. when they are down and teammates are cold, kobe would try to bring them back with whatever he can to build up the chemistry again. there are so many factors in a game. blaming is not the solution. all these complaining is what make our team so down and lack of chemistry. rumors will break out and say kobe and dwight arent getting along or pau is getting trade. I really dont see that coming. lets keep ur heads up! the Lakers will always be our Lakers! they are the Champs.

  15. Carl says:

    Mike D’Antoni needs to bend. Pau is NOT a 3 point shooter. He’s a cancer.

  16. How about that says:

    The less 24 scores the bigger chance for LAL to win a game!

  17. lollollol says:

    It is crazy not to make it to the playoffs. LOL. Dwight came with the mindset of joining an organization with a WINNING MENTALITY. Say what?

  18. Will says:

    No I don’t think it is to crazy to bounce him. I think he was a bad for for this team in the first place. You can’t take a coach with an up tempo run and gun style and have him coach a bunch of guys who are over 30. I’m a lakers fan and as long as dumb Toni is the coach I can’t see them winning anything. At this point give me Bernie bicker staff.

  19. Freddy says:

    Dantoni is the worsttttt coachh worst defensive coach ever two former defensive players of the year and rank 26 in defense!? Fire him and hire a better defensive coach defense wins championships

  20. vern says:

    D’Antoni reminds me of new york mayor Bloomberg, it’s his way or the highway. Both of them see something doesn’t work but rather then change they just keep digging a deeper hole. Stubborn until it totally ruins the whole system.

  21. jason says:

    Well, ‘locker room chemistry’ starts with the coaching. The job goes beyond simply writing plays and screaming from the sideline. How can anyone blame Kobe?! look at his stats… D’Antoni is a stank coach

  22. Michael562 says:

    Laker fans need to stop whinin. I live here in LA and cant srand the fact Laker fans here think the nba owes them something. No one can be the best allll the time, Laker era is over, style of big man game is over, the Lakers need to get with the program and if they really wanted a chance at a ring this year they.shoulda got rid of Gasol and picked up a tier 1 pt guard. Lastly Im tired of hearing about the Cp3 issue, its been done and said, release Gasol, pickup someone like Boozer, Bargnani, etc. and get a solid backup shooting guard. Phony Bryan cant and wont do it every night, go scout guys like Smith, crawford, Curry etc, not these guys but guys like them straight shooters. thats if you want the Dantoni system to work.

  23. Patrickmarc says:

    If Lakers start to win matches.. we don’t know, they are not so far to be super good, they should be the great team we expected..

  24. A.L RVA- 804 says:

    All your haters leave kOBE out of here. He did everything he could after playing 18 seasons and can still lead the team. D12 need to grow up and be a DOMINANT like a truth center. I had never liked SHAQ but he was still DOMINANT under the basket even he could not shoot free throw.

    This Lakers run by baby Buss do not know what the hell he is doing. When he traded Bynum for D12 which did not upgrade the roster since they both act like a child most of the time. At least with Bynum on the team Gasol will still playing his natural position instead became a spot up shooter in the corner what a waste, and Antwan Jamison did not get enough when he was averaging double double a year ago.

  25. Vi says:

    D’Antoni can’t be the Lakers coach! When he coached Phoenix, Phoenix was the strongest team in NBA, but Phoenix didn’t win!
    The great Phil Jackson is the natural coach for THESE LAKERS!!!

  26. Melvin says:

    Stop complaining and accept the failure, no team can maintain at high-level forever,
    There’s up and down, is a learning process, or you can say as….the change of era.
    Enjoy basketball game and relax!

  27. Erwan n says:

    No point sacking DToni now let them play and see if they can make the playoffs in a last push of pride. If they dont sack him and take the rest of the season to find the right coach with the right implements that everybody feels will make 2013 a better story than 2012.

  28. Obz says:

    fire D’Antoni sign Coach K, just my opinion

  29. TRUE LAKER FAN 24 says:


  30. Hotwheels999 says:

    The Lakers are pratically done for the season.Hiring a new coach wont help this hot mess. My plans are first they get a high draft pick in the next draft preferably a shooting Foward or a shooting or point guard, don’t sign Dwight Howard, fire the coach, hire a better one.The lakers lost around 20 games. They will lose around 45 games and that’s not enough to make it into the Playoffs.So just give up on the Lakers. Just focus on the Clippers or Warriors instead, their more exciting and most likely to reach the Playoffs 4th place or higher unlike the Lakers.

  31. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    The problem with LA are the fans.. You are expecting and you are not supporting.. Give everyone a chance.. SUPPORT LA!! They will survive and get into playoffs and eventually get the 17th Championships!!

  32. killuabest says:

    Kick Dumbtoni, make him sweep the floor sell tickets instead.Laker fans will love this.

  33. LAL LOL says:

    Lakers want playoffs? changes should be made, fire d’Antoni………..no offence, no defence, that is his strategy, and that’s the reason he cant stay in knicks…….look at knicks now without him, refreshed and great

  34. C Bear says:

    Blah Blah Blah, we can be here all day making excuses about the Lakers!!! This isn’t about Kobe, Dwight, or Pau. These guys are professional athletes, considering neither one of em’ had college experience. It’s about WHO shows up every night to play the game!!! Nevermind who’s hogging the ball, or who’s struggling at the free throw line. You take your lumps like any other struggling team and you get back out there and play!!!

  35. arthur möller says:

    Mike d´antoni is a horrible coach , there are only few team who can play in his system , and this version of a Lakers team is not on of those teams who can. D´antoni doesn´t know anthying about defense or how to deal with the strong characters in this team . I thought that they should have hired Nate Macmillan , the former coach of the Blazers , he would have been a much better choice


  37. Stern H8r says:

    The Lakers have the right idea….this offseason, they need to trade for Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas, Grant Hill….and bring Juwan Howard back. Put those guys around Kobe and you have a dynasty!! The most experienced team in NBA history.
    I am enjoying watching this melt down.

  38. Dan says:

    Not at all, he has proven his head strong tactics do not work with this team, or past teams for that matter. WE WANT PHIL, or even Avery Johnson or a pee wee coach, any one who can recognize talent and utilize it.. I never thought I would miss mike brown

  39. ron says:

    im so happy this is happening. my lakers fan friends told me before the regular season with howard on board, chicago bulls 72-10 record will be challenged. what a fools they might not even win 40 this season…and now my friends hides from me since i they are afraid ill tease them again….hahaha im so happy….

  40. daniel cruz says:

    im 100% for phil jackson, but if he is not available i ll go for………….
    b bickerstaff ( nov 2012: 4 wins 1 lost with howard, gasol without nash vs gsw, phx,hou, sa)
    d antoni ( 1 win 4 losses with howard, gasol and nash vs same teams)

  41. blues says:

    lakers! just try 1 game with nash and howard/gasol playing the pick and roll most of the time.. definitely the team will win! kobe is just controlling the whole team… with his low shooting percentage,, how can others get going if kobe is the only one holding the ball most often.

  42. Satish Jha says:

    You make a great point, these laker fans don’t know jack curry about basketball

  43. bryan chen says:

    Only Phil Jacson is the solution

  44. ken-toronto says:

    The truth.. Howard is not playing like the orlando D12. Kobe have to take more volume shots because no one else scoring big numbers consistent plus the defense focus on Kobe more. Lets say the more Bryant shoot even for the 10+ missed shots, the lakers other players will get easier shot. lets look at the Miami or Raptors game.. Kobe stay on the scoring but lakers most of the game -10.. then when Kobe start score 1-3 shots lakers tend to close the gap. I just honestly think bynum is clearly better offensively than howard. howard needs to work on his ball handling and foot work. he took only 8-12 shots per game because he make some silly turn overs or have to work too hard for the ball. he needs to duck in for better positioning in the middle. i look at the few bigs in the league and think there is no more Shaq or Divac or Y Ming. those guys use there body frame, foot work and soft touch way more than howard. Three words… howard back is not 100%.. Lakers need to check that career before giving any big money.

  45. Ted says:

    Then the Lakers are trying to snatch the 1st overall pick next draft. They won’t make the playoffs with D’Antoni. No and never.

  46. Xander says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with Kobe. All he needs is just a player/teammate to step up. A team mate who is more eager, hungrier and more confident for the ball. Kobe will be a Hall of Fame-r soon, and sometimes his team mates is intimated to him. We all know that Kobe has the ego, if he doesn’t see some confidence with his team mates, why give the ball. Ok, if i see you hungry for the ball, and i know that you could beat the defender, lets see, i give the ball. Kobe is carrying all the pressure for the team as he is a solid Lakers player from the start. Inconsistent bench, that’s why they give Kobe a plenty of playing time. Lakers, a lot of old players, they can’t run faster on the floor for a whole court, but they can be a solid and stronger team at half court, only if they could utilize better on their play and defense.

  47. big jebb says:

    kobe is the one running the team.kobe picks the coach and is in charge of player personal.fire kobe !!!.as far as the fans bringing pitch forks and torches no need to worry as the THUNDER will torch them sunday.

  48. Dutch_laker fan says:

    look at the period when brown was fired and bernie bickerstaff had the players coach themself and only supervised and helped. Since Bill Russel there hasnt been a Player coach. Imo its time to let kobe and nash take on the coach role and calll the plays, only have a sideline coach to call reserve and timeout. Time to let out the set plays and let the players roll there is a lot of basketball IQ on the floor. Set plays are not needed atm, let the veterans rolls

  49. chris says:

    Kobe is Kobe..he is a scorer..he should stay as that..a SCORER…Lakers only need is for Dwight and Pau to play GREAT defense..they have TWO very good 7 footers…but they do not know how to utilize them? PLAYER UTILIZATION is the Lakers main problem..if the coach just can come up with with an idea of how to use his players…Lakers should be at the top 3 in the west…

  50. Greg Down says:

    Kobe has never won without D Fish!

  51. GRD says:

    Why are people blaming Kobe for the Lakers’ struggle this season? I’m sorry, but without him, the Lakers won’t be able to win at all. He carries his team. Yes, he may take a lot of shots, but someone has to. Also, Nash isn’t playing his best right now. He’s committing way too many turnovers. and don’t even get me started about Dwight, and Pau is inconsistent. So don’t blame Kobe for the losing season! His teammates need to step up their game as well!

  52. purpleman says:

    Jerry Buss need to fire Jim Buss and Mitch K. They screwed from last season; they should have hired rian Shaw.

    Bring ack Jerry West!!

  53. Mike Brown says:


  54. rj811 says:

    C’mon guys give D’Antoni a break, he’s trying to be in Shaqtin a fool

  55. Jason says:

    Mike D’Antoni should be in Shaqtin a fool


    ” anthony
    January 25, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    None of the championships were rigged a ref can do but so much as far as that is concerned, the game came down to a last second shot if he missed it then what? Also a hardship for us laker fans is being less than 4th at the allstar break. Some teams just haven’t won enough or have a winning culture. Also Kendrick Perkins injury definitely isn’t why the Lakers beat boston in that series either. Game 6 was a blowout and game 7 boston was leading most of the game and actually had a double digit lead in the 4th. The Celtics went about 5 mins without scoring a basket. As much as you say Gasol and Artest bailed Kobe out, where was Gasol before he came to LA? What about Ron Artest? Exactly and that Magic championship was sheer dominance. Its not our fault that Lebron couldn’t beat that team and make it to the finals to play us. I’m not making excuses because this is indeed a bad season to watch but your facts are way off.”

    anthony, you must have been in diapers in 2002
    get YOUR facts straight fake show bought their way past

  57. Maxwell says:

    It would be less crazy than firing Mike Brown after 1-4, but I am not a Lakers fan at all, so right now I really like how it’s working out for them. Great job so far, coach D’Antoni! Keep it up! Many Thanks to Lakers’ Front Office!

  58. Victor says:

    Say, how about this: instead of Hack-a-Shaq we’ve got Smite-a-Dwight?

  59. DaveW says:

    Mike Brown, was not the coach and neither is Mike D’ Antoni the coach. Kobe is the one who calls the shots, those other guys were the coach in title only. I say this having witnessed it first hand myself. I remember watching the first game D’ Antoni coached for the Lakers. Kobe quickly got into foul trouble in the first quarter and Mike called for a sub to replace him. With the cameras on Kobe filming this, he looked at his replacement, wagged his finger at him, as if to say “no I’m not coming out”, and then with the camera focused on the puppet, D’ Antoni turned around and walked back to the bench and left “the coach” out on the floor. I knew immediately that the real coach is Kobe. He showed everyone that he lacks respect for anyone who is “coaching” him. Way to teach kids how to respect their coach Kobe!

  60. Rfamr says:

    My friend you all rith, Lakes need a lieder that lieder is Nash, Kobe is greet player a STAR but there are no ridership in the team and that is fact. Personally there is the coach problem have to go is not to wary about other coach in the same season, BACK TO BISSNES IS THE GAME BE A CONTENDER THAT IS THE BIG DEAL you don’t to have smart to understand it. GO LAKES

  61. hj mark says:

    fire d antoni and hire jerry sloan…

  62. t0litz says:

    don’t blame the coach or any players in laker team bcoz they know what to do..the only problem about them is the team chemistry and more defense that ‘s the main important in this team..bcoz every player in this league has it’s offense they can score but the thing is to improved it..better defense and team chemistry..just like the other team in the league with no superstars..likie chicago for example ,no rose but still they win ..

  63. TRUE says:

    the lakers problem is not kobe and if u think that. You don’t know basket point blank period no disccussion. Howard is immature and doesn’t give 100 percent he should be avg at leats 18 and 15 boards with 4 blocks a game. He doesn’t take the game serious is no longer the top 5 centers in the leaugue. Coach dantoni worst coach ,defense win championschips, outscoring teams wins some games. Coach d is stuck upand will never be a great coach. He needs to learn how to play a halfcourt offense and stress defense. Kobe is doing all he can. Give gasol more playing time and more touches im sure nash can adjust with no problem.

  64. LakersFaLIfe says:

    D’Antoni doesn’t have the right personnell for his style of ball with the Lakers. Either he needs to change his system, he needs to go, or they need a roster overhaul!!! Kobe wouldn’t be a problem with a coach that he respects and/or one that’s not afraid of him, sayPhil Jackson, Brian Shaw, Larry Brown, or Jerry Sloan. Real Laker fans are gonna have to tough this one out!! Les hang on in there!! LakersFaLife ya dig?

  65. Najee Nixon says:

    Are they stupid? Do they even care that they’re losin? D’Antoni has to go, effective immediately. Bernie Bickerstaff did a pretty good job coachin them so he could do it for the rest of the season. If Jerry Buss was still in charge, he woulda done this. What they should do is let Bickerstaff coach the rest of the season and then make a call to Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw, but we all know thats not goin to happen. Tradin Dwight would be the dumbest move the organization has eva made, since well, hirin D’Antoni. George Mikan and Vern Mikkelsen must be spinnin in their graves.

  66. K4B says:

    you are right ! the system that mikeD bring to LA for the kindergarden kids system. it is useless. Plus ! Dhorward acts like the kindergarden kid. what do you think they bring? they have no clue where they at when they ran offend . they need strike the opponents not ran away. oh well !! i feel bad for kobe….he deserves better recoerd.

  67. Chuck says:

    Ok, so I think there are MANY problems with this years laker team.
    1. Kobe’s ball hogging and selfishness and the feeling of always wanting to be the best even though he isn’t and won’t be with his current kind of play.
    2. The coach, Mike D’Antoni was a terrible option for a coach. He doesn’t know how to be a good productive coach. He doesn’t start Pau Gasol when he’s one of their best players and possibly their best big guy. Dwight Howard isn’t doing as good as Gasol is doing.
    3. They need to work more as a team and get over their ego’s that cost them multiple games.
    They will most likely not make the playoffs this year but with improvement and most importantly, teamwork, this can be THE powerhouse of the NBA. This team is well capable of being a championship team with 4 hall of famers. They have 4 hall of famers and they can’t even keep a record above .500. In fact they’re numerous games under .500. It’s too late for this Laker team this season but they just need to work a little harder with eachother and consider getting a new coach. On my opinion, they shouldn’t of got rid of Mike Brown, it was only a few games into the season with a rough start but Mike is most definitely able to coach this team to the finals. He got Cleveland there and if Kobe will lose his selfishness, this would be possible with Mike. Once Kobe leaves, I think the Lakers will be much better off.

  68. Gfus says:

    The Problem is Leadership!!!
    Whos team is this??
    Personally this should be Nash’s Team!!
    Im the 1rst to defend Kobe!…as selfish as he is.but hes never been a leader
    Leaders are not selfish players, point blank
    If Nash runs this team and Dwight leaves im happy!!

    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      Yeah, no leadership and guidance from the head coach!!!!

    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      Goodpoint!! I love Kobe, but he talkin bout this is he team, but he’s not leading them!!! I guess his version of Leadership is bein the guy that gets the most shots huh?

  69. LAKERS4EVER says:

    There’s something wrong when Pau & MWP are our main guys to shoot the 3…SO SAD!


    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      Imagine the production that Phil could get out of Dwight, Clark, Hill, Meeks, Gasol……………….Cmon now!!! I agree!!!

  71. Ragnar Iceland says:

    I never thought I would say this but I miss Bynum.

    Bynum hasn´t got the body Howard has but he´s got much more offensive skills.
    Howard doesn´t even have a hard to stop go to move.
    If he´s not getting a lob, he looks bad on offense.
    Also the Lakers are not playing the D to make the playoffs. You have to care and put your soul in
    protecting the basket and they are not.

    To be the disapointment of the season is the Lakers and Howard.


  72. Pikachu says:

    All these people who are saying Kobe shoots too much clearly dont watch the games, they simply read the box score. In all the games where Kobe shoots a lot, most of his points and shot attempts come in the 4th quarter when the team is down by 10-15pts. He is TRYING to dig them out of the hole, but they arent stepping up. Kobe is clearly not the problem. D’antoni and his benching of a 5x all-star and 2x world champion is.


  74. Rafael says:

    Superman is Clark

  75. jason says:

    better off keeping mikw brown as coach..supplies a better def4ensive mind than d’ANTONI..plus, brown was never given a fair chance

  76. sunny says:

    Are Lakers fans this blind? It’s pretty obvious to everyone except for lakers fans the kobe is the cancer to this team. No one likes to play with Kobe. Look the the body language of Howard and Gasol. Kobe has 2 of the best bigmen in the NBA and this guys still jacks up bad shots. Here’s a simple solution: Feed your Big men! you need them to win games. Kobe thinks he can do it by him self. why is he getting 30 shots and Howard and Gasol only get 8 or less?

  77. I think that the lakers need better plays and younger/faster players that can come off the bench and still run the game so the starters can rest and the lakers need better DEFENSE IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARENT EVEN TRYING OR GOING FOR A WIN! Also they have to run a play that Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash could all do better offense and could make wins happen for them. They need to practice better PLAYS AND DEFENSE TO WIN GAMES! AND ALSO MORE BALL ROTATION NEED TO BE DOWN DURING GAMES! I HOPE THE LAKERS COACH SEES MY MESSAGE AND TRY TO MAKE SOME GOOD CHANGES FOR THE LAKERS!

  78. Gregory C says:

    Mike D’Antoni is a terrible fit for the Lakers. Maybe the Clippers who can run and use unorganized offense to produce points. The Lakers are a group of ESTABLISHED veterans, not a run and gun team. There’s even talk about bringing in someone to “help” with defense…..This isn’t the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is D’Antoni’s brother doing…….collecting a check?!?!?!?! Please sign a real coach…a WINNING coach!

  79. oh gawd no says:

    EGO of each superstar on the lakers (aside steve nash) that”s ruining the team

  80. LAKERS4EVER says:

    KOBE THE BALLHOG is the problem…He’s not a LEADER…HE’S A DIVIDER not a UNITER! It’s always his EGO! more concern about his STATS…
    plus Mike NO D’ ANTONI is so stubborn if you’re a good coach you have to adjust your system because you don’t have the personnel to run it… You have 2 seven footers- basic basketball pound the ball inside & use your size!

  81. Sinastac says:

    bring Bernie back foreal. derek fisher would make a better coach….firing dantoni is the only way this team could possibly bounce back and sneak into the playoffs. d’antoni was a bad caoch in NY and now he is a bad coach in LA. It is OBVIOUS. sidenote; getting rid of d’antoni probably increases your chance of resigning Howard does it not???? How has the greatest franchise in the NBA become so incompetent?

    is d’antoni adaptable??? let’s see, tries to turn pau into a 3 point shooter, tries to play small and fast with a buillt to play BIG and is too old to play fast…….honestly, if you had a coach that focused only on defence this team would be unstoppable

  82. Problems says:

    Problem with D12 is he has no “unstoppable” post moves. If he’s the real deal (superman) he’ll dominate the post every night. He may not always score on 1 go but his post presence should be a real concern for the opponents. Kobe has no choice but to shoot more because D12’s not doing his work. He should have been a double-double machine every game. Trade him for Josh Smith and Korver, I’d rather have Gasol as a C with respectable post moves.

  83. Maori says:

    It’s amazing how people forgot that the last time the Lakers were coached by Phil Jackson they got totally smashed by Dallas. They never even looked close to winning a championship, and that was with a healthy bynum. Give him this team now and his triangle offence is totally wrong for the team, as it runs through Kobe and not Nash. Lakers need to make a trade of Gasol or Howard. D’Antoni is a good coach, you don’t win Coach of the year for nothing, it’s the players on the roster that don’t fit his system, the bigs need to be able to space the floor and Gasol is not hitting even his long twos.

  84. Ronaldo says:

    For the first time I can confidently say Kobe isn’t the Lakers’ root of discord. If anything he’s probably the one player holding the team together. They’ve made a bad investment in Howard when they were probably hoping for a Shaq-like impact, and D’Antoni is a great coach but in the wrong Lakers era. Majority of the Lakers players have old legs while D’Antoni’s system is known to thrive in a team with fresh young legs (or at least legs in their prime). And the way Gasol is being treated isn’t helping morale either. He was a key piece in the Lakers last championship run and he’s being treated like garbage. I really believe its Kobe keeping him in the Lakers (much like Jordan kept Pippen with the Bulls in the latter dynasty days). They can say business is business when it comes to players being let go, but have some respect to those who were major contributors to the team’s success. Front office is wholly to blame in the Lakers’ abysmal season and until Dr. Buss fires Kuptchak there won’t be any real changes soon.

  85. Beavis says:

    D’Antoni is a disaster BUT what we really need to do is trade jim buss for Jeanie Buss.

  86. Mnemonic says:

    Lakers need a coach that will inspire the players… They need someone to guide them, to boost them and to bring on their true talent…. D’Antoni is not that type of a coach…. Their players are all talented, they know what to do and how to do it, but they need someone that will encourage them to do more efforts… I think Larry Brown would fit to the Laker land…

  87. Mnemonic says:

    D’Antoni seems don’t know how to bring the Best out of his players…. He don’t encourage them to do what they do well, but rather disappoint them…. Benching Gasol won’t help him to be what he really is… Note the playing time of Jamison and Meeks….
    I think D’ Antoni is not the type a coach that would INSPIRE his players… Certainly, the Laker players are not playing the way the should be, the way they can be, the best of their capabilities or talent…

  88. Dwight Howard says:

    Man I want to be traded, because i think im the best free-trow shooter in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Ryan says:

    I love how many of these people try and put the blame on Kobe. First off, everyone knows this is Kobe’s team until he is gone, he’s been there for 18 years about, longer than anyone there other than the higher ups. Kobe may be a hard person to play with, but when you earn his trust he’s the best player you can play with. Kobe may be jacking up alot of shots, but Howard isn’t doing anything to change that either. Howard is being a panzy. He’s playing soft like Gasol has in the past few years, I thought Howard would be dominant but he’s a stright up ***** this season, Gasol isn’t even playing inside his role anymore, shooting 3’s? really? I mean I seen him make them before but he’s taken more so far this season I seen him take the past 3. Nash and Kobe are the ONLY guys I seen so far that are playing like they want to win or that they even care to play. The rest of the Lakers team is straight up garbage now. I really thought LA would be the top dog, Screw that.

    Fire D-Antoni, see about getting Phil back. Make Nash more the offensive catalyst, Take about 5 shots off Kobe’s attempts per game, work the ball from the inside out, utilize the big men, win your games on defense. I could go through every player and have a role picked out for them. I like the fact Gasol is coming off the bench not because I think he’s a bench player but an All-Star off the bench to come in at Center and then Jamison at the Power Forward position? creates more points off the bench too and having those 2 int he 2nd squad would really benefit them when the starters get rest.

  90. Karlo Garcia says:

    Yes, to early to fire D’Antoni. He needs lot more time than Brown.

  91. SHOWTIME808 says:

    Fire DANTONI trade world peace and let nash control the pace don’t let Chris duhon play and the starting line up should be Nash Kobe Earl Clark Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard and let Bernie Bickerstaff coach the rest of the season!!!

  92. Franz says:

    With the Lakers, Mavs and Celtics struggling, this may be the most enjoyable season since 2007. Yes, I’m a Spurs fan!

  93. lolz says:

    lol mike antoni

    making gasol shoot 3s just shows how pro of a coach he is

  94. Marcus J says:

    LA Could have kept Mike Brown for all that at least he made it to the Finals with just Lebron. D-Tony Slow he think his team in the early 20s. Nash 50 Kobe pushing 40 Superman soft he might go down as one of LA Weakest big man to ever wear that uniform. they bench old the season is over kiss it goodbye. fat lady song

  95. it hurts to see lal lose says:

    the problem is this my friend when you have this kind of roster of four future hall of famers with 2 of them looking for their first ring (Nash, and Howard) Pau Gasol and Bryant and you do not have a system that has proven to possibly put a team in a position to compete for a championship on the finals (not even when the system has been used with the fittest of rosters like when he used it in full force with the suns from 2005-2008). how the heck do you think the stars are going to buy into it when besides everything I just mentioned he has been doing a lot of questionable moves like benching gasol (a two time champion) or leaving Howard in the game for the last two minutes for one possession games or when successive hack a Shaq plays were being thrown at the Lakers and clearly stole a game from them? I will give you a list of reasons why mike D’Antoni’s system is the worst thing that should have never happened to the Lakers roster or franchise due to the infamy that would mark in Lakers history:
    1- Mike D’Antoni’s system has never taken a team farther than the conference finals (and to clarify they lost to the spurs in 05, mavericks in 06, and spurs in 07, teams that were not as athletic as the suns with nash in his prime, younger Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudamire.
    2-Mike dantoni is a stubborn guy who would not relinquished his stance when it comes to basketball matters he is going to play his system because his system is all he knows as a successful basketball system which has been proven to be the other way around again, again, and again. It does not matter how good your system is when you are a coach you have to adjust to the roster you have blending your system with the strength of your most talented player core in the roster. Great coaches have shown that over and over again. Even Phil Jackson would allow Kobe and Michael Jordan to go away from the triangle offense if at any point the triangle was being counter by the defense or the players were on the zone at any given game night.
    3- mike dantoni in new york shows guts by demanding the new York Knicks to trade for Carmelo Anthony to run a system led by point guard sensation Jeremy Lin with “linsanity” to which the Knicks said no, and this happened after he had previously refused to incorporate defense in his system for the suns–requested from dantoni by then president of basketball operations then Steve Kerr.
    I consider myself to be stubborn but not to the point of mediocre myself and those around me to be a shame to almost one of the greatest fan bases in the nation.
    4-last but not least the sad part is that the Lakers even right now can make a push for the championship with this roster if they played to their strengths. Don’t believe me look at the spurs last year with a roster in which the core players are all in their 30s almost made it to the finals. Giving eveidence that coaching can make a difference. I can also recall another instance in which coaching can make a difference when the golden state warriors coached by don nelson (who had coached the mavericks using a system similar to dantoni’s ) upset the mavericks in the 2007 nba playoffs first round subjecting the sad to witness MVP dirk Nowitzki to get the MVP trophy in a press conference after being eliminated. Coach phil Jackson almost defeated mike dantonis 2nd seed suns in 2006 with a 7th seed laker team that had players like kuame brown. So as you can see coaching is really important.
    But coaching is not only important for you it is important for your opponent’s psychological view of your team teams right now know they can be the lakers because they will be able to score at will to the lakers

    • purpngold says:

      Good point on the trade demand. That is exactly what DAntoni is doing right now with the Lakers. Not in so many words, but by saying that the team is more efficient with only one big on the floor. He wants the Lakers to trade Gasol. Jimmy Buss cant be dumb enough to listen to him. If he does this, he deserves to be replaced with his little sister..

  96. Behruz says:

    Kobe is the only good player on the Lakers. He’s doing it all and nobody else is even trying to win or cares all that much including the coach. He is a loser. Dwight is a no-show every night. Pau Gasol used to be very intense, now he is playing as soft as a Teddy Bear. It makes me sick to my stomach that this team can’t even run down the court or even move without the ball. They don’t play with any intensity or urgency except when they are down by 15 points, but then it is too late.

    • pakyaw says:

      if Nash will shoot 15 shot a game,he might avg. 20 a game
      if Dwight will shoot 15 shot a game,he might avg 22 -25 a game
      ASK KOBE..(WINK!)

      • purpngold says:

        Hey jerkey! Nash cant create 15 shots for himself, and Dwight cant stay on the court long enough to get 15 shots. Plus the shots he gets he misses, unless he dunks, the only shot he can make, he sure as hell aint going to get points on freethrows..

  97. glenn hays says:

    EZ to tell the “out-of-towners”. Being a homeboy and lakers diehard i have watched EVERY game for the last 9 years. Those who say Kobe is selfish or power hungry, or anything really other than great, are soooooooooo misinformed. Watch then comment! Kobe’s brilliance is his ability to continue sacrificing himself for the team. No one, no not lebron or KD, brings what kobe gives to his team. At both ends of the floor AND in the clubhouse KB24 demonstrates real leadership. Simply the best of his time. period. And no, i don’t believe you can compare players from different generations….everything continues to evolve. all u can say is he was the best of his time – Mikan, Oscar, Wilt/Russell, Jerry/Elgin, Kareem, Magic/Larry, Michael, Kobe, Lebron…all great, all the best!

    • pakyaw says:

      Kobe is sacrificing?…dude,u dont know what your saying…i understand all this Kobe fans that you guys are in DENIAL mode right row..it hurts but u have to accept it…

  98. Oliver says:

    The coach is the problem. Look to the Knicks for guidance…they were a talented team with D’Antoni but got nowhere…they fired him and now they’re #2 in the East.

  99. W/E says:

    JUst wait and see what happens in the next 3 home games, if loses are more than wins then U GOTTA DO STH TO AVOID TOTAL HUMILATION, LIKE TRADE OR GET A NEW COACH OR ELSE THE LAKERS ARE HEADING FOR THE 13-14TH PLACE IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE.

  100. Shawn says:

    The Lakers need strong leadership and coaching. The talent is there, but the orchestration is the problem. You have to be able to play the cards you are dealt with. And execute contingency plans. i dont know enough about the game to say for sure, but it seems that i keep hearing the Lakers are supposed to be running up and down the floor, and beat the young boys, playing a young boy game… it seems to me they should be using their brain, posting up, winning with veteran moves… am i wrong? I do see Kobe trying and open to ideas, and i am becoming a fan of is. He steps up to the challenge. So, i can’t see any of this is Kobe’s fault, except for maybe wanting DAntoni, that was a mistake…

  101. Gentledeeh says:

    Big Lakers/Kobe fan…there is no other answer for this crazy year for the Club. The answer is “fire M. D’Antoni

  102. robert says:

    they need to trade Gasol and get 2 young athletic players who can shoot three pointers.

  103. joax says:

    Lakers need a coach that understands defense wins championships.. you play defense… and it turns into points, because we know these guys can score… if the lakers knew where to go.. there would be no need for a coach.. they would just run a muck (kinda like they are doing now).. they need direction and leadership.. .I can guarantee i would coach this team better than D’Antoni.. and I coach 7th graders..(and teach Dwight how to shoot free throws..no lie!)ha..its all about spacing and commitment. knowing if he moves there I move here… its not rocket science.. Fire (No D) antoni and let them play D… the rest will come….4

  104. joax says:

    Lakers need a coach that understands defense wins championships.. you play defense… and it turns into points, because we know these guys can score… if the lakers knew where to go.. there would be no need for a coach.. they would just run a muck (kinda like they are doing now).. they need direction and leadership.. .I can guarantee i would coach this team better than D’Antoni.. and I coach 7th graders..(and teach Dwight how to shoot free throws..no lie!)ha..its all about spacing and commitment. knowing if he moves there I move here… its not rocket science.. Fire (No D) antoni and let them play D… the rest will come.

  105. noyb says:

    I guess the Lakers enjoy the situation that they are in; losses piling up and the team isn’t playing well or together. NOTE TO JIM BUSS: THAT WOULD BE THE COACH’S FAULT!

  106. Eaglos says:

    As long as Kobe keeps shooting bricks it doesn’t really matter whichever coach they have…
    Season is lost and they better gather their forces for next year and try to stay away from

  107. Yes! it is extremely crazy.

    What’s really crazy are the decisions the lakers made before getting to this point. Firing Mike Brown just five 5 games in the season. Choosing D’antoni over phil jackson. Thinking that the lakers with old guys could be a running team. The lakers have to keep paying mike brown until his contract ends and if they fire D’antoni who signed for 3 years (which is also crazy), they would have to do the same. So, that would be, aside from the salary of their players, they would be paying 3 coaches. That’s not crazy? I I think having 3 coaches in the pay roll is crazier than dennis rodman in the wwf

  108. John says:

    Kobe and Ron Artest are the Lakers problem. When Kobe learns to let his point guard create for the team, he will then intern learn to win with this team. Kobe takes the most ridiculous shots and is constantly leaving his feet without anywhere to go. He also needs to stop requesting to bring the ball up, that is the reason you got Steve Nash. The game would become so much easier if he would just surrender his “I HAVE TO HAVE THE BALL FOR US TO WIN” style to a much more team oriented style of pick and roll, dribble penetration dish out, then and only then will this team go anywhere. Ron Artest is also spazzing out more than offten with his wild shots and one man fast breaks. Move Artest and Dwight! Dwight howard is NOT that good and it’s becoming more and more obvious, take away his dunks and he’s nothing.

  109. Dave from Sioux Falls says:

    I respect all opinions here. However, in my view, Dwight Howard is the greatest fantasy in our league today. Yes the man is strong and tall and athletic. But is he more talented and worth so much more than other centers?

    Dwight’s numbers are 16.7 ppg, 12 rpg, 50% FT (free throw percentage is very important for big men)
    Dwight’s salary: $19.2 million

    How about these men:
    Noah (Chicago) 12.2 ppg, 11 rpg, 77% FT $11.0 million
    Lopez (Brooklyn) 18.6, 7.4, 73% $13.6
    Chandler (New York) 12.1, 11, 68% $13.6
    Horford (Atlanta) 15.6, 9.8, 59% $12.0
    Pekovic (Minnesota) 16, 8.6, 75% —–> $4.6 million
    Varejao (Cleveland) 14.1, 14.4, 76% $8.4
    Jefferson (Utah) 17.1, 9.8, 85% $15.0 million

    Dwight’s numbers are not that much different than these other players. Here are other things to consider:
    — Dwight has never been the go-to man late in the game
    — Dwight is a big man that needs a guard to deliver the ball to him inside
    — Dwight has no outside game at all
    — Dwight cannot shoot free throws
    — Dwight brings drama
    — Dwight has had injury problems
    — Dwight leads all centers in turnovers per game
    — And yet Dwight commands a higher salary than Lebron James?

    When you look at the number of points players like Durant, Bryant, and James score per game, you must take into account that a certain number of those points are points that no one else on the team could score. I never see Dwight Howard scoring points that no one else on his team could score. And as far as his rebounding, the Lakers are only 9th in the league in rebounding.

    The point is, Dwight has talent and should be a sought after player. But he isn’t a franchise player. His salary will be somewhat inflated because big men are hard to find but anything over $11-13 is too much. And he has no right to bring the amount of drama that he does to a team.

    Should Dwight test free agency again this summer, he may not find the money he thinks he deserves if GM’s realize that he’s just not worth it.

    • ssj16 says:

      Even tho I one point I do feel that D12 was the best big man in the game, i feel like his game relied too much upon atleticism and being on a certain type of team. All those negative points I agree with and it’s be coming quite apparent, without a perfect setup, D12 is very ineffective.

      A healthy Bynum is definitely more versatile than D12 offensively because he can create his own shot and is decent at the offensive end. This seems to be a lost skill to D12.

    • purpngold says:

      I agree, I dont think D12 is good enough to carry a franchise on his shoulders. He was exposed when he played in the finals against the Lakers. Gasol roasted him and made quick work of the Magic 4-1. D12 is good but not that good, not to mention his maturity level.

  110. Yes! It is extremely crazy.

    The lakers chose to fire mike brown which is crazy since he had only 5 game in the season, but they also chose to pay him for the reminder of his contract! That’s what happens when you get fired. So, D’antoni was signed for 3 years and if he gets fired they will have to pay him as well for 3 years and they will have to pay the next coach as well. So obviously, the crazy thing about the lakers are the things they have already done to get to this point. CRAZY was firing mike brown so soon, CRAZY was hirin D’antoni and thinking the lakers would become a running team… Another coach is just out of the question.

  111. COACH Error says:

    Bickerstaff can prove it… The stupid management did not consider him as an option when Jackson retired.. He knows the plays that Jackson implements in big games…

  112. mario lima says:

    Kobi is the problem for sure a ball hog and he thinks he really is the owner of the team. Get rid of Kobi and build around Howard and the lakers will be back sooner than you think.

  113. wuffe says:

    What do you think Mike Brown is doing now …. Laughing a little at the Lakers fans or a lot at the Lakers fans. Who cares which coach the Lakers fans want. If Phil came down and had a lousy season the fans would want his head too.

  114. Bunsenburner says:

    They need to keep D’antoni and not trade a player. I love seeing the Lakers finish last in the west.

  115. Vae says:

    It is a sad situation. From a hardcore fan as I am, I hate to see my favorite team going through it. However, my faith and trust lies on the owner and management. They won countless championships as a result of their good decision making, short or long term planning. I believe they are smart, and thoroughly thinking things through. And I also believe they’re planning and saving for the next big thing.

  116. Dave says:

    He has to go! I don’t care if they have Bernie Bickerstaff to replace him. Mike D’Antoni is inflexible and cannot win without a specific type of team. We’ve seen it in New York and we’re seeing it again. When are the Lakers management (i.e. Jim Buss) gonna stop being so stubborn and admit that they made a huge mistake?

  117. OMG says:

    Im gonna say what laker fan don wanna hear Kobe is not a complete player He just scorer He is selfish ballhug and thats why is that the lakers are losing cause he doesnt share the ball

  118. IanK says:

    Fire Kobe. He’s the problem.

    • sunny says:

      Yep Ball Hog Kobe is the problem.

    • robert says:

      i agree! kobe is the problem and he has more power than the coach. if kobe demands the ball, you have to give it him so he can play one on one basketball. D’Antoni’s style is does not fit the lakers personnel. so they either have to chance the coach or get players to fit his style.

  119. L.A.L Shall Rise Again says:

    my comment was for gtfoLA just sayin’

  120. Rubio de Humacao says:

    Professional sports are just business, thus players and promoters are always thinking how are the going to get the most profit. Don’t let them fool you! Enjoy the game and forget about the greed of that people!

  121. Random lakers fan says:

    phil isnt goin to coach anymore all good things must come to a end….

    • L.A.L Shall Rise Again says:

      Wow You’re an idiot!! just because the Clippers are having the BEST season in their entire existence right now L.A suddenly became clipper town??? I mean they ARE right now the favorite team in L.A. but now way in hell are THE team of L.A….for that you have to win 12 championships or more (not counting the ones won in Minnesota). On topic like i said on another article fire D’Antoni, get Brian Shaw, trade Gasol and Howard, Kobe please retire, get draft picks or at least young players, i mean this is already a losing season for us, might as well get some hope for the future!!

  122. Trevor says:

    Hire me! Im not a coach at all, but pay me just 100 thousand dollar for a year, tthat is enough for me, and I guarantee the team ‘s not gonna be worse. And I wont benching players for no reason! I wont let kobe to play 40+ minutes in a game.

  123. Jaime says:

    The Lakers have a team to be competitive and even to win the championship, just they need to wear the t-shirt with their heart, need to fight in the court from the beginning to the end of the game. I don´t see offensive rebounds, very few fastbreaks, D. Howard needs to be better in the center, he is strong enough to dump the basket ball whenever he wants, but instead, he losses the ball most of the time. You can do it LAKERS, go ahead, we are with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. NotSoBifOfAFanNow says:

    Cmonnnn, boycott Lakers games until they change the coach

  125. Chuckie says:

    I mentioned earlier that Mitch Kuptcek would not fire D’Antoni because he needed to save face: firing two coaches in the same season kind of suggests that the GM has no clue what he is doing. The constant in all of this is Mitch Kupcek himself. Of late he’s made one bad decision after the other: letting Matt Barnes go when you know the team need an attitude player who is hard -nosed and tough in the way he plays defense. Hard- nosed, tough minded players like Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace and Reggie Evans, are the kinds of players the team needs to consistently play defense. He also got rid of Shannon Brown and brought in Steve Blake. Even Steve Nash I thought was a bad decision. This is not he Nash of 4 of 5 years ago when he as a reliable scoring option on the Phoenix Suns playing for D”anantoni. Nash’s contribution to the overall general team defensive effort is non-existent, not to mention that his scoring has also plummeted considerably. So, I say if anyone should go, it should be the GM himself.

  126. Stig says:

    someone stop this nightmare

  127. spencer says:

    gtfola, lakers aren’t going anywhere. the clippers are having a better season yes, but until they win a title, the lakers

    are still los angeles’s team.


    Laker should change the bench players, the are so useless, they are not producing anything, so hire new players for the bench

  129. spencer says:

    real strange cat, i can say the same for you and your celtics, yall ain;t doing much better either, my lakers struggling,

    it gives me good pleasure to see boston go through misery. makes my life easier as a laker fan as well.

  130. gtfoLA says:

    Now that the Clippers have just agreed to an 10-year extension to stay at Staples Center,
    both the Lakers and their blasphemous fanbase should just move to Seattle.

  131. RealStrangeCat says:

    You’re all making our C’s fans life better, thank you. D’Antoni is the perfect fit for the Lakers, go on like this 🙂

  132. Chris Brosseau says:

    Get rid of d’antoni and trade Gasol

  133. spencer says:

    chili d, bringing in derek fisher a 38 year old and 39 this summer isn’t going to solve anything, personally he should retire.

  134. spencer says:

    chili d bernie was 4-1.

  135. spencer says:

    john keach, just shut up, you’re not even making sense. kobe is the franchise, and the real problem is defense, and injuries

    that we had this year, if you were a real fan, you would understand better, jerk.

  136. Bring It On says:

    Mike D’ is not a big men coach, he does not even understand how to make adjustments.. he benched Pau and started Earl Clark, is this guy normal or is he living in wonder land.. Fire him, the season is a waste anyway, nothing more to loose unless he stays, now that would be a big loss.

  137. PistonsFan93 says:

    Why the heck would fire him? They got rid of Mike Brown at the start of the season!!! They gave D’Antoni a 3 year deal, and rumors are circulating about firing him. I kinda agree with John Keach. I know Kobe is doing his best. I respect that. But obviously it’s not enough. Dwight isn’t the same, and Paul has been demoted to the bench. What they need to fire is the owner cause he made the decision. I don’t know. The Lakers are a mess right now. They’ve got to figure something out soon.

  138. Macky says:

    It’s funny how everyone blames Jim Buss, Mitch and D’Antoni yet very little people see that they aren’t the problem. It’s Kobe that’s the problem. There’s a reason Phil isn’t coaching this team. If he was then Kobe would have lobbied for him when Brown was fired. Anyone else remember an interview with Phil when he was still coaching the Lakers, he was asked the question if he had one player to build around in the NBA what player would that be? He said Dwight Howard. Kobe wants to be the man on this team. It’s why he ran Shaq out of town. Any other all time great would have won more championships with prime Shaq. Yet people still praise Kobe and compare to him Michael.

    The only thing similar about Michael and Kobe is that they both stopped Karl Malone from winning a championship LOL.

  139. TJ says:

    Let’s get some Scott Skiles up in hurr, defensive minded coach who loves the bigs

  140. Bryan says:

    Lakers needs coaching change

  141. Ian says:

    Everyone is so quick to blame the coach when teams arent winning. The coach is not the guy on the floor going 8 – 32 jacking up bad shots. The coach is not the guy out on the floor playing bad defence. The fact of the matter is the Lakers just arent a good team. Nash only works if he has the ball all the time which cannot be done with kobe on the floor has someone that can set screens, which dwight howard cant. I don’t care what anyone says, Howard is not a good player. He has no post up moves, gets stripped constantly down low and plays defence after the ball goes up to before. Not to mention they have a bunch of bums coming off the bench. If any of you expected this team to do well you dont know basketball.

  142. sticky says:

    I think the Lakers should give D’Antoni some more time, especially in light of Dwight Howard’s newest case of histrionics. While D’Antoni hasn’t won a championship, with or without Steve Nash, I think he’s proven himself a reasonably good coach. That said, some adjustments can or should be made. Offensively, Howard likes the ball in the post; pick ‘n roll isn’t his shtick–D’Antoni can adjust to that as a coach (and thereby adjust everyone else’s game, including Nash, an incredible pick ‘n roll player), or Howard can learn to play pick ‘n roll and thereby add another skill to his resume, making him that much more dangerous. A compromise could also be made where post plays are set up, but Gasol is used more for pick n’ roll, which makes more sense to me, given that he can actually shoot the ball from a decent range.

    • purpngold says:

      There lies the problem. DAntoni is too stubborn to make any changes to his game strategy. He might tinker with the lineup but thats about it. As long as he is the coach the Lakers will not win.

  143. Game Time says:

    Lakers and their fans just need to accept this as a rebuilding stage, and not a year to contend. If Howard stays and Kobe can keep playing like a All-Star then they may have a shot next year. Of course D’Antoni will have to go, they will need some young hustle players like Clark who are hungry to play (might want to get some DLeague guys), Pau needs to be traded (Best for Josh Smith), and then the chemistry needs to be better (which should improve with Josh and Howard who are close). They don’t need a top PG, just one who can run the offense. That’s been proven through all their championship runs. Personally I think it would be a good thing for them to miss playoffs, and get some rest while planning for the next season.

  144. CoachOfTheYear says:

    Mike D is one trick Pony somehow he got some wins in PHX with Steve Nash, he thinks that works wherever he goes and trying the same thing against all the teams. As a coach you need to understand the palyers talent and coach accordingly. If you have all the talented players and you can’t win, it is very obvious he can’t coach the players effectively… If they cant fire the coach trade all the players let them win somewhere else….

  145. chiliD says:

    Now, let’s take a close look at how the Lakers have performed for the 3 coaches they’ve had this season…Brown? 1-4, Bernie B? 2-1, D’Antoni? 12-20….they should’ve just stuck with Bernie. So, yeah, dump D’Antoni and let Bernie have the team the rest of the year. Then 2 hrs after the Lakers final game of the season (which will obviously be in April, not June) Dr. Buss hopefully will finally realize that he put the wrong kid in charge. Dump Jimmy and turn the reins of the team over to Jeanie…wanna see how fast Phil’s back on the “big chair”? Oh, and let Jerry West consult with Mitch again. Plus, Kobe will never win # 6 without Fisher being a teammate. So, just to have a REAL leader in the locker room, dump Duhon and bring in Fisher…he may not help ON the court, but he’d smooth out the chemistry between the players.

  146. peteymusic says:

    D’Antoni was a mistake from the get go. Everybody knew it. He’s not the right coach for the players the Lakers have. However, Jim Buss is determined to have his way and it’s now obvious he doesn’t have too much basketball sense. The idea that Howard was going to be a bigger, badder Stoudemire is ridiculous. Totally different players. I like Nash, but he’s not the same guy from five or six years ago. Not his fault, he’s getting older. It happens. But first it was Mike Brown. He’s ok. But how was he chosen over Adelman? Oh yeah, Jim Buss was going to show everybody who’s in charge. Management needs to bite the bullet, get rid of Mike D, hire Phil, Brian Shaw, or Rambis. Shaw is the obvious choice He’s won rings for the Lakers and with Kobe. They respect him, and oh yeah, HE WAS PREPED BY PHIL TO BE A HEAD COACH!! Swallow your ignorance Jim Buss and do the right thing. The fans will forgive you for your mistakes, but the first move is yours.

    • purpngold says:

      Well put. The sooner Dantoni leaves town, the better. If he sticks around the Lakers will have one of the worst seasons in franchise history, and it will be all thanks to JIMMY BUSS.

  147. […] …Dwight Howard cleared to playESPNDwight Howard A Child Playing A Man's GameLake Show LifeD'Antoni Isn't Going Anywhere SoonNBA.com (blog)USA TODAY -NBCSports.com -The Atlanticall 536 news […]

  148. Barry says:

    yes it’s time to do what must be done trade in your lakers gear for Clippers gear. Oh of course fire Mike D.

  149. Korrupt Kranium says:

    D. Howard has to go! He’s a disease to any team he goes to..he needs to grow up and just play basketball!

  150. redmisery says:

    Lakers fans, be patient. Winning takes time. It has only been a few months for this team to work it out. As a Clippers fan, we waited 30 something years for a winning record like today. We don’t even have any trophy. Compared to that, Lakers’ situation is not that bad at all.

  151. Bryan says:

    Lakers needs PhilnJackson or some defensive coachnto utilize their bigs Howard and Gasol lakers needs coaching change

  152. 16going417 says:

    Of course they are not going to fire him or buy him out. That would be admitting they made a mistake in hiring him in the first place. Wouldn’t want to do that now would you Jim Buss????? It starts at the top and rolls downhill people.

  153. Kobe is having a MVP type season and you say “fire him”?!?!?! You should be fired!!!!

  154. there are no lakes in l.a. says:

    the lakers are now far more disfunctional than the knicks, funny how d’antoni tends to screw teams up with far superior rosters and his teams consistently underperform (even with suns he never excaped conference finals), you’d think the lakers couldn’t top themselves in crazy moves but they always find a way

  155. dubb says:

    Lakers need to fire D’umb-toni and the Buss family needs to find a smarter owner to run the organization. Mike wasn’t the right fit for the Knicks, you think he is for this championship franchise? I’m a Lakers fan and will always be… Mr. Phil Jackson, PLEASE GIVE MIKE A BASKETBALL 101 COACHING LESSON….

  156. Luiz Santoro says:

    let me see if i got this right….. you hire a coach that is a proven failure and was never able to even make it to the finals when he had the league’s MVP in phoenix and was disaster in new york and you hope he’s make a flawed team a contender???

  157. lonsterthemonster says:

    Sorry to say but you Laker fans are now experiencing what we Knick fans went thru for 3 1/2 years. A stubborn coach who does not hold his players accountable. He does not care a whole lot about defense. He’ll tell the media that they practice it, but just so he can say exactly that. Only when Mike Woodson was brought in as defensive coach did the defense start to improve. When the Knicks fired him, Mike Woodson took the same roster that he could not win with and finished 18-6 to get us to the playoffs. ‘Antoni is proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was a one trick pony in Phoenix. I feel for you Laker Nation! And don’t expect for him to step down either! This guy is way too prideful to do something like that. Despite what the media reported, he was fired by Mr. Dolan, he did not resign.

  158. Fire Him Mike Datoni My First Choose bring back Phil Jackson LA Lakers and My Second Choose Brian Shaw and Jerry Sloan AndMy Thrid Choose Larry Brown and Avery Johnson

  159. my first choose Fire Him Mike Datoni bring back Phil Jackson LA Lakers and My Second Choose Brian Shaw and Jerry Sloan AndMy Thrid Choose Larry Brown and Avery Johnson

  160. my first choose Fire Him Mike Datoni bring back Phil Jackson LA Lakers and My Second Choose Brian Shaw and Jerry Sloan AndMy Thrid Choose Larry Brown and

  161. fire D'antoni says:

    no it’s not crazy at all, we lakers fans hate mike d’antoni. we’re all willing to chip in and pay a portion of his salary to just get him out for good. We need phil jackson. look how many championship he brought to LA? lakers can’t win without him. it’s right chemistry is not there, players were as excited as the fans were, when they thought phil will come back to coach them but instead they hired this guy. Pau gasol to come off the bench? howard only scoring 8 points? wake up jim buss. watch the first spider man movie when uncle philip said” with great power comes great responsibility” watch it 300 times. you have the power but you make stupid decisions. grow up and don’t let others sacrifice to you stupidality.

  162. Michael says:

    it seems like jim buss is trying to ruin the lakers. 😦 the slow way to become charlotte

  163. FIRE TIME says:

    Lakers should fire the person who hired Dantoni

  164. NO ON MIKE D!!! says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MIKE D gotta go. it’s not too crazy. The Lakers owners dont want to admit that they abandoned fans’ request for PHIL when we were chantinig for PHIL durig many games before they hired MIKE D. Not only they abandoned fans’ request, they also hired the wrong coach. They dont want to admit that they were wrong. They have to waste more money to get rid of Mike D to make up to their fans. When Phil used to coach, one or two players injured didnt seem to affect winning stats. Now every time somebody injured the team loses games. This season is over, but if next season like that too, the Lakers wont have many fans buying merchandise and tickets to the game. They better think carefully!

  165. Victor says:

    No, Fran. I for one don´t think it would be too crazy for the Lakers to bounce a second coach in the same season.

  166. Noctivagante says:

    I think that the Lakers management must recognize their mistake and get rid of D’Antoni as soon as possible.
    Lakers’ Nash is not Suns’ Nash. D’Antoni is not a good fit on that Lakers roster.

    • purpngold says:

      Jimmy Buss should learn from his Pops, handle the Lakers as a business man and let all the player bball operations be handled by Mitch. Dr. Buss did just that, he trusted his GMs, that’s why the Lakers won. Jerry West as the GM did wonders for the Lakers, Dr. Buss wasnt out there appointing coaches for his team. He just let the man do his job and he did his, gave the seal of approval and signed the checks..

  167. Meh says:

    Hire a random D-league coach.

  168. wiseymo says:

    I think Bickerstaff can take charge, having 2 wins this season. And for me, I should change my starters for Gasol, Jamison, World Peace, Bryant and Nash. D-12 needs to seat for a while to realize and put his big pants on! :p

  169. Max says:

    Lakers with “yet” another Coach changed? I think upper management realize, just as O’Bama supporters did in 2008. O’Bama/D’Antoni each bought into an already disaster situation! How best to clean up a “shinking ship”? That takes time,$$$, seperate out all the good intended advice,knowing IT WILL NOT BE EASY! Lakers have so many older players and NO system can be ingrained into players that have tried it in so many different systems. Two Great Centers that had been the best in their own arena? Well, then to play in “Kobe Land”. That cannot be easy. Quacking about wanting Phil Jackson back? Forget it, Phil knew when to leave the Lakers and “RETIRE”! Phil would only CONSIDER an upper managment/Owner position for any NBA team. Phil is a smart man, reads all the comments, the laughs all the way to the bank.Lakers have to rebuild, NO system, NO new Coach and yes, must have Players that can play with Kobe. Until he is in a wheelchair, Kobe Bryant will always be the leader on any Laker’s basketball court. Fans in Laker Land come to see Kobe play win OR lose. Fact is a Fact!
    Owner’s are aware that the two bigs do not work together! P.Gasol has proven he can share the Center, but is he still able to perform at a Super Star level? Now D.H. can leave in April and look to Brooklyn, but what DH does not realize, Brklyn. has seen his performance with Orlando and now with the Lakers! DH. has also become injury prone! The NBA is a JOB! Not all fun and games, and Players soon realzie one bad year and up on the trading block they will see their name. Do not think D.W,/B.Lopez would welcome DH with open arms in Brooklyn!
    Knicks might consider giving the Laker’s the very best defensive big,in Tyson Chandler and a couple of decent Bench players. Otherwise, Lakers may trade away P.Gasol, then DH will LEAVE. So best the Owners take care of DH while he is still under contract. Plain and Simple. Good Math should show Buss, now is the time to deal DH. Later he will not belong to the Lakers and Lakers could end up wiht 0! DH will Leave!

  170. joey says:

    FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER……….GOT HIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • purpngold says:

      JImmy Buss is the problem. He is as stubborn as DAntoni. He is trying to prove to Daddy he can handle the job. He should have listened to Mitch and gone along with Adleman as the coach. Instead he wants to act like he knows all about basketball and chooses DAntoni. Jim, stick to doing your job and let Mitch do his, or take him off the payroll.

  171. Mitchell says:

    Yes. The coach can only do so much. Sometimes the players need to man up and play. They’re getting millions of dollars to put a ball in a hole, grow up and stick with it.

  172. Charlie says:

    Mike needs to adjust his coaching. If he can’t do that…get rid of him

    • apexofkryptos says:


      Mike D has never adjusted ANYTHING, or, for that matter even COACHED anything. Even in his best years in Phoenix, he had one strategy 48 minutes per game, 82 games per year. Fortunately for him, it worked because the players were particularly well suited to the tempo until they got burned out. They were also selfless players, which you cannot say about the Lakers. Even back then I wondered how he landed coach of the year. He literally did nothing but stand there and watch his players score enough points to win that year. I laughed then, laughed louder when the Knicks took him, and then even louder when the Lakers took him. Probably the worst coach in the NBA, because he is not even a coach. How do you expect Kobe to respond to him when his entire strategy is just “go out there and play as fast as you can.”

      Anybody that thought D’Antoni would be good for the Lakers was blind. Now hopefully they can see the truth. D’Antoni is a joke, and now the Lakers are too. 90% of the real coaches in the league could have had that team humming by now. Not Mike… and he never will.

  173. Like A SomEbooDEE says:

    The offense isn’t a problem. It’s the defense.

  174. purpngold says:

    So I guess we can now completely throw this season out the window. Jimmy Boo Boo and DAntoni, what a combo! Lets see who is the biggest loser. One of them will have to go first. Which one will it be? The owner’s darling son or the unproven coach.

  175. dj rgm9 says:

    Let all fan’s do some voting about the target ‘D’Antoni’; Staying or Dumping !

  176. purpngold says:

    It’s not crazy, that’s exactly what the Lakers need to do. Get rid of the plague called DAntoni. He has never won anything with or w/o Nash. Jimmy Buss is as stubborned as the coach he hired. How much losing will it take?, how much hardship must the city endure? This is LA. We win in LA. Losing is not acceptable. As they say, it all starts at the top, and with Jimmy at the helm and the Lakers losing, I guess that makes Jimmy a loser. We are in deep sh…

    • whitemamba69 says:

      stop complaing about hardships because the lakers havent even expeirenced a hardship for one year which is nothing compared to most teams. a lot of lakers fans need to open their eyes and realize that maybe kobe isnt that leader that can produce a supercaliber team. lebron did it with no help in clev under mike brown.btw one of his rings was rigged for against the kingsand a ref admitted to it so dont lie and the last championship was won due to the fact that artest fisher and gasol bailed him out from shooting his way to failing. not to mention that perkins got hurt. the championship against the magic was pathetic becuase bynum and gasol were gauding howard which was who the entire offense ran through. so before i get spammed by angry laker fans please after yall make exscuses dont say “you dont know nothing about bball” because its one of the most tiring line to make yall sound smart

      • anthony says:

        None of the championships were rigged a ref can do but so much as far as that is concerned, the game came down to a last second shot if he missed it then what? Also a hardship for us laker fans is being less than 4th at the allstar break. Some teams just haven’t won enough or have a winning culture. Also Kendrick Perkins injury definitely isn’t why the Lakers beat boston in that series either. Game 6 was a blowout and game 7 boston was leading most of the game and actually had a double digit lead in the 4th. The Celtics went about 5 mins without scoring a basket. As much as you say Gasol and Artest bailed Kobe out, where was Gasol before he came to LA? What about Ron Artest? Exactly and that Magic championship was sheer dominance. Its not our fault that Lebron couldn’t beat that team and make it to the finals to play us. I’m not making excuses because this is indeed a bad season to watch but your facts are way off.

      • kb24 says:

        u r low IQ bball wannabe!

      • Satish Jha says:

        You make a great point, these laker fan don’t know jack curry about basketball

      • purpngold says:

        Look fake Whitemanba, you and your team along with your city might be used to losing, but here in LA we are used to winning, simple as that. Any losing season, even if it happens once every ten years is a hardship for us. We dont need to go on a several losing season streak to finally call it a hardship. You might, but not us. Your team might not even have a super star, we have plenty and so we expect to win. Go crawl back to your tiny market city and rejoice in your hardship.. quit your whining about why LA wins so much and your team doesnt.

      • Lakers R just Fine says:

        Lebron did what in Cleveland, De only thing he did is bail out of Cleveland, He Had a good Players and Wasn’t able to win a Championship, He won in Miami because the experiance Miami had, and Wade already had a Ring, He is everated.

      • LA Dwight says:

        touche. where was gasol before he came to LA? how was kobe before gasol came to LA? demanding to be traded? how about ron artest? didn’t houston give LA a tough time in the playoffs? and while boston was playing well enough, two seven-footers are just too difficult to overcome. not impossible but difficult. give credit where credit is due. basketball is a team sport

  177. dj rgm9 says:

    It isn’t good news at all , the nightmare continue ! Wrong script for the Lakers!

  178. LabMonkey says:

    It is so messed up for the Lakers this year. Add to this the season the Clippers are having and it’s a nightmare!

  179. John Keach says:

    If they want to fire the “real” coach, fire Kobe. He thinks he runs the team. He is the pronlem.

    • kobe says:

      the problem is jim buss and mith kupchak..they got rid of shannon brown for steve blake ..got fid of matt barnes…instead of getting phil they hired dantoni whos system does not fit this laker team..his system uses no post players ..phils does..u know nothing about bball

      • anthony says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth, I don’t even have to elaborate. You can have as many good players as you want but if you don’t utilize their gifts and talents its a waste of time and you’ll get nothing out of it. As far as the system is concerned there has to be a change because he doesn’t have the personnel to operate his fast paced offense that hasn’t won him any championships.

      • pakyaw says:

        im gonna bet that CAVALIERS will have a better record than the LAKERS this season….PLACE YOUR BET..PLACE YOUR BET..just let me know…

    • Dr Soccer says:

      Phil Jackson is not the answer. You will need 12 psychologists to heal this team or rebuild it from scratch.
      Not sure how a team with C and PF like Howard and Gasol with a brilliant PG such Nash can not figure out how to do a simple Pick N Roll. Come on. Is that a coach decision or they just like to call their own routines?

      I have never seen the Lakers get beaten this way.

      • kb24 says:

        i would rather see lakers play without the coach coz they are talented enough to figure out what play to utilize,,

  180. It is too crazy for the Lakers NOT to bounce a second coach in the same season?

    • Scott The Magician says:

      footballcluber says:
      January 25, 2013 at 1:06 pm
      It is too crazy for the Lakers NOT to bounce a second coach in the same season?

      I agree….they have to get a coach who isnt as soft mentally as dantoni and someone who will control the team and not let kobe single handedly ruin the entire team.
      Kobes selfishness has become a strong cancer on that team in past years.
      I need to say no more then:
      They have SUPERMAN and he gets 8 shots a game. screw loyalty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let Kobe go and build around DWIGHT!!
      Dwight is the future now, if kobe cant ego a lesser role ala vince carter, J kidd, malone with lakers, shaq with everyone, then cut kobe and build around Dwight
      Enough is enough

      • Jordan says:

        In the Lakers vs Memphis game the other day, Steve Nash started out with a first quarter of 5 turnovers and Dwight (Superman?) started out 0 for 4 before leaving the game cuz his shoulder hurt (very tough, practically superman). Meanwhile, Kobe starts out 7 for 9 as the only Laker gettin it done… and you say he is the problem? As a Center and player often referred to as Superman, if Dwight gets 4 shots he should make at least 3. If he was dominating, Kobe would definately be feeding him every chance he gets. Besides, if Howard were a real Superman like Shaq, he would get his even with Kobe shooting all day because Shaq knew how to set the tone as a big man in the locker room and on the court. Dwight needs to take some notes.

      • miguel says:

        scottie is 100% right I can agree with you more bro!!!!

      • Sally says:

        Oh, I couldn’t agree more, you hit the nail right on the head, it is not the coach, it’s the locker room chemistry that is keeping them from winning, and it all starts with “Mr. Wonderful” Kobe Bryant. When he leaves the picture your team will begin to win again. They have let him run amuck and run his mouth to menipulate everybody. If the truth were known, I would bet a 50 that not too many of the team like him. It doesn’t give them much incentive when he gets all the credit.

      • Josh says:

        Are you stupid? There isn’t a good center in this league anymore. The age of big men is over. (Offensively, anyway) There is a reason that Kobe Bryant is having (statistically) one of his best seasons in the NBA, even though he is in his 18th season. Both Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum were burdens to the Lakers outside of rebounding well.

      • Silence I'll kill u says:

        @Jordan, maybe u forget to include the 3 previous games? kobe is taking bunches of shots,. Like 32 fga and missed 22 of them. Then yesterday u ddnt mention, he took 23 shots and missed 10. kobe really needs to give up his ego and let nash be the leader and circulate the game. thats the solution to their problem.

      • KC says:

        Intending no disrespect to Dwight, but even before he injured his shoulder recently he’s been playing all season like he’s still hurt. Coming off back surgery, that’s not really a surprise. I’m glad he’s taking his time, but he’s not exactly playing well. He hasn’t been the defensive presence that we really needed inside and he’s not grabbing boards at the rate we’re accustomed to seeing from him.

        Look, Dwight’s moving like he’s still hurt. The fact is, if he keeps missing shots, fumbling the ball, and missing free throws, he can’t be relied upon, especially not in the fourth quarter.

      • kb24 says:

        why don’t u look at the whole picture with Kb on the bench and D12 on the bloch with no effort . he might not be 100% but at least show some effort in playing the game.D12 can’t even catch a freakin ball in the post and if ever he catches it,either a turnover or awkward shot..
        stat is showing low FGA on d12 coz most of the time he gets fouled and not converting..

      • big g says:

        i totally aggree with JORDAN
        and disaggree siwth scottie
        hey scottie – Kobes’ selfishness cancer got them 5 championships
        think about that – i think its a benevolent cancer

      • Scott The Magician says:

        OK “BIG G”
        Last night Kobe scored 14 pts….had 14 ast and 9 rbs (remarkable game)
        and what do you know the lakers won….
        funny how that works eh “BIG G”???
        when you play as a team you win..who wudda thought that wud end up working…..

      • cheesemix says:

        Scott Kobe is a SG.. that being said that’s not his main responsibility. His job is to run the floor, play defense on their best perimiter scorer and in his case lead the team. Is he doing that? Who are we to judge.. their record says NO but any SG who is able to get 14 AST in a game should be praised and team should win…. Not very many can do that tho. And please tell me how many other shooting guards average close to 5 asts for their career and are still playing? Point being if LA was winning nobody would be talking trash… Since they are not its kobes fault… 5 RINGS speak for themselves

      • Carl says:

        Let’s review: Dwight gets the ball. Gets fouled, goes to the line, misses free throws. Other people shoot and miss. Kobe goes 4-5 and is the only person keeping them in games…and he’s the problem…All right.

    • cameron villeral says:

      Jim buss is delusional.
      Mike NO “D” antoni.
      It has been said by his own former players in NYK that he has No defensive schemes.
      Mike D’Antoni QUIT last year and he is doing the same.
      What a couple of Idiots.

    • Joey says:

      I was one of the crowd hoping for the return of Phil Jackson. Phil’s successes have proven him the best NBA coach of all time to me. He has experience with dealing with big egos. He even dealt with Shaq and Kobe together. I’m sure he could have led this team to a winning season. However, I think Phil needed some control over the team (including the roster), and that upper management guards jealously their control – at least that’s my impression. It will be ironic if Phil is persuaded to coach another team and leads them to a winning season.

      I always thought Dantoni was a poor choice. He has around 47% wins over his coaching career? He’s living up to my expectations and not getting the job done.

      There seems to be a lot of Kobe haters. He shoots a lot, but he makes a lot too. He has a field goal percentage of 45.6%, three points at 35.2% and free throws at 83.8%. The Lakers need such offense. However, both Gasol and Howard could be used together for some awesome post play – in a system other than Dantoni.

      More than offense, they need defense. They need TEAM defense. That alone could turn things around for them.

    • phife1 says:

      DUDE Dwight is a Bum. Great physical Talent but he does not know how to play basektball. He gets his self in foul trouble is the worst free throw shooter in the L and has NO , NO post moves. BUM!!! WHat we are seeing is two great player light showing us that Dwight is no better than Samuel dalembert and that is real. He is not even one of the top five center in the NBA on a skill level. M. Gasol , LaMarcus, Tyson, KG, Noah, ALL > Dwight.. Footballcluber you should stick to Football.

    • daniel.b says:

      either trade Dwight or fire mike d’antoni, simple as that.. your either dismishing gasols athleticism by making him a bench player or screwing the team by playing 2bigs who are suspose to get the ball everyplay… my money is on gasol, he can shoot FTs, 3PTs, make the jumpshots and can play above normal defense where Dwight is either hot or cold, period…. this is such a head scratcher on why the lakers aren’t doing anything if they say they want to win now