L.A. Recovery Wouldn’t Be Unprecedented

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The ditch is just a little bit deeper this morning.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fourth straight game on Wednesday. They’re now 12-20 under Mike D’Antoni, 5-11 since Steve Nash‘s return, and a brutal 2-10 in January.

The Lakers are just four games out of eighth place, but they’re eight games under .500. If you assume that it will take 45 wins to make the playoffs in the Western Conference, the Lakers would need to finish the season 28-12 to get there.

The good news is that neither the 21-21 Portland Trail Blazers (who had lost six straight before beating the Pacers on Wednesday) nor the 22-22 Houston Rockets (who have lost eight of their last nine) are playing well, so it might not take 45 wins to get in.

The other good news is that it’s not unprecedented for a 17-25 team to turn its season around and make the postseason, even in the Western Conference.

The last team to do it in the West was the 2004-05 Denver Nuggets, who were 17-25 under Jeff Bzdelik and interim coach Michael Cooper. Then they brought in George Karl, who led them to a 32-8 record over their last 40 games.

At 49-33, those Nuggets were the No. 7 seed in the West, and they got knocked out in the first round (4-1) by the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs.

According to Elias, here are the last five teams to make the playoffs in the West after a 17-25 start or worse

Season Team First 42 Last 40 Total Seed Playoffs
2004-05 Denver 17-25 32-8 49-33 7 Lost in 1st round, 4-1
1996-97 Phoenix 15-27 25-15 40-42 7 Lost in 1st round, 3-2
1996-97 L.A. Clippers 17-25 19-21 36-46 8 Lost in 1st round, 3-0
1985-86 Sacramento 16-26 21-19 37-45 7 Lost in 1st round, 3-0
1983-84 Kansas City 17-25 21-19 38-44 8 Lost in 1st round, 3-0

The ’04-05 Nuggets are the only team above that finished with a winning record. The other four benefited from a weaker conference and/or a league with fewer teams. And really, the Lakers’ chances of making the playoffs depend a lot on how well the Rockets and Blazers finish the season.

Portland’s record is already inflated. They’re 21-21, but have the point differential of an 18-24 team. And they also have the hardest remaining schedule of the three.

Remaining schedules

Team Home Away B2B OppW OppL PCT Avg. NetRtg
Houston 19 19 8 802 791 0.503 -.4
L.A. Lakers 19 21 7 837 834 0.501 -.2
Portland 19 21 7 907 767 0.542 +1.2

NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

The Lakers’ schedule and Rockets’ schedule are about even. And get this: They play each other in L.A. on the final night of the regular season.

Before we get there, though, the Lakers need to turn their season around. And we’ve yet to see any evidence that they can.


  1. Chris says:

    trade gasol for a shooting PF or athletic PF

  2. Nash fan says:

    LAKERS will make the PLAYOFFS 😥 It’s gonna be tough! BUT I STILL BELIEVE 😥 LET’S GO LAKERS! GO STEVE NASH!!

  3. Eaglos says:

    This team is a pain to watch. It is irrelevant how many all star players
    they have if they cannot put together a nice performance. It is not
    about losing, it is about how you lose.

    Team 1994-1996 was a dead case from the very start but even though
    that we knew that we would be eliminated by San Antonio in second
    round, it did not matter. That team was a joy to watch, Divac, Ceballos,
    Jones, Van Exel they did their best and gave us a nice show.

    Today’s team is not even close to that. No chemistry, appalling performance
    and no signs of recovering.

  4. locoeye says:

    its funny how people say dwade loosing his talents and not scoring enough, this is the reason why he’s not scoring 25-30pts a game. he sacrifes his shot so his teamates can make some that a smart basketball player. I think if kobe can realize that they might just crack the 8th seed

  5. HeatKingsofEast says:

    y only the rockets and portland? so we just not include mavs and minnesota? what a dumb article. and if you didn’t know. there are 4 teams above lakers. not 2. to make it to the 8th seed. stupid!

  6. NED says:

    Some say that it’s shortsighted to blame the coach alone…after all it’s all team work. right?
    Yes…but NO. Ultimately, I believe, it is the CHEMISTRY that gets the job done.
    When things are really not working in a team it is a combination of quality and chemistry, but CHEMISTRY remains the

    most important ingredient.

    A team of ‘average’ players with great chemistry, of coach and players, has a greater chance of winning the

    championship than a team of ‘great’ players with lower chemistry.

    D’Antony may be a ‘great’ coach but the chemistry is CLEARLY NOT there.
    Every ‘great’ coach should know that stirring the existing team’s chemistry ‘negatively’ makes it nearly impossible

    to ‘patch up’.
    When a team loses its original ‘composure’, be it players or coach, it is the players who stay behind that can help

    restore the team, integrating the new members, players or coach.

    A new coach who comes in ignoring that, trying to create a team of winners simply by following his booklet of

    strategies must be lucky to have players who support him and believe in him from the start…but what happens when

    some of those KEY PLAYERS (original players, like Gasol) are discounted or treated as trainees when they don’t seem

    to fit in the coach’s style of play? Yes, the player not only gets upset, but he loses confidence in his game…and

    that loss of confidence spreads like the flu among the other players. The sphere is not ‘pleasant’ anymore.
    There is stress, which is felt by every single player.
    That stress affects the body as well, that’s why players suffer injuries much easier under this circumstances (check

    it out).
    The best way to make winners is by making BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES, giving them the feeling that every single game is a

    chance to show off what they are capable of…whether they win or lose…it is SHOWTIME!

    A new coach who introduces himself by TRUSTING the base of the team (the ‘old’ players) has an advantage…the best start possible. It is now up to the quality of his players and the ability of the coach to motivate his team into WANTING TO PLAY for the sake of SHOWTIME.

  7. kb says:

    trade gasol for kris humphries and gerald wallace or trade dwight for brooke lopez and wallace/humphries..maybe gasol for josh smith. the lakers needs more defensive players because their coach just cannot get the deal done

  8. LAKERS says:

    Lakers should’ve kept Bernie Bickerstaff as coach he went on a good run and help the Lakers win 4 out of 5 and they still didnt have nash as i recall. so get Bernie back it’ll help.

  9. Dwade says:

    no other than ballhug crocodile kobe to be traded…. he is the problem…. the result of selfish game makes the disastrous and idiotinize laker positioning in the West….
    Can u imagine that? the trade should be initiated by kobe himself… have mercy to the franchise mr. ballhug…
    Trade him to a SG who is averaging 50 percent above shooting in 15-17 shots a game…
    No more talk… its period…. so that the trying hard coffeecut fans will be energized….
    SonOB LA fans…

  10. Gee says:


  11. J Smoove and Korver 4 D12 says:

    Gasol should stay, if they can get Sessions, Shannon Brown and Ariza back that’ll be good.

  12. specialfriedrice says:

    If Kobe is sooo good…why isnt he carrying this ‘useless and injury plagued’ to wins…over rated much??? enjoy the early off season Laker fans…

  13. Dwade says:

    no other than ballhug crocodile kobe to be traded…. he is the problem…. the result of selfish game makes the disastrous and idiotinize laker positioning in the West….
    Can u imagine that? the trade should be initiated by kobe himself… have mercy to the franchise mr. ballhug…
    Trade him to a SG who is averaging 50 percent above shooting in 15-17 shots a game…
    No more talk… its period…. so that the trying hard coffeecut fans will be energized….

  14. San says:

    Well. Lakers are done for this season, unless otherwise Phil or Charectar takes over the coaching. D’A does not know what he is doing, and spreading the same feeling from him into his palyers. Feel very soory for lakers and their fans including me.

  15. bigwes95 says:

    i like how the last team to do it was 8 years ago and he’s acting like it was a couple. and the ONLY reason that happened was because of george karl. karl is way above d’antoni as a coach, and d’antoni is overrated, but also underrated. and don’t pick on the blazers and rockets, because both team have already won the lakers and are going to get better in the next few years. the lakers aren’t going to make it due to the fact they can’t get any chemistry going, having coaches that try using systems for younger teams, players not playing up to expectation, and the owner is being as stupid as you can be right now by thinking you’re going to win just because they have an awesome starting line-up. the starting line up isn’t what wins championships, it’s the bench that wins it. miami had people coming off the bench and hitting 3’s, and OKC lost because the best bench player in teh league didn’t do his job coming off the bench. THE BENCH WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIPS! get a good bench!

  16. Kobe should ask LeBron how he shoots 15 shots a game and scores 30 compared to kobe shooting 30 shots and only scoring 30 which anyone in the nba that would shoot 30 shots would endup scoring 50 but not kobe. The man is such a ball hog selfish player..give it up your career is done!

  17. roy says:

    Lakers = bobcats FULL STOP

  18. abbas says:

    laker is old team they young legs to run kobe his time is up

  19. going for da gold says:

    o well it is about time kobe misses the playoffs anyways.. i bet on the Knicks vs Clippers in the finals

  20. It’s not about the choaching. It’s Lakers player who mess top every play. Including “go Down Home” aka D12. Trade him and
    keep Pau. Pau will be fit for Smith if he come and play with kobe and Pau.

  21. A.K says:

    Dwight and Gasol are flat out the problem in LA, just look at the point in the paint the other teams scores, look at dwights and gasols turnovers, career lows in rebounds, and ontop of all that Dwight doesnt even wanna talk about the problems with kobe??? please trade dwight for deandre jordan and eric bledsoe cause that is on the table right now, even better send him to the worst team in the league he is going to leave anyway.

  22. Before the Memphis game, probability of the Lakers making the playoffs was 5.9%:

    After yesterday’s game, probability is now 4.6% !!!

  23. Kb24 says:

    We’ll go to nowhere with D’Antoni, btw it dosn’t matter, even if we will end at the 8th seed, we’ll be out after the first round. Wasted season.
    We have to learn by our mistakes. Jim Buss has to be blamed more than everyone. I hope KD will take what he deserves, in this moment he’s the best in the business

  24. KB24 says:

    There is still some hope!! for the Lakers!

  25. Should've been Phil says:


  26. Should've been Phil says:

    fire d’ antoni now and get phi or shaw or sloan and they’ll make it..

  27. TheNextCoach says:

    Lakers should hire me as the next coach. I am highly qualified. I won a championship with the Lakers on NBA 2k13 with no changes to the lineup!

  28. Game Time says:

    Trade Howard for McGee. I’m not even joking about this.

  29. zygis says:

    Camon just trade your couch not anny player then you will se the result

  30. LakersFaLIfe says:

    The Coach doesn’t deserve all of the blame, but most of it!! Even though this is a man’s league, the players still feel the need to believe in what the coach is teaching!! The Lakers should be slowing the game WAY DOWN!!! If Dwight doesn’t want to sign with LA, then how about Josh Smith and Jeff Teague for D!2? Don’t play his games about where he wants to play!! Make him commit or bounce!!! LakersFaLife ya dig?

  31. Bryan says:

    SAD….. poor lakers will never beat the likes of OKC and SA!

  32. James says:

    Kobe, go to the Clippers. The Lakers are killing poor Kobe, i hate to see a legend go down like this . . . i don’t even like the Lakers!

  33. Simon says:

    If somehow Lakers could get a point guard like Rajon Rondo and that would turn things around! Big time!! Nash is too old and the energy is too low!

  34. CelticsFan says:

    now i understand why Schuhmann always has a bad opinion about the Celtics…the guy is a sick Laker Fan!!

  35. Paul says:

    Can we got some articles on my WARRIORS!

  36. JimD54 says:

    The only thing wrong with the Lakers is that he refs are no longer helping them, they’re helping LeBron now, the refs choose the winners of the NBA titles these days all at Sterns behest, the NBA is the WWF without the ring, LeBron is just like Kobe use to be, he can play all game running over everyone on the floor and only commit 1 foul a game……NBA it’s not basketball, it’s show biz…….

  37. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are done. Their fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and their careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first rond pick or picks. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him before its too late. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take all of the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done

  38. bryan says:

    Lakers needs Phil Jackson or some defensive coach to utilize their strengths their bigs Pau and Howard plz change the coach lakers its not working its very clear

  39. Realistic says:

    So do people still think that Spoelstra is a bad coach when he went to two straight finals with 2 future hall of famers and no bench at all in the first year or can some of the people still stuck in a bubble finally admit that LeBron is a better leader and player than Kobe?

  40. BugaWuga says:

    Lakers are done!
    D12 isn’t a shade of his former self!
    Gasol dosen’t want to play for the Lakers anymore!
    Nash is playing 15% of what he used to play!
    MWP is useless!
    Kobe is too selfish and is totaly lost without Fisher and Pjax for guide him!
    Lakers bench is a totally waste of money!
    Mike D’Antoni is the worst active coach in the NBA!
    Lakers won’t make to the playoffs!
    D12 won’t go anywhere cause he isn’t worth the money, and the trouble anymore!
    Lakers will keep loosing until Jim Buss steps down

  41. Tyrone says:

    So based on history they can make the playoffs and get kicked out in the first round… great.

  42. LakerFanButKobeHater says:

    the teamwork of lakers can’t be established as long as Kobe demands the ball more often. he should realize that he is not any more at the peak of his career. his shooting percentage is worst. he is forcing his shots a lot instead of setting up a play creating a shot with his team mates. maybe his focus is to gain more points so that he can still be in the list of scoring leaders without realizing that he is just being self fish. if kobe wants to score by himself then he should not be lined up with star players like howard, nash, gasol, metta so that the play of the game is always for Kobe. Kobe should retire after this season so that lakers can be called everybody’s team not kobe’s team.

  43. killuabest says:

    Kick Dumbtoni !!!..let the players play themselves out..it would be better without him.Let Dumbtoni sweep d floor, sell ticket instead, surely laker fans will love it.

  44. Ezekiel says:

    They just need Phil Jackson back that it. It’s that simple. 13 rings says it all.

  45. Dobril says:

    No chances for the Lakers to reach the play-offs without firing Mike D`Antoni. He is totally ruining the great team!

  46. Brandon says:

    Another day…another HTB about the Lakers miseries…boooooooring. Just to let you know, there are 29 other teams in the league…with the majority of them playing a lot better basketball than the Lakers.

  47. Game Time says:

    So you’re saying the Lakers can turn this thing around with a new(er) coach, and then get knocked out of the 1st round by the Spurs?

  48. Wilt #13 says:

    Im a Heat fan and when I saw the lakers getting Nash and Howard I was scared to death.
    Now im laughing at myself for thinking this would happen.
    My opinion is that its all kobe’s fault.
    I mean the guy is one of the top 10 players in the NBA history but he shoots like 40 shoots a game and rarly makes half of them.
    You have the best Point Gaurd in the NBA history,The best Center in the NBA,And one of the best post players in Pau gasol.
    He needs to give up everything he did his whole carrier and not be the main player to score 25+.
    If Nash does his magic with the Ex-Magic player in howard I think they can go for a 20 Win streak!
    But its again goes to kobe…. Do you agree to give up the ball and let steve nash be the guy to have the ball in the first 36 Minutes?

  49. N says:

    Lakers are done ,it is all dwigt fault

  50. RSS vs RSS says:

    I can only imagine, hope and pray that the Lakers turn things real quick and be back on the winning side. Is it possible? of course it’s the NBA where things happens, I mean the same way we dealing with injuries, trades rumors and coaching style other teams face similar situation(s) I mean the Mavs, Wolves, Rockets and Blazers are fighting for that 8 spot. As far as the Lakers goes to making it in the playoffs take changes from GM to coach to players. The GM needs to visualize what is best for the team and stop the trade rumors if there’s none, The coach needs to utilize the players the way that suits the team best instead of a system which deteriorate them and the players need to go out there, do what they do best and win games bottom line the Lakers need to get it together asap if they wish to make the playoffs; time is of the essence here……….. Lakers all day everyday

  51. Buratz says:

    Dallas is better than Lakers, most Dallas losses came from Ovbertime and close games . Even Dirk Nowitzki is still recovering Six players in Dallas consistently scores in double figures.. Dallas has more chances to be in play-offs.

  52. peeps says:

    why not write a copule articles a week about the Kings or Hornets struggles, they have about the same record as the Lakers … I love seeing them lose, this is hilarious.

  53. abchome says:

    If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t work without changes. Denver had a new coach, what would the Lakers had? The return of Steve Blake?

  54. Mr. Guy says:

    If the best chance the lakers have is to make the 8th seed and lose in the first round, that’s really not much of a victory

  55. MichaelS says:

    So, the things got even worse after Nash return.

  56. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    When will people start talking about GOOD teams?

  57. and1baller says:

    If they can just change the coach that will work with their strenghs and talents. Bring in Dan MARLIE.. They defiantley need a fresh start. SUre the Busses will be critize again for not bringing in Phil, but they need a new coach. Just like Kobe said.. This aint working..

  58. TheTruth says:

    People keep talking about the Coach being a problem. Lakers and Laker fans need to stop having excuses. You have 4 Hall of Famers. They cant win? Its the players fault. D’Antoni isn’t in the court missing shots or turning the ball over.

    • CeeGee says:

      Look, it’s the coach’s system that they’re playing. Let us not forget Antonia never got Nash to a title and he had no clue what to do with Melo and Amare and do you see these guys struggling now? He is a “coach”, you do have to do a job of what you’re paid for and that is to “coach” these guys on how to play together and how to win. Since when can two 7 footers not play TOGETHER!!! If the coach sees something is not working, the he “coaches” them to make adjustments. Antonia does not know what the hell he’s doing? He’s got players with touchy feelings and enormorous egos … he has to “coach” them on how to play together once they hit the court. That’s exactly what Phil did with Jordan and Pippen and then again with Kobe and Shaq!! It’s called coaching!!!!!!

  59. Peja says:

    Fire D`Anthony, and let them play. Nash has 5-6 apg, and Howard 6-7 fga, Gasol on bench and Jameson not playing… that is nonsense!

  60. BJ says:

    its a done deal with the Lakers for the simple fact that there are too many teams in the West that are simply too strong. The Lakers would have to beat the Clippers, OKC, SA and GSW to be contenders and thats not going to happen unless all these teams run in to season threatening injuries from their top key players.

    We can only hope fr the Lakers…..

  61. TheTruth says:


  62. nbafanhere says:

    but don’t forget about the mavs,jazz and wolves yet they still have a better record than the lakers, mavs is playing consistently now because of dirk’s return and jazz is also playing surprisingly good.. there is still luck on the lakers because love is injured and rockets and blazers are currently struggling.. but LA won’t make it to the playoffs IMO… look at their brutal schedule plus even if they do it’s an automatic first round elimination which is BAD for a team with FOUR superstars.. I can still remember the LA fans saying they would beat the Thunder,Heat,Spurs,Clippers with ease.. and now they just want to grab that 7th or 8th seed. HAHAHAHA! silly lakers fans.

  63. nbafanhere says:

    but don’t forget about the mavs,jazz and wolves yet they still have a better record than the lakers, mavs is playing consistently now because of dirk’s return and jazz is also playing surprisingly good.. there is still luck on the lakers because love is injured and rockets and blazers are currently struggling.. but LA won’t make it to the playoffs IMO… look at their brutal schedule plus even if they do it’s an automatic first round elimination which is BAD for a team with FOUR superstars..

  64. Vum says:

    Stop talkin’ ’bout the Lakers, seriously.
    Mavs are in the same spot (or where in a way worse spot just six games ago) and are climbing the ladder up faster than the Lakers (who are rather falling than climbing)…

  65. theholyspectator says:

    ughmm yea..i dont think they gonna turn it around…not unless mike dantoni wises up and ditches his style and uses the “common sense” system….which we know he wont so…RIP 2012-2013 season..and dwight..hes gonna walk out there…

  66. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Wow, all this optimism even after Dwight Howard injured himself again yesterday against Memphis. Trade rumors surrounding Gasol. The more points Bryant scores, the less successful the Lakers are. This is a trend I don’t see changing.

    If Phoenix can play like they did yesterday in a victory at the Kings, I predict they will defeat the Lakers either 3 times or 2 out of 3 times. They play Phoenix 3 times within the next 2 weeks or so. Once Phoenix (with a refreshing new coach) disposes of the Lakers, FINALLY, this ridiculous Laker drama will be over and we can move on! Phoenix most definitely SHOULD be the nail in the coffin to seal off the Lakers and any farfetched comebacks they can only dream about.

    Based on Schuhmann’s logic, you can argue Dallas has an even BETTER chance to make this so-called precedented (but extremely rare) comeback. With Dirk steadily returning, Dallas is WAY BETTER than the Lakers now.

    Oh, but of course the Laker Lover Schuhmann wants to focus on the Lakers instead. The Lakers will finish #12 – #15 once this season is over. Actually, I’m starting to think they will finish #15 if the Phoenix Suns can get it going. The sooner Schuhmann accepts the Lakers plummeting somewhere toward the bottom, the less time he’ll waste praying hopelessly for the Lakers. 😀

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Schuhmann can try to pick on Portland and Houston, if he wishes. Not wise. Teams like this are poised to vie for playoff spots throughout the second-half. As quickly as they can get on a losing streak, they can just as quickly go on a winning streak. Just watch. They’ve already proven this inconsistent yet resilient nature throughout the first-half. Portland and Houston will continue to prove they’re capable of either being a .500 team or a slightly above .500 team.

      In a recent post-game interview, Kobe Bryant had no answers. One-word answers to reporters’ questions alluding to how his team can get better or why they are struggling. He and the Lakers are clueless.

      It’s like: “Can the Lakers be a playoff team?” Answer: “No.”
      “Can the Lakers lose 50 games this season?” Answer: “Yes.”
      “Do you know when you’ll win another game?” Answer: “I don’t know.”

  67. WonderBoy says:

    What about Dallas and Minnesota? those teams are ahead of the Lakers right now too. It’s like 5 teams fighting for the 8th spot right now. The Lakers will not make the playoffs with their current roster, I know that for a fact. the only way Lakers can recover their season is to make roster changes through trades.

    • Lakersfan says:

      The only change the Lakers need to make is the Coach, He is the biggest reason why Howard and Gasol aren’t succesfull playing together, Bynum and Gasol were able to play well together, I don’t see any reason why Howard and Gasol can’t. The only reason we can salvage the season is letting D’Antoni go and have Bernie Bickerstaff finish the season, and star new season with Bernie or get Phill back, right now it won’t be good to bring Phill because their is a lot of guys that don’t know the triangle offence, we can get him at the end off the season, that way we can have a training camp to learn the triangle offence. We don’t need D’Antoni what so ever.

  68. Drew says:

    i bet metta world peace is wondering “what was i thinking when i said we will get 73 wins this season?”

    • rolly says:

      trade Pau for Josh Smith, then they turn things around

      • Lakers says:

        Trade Mike D for a piece of trash. That will get the Lakers into the playoffs this season. It’ll make every Laker better.

      • Reality says:

        trade big baby howard, he’s a piece of …..

      • Lakers says:

        Trade Dwight bc you never know if he’s going to resign his contract with the Lakers, but he’s hurting so you wont get good return values. Pau Gaso knows he wants to be a Laker. So at least you still have one big man that wants to play for the Lakers. Trade Gasol? Dwight leaves,, no big man at all. Trade Gasol now? The Lakers will have to use Sacre to try to get into the playoffs this season. If they’ do that with the purpose of rebuilding the roster? then get rid of the biggest garbage, Mike D.

      • Costa says:

        Trade Howard to Nets. Trade Gasol to Hawks.

      • Shadowspinner says:

        If they stay with D’antoni’s system trading Pau for Josh Smith really doesn’t help them because they get a 4 man that still can’t stretch the floor with outside shooting.

        Not to mention that Josh Smith will do wonders for the chemistry issues in L.A.

        I can see it happening though, since they’re at the point where they’ll try anything to salvage the season.

    • Yes_pogi says:

      trade kobe for lebron,,then we will see if the lakers will win the ball games,,KOBE for LEBRON,that is the trade that really matters.