Host Harden Leads All-Star Reserves



While James Harden of the hometown Rockets will be in the lineup to serve as unofficial host for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston, evidently the voters — fans and coaches — haven’t received the memo that the NBA is making a big splash in Brooklyn this season.

allstar-13-200Harden, who was traded from Oklahoma City four days before the season opener and made a splash by scoring 37 and 45 points in his first two games, will make his All-Star debut in his brand new home town.

Yet despite their being the hottest team in the league with nine wins in the last 10 games and currently holding down the No. 3 spot in the Eastern Conference, the Nets were shut out when the reserves were announced for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game Thursday night.

A poll of the league’s head coaches added seven players to each team.

Chris Bosh joined teammates LeBron James and Dwayne Wade on the East team, making the defending NBA champion Heat the only team with three players that will take part in the 62nd All-Star Game, which will be played at Houston’s Toyota Center on Feb. 17 (TNT, 8:30 p.m. ET).

In the Western Conference, the Spurs’ old reliable twosome of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were voted in for their 14th and fifth times, respectively, while the vote split up potential duos from other teams.

Eastern Conference


Chris Bosh, Heat — If they were the Three Tenors, LeBron James would be Pavarotti, Dwyane Wade would be Domingo and Chris Bosh will always be “that other guy.” Numbers aren’t flashy, but he sacrifices his game to make it all work. | Highlights

Tyson Chandler, Knicks — He averages a double-double of 12.1 points-10.9 rebounds, leads the league in shooting (.674) and defends the rim as if he were a hungry fat man protecting the last cheeseburger on the planet. Justice is done. | Highlights

Luol Deng, Bulls — Coaches love the lunch pail players, the guys who show up for work every night. He leads the NBA in minutes, is his team’s top scorer and top defender in a season when the Bulls are surviving without Derrick Rose. | Highlights

Paul George, Pacers — He’s not just keeping the seat warm for Danny Granger, but playing like the Pacers’ MVP. With six double-doubles in the last two-plus weeks, he closed fast and has led Indiana’s surge after a slow start. | Highlights

Jrue Holiday, Sixers — In a season when Philly fans search for rare and exotic sightings of Bigfoot and Andrew Bynum, the dynamic guard is the reason to go to the games. He’s the only player in league averaging 19 points and nine assists. | Highlights

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers — Look past the Cavs’ 11-32 record at these more pleasant numbers: 20.7 points, 5.7 assists, 39.9 3FG%, 20.7 PER. And the kid is only 20. Are the coaches already buttering him up for free agency? | Highlights

Joakim Noah, Bulls — The numbers say it all — 12.2 points, 10.9 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 2.1 blocks, 1.3 steals per game. The hyperactive one is having the finest season of his career and symbolizes coach Tom Thibodeau’s driven attitude. | Highlights

The lowdown: The pair of Bulls on the frontline probably squeezed Nets center Brook Lopez out of a spot. Deron Williams would have been everyone’s preseason pick, but struggling with his shot didn’t help. Maybe coaches also didn’t like his griping that led to his coach, Avery Johnson, getting fired. You could have made a case for Boston’s leading scorer Paul Pierce, but with Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo already voted in by the fans, it’s unlikely the coaches wanted to reward the 8th-seeded Celtics with a third man. Do you really see a group of coaches warming up to J.R. SmithBrandon Jennings of the Bucks and Greg Monroe of the Pistons are just too far under the radar.

Western Conference


LaMarcus Aldridge
, Trail Blazers — The plan was to build Blazers into a playoff team next summer. But on a roster with less depth than a wading pool, L.A. scores (20.6), rebounds (8.6) and keeps them as a surprise club in the mix this season. | Highlights

Tim Duncan, Spurs — Oh, so you foolishly left him out of the All-Star Game for the first time last season? Well, the 36-year-old geezer responds by turning back the clock and turning up the heat to keep the Spurs as a real threat in the West. | Highlights

James Harden, Rockets — A bit ironic that The Beard’s first All-Star honor comes just when he’s shot 28-97 (.289) in his last five games. But he’s shown he can carry the mantle of the top dog and will represent the home team in Houston. | Highlights

David Lee, Warriors — Statistically, a no-brainer as the top PF in the West — 19.6 points, 10.8 rebounds, 3.6 assists. His biggest challenge was probably splitting votes with teammate Stephen Curry on a Warriors team that has truly surprised. | Highlights

Tony Parker, Spurs — Coach Gregg Popovich keeps ratcheting up the pressure on him every season by raising the bar of great expectation and Parker goes right on clearing it. Seems the coaches understand just how hard that is to do. | Highlights

Zach Randolph, Grizzlies — You could make an argument for teammate Marc Gasol anchoring the defense. But flip the light switch every night and there’s Z-Bo with 16.1 points and 11.6 rebounds, which add up to a league-leading 27 double-doubles. | Highlights

Russell Westbrook, Thunder — The most polarizing player in the NBA has struggled all season with his shot, but ranks in the top five in steals and the top six in assists while churning away with fellow All-Star Kevin Durant to build OKC’s league-best record. | Highlights

The lowdown: As difficult as it was to pare down the list, imagine how much harder things might have been if Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Kevin Love were healthy/up to par. In many cases in the West, it became an intramural competition with Lee beating out Curry, Randolph elbowing Marc Gasol aside and Aldridge getting the nod over rookie Damian Lillard. The surging Nuggets were overlooked, maybe because they’re too well-balanced. The Clippers’ turbo-charger off the bench, Jamal Crawford, was also snubbed. But if anybody’s got a reason to complain here, it’s Curry.



  1. Kobe Ryan says:

    MAMBA NO QUESTIONS BOUT IT. ohh and i feel it for Stephen Curr y, hes had a great season. any it happens hes still got tym same applies to D. Lillard.

  2. Canton G. says:

    REAL TALK: ->
    Disappointed to see this NBA All-star Roster….
    VALID POINT 1. -> Coaches respect coaches…. I UNDERSTAND why no Nets players made it #getit….
    VALID POINT 2. -> I dont think Bench players should make the ALLSTAR TEAM because we don’t want mess up traditon like last year with Kevin Love and Blake Griifin getting in with bad records. So with that bring said here are my replacements.
    VALID POINT 3. -> If you don’t vote in the top teams players then what is the point of the playoffs. the bottom 6 tams should never have ALLSTARS….
    Who should be on then who shouldn’t be on:
    1. Monta Ellis (for Irving) 2. Lopez (for Chandler) 3. Josh Smith (Paul George) 4. Stephen Curry or Damian Lilliard (David Lee) …. #NBA #NBASNUB …. i believe teams with winning records should have the allstars out of respect…. find me at cj gardenhire ….

  3. riccardo says:

    i really don’t understand why there’s no nuggets in all star game! they play well, thay are one of the top teams, they have a positive record and still there’s no-one! gallinari is playing like an all star, iguodala is an all star despite the fact that is more team-minded this year in this team. and why dont we mention lawson? well… i am not happy ’bout this!
    and, please, really, chris bosh? there were surely better choices than him!

  4. BIG Q says:


  5. Midget says:

    Kyrie Irving deserves it, just because the Cavs have a bad record, doesn’t mean anything,….Last week….Eastern Conference Player of the Week. He awesome!

  6. Srbija says:

    Where is Nikola Pekovic????

  7. N/A says:

    Kirilenko is not an All Star? Currently K-Love, Shved (ankle), Pek (thigh contusion) M. Lee, Roy and C-Bud are out with injuries also Rubio’s limited. AK has literally carried this team to 10th place in the West! (which isn’t great but its still better than the Lakers [11th] :P) Kirilenko is an All Star in my book.

  8. Brian Alay says:

    where is bargnani???!!!!!

  9. WithOutCurryWhatIndiansEat? says:

    Steph Curry has been doing everything right, and deserves to make this team. He is not only the best shooter in the league, but a great playmaker and dribbler. #AllStarSnub

  10. Joel says:

    I love J crossover but he is a sixth man… he deserved 6th man award honors not all star,

    Curry is great but this is the first season he has actually been healthy which kinda puts him in a rookie type situation, If it were my choice i would put Curry in and Harden out…

    “Harden leads reserves” sorry Harden is putting up high numbers but doing it with low FG percentage… he needs to start creating better for other players and start shooting higher percentage shots… IMO he is hurting his team until he learns to balance his game.. I dont think he deserves an all star spot and you say he leads reserves?

  11. big cat says:

    my snubs in the east are demar derozan , carlos boozer, and nik vucevic on the magic . my snubs in the west are marc gasol ( best center in the nba ) , nik pekovic , and Andrei kirilenko.

  12. C-Spin says:

    Hey Fran, no mention of this year’s (2013) leading vote getter Kobe Bryant?? That seems odd you can discuss the All Star game without mentioning the 4 time All Star MVP and all time leading All Star game scorer.

  13. mike says:


  14. rn says:

    I am neu here
    could you tell me who are the best point guards in the league
    top ten

    • dattebayo says:

      Chris Paul
      Tony Parker
      Rajon Rondo
      Russell Westbrook

      Mike Conelly
      Brandon Jennings
      Kyrie Irving
      Stephen Curry
      Jrue Holiday
      Damian Lillard

      Derrick Rose is a top 5, but he is hurt, Deron Williams is in a slump since last season, Nash was hurt and he had zero impact on the Suns last season and the Lakers this seaosn…

  15. Boozer vs. Bosh says:

    Bosh averaged like 25 and 11 when Lebron and/or Wade were hurt last season. Boozer’s stats are inflated a bit right now and Bosh’s are suppressed like hell, should have started over Garnett.

  16. rigged NBA all star game says:

    where is steph curry and some nets players

  17. dmh says:

    I have actually 2 well thought out proposals for Stern and Co to make the voting more fair.

    Option 1: Coaches select the entire allstar team first. After that have the fans vote on the starting lineup from the players that the coaches select. I can guarantee then there would not be 2 lakers in the starting lineup, much less the team, this year if that were the case. However it wouldn’t prevent Kyrie Irving from making the team either. Its not perfect, but it prevents the larger markets from completely turning allstar voting into a popularity contest.

    Option 2: Turn allstar weekend into a mini tournament with 3 games for a West squad, East squad and an At large squad. First squad to win 2 games wins the tournament. The at large squad would be a random mix between east and western conference players that were snubbed from representing their conference and picked 100% by the coaches after the first two teams are picked by the fans and coaches respectively. The coach of the At large squad would be the eligible coach with the best record in the league at the time of selection, adhering to the rules that a coach cannot coach an allstar game 2 years in a row, and also after both the east and west coaches are selected. With the heavy talent in the west these past few years I bet that an at large roster would have about 8 western conference and 4 eastern conference players. Let the 3 teams duke it out and then figure out if the old way or the coaching 3rd team is the better one of them.

  18. W/E says:

    I dont like Westbrick and his ugly face but hes better than Crawford and Curry cause of is insane athleticism and energy, the other two are better shooters but westbrick has better all around game.

  19. Rashaad Powell says:

    This is clearly a “popularity contest” and not based on reality. He’s arguably the best player on the second best team in the Western Conference.

    • Rashaad Powell says:

      I feel like if the SOME-Star game was in Los Angeles at The Staples Center Jamal Crawford would be on the roster. This is an absolute TRAVESTY and SHAME.

  20. dijani says:

    why wasn’t Josh Smith on the lowdown he deserves to be an all star too

  21. Miles Jr. says:

    how is lillard not an allstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Bunsenburner says:

    Brook Lopez came back from an injury, his team has a better record, plays only 30 mins a game and STILL has better stats than Noah and Deng. What a joke.

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Noah is one of 8 players averging 10 boards a game? 12 and 11 a game is legit…Brook lopez is a center and only grabs 7 boards a game is pathetic

  23. rn says:

    juan mnuel
    you are an idiot how can you say jamal is better than westbrook
    and how can you say curry is better than westbrook
    FWI westbrook is the strongest point guard in the league

  24. Bulls2012 says:


  25. jeotb1 says:

    Zebo shouldnt be there… I think Iggy, Curry and Rudy Gay, I dont know if Love is healthy or not, and just for the entertainement I think DeAndre Jordan shouldve made it and for the east that list is AWFUL!! where is Josh Smith, Ellis, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez? OMG Deng, Noah Really? Carlos Boozer is having a better season than those two NBA coaches made such bad selections for the reserves no surprise so many of them got fired witout even reaching half the season…

  26. KingLBjBoy says:

    D Last 4 Years of d NBA All Star was Boring only few Exciting Players not like in d days of VC T-Mac Iverson

  27. Jason Woo says:

    It is really a joke without stephan curry in this game…. what’re those coaches thinking?

  28. I'm just a fan says:

    Bottom line … Steph Curry is well deserve to be playing allstar this year, at least over David Lee. . As for Crawford, he deserve some allstar as well, but too many great players out in west, can’t have them all play on the West team.

  29. Juan Manuel says:

    Crawford and curry are better players than Westbrook…SHAME!

  30. rn says:

    Answer plees

  31. rn says:

    who is better
    Westbrook or curry
    Rondo or wade
    Dwilll or TP9
    Anthony or Durant
    harden or Westbrook
    Griffin or love

  32. joe says:

    For the west, Curry not being there, if you see the three guards voted: Harden, Parker, Westbrook, is one of them not better than Curry? If Lee is there instead of Curry, it´s just because Lee is better than other forwards, and Curry not better than the guards voted. The Nugget not having anyone, it´s a special situation, they have four players with the same average stats, they don´t have a STAR. If they were at the top two places of the West, then ok, let´s pick one of them.

    And I repeat it here, the best vote for the all-star game should be a vote from the coaches for the 12 players of each conference, and then the fans would pick their starting five among the 12 players.
    Otherwise, you´ll always have chinese players with much more votes than they deserve, beacuse China have one player and 1 billion people to vote for him. It already happened few years ago with another chinese players form the Bucks I think, I forgot his name, he almost got voted on the starting five.
    And the NBA should find a solution to the internet vote, people can vote a million time from their computer, with the same email address. Then it´s not a vote anymore.

  33. joe says:

    From the coaches votes, Bulls have 2 players, Heat 1, Knicks 1, Sixers 1, Cavs 1, Pacers 1 and Nets 0, Hawks 0. And I think these two teams with these rankings should have players on the all-star game. Brooklyn being better than Atlanta, Brook Lopez should be there instead of Bosh. It´s a shame coaches did this on purpose to show they were not happy with Hawks and Nets coaches being fired, but then what does it has to do with a player like Lopez? And I´m not even a Nets or Lopez fan.

    Then for the rest, I think it´s fare.
    The Boozer case, well, if you already put Noah and Deng, you had to leave someone from this team.
    Irving, Holiday and George, if you had to put 3 guards, well, they are better than D.Williams, Joe Johnson.

  34. Andrew says:

    NO STEVE NASH IN THE ALL STAR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  35. B.jay says:

    How in the hell jrue holiday make the Allstar over Brandon Jennings when the buck got the better record and b.j got player of the week and the bucks in the playoff race ????? Answer that

  36. Steph says:

    anybody know if that arm injury of D12 is going to take him off the court for another month? really i don’t want this guy in their.

  37. mokloi says:

    this selection is getting WORSER and WORSER every year…. It should normally be the 24 bes t players of the season, and honestly, there are just 17 of them!! it’s NOT normal it doesn’t even interrest me anymore why are guys like noah, holiday, deng or george and even parker chosen… they’re really not the best players in the league!! some guys like ellis, curry, who really deserves to play in this game are not chosen… I wouldn’t be us at this moment, they should be very frustrated not to be in the contest… I think that the team should be made by the stats of the players and by what how they are helping their team winning games, that’s how it should be and i’m pretty sure that players like deng will never be a part of this contest…
    So, really poor selection again this year… it’s maybe the worstest selection that they’ve ever did 😦

    • Bryan says:

      get over it warriors fan. they lose repeatedly because they’re not good and won’t ever be. it’s all spurs this year, i’m felling it.

    • dattebayo says:

      Paul George, Joahkim Noah and Luol Deng are perennial allstars and they are the backbone of their team ON BOTH ENDS OF THE FLOOR. All Curry does is shoot threes, he takes more threes than freethrows for Christs sake…

  38. Antony says:

    @ kINGS, if the main objective is push players to step their game up, then putting a player who is not doing good currently but based on some past glory defeats your very point, I mean why should they put effort when they can be sure their name will be there anyway. We all know life ain’t fair, and we don’t need a lectur on this, but we are bound to try and be fair when we can!

  39. miami super fan says:

    if the bulls get so many guys in the allstar game , then for chris sakes why are they not in the top 3 teams
    tell me, if noah and deng were that great their team should me on or two or even three in the east
    but no.
    shame on those coaches, shame for putting those guys in
    jr smith should be there and curry

    • Bulls2012 says:

      lmao that the stupides comment i ever read….IF WE HAD DROSE WE WILL BE DOMINATING THE EAST RIGHT NOW…We are without the best point guard in the league and we are still only 3 games behind your ovverratted Miami Heat.



      • bigwes95 says:

        @ Bulls2012. record doesn’t matter at all. they had the best record for the last 2 years and miami took thm out in 5 games and then they got defeated by a 76’s team. sure they lost rose, but if they’re only three games behind and the sixers are 11.5 games behind, then why couldn’t they take them out in the play-offs. and don’t forget that everyone has stepped their game up, look at everyone’s stats and they’re better than last year. and deng and noah are both in the top three for minutes per games, and that’s why they’re still winning as much. and you’re really ignorant, because the heat are even better now than they were in 2011 when they DESTROYED the bulls. you clearly don’t know anything about the game. and about you beating NYC, a couple years ago the blazers won the spurs 3 times without B. Roy and was the only team to do it, and no one on that team was named an all-star. the meaning of this is that your a bandwagon fan to the fullest, and i can tell by how you capitolize everything to try and prove you’re a real fan when you’re not. you just hate it that D Rose can’t win miami and that no one can right now if the play-offs started right now, because miami is a play-off team, not some little cool regular season team like the bulls were/are with rose. and the heat are actually coasting through a lot of games this season, you can tell by their defense in the regular season compared to the play-offs, when their defense gets a lot better. stop being a hater and trying to act cool because you can capitolize everything, i use capitols to get my point across, or to make sure you read teh comment to sort of make you look stupid, but i don’t have to do that to you, you do it well enough yourself.

  40. Kings#4 says:

    Stop whining that such and such player didn’t make it. It doesn’t always matter that a player is playing at an all star level, he has to be playing at an all star level and be in the top 12 of the conference. Someone that maybe deserves it gets left out every year, they need to come back better next year. And increase the number of players to make it EASIER to get to the all star game?!! Seriously, life isn’t fair and i’d rather see players step it up to get into that roster rather than add more spots.

    • Bryan says:

      YES, FINALLY! Who says duncan shouldn’t of been in the all-star game last year? He played greater than an all-star anyday but was overlooked. Play better and you’ll get in. Curry doesn’t play team ball. He’s a hog and tries to act like kobe or westbrook.

  41. Antony says:

    Surely, Stephen Curry deserved it more than anyone else in the reserve list. I think the habit of rewarding players just because they did good some 2,3 or 4 years back or they are in a great team is ridiculous at best. Look, Westbrook, being in an elite team was sort of expected to make it but even himself knows he is not just having a good season; on the other hand, the Golden State W. have surprised everyone and it has taken someone to play some good B. Ball, case in point S. Curry and D. Lee. So, why should Westbrook be ther and not S. Curry. I am an east fan by the way but for the sake of the game, leaving Curry out was outright dumb. Let “this season’s” STATS speak for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fan says:

      Besdies his poor shooting, Westbrook has done everything else better so your argument of STATS fail. Besides, I rather see Westbrook and his athleticism vs Curry and his 3 point shooting. Plus Curry should rest that ankle, he just recovered. Don’t want to see another Kobe Bryant injury especially when the Warriors are playing so well.

  42. ChrisPH says:

    Curry > Parker

    • Jay says:

      oh is that so? check the stats dude, they are pretty even

    • dattebayo says:

      This is his first healthy season and all Curry does, is shoot longrange jumpers. Tony Parker is a 3time NBA Champion and the 2007 Finals MVP, a perennial allstar and he owns the paint every season. Parker takess 60%+ of his shots in the paint at a ridiculous high percentage and he gets to the freethrow line. Parker owns Curry and when the Warriors play the Spurs, you will see that…

  43. No Stephen Curry
    No Josh Smith
    No Rudy Gay


    Why Garnett is a starter?
    Why Howard is a starter?

  44. W/E says:

    THats a weak all star reserve list especially eastern conference, i dont even wanna discuss about the situation about all those AWFULL centers in the league who are not even worth mentiong,thats y Noah managed to be an allstar, cause when theres no talent at all, NOAH an ALLSTAR?!?!? IRVING?!?! BOSH!?!? CHANDLER?!?!? PAUL GEORGE!?!?! JESUS THE EASTERN CONFERENCE IS SO WEAK if these guys are all stars then u know things are going downhill.

  45. NBAChicago says:


  46. Pokie says:

    Kyrie Irving? Can anyone tell me the last time a player from a sub .300 NBA franchise made the All-Star team? Who is counting the coaches votes when they come in? The NBA Marketing Department? Please.

  47. busker says:

    steph curry, not an All-Star?…at the end of the season, he will be in the All-NBA 2nd team, if not, 3rd.

  48. Wetzel says:

    C’mon, where’s Stephen Curry?????? he deserved it more than D12……

    • Bryan says:

      i totally agree, not even kobe should have been allowed in. i say, to be in an all-star game, your team should have a winning record over 60%. Otherwise we see overrated players all the time. if we get players from teams over 60%, it will be more entertaining and the players will be more deserving. Curry doesn’t deserve to be on the team. Sorry but i say they should also only choose from the top 5 teams in each conference. those are the teams that have fought hard as teams to win.

      • D. Ray says:

        You just contradicted yourself by saying Curry doesn’t deserve to be on the all-star team since gsw are #5 in the west and being mvp on that team.

      • THANKS4COMINGOUT says:

        Saying that Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be an all-star is absurd. After having said that, anything else you’ve said has no credibility whatsoever.

  49. OAGI1 says:

    If the fans didn’t vote for Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett in the first place and voted for someone who really deserved it then we wouldn’t be talking about players who deserved to be All Stars and were snubbed. I think that 5 players are just too much for fans to decide upon.

  50. rn says:

    Can I ask a question who is better Westbrook or curry rondo or wade Carmelo or Durant D WILL or parker garnet or bosh paul or rose

  51. CHUCK NORRIS says:


  52. One of the king's subject says:


  53. Tbzh says:

    I really don’t understand what people expect from an all star game. The point of having all the great players of the nba is to see the best basketball possible, isn’t it?

    I see too often comments like ‘don’t bring Duncan, he can’t dunk…”seriously???? He’s one of the bests, he sould be an all star, period.

    It’s the same with people who want to see scorers, dunkers… but the defense. What is the point of having the best scorers if there is no great defenders? where’s the challenge?

    What I wan to see during this game is competition between the best players in the world. I don’t want to see it turning in rookie game, with no defense. it’s not basketball… it’s just a show and it’s pointless.

    About the selection process, i don’t think people should vote for the starters, moreover, for anybody. what is KG doing here? how about howard?

    Coaches did well even if stephen curry should have made it, it was complicated to reward everybody.

    I’m glad to see people like chandler, noah. People whould never have selected them because they want to see griffin dunking over a car… lame!


    • mokloi says:

      excuse me can me remember me last year’s score: 152-149!!!! why are you talking about the defense there has never been any defense in an all-star contest!!
      and noah has not the level to be on that contest!!! he is never part of the 24 best players, it’s the same for parker, holiday, deng, george, howard, garnett,… While players like pierce ellis, curry, josh smith, cousins, gay, williams,…are not in this game they are so better than half of the selected players, really bad selection this year, worser than ever….

      • Bryan says:

        WHAT? how does parker not deserve to be in the all-star game? he is the BEST point guard all around. look at the stats. those other players aren’t recognized because of the teams they’re on. i’m still shocked they let duncan and parker in being the spurs team is always overlooked.

  54. Jay says:

    I can’t believe that Jennings was left off the team. Was voted player of the week in the Eastern Conference at least twice that I can recall. The Bucks have a winning record & are in the thick of the playoff race in the East. Ellis should’ve been considered too. But Jennings should’ve have made it for sure. I blame David Stern for this. This is why the NBA lags behind the NFL in popularity. He thinks it’s about the names on the back of the uniforms. And he & corporate America favors large market teams. That’s why I for one am glad he is leaving. Maybe his successor can do better.

  55. stefvon Wilson says:

    Its really not fair that jennings and ellis didnt go to the allstar game. the team is doing being than kyrie and holiday. they havent even earn this disappointed in how unfair all star weekend is becoming.

  56. Ben says:

    Personally, David West is a beast and just as important, if not more so than Paul George on a playoff/fringe contender Indiana Team. It’s just nobody watches Indiana.

  57. DD24 says:

    Josh Smith keeps getting robbed! There should be a rule against choosing players on losing teams. If a player is on a team outside of the playoff picture and the coaches select him, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Brandon Jennings got robbed this season. Lillard should have been chosen over Aldridge, and Curry over Lee. I question Deng making the team as well.

  58. idietreviews says:

    Josh Smith got snubbed again, for the Nth time! How many years has this guy deserved to be there but wasn’t? Seriously!

  59. Boere says:

    What are the two mediocre players from the Bulls doing in that list? I’m not a Nets fan but based upon their record they should have at least one player representing them in the All-Star game.

    • JR says:

      They’re not superstars, that’s true, but Joakim Noah’s putting up collective numbers that haven’t been matched since Garnett’s MVP season. And Deng, who was an All-Star last year, is having a better season this year, so it makes sense. These two play more minutes than anyone; they are elite defenders on an elite defensive team; and they are clearly integral to the Bulls’ success without D-Rose. Coaches appreciate players like Deng and Noah, who are the opposite of the whiny divas who typically play in the All Star Game. These two probably won’t add anything to the game in terms of flashy plays, but they deserve the recognition.

  60. Lithuanian says:

    Wait! Where is CURRY? :O Definatelly an ALL STAR this year!!!! Dear, coaches, have you seen the last 2 games of GSW???? Curry outplayed these 2 in the list: CP3 and Westbrook!!!

    Curry, if you’re reading – you’re the man this year!!! Even we, east europiens, know that ;D I hope this mistake motivate you even more, and GSW beat an elite team in PO (like OKC or SAS).

  61. Edward T. says:

    Wow I can’t believe Stephen Curry is not in the all star team. His stats are all-star caliber, and he’s leading the Warriors to the playoffs. He is by far the best shooter in the game right now. Would have loved to watch him play in the all-star team, and he sure deserves it!

  62. Kevin Pogi says:

    S.CURRY > L.ALDRIDGE…. i feel sorry for steph curry…. he’s much deserving than L.A on the way he brings energy to his team and the standings shows it. lillard is a better pick than L.A……………………………………….

  63. CroFan says:

    Snubs:East:Josh Smith, Al Horford, Brook Lopez
    West:Steph Curry, Serge Ibaka, Marc Gasol.

  64. kobeista says:

    Curry must be there, he deserves more than any one

  65. specialfriedrice says:

    Josh Smith…could end up replaceing Eddie Johnson as the best player to never be an All Star

  66. delucks says:

    Miami (27-12) with 3 player, NY (26-15) with two and Brooklyn (26-16) (or ATL) without any..(not mentioning Bos, but they are starters)?!

    We all know that Bosh is only the 3 option and so its difficult to show up, but after all he does mid-range jumpers and regular defense… Smith, Horford or Lopez should have gotten that place, just my opinion, they are more important for their teams

    So does Kyrie, we all know he is great and will even become better, but Cleveland is 11-32, ellis and jennings lead Milwaukees backcourt to +500

    I just dont understand the coaches sometimes…

  67. lakermig says:

    what would happen if for example diwght howard who is an all star in the west gets traded to the east now ?

  68. east fan says:

    great choice.

  69. Ulrik Svendsen says:

    Curry deserves to be an all-star! This is wrong.

  70. Bomarzo says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge instead of S. Curry is debatable but might come down to a backcourt / front court player problem. Besides this one, coaches got it right. The East Team is perfect. No Nets player really deserved to be an All Star. Johnson and Williams showed glimpses of their All-Star-like talent but have been under-performing this season so far. Lopez has a good season but compared to Chandler and Noah he is clearly a third choice. In a similar vein, no Hawk deserved to be in Houston. Atlanta has a so-and-so-record, Horford plays okay but far from great, and Josh Smith shows again he is havin attitude problems and is at times detrimental for the team. As little as I like Miami, you have to give credit to C. Bosh for doing just the opposite: Playing for the Champions, again one of the best teams this year, and sacrificing his game for the sake of his organization. Sure: Boozer has been very good the last weeks. But he is still less important for the team’s success than Deng and Noah.

  71. Tezo says:

    If anybody is left out it is Stephen Curry and Marc Gasol. Jamal Crawford comes after this guys

  72. Vince Nguyen says:

    Wow, just unbelievable that Stephon Curry didn’t make it. Maybe Stern should consider increasing the All-Star roster from the current 12 to 14.

  73. cooljay says:

    no steph curry ? joke

  74. Big Euro says:

    Curry has outperformed Parker, Kobe and Harden.

  75. Sandra Bibbs says:

    When I voted I had 8 out of 10 right for the starters. Four right in the east and 4 right in the west. Voting for the reserves my east team had Josh Smith on it instead of L Deng.

    In the west my reserve team had Stephan Curry instead of Tony Parker.

  76. Mich says:

    Where’s Stephen Curry?!?

  77. Kupchak says:

    Luol Deng, Chris Bosh, no Josh Smith, no Nets, what a joke!

  78. lol? says:

    no stephen curry too? OMG

  79. lol? says:

    no pierce? SMH

  80. Flavio_IT says:

    Where is Danilo Gallinari?!?

  81. Cavaliers says:


  82. Chey says:

    As tough as it is out west, Stephen Curry should be an All-star. I don’t know who I’d bump off, but he deserved a spot.

    • slider821 says:

      as a Ws fan, I’m actually OK with Curry getting snubbed. He’ll play with a bigger chip on his shoulder now and he’ll have to prove it to the coaches that they should have picked him. Hell hath no fury like a Curry scorned.

  83. Kevin says:

    Nets played so well this season (currently Eastern no.3), but NO NETS in all-star?? Even Deron Williams, a member of Dream Team 10, was not selected as a reserved???? But RUBBISH Cavaliers still have K Irwing?!?! How did those FXXKING coaches select players???? GIVE ME D-WILL!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Edy says:

    Carlos Boozer is playing much better than Chris Bosh.

    • Heat #1 says:

      Shut Up Edy. Bosh is a major part of the Heat and is WAY better than Boozer. He should be an All-Star STARTER!!!!!!!

      Lets go HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The East is gonna win this year.

    • Cain says:

      he got a point

    • uhh no. says:

      1. Chris Bosh is a defending champion. What is Carlos Boozer?
      2. Boozer’s stats are only marginally better than Bosh’s yet Bosh is now the number 4 or even number 5 option on the team now that Ray Allen is around and Mario Chalmers is maturing.
      3. Boozer is supposed to be playing better, there star player is down and out. If Lebron James was injured do you think Bosh’s stats will still be like that?
      4. Chris Bosh runs like a dinosaur (or some would say like a girl)
      Finally, I don’t think the Bostrich should be an allstar either. Nor Kyring Irving for that matter (LOLWTF). The West is just so much stronger than the East right now.

      • amber says:

        who cares if he was a champion LAST YEAR? this is about right now. IF lebron was injured? well, he’s not. and bosh’s numbers are in fact inferior to boozer’s. so your points make no sense

    • Warren says:

      Eddy thats true that Carlos is playing better. But the record of the Heat helps. But honestly the Bulls record is awesome with no Derick Rose. I agree but it looks like they based it on the teams record. Look at Garnett and Rondo both picked as starters but the team isnt that good. Boozer could have been a starter to be honest but the votes go against him.

    • jake s says:

      Ya i agree. Chris Bosh = ultimate dissapoint. Doesn’t matter anyway. West has Durant Westbrook and Harden. Kobe at wildcard. East has Lebron.

    • Lucian Palievici says:

      True, Bosh is not better than Boozer. Also … Tim Duncan, come on guys. Let the man have a week-end off. Let him rest at home. You bring a knife to a gun fight … What’s the point in having TD in an all-star game? Is he spectacular? Can he dunk? He’ll pobably have 8 points, 4 from the free-throw line … instead you leave Jamal at home, NICE!

      • tony says:

        if it was only supposed to be “spectacular” then maybe call it harlem globetrotters instead of all stars. it’s not about flash, it’s about results.

      • Jay says:

        whats your point? its the all-star game, not the all-spectacular game and duncan is one of the best big man in the league right now (at age 36). he should be starting.

    • Tezo says:

      No carlos boozer’s numbers are fake. He doesnt do anything in the paint defensively. He just takes rebounds. If there is no joakim noah chicago would be below %500 mark. Besides if chris bosh was playing on a team that he is the first option he would be the best pf in the league. You can see his stats from Toronto days. So he deserves better than boozer all day.

      • tony says:

        so you’re saying that bosh deserves to be an all star because of his numbers 4 years ago back in toronto, or what he POTENTIALLY can do, not what he has actually done this year? wow.

  85. Rashaad Powell says:

    Jamal Crawford IS an NBA All-Star and WITHOUT A DOUBT should be in this game. It is a discredit to the ENTIRE LEAGUE to not have a player who is doing the things Jamal Crawford is doing NOT on an All-Star roster, but you “throw” a guy from the host town team on the roster. Poor choice, Jamal Crawford IS an NBA All-Star, NOTHING short of that, and I will NOT be watching the NBA All-Star Weekend Festivities. It should be re-named to the NBA SOME-Star Weekend, because you do NOT have all the ALL-STARS included.

    • jared says:

      I WILL type like THIS as well because I FEEL my VOICE will BE HEARD. I do agree with everything you said except one thing: the player. It should be Steph Curry in that argument instead. Without Steph, GSW would not be #3 seed, would just be an afterthought like last season. He IS their MVP. CP3 still changed the culture of the Clips last season and got them to the playoffs before Crawford was even a FA.

      • mvp says:

        Not just you, not just me, not just everybody that believes that, but also chuck got pissed of at that. thats so lame, that i dont know what in the world the coaches were thinking. he is the mvp of those warriors, and w/ him, who would hear of the warriors this year? way more deserving than aldridge or lee, i would even say that he deserved more than tp9, and maybe, just maybe more deserving than james harden, mainly because of the record, but also that hes averging numbers, on a team that already has a 20 point scorer on lee. and curry is 2nd in the league in 3pmade, 3rd in percentage w/ 46,4%! are you kidding that he wont make this team?

      • Gameon says:

        they are the 5th seed but still step curry deserves the nod he is a great player and a great person

      • MJ23 says:

        Yeah I definitely agree with you. Steph Curry is much better than Jamal Crawford and if there’s anybody who deserves to be in the All-Star game is him. I am also very agitated that he wasn’t able to go. But just one question, why?

      • Bongoman55 says:

        GW is not the #3 seed. OKC, Clips, SAS, Memphis, GW They are a respectable well deserved #5 though.

      • Rashaad Powell says:

        Steph Curry is doing well, but I would give Jamal Crawford the “nod” on that one. He is (also) why, Jamal Crawford has BEEN doing this and producing EVERYWHERE he has been, the difference, the team surrounding him has not been as solid. The Los Angeles Clippers are not the team they are without Jamal Crawford, just like you say about Steph Curry, the difference, who’s team has the better record?

    • Petr says:

      Not really man, he’s a great scorer but that’s it. If he started you could see that overall he’s not as good as Harden, and definetly not as good as Curry!

    • NBA FAN says:

      As expected from a L.A. fan!

    • Jonesy37 says:

      …and how many NBA games have you coached?

    • Cas says:

      look at the numbers… Jr Smith is playing better than crawford this year and he didnt make it.
      2012-13 16.7 2.5 1.7 0.14 1.05

      2012-13 16.5 2.9 5.1 0.40 1.38

      • Gameon says:

        No one wants to put up with JR Smith as a coach sorry it is just the way it is attitude and likeability comes into play as well in these decisions

    • NBA Fan says:

      are you really that stupid? Did you just say that Crawford deserves a place on All-Star team more than Harden does? That is completely ridiculous. I agree with you that Crawford should have made this but definitely in place of someone else than Harden.

      • Rashaad Powell says:

        If you were to ask players around the league and coaches who have to prepare for him I would bet they would agree. James Harden HAS to do those things, that is a mediocre team.

    • dattebayo says:

      Crawford is an inefficient high volume shooter off the bench, why is everybody including Charles Barkley on his bandwagon? Why should Crawford be an allstar ahead of Harden, Curry, Parker or Westbrook? Makes no sense to me.

    • Jesse says:

      James Harden was “thrown” in?? Cmon son. 26 ppg 4rpg 5apg on 44% shooting …thats not a guy you just “throw” in to please the host crowd… sure he hasnt been as hot lately but remeber he was leading a team that was dropping 120 on teams like the Bulls and Grizzlies.