All Is Right In The Warriors’ World


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Life is good right now if you’re a Golden State Warrior — be it a player, coach, owner, fan, etc. It could get better this evening, if both Stephen Curry and David Lee are named reserves for the Western Conference All-Star team, which will be announced at 7 p.m. ET on TNT.

The good times are rolling in Oakland right now in ways that the locals haven’t seen in years — 20 of them to be exact. The last time the Warriors hit the halfway point of the season parked in the top two of the Pacific Division standings, it was 1992. They’ve handled the division-leading Los Angeles Clippers and the Western Conference-leading Oklahoma City Thunder in their past two games. And they’re the only team in the league with wins over the Clippers, Thunder and Miami Heat this season.

In addition to Curry and Lee and their strong All-Star cases, Warriors coach Mark Jackson has to be at or near the top of the list (with Mike Woodson of the New York Knicks) for Coach of the Year at the season’s midway point.

While I’m still not sure if these Warriors are ready for a deep playoff run, they’re at least firmly back in the playoff mix, which is always the first and most important step for a team trying to make the leap from the lottery to long-term solvency. One thing I think we can all applaud is the Warriors’ nose-to-the-grindstone approach. They didn’t fold up during a recent rough patch that saw them drop five of six games. They stepped back, took a breath and went about the business of putting together their current three-game win streak.

And that brings me back to tonight’s All-Star reserves announcement, Curry and Lee and the fact that Warriors fans reserve the right to be outraged if their two stars don’t find themselves on the West’s list.

Jackson made a similar argument to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins before Wednesday night’s win over the Thunder, taking aim at the fan vote for the Warriors’ Southern California neighbors (the Los Angeles Lakers) who already have two starters (Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard) on the Western Conference roster:

“We fall in love with names,” Jackson said before the game. “But the Lakers should not have two starters this year — and I’d say the same thing if I was coaching them. I never said last year that any of my guys should have been an All-Star, because quite honestly, they should not have been.”

That’s not quite true. On more than one occasion last season, Jackson said Monta Ellis was deserving (an opinion shared by this column at the time). But he definitely feels stronger about his current pair of candidates. “It would be wrong, a disservice to them, if they’re not on the team,” he said. “They’ve got the numbers, they’ve got the wins. They’ll be there if justice prevails.”

There is bound to be plenty of injustice when the reserves are announced. Someone always gets snubbed. But the Warriors deserve better this time around.

Curry and Lee deserve better for the work they’ve put in while leading one of the most surprising, feel-good stories of this NBA season to a place none of us can honestly say we saw coming.


  1. dattebayo says:

    The Warriors will be the 6th seed and they better hope that the Clippers keep the 3rd seed, so they can meet in the playoffs. The Clippers are the only team they might be able to beat in a playoff series. It’s amazing how bad they are in the halfcourt even with Chris Paul, let alone without him…

  2. Thunder Fan 1432 says:

    I’d rather start Marc Gasol then Varejao

  3. qwerty says:

    is there still room on the GSW bandwagon? coz i think id like to join it 😉

  4. Spaz says:

    too many bigs if i include Joakim Noah, Andrea Bargani, Nikola Peckovic, etc..i have to keep the team balance, and i will replace Barea for Batum..much better line up 🙂

  5. Isaaac says:

    As a thunder fan. Let me just say i will join the Warriors fans in disgust if Curry and Lee don’t make the reserves, personally I voted for Lee in the starting team, the guy is having a monster year. Once Bogut get’s back the Ws become an even bigger threat. Don’t sleep on these guys.

  6. James says:

    Good for the Warriors. I’m a Clippers fan, but the Warriors are a nice team. Curry is a fine scorer, Jack is a nice player too. David Lee is really doing well, the only thing that bothers me a little bit is when the Warriors claim he is better than Griffin. Now the Warriors really got the best of the Clippers this season, give them credit, but Blake has owned Lee in all of those games, Clips for some reason just can’t handle Curry and Thompson’s outside shooting well enough to stop it consistently. No disrespect to Lee, but Blake is a level above him. Overall the Warriors are a great team, and Lee is talented, but they have some weird jealousy thing with Blake, always trying to insult Griffin and talking up Lee. Mark Jackson has a bit of an attitude problem as well, i just find it hard to like some of these guys like Jack, he is a bit of a dirty player and not very nice. No big deal, just saying.

    • daveferrara says:


      Thank god basketball is a team game and not a slam dunk contest. Yes, Blake will always “get his” but that’s not what the game is about. At the end of the day, Blake (as great as his Kia commercials imply) cannot win games on his own. And as for the “jealousy” thing you mention, it’s not jealousy, but rather annoyance that Blake seems to be allowed to lower his shoulder on virtually every play, bulling his way into the paint like a fullback and he still gets the foul calls. If standing up and calling him out on that is considered jealousy, well, I hope the W’s meet the Clips in the playoffs to settle this bougening rivalry on the court, not on twitter!

      • slider821 says:

        that and the flopping thing. DLee yelling STOP FLOPPING at Blake has circulated the web quite a bit recently

    • slider821 says:

      lol James, you are a quintessential Clippers fan. You’re there to watch Blake dunk, try to follow but know little about the game and it shows in your comments.

      For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of being at Staples for a Clippers game, the fans are hilarious. They only get excited for dunks and sit twiddling their thumbs while their team is making smart plays. It’s like a bunch of soccer fans following a sport they know nothing about. but dunks!, yes!!!

  7. killuabest says:


  8. Roy says:

    Good to see the Warriors develop. You could see Monta was holding back all the young guards a little bit these past few years. Now they traded him for a great defensive center and their guards are really shining. Brilliant move by management, even if the fans boo’d him that day.

  9. Rick says:

    Two things the W’s have shown this year: resilience & cohesion. There are no egos (Monta who?) and Curry’s blossomed arguably into a top-5 PG — Bay Area, we’ve finally reached the silver lining!

  10. niico_paris says:

    Spaz you forgot Joakim Noah!!!!

  11. geeezzzzz12 says:

    They will get destroyed in playoffs and we all know it, its a whole different ball game and Westbrook has one bad game and you think curry is better how many times does Westbrook make fools of everyone cant wait for next game

  12. BJ says:

    The NBA better watch out, GSW are not to be taken lightly! I saw this earlier this year. they have a team that are definitely playoff contenders and and make run for the western conference finals. Both he Clippers and OKC have to be on their “A” game to beat this team. they are no joke!

    • slider821 says:

      We have yet to see this Ws team in a playoff series so I wouldn’t say they are sure to make the finals. We have no playoff experience, actually I don’t think one player on this team has played in a playoff series yet…wow. Is that accurate? I think Jack may be the only one.

      The Ws still have a lot of work to do.

      • Gio says:

        Actually, Jefferson, Bogut, Biedrins, Landry, and Jack have all played in the playoffs at least once, with Jefferson playing the most back with the New Jersey Nets.

      • slider821 says:

        Thanks for the correction. So really none of our starters but our bench has seen a first round series once or twice.

      • gizzm says:

        Jefferson has been to the Finals.

    • Game Time says:

      Warriors are a good team, but I don’t think they can make the WCF. I’ve seen too many (better) teams in the past put up good regular season numbers and then guys choke in the playoffs. They could make 2nd round, but they need to fight for the 4th seed. As the standings are now I would say a 1st round match between them and Denver is really unpredictable.

  13. Spaz says:

    that NBA domestic vs NBA international players line up would be;

    PG-Chris Paul
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Lebron James
    PF-Kevin Durant
    C-Dwight Howard (if healthy)

    Rajon Rondo
    Dwayne Wade
    Chris Bosh
    Tyson Chandler
    Carmelo Anthony
    Russel Westbrook
    Derick Rose (if healthy)

    PG-Tony Parker
    SG-Manu Ginobli
    SF-Luol Deng
    PF-Dirk Nowitski
    C-Anderson Varejao (if healthy)

    Ricky Rubio
    Pau Gasol
    Marc Gasol
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Serge Ibaka
    Jose Calderon
    JJ Barea

  14. slider821 says:

    For only the second time in 20 years, it’s feel great to be a warriors fan. BAY AREA!!

  15. LabMonkey says:

    “There is bound to be plenty of injustice when the reserves are announced”. Couldn’t agree more.

    Now, what I’d like to see is a NBA vs “NBA players of the rest of the world” game. You’d have the Gasols, Calderon, Rubio, Ginobilli, Bargnani, Dirk, Batum, Parker, Splitter etc and I can tell you this would be a serious game, not those dunks fest till the last 2 minutes games.