The Return Of The Dwightmare?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Here we go again.

The Feb. 21 trade deadline is fast approaching and guess whose name is at the top of the list, just like last season? That’s right, Dwight Howard.  The formerly disgruntled Orlando Magic star has apparently been replaced by Dwight Howard, the disgruntled Los Angeles Lakers star. The Magic’s Dwightmare of a year ago now becomes the Lakers’ burden this time around.

And that means the wheels are turning in front offices around the league, what with the prospect of Howard becoming available before he becomes a free agent at season’s end, which for the Lakers could very well be mid-April.

These latest developments thrust other teams into the thick of the Howard sweepstakes, with prospective summer free-agent players Dallas and Atlanta joining the usual suspects (the Lakers and Brooklyn Nets) in the conversation. The Lakers’ pitiful season is what has reignited the Dwightmare dilemma … plus the fact that Brooklyn was his preferred destination all along.

And depending on who you listen to and what you read, there’s a dizzying array of possibilities being considered by the different sides in this saga.’s Jarrod Rudolph reports the Nets are ready to finish what they started last season and finally bring Howard to Brooklyn, with Brook Lopez (and a third team needed to help facilitate a deal) as the return piece. Of course, there is the obligatory return volley that says Lopez is safe, from Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the best part coming at the end: “It’s not the same as it was last year,” said a Nets source. “We don’t need Dwight.”

Interesting. But that won’t slow down the stream of rumors suggesting otherwise.

With the Lakers stuck in the 12th spot in the Western Conference playoff chase, no one outside of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash should feel comfortable in that Lakers’ locker room.

And if Kobe’s words, tweets and facial expressions mean anything, something has to change. Because it’s clear, as‘s Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein point out, that the real crack in the Lakers’ foundation is the rift between its two biggest stars:

“Obviously, this isn’t working,” Lakers star Kobe Bryant told Yahoo! Sports after the Chicago loss.

“I’ve tried to go out of my way to get (Howard) the ball. Sometimes I end up looking like an idiot, because I get up in the air, I’ve got a shot, but I try to find him. But he thinks I’m going to shoot, so his back is turned. I’m trying to think about getting him the ball a lot — take care of him as much as I possibly can. It takes me out of rhythm a little bit, but I’m fine with that. If that’s going to help our team, I’m more than willing to do that.

“I’ve constantly tried to help him out, tried to talk to him,” Bryant continued. “Two o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the morning. Texting him. Sharing reading materials. Anything to try and help him.

“He’s coming off a major surgery in a market where it’s just merciless; where there’s demands and responsibilities of athletes. It’s been tough on him.”

The blame in L.A. has been widespread, with both Howard and Gasol facing criticism for not battling through these tough times with the needed resolve. D’Antoni getting second-guessed with rising volume for not tweaking his spread-the-floor system to accommodate his marquee players and Bryant critiquing himself this week for missing too many shots on an 0-2 road trip that has spiraled into six straight losses away from Staples Center and three straight losses overall heading into Thursday’s game at Memphis.

If Lakers fans have to pick a side, Howard might as well start packing his bags now. In the past, they’ve chosen Kobe in landslides over former big man Shaquille O’Neal and ex-coach Phil Jackson, among others. Howard doesn’t stand a chance in winning over the fan base, the franchise and perhaps most importantly, the locker room.

It seems pretty obvious that Kobe and Nash have gone out of their way to make Howard feel as comfortable as possible and still these issues persist. With time running out on their season and that Feb. 21 escape hatch getting closer and closer, something has to give …


  1. MrNBA says:

    Howard is the problem! His immaturity doomed the Magic and is now dooming the Lakers. And he will doom any team he signs with next season. All those hours with Hakeem didn’t solve his biggest problem…his childishness.
    Now Dallas, don’t even think about signing this douchebag. Twleve (no pun) Dirks can’t compensate for the trouble one Howard will bring.

  2. B Radd says:

    If you think otherwise about Al Horford then a trade for Amar’e would really benefit both the Knicks and the Lakers! if you think about it, it would be the Ultimate Trade only because A’mare and Melo don’t fit just like Dwight and Kobe. Amar’e is no stranger with Mike D’antoni and Steve Nash. Makes perfect sense now how about it. Lets get this over with and start enjoying the talents of all our NBA stars and not the drama because that to me, honestly is not why I watch this sport.

  3. this team... says:

    this is actually a good team. and mike d is a hell of a good coach. but this type of team CANNOT be fast paced like d’antoni wants them to be. Which means he is not the right coach for the job. Look at the Spurs. They’re def, not a fast paced team, but they have ranked in the top for the past couple years. Of course good players help, but a good coaching philosophy and understanding in which ways your players give you most efficiency is always key.

  4. B Radd says:

    Just keep the Lakers intact less Dwight Howard. Trade him for Al Horford! Horford Fits and as far as Rudy Gay, his fit would be in Houston! He can truly be the star he should be with the Rockets. Cousins would fit perfectly with the Utah Jazz. Bargnani fits also in Houston as well as Calderon. As far as Howard is concern, Just trade him for Horford. It will benefit both Teams and L.A. can move on back to their winning ways.

  5. B-Spec says:

    The Lakers are based around Kobe. No matter who comes to the team they are always going to base everything around Kobe and that is that. I don’t care how how good a player you are when you are not going to be included in the team then you are not going to be able to play at your fullest. Kobe will run the Lakers into the ground before he lets anyone else design plays or have any say so in what is going on. That is how it is going to do down period.

  6. NyK says:

    Dwight if smiles could win championships, you’d have a bunch. But they don’t. Of course you’re not smiling as much as you use to. It was once a relief to see a guy that doesn’t take the game too seriously. But sh#t is serious now. You don’t have the FIRE in you. Unless you find it, none of the teams you play for are going to be true contenders. Look at Kobe, is he smiling?

  7. Stacyann says:

    Again Dwight really? I’ll be the first 2 say that i do not like Dwight Howard. He complains and cries and on top of that the only thing he cares about is making people like him. Like why the hell r u smiling Howard. Your team is losing and is currently not in playoff standing and your smiling? if howard wants to smile off the court thats ok but when you step on the court no smilies put your game face on. i have watched almost every laker game that i possibly can this season and i must say i would pick bynum or howard any day b/c bynum has game he is just immature at times and has a attitude problem. but i have watched howard play and all he does is foolishness, yes kobe may take alot of shots but when the ball is given to howard he misses easy layups, he cant make his free throws and he is never focus. some plays were made for him and its like his is in la la land. Howard needs to dominant. I personally would love to see a trade for Howard to some not so good team like the Kings and get Demarcus cousins and trade Pau Gasol to memphis for Rudy Gay.

  8. Stu Brew says:

    The Lakers need Phil Jackson back as coach and they need Derek Fisher and Andrew Bynum back. Dwight Howard is overrated and has lost his edge. Steve Nash isn’t the problem out of all this.

  9. renz says:

    give howard the ball? really? howard is shooting 25% on the free throw line.. i think thats one major problem why lakers keep on losing i watch some lakers game this season and one major factor is howard free throw shooting they keep on giving him the ball on post but the defender always fouled him when he is about to score the result is losing the game because of his free throw shooting… watch lakers and miami game the game was tied till howard miss his last 4 trip to the line

  10. Terrell says:

    Have you ever thought That Mike Danton i cant handle all of the stars and that we need to get Phil Jackson or one of the know coaches that can handle them

  11. Knicks Fan Alex says:

    Lakers fans are just as worse the entire organisation itself. You are the most unloyal arrogant fan base in the NBA. You always have to put the blame on someone, everyone giving Pau Gasol a hard time for no reason, like a previous comment said he truly has be neglected by the staff AND you as fans, 2009 Pau Gasol was God for you people, that poor guy needs to leave and go elsewhere where he is appreciated.

    Lakers were doing just fine with Bryant, Bynum, Gasol and World Peace, all they needed was a better point guard. They got that wish with Steve Nash which is arguably the ONLY best decision made in this entire fiasco. I agree that Dwight is a very good center HOWEVER he does NOT excel in offense, defense is his prime but his defense shines when HE in the main man. Having Kobe and Dwight who are both used to acquiring many possessions on the court don’t make a perfect mix. The people to BLAME is only, and ONLY the management. By putting Dwight in there they ONLY DID IT FOR FINANCE AND PUBLICITY, and in doing so they have now learnt an extremely valuable lesson. This is what happens when you become greedy as a manager of such a great team. Like I said before, Lakers were doing perfectly fine, not their best, but obviously better than the are now. Steve Nash and Kobe work fine.

    The SOLUTION to the problem, acquire a coach who excels in defense and is decent in offense, Have Nash, Bryant, World Peace, Gasol and Clark on starting lineup. Antawn Jamison sixth man, fix the bench acquire a good center/power forward, obviously Dwight is showing everyone he was better off going to the Nets. Acquire a decent point guard who is able to orchestrate offense well while Nash is on the bench. Acquire more forwards, they have enough guards in Nash and Bryant, however Lakers need to start looking at the future as well, Kobe has a few more years for him they need to start building a new star shooting guard.

    R.I.P 2012-2013 season. Your management is to blame. Not the coach or the players entirely but those who were dumb enough to put them all together. i fully support Pau Gasol, I feel nothing but sympathy for him, his supposedly “loyal” fans that existed in 2009 and 2010 have turned their backs on him, do yourself a favor Gasol find a better team. Kobe is not a ball hog, he is consistent, whether or not he misses a lot of shots the fact that he is able to put up over 25 points in every game is decent enough. Not like he misses everything and is only getting 4 or 2 points, grow up Lakers fans, without Kobe you would be trash. Clippers are rising rapidly, now with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin along with Crawford, Jordan and one of the best bench lineups in the NBA at the moment, Lakers is rapidly slipping away as Staples Centre’s main team.

    Peace out. New York Knicks for life. ❤

  12. Homecourt says:

    Dwight isn’t THE problem, but he is a huge one. I’ll take Kobe’s ego (too great an offensive player for his own good which leads to selfish play) over Dwight’s ego (believes himself to be great, but is simply above average with a height and physique that allow him to distract casual fans from his numerous flaws).

    Dwight has also been crying about his shot attempts and of course if you take a cursory glance at a stat sheet you might side with him. But think about this…

    The man has some of the worst ball security skills I have ever seen, especially for someone as “strong” as he is. He gets stripped 2-4 times per game so chalk that up as 2 shots he never took. Then consider that he, unlike most players, is so horrible at shooting free throws that defenders are more than willing to put him on the line so he can’t get the easy bucket. Every shooting foul nullifies a shot attempt. He shoots more free throws than anyone in the league. Chalk that up to another 3-5 shot attempts that he didn’t take. Throw in foul trouble which he is prone to with his shoving, elbowing, and whining at officials, and you have to consider that some games have him playing limited minutes. I’m certain that when he looks at a stat sheet he doesn’t take minutes played into consideration either. He’s just not that smart. All he looks at is FGM-FGA and that just isn’t the whole story.

    Even on a night when he shot 2-5 (against the Bulls), he probably had 10+ “potential” shot attempts which would put him on par with everyone else on the team, but Kobe. And I’m sorry, but Kobe is the lead guy on the team and also isn’t prone to bricking bank shots from 2 feet away from the basket. He should be shooting more often than the rest of the team.

    He’s also a horrible teammate

  13. dj rgm9 says:

    I watched game until the end of second quarter!Stuck with same big problem’s,no moving without ball.Just nothing they play all together like an amateur team lowest level.If this continue the kind of fans who’s watching Lakers game home or Court it’s gonna be the opponents team eating popcorn sipping beer enjoying loosing Lakers!If this continue i stop watching Lakers just gonna read some articles about losing streaks from Lakers!Seen enuf now what a mess this season is lost!!!No more Mike’s & J.Buss,theyre horrible leading team.The Lakers gonna needing 10 years from now to be play off contender or finals contender.Kobe’s legacy ruined,maybe his last season playing in the Nba.Nothing more left from the former championship contender team,end of story let’sz move on… .

  14. John says:

    D12 trying to go / play with the king to get a ring..Pat Riley thingking about it..Hmmm maybe a heat bench..jakajakajakaja loser lakers land see nxt season…

  15. Bjohn says:

    The lakers are going through a tough time right now and Dwight surely has to take blame for part of it. You are ” the most dominant center in the league” playing with two of the best guards in the league, where is the problem. This team is too experienced to not make it work wether the coach is Mike Brown, Mike D’Antony, Phil Jackson it does’nt matter, there is too much talent and experience on this team for them to be pointing fingers at each other while slumping to one of the worst records in the west. Come on Kobe come on Dwight come on Steve come on Pau and Metter, this is your time man up and take it. I am a die hard LA fan and I believe this team can still be the most dominant team in the NBA but come on guys you got to believe in yourselves first.

  16. dylan says:

    Man…..LA issue again? The ANSWER just simple, FIRE D’Antoni, hire coach that know how to COACH and not use SYSTEM that blind people also know that not work. Good luck LA.

  17. LUGA KA says:

    Tears from my eyes…. It is so Sad… About to cry now…. That’s the BEST DRAMA series we witness….. I never thought that PAU was the CINDERELLA in that laker drama series, Which leads kobe to be the bitter old lady, trying to act tough for her darling daughter Howard… How long can Nash the “Chauffeur” keep standing on his horse-drawn carriage waiting outside the STAPLES castle, Because the Prince BUSS didn’t want to listen to KING BUSS and still waiting for that elusive Shoes to fit… But Price BUSS butler Mike no D Antoni keep bringing the wrong size of shoes That Don’t Fit on Old Bitter Lady kobe and for her darling daughter Howard…. The pain, The Agony…. Luckily There is one solution to all their problems… Ahhh The Merlin Phil Jackson can cure the Spell that cursed the laker Kingdom… But too bad he might just stay on Harry Potter.

  18. yonas says:

    i dont think that Howard is the problem. Gasol is the main problem. The reason why we been losing a couple of games is because gasol aint trying his best and we have to trade him to any team that wants him. i didnt get the reason why dantoni aint doing anything around here. better choice Phil Jackson or Mike Dantoni. ill rather pick Jackson over dantoni and no wonder why dantoni left the knicks for the lakers.

  19. Heat own the celtics!!!!!!!!!! 45 pts game 6…you remember that….

  20. Woody Lofton says:

    If anyone leaves L.A it needs to be Dantoni. Hire Phil. Look at the resumes and do the math. Dantoni you cant outscore other teams as you did inPhoenix. Thats why you never won a championship. Defense win those. When you realize that then you will change your offense, and stop that three point shooting and the post will be utilized more often with d12 and gasol. Until you understand the value of the post, then you will never win a championship.We dont have Ray Allens, and Kyle Korvers we cant make 3s ll game. Something has to give and its not Gasol. Its needs to be you.???????/

  21. D12 or Cousins would need to understand that in Boston just play your role whether big or small would=get a ring w/ Celtics!!!


  23. & oh-Now GO & SMACK THE TASTE OUT OF melo & knicks MOUTH ON THURSDAY YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    CELTS-GO SHOW knicks NO M??!? F??!!? MERCY PERIOD NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. @ dready jun-yeah Rondo may struggle a lot @ free throws but he’s shooting 48% fg’s this season(that’s almost 50%) one of the better shooting % in the league & they are not mostly layups-pretty even balance of perimeter & layups.
    @ LeeLee-i agree that sounds like a sweet lineup-but would D12 workout n Boston-if he was ready to get real serious-u know as a fan that Celts organization don’t even play around w/ xtra drama-drama free zone-lol-thank goodness. Celts could definitely use his rebdn & blockn. As of right now Sullinger has been the most consistent rebounding-Dudes a F??!!? Beast! Celts could use D12 or Cousins as long as they would drop most of the drama & just keep some of the edge-gotta have some edge to come to Boston-lol-we like edge but poised edge!!! My thing is i don’t want to see any of the current pieces go. Would like to see more of Sullinger’s offense in the post, he’s already got a 15perimeter shoot-dude gotgame. I also think Terry the jet needs to be let loose more coming of the bench & just be Terry-he’s already a team player so he’l explode more. Same for Green-just be Green! Celts just gotta be more consistent period no matter what they do adding if they do player wise-there are two open roster spots. Just don’t wana see them lose any current players-GOOOO CELTS.

  25. B Radd says:

    Straight up trade for Al Horford! Dwight will go home this summer and join Josh Smith in Atlanta and is why Danny Ferry made the necessary changes. L.A. should open their eyes because Dwight just doesn’t wanna be there. Get over it and move on, all your doing is hurting the franchise and the legacy of the Lakers!

  26. 2Pac says:

    The best move the Lakers could get is to acquire Demarcus Cousins. He is very athletic (runs lots of fast breaks and hes a big man) and he is extremely talented and works hard.

  27. too much Heat says:

    just let them play basketball…. and keep their losing streak .. hehehe

  28. coach V says:

    nash kobe dwight pau are all dominant players , that s too much for one team

    bench players are intimidated and can never step up. How can sacre or Clark complain about no shooting enough if Dwight is already complaining.

    they are too old !! they dont run !!

    if i start coachin a bunch of young guys , i have 2 golden rules

    1 basketball is a team sport
    2 Basketball is a run sport

    i think the lakers are failing both of them

  29. jonski22 says:

    idk..the Lakers are so f*3k up now. They cannot fire Mike’D, coz the owe MikeB, and hiring another coach add’s to their expense. Maybe that Bickerstaff dude can man the wheels for a while.

    I love Pau, and i don’t want him to be traded, he is not playing good coz of Dumbtoni’s stubbornness, and his system. Meanwhile i like DH12 to be traded, now i see his attitude, and i think he is declining, with all those injuries. Trade him for J.Smith. Pau can handle the Center spot, defensively he will be fine, NBA lack of quality big men. J.Smith and Metta can handle and help each other on defending the likes of Durant and James, but seriously no one can guard both of them. JSmith is a good help defender.

    Change the system to fit your roster. Take it slow, take on the post. Want to use Nash, some pick and roll with J.Smith. Earl Clark as sixth man until he develops to be a good player, that guy has potential.

  30. allen says:

    Don’t use Howard in tight ball game specially in last 5 mins. opponents will kill you because of his free throw shooting,remember few days ago versus miami

  31. Mac says:

    I am NOT a laker fan but it was really sad to watch how a champion caliber team defeat ed by almost every team in the NBA to the fact that they have one of the greatest player in nba (kobe).
    Kobe is not the problem, infact I can say that “If ONLY” he will be a free lancer I bet you that ALL of the respective team management will atleast sit down and talk wether they will acquire Kobe or not. Some of the people blame him for being a ball hugger, “what if the lakers are on top of the standings’? Do you still blame him for being a ball hugger? or would you think that he is the best player (ofcourse next to M.J.)
    Its the chemistry!! Lakers management should start trading players, as for the coach, DO NOT fire him, DEMOTE him! maybe he will learn the basics in coaching. Hire a new coach who has multiple system depending on the needs of the game. I cannot say re-hire Phil Jackson because if he says he dont want to coach anymore, so be it!! He deserves it after so many years of hard work as a coach.
    As for Howard, REST until you can play 100% so people can see how good you are (if you are??!!) and your not using your injury as an excuse for having lowsy games. From there decide what are you going to do with your over rated career. you maybe the slam duck champion before dunking on the rim that was higher than the normal one, but dude, you are what…??? 7 ft tall??? plus your reach! STOP playing basketball if you cant do that!!

  32. Jimmy says:

    Lakers should trade Pau to the Wolves…He deserves better than what the organization is doing to him. He is an amazing player with much more to offer, in terms of technique and vision, in the paint then D Howard who is a bowling ball down there n takes up TOO MUCH space. Let him play alongside his fellow countryman Rubio n an allstar in Love. He will bring more excitement to a rising team n an all around center that will help the team in the future, where he will shine n fans can acknowledge him the the player that he is. Its not to say that he doesnt deserve some of the blame, but it is clearly the system n D Howard that have put a considerable amount of pressure on him, and its not fair to ask him to produce in those circumstance. I hope the Lakers can turn it around WITH Pau there n make the playoffs but thats a fools hope. Come the trade deadline I hope the organization and management can provide a positive change to help the team moving forward.

  33. D-ROc says:

    Dwight Howard is one of the only traditional centers left in the game. This means that he needs someone to get him the ball off the pick and roll for Howard to be effective on the offensive end. Defensively, he has seemed to have difficulty;he has not played like himself all season long. The main problem is that Dwight Howard, although very talented, just is not used to Alpha-Dog Kobe Bryant and the way he runs a team. Obviously, as Kobe said this “isn’t working”, but I think this is way past basketball matters at this point. The acquisition of Steve Nash made sense; Kobe had never played with such a playmaker. The real issue is that Kobe is expected to do way too much, Nash isn’t getting the ball in his hands a lot to make plays, and the defense, which was expected to be stabilized with Howard, hasn’t been good at all. The only thing which I don’t understand is what would the Lakers want for him and which team would they trade Howard to?

  34. mrtnlee says:

    D12 isn’t 100%. Lakers have a solid starting 5, but I don’t think they’re playing for a coach that wants to win. Instead, he cares more about his undeserved sense of accomplishment and pride, unable to recognize that his system doesn’t work with the pieces that are available. Tragically, Kobe isn’t growing any younger and his race to 6 rings has become more elusive than ever before.

  35. Alejandro Oseguera says:

    I’ve been followed Laker for many year and I thoght this season could be the best one since all Lakers’ members are just amazing players. However, as far as I know, the teamwork doesn’t play an important role around the team yet. Nevertheless… I still believe Lakers could make it even much better. Go Lakers!!!

  36. LeeLee says:

    If DH12 goes to Boston, he will be under KG’s wing.. He could learn so much off him, especially offensively.. Rondo, Truth, KG, Dwight and The Jet is a sweet line up..

  37. ryogo says:

    D12 + players – Nets
    BLopez + players- Hawks
    JSmith + players – Lakers


  38. LON says:

    I still prefer Bynum and Gasol inside… rather than Gasol and ???

  39. Ben says:

    how can people still be obsessing over Bynum. at the moment there is no center in the league remotely close to Dwight howard because as far as I know Bynum is still injured. there has been heaps of news about Dwight on the court but the only news we have heard about Bynum is what haircut he is gonna have at the next sixers game. Dwight was better than Bynum then and he got injured but he best is yet to come for Dwight at la all he has to do is wait because when his back problems will be in the past and he and kobe can play together the lakers will be a team to beat. all this and im a Celtics fan!!!

  40. sj says:

    Simple questions in the end though: Will he be traded before the deadline? I don’t really think so. Will he leave end of the season as a free agent? Yes. So the Magics lost last year, but it looks like Lakers are gonna lose out even more in the end.

  41. Obz says:

    Rondo and Jeff Green/(Paul Pierce Boston loyalty) to LAL trade Gasol and Steve Blake or Chris Duhon to Boston, Kobe can teach Rondo shoot with proper form lol

  42. Deb Sus says:

    D Antoni and Howard has to both go. If the lakers are still considering to make a push for the playoffs they should bench Howard right now and expedite any trade possible. Howard is still the best center in the league but he is not in psyche with the team, like what happened to Lamar Odom last season. Bring Avery Johnson to the table. (Ideally Phil but he would not agree to come back now)

  43. Jerome says:

    No way DWIGHT STAY MAN! C’mon You gotta stay you cant go! Im a laker fan but i live in Florida and i love seeing you play with Kobe! I just wish your teammates would find you in the post more and kobe doesn’t need to drive he’s not in his prime anymore and hes a great Jump shooter. Dont worry what people think and just go out there and play your game like a True center!

  44. dready jun says:

    Dwight and Rondo together equals a whole lot of missed free throws. Good luck to that idea.

  45. Breebo says:

    Chris Bosh + Ray Allen for D-howard.. lakers need a dead on shooter and a smaller team.. heat need a center desperately!

  46. Sosa says:

    Just let Dwight go to Boston and you will see who is the best center in the league. Dwight is good with a team that plays good defense and lakers are far from good defenders. Dwight and Rondo together = title. Just wait… 🙂

  47. Grahamatron says:

    i love kobe but hes gotta start moving the ball around more. nash is still an excellent shooter and i watch plenty of times where nash is hanging out in range and kobe draws a double team and puts up a wild shot. in kobes credit, better than a few go in, but A LOT dont. hes gotta start looking for the smarter shot. theres plenty of scorers on the team. kobe is beating himself up trying to carry this team and its not possible or necessary. they have all the peices necessary to have a great team, they just arent being used. if howard isnt attempting 10-12 FG’s a night, theres a problem. they have shown signs of life lately but they cant expect to win games by waiting til the last few minutes to play defense. i think earl clarks hustle has been contagious lately but they have to play defense all 48 minutes.

  48. Woody Lofton says:

    Howard is not better than Andrew Bynum. Howard is just more athletic which allows him to rebound and get more baskets. In terms of pure talent and skills Bynum is much better. Bynum has a left and right hand, hook, and a decent jumpshot, and much better free throw percentage. If Bynum wasn’t injury prone, and more athletic Bynum would be the most Dominant. Howars doesn’t have any post moves, he’s learning but he doesn’t have them. Howard pack your bags and Love get ready becuase we already have your jersey waiting for you. I’m a Laker fan by the way.

  49. Heavy T says:

    The problem is kobe but obviously the lakers, their fans & kobe himself will never admit it, look at the few games kobe missed last season due to injury they won half of those games & most of the guys who played those games put good numbers all across the board cause TEAM WORK was used & the last couple of games kobe has taken 20+ shots & not even hit more then 10 of those

  50. Denoizer says:

    I would prefer DeMarcus Cousins over Dwight Howard. Cousins is as immature as Howard but he is younger and he could learn lots of stuff from Pau Gasol. Cousins with a dependable midrange game would be quite useful. Since he is young enough, he would probably follow the lead of veteran players like Pau, Kobe or Steve Nash. Howard is to old to change his attitude and he is definitly uncomfortable being just one of several stars in the locker room.

    Even if he gets his will and joins the guys in Brooklyn, I would expect nothing good from that. He would be the second in rank after DWill and as immature as he is, one can expect lots of problems as a result.

    I would try for a three team deal, Howard to Brooklyn, Lopez to the Kings and Cousins to the Lakers. Howard would get his wish, the Kings would get a more mature player in Lopez and the Lakers would get a young player who could develop quite well with the help and guidance of some veteran players.

    Just a thought…

  51. The Truth says:

    Everyone keeps blaming the players and can’t realize it’s the coaching. The system doesn’t fit the personnel of the players. The Lakers are known for being a big team and dominating games down low but you can’t do that when you have a coach you wants your SF to play PF and jack up as many shots as you can. D’antoni doesn’t like to throw it in the post and is not known for defense. It’s not kobe, dwight, nash, pau, it’s the system. Lakers were always fine with having 2 7 footers because they had the right system in the triangle that applied great spacing and worked inside out. Another part is injuries. It’s going to be a problem when your starters haven’t played even 20 games together. They can trade whoever but until they get Antoni( He has no D) out they will struggle unless they can get a real stretch 4 like a anderson or love or frye.

  52. Obz says:


  53. Tim says:

    Guys, the real problem is that the offense doesn’t flow with Nash, they don’t let him play his game, that’s why they lose. Along with a so-so bench they won’t win unless they let Steve do his thing. Common, it’s not all of Dwights fault,. Let Nash do his thing, Let him carry the ball (not kobe) , and the BIGS need to produce on both sides of the floor.

  54. So is this proof of how good Andrew Bynum is?

  55. Obz says:

    fire D’Antoni letting Gasol and even D12 shoot a 3?not the same Mavs/Suns Nash star anymore they need a younger point guard or SF

  56. Andrew Bynum says:

    All of you guys are sick lol, now you guys wanna say that Andrew Bynum is better? Lets do the math and think a second. Kobe and Bynum didnt work , Kobe and Howard didnt work , then who problem is it ? KOBE BRYANT aka THE BALL HOG.
    4 stars and you cant still win ? We are 9th in the EASTERN CONFERENCE and we are still waiting for BYNUM! Who are the Lakers waiting for? Give the blame to KOBE not the bigs or the coach.You guys traded bigs and hire new coaches and still the same.

  57. Weida says:

    It is very clearly what the Laker’s problems are. These 3 key players were not doing well
    1 Howard is unhappy right now and he was not playing 100% of his level. Clearly, he doesn’t like his place in the team.
    2 Gasol is unhappy too. But his problem is with D’Antoni and his system.
    3 Kobe sometime takes too many difficult shots especially in the 4th quarter and ignore the teammates.

    Whatever the D’Antoni’s system is, Kobe take 25+ shots and Howard take 10- shots are wrong. We should see something like that Kobe takes 15 shots, Howard takes 15 shots, Gasol take 15 shots.

    If they want to keep both Kobe and Howard, this is the job must get done
    First, feed Howard the ball much much more, encourage him, make him happy, get him back to the Top Center Level.
    Second, make Kobe more efficient, take better chances, share the ball and defend better

    What the coach D’Antoni did is not getting it solved. But creating another problem, made Gasol unhappy. Get him away from the rim and make him a role player.

    D’Antoni has proved he can not handle this situation in New York last year. So when the similar problem happens, why him again? The only coach proved to handle Kobe well is Phil, why not him?

    If trade, do not trade Gasol. Trade Howard. Gasol has proved he can play along with Kobe.

    Actually, New York got a good solution. You can trade Howard for some good role player like Chandler, JR and Laker will be back to the top teams.

    Laker’s management definitely wants to keep Howard for the future. But they can not trade Kobe and they screwed up the only chance to choose coach D’Antoni

    Now they have 3 tough chioces
    1 Keep Howard and wait for Kobe to retire. This is a big risk and there is another long long whole season till Kobe’s contract ends.
    2 Fire D’Antoni find another coach. But it seems no one can do the job.
    3 Trade Howard

    Or frozen Kobe but they won’t

    Anyway it is not likely the Laker can get better in the any near future

  58. Vin says:

    LA Lakers, like any other team in the NBA, is not a basketball club, it’s a business. If you have a guy who hasn’t played that well, has been a cry-baby, and still makes the All Star game as a starter, you know you can just trade him, at least not until you’ve milked enough $ out of him. Unfortunateky, in this day and age, it seems you don’t need to be a winner to have commercial value…

  59. Lakerallday no matter what says:

    I think the problem is the coach, neither Kobe nor Gasol and Howard, Buss said he chose D’Antoni over PJax cuz he was the one behind Nash MVP seasons. He should have take PJax or at least Shaw. The Triangle would have been perfect for Howard cuz he would have been the center piece of the team, kinda like Shaq back in the day. I mean Nash is known for being a great runner of plays but dude is 38 now, he’s also known for being an efficient shooter so he can hit Js If Howard handle the ball thru the triangle, it opens easy Js for every single player of the team and it also give him the possibility of dominate in the paint. When Howard play great in offense he dominates in D. The triangle also fix the defensive problem cuz the players are the first to go back in D after a miss shot.

  60. Cocoa says:

    I keep hearing about a three team trade centered on Howard with the Nets, Lakers, and T-Wolves. Here is what I propose: Lakers trade: Dwight and Pau
    Twolves Trade: Pekovic and Love
    Nets Trade: Lopez.

    Lakers get: Pekovic and Love
    Twolves get: Lopez and Pau
    Nets get: Dwight

    This would make each team a lot better!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      That would stink. The Nets and T-Wolves need to stay put … at least for the rest of this season.

  61. 808s says:

    laker fans dont get that phil isnt going to coach anymore how blind are you people let the man enjoy his life he doesnt have to please any one or prove anything move on…. life goes on now lakers just are horrible….

  62. william says:

    who we got to blame is mr. jim buss for brining in a coach that has no business coaching the lakers the problem wasnt offense the problem was defense. stop blaming howard hes at 80% but yet still putting up 18pts and 12reb which is almost the same what bynum would put up. We need to blame jim buss who should step down and let someone else run the lakeshow because his arrogance and pride is what got us lakers fan to this point he’s a selfish person just cause he didnt like phil he goes and hires a coach that doesnt fit the lakers at all , he’s the root of all these problems . And for all these people saying kobe is the problem you make me laugh HAHA

  63. what says:

    lol only if howard can hold up the ball in the paint he would know something about offense they snatch the ball right out of his hands or he loses it hes got smaller hands then kwame brown LOL

  64. Heisenberg says:

    Dwight Howard is not close at all to Andrew bynums abilities on both sides of the court. Too bad he’s plague with injuries. I never wanted Dwight Howard to be a Laker in the first place. And I’ll not be disappointment if the lakers gives up on him. Pau Gasol is a different story. It’s hard to blame the guy. He gave the Lakers the two nba rings.and he gave up many to support Howard in the post.

  65. Max says:

    Great Article! Yes, Laker Land is a tough place to play sports! One best not un pack bags for a few seasons. Need to be tested! Kobe, Magic and a few others have been tried and have made it as a Basketball Hero. A very hard accomplishment. Dwight Howard, is NOT going to be able to “cut the mustard in Laker Land”. Why? Just not enough all round good (excellent) at the game of basketball. T.Town? well a player has to wear many “Hats”, and NO pouting and NO blaming anyone else for your blunders. Not in Laker Land. Blame Coach,System, Fans, Not getting the ball? That will not keep you in Laker Land. T.Town knows much about the sport of basketball, and have had so many that were Great to wear the Purple & Gold, so, best to say ” I need lot of improvement, and yes I am not where I need to be to be considered the Center “ALONE” in Laker Land. No Coach, would allow the pouting and the blame game and for sure the Owner/GM are not happy about excuses. Produce or move on out of Laker Land! DH needs HELP! maybe too popular too soon? Needs time to grow up!

  66. noyb says:

    From “Hoopshype”:

    “The talk about Gasol and Howard is really starting to heat up right now with the Feb. 21 trade deadline fast approaching and both of them having their differences with their roles in D’Antoni’s system. “There’s nothing we can do about that right now,” Bryant said. “The most important thing is winning. If we continue to lose everyone is going to look like [expletive], it’s not going to be about how many touches [Howard] had or how many shots I had or how many turnovers Steve [Nash] had, it’s not going to be about that. It’s going to be about we lost. So we have to figure out collectively what we need to do to win this thing.”

    If you have a Coach who is doing his job, your players don’t talk like that. Players are payed to execute a strategy, not “figure out.”

    Fire D’Antoni and find another coach. If the wine is bad, through it out.

  67. 17,6 says:

    i don’t even know who 2 blame anymore…all i know is one thing kobe at 34 is still playing at the highest level possible so 2 criticize us laker fans 4 choosing him over ANYONE is just plain ridiculous…can u imagine if we chose shaq over kobe we probably would have been stuck at 14 championships instead of the 16 that KOBE and his sidekick gasol got 4 us!!!! whatever happens u can’t blame kobe the lakers r his team and will be his team until he retires!!!! he can take as many shots as he desires…most of the time he shoots a lot when he see that the rest of the team is just standing around if u watched laker games u would know that!!!! u can blame the coach the GM ownership individual players effort whatever but don’t let it be misunderstood in no way is this kobe’s fault

  68. Mikey24 says:

    Why is Howard an All Star???? There are way better centers..

  69. William says:

    Dewight Howard is a little Bitch!!

  70. Lol says:

    Trade Howard the guy is garbage and get Kevin love and watch how fast the team gets back at least to 7th place in the conference

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Love is injured. He’s out for … what was it … 6-8 weeks? By the time he comes back, the season practically will be over.

  71. Bird33 says:

    D’antonni has to go….it’s as simple as that. I say Let the players play….

  72. james09 says:

    Dwight howard for luke walton?

  73. The Oracle's Arena says:

    Great piece… not because of incredible literary genius or the exclusive uncovering of a new idea but just a very on point on time article…. I think he is the one that needs to go Gason has won 2 rings as the 2 punch next to Kobe and at that time some people wanted to say the 1 punch so I would rather see him play center and at least he already earned his $$ in my eyes.

  74. Kam says:

    To the dude who said KOBE was the problem…………You are an idiot!

  75. boymike says:

    like i said i like howard but if he is never gona be at least 70 percent again than we need someone else i still prefer howard over bynum i could not stand watching bynum walk up n down the court pissed me off he is great but he is not playing great im patiant i can wait a few years before he dominates but every body is puting so much presure on this whole laker team that its gotta be hard to feel apretiated n liked on this team i say we keep the team we curently have give them a nother season and training camp n see if next year looks anybetter if that season is just as bad then we should think of tweeking the team a bit we may have allstars on r team but putting this much presure on a team just isnt fair im not sayin its ok to be in 12 but i never expected this team to be in 1st their first season together lakers need to learn how to invest a couple bad season for many great ones lakers should at least be in 9th or 10th tho 12 is unexceptable thats all im sayin

  76. anthony says:

    send him to the D league, he really isnt that good, all hype, Now you see some of these GREEN youngins need college!!!! Its men playing in the NBA!!!

  77. Kuberan says:

    You got to stop blaming Dwight Howard for the LAL loss because he is better than Andrew Bynum. The LAL should tighten up their defense. They do need to get rid of Pau Gasol, they should trade him for Andrea Bargnani. They should look out for a future player after Kobe leaves or they should trade him for Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, or Dwayne Wade because any coach will accept that deal, because Kobes getting old and hes going to be playing for only 3 more years so might as well get another player better for the future it now or never. They should also aim for Deron Williams, Kemba Walker, or any other Point Gaurd in the future. But there are no reason to trade Dwight Howard.

    • Max says:

      Dream on about the above mention Greats, that of them would come to Laker Land! NOT! They have a home and are a STAR in that home!

  78. dummos says:

    dwight howard is better than all of u

  79. Farah - Lakers Fan 4 Life says:

    I don’t understand why the Lakers management hired the coach in the first place. He has never even won a championship. Poor Nash came to the Lakers looking for chance to finally get a ring and the management brought his former looser coach to LA. Please Fire the coach and trade the BIG BABY Howard. He is another wrong move the management made. They brought two looser to LA, a coach who couldn’t get Phenix a championship and SUPERMAN…lol who couldn’t get Orlando to the championship.

  80. David O says:

    The Lakers just have a bad mix right now. I say we just need to do some TRADES.

    First trade Howard and Nash, and World Peace for Brook Lopez and Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace. Then trade Gasol for Josh Smith.

    Lakers starting 5:
    1. Williams
    2. Bryant
    3. Wallace
    4. Smith
    5. Lopez

    Then bring Phil Jackson back so they can get another ring!

    or even Mike Brown would be better at this point.

    • Max says:

      Goodness, D.Williams???D.W. has to be the Coach, as well as running the team.Think DW could play along side Kobe? Who could the Lakers find to pretend to be the Head Coach? Two Coaches gone who tried to get along with D.W. and Nets are looking for yet another Coach, that can make it work with Williams. Yes, Lopez could play along with Gasol (who has proved he can co-exist with another big). Howard?NOT! Would the Nets take D.H. for Lopez? Would Memphis take DH for M.Gasol? Atlanta really does NOT have anyone that can play full court basketball to consider a trade to unload D.H. Mavs.DH for Dirk? Bosh is too weak for a Center and NO Bosh would NOT be a good trade for the Lakers. Who is left??? Europe?? DH needs to just start over and become “HUMBLE”, he peaked way too early in life! Too much Glitter too soon!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Interesting that many ppl keep bringing up Lopez and the Nets. What’s up wit that?

      Hmm, maybe the Nets are (quietly) the favorites to win the East. Hum…

      First off, the Nets already tried to attain Howard last summer. They sure as hell don’t want him now. Plus, I don’t know if they could afford Howard’s price tag. Not worth it risking the luxury tax. Plus, players you mentioned may have long-tern contracts with no-trade clauses. So, some of those players probably can’t be traded anyway. Plus, the Nets are building a championship team with Lopez, G. Wallace, Williams, and Joe Johnson. They would never build a team like this just to break them up a year later. Not gonna happen.

  81. alvin says:

    hows sorry for metta hu say that lakers will beat the record of mj but it stab them in the back where is lakers now

  82. NY Fan says:

    I believe the Lakers should trade the whole team since they are old and need lots of yong blood on the team.

  83. ErnD says:

    Coaching is key…Coach decides rotations of the players, and when to rest players. All i see is Kobe looks drained and having to put more shots up than he would like to. Lakers need to get more bench points and having Pau come off the bench would help. Nothing against Pau and his playing abilities. But honestly you can trade all the players but without the right coach you’ll still get the same results.

  84. Trevor says:

    Please, let gasol do his thing. Hi’s much better on the paint. Howard is just a reboundig and blocking beast, which is fine, but he thinks, he deserves much more than that. Trade him for valuable pieces, for example young, and defensive minden players. And fire D’antoni!

  85. Armin Halvadzic says:

    I can’t take the laker talk anymore.

  86. blackheart says:

    Please, for the love of Christ, do NOT come to the Bulls. Stay away. Stay away. Stay AWAY. This guy should be avoided like the clap.

  87. KB24 says:

    D’Antoni needs to leave. He was a terrible pick as a coach anyways. Need to bring in Phil Jackson. Look what he did in 2002 and 2001. Kobe and Shaq could dominate every team. Look at the lakers now, they have a way better team on their hands and not playing to anything compared to what they were. Sure Howard isn’t Shaq, but he’s the closest thing to it in this era of the NBA. Jackson will have a awesome system going with Nash, Kobe and Dwight with Pau there. It would be close to what he did with the Bulls with Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      No way. Never compare those Bulls teams to today’s Lakers. That’s a joke! The difference is those Bulls players were in their primes. Today’s Lakers — Kobe and Nash are past their primes. Accept it and move on.

      BTW, everyone needs to stop mentioning Phil Jackson. He has publicly stated CLEARLY he does not want the Laker or Nets coaching jobs. Quit dreaming. Jackson is not on the market. He wants to stay retired.

  88. big jebb says:

    Thank God he won’t be traded to the THUNDER


    i cant believe this guy said trade dwight for nene and trevor ariza lmfaooooo

  90. kobeisthebest says:

    fire mike

  91. cabral says:

    I think that LA tried to do what Heat did when they brought two big stars to play along Wade, the main difference for me is that unlike LA the stars in Miami are friends instead of just co-workers, and they were willing to put their egos aside so that the team would win, and I dont see that happening in LA with that been said , No playoff for LA this year

  92. Reality says:


  93. Dee says:

    Why do people criticize lakers so much? Just shutup and watch the game. What if they will improve? Then you will eat your words 🙂

  94. Shawn says:

    Dwight Howard is my least favorite player in the league. He proved to be a finger pointer and very selfish player in Orlando, and got a really good coach fired. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, until i saw in yelling at Kobe lately in a game.not a godd sign. There is NO way he could lead a team. he does not respect authority, and so i doubt he will really learn from the great Kobe Bryant. I am not a Kobe fan, but there is no denying his brilliance, track record, and work ethic, Kobe is is an all time great and dh has much to prove. sure as an individual he is awesome, but basketball is a TEAM sprot. i think it would be a big mistake for the Nets to trade Lopez for Howard. Lopez is playing like Noah, team basketball, and they are winning. maybe boston, Pierce may be able to guide him?

  95. Toto says:

    Listen you all commentators; there is a downfall time for every GOOD team. Now it is only that of Lakers. You must also remember MANY OTHER TEAMS ARE PLAYING THOUGHER AND BETTER TOO.

    • Lakersfan says:

      Their is no question that is a lot of teams playing good, but we aren’t playing good at all, this team should have at least 30-10 record, and I don’t care what all the Lakers Haters or Kobe haters or Howard haters think, we have one of the best players in the NBA, But like I been saying is D’Antoni’s fault because he doesn’t know how to used them at all, he wants the players to change and is not working, he needs to change his style or step down like he did in NY, This team Has potential to beat Miami, OKC, Spurs, Clippers,etc but the coach is the PROBLEM HERE. Something has to be done if we want ot salvage the season.

  96. Braha says:

    Has anyone think that there is not foult on a Dwight , i think the more foult hase to get to NASH, he is holding the ball for to much,, ok i know he has ability to pas and shot ,, but he is still holding the ball to much,, if he is playing the pick and roll with DWIGHT,, i think that he is not seeing any think else than DWIGHT,.. i see a many time kobe runing and get open, but still no ball, .
    Or i gues thats just me that can\t believe my team is loosing, and im trying to blame sommeone

    • Max says:

      Nash tries to get the ball to Howard, BUT Howard just cannot hold on to the ball and FUMBLES! Howard? Needs claws! Kobe tires to get ball to Howard! Howard does not even have his eyes on the ball and Kobe waste a shot, that hit Howard in the back of the head. Now what was Howard looking at? NOT the BALL! Howard cannot hold arms up to be seen, but out to the side like a big bird and guess what, Howard gets called for an offensive foul! Can Howard learn to extend arms over his head, so PG/Kobe,Metta,Gasol can throw him the ball??Yet to see that happen!

  97. bryan says:

    Lakers needs PHil Jackson or some defensive coach to utilize their bigs Howard and gasol

  98. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Some of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read coming from non Laker fans in here. I’m laughing away here reading some of the trade scenarios people are coming up with. The NBA needs to be happy some of these bloggers don’t run basketball franchises!!! LOL!

    • flyy222 says:

      with all do respect Lakers-R-Us. you are a little biased being a lakers fan. obviously a trade needs to happen somewhere and honestly what could it hurt. being the lakers are well below .500

  99. flyy222 says:

    he is a cry baby thats gets frustrated easily. he was so quick to criticize shaq on calling him out, but what he should do is take shaqs advise on how to become a better center. Also dwight has no overall skill at the center position which is on display now that he’s coming off of an injury, at one point he led the league in dunks which is how he got majority of his points. but now that hes not as explosive his overall abilities are on display. he has limited post moves and moves terribly without the ball which is why hes never open.

  100. Yay says:

    Phil jackson

  101. Rich says:

    I think the problem is Kobe. He is a ball hog and takes too many shots. The Lakers would do way better with Nash feeding the ball to Gasol and Howard. Kobe doesn’t make anyone a better player whereas Nash does. Go Heat!!!

    • flyy222 says:

      Kobe is the problem??? why dont you ask. shaq, gasol, bynum. oh yea and ron artest who never had a championship until they played with kobe, if hes a problem. when it comes down to it who else are you going to trust with the ball

  102. PHIL = Championship!!!!! No questions asked…

  103. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    this is exactly why I was happy when the Fakers scored dwama.
    “i thought about trying to get him the ball more” good one kobe!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Kobe tried to send Howard reading materials? I’m pretty sure Dwight Howard knows to read. Like that’s going to help anything.


  104. CHUCK NORRIS says:

    Dwight Howard to the Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. aciong3 says:

    trade him to miami

  106. MBA says:

    dwight howard for boston celtics…or maybe rockets..
    but it will be good for him to go to boston celtics…bcause boston needs a bigman who will support KG…

  107. Mr.africka says:

    I don’t think that its Dwight that’s the whole problem, its also up to the coach (who is garbage) to decide how to utilize these players correctly. Phil Jackson would’ve had this team at the top of the charts, and I’m saying this and im not even a Laker fan.

    • Lakersfan says:

      2 things need to happen to fix all this, 1- Fired Mike D’Antoni 2- fired Mike D’Antoni, and that will fix everything, Don’t We all Lakers Fans Agree that Is not Dwight or Gasol Problem, is the Coach, I’ll bet that if we get a new coach a good one not one that Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchuck pick, All the players are going to be happy, and Dwight and Pao will star Playing their best, I can see their frustration in their eyes and is tours D’Antoni. We Need to Fire D’Antoni Make Bernie the Interim Coach and see how he does at the end of the season and either make him the head coach or Try to get Phill Back or Give Brian Shaw a chance after all he learn from the Great coach Phill Jackson, I think Howard need someone like Phill.

  108. PistonsFan93 says:

    Yeah i agree with the majority. Trade this guy to the Nets.

  109. Croakus says:

    The team too old to run with these young whippersnappers, Steve Nash is way over rated can’t defend too slow. Dwight don’t care I ‘ve seen the tapes he just stands around.

  110. Jay#24 says:

    Trade Howard to New York and get Chandler best option there is.

  111. mickey says:

    Trade Dwight to Miami for Joel Anthony ..

    • Lakers R just Fine says:

      If you think Joel Anthoni is as good as Dwight Howard you Need to have your Head exam or you really hate the Lakers and you are a Miami Fleats fan, I rather to get Michael

  112. Adam says:

    The problem is Kobe. He’s a great player, but not playing team ball this season. Trade Dwight to Lebron on the heat and watch the heat win 90% of their games.

  113. Simple & Easy says:

    For Lakers to even have a chance at getting 8th seed and making the playoffs one of two things must happen before trade deadline:

    1. They get rid of D’Antoni and find a coach that fits the personnel (i.e. Phil Jackson or Brian Shaw).
    2. They trade Howard or Gasol and find players that fit D’Antoni’s coaching style.

    Currently, the players and the system they are being coached under isn’t working out. If the Lakers are to survive, a change must be made.

    If nothing is done, and Lakers front office continue to not address Kobe’s obvious frustrations, I say Kobe should ask to be traded to Clippers (An on the rise championship caliber team, that would only benefit with Kobe playing SF or SG). This would also allow Kobe to stay in LA, where he has made his living.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Sad thing is: Kobe is so selfish that he would never want to go to a different team where he has to be role-player.

      He ONLY wants to be the #1 option. He’d sooner retire than be anything less. He is THAT selfish. I promise you.

  114. Chico says:

    People NEED to change their approach to Howard. They treat him like he is the next Chamberlain, firing coaches and trading players to make room for his huge ego, much bigger than his talent(and he is a very capable center, to say the least). His Coworkers put Dwight Howard above then, like he is a god, fullfilling his wishes and making him comfortable. Well, this is certainly the time that this guy must feel the pressure that an underachieving superstar(he just potential, the way he plays, he is going to end his career with 0 championships and 0 MVP titles, sometihng that doesn’t surprise me anymore) usually faces. Pau Gasol is taking that kind of pressure for each basket he misses, while everybody is waiting for Howard to stop crying and begin playing. He needs to get out of this comfort zone that he is stuck, becaue he is becoming extremely unpopular.
    The truth is only one: he is talented, but is an allstar starter only because the lack of any good options at the position(comparing to the past).Yes, he still putting good numbers, but he is much better than that.
    Next time he starts this drama again, somebody(I am not a Lakers fan, but Kobe saying that in an interview would be great) say: SHUT UP Howard! Or you will be playing in Charlotte next season.

  115. ShoMas says:

    For Christ’s sake do not trade Lopez for Howard!!! Doing so would simply be madness! Why? Although not as spectacular as Howard, Brook Lopez is more efficient in the post than Howard this season, the numbers don’t lie! And as an added bonus Brook can actually shoot and make free throws when it really matters aka 4th quarter. Dwight is no factor in the 4th, it’s well documented.

  116. HH says:

    I can not believe you guys are underestimating Dwight. I’m more than positive that each and every one of you were ecstatic at the beginning of the season when you heard about his signing. If blaming is necessary, you might as well blame the management. Abysmal performance overall. If Phil refuses to coach, our only resort is to get Bickerstaff. You won’t get the 2009 team back. Bynum, Fisher, Odom are all gone. More importantly, Jackson is gone. This is what we’ve got now, a team of veterans! We shouldn’t lose hope – but it was a big mistake getting D’Antoni .. Guess coaches with Mike as their first name aren’t fit for the Lakers ..

  117. alberto says:

    they dont have chemistry..

  118. jefri surhendra says:

    winning defensive of the year 3 years straight and not that good doesnt go hand in need to check your basic common sense.

  119. Daniel says:

    I see a few options/answers to this struggling Laker team.

    1. Fire Mike D’Antoni. Replacement, you have Jerry Sloan, Avery Johnson, or one of the Van Gundy brothers.
    2. Trade between Lakers and Atlanta Hawks. Dwight Howard for Josh Smith and Kyle Korver. OR Trade Dwight Howard + Antwan Jamison for Josh Smith and Al Horford.
    3. Trade Dwight Howard to the Washington Wizards, for Nene and Trevor Ariza.

  120. Martin says:

    Run Dwight! Run! LAL is a swamp.

  121. showbaba says:

    @Questionmark: You said Howard or Bosh can’t carry a team. What about a team called Magic or Raptor. I bet you can’t even bounce a basketball talkless of shooting one, you don’t know what you are talking about.

    Howard is not and never Lakers problem, Lakers is Lakers problem. They need chemistry and they fire a good coach. They don’t know how to play those guys and they still can’t blend together but Kobe has to go more out of his way to create shot for Howard inside. Get the big boy more balls inside. Kobe shoots 25-35 per game and Howard 6-8 per game what do you expect?

  122. pmarkedward says:

    im laker fan since kobe bryant arrival winning 1997 slamdunk contest untill today, i still believe laker can turn there season aroud, starting tonights game at memphis

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Unfortunately, Howard got “injured” in that Memphis game. I have no idea how he got injured. The replay showed he was just rotating to an open space on the floor. Suddenly, he clutches his shoulder as if he had a heart attack or something.

      Very suspicious. I understand maybe he pulled something or slightly reaggravated something. But he has to leave the game like that?

      Very suspicious. The drama continues.

  123. dj rgm9 says:

    Just a few of the Lakerfan’s today understands the real problem,very simple D’Antoni d’ont know what he’s doing the camera’s showing enuf during the game.Hi’s peptalk during the game show’s no power,no real leadership as coach for a superstar stacked team.They just pay no real attention at D’Antoni because he’s experimenting to much who’s start or not,show’s simply discourage to other players around.To me watching the games i noticed that only Gasol,Metta&Clark putting effort the offence,i saw lately Gasol taking rebounds some defence to help the team.At the offence&sometimes at the defence end Clark putting effort to hustle & rebound for second oppertunities,the rest of the bench are not enouch used by Mike.No plays for meeks,helping screens for shooting 3’s & vice versa.Meeks is a 3point shooter they have to utilize this by giving Nash instruction’s to setup the plays everybody has to pay attention at the moment during time-outs.D’Antoni is giving that real attention.The Lakers show’s none motion on moving without the ball,the real problem is there too!!!For making pick n rol plays is just not only the guard or center have to do it.Even with the bench has utilize more moving without ball with helping screens,boxing out,not just standing until Kobe try to force some shot’s.Half way season with D’Antoni still you see no plays,simple basic stuff utilized,he try to play Half court offence with poorly moving without ball combined with bad helping defence to start run n gun???Even with experienced all- star pointguard like Nash can’t help the team without fixing these kind of problem’s first starting with the headcoach.
    If you want to fix these multiple errors the headcoach has to get in the mind of the team starting from the starters until the bench.That’s the job of a real top team coach,c’ant see this coming fron Mike!!!Season is already over without a fast drammatic coach change!

  124. SHAQ and Dwight should get together and Dwight should eat some humble pie and learn from the best modern day center that played! They have similar games and a similar persona but Dwight doesn’t seem as hungry and competitive as Shaq. Like Shaq says he needs to put up ’28 and 15′ which is well within his reach if he commits!

    So far he hasn’t shown that commitment, and make excuses all you want he can do it he has done in a couple of games he just needs to be consistent. The Lakers almost always win when howard and kobe get 20+, it’s not difficult to work out!

  125. flow says:

    Its not dwight howard or pau gasol its on d’antoni job to make the players play like unit and its not happening the lakers are losing games they should win it makes me feel bad for nash n kobe who want to win n know that they shoulde winning especially with the team they have

  126. Dom says:

    Haaha he is so pathetic… so childish and unproffessional its unreal. Dwight should be released, he isn’t the same dwight howard that played for orlando. He should be happy that he’s playing in the NBA at all, with this ego he should just be thrown out of the league. I’m a Boston fan and I’m tellin u, Kobe is still the main man in the Lakers, he just has the wrong guys around him, it makes him less effective with getting rid of the triangle and Phil, D’antoni is used to the Steve-Nash-System and he can’t even run it in the Lakers. Seriously, fire D’antoni, get rid of Howard and get an all star center for him, and also maybe try for a decent PG, throw Nash or not, I dont care just do something…

  127. Anthony says:

    Come on LA Lakers, you are playing like a college team. Poodles amound big Dogs

  128. theholyspectator says:

    the sad part about all this laker stuff is..even if management did wise up and get rid of dantoni and get another coach in and even got rid of dwight for some key players….they not gonna go deep in playoffs…teams like spurz/clipps/okc would easily demolish the lakers…especially okc, i mean durant is on another level right now..they were ballin against the clips..eventho cp3 wasnt playin…but its safe to say this yrs finals will be a rematch of last years…and prolly next year finals will be again okc vs heat…sorry but im pretty sure la are done for good…they cant compete…kobe is gettin older and has a lot of miles under him..nash is just terrible as he ya no comment and same for gasol…the great days of lakers being a title contender are gone..and its gonna be a very long time before lakers are back on top again…kobes retiring after the 2013-2014 season..RIP lakers

    • Lakers R just Fine says:

      All of the Lakers Haters are Dreaming if you guys think we are done, this season is a training camp for our team, to get use to one another, Wait until Next season,

  129. FeedMe says:

    Oh how I love these Laker fan’s tears of disarray….yum…remember 4 months ago it was “2013 NBA CHAMPS OMG YEAH” all over facebook and twitter? oh yum yum yum…YUM

  130. Dwade says:

    trade ballhug kobe to a SG shooting above 50% and ranging 15-18 Shots a game…the one who can share the ball….
    Balance is important in a team specially if it is composed of Some parastars without shine….Just beg to MIAMI’s administration how they shape the three stars into their game as one and united offence disregarding ego and considering sacrifices for a win…
    Kobe’s career is finished…great turn to ashes which u cannot pick each piece and fix… Go home and plant tomatoes…

  131. Will says:

    Where is Kobe’s blame for the Lakers? The man is shooting poorly and is turning the ball over all the time + He is also shooting way too much.

  132. LALforever says:

    Just let Bernie be the coach. This roaster is not for Mike noD’ Antoni

  133. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are done. Their fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and there careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first rond pick. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done.

  134. mamoi oinky says:

    lets go lakers.bring back phil jackson…

  135. miami heat says:

    yallah LAKERS FANS…they cannot hire phil jackson coz asking too much money….lolz

  136. Kobe81 says:

    Get Trevor and Shannon back to L.A…

  137. Trevor says:

    Trade Howard for-Noah+Deng
    or Howard+Blake for-Marc Gasol+Conley+Tony Allen
    And Hire Brian Shaw

  138. Howard coward says:

    let howard trade…..he act like a child….I was just curious why bynum trade to howard..Infact bynum is better that howard coward…..

  139. cleantone says:

    Trade Howard to Siberia: the further from the NBA the better!

  140. an idea says:

    dwight should try working on his weakneses like ball handling, being big doesn`t mean he shouldn`t practice ball handling skills and maybe take a few free throw pointers from mister all time best shooter steve nash. so to sum it up he shouldn`t just work on his strengths but on his weak spots too(this applies to most player).

  141. Jefrey Landicho says:

    They should trade dwight howard to glen davis lol:)

  142. L.A.L Shall Rise Again says:

    This all started when Jim Buss made the bonehead move of choosing D’Antoni over Phil Jackson. I was very excited when this team was put together, but right now all i want is for the Lakers to start rebuilding, get young and athletic again, but then again i realize that can’t happen until Kobe is gone. I think management should just trade Howard to ANY team for whatever they get in return, especially draft picks or young players, FIRE Mike D’Antoni and develop players like Jordan Hill, Robert Sacre and Darius Morris

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I don’t think it was a choice; the Lakers had no choice. Phil Jackson wants to stay retired. He never wanted the Laker or Nets coaching job.

  143. Heat! says:

    To make a good team,get rid of kobe! nash and the big men are useless because the ball is always on the hands of kobe!

  144. Sam says:

    The Lakers still owe Mike Brown 10 Million. Mike D’Antoni is guaranteed 12 Million. Do the math. If they fire him too then they will be paying coaches not to coach this team. D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere.

    • Lakersfan says:

      Can we trade

      • Lakersfan says:

        Since we still owe Mike Brown 10 millions Fire the other Mike and bring Back Mike Brown without the princenton offece bs, just a thought. We dsid better last season With Brown than we are doing with D’Antony,

  145. ALVIN JAY says:

    The question is who would be a trade target? Believe it or not, the prime candidate on the market would be, wait for it, Los Angeles Lakers F/C Pau Gasol.
    A Gasol-Smith swap makes sense for both teams, financially and basketball-wise. Gasol’s game is more suited for the post, which fills a need for the Hawks. Smith is more of a face-up hybrid power forward, which fits the Lakers both offensively and defensively.
    Financially, Josh Smith makes $13.2 million this season compared to Gasol’s $19 mil price tag, meaning Atlanta would have to throw in a player to make the salaries work in the short term. Atlanta could include Devin Harris in exchange for Gasol to make the deal work.
    Long term, the Lakers could re-sign Smith and his close friend Dwight Howard in the offseason, although they would be hit with a hefty luxury tax. The Hawks have a ton of cap space and could absorb the final $19.2 million Gasol’s contract and still have enough cap space left over to add more pieces. And if Gasol proves to be over-the-hill, they can let him go when his deal expires in the summer of 2014 and still have a ton of cap space to work with.
    Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta. Los Angeles needs to part ways with Pau Gasol. This trade scenario appears to be a match made in basketball heaven.


    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Ouch! Atlanta is doing just fine. They need to hold on to Smith and Harris. Going for Gasol would be a foolhardy gamble. Yes, Gasol is still a good player, but give me a break. Atlanta better not want anything to do with the Lakers, ever. Josh Smith probably should publicly declined this trade rumor. C’mon. A trade like that would hurt the Atlanta franchise to no end.

      No way. J. Smith wants to be on a playoff team, not the Lakers. Plus, Atlanta already has Al Horford. Adding Gasol would be a horrible idea. They don’t need a post-player like Gasol. This day and age … you need speed and athleticism … not a slow post-up guy. Gasol isn’t worth the price.

  146. Stan says:

    Why all top 10 plays are at LA home?

  147. will says:

    dwight is definetely overated. He has very little post game and turns teh ball over teh majority of the time. I have no idea why the nets would eve consider havng him instead of lopez who is having a great season

  148. Danny Boi says:

    Mike D doesn’t know what to do with BIG MEN. As much as i loved his offense style in Phoenix, I ‘m sorry to say that, that style of play won’t work with the Current Laker roster. They are old and big, they can’t run. They need a system minded coach(Phill Jackson). In this league, the Lakers should be able to win games easily with two talented 7footers. Benching Pau is a clear example of how ineffective Mike D’s system is. Lakers need to make trades asap and get rid of the Coach. Hes good, but NOT for this Laker roster.

  149. ALVIN JAY says:

    i saw a news that if they TRADE PAU GASOL to josh smith they will also probably get devin harris, and they should do this

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Ouch! Atlanta is doing just fine. They need to hold on to Smith and Harris. Going for Gasol would be a foolhardy gamble. Yes, Gasol is still a good player, but give me a break. Atlanta better not want anything to do with the Lakers, ever. Josh Smith probably should publicly declined this trade rumor. C’mon. A trade like that would hurt the Atlanta franchise to no end.

  150. Hans says:

    Lakers need great sixth man. someone like Lamar Odom. i think.

  151. Vlad M. says:

    bring Dwight to Boston next to Rondo, banners 18, 19 and 20 on the way!

    • funkypiston says:

      Dwight to Boston ? That will mean two atrocious FT shooters in Rondo and Dwight in clutch time.

      • Vlad M. says:

        Rondo and CP3 are the only 2 PG’s in the league right now that can make Dwight a superstar. Because he’s not even a star right now, he was picked by fan base, just like KG, in the allstar starting team. With Dwight at 25pts-15reb games, any team is a contender.

  152. Chereal says:

    I have to disagree with all of you. this is not Dwight’s fault. every team member and coaching staff has the blame for the lakers loss. just be glad that dwight chose to be on the lakers in the first place. stop blaming him and criticizing him.

  153. kobeista says:

    so, howard want to be leader but he cant first of all he cant play like leader and kobe is leader of lakers, if u put wade or lebron in LA, kobe will be still leader, i think if they trade howard they must get Phil and get some kind of good center that doenst has pretension of best center in NBA

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Hate to sound like a broken record, but …

      The drama will continue until everybody starts to accept the FACT that when Kobe scores 30+ points in a game, the Lakers’ record is:

      ::: DRUM ROLL :::

      7 Wins and 14 Losses

      The drama will continue cause not nearly enough blame is being put on K. Bryant — this whole thing is mainly/mostly his fault.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      BTW, on the 2012 Olympic team, Kobe was not the leader; he was horrible.

      Lebron, Durant, Anthony, Paul were probably the main leaders on that star-studded team.

      Just because Kobe got tons of all-star votes means nothing. That’s pop culture in its sheer definition. Any true purist can see Bryant has declined. Players you mentioned (like Lebron and Wade) are far superior to the likes of BRYANT.

      Did you not watch the recent Miami-Laker game in which Lebron and/or Wade completely obliterated BRYANT?

  154. Willem says:


  155. daniel cruz says:

    under bernie biscerstaff ( 4-1 with howard, gasol) under d antoni( 1-4 with howard,gasol)
    nov 9 la 101 gsw 77 12/22 la 118 gsw 115
    nov 11 la 103 sac 90 11/21 la 97 sac 113
    nov 13 la 82 sa 84 1/9 la 105 sa 108
    nov 16 la 114 phx 102 –
    nov 18 la 119 hou 108 12/4 la 105 hou 107
    1/8l la 112 hou 125

    this simple comparison is enough. the problem is not the players but the coach. so please LAKERS management if you dont want Phil jackson to come back just please re-hire MIKE BICKERSTAFF

    • Lakersfan says:

      Sometimes the truth is that simple. Bickerstaff wasn’t trying to do anything weird. Just let players do what they do. And it happens that Lakers have some of the best players doing certain things, so he just let them do it and the result was 4-1 in 5 games (and I even remember the only losss: it was tight as hell.) Mike D’A has no idea what he’s doing. I’m sorry but it’s just plain evident.

  156. Rico says:

    Trade that makes sense(I guess)

    Lakers: Kevin Love (wants out of minny)
    Nets: Dwight Howard
    Timberwolves: Brook Lopez and Marshoon Brooks

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Bad idea. The Nets need to keep their team the way it is. They don’t need Howard. Not worth giving up the great Brook Lopez.

      Kevin Love probably wants to stay with Minnesota. He’s just concerned about wanting to be part of a winning, playoff team. The Lakers is the last team he would want to go to. Too much soap-opera drama and the team is terrible. If Love ever leaves Minnesota, he will certainly want to go to an elite team like the Nets or the Thunder.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        The ironic thing is that over the summer there was a trade offer (declined) that involved Howard getting traded for Lopez along with quite a few other players.

        Thank goodness that didn’t go through. Lopez is doing very well with the Nets. Maybe better than Howard.

  157. leo says:

    but nobody think than in Orlando there was a guy call Van Gundy and Howard insult him and now look where he is alone on the court

  158. Scapegoat says:

    Sure, D’antoni isn’t “The Coach” for the Lakers but their really comes a time when it is the responsibility of the players. You know…the guys actually playing on the court? Dwight Howard is overrated without parallel in this league, which is currently nothing more than a popularity contest pandering to the lowest caliber of fan…those easily sold to. Point being, get over the whole coach issue, sure it is “one of” the issues, but not the fix all. Dwight, on the other hand, fails consistently, cut your losses……

  159. jotbe says:

    Trade Dwight and pick Marcin Gortat into the team. Howards doesnt exist with Nash and Nash doesn’t exist with player who doesn’t play enough pick and rolls etc. like oldschool big man(which Nash needs to be good PG like last seasons). Gortat seems to be a player, who know how to cooperate with Nash(last seasons stats) and he will not get into Kobe’s role in the team. With Gortat, they will have good C with nice defense and big number of rebounds and not bad offense with pick and rolls and not bad shooting from short distance. Nash will have people to work with and even with Gortat in the team, Kobe will still have enough place to make his moves and to shoot. Howard is in my opinion player, who doesn’t match this kind of team.

    who agree – type “Agree”

  160. Dont Worry says:

    Honestly the lakers have to trade Dwight because hes just going to leave in free agency if they dont make the playoffs. This Laker team probably has more talent then their las championship team but they have no team chemistry and when lebron and wade teamed up everyone said it aint fair but the true greats get past all the problems.

  161. kumag says:

    always balme it to the coach. never happy! smh

  162. Dwade says:

    Trade Ballhug Kobe not anyone else in LA losers…..hahaha Idiot

    • SmoothMM says:

      An interesting trade scenario would be an older one that was brought up when Kobe wanted out in 2007-2008 season: Kobe Bryant for Luol Deng and (I think Kirk Hinrich but I don’t remember exactly). Would the Lakers trade Kobe though? No. Would the Bulls trade Deng and Hinrich (or whoever it was) for him? No. Then again, you never know…

      • Let's be honest says:

        You’re kidding. You really have to question whether the bulls would trade luol deng and kirk for Kobe? Now or ever? What kind of basketball fan are you?!?! btw Kobe was chatting with Thibs after the game on Monday and was taken with the guy’s skills and focus. a Kobe under Thibs–frankly, any player under thibs–is a scary possibility. Kobe is already highly defensively talented and under Thibs’ discipline and commitment to winning it would be frightening. It would never happen–Kobe is staying a laker, jordan never won a ring with anyone other than his first team the bulls and kobe will not either, he wants to earn his ring the right away as leader and mvp of the ballclub.

      • John Keach says:

        Kobe is not needed by the Bulls. They already have a coach. LA’s problem is that Kobe thinks he is the coach.

  163. Beavis says:

    funny how this Dantoni thing was just as much of a disaster as I suspected it would be back when it happened

  164. Jay says:

    Has anyone thought about FATHER TIME…! The league is evolving and teams like Te Thunder and Clippers are rising. Time is NOT on the Lakers side….

  165. NaztecK12345 says:

    This topic should have been based on PAU GASOL, and im sure movement will happen around PAU not Dwight Howard.

    Okay make an opinion. This topic has the wrong branded name to it. The Lakers are based purely on a variety of reason that PAU GASOL will be traded. This basketball player has been good for the Lakers and I thank him for the contribution!!!
    but stats, injurys, money dont lie and it is a growing pain that these Lakers are not gaining the distance. Age is an enemy and Lakers are not getting any younger if we are hungry for that championship for Kobe then prove me wrong make things work.

    • James says:

      Then what do they do if Howard won’t resign? Its a huge gamble to not trade him by the deadline if they don’t extend his contract. For all we know. Dwight wants a newer bigger contract, and not just an extension of his current contract. I would if I were him.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      The drama will continue until everybody starts to accept the FACT that when Kobe scores 30+ points in a game, the Lakers’ record is:

      ::: DRUM ROLL :::

      7 Wins and 14 Losses

      The drama will continue cause not nearly enough blame is being put on K. Bryant — this whole thing is mainly/mostly his fault.

  166. DerWood says:

    Its not like howards bad, or any other player on the lakers, just about every player there has potential, the only problem is that kobe is trying to play nash’s job. Kobe shouldn’t look for howard, when he has the shot take it, if he makes it, his point, if he misses howard will crash the boards and bring it to the hoop with a great layup or spectacular jam. Don’t get me wrong i personally don’t like howard, but i see the skill he has, and i can’t dislike him either. Fans just want find someone to blame because their team isn’t doing well; but really if they stay the same they can go really far when healthy, with some more practice time, they need to learn each other. I understand that bynum fans want him back in LA. But Howard is better than bynum, its the blame. Bradley’s not really better than allen, but celtics fans want to believe it

  167. victor says:

    Does anyone know what contract has d’Antoni with the Lakers to know why they do not fire him. For sure D12 has problems to adapt and to recover from injuri, new system ,etc……but the couch is the real problem….he mixted all, he put out jamison, meeks, other in other position….he only experimented…..for sure, with the same team, Phil will not have this record and more important will not have this future

  168. M.G. says:

    The Lakers are just a horrible team. 3 of their 4 stars are over the hill. They have no idea how to play with each other and its showing on the court. you can’t point the finger at one thing and say it’s D”antoni or Howard or whoever. It’s a collective mess. Personally, I think the Lakers should just have a fire sale and get as many young players and draft picks as possible because I don’t see them turning it around this year and they will all be a year older next year. They tried this experiment of bring these players together and it has failed miserably. Just cut your losses and start over.

  169. nelson stachelski says:

    goaltending on that block…

  170. KD says:

    Laker Kwame Brown > Laker Dwight Howard

  171. Hugo says:

    Pau Gasol = 2 Championships
    Dwight Howard & D´antoni = NO Playoffs

    No more to say…

  172. Lakers-R-Us says:

    As a Laker fan I am tired of reading articles by sportswriters that keep on creating additional drama for the Lakers! And where do they get their information at? Now they say Dwight Howard is in a trade scenario between several teams? They talk about some supposed rift between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard! The Lakers are having their first down year in a while and we’re supposed to believe Laker management is already giving up on their franchise center they just acquired?? Especially when he’s been playing hard and not 100% healthy. The best part is saying that fans and management are going to choose between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard! The Shaq and Kobe scenario was different in that Shaq demanded a trade, because he wasn’t given a long term dontract. So the media writers want us all to believe that Dwight Howard is out the door; Kobe and Dwight are fighting; so management is giving up on the franchise center they just acquired!!! Their is no Dwightmare except the Dwightmare that the media is creating. Too many drama creating articles about the Lakers; maybe you should just let them play basketball!!!

  173. mikeromor says:

    As a Chicagoan, I obviously don’t see many Lakers games. After watching the game a couple nights ago, though, it is painfully obvious Howard is not only not on the same page as Pau and Kobe, but he is clearly still recovering from his surgery. There was no reason half of the layups the Bulls got shouldn’t have been contested by him and I have a hard time believing he, of all people, would let people fly by him without at least attempting to block the shot. That’s all he used to care about.

  174. brian says:

    For the firt time in my life I Agree with kobe. That isnt working but the main mistake was to fire mike brown, in just five games you cant expect a lot, after the first 20 you can watch a pattern. The main problem is D’Antoni not maximize using both Pau and d12. If I am the lakers, to recover that right now is to trade dwight and steve blake for josh smith and jeff teague. Then move pau to cent and smith to PF to run D’Antoni offense with nash, smith and integrate kobe to the run it also. And change the defense coordinator and find someone who can work with the coach and explain the importance and also develop a defense strategy using josh, pau and metta world peace. Another thing is to bring in someway trevor ariza, he is a good defender and soon they should replace metta, nash and kobe will retire, and you could have a pg in teague, a pf in josh smith, and bring more talent after kobe retires. And also pau will eventually retire later but first you could bring a pf/c to learn and focus with smith and the rest of the lakers.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I still believe that a big reason Mike Brown departed … is because Kobe Bryant probably quarreled or argued a lot. Brown may have started coaching harder and Bryant doesn’t want to work hard (despite what commericials may convey). Bryant started to cry and got Mike Brown fired. If kobe isn’t happy, everyone else directly involved with the Laker franchise has to suffer.

      Cause since when does an NBA coach get fired after 5 games????????????????????????

  175. Joseph_03 says:

    Shouldn’t the Lakers move Jim Buss first?

    The Lakers were the team when it was run by Jerry West, maybe Dr, Buss can send Jim over to some other division like marketing and let those with basketball minds deal with things that reflect on the court performance?

    Jim is not really that bad but his decisions have been at the very least questionable and has to a point restricted Mr. Kupchack from doing his thing. I say move Jim Buss to another role and try to mend ties with Jerry West then let Jerry and Mitch figure things out for the Lakers.

  176. Alessio Laker says:

    Yeah right, don’t believe in rumours, why the heck the Lakers would want to trade Dwight?

    He’s not 100% healthy and he still dominates ,so stop the criticism.

    • James says:

      They would want to trade because they are in 12th place, won’t make the playoffs, and he is not dominating. Dominating? What games are you watching? 3-5 points a half is not dominating. He is still a great rebounder. They would trade because he is overpayed (so is Gasol), teams would give up a lot to get him, and he isn’t working out. I know he is not 100%, and that is another reason to trade him. He might never be 100%.

  177. Twan says:

    Lakers fans need to get over Phil. Best coach ever, yes. Retired, yes. Dwight, a problem personality, yes. Better of w/ Gasol and someone like Gortat.

  178. Kris Wayne says:

    Dwight should be more mature! If his body is not at 100% then his mind should be at 150%. The reason why they lose is that Dwight lacks commitment on the court + the mediocre bench (compared to LAC,SA,NYK and even MIA). We should not blame Pau because he is averaging 13 points and 9 reb. Do the math Kobe avg 30, Pau 13, Nash should avg at least 10 and Dwight should avg 27(according to shaq, 7 per quarter). overall that’s 80 points for the starting 5. Yet the Lakers are avg 100 pts/game. so 20 pts for 7 players on the bench (Gasol is on the bench now but that is a bone-headed move by D’Antoni. Lakers need Depth!

    • Sven says:

      I think there are several things that need to be adressed. First of all they started Pau and Dwight together wich i think is not going to work because both of them need the ball in the post to be effective and with Kobe you are not going to get enough touches underneath the basket. Then theres the thing that Steve Nash is and has always been a pg who needs the ball in his hands alot of the time same with Kobe(yeah he is a sg but brings the ball up the court a lot to iniciate their offense)
      They should trade one of their bigs for a backup pg who is able to contain the likes of westbrook and co. as well as a back up center.
      i thought they should have hired Brian shaw as a coach. Mike d is only a coach for teams like his suns teams were but not this halfcourt based lakers star studded lineup.

  179. Gerry says:

    Pau Gasol is one of the biggest problems of the Lakers, until he’s out of the team; there would not be any improvement. Gasol has a $19.2 salary that the lakers can use to buy a good hard nose power forward and a very good shooting guard that is young. In addition, Mike D’Antoni system is not make for a team like the Lakers; beside D’Antoni has nver won anything with this system.
    However; the Lakers need Phil to come back or at least a guy like Sloan, or even Stan Van Gundy will make it happen; otherwise, we’re doomed!

    • Average Joe says:

      I would agree that d’Antoni’s system doesn’t fit the Lakers personnel but I’ll beg to differ on your comment that he didn’t win anything with his style. Nash and the Suns were very successful with Mike D at the helm and with Amar’e and Marion forming one of the most athletic frontcourts basketball has ever seen. The system will not win a ring, that much is true, but it is exciting to watch with the right players on the team.

  180. jrake says:

    yes, LA Lakers have the right pieces to contend for a title(no doubt) but the Coach is not using them properly. I MEAN. wtf! seriously?! you have arguably the best lineup in the NBA and yet your playing below .500 -.-

    YES, I am a LAKER FAN since I started watching NBA . and I am very disappointed on how the coaching staff handled the team right now. . IF ONLY I COULD TURN BACK TIME, but somehow MIKE D. is a great coach but not fit to coach the star studded team. *sigh

    • James says:

      I don’t understand why everybody thinks LAL have the best lineup in the NBA. 6 years ago this would have been the best lineup no problem. They have an old Nash, i love Nash, but this isn’t the 2-time MVP caliber Nash. Part of what made Nash awesome was getting to the rim which he isn’t very effective at now. Howard is not playing like the 3-time Defensive MVP he used to be. Kobe is good no doubt, but he can’t drive to the rim as effectively and teams have become wise to his foul-drawing technique he has relied on for the last several seasons. Players are just getting a hand up and not fouling hoping he misses the tough jumpers – which he usually does now. Gasol has lost a lot of the speed that was part of his game, and his defense is declining. Even Meta’s defense is not as good as two years ago, and his defense was his best attribute, his shooting is actually improved, but they can’t rely on 25 points from Meta all the time to help them win. Dwight Howard was overrated to begin with, Bynum was much better, then Howard broke his back, he is no longer effective, and his free throw shooting is crippling. I really don’t think that lineup could be considered the best in the NBA. Then everyone wants to blame the coaches for not forcing a group with no chance to win a title? Blame Mitch Kupchak for putting this lineup together, what was he thinking?

      Kobe, Nash, and Gasol can make it work. They need to lose Howard before he does any more damage. Move Gasol to center, get someone like Josh Howard, a fast healthy PF who can shoot, get to the rim, make free throws, not get into foul trouble every game like Howard.

      The Lakers also are wasting too much cap space on Kobe/Gasol/Howard . . . you can’t spend 70 million on 3 players, that is ridiculous, unless there is no issue with bus paying luxury taxes, which i suspect there is.

      Then the bench, yes they aren’t that great, but what did they expect? Jamison? He was good 10 years ago, not now. Meeks? Morris? Blake? Duhon? Come on, these guys aren’t that good but they are paid low salaries, this is likely all that LA can afford after over investing so much in Kobe/Gasol/Howard. And why did they even think forcing Dwight back early would be a good idea. A broken back is no small injury, investing 20 million a season in a big man with a broken back was a gamble, and the Lakers lost on that gamble big time.

      Now suddenly releasing Odom for nothing in return doesn’t seem like such a good idea, all in the interest of clearing cap space for Howard. Then to cut Matt Barnes who in turn goes on to become a key bench player for the Clippers who are doing very well with him was not wise either.

      And Earl Clark, if he was so good all this time why did he get no minutes for the first half of the season? Also, what was the point of releasing Fisher to get Sessions only to not extend Sessions contract?

      This entire fiasco is a big brain fart by Kupchak and Buss, there is nobody to blame but the management. It is a result of 2 or 3 years of poor decision making and lack of foresight that has culminated in a perfect-storm of failure that is blowing up in their faces. Its a sad way for Kobe’s career to end, there would be no shame if he wanted to be traded . . . he should come to the Clippers and get some more rings before its too late. That way he doesn’t have to move from LA which you know he won’t want to do. And poor Nash, he should have gone to the Heat when he had the chance.

  181. Dean says:

    No way should the Nets trade Lopez. He is the Nets leading scorer most nights and no one denies his effort on a daily basis. Brook loves being in Brooklyn and just signed a contract, why take the chance when the team is doing good right now? I don’t think any team will be trading any form of an all star for Dwight, so LA should just give up its playoff dreams and try to rebuild.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      If Brook Lopez can remain healthy and whatnot, I’m leaning towards a possible:

      2013 NBA Finals: OKC Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets

      I know they’ll have to prove they can get past Miami and/or New York first. But it’s appearing to be more and more plausible.

  182. Andrea says:

    If you can smile and joke on the court, you can play.

  183. Jonathan says:

    In the 90s you couldn’t compete without a dominant center or power forward who could play under the basket and post up. In 2013 no team stands a chance without a dominant point guard or facilitator both offensively and defensively. Nash can’t compete defensively anymore, while his offensive fortes, the pick-and-roll and the fast break, don’t fit the tools he has around him. Kobe, as good as he is, isn’t a playmaker. When he was a part of a system that required him to do so (the triangle offence) it worked.
    The Lakers need a dominant point guard and a backup center. In my opinion Pau Gasol should be traded to any team that can offer this

  184. Anthony says:

    Kobe should shoot more!

  185. Derend says:

    there are several problems that prevented LA win. First there is a lack of environmental and argne of the players, Kobe shot too much and does not quite ls other players. BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE COACH who is trying to impose his system to his players instead of adapting its system over the players. Have a racket as rich and stay bounded on its system that still do not work it’s really inquietant.

  186. What I believe says:

    Dwight is still not 100%, maybe 80% right now , he may need the whole season to get back in shape.
    Fire D´Antonio – he does not know basketball

  187. Lakersfan says:

    I Agree with chriscol23, Howard need to rest his back, people think that he is 100%, he is just trying to help, I can clearly see that he is not 100%, We need a new COACH. thats what we need. We have the right peaces but D’Antony doesn’t know how to used them.

  188. meadowflight says:

    brooklyn will be almost as good withouth him. brook lopez is scoring more,in just 30 minutes a game thanks to andre blache being a great backup center. a much better free throw shooter, and as far as rebounds go we have a excellent rebounder in reggie evans, good luck lakers

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I don’t know if this is a possible spoiler. However. I’ve been pondering a possible Thunder vs. Nets 2013 NBA Finals.

      Not just because they’re doing very well under the new coach, but also the way they outplayed my Thunder on the Thunder’s home floor earlier this season.

      Is that a secret I shouldn’t have let out? Spoiling the future? 😀

      Did you hear it here first? Is it possible?

      2013 NBA FINALS: OKC Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets

  189. James says:



    FIRE MIKE D!!!

    FIRE MIKE D!!!!



    FIRE MIKE D!!!!!!

    • Lakersfan says:


    • Ro says:

      Coach has to goooooooooooooooooooooooo…. he has no idea how to draw an easy lay up when lakers take a time out, the team ends up shooting a contested 3.. coach has to go.. please fire him!!

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Ever think he does draw up the play but the players dont do it?

      • James says:

        if that really happened then Mike D wouldve resign like he did in NY. Only Camelo didnt listen to him and the team suffered but theyre doing much better when leaves. his system doesnt work. The whole NY knicks shouldve listened to Camelo it wouldve worked a lot sooner

    • Phil Jackson says:

      Ever think I don’t really want to come back and risk my reputation coaching these old boys?

      • James says:

        He coached MJ and Pipen who were even older than Kobe and helped them play like there were in the prime.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:


        Sure about that? I don’t think MJ played that much into his 30s. Did he? I recall Pippen played some of his latter games in Portland?

    • Gerry says:

      Yes, that is 70% of the solution. However, the additional 30% is Pau who shows no interest of playng real hard nose basketball.

    • DWM says:

      lakers would still lose with Phil Jackson. You guys just keep looking for a new coach to solve all your problems. It’s not the coach, it’s everyone.

    • Lakersfan says:


    • The Answer says:

      DISAGREE!!! Its not the coach its the players. It takes time to learn how to play with each other especialy when players are always injured… Dwight will start to gain confidence… I think it will come very quickly now.

      • James says:

        haha..thanks for the joke. It’ll come very quickly now? is there any sign? Even when the players start to gel, theres no way they’re going to beat the Thunder or Heat or even Clippers playing the system. Unless there are dramatic changes to the Heat, Thunder, and Clippers rosters. This season? Laker fans might as well find themselves another hobby and not waste time watching basketball. It’ll only give them heart burn and headache. The big question is, if they GM and Jim Buss keep being stubborn, how many seasons do we have to suffer watching a system? Is Mike D known for defense? Do the Lakers have trouble with their offense?

    • mvp says:

      Completely Agree! Has anybody saw Mike D´s record? its way below .500, and even mike brown was better!

  190. Freida says:

    Also, Mike D is the wrong coach and never won a championship with his coaching. Offense wins games but Defense wins championship. Even the Lakers can’t win games. I couldn’t understand why the Lakers even chose Mike D.

  191. Jim says:

    It’s ironic but Brooklyn really doesn’t need him now this back surgery turned Dwight into a shell of his former self

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      If Brook Lopez can remain healthy and whatnot, I’m leaning towards a possible:

      2013 NBA Finals: OKC Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets

      I know they’ll have to prove they can get past Miami and/or New York first. But it’s appearing to be more and more plausible.


  192. Lakersfan says:

    I don’t think none of this is true the media always talking bs when they see frustration on the players, and twisting words. the only change that I think we need is a coach, I never like had blame a coach but I think this is D’Antony’s fault, and he has to go, is not Dwight or Gasol fault, we should have kept Brown and all he need it to do is change the Offence back to last season, we did better. OR we should have leave Vernie for the rest off this season, he did good lost only 1 0r 2 games and the players played better, and make a desition at the end of the season to hire a new coach or keep Vernie B. Or bring back Phill or at least Give Brian Shaw a chance. the media should stay out of Lakers Problems.

    • Yup says:

      The media is not going to just ignore the drama going on in the biggest NBA market out there. Everyone out there, whether a bandwagon fan or true fan, knows the Lakers team and either loves them or hates them so the media is going to constantly report about them because it sells papers and gets internet views. Get over it.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Biggest market? Bigger than Boston or New York or Miami or Dallas or OKC?

        Sure about that?

        The Lakers don’t even have their own market; they have to share southern california with the Clippers.

        If it was such a major market, the Lakers wouldn’t have to share with another team, I would think.

  193. Rafael Enrique Merino says:

    Dwight, wake up or get out of the Lakers

  194. NBA fan. says:

    The Lakers should get Josh Smith for Dwight.

  195. James says:

    Watch…somehow the Lakers will end up trading Dwight or Gasol but not the coach. It will be the BIGGEST MISTAKE ever because if they get rid of one of the big, the Lakers still wont win this season or next season or NEXT season OR NEXT SEASONS after that as long as Mike D is still here. They put together this roster for a reason but they hired a coach that doesnt want to coach this roster and they’re fine with it. It’s obvious that the system is wrong. Mike D is not using the right pieces the right way. The Lakers will bring in other pieces in the trade and he still won’t use it the right way. He’s still day dreaming about his old days with the exact same roster in Phoenix bc apparently that’s the only roster he knows how to coach.

  196. Joe GeaGea says:

    Lol dam! It’s hard to believe where the Lakers stand right now but Howard needs to step it up and play like a serious veteran man, same as Gasol, but I still have hope for my Lakers, they conquer any emotional distress on them so if they make the play offs I feel like they can make the finals , watch out . I hope they even make it.

    • Freida says:


      I don’t think Howard is even at 50%. I am an RN and Back surgery is a major surgery and takes more than a year to get back 80% and may never get back to 100%. So much demand is placed on him. Another thing is Dwight Howard wants to be the star but not with Kobe there. I still think Howard wants to go to NJ. I think Howard will make more of an effort if he goes to the Nets and next year he can be a monster at the basket. You could see Howard is not even the same height he was before the surgery and definitely not as muscular. He has to be happy where he is playing and obviously he is not a happy Laker. Even though I am a Miami Heat Fan, I think the Nets will be more of a contender with Howard. The Nets are my second favorite team.

      • James says:

        Thank you! That’s what i’ve been trying to say the whole time but they wouldnt post my comment! Dwight needs to realize that he may never get back to 100% of his old self. He needs to cope with whatever his health is and develop other skills to play more efficiently. His strength was his biggest tool as a Center. But that was taken away when he had surgery. Other players come back from a surgery becausse they have other skills/tools to use while they’re waiting/working on the ones they lost. Dwight needs to do the same and hopefully his strength will come back to 100%, but it wont be now or anytime soon.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        I don’t know if this is a possible spoiler. However. I’ve been pondering a possible Thunder vs. Nets 2013 NBA Finals.

        Not just because they’re doing very well under the new coach, but also the way they outplayed my Thunder on the Thunder’s home floor earlier this season.

        Is that a secret I shouldn’t have let out? Spoiling the future? 😀

        Did you hear it here first? Is it possible?

        2013 NBA FINALS: OKC Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets

    • Dean Wells says:

      The Lakers haven’t made it to the finals in the last 2 seasons, when they obviously had a better team. Why would they make it this year? I swear Lakers fans are so blind to the truth, open up your eyes, your team messed up, you aren’t the heat stoppers you thought.

  197. chriscol23 says:

    Dwight should rest, and fix his back, he is just too weak, he is not being agresive as he was in last season, he just give up easy lay-ups and can post on offense as he did on las season… Mamba rulez!!

  198. Dee says:

    If Kobe + Gasol + Bynum + Phil = Ring
    Then Kobe + Gosol + Howard + ? = Ring
    The ? is = to D’Antonio
    Do the Math People

    • Kobe's Team says:

      Yo, this is the best observation one has thought of! These equations make sense!
      Let me know if you like this…’Roses are red, violtets are blue’…no wait a minute, the Lakers are just in a funk.
      Ok,ok, how about Murphy’s Law? Anyhting that can go wrong, will go wrong!
      I believe if the Lakers fight to make the eighth spot, it will all change: attitude, commitment. Teams can be great in the regular season…either you are a playoff team or better regular season team.

    • Bstarr says:

      Your math is weak pall!!!
      There is no ring if D’Antoni is involved. And if you still doubt that……..dial the NY Knicks phone number and let them explain it to you! LAL was horrible in the last 2 games, their figures speaks for itself. Try that kind of math for a change will ya!

    • Eee says:

      you don’t make any sense.

  199. This Lakers Team could be the best if Phill Comes Back, Mike doesn’t know anything. please we need phill back

    • Dan'o says:

      I blame Jimmy Buss. Bringing Phil back in would be an admission of error in departing from the triangle when he hired Mike Brown. He doubled down by bringing in D’antoni, whose career has shown him to be a 500% coach… average.

    • Omarviper says:

      Strongly agree with you…Phil is the true Laker coach who would be able to bring more rings to this great group of players..Mamba forever!

      • SmoothMM says:

        There’s only one thing for the Lakers to do. Ok, maybe 2 or 3 or 4… Trade Pau Gasol to the Rockets for Patrick Patterson and Donatas Motiejunas to run that up-tempo offense. Then, trade Jodie Meeks and Robert Sacre to the Rockets for Toney Douglas, Cole Aldrich and James Anderson for bench depth. And Bam! The Rockets are championship contenders.

    • Megan says:

      where is Phill & I don’t watch the Lakers

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I heard a while ago on another website that Phil Jackson (even if Lakers try to pursue him again) would NOT want the coaching job.

      He probably wants to remain retired. But he’s clearly expressed he doesn’t want the Laker or Nets coaching jobs.

  200. zgillet says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that Howard maybe just isn’t that good?

    • Tizlub says:

      YES!!!! Thank you!!!!

      AND, he’s a big baby that can’t make up his mind or commit to anything.

      Howard out…Gasol in.

      Remember 2009? I do.

      • Mambo_King_Balling says:

        Couldt have said it better! Gasol in! Howard out!

      • Imad Akel says:

        I don’t think you remember 2009. If you remembered 2009 you would remember that Dwight Howard was BY FAR the best and ONLY truly DOMINANT center remaining in the league.
        He carried the magic to the finals, making jameer nelson look like an all star.

        Dwight Howard is not an overrated player. Just a very immature one. But he’s got game.

      • Tizlub says:


        First and last time he’ll ever see the finals.

        Magic lost that series 4 games to 1 by none other than…(drum role please)…Pau Gasol and the LA Lakers!

        He had a few brief moments like so many others and will fall into the mix of NBA mediocrity.

      • Megan says:

        I was watching the T-Wolves in 09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • NBA Fan says:

        Imad, to be honest, Howard is terrific defensively, but he barely has a post offense. He got so many points in Magic because of his athleticism and the fact that Magic just used him a lot.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        There’s a reason Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called Dwight Howard limited and predictable. Or something like.

    • Blade says:

      THANK YOU, he is over rated! A healthy Bymun is better than Howard. Dwight has no offense at all. Andrew is a all around better center he just had a attitude problem!

      • Motez Musa says:

        Hahaha I see Laker fans are back to saying Bynum is better than Dwight. When you couldn’t get Dwight, Bynum was better. But when you got him, Bynum was a crybaby and wasn’t that good. And now Bynum is better again. Ahaha you Laker fans kill me.

      • Why???? says:

        Why are Americans so blind. Last year it was Gasol and Bynum who were the problems, not Kobe of course. This year it is Gasol and Howard and occasionally Nash getting blamed, but of course never Kobe. When will you realise Kobe is the problem?? He shoot and he shoots and he shoots. There are 4 great scorers on this team and yet Kobe takes every shot. He frequently hits around 30% but still will take 20+ shots in that game. If you let Howard actually have the ball and play and the same with Gasol they will be the best team in the league. If Kobe keeps being a ball hog (which he will) they will continue to fail.

      • MzLee says:

        Why????? Please check your stats until his recent shooting slump Kobe has been shooting a consistent 50% from the field having one his most officiant shooting season since 2006-07 and is taking shoots within the offense and also remember he is a shooting gard not the point gaurd his job is to score. He is also willing to take the hits win or loose.

      • James says:

        There is only a Healthy Bynum once in a blue moon. Not enough healthy Bynum to win a title. Get rid of MIKE D.

        Trade Jim Buss for a homeless in Kobe’s charity foundation, the homeless would be more humble and better at managing.

        Get Phil Back.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        That’s funny. After what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jack Nicholson said about Bynum after the Lakers traded him away … imagine if the Lakers tried to get Bynum back?

        What would Kareem and Nicholson say then???

        I think Jack Nicholson would be perturbed and would want to order a CODE RED!!!!!!!!!!!!

        YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Did you order the code red?? Did you order the code red? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!!!!

    • Dre says:

      You not kidding. People saw him do a “supeman” dunk and now all of a sudden he’s hot stuff. Yea, put up good figures with Magic, but when you’re the only good player among a bunch of trash it’s very easy to stand out. Dwight was a complete waste of time and resources.

      • Bynum over Howard says:

        Thank you so much!! I said Bynum was better than Howard last year and people would stare at me as if I committed a crime.

      • slider821 says:

        This may be true, unfortunately you’re team is now run by Jim Buss. So don’t count on Dwight being moved and appreciate Pau while he’s still here because he won’t be when June comes around.

    • QuestionMark says:

      He is good, he just isn’t a player that can carry a team on his back, he is a like a Bosh to me, can’t carry his own team, but would fit perfectly with another star or 2 stars. Howard would work well with Lebron, I guess anyone would. Kobe shoots way too much, and Howard gets less attempts. If you wanna beat the Heat, you have to use your bigs, Gasol and Howard, Miami is small in the paint. If you are facing OKC, you have to use pick and rolls and other plays to try and scramble their defense. One on one, Perkins can defend Howard and Ibaka can defend Gasol. Lakers never tried to do that. All they do is give the ball to Kobe and let him shoot. Sefolosha and Lebron can limit Kobe at this point in his career.

    • Ben says:

      I’ve been saying this long ago. I remember saying it to my father back during the 2011 playoffs, saying Orlando were never going to win because Howard was not a player who would win titles. I said it when LA traded for him, as one of the few saying I think they had downgraded with both Howard and Nash over Bynum and Sessions, just because they were big names (and no offense to Nash, who deserved titles but just couldn’t get them over the line). Frankly, bringing Howard in was a huge mistake and I’ll continue to shout it from the rooftops. You keep seeing columns saying this is a surprise – well not to me, and I was saying that long before the season began.

      • JamesN says:

        I agree 100%. I said Howard was a downgrade, nobody believed me. Looking at his stats and his style of play i knew Howard would not be as effective as Bynum.

    • SmoothMM says:

      He’s more of a defensive center than an offensive center… Even in Orlando. The trick on offense was, with a healthy back, his effort, determination, sense of awareness and spaced out shooters. Now, he has more players that can post in Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant (sometimes Metta). He just has to get back mentally tough, hustle for the boards, block shots and man up on D. What happened to that bank shot he was working on in Orlando? He was actually hitting those but has shied away from it. Anyway, focus on being that defensive monster that you used to be and still are…

    • the answer says:

      From here on Dwight will be a different person. He is going to dominate

      • lakers! says:

        I wouldn’t blame Howard so blindly. The issue isn’t whether he is any good or not, it is would the lakers be better off with more pieces than one big one in Dwight – the answer is yes, a million times yes. The worst thing the lakers ever did was rid their bench and acquire Metta World Peace for more than two years. Ron Artest was a good player with masterful defensive qualities, Metta World Peace is an ageing bench player. Half the bench is lucky to get a single point on any given night as well, yes there is some quality in there, but just look at the knicks, heat and clippers, they run very deep. Kobe is Kobe and if anyone actually read this article he is giving 110% as he always has. I would rid the team of Gasol, Metta World Peace and half the bench and just build a squad rather than a bunch of individuals, trade for pieces rather than names. Jim Buss only cares about merchandise sales that the real problem with all these big name buys.

    • mark says:

      Or has anybody thought maybe Kobe can’t handle sharing the spotlight I agree Howard is awful the more Kobe shoots the more the lakers lose just time to rebuild happens to the best and they are too old

    • Scott The Magician says:

      Howard doesnt have to be good (his offence is actually sad to watch) but when u can get 20 rbs a game u can get 20 pts.
      The actual problem with the team is Ball hog Bryant.
      Kobe wont include his teamates, howard gets like 8 shots per game. its weird that kobe(seemingly intelligent) cant figure out that hes the issue, no one or nothing else……………….
      Dwight i say move on, as long as kobes there the lakers winning days are over and ur career stats will suffer

    • David says:

      dwight howard has no offensive game, hes the worst free throw shooter i have ever seen! all he does is block shots and rebound! hes a glorified marcus camby!

    • LakerfanE says:

      the main problem is Steve Nash nobody wants to admit it but he’s the problem

      • mvp says:

        what in the world does nash have to do with it??? he was injured at first, then he has been playing well to the “little” things kobe lets him do, and then you blame him? common, you should be sad that nash is the one that might wound up loosing more with the lakers missing the playoffs. he, not only left the suns to a rival, but he also did it to get a chance at a title. dwight can leave if he wants, gasol might be traded, and nash is not only on a 3 yera contract, but hes also loosing the few years he still has of his prime nash or of his carrer in a team that doesnt make the playoffs. why dont you go blaming your crybaby d12 or your ballhoger kobe, ah?

    • sacrableu says:

      Howard is not that good, He is no Shaquille Oneal or Kareem A or Willt C or hakeem O or David Robinson or Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley or etc. The whole team is to blame.

      Pau Gasol has been messed up ever since the trade rumors 2/3 years ago when lakers were trying to get chris paul.

      Kobe has been the one player consistent for them but sometimes he demands that others play good or else he’ll just take over the ball game which other players just oblige to watch also. He needs some screens to help him out but howard never gave him that last game, it was gasol who helped him through some screens. But if his teammates dont perform well, his patience is too thin right now to watch the game and/or season to get away.

      The coach is not a very good motivator. Sometimes you dont have to be a genius in organizing systems or plays but you need to be able to motivate your players just like how Phil jackson did it before with odom, kobe, shaq, pau, fisher, and the rest of the championship team. D’Antoni is no poppovich or doc rivers or George Karl or Jerry Sloan. He’s not a very good motivator. Sometimes a coach just needs to know how to lift his guys’ spirits in order to perform well.

      Lastly, the stupid management integrated all these. Firing a coach early in the season, hiring one 2 years ago that erased the remnants of the triangle offense that work so well for the Lakers, putting a mediocre bench together, hiring D’Antoni who never preached defense which the Lakers really need the most since they have one of the best offensive weapons of all time they dont need to tweak their offense.

      • Brad T says:

        They should have left Bickerstaff in the coaching spot. He has the best record out of all the LA coaches this year

    • Clipper KAM says:

      First and foremost let me start by saying that in the land of LA. It is about time that my Clippers came from under the Lakers shadow, but as a native of Los Angeles I have to say that I am sadden by the Lakers Demise. This was supposed to be the battle for LA, the battle for the finals, the battle for the western conference. I am truly disappointed, but more so I am disappointed in the Laker fans that are turning on them. They are not a bad team, they are just making bad decisions, on and off the court. They truly do have a great team on paper, but as all Lakers that have played with a Kobe, Labron, Jordan type, you get caught up in what he is going to do and prepare for the rebound. Dwight was never giving the chance to warm up to that type of game. The Lakers success came when there were players that knew what kobe was going to do and knew there role on the team as well as Jordan and Lebron. Dwight is having a hard time adjusting to that and the next person will as well. Kobe has already stated that he is trying to get Dwight into the game which is not the typical Kobe role, so now we have to great players on the same team playing out of character. I don’t think that trading Dwight is the answer, but then again I did not believe that bringing him here to L.A. was the answer either. Lakers need to make better decisions on and off the court, bottom line. But, in the mean time Clipper Nation is going to hold it down in L.A. Clipper KAM out…