NBA TV Airing Kobe’s 81-Point Game With Live Tweets From @kobebryant


On Jan. 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a game against the Toronto Raptors. Seven years to the day, NBA TV will rebroadcast the game at 4 p.m. ET.

nbatv-logo-smal-110lTo commemorate the day, Kobe himself will live tweet during the broadcast. He’ll be reminiscing, sharing anecdotes and reflecting on one of the greatest moments in NBA history, live on Twitter. Watch on NBA TV and then follow along with Kobe:

@Kobebryant   |   #countonkobe


  1. LAKERS4Life says:

    Jordan was no doubt a great NBA player. David Stern handed him the NBA practically. You touch him and it was a foul but he can cuff you, push you and pretty much do what he wants on offense. Kobe and Jordan are 1&2 or vice versa. I don’t think either one is greater than the other. And guys, CHAMPIONSHIP is a team’s achievement not an individual!!!

  2. Rocks says:

    This thing of cpmparing Kobe and Jordan is played out. We all know Kobe idolised MJ like most players did across all the sports. He played like MJ the same way MJ played like Dr J. The difference is that MJ took Dr J style and improved it. Whereas KB took a lot from MJ’s game but didn’t quite elevate it. Yes, Kobe is the new version of MJ but not a better one. For me it’s a complement for Kobe to be compared to MJ – the greatest of all time. That means he’s one of the best, a Hall of Famer but definitely not the greatest. The 81 points game was a great achievement though.

  3. KB24 says:

    First of all Jordan was never!!! Kobes idol growing up!! Kobes idol was Magic Johnson! he has said it millions of times already, so ppl gotta stop saying that Kobe is just a copy cat to Jordan and all that stuff, and also Ofcourse Jordan is Better than Kobe, He is the greatest player to ever play the Game, but Kobe Bryant, is the ONLY!! player who can even be compared to Jordan! because of the way he plays, even lebron himself has said that when you see Kobe play you can actually Kobe in Jordans shoes because of the style that Kobe plays. Me personally Kobe Bryant is the 2nd greatest! shooting guard of all time!!

  4. thinsky1121 says:

    kobe played 17 seasons before he reached 30,000 jordan did it in 15 seasons but check this out kobe was not even part of the starting 5 in his first 2 years because eddie jones was on the peaked of his game…. they played similar position thats the reason…. he playes 15 minutes in his first year,,, and 28 minutes on his second year…. i think if kobe played something like 36 minutes a game he could have reached 30,000 points 2 years ago younger than jordan and maybe faster than jordan… 20,000 points at the age of 27 more younger than lebron and maybe the fastest who could ever do it…

  5. thinsky1121 says:

    kobe played 17 yrs before he reached 30,000 points plus but in the first 3 yrs he’s not on the starting 5 because eddie jones was on the peaked of his game… i think if kobe was part of the starting 5 he could have scored 30,000 points 2 yrs ago and maybe the youngest and maybe the fastest who could ever do it….

  6. Kiddo says:

    this is such a flattery words between the struggling and losses. MJ still the best player ever and Kobe is not even greater than Magic Johnson.

  7. Kobe-one-day says:

    I watched jordan juste before he retired and like to anyone, jordan is one of the Best Basketball Players ever.

    But kobe i watch him since 1999 what ever jordan did kobe did it, its not being like jordan its can you get close to

    a legend like jordan .. and kobe proved to him self and to the world that he could do it .

    I will remeber kobe as one of the best basketball players in the world.

  8. Rajeev says:

    If Kobe could score 81 points vs. Toronto Raptors, why was his team blown out by Toronto this past Sunday?

  9. JPA says:

    kobe ​​and jordan undoubtedly the best of all time! in a manner similar.

  10. the answer says:

    How many points did he score?

  11. MJ says:

    mj with 15 seasons has the poins that kobe has in 17, and he is way behind mj about ppg.

  12. MJ says:

    poor bryant living in the past, and his fans still dreaming he is the best ever, ron artes said they will be this season 73-9, mj is and will be the best player ever

  13. cadroy says:

    GO Bean get a grip,you are in a deep slump right now.

  14. cp10 says:

    I made a free throw once

  15. goat says:

    KOBE greatest ballhogger!!

  16. kbutterbean says:

    kobe is the greatest of all times

  17. Megan says:

    I hate Kobe Bryant he injured Ricky Rubio

  18. Tyler Allen says:

    This is kinda like a greatest hits album!
    They only release it when the career is over!

  19. Snorri Þorvaldsson says:

    Wilt’s 100 point game shouldn’t even count anymore. Kobe’s 81 point game is sooooo much more impressive. And there’s no telling how much he would have scored in an earlier game against the Mavs if he would have played the fourth quarter, when he had 62 points after three and outscored the entire Dallas team. That season was one of the greatest individual seasons in the history of the NBA.

    • Snorri Þorvaldsson says:

      And I forgot to add that it’s a crime that the NBA gave the MVP to Steve Nash that season.

    • grumani says:

      Hard to say a thing like that: Wilt did it against a NY Knicks team that didn’t want him to do it as soon as they realized he was over 70 points, they started triple-teaming him from there on, and he still did it. The Kobe game was very impressive, don’t get me wrong, he hit from range. But, there weren’t any 3-pointers when Wilt did it either.

    • Hm says:

      46 shots, 20 free throws, almost 42 minutes and almost 57 USG% (that means he had the ball on around half of all Lakers possessions). This against the second-worst defence in the NBA that year (Raptors).

      Most overrated performance in the history of the NBA.

      • DWM says:

        Completely agree with you. Kobe admitted it in his tweet when he said, “After my first bucket I realized their rotations weren’t sharp or early”

    • DWM says:

      You must be under 30. Kobe won 5 championships, but only MVP in two of those. Jordan won 6 championship and got 6 MVPs in each of those.

      Simple math:

      Kobe: 2/5
      Jordan 6/6

      6/6 > 2/5

      100% > 40%

      Jordan > Kobe.

      • DWM says:


        1 MVP in each of those championships.

      • awefna says:

        no u were right the first time

      • BJ says:

        And Jordan won 6………….. in a row!!!! Kobe is nothing close to Jordan. he is good, but maybe its because Im a little older and I saw Jordan play in his prime, along with Magic and Bird. I’m just not impressed with Kobe all that much. Ive seen greater players and Jordan was the greatest.

  20. Born living legend@ kobebryant

  21. Live says:

    best ever