Change Doc Rivers Can Believe In?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When Doc Rivers speaks, we have a tendency around here to listen intently, knowing that the Boston Celtics’ coach does not mince his words when critiquing his team.

When he speaks the way he did after the Celtics’ got routed Sunday in Detroit, losing to a Pistons team that has beaten the Celtics four straight times over the past two seasons by an average of 15 points, you know he’s not saying things for effect.

Rivers means business for a team that has not been able to find a consistent groove and entered the season with sky-high expectations after a run to the Eastern Conference finals in 2011-12. And we have no reason to do anything other than believe what he says (and said to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe and other reporters following Sunday’s game):

“I said we’ve got to find something where every night all 12 guys play the same,” Rivers said. “We did it for three games in a stretch. I told them game four and five in that [six-game winning streak] was garbage, we just won the game.

“So I gotta figure that out. I don’t think the guys are honest with each other. I just don’t think we have committed to being a good basketball team. I think this team wants everything easy. They want the easy way out. They want to win easy. I told them, the only way you’re going to win easy is you’re gonna have to play hard. The harder you play the easier the games become. We’re taking [that] approach.”

And then Rivers threatened to shake up his roster.

“I gotta either find the right combination, the right guys or we’re going to get some guys out of here,” he said. “It’s the bottom line, because this group right now, they’re not playing right and it’s in them to play right but right now they haven’t been because I’m not getting to them or they’re not getting to each other. Either we’ve got to do that or we’ve got to make changes. I’m saying if we don’t get it right we may [make changes].’’

The Celtics have three veteran staples you know aren’t going anywhere in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. But beyond that, anyone eligible to be traded would have to be under the microscope as the Feb. 21 trade deadline approaches.

But not even those veterans were covered after losing to the Pistons — who are 10 games below .500 — for the second time in the last two months as Boston drops to 20-20 this season. Rondo pointed fingers at himself and the rest of the locker room afterwards, backing up his coach’s assertion that there need to be some changes (in attitude and demeanor, for starters) for the Celtics to get back on track:

“For me, it’s too lax, our locker room is too lax,” he said. “Even though a lot of guys’ personalities are really laid-back, but we all got to this level by competing and right now the talent we have, our record is embarrassing, so until guys get sick and fed up with it, I don’t know if anything’s going to change. I gotta do a better job of being a leader. I can’t get on guys and hold them accountable if I don’t hold myself accountable first.”

Rivers has already set the tone with his words. Now we all get to wait and see if Celtics boss Danny Ainge, never shy about taking risks at the trade deadline, is ready to deal.

A restless fan base in Boston, one that will be trying to recover from the disappointment of a New England Patriots season that ended a game earlier than the locals expected, is watching.


  1. Comon Celts, time to antyup & kick in. Go get it. Go take the heat & the rest of the games a game @ a time!

  2. big link says:

    This is the only realistic trade that could send josh smith to Boston.

    • big link says:

      pierce for smith straight up works out but boston would also have to send a pick to either ATL or PHX

  3. MBA says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD for Boston Celtics…and let go of the other lee and barbosa..

  4. @NBA Fan-i totally agree w/u because that is the undeniable Truth-it was so obvious through out the whole playoffs. I think #1 they can’t win one legitimately, #2 they couldn’t do it within 1 year of multi all star acquisition like the Celts did it PERIOD-NUFF SAID!!!

  5. NBA Fan says:

    i Hope!! that the Celtics start playing better and face off against the cHeats!! yes i said the CHEATS!!! because thats what they are, they cheat to win!! and that championship last year was all rigged!! they had to cheat in order to finally give lebron his 1st ring

  6. Jenova says:

    DISSAPOINTING LOSS again by the celts… have you seen their faces lately?? they gave up battling the cavs… their plays and shooting performances are not there… banner18 is fading… hopefully a significant trade will make them to the eastern conference finals again facing the Miami CHUMPS…

  7. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Seen a couple of comments where people are upset the cleltics let Jefferson go. Don’t forget they traded him for Garnett. Worked out ok

  8. big cat says:

    I heard there trying to move rondo to Toronto for calderon, landry fields , and a pick.

  9. tamanjiri says:

    “I’m KG’s biggest fan. But he’s given up. His temper is not enough to get points on the board or to get rebounds for the team. Never thought I’d think it, but I say trade him for a true center.”

    KG is the only one boxing out, other big men (aside from Sullinger) isn’t putting effort in rebounding.. watch every game of the Celtics and you’ll understand why KG isn’t averaging a double digit rebound.. too bad they didn’t re-sign Pietrus, last season, even if Pietrus wasn’t doing great in his shooting, he was making up for his mistakes in the form of offensive rebounds.. the biggest mistake Danny Ainge did was trading Perkins.. Perkins was the best partner KG could ever have under the basket, they play solid defense under the basket..

    one more thing, acquiring new players from trade isn’t what the Celtics need.. what they do need is to build team chemistry and play tough defense (the 2008 Celtics wasn’t know for their offense, they are know for their absolute defense and KG was the driving force behind it).. but no worries, the Celtics will cause an uproar in the upcoming 2013 Playoffs.. don’t count the Celtics out, as long as we have KG, banner 18 is still within reach..

  10. heydannyainge says:

    the last piece of this puzzle is one of the gasol brothers. either pau or mark will give your 18 banner and 19th also. make it happen! is it even possible? like kg said “nothings impossible” just dont forget to keep rajon kevin and paul together.

  11. robin says:

    Mr. Alex are U out of ur mind? Celtics need a Center

  12. big link says:

    We all know that the clippers aren’t letting paul go look at the numbers he is putting up…hawks wont let smith go because he is one of the best defensive players on the team and a big presence down low…Utah wont let Jefferson go considering they have a huge presence down low…and the kings sure as heck aren’t letting cousins go especially since the maloofs are selling the team to new owners..the only big blockbuster trade that could possibly happen would be rudy gay or pau gasol…the Celtics have taken to many risks on older and injury prone bigs…look at shaq, Collins now, they would be stupid to risk signing greg oden…im a huge C’s fan but I don’t see a blockbuster trade going down, possibly mid level trade but no huge or blockbuster one…but one can always hope…but I definitely think they need to let terry, lee and Barbosa go in a trade…sully is a huge impact look at al Jefferson he isn’t your typical 7 footer but he makes a huge impact so they need to chill and work sully out harder and faster bcuz his only negative is foul trouble…I just hope ainge doesn’t pull something stupid like he did with perk and also steimsma…steimsma was a huge impact on boards and shot blocking…I watched them play the hawks last year in Atlanta and if it weren’t for him we would have got demolished…

  13. Dan says:

    I’m really courious who was Doc’s target in his words at the press conference.

  14. alex says:

    trade rondo for chris paul. rondo got attitude problem.

  15. MBA says:

    boston needs a big man, who can support KG…….if they didn’t trade bigbaby, perkins or jefferson…maybe, they will get another ring..they didn’t need shooter bcause pierce can shoot well…

  16. JimD54 says:

    The Celtics should still have Perkins, Big Baby, Nate Robinson and Ray Allen, they have let too many good players get away, they have had 6 centers since Perkins and none have worked out including Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal, Danny has really dropped the ball as the GM, It will be a while before we’re in the picture again…….

  17. AmsterdamBallFever says:

    The way I see it, Celtics develop a team that does not rely on individual athletic antics, but on solid (read: complicated) rotations and a deep offensive playbook. It takes time – much like last year. If they run into trouble, if things are not perculating :), like they seem to do of late, there is hardly any quick fixing possible. Chosing to trade (future) starters is giving up the season. Strengthening the bench with a big guy is only giving you as much as you can trade for it. Terry, Barbosa and Collins won’t trade for 10/8, more likely is 8/4. Doc is threatening rather than considering is my guess, which I would happily trade for any better guess.

  18. celts4 says:

    green and terry/barbosa for pau gasol. if possible. 🙂

  19. BBBBB says:

    Celtics really need to take a look at Pau Gasol. I think the Lakers are getting more and more desperate by what they see, and it has hit them that this group off guys just doesn’t work… I say make the trade with the celts, move Gasol and Metta, and get Green and The Jet for more atletesism and 3 pointshooting

  20. I still think they can do it-go all the way-SO GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT OR GO THE F??!!? HOME!!!

  21. Jenova says:

    yep… since perkins loss the team was missing a huge whole in the paint… still the celtics managed to adjust And put the burden to garnett who’s aging… players like KG, Pierce and yes include Rondo must have a well rested play… to be a efficient player needs to be hyped up not exhaust them…

  22. @ ezap-I’m pissed w/ how it’s going w/ Celts too but if u are KG’s biggest fan how can u say he’s given up & if you’ve been even watching the games-so yeah he can probably only run like 25yr old KG in spurts but that’s the same with all athletes @ that age. KG’s still has a hell of a lot of hustle plus he’s avg 15ppg & 7rpg-would like to see more of course, but’s that’s not too bad an avg & he still does all the little not on the stats sheet things. Pierce 20ppg & 6rpg- so they both could do more but those are decent avgs. We all know Rondo is playn @ an all star level. The thing is the chemistry hasn’t been consistent enough yet & i F??!!? hate it when they play down to lesser teams but then go out & smack knicks in the mouth & play like the elite team they can be! It’s quite baffling-one minute high level contender, next minute is this the same team?
    As far as anyone else who say The Truth & KG have lost a step, news flash-you all must not be watching the games cause they haven’t-it’s the whole team needing consistency & like Doc said the right combo of guys on the floor. I don’t think they need to trade anyone. Maybe just pick up another big. The thing is we’ve seen glimpses of what they have can do-some F??!!? damage if they get consistent!

  23. GilPac says:

    We need to go out and get a D. Cousins…add some rebounding and as bad as this may sound, some attitude to the team!

  24. BallFann says:

    @Mario You do know how unrealistic that was right? There are and handful of centers who can put up those numbers and Kobe and Harden are currently the only sg with those numbers so your equation doesn’t really pan out seeing as you want an all star at all 5 posistions

  25. MasterPiece says:

    NO WAY OUT trade KG & Pierce are u crazy ppl !?!?! We need to get rid of Terry, Barbosa & Collins for a good center like Cousins or Al Jefferson maybe sign a free agent SF too it will give some rest minutes for Pierce why not Josh Smith or Rudy gay it will be interesting see them in Celt uniform 😀 !!!!

    • Petr says:

      There is No way Terry, Barbosa and Collins could get you any of the players you mentioned…especially the way they played this season…

  26. Jenova says:

    hurta to see yet i smell something sweet coming this trade deadline

  27. Realistic says:

    Too bad that Lou Williams tore his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. It doesn’t even matter because the Celtics have too many guards and need to focus on a bigman. I admired how the Celtics turned it around last season, but that was last season. it’s not a guarantee that the same would happen this season, but is a possibility. At least they are in the playoffs, unlike their struggling rival.

  28. dexter says:

    kevin garnett to miami for joel anthony who can defend well and josh harrelson he’s young so he can have more playing time ,can shoot and post as well.

  29. Crofish says:

    The celtics havent had a strong experienced big man since dino radja. hence why we cant rebound and cant play on the block. we need a big body, strong rebounding presence who can play block to block. then pierce and KG would have much less pressure to always be the scoring targets.

  30. Crofish says:

    I would be happy with a solid center. keeping terry coz even though he has struggled a bit his three point shooting can be very handy. maybe trading barbosa, collins and lee for Al Jefferson. hes already been in the celtics system and is a great strong body in the paint. KG back at the four spot. then we would have to sign a free agent SF to give pierce some rest unless we play Kris Joseph or someone like that. but jefferson would be awsome.

  31. Kimmy says:

    Maybe Doc Rivers needs to go too? Celtics are a good team. However, they need some young talent. I agree w/ what was said above, they should get Josh Smith. He would fit in well. Too bad about Lou Williams. He was just on the starting line-up and doing so well for the Hawks. Josh seems like he wants out of Hwaks. Paul Pierce needs to step up or go too. Maybe if Doc Rivers really did what he says is going to do, and makes some major changes, this Bostonian, now a Georgia Peach, will no longer be an OKC fan! Go Thunder!!!

  32. Bill Brown says:

    Common are you people serious Rondo Paul and KG arent going anywhere they may be up in age we just need to build around them

  33. Isaaac says:

    i like the idea of Favours for Green and or terry

  34. Matthew says:

    Celtics should release Wilcox, Melo, Collins, and Barbosa, and sign Taj Gibson, David West, J.J. Hickson, or trade Melo, Collins, Wilcox, Barbosa and give money to the Lakers for Dwight Howard.

  35. gerald29 says:

    ray ray is laughing at celtics right now…

  36. DONTtradeGREEN says:

    Bad Idea trading Jeff Green. He s on the way up, give him more time! This Guy is so talented and he had some nice TopTen highlights already.
    Get rid of barbosa and Terry. Stay with Rondo, Lee and Bradley. Barbosa and Terry should get us a 10/10 Center!!

    • celtic533 says:

      yeah i agree.Terry and barbosa for Al jefferson would be great for both teams.Jazz need shooting.WE NEED BIG MEN!Plus jazz arent going anywhere cuz the west is stacked so they might as well trade jefferson and develop their young big men.Only thing is that then we’ll be short on shooters.We’ll have to sign a free agent or something like eddy house or james posey.

    • Kamote says:

      I agree with you on this, but the thing is Jeff Green is the only Celtic (aside from Rondo, Pierce and KG) that has trade value for a player in Al Jeff’s or Favor’s caliber. Jared would’ve been next but he’s still a rookie. Utah would not let Al Jeff go for Terry and Barbosa (even if you add Lee), that’s like using a trade override a la NBA 2K :). Jeff Green would be a better player in 3 years or so, but KG and Paul’s clock needs them to win now.

      • Petr says:

        Good to see someone who is able to look at the trades realistically, no way any of the trades mentioned in almost all these coments would happen. C’s need to look at some solid back up centers, who have potential to be10/10 (Okafor?) But stop drooling over trades of all star centers for a couple of fading scorers, this is Not 2K 2013! And I have to say, with all welldeserved respect, that the KG/Pierce era is over, let them finish in green of course, but do not count on them to carry another championship team…

  37. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Move Sullinger into the starting lineup. Might help them with some rebounding

  38. CHUCK NORRIS says:


  39. dmac says:

    get josh smith

  40. DANITo says:

    trade jerry green and terry for pau gasol, lakers need some good bench players and celtics need a decent big. pau still can get you 15 piont and 10 rebound. specially with the celtic system

  41. Conor says:

    Obviously not going to happen but I think this is where the C’s need to be looking. Cousins could really help them and playing around Garnett, Doc and co would be great for his maturation as a player and simply going to a team looking to make the playoffs would also help him to pull his head in.

  42. Eric says:

    I like the gortot idea. maybe trade green and lee for him

  43. Sand King says:

    i love to see Pekovic playing for C’s.. but he is injured.. a very decent hardworking big man in the league.. playing with rondo will become a perfect pick n roll.. no need to trade paul.. just lessen his load and he will be very accountable outside shooter.. replace KG.. trade him now for PEK and D WILL..

  44. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    The east is weak other then the heat and in a seven game series the celtics will be tuff to beat rondo will ball in the playoffs

  45. Oxkr says:

    Ya’ll forget that last year the celtics were in the same situation. And after the all-star weekend they were one of the best teams in the second half of the season. Just be patience. Although a good center like Gortat or Favors could boost the team hopes.

  46. elly says:

    tthey need big man who is a good rebounder and can score to help KG..a shooter like they used to have with eddie house and michael pietrus..and a scoring shooting guard who will replace paul pierce…the only players i think would be tradeable is jeff green coz hes underperforming and inconsistent, jason terry who is not moving well to create opening and sometimes hesitant to shoot..and paul pierce coz hes like a tired horse..though hes d truth but the truth is he is not playing defense..does not the type celtics play…it will be a devastation if they trade KG and BRADLEY coz they are the definition of celtics Defense..and rondo is the motor on C’s offense…

    • QuestionMark says:

      I really don’t think Pierce, KG or Rondo should get traded, those 3 are the core of this Celtics team. Everyone else sure go ahead. I think Jeff Green and Courtney Lee/Jason Terry should be traded. Derrick Favors could be a good fit, he can rebound, defend, and block shots, he is just not getting the minutes playing behind Milsap and Jefferson.

  47. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    Unless we can trade for Durant or Lebron this team will do nothing positive

  48. Kamote says:

    The C’s should contemplate if they’re still shooting for a ring this or they just want to be competitive while building on a new core in Rondo, Bradley, Green and Jared. The biggest trading chip that they have for a shakeup to have one last run would be Jeff Green. Though he has the physical abilities to be a good player in the future, he still has to grow a lot (just compare with draftmate KD), and might not be good enough YET to help the C’s this year. Next year would be a bit different since KG and Pierce (include Terry) would be a year older.

    At present, they needed a physical center so KG can go back at playing PF. Vets like Varejao (but he’s injured), Okafor, Pachulia, Gortat, Pekovic, Favors might help. Green has that potential to lure GM’s to make such a trade happen. Maybe they can throw in Lee into the mix to get another shooting SF in return.

    • Chester says:

      i think okafor for green would suit both teams as would al jefferson going back to the celtics for jeff green(jazz could use a talented small forward, while freeing up time for favors and kanter)

      • Kamote says:

        Al Jeff would be great. Utah can have Milsap, Favors, Green as frontcourt, that is if Utah is focused on having a great team in 2-3 years. But Boston needs to win now or at least next year. I hope this can happen.

  49. J.D13 says:

    Greg Oden

  50. Make it work says:

    Hey guys we forget that boston is wasting Jeff Greens talent he’s too nice to be used in a mediocre manner remember when he played for seattle-OKC before they traded him I still think that was probably one of the dumbest trades don’t get me wrong we got interior D and the Blake Griffin highlight reel but abosoutely no Offense… none period…. We need a decent center we could go for Dwight probably won’t happen and he can go under KG’s tutelege even though he’s won DMVP more then KG has and find the lost defense or look towards tyson chandler who could be getting 20 points a game if they offered him many touches or look at the Big Fundamentals statistics he does all the intangibles could take lessons from him

  51. Mario says:

    KG and Piece have paid thier due and can no longer carry a team , Rondo is the only younger player who is playing at all star level. Celtics need at least two more young all stars who can help Rondo make the Celt contenders again .. I will say they need a 20 and 10 a night centre and a 23- 25 ppg SG.

    • Bersem says:

      If they could already land an anchor in the paint, player like Dalembert with inside presence (at least 8 points and boards a game) or – more crazy – NIko Vucevic… They also need to find a SG able to supply Pierce when needed… why not Reggie Williams from the Bobcats (remember his stats while playing for the Warriors) ? Celtics have to many guards (Terry / Bradley / Lee and Barbosa… need more inside (and healthy) presence to supply Garnett down the post

  52. Would love to see the celt,s pull it together, I have so much respect for the organization, but hate to admit and see, as the hawks did, its time to break up the party! Good luck to my guys pierce & kg where ever they land.

    • Bersem says:

      Yep a change is necessary : team is getting older, need more punch coming off the bench… but if the Celtics can land a good center able to defend and grab loads of boards…

      • James says:

        how about trade Pierce and a bench for PGasol? Boston is Lakers rivalty, but Pierce don’t mind playing for LA since thats where he’s from. Plus, Rivalry or not is more so with the organization. The players just play and ear rings.

      • DGT@ says:

        Perkins,Bigbaby,Jefferson,Powe,harangoody,Jermain,ryan,stiesma were all Celtics and even this season we had Milicic waived for ( God knows why ) perenial under achiver jason collins.
        Mr.Rivers or who ever is responsible should make themselves accountable as well.As a die hard even i ccan see that we miss a “strong Center or Power forward” to back up KG .
        Organisation should stop threating players and build a good TEAM ,may be take leaf outa LAC and try to emulate.

    • Makeitwork says:

      KG is not going anywhere. He is in no-trade clause.

    • Kamote says:

      Both Paul and Pierce already won a ring. I don’t think they’re into looking for another contender (Allen is a different story, but I don’t think it’s about getting another ring). I think these guys just want to retire in Boston, swinging while going down :).

    • EZap says:

      I’m KG’s biggest fan. But he’s given up. His temper is not enough to get points on the board or to get rebounds for the team. Never thought I’d think it, but I say trade him for a true center.

      • CelticsBanner18 says:

        dont u understand the definition of a no-trade clause? It means KG cant be traded until the end of his contract where he will already be retired

      • big link says:

        Are you stupid… if you are his biggest fan then you watched the playoffs last year when he pretty much single handedly carried boston as far as they did make it….everyone knows he isn’t a quitter and never has been…and last time I checked he is a starter for the eastern all stars…you saying that he has quit is the stupidest thing anyone has ever heard before!!!!