Bulls’ Rose Could Practice This Week

CHICAGODerrick Rose could be on the practice floor as soon as Tuesday. If not then, maybe Thursday.

Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau said Monday evening that Rose, rehabbing his way back from ACL knee surgery, is “very close” to beginning full-contact practice. “That’ll be the next step,” the Bulls coach said before facing the Los Angeles Lakers Monday night at United Center. Did “very close” mean this week? “Yeah,” Thibodeau said. “Could. … It could.”

Because the Bulls have home games Wednesday (Detroit) and Friday (Golden State), then a one-game trip to Washington Saturday, the available practice days this week are the aforementioned Tuesday and Thursday. Pushing into next week, it’s a similar schedule, with games Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Full-contact practice – as in live 5-on-5 activity or, simply, practice — is one step up from the “predictable contact” Rose has facing in Bulls workouts to this point. It’s a step that could last for a while – there still is no indication that Rose will play in a game before the All-Star break, possibly not until late February or early March. But practicing is the penultimate step in his long trek back from his left ACL injury late in Game 1 of the playoffs and subsequent surgery in early May.

Rose, after months of solo rehab and drills, has joined the Bulls on the road in recent weeks and taken part in walk-throughs. He routinely takes to the court before games to work on his shooting, and he was out there Monday while Thibodeau spoke with reporters.

“Everyone has to be patient,” Thibodeau said. “He’s doing his part – he’s showing great patience, everybody else has to. He’s got to concentrate on the rehab. Guys have to focus on the opponent and their improvement. And then when he’s ready – whenever it is – that’s when he comes back.

“Not earlier than he’s ready. Not later. Our doctors have been on top of it since Day 1. Everyone just has to show patience.”

Rose isn’t the only Bulls player in the trainers’ room these days. Forward Luol Deng missed his second consecutive game Monday with a strained right hamstring. Second-year reserve Jimmy Butler was set to start in Deng’s spot.

Richard Hamilton and Kirk Hinrich has coped with injuries, too. Yet Chicago was 23-16 prior to facing the Lakers and considered itself well-position for the season’s second half.

“I like our team,” Thibodeau said. “I guess you [media] don’t believe me. But I believe we have more than enough. If we do the right things, we’re capable of beating anyone anywhere. We have to continue to do that. I still see a lot of room for growth. That’s the way I want us to be. We went through half the season last year without Derrick.

“And so the big thing is, you begin with the end in mind. For us, we want to be playing great basketball at the end of the season and we want to be as healthy as possible.”


  1. justsaying says:

    Here’e hoping that Rose is capable of recapturing the explosiveness that made him so sensational to watch as an MVP.
    Coach Tibs gets the most out of his players and it’ll be interesting to see what upsets might occur with a healthy Bulls roster.

  2. Bullsfever says:

    Since The Kings is having a rummage sale on their players, could the Bulls take DeMarcus Cousins, Wooten, Evans, or Jimmer off their hands? lol

  3. Israel says:

    D Rose A.D.

  4. Nukey says:

    Why include dwade in the picture? Obviously if rose is not injured hed kill dwade but remember dwade used to be a phenomenal guybtill he got his injury butbwhen he came back in 08 man he was a beast but he’s getting older and we cant deny it. Rose will be more careful so hes still gonna be productive but not as explosive as he was used to be

  5. Macky says:

    @ Pacers fans. If anything the Pacers are better without Granger. He’s a volume scorer who shoots at a low %. Also a ball stopper. Paul George is doing fine leading the Pacers. He’s more talented and has way more upside.

    Cant wait to see D Rose back. East is boring atm. Need Bulls/Pacers/Heat to make it fun to watch. Still think the Thunder will probably win it all this year. They are hungry and especially after last year’s disappointment, i don’t see them losing again if they make the finals.

  6. spicycurry30 says:

    If drose comes back at like 70 % what he was pre-injury, the bulls will be scary. they’re 3 games within the top spot for the east, and have already beaten the heat. they can definitely make the top 3 in the east. the pacers can be almost as scary with their defense. I can see either team going 7 games with the great and winning a series, without homecourt advantage.

  7. Le'bron says:

    Rose will face the better LEBRON player this year which will be hard for him.

  8. KB24 says:

    Trade Gasol for Rose!!:)

  9. augfb says:

    The Heat is helped by the officials just to win games and are the biggest floppers in basketball history.

  10. Dwade says:

    Even he will come back… still bulls will loose to miami at all cause… saks bulls… Rose is nothing to Dwade…

  11. Dwade says:

    Chicago with Drose will beat miami… are u dreaming ISRAEL….? healthy Drose at his prime level last east finals way back 2011 being fcked by heat how would u arrived in that conclusion that the come back of Drose will worth for chicago to beat Miami’s ERA…Shut up men…

  12. Dwade says:

    numb gary look at the standing and watch basketball…… u dont know anything about Dwade and heat….
    Go home and plant tomatoes….

  13. Dwade says:

    Chicago with Drose will beat miami… are u dreaming ISRAEL….? healthy Drose at his prime level last east finals way back 2011 being fcked by heat how would u arrived in that conclusion that the come back of Drose will worth for chicago to beat Miami’s ERA…Shut up men…
    No one can stop Drose? hahaha…. r u crazy? Drose will end his career like barkley, pyton, nash, without ring…shame on them… if they are great they should have ring not MVP…..
    Nuggets#1… Drose is ur boss? ur slave of him… go to hell men… suks Drose nothingless to Dwade….The flash ever….

  14. KB24 says:

    Trade Gasol and MWP for Derrick Rose!!!!:) ’nuff said!!

  15. Just Saying!!! says:

    its funny to see comments saying that when healthy DROSE will beat DWADE… 10-11 when DROSE won and became the youngest MVP, bulls also finished on top of the eastern conference, but come eastern finals got beaten by the heat… although heat got beaten by dallas, this is another topic which is irrelevant o this topic… last year, pacers was leading 2-1 right and there was some drama that DWADE was involved with, again at the end of the day the heat won a championship… I am a heat fan, i admit it, but i am not bias… there isstill plenty of basketball left this year and anyone can win as long as they are in the playoffs… that is why there is the word UPSET because in any sport, people, teams even strong, MVP or rank #1 will can lose even to a no name player or team… again just saying… let us enjoy the game… who ever will win will win because they work hard for it…

  16. D-Rose > Wade says:

    @ Wade:— If you haven’t noticed, Chicago has beaten Miami 6 out of 8 times and the last 2 games they played each other, Chicago beat them by around 20 points.

  17. Nuggets#1 says:

    Derrick Rose is a boss. Chicago is my 2nd favorite team to the Nuggets. Nuggets play team ball and that is what a team sport is about. Derrick Rose is the best player in NBA becasue he scores, has an MVP, creates chances for his teammates and gets everyone involved. He is special. Go DRose and go Nuggets.

  18. joegood21 says:

    This is to all the D-wade nut riders…when he got his ring he didnt play Lebron and super friends or any 3 all star power up team that had to take paycuts just to be together cause they couldnt do it on there own…so how could you compare him to drose going again the heat….i know its hard to think of things like that with lebrons dic in your mouth an dwades nuts being held up ever so gently by your chin

  19. Derrick says:

    For all y’all doubtin my return…keep yo eyes peeled. Am comin back harder, stronger, faster baby and I’ll blow by any n**** in this league

  20. Freida says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am a Miami Heat fan. I don’t believe D. Rose will ever be the same. He will be a good player but he always went to the basket before. They showed on tv that D. Rose was practicing his 3 point game.

    We will all see how Dwayne Wade plays after the AllStar Break. He does step up when it counts. Now adding the Birdman even for a 10 day contract to see how he is doing, hopefully will make Miami Heat even better. Miami Heat does need a big rebounder and blocker and Bosh doesn’t want to be the Center. Miami needs to trade him for a big guy.

  21. ChiBullsNumberonefan says:

    All you people are on a Chicago Bulls article. If you are going to be Negative take that else where. And plus we all know the Bulls are bringing home their 7th Championship

  22. Gary says:

    Without big Cheat (refs help) Heat is not top 4 in the EAST now.
    Bulls (without Rose), Pacers (without Granger), Knicks & Nets are better teams.

    Any of these teams if healthy and no cheat will sweep Heat in 1st round.
    To beat Heat-with-Cheat the Bulls needs healthy D. Rose.

  23. D-Rose says:

    – Is a shame that Miami fans don’t get that is:

    LeBron, Wade and Chris Bosh against just a 24 year old that all ready got an MVP

    And he still make those tree look like clowns when they play

  24. D-Rose says:

    D wade better than Rose??

    – Maybe 3 years ago, because Rose is a player that needs to be stop by more than one player because of his quickness, also he can go wherever he wants on the floor something that even LBJ can’t do, D- Rose can do it all even Rebounds he just dont care much about the rebounds that’s why he just average 3.8

  25. Dwade says:

    Chicago with Drose will beat miami… are u dreaming ISRAEL….? healthy Drose at his prime level last east finals way back 2011 being fcked by heat how would u arrived in that conclusion that the come back of Drose will worth for chicago to beat Miami’s ERA…Shut up men…

  26. Dwade says:

    Pacernation#1 r u crazy…just look at the standing and back off… shut up… sonOB…

  27. PacerNation#1 says:

    How interesting everytime I down the heat on this page my post doesnt show up. Lets try this again!

    I am a PACERS fan and I am looking forward to Roses return. It seems pointless beating the Bulls without Rose in the game, however, we have been without our start player as well and still holding down the fort and only a 1/2 game behind the heat for #1 seed. The next 5 years if you want to make it out of the east you are going to have to through the Pacers or Bulls, or Pacers and Bulls! Miami is nothing without its refs and the leauge pushing them through. Injured Indiana already held the HEALTHY HEAT to a season low 77 points and it only took 88 points to beat them! They are exposed and done to good teams like the Pacers and Bulls!

    With that said hurry back Granger

    Welcome back Rose

    Go Pacers!!! 2013

    • PacerNation#1 says:

      And to add to that, look at the game differential. We have played more games than anyone in the east, and more road games than anyone in the NBA. So, less games+more time off+granger back= VERY DANGEROUS FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

  28. Dwade says:

    Fak u Drose… go home and plant eggplant… you’re career is finished….hahahahha back off trying hard and die hard fans of

  29. Dwade says:

    Even he will come back… still bulls will loose to miami at all cause… saks bulls… Rose is nothing to Dwade…
    Rei Rei…. Are u crazy? are u watching basketball?
    Benny tanga ka….. without James and bosh he has ring… And without Dwade… james and bosh is nothing…..how come thaDrose is better than Dwade.. where is he? your reasons and proof are full of If… If he is….. If he is healthy? Yah he is young and wade is old.. but how they played last 2 playoffs Drose is empty… nothing more.. just watch the playoff between heat and chicago last two seasons…

  30. Israel says:

    D Rose always kills D Wade… If Rose and everyone else 100% healthy..Bulls will beat Heat in the playoffs…Thibdoeau is the best coach in the NBA.. he always makes it tough on D Wade and Lebron

  31. wilt chamberlain says:


  32. jel02 says:

    all the best fro D rose, same with D wade.. the two are D bests… hahaha..

  33. Benny says:

    Drose is better than Dwade…. It’s just ignorant bufoon ( Lebron James) is helping him win games…. So withouth Cbosh and Ljames Dwade is nothing…

    • Paul Pierce says:

      and without Shag where is kobe, and without pippin where is jordan, and without Abdul Jabar where is magic johnson? The only real General is Dirk Nowitzki, but everyone needs somebody thats no excuse.. however dwayde is less explosive and intimidating, which is to be expexted, and he havent even made up for it with improved shooting, right now i agree, without lebron in this case wayde is just another nba player..

  34. Jenova says:

    nAh… just another player who will adjust after a lengthy operation and treatment the term is “COURT RUST”… can’t picture bulls in the eastern finals…

  35. putapets says:

    F*ck U Dwade rose is alot better than U…

  36. Heat #1 says:

    I am excited and cant wait till D-Rose comes back and plays against the Heat! The Bulls are my 2nd favorite team.
    And like always HEAT #!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. YEAH says:

    January 22, 2013 at 1:06 am

    Rose needs to give a call to Adrian Peterson.


    • jae says:

      I have 2 more week until fantasy basketball playoff start. right now i’m 1st in my divison should I stash rose and would rose play during 1 round of play off?

  38. Bok says:

    @ Trade deadline:

    I’m a fan of the Lakers, but please stop trolling by posting nonsense trade scenario.

  39. Bok says:

    Good luck on you D Rose, and hopefully no more freak accidents like the last year’s playoffs. A great guy like you deserves a break and a blessed career.

  40. Rabz says:

    Good on him, he’s really working on getting back slowly instead of rushing in and screwing himself up. The bulls will just have to hang in there a bit longer but they’re doing a good job so i’m not worried

  41. Yao says:

    Rose needs to give a call to Adrian Peterson.

  42. jacob says:


    • MJ is retired says:

      MJ is retired….there is no return. Rose is a weak overated player. Trade him while hes still worth money

      • Michael says:

        D Rose is not over rated he was a MVP and rookie if the year he’s only 24 he still has his whole career ahead of him to get 2 more mvp’s and alot more all star appearances he most likely would have gone to the playoffs if he didnt tear his ACL and he is also a too scorer in the league with incredible speed that’s better than most players him and russel Westbrook are the 2 most athletic ayers in the league

  43. WILKSY08 says:

    This is great news. In terms of the Deng injury though, Jimmy Butler is handling his business. Held the leagues leading scorer to 7-22 from the field, anyone else think he should be our starting 2 guard by the end of the year?

    • uoykcuf says:

      Jimmy was balling tonite. His defense on kobe was great! I have to admit I never thought he’s a “great” defender but he prove me wrong tonite.

  44. Dwade says:

    Even he will come back… still bulls will loose to miami at all cause… saks bulls… Rose is nothing to Dwade…

    • Rei Rei says:

      Yeah, Derrick Rose will probably “accidentally” re-injure his knee if he faces Wade.

    • Bbaldude says:

      men, dwade is old, no disrespect but if rose is strong again he wil kill Dwade

    • D Diva says:

      D Wade is the biggest flopper in the league. Don’t have the edge no more, he is old and turn to be a cry baby.

    • Carl says:

      Miami will need to go through Indiana, who will probably beat them this year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • big cat says:

        I agree , Indiana lost to them last yr because of the bright lights and inexperience , people forget Indiana had a 2 – 1 lead in that series, but Indiana will be the team that takes out Miami this yr , there 3rd in the east and havent’ had there best player all season. they’ll finish with the top seed in the east , and beat the Miami bums in the east finals 4 – 2 , and we can all listen to the heat wagon jumping crew cry and complain about the officials , and whatever happened to the league fining floppers this yr, I don’t think the heat have got one fine and they flop more than anyone in the league

    • rose says:

      Bulls killed the Heat even without rose

    • NoPGinEastcanHangWithWestbrook!!!!! says:

      D rose is no threat. I am no heat fan but the heat would roll the bulls in a best of 7. Rose is a slower less atheletic version of Westbrooks style accept he gets twice as much credit…..I would love it if the bulls did somehow make it to the finals cause thunder would sweep them. If thunder have to play the heat again its gonna be tough. Any other east team vs Thunder in best of 7 would be like pro vs highschool. East is a weak conference.

      • Jonathan says:

        you stupid.. Derrick rose is way better then Westbrook. you better go do some research boy. and Chicago would Sweep OKC in a Finals matchup cause after we shoutdown KD its no other person to worry about, how u think they lost it last year..lol BULLS 2013 ChAMPIONS

    • chitown says:

      we already beat you this year without rose

  45. Trade Deadline says:

    Maybe if we…

    Trade Chris Duhon for Derrick Rose
    Trade Jodie Meeks for Rip Hamilton
    Trade Jordan Hill for Carlos Boozer
    Trade Darius Morris for Luol Deng
    Trade Robert Sacre for Joakim Noah

    You’re Welcome.

  46. ? says:

    Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrick Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!