Dwight’s Bail Leads To Lakers Fail


HANG TIME, Texas — The Lakers open a critical three-game road trip in Toronto and Dwight Howard plays 17 minutes.

That’s one for every year of his maturity.

If it wasn’t finally evident with last season’s antics in Orlando that the 7-footer is more senior prom than senior lead of a real contender, then he offered up the latest proof.

Howard made one field goal, scored five points and grabbed two rebounds before he was ejected with 1:18 left in the second quarter when he and the Raptors’ Alan Anderson were hit with a double technical.

Dwight the Innocent walked away with his palms outstretched, wondering what in the world he had done to deserve this, much like the teenager caught smoking in the boys’ bathroom.

“They didn’t explain,” Howard said when asked why he picked up the second technical foul. “I didn’t do anything to get ejected.”

Howard’s teammates were quick to come to his defense.

“What’s a player supposed to do when a guy, he’s confronted, trying to walk back up the court?” Kobe Bryant said to ESPNLA.com’s Dave McMenamin. “An official told me, ‘Well, he should just walk away.’ I said, ‘Which direction should he (walk)?’ Should he turn around and just walk to the bench? He’s walking down to the other end of the court, to get back on defense. There’s nothing he can do. A guy steps up to him, puts a forearm in his chest, what’s he supposed to do? You say one thing, now it’s a double technical. Now, I just don’t agree with that.”

What is harder and harder for a lot of us to agree with is the notion that at 27 Howard is ever going to change his stripes from being talented big man and a good-time frontrunner. When all is going well, he leads the cheers and cracks the jokes. When there is the slightest hint of difficulty, he simply cracks.

We won’t get into a frame-by-frame analysis of the video replays that just might show Howard delivering a hefty shove in the back to Anderson as they come off the lane following a Metta World Peace elbow. That second technical could be debatable and perhaps the Lakers will even get it wiped off Howard’s record with an appeal to the league.

But Howard earned himself the first technical first quarter when he went too far whining to referee Ken Mauer following a missed layup.

If the Lakers aren’t already deader than disco, then they embarked on this three-game mini-trip as their latest self-proclaimed springboard back from zombie land. Each loss is not just another on the wrong side of the ledger, but knocks another day off a shrinking calendar. Now the Lakers must win at Chicago on the end of a back-to-back Monday or squeeze out a victory in the Memphis Grind House just to avoid another losing road trip.

The Lakers need Howard on the court and he needs to do whatever it takes to stay out there — keeping his composure, knowing when to back off from complaining and not putting himself into a position where a questionable double-technical might send him to the showers.

But that would require Howard to accept the burden that comes from being a franchise foundation and accept reality, hardly his strengths.

Earlier in the week Howard proclaimed, “When we play the way we played the last two games, I don’t see anybody beating us.”

That was following back-to-back home wins over the Cavs and Bucks. Sheesh.

The voting may show that Howard is once again a starter in the NBA All-Star Game next month, but that says more about the cache and star appeal of the Lakers than his own play. He has numbers, yes. But he also has a free throw percentage that would embarrass blindfolded shooters and has rarely looked dominant.

Blame it on coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense. Blame it on the referees. Blame it on global climate change.

Just don’t dare blame it on Howard. He can’t take the increasing heat.


  1. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are doing. There fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and there careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first rond pick. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done.

  2. CHINA MAN says:

    i want to see josh smith to the lakers

  3. KB24 says:

    Get rid of Dwight!!! and bring back Bynum!!! hes much more better!! than howard!

  4. HarryPB says:

    In terms of actual basketball talent on a roster, Lakers have to be up there. With that being said, where does the fault lie with these shocking performances? Is it with D’Antoni and his system? Is it with Kobe shooting 22+ times a game? Is it Nash being as aggressive as a prepubescent 12 year old on estrogen?
    Will someone please enlighten me before I lose all faith in LA.
    I thought it would take time at the start of the season for the team to gel and so there would be some losses but I genuinely thought this was a team that could win 60+ games! Maybe there is too much talent on the team and people (Dwight) aren’t content with not shooting enough.
    I personally think D’antoni and HIS STUPID TASH need to go and Phil Jackson needs to come back

  5. Stan says:

    Kobe will continue to ruin this team because he is uncoachable. He is just a ballhog, the Kobrick is his usual 7-22 with 3 turnovers against the Bulls, while Howard only took 5 shots. You can’t blame anyone but Kobe for the Laker failure. He is taking too many bad shots and nothing is an easy shot for him anymore because he can’t get to the basket or is too lazy to try.

  6. Max says:

    BR you have it right about Dwight Howard! I am glad others are beginning to see, that Howard does have STAR POWER, BUT he does NOT have the maturity to play for the NBA! He cannot repeat a made FREE THROW, stands flatfooted under the offensive boards. Blames anyone other than himself, for a loss? Will Howard GROW UP? First he was suppose to be just what Orlando was waiting on to make it to the Championship!! NOT! Then all teams wanted this great large center, and the LAKERS? well they won the prize. Did it help or hinder the Lakers? Look at the Stats. Howard can block a shot (not the # 1 in that field), Can defend under the basket, (not #1) but if not the highest paid Player? Well then very close and he is not mature enough to hold that kind of $$$$! Lakers are better with Gasol/Clark together than for Howard to be on the court. Embarrasing when the other team does a “hack a shaq” on Howard. He lacks self confidence when on the stripe. Cannot take being Cener Stage. Who can help this Child/Man be a GREAT Player???

  7. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    Those was some bs calls

  8. John says:

    Fran you’re an idiot

  9. luis rivera says:

    lakers owner need to fire coach dantonii, but also need to fire the general manager, only to mention a player that they left o, shanon brown,sasha vukovic,jordan farmer,lamar odom, ramon sessions et al, there is a lot more, he contract a regular coach in mike brown an offer him a guaranteed contract of three years and fire him with only 5 games of the season and his interinm coach has a streak of victories and replaced with a coach that was succesful only with phoenix when steve nash was in his peak he went to ny and doesnt have the same results that had in phoenix, so i think that this season the LA FANS will have a team in the playoff but the team doesnt have the purple jersey.

  10. Croakus says:

    Andrew Bynum must be LOL!

  11. Jim says:

    If this team truly wants to turn things around then it’s time for a trade but IMO both Pau and Dwight should go (do you really expect Dwight to sign a max deal with a team that will probably not make the playoffs?Get rid of the so-called superstars and inject some young talent and athleticism.

  12. poboscov says:

    Everyone is happy, LA is losing!!! Whatt a joke…Its hard to gather a non-biased comment here.
    I’m a Laker fan and could not agree more to Mr Blinebury!!!
    The game was awful, Kobe was shooting bricks all night long, DH was a non-factor as usual (forget about the numbers the guy should dominate). The best LA player all game long was Pau Gasol!!!!
    The way I see:
    1) Dantoni is thrash
    2) The roster lacks depth and is unbalanced. Hill and Clarck are the only good bench players
    3) Kobe shoots too much
    4) Ther is no D consistency whatsoever
    5) Pau and DH play the same position, and both can’t coexist for long periods in the game (rotation anyone?)

  13. Tracy Lamar McGrady says:

    Gasol for Love,Gasol for Smith,Gasol and Nash For Jennings,Monta and Dalambert,LOL…Why Lakers fans think they can get anything for Pau?You are stuck with him just like Knicks with Amare

  14. What I believe says:

    To be honest, I don´t think you can put the blame on one paticulary thing – for example – dwight, D Antonio, kobe, pau, the bench,
    To me it appears as if the Lakers are just not good “as a team”. They lose together as a team. Their terrible defence is a proof of that – “maybe we are too slow, maybe we are old, maybe we can´t do it” – D antonios own words.
    And kobe has talked about the same things “maybe we are too old to do it”.
    The lakers are not good as a team.

  15. Rfamr says:

    The Lakers adm. is blain don’t want to see longer dean their nose. What is going to take to demise the couch and wake up !!Daaaaa!!!! This is silly, FANS want action no freeze in time.

  16. The problem with the Lakers is bad coaching. They are still a very talented team. Mike D’Antoni does not have a clue how to coach this team. It’s his responsibility to get the team to gel and play team ball. He is not doing his job and should be fired. His teams in the past never plays defense. The Knicks let him leave and Mike Woodson took the same team, had them play defense and their winning percentage went up. D’Antoni is a terrible coach. You have to play team defense to win in the NBA. Good defense still generates good offense.

  17. Anon says:

    Another display of ref’s abusing their power

  18. 10Ivan says:

    I am sorry to tell this but i think that this starts all with Kobe . it’s simple just looking at the stats :
    1) when did kobe get his best success ? with phil, u know why !? phil is the perfect coach 4 teams that includes one big scorer (Jordan), he builds all the team around him. in fact Lakers structure is close to chicago .. Artest:Rodman Pippen:Gasol Kobe:Jordan, running suitable system with the suitable players.
    2) that’s explains Kobe worst years: Mike Brown and Mike D’antoni now. MikeB: Wants Collective Diffense activity first. MikeD:Wants Collective Offense activity first (All involved in All).
    3)Great Leaders must always do the best for ALL the team. Make a System Work makes u win more consecutive games than individual performances. (Steve Nash Mentality)

    don’t get me wrong i think kobe is amazing .. but Leaders must be always on first line to adjust for the team beniffit.

  19. LUGA KA says:


    DENIAL MODE??? uLOLs…. lakers team to BEAT in the west??? I guess NOT!!! everyone is BEATING your precious lakers… how come they are still team to beat??? KINGS, MAGIC,RAPTORS,CAVS beat your lakers… And Those teams ain’t a playoff teams either…Sure the HEAT Loss to Wizards so does the Thunders… But having 17-23 record in WC ain’t gonna cut it…They’re too late for comebacks…. maybe if they win all games after half of the season… By I doubt it, piece of advise… GET REAL!!!

  20. JESS says:

    Jeanie Buss needs to “”RETURN THE FAVOR”” maybe Phil will come back to the lakers. hahahahahaha.

  21. Hector says:

    So much for the Lakers/Heat final =(

  22. JESS says:

    Gasol for LOVE. the lakers just need a better bench thats whats killing them. OH YA AND NOT HIRING PHIL back . no “DeffenceToni” needs to go. “”GO LAKERS””

  23. Get rid of KB24 !! says:

    The whole Lakers organization is either naive or just stupid. Kobe has NEVER been a leader and will never will be one. I admit he is an amazing individual player (top 10 for sure all time, “individual”) but that’s it, and basketball is a team sport! He only worries about him self that may be why he makes those recent comments about nobody beating him 1 on 1… You know what, let him go play tennis or some other individual sport. That way he will be happy worrying only about himself.

    The guy got 3 of his rings because Shaq lead the team, and his other 2, even though he was the main go to guy, it was really the Pau trade that made them happen.

    I agree with a few other comments saying that the roster would be good enough to make the playoffs without Kobe. This guy should be nicknamed “Black Hole” instead of “Black Mamba”. Get rid of him and his arrogance and use his ridiculous salary to get a couple of decent players.

    Got to stick with the truth

  24. killuabest says:

    KICK DUMBTONI NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. LAKERS B says:

    its not over till its over!..play the game of love…i love it. i predict lakers win c’ship…lol!

  26. Owned says:

    I hope Dwight leave L.A. after this season…. I prefer him going to a rather small franchise like cleveland or washington or something… then make them title contenders. I don’t know bout you guys but I love it when there are many good teams killing to get that championship. Makes the NBA more interesting for me…. just a lil thought nothing specific.

  27. Dave says:

    Dwight Howard reminds me of Vince Carter.

  28. Big Al says:

    Whether it’s Dwight, Pau or someone else having issues, the Lakers should never see it as a loss. Dealing with problems is a matter of digging deep in the lineup and make better use of whom we have rather than lament on an injured star. Denver has no real star but is doing quite well. That Spurs-Heat scandal where Coach Pop sent Parker, Duncan, Ginobili and Green home and having his second unit play was a revelation. The bench warmers almost beat a full-on team of LeBron, Wade and company. So far, Earl Clark has come out of his shell. There’s still a need for others to realize thier potential and gel well with their teammates. The Lakers have the best center and shooting guard, so having more losses than wins is quite unacceptable.

  29. Rfamr says:

    Lakers need to fire MIKE D”ANTONI, they fired Mike Brown after 5 games and get mike d”antoni to turn things around an nothing has changed. Haw long Lakes fan have to wait? Wend the season is over, in the first time the Lakers now, to have a great season and one more championship, they have to get the masters of the couch no a overreach couch it have to BE A MASTER!!!! A MASTER. That mean there are a few of them, Lakers now it, but they don’t want to accepted they make a mistake a biiiiiiig mistake, there are the evidence 17 and 23, with at list 4 super stars. Come ooon this doesn’t have to be GENIUS to see that.

  30. LakersAreBad says:

    You know even before dwight was bailed they were still trailing… So i don’t think they lost because of Dwight.

  31. From France. Lakers have no problems either psychological one. Who are Who ? How can make admit by Gasol, Nash and Howard than a teammate makes about 30 shots in a game ? And put in just ten ? Bryant need a very strong man above him. And there arent’ anyone like this for the moment. Bryant need to understand that he’s got the key in his mind. Can he accept that he will never be the one he was. I pretend that if he find the answer, this team can reach conference final. Sometimes, it is not able to add, and add again. It could be just stop to do some wrong choice.

  32. gapo says:

    we need kwame brown back A.S.A.P!!!!!!

  33. Gallo says:

    Refs call technical fouls like that all the time.I think the players should be able to talk some trash and show reactions,but the rules are different so Howard’s ejection was a logical consequence.Lakers should stop complain and stop acting like big names can win a ballgame.It’s not about D’Antoni or the system or that stuff.There was just no hustle and effort at all by the starting 5.They are playing as if they can win ball games by playing at 50 percent.That’s not gonna get it done.

  34. bryan says:

    lakers needs Phil jackson or some defensive coach to tilize heir Bigs pau and howard

  35. jerikobe says:

    im a kobe die hard fan. but if u like injured for one week, i guess we gonna share the ball and we win games

  36. 1ets 6o h3at says:

    stop blaming the coach. just have a TEAMWORK.. that’s it

  37. Deb Sus says:

    There are so many comments here even when the Lakers are 17-23 more than the other hang time blogs combined. If they dont make the playoffs, NBA will lose a lot of money. Viewrship will get skewed towards Hockey!! Just saying

  38. game time says:

    Look the Lakers had problems since the 2011 playoffs against Dallas Mavericks where they lost four games in a row. Yeah they made the playoffs in 2012 and almost lost the first round to the Nuggets. Phil Jackson saw problems Lakerland that he found difficult to avert AS A COACH!!!!

  39. Mannan says:

    It’s easy to criticize players without being one. This is way to harsh.
    You can call it “whining to the ref” but if a player feels he’s been bumped, only he and the player who bumped him know this. The ref probably didn’t notice and made a mistake. It’s true that the Lakers are struggling to find their ground, but that’s what happens when you switch coaches and barely had any real playing time together after acquiring Howard and Nash. Separately, the Lakers have a Big Three of their own with Bryant, Howard, and Nash. All they need to do is come together and mesh their talents. But obviously it’s easier said than done.

  40. Seb says:

    the problem is NOT Dwight. the problem is KOBE. he is the most overrated active sportsman right now. statistics play in his favor this year (except for that one game where he shot horribly and accounted for 50% of his team turnover – yet nobody talks about it) but the real numbers (W/L) don’t lie. at the end of the day, he is the leader of this Lakers team and chemistry depends on him. if there s no chemistry, it is his responsibility first.

  41. KOBE24REALMVP says:

    tired of these bandwagoners feasting on the lakers ongoing slump,ye all keep blaming kobe,dwight,and coach mike.in every L that they register. but are always amazed when kobe takes and wins the final shot in a game, plastiCs! they have some issues in team chemistry, but itl work out just fine. you’l all see! lakers dont need to trade anyone unlike that @sz who posted trade metta for lebron blah blah. it theres a change needed it should start with u pick a diff. sport! for u dont know a r@ts asz about BB. kobe is still the best finisher in the game, dwight is still the most dominant center in the world of basketball, and nash is a living legend. LETS GO LA!!!!!!! pRove these doubters/haters that you guys are still the team to beat in the west! GO KOBE! go get ur siXth ^_^

  42. berks says:

    It is Mike D’ antonis fault that he started pau again and they got blown-out in the first quarter..

  43. neutral says:

    Kobe shot 10 of 32… TEN of THIRTY TWO. His shooting is becoming a joke, and he is the reason the lakers are losing.

  44. NOH says:

    NOH will make into the playoffs not lal

  45. dwan fulwood says:

    What the Lakers need to do is bring back Phil Jackson. Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard’s strengths would be better served in the triangle. Defense wins championships and the players don’t respect or buy into what DAntoni is selling. The roster is not a show time roster. The problem is stuff don’t match hence no chemistry. Trade Pau to Boston with Nash and Blake for Rondo and Pierce or to the Bucks for Jennings, Monte and Dalenbach.

  46. Lakers Fannn says:

    The Lakers faced terrible calls from the Refs. its something that cannot be tolerated, and yeah the defense was terrible and there was no communication on the offense. I say fire D’antonie and get Phil or any other coach that can work with the current lakers roster and try to frame the offense in a different shape and forgetting about defense when he have 2 of the all time best defenders in the roster. Jerry buss should know better that this record is a shame on the lakers history and this season cannot be turned as everybody claims serious actions must be done its the LA Lakers for god sake with 16 NBA championships and not a team with no rings that would not be blamed if turned losing streaks all season long.

  47. Mack J says:

    Hey Fran,

    I have criticized some of your previous writings pretty harshly and disagreed with you totally on a lot of things. But here, you are absolutely on point with this. D-12 needs to grow up. Easier said than done. In basketball and in sports in general, it’s “easier” to develop some of your weaknesses skill-wise, but when it comes to developing yourself as a person, which Dwight needs to do, it will be harder than hard. Is Dwight Howard known for handilng harder than hard situations victoriously? …..

  48. clips>lakers says:

    The Lakers are not and will not be the best team in LA until they completely rebuild. They first need to dump Kobe before any real team basketball will be possible- its part of Kobe’s dna to be a ballhog. Imagine for a second this team with CP3 and without Kobe…that would be showtime. Lakers will never take CP3 from the Clips, but Rondo should be possible I think…

  49. Lin-sanity says:

    Here comes the Lakefool fans excuses.. Blaming everyone.. What a bunch of sore losers.. 16 championship banners days are long gone now.. So stop making lame excuses about your 17-23 Laker team which is on it’s way to the 12th spot in the west.. Just give Kobe the scoring championship cause whether he admits it or not ti’s the only thing that matters to him right now..

  50. Eaglos says:

    Kobe had another miserable performance and you write about Howard?
    10 of 32, 47 attempts to score 1 point more than Gasol who took 21 shots…

  51. Croakus says:

    All they have to do is target the 8th spot, they still have time to turn it around if they can. Dwight needs to be more professional and not so much a clown that he is!

  52. Sam says:

    This is why i wanted Nash to come to the heat, this is not the way a great person or player should finish his career on. It’s just depressing. If they trade Kobe for some good role players, Nash, Pau and DH could get to the playoffs themselves. I thought Kobe would change when they came together and only throw up bout 18-20 shots a game for his team to work. But it is clear that he just wants to get his

  53. OriginalHeatFan says:

    Where are all the laker fans? the excitement and the talk before the season was 72 wins right? lakers are a joke and all of you faker fans who always talk smack will be silent for a long time. You guys actually thought just cause you get an all-star roster that you will win a championship? you forgot you dont have lebron james. good luck getting to the playoffs.

  54. NBA fan says:

    Okay, this article is just wrong. First of all, Fran Blinebury should and must watch every Laker game, whether its a win or a lose, and focus on Dwight Howard. The guy has back injury and shoulder injury and STILL playing like he’s the healthy D12 from orlando. If you look closely on how the players and officials treat him, then you would not be saying that he is a big baby. He’s the only forward that gets hits or slapped by every NBA player in the post. Everytime he gets the ball, automatically three players are there everytime to snag the ball from him before he puts it up and obviously 6 hands would not hit just the ball.

    I guess having the nickname ” Superman ” was the worse thing that happened to him, referees think that he is a lot stronger than other people that when he gets hit they dont call the fouls but when he gives a player just a little shove at the back its already considered a hard foul or a foul at least. Look at what you’ve done this year, you added a rule against floppers, but then you really think that Dwight Howard can outpush anyone in the league?

    Its really hard on the Dwight Howard to get pushed and slapped or sometimes hang onto every game, most people basically hugs him with strength to stop him from dunking the ball and making an AND1 play and those are not considered flagrant fouls because its Dwight ” SUPERMAN ” Howard, yeah he’s THAAAAAAT strong.

    Oh just to point out that LeBron’s body is almost as big and strong as howard, maybe bigger, but just a little slap everytime he drives gets a whistle from you refs. And here the people are saying that Lakers own the refs, you guys make me laugh.

  55. fonzie says:

    lakers will surely miss playoffs dis season ! ! ! miami will defend their title promise…

  56. phil says:

    Kobe is definitely one of the best, but he’s arrogant. He doesn’t play team ball. This is the responsibility of the managers and coaches to put Kobe in his place.

    • Ephy says:

      when kobe has stuck with your team for more than 15 years, helped you get 5 rings, you kinda owe him a lot, unless youre phil Jackson, then you can say whatever you want to him

  57. KobeWhiner says:

    I just love how blinded these kobe fanboys are. they call everyone a hater if they dont praises their kobe god, grow up you fanboys, that guy will never be the best of the best, its all there record books, videos, everything under the sun. when will you guys ever open up your eyes, that is one overrated player. a brick machine. scoring 81pts does not make you a legend like michael jordan.

    • Ok right it’s crazy Kobe is shooting like 17 for 56 the last two games against the heat and today the raptors…..I read on sports nation that Kobe could go 97 for 97 and still wouldn’t average as good a shooting percentage as kingnjames…..pathetic!

  58. Tom says:

    When you trade one man-child for another you can’t expect much. I doubt any coach could make this outfit work.

  59. KobeWhiner says:

    one thing for sure the lakers are like garbage hahaha loss after loss, blame it on the coach, blame it on gasol, blame it on howard, blame it on nash, thats what you laker fans do but… you never blame ballhog kobe. 10 out of 32, just kept throwing brick after brick, what a pure ballhog. trade that ballhog then all the lakers problem goes away, a ballhog will never win ballgames.

  60. LA bound says:

    and well the season is almost over for my lakers we keep losing to sub par teams at home and on the road. i still can not understand why they wont make a trade to get decent athletic guards and forwards i mean when Jarret jack and Jose caldron look like cp3 on the floor that’s a problem, i feel sorry for Kobe and artest the only true consistent ballers on the team

  61. Stan says:

    TRADE KOBE… Yes your beloved Kobe is leading the league in Turnovers and Missed shots…. He does not get to the freethrow line and his defense is a joke now that he is so slooowww. The Laker backcourt defense is one big Joke. Dwight can’t erase everyones mistake so don’t blame him. Kobe needs to go or the Lakers will slowly fade away just like his skills have.

  62. Stan says:

    Kobe is shooting the Lakers out of every game, he missed 22 shots and turned it over 6 times… a usual game for him. Until they get rid of Kobe the Lakers will not win, Kobe does not have the skills or the speed anymore to play NBA ball. Kobe does not get to the free throw line anymore because he takes too many jumpshots or settles for 3’s.

  63. LUGA KA says:

    Lakers played 40 games already… 17-23 record… 42 games left…. If they win 33 games out of 42 they might play for playoffs BUT I highly doubt it….

    1.) despite of having an allstar lineup their record represents a Mediocre Team
    2.) despite of having too many allstar how come the ball ended always to kobe’s hand?
    3.)d12 is not that good compared to Bynum… He was just more athletic that’s all… Bynum has more low post moves, good floor spacing especially with pau on the floor, He can defend and create inside presence more effective than howard.
    4) They got no reliable bench… If Pau got more touches they might have a chance… He is more agile than DHoward..
    5) I thought Howard trained By Hakeem Olajuwon for his post moves??? Did he ever listen to the greatest post player????
    6) no(D) Antoni’ ain’t PJAX… not even close… But right now I put the blame on the lakers players… That kind of roster can WIN W/out a coach…..
    7) lakers fans shouldn’t crown the lakers before the start of preseason, It creates a lot of pressure on your players… But hey L.A. fans you are not alone on this one… even METTA stated before that they could break bulls 72-10 record…

    Final Conclusion= lakers won’t play for the playoffs despite of Allstar Roster, Pity for NASH though But what a shame for lakers organization…. Let’s GO HEAT!!!!

  64. Trade pau gasol 4 Josh smith

  65. Charlie says:

    Lakers this season is a big bust! ..

  66. Here only once says:

    Im rather anti-Lakers, and they arent getting anywhere this season. Even so, I feel that the techs called on Dwight were pretty unfair.

  67. phil says:

    The lakers have a great team capable of winning it all if they would use their abilities.
    I was actually happy when Howard was ejected, because he wasn’t playing well. In general he’s a great & dominant defender & scorer. But, sometimes – like this game- he plays without energy. It’s the coach’s job too see this and take him out when he doesn’t raise his hands in the face of a shooter, and doesn’t jump for rebounds. Clark even grabbed a rebound on top of Howard, because Clark jumped. Similarly, Jamisen should have been taken out after losing his man and playing terrible defense a few plays. he once even backed away from a shooter instead of confronting him.
    Kobe should often be taken out. Like this game when he’s taking many bad shots and missing, and turning over. Sacre should be taken out almost every play, as he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.
    It’s the coaches responsibility to do damage control. The coaches are scared of the superstar players. When players are held accountable and benched for bad play, then they’ll be motivated to play better.
    Most of the game should be played with either Gasol or Howard on the floor and not both.
    Meeks should be used more

    • ben says:

      I imagine what goes on in the locker room. Kobe tells the team he’s taking over. Howard was bitter about it.
      Hence, Howards lack of energy and Kobe’s selfish and bad shooting.

  68. abz says:

    say what u want but there aint any other beter big man in the league even when hes playn like this

  69. Brodie says:

    Really let’s be honest, Dwight Howard being ejected wasn’t that big a deal, as great aplayer as he is the Lakers should have won this game without him. Kobe shot 10/32. That’s not exactly great. The loss can’t be blamed on one person, it was a team fault..

    The Lakers have really collapsed this season, i don’t see any chemistry in the team. I think in a year or maybe two when the stars have had time to bond and get used to playing with each other, the Lakers will be a dominant team in the League. The playoffs are out of picture for the lakers this season. The best thing to do would be to spend time bonding as a team and getting used to each others playing style. However i think they should still be competitive. Nobody wants to see a team give up mid-point. The Lakers need to make some changes with positioning on the court, why is Gasol out near the 3?!

    Lakers need to focus on their energy on blending as a team and working together, They still should have beaten Toronto, not a good game

  70. SHAQ DADDY says:

    The problem with the lakers is not coaching,its not injuries its they are simply a very bad team. It looked good on paper but teams who are younger & faster take advantage of their age speed. chemistry is not there either cause when they play teams who execute & are more dicipline pick them apart. If they make the playoffs & i dont think will but if they do they will be knocked out in the first round! The era of Kobe lakers is over too many young good teams out there who are simply a better team that this train wreck put together by Mitch…….

  71. Love watching the FAKESHOW fall 6 games below .500 sorry faker fans you can’t watch a good team this year like the defending champs heat!

  72. Jiro says:

    32 FGA by Kobe is sick if you know what i mean

  73. Raj says:

    lets be honest here, the lakers have horrible chemistry Howard and nash just ruined it for them, the decision to get rid of lamar odom was probably the worst decision ever

  74. Grech says:

    what a great article, so accurate

  75. snedmar says:

    watch the game blind bury: Howard’s hand was clamped between Anderson’s arm. It was clear that toronto’s agenda was to get howard ejected – which is poor basketball and bad for business. People pay to see Howard play: not to see a team cheat and do anything to win a game.

    • LA Dwight says:

      i’m still not sure about the tech. but LA was playing poorly even when howard was still in the game. as for players’ arms getting entangled, so the bulls cheated to win their last few championships too? cause a much smaller dennis rodman was able to employ the same tactics handling the likes of shaquille and karl malone. i’m quite sure people paid to see them play too.

  76. BJ says:

    “”Earlier in the week Howard proclaimed, “When we play the way we played the last two games, I don’t see anybody beating us.” That was following back-to-back home wins over the Cavs and Bucks. Sheesh.”

    Good one Fran!!!! LOL!!!!! I guess Howard was trying to brag?! LOL

  77. John says:

    I have an issue with the fact that when someone antagonizes you and you push back, it’s a double technical. But if they antagonize you and you don’t push back, refs never give out a single technical.

  78. Methawee says:

    TRADE KB24

  79. Nash fan says:

    LAKERS will need to finish strong before the break! THEN they need to become close to UNBEATABLE after the break! C’mon Lakers! I do not want Nash to miss 3 Playoffs in a row!!

  80. BJ says:

    Can someone explain to me the sorry Lakers are in the 12th spot in the west, are 5 games below .500 and have two guys starting in the Allstar game?

    The Lakers are a joke. The Howard and Nash trade was a complete disaster. Howard is an average player, all the talk about him has always been all hype if you ask me. He fills the slot, not a franchise player you build a team around. Nash is good but he’s old for the NBA and has to deal with the Chris Pauls and Westbrooks guards of the league that he will not be able to keep up with. they need to trade Howard. Kobe, Nash and Gasol need to retire with some self respect and the franchise should invest in some young, strong talent and look forward to rebuild the team.

  81. Chuck_Norris says:

    Don’t forget Kobe’s shooting percentage….. Ridiculous 10 of 32 shooting

  82. John says:

    LA team says that JUSTICE LEAGUE TEAM hahaha raptor is better than LA…no play offs lAkers land hahahahahaja

  83. RSS vs RSS says:

    I said it once and I’ll say it again the President, GM or somebody from the higher echelon needs to talk to coach D’Antoni and tell him ”get it together if not he will be joining Mike Brown” the players same thing ”earn their money or they will be on the trading block” Nash needs to come off the bench a younger efficient PG is what the Lakers need to start and as far as bench keep Earl Clark and Meeks but guys like Duhon, Jamison can be waive, I mean the NBDL got players that will suits the Lakers best by adding depth and salary cap.

  84. W/E says:

    And KOBE….I blame a huge percentage of the lakers mess on Kobe, if the super star of the team is jacking up shoots every game hurting team play what do u expect, theres no team spirit in this team, their bad defence is clearly due to lack of effort and the lack of effort is due to the cause they are not united as a team, these guys are incompatible with each other and D’antoni is a bad coach.

  85. Darius27 says:

    Players have talent. There should just be some tweaking in the way the team runs the defense and offense. The Lakers are old and would not be able to use the run and gun style showtime. Utilize the “Bigs” off high pick and rolls on Gasol and low-posts on Dwight. Steve Nash shooting more whenever open and adopt the stingy defense that Bryant alone does in the team. World Peace should get back to his old ways of monster defense to shut down top players of other teams. Lastly, players should believe in their own selves that indeed they can contribute to the team while on the floor. Players should not hesitate once they know they can make a shot. With calming down players, it boils down to the coach how to teach them composure. Not by benching them and leave them clueless at the end of the game but by encouragement.

  86. Tucker says:

    Has anyone thought to blame this loss on Kobe Bryant? Yeah I’m sure they would have won if Dwight Howard played the entire game but… They played the freaking Raptors.. They should win that game with Steve Nash and a bunch of high school standouts. Dwight only took 3 shots in 17 minutes.. So if he played twice the minutes he played (34) he would average only 6 shot attempts too. So best case scenario he would score 12 points. Then you have Kobe Bryant who shot around 32 shots. 32! 10-32 from the field and like 3-12 from 3 and nobody blames Kobe for this loss. The man is averaging barely above 47% FG on the season and that’s HIS BEST SEASON TO DATE. Are you kidding me?? This is the same guy that people taut as the closest thing to Michael Jordan and he has never even came close to shooting 50% from the field on a season.. The Lakers have two of the best big men in the entire game and they let a player who is basically a glorified shot chucker (but a good defender I’ll give him that) decide the outcome of the game. You can blame Dwight all you want but the real problem is Kobe. The Lakers have two big men who (if utilized right) could carry that team to the playoffs with their post skill. Trade Gasol? No. Trade Kobe. I know it’ll never happen but it would be much more beneficial for the Lakers than trading Gasol. Here’s a realistic suggestion: Keep Kobe’s shot attempts around 15 a game and bring Dwight and Pau’s attempts at about 15 too. Any takers?

    • Francisco says:

      you read my mind , GREAT COMMENT

    • cloneofkobe says:

      great comment man..but trading kobe s almost impossible considering the thing he did in the past..he s 34 n getting a salary f 27 million which s absurd..LJ’s salary s 19 million!!! damn..cut his salary..atleast to 20 million..trade gasol, blake, duhon..lakers wud easily be within threshold..sigh athletic players who could actually defend..dwight s d person who has to develop d team..kobe wud probably retire by next season..!!

  87. googergieger says:

    21 FT’s for OKC 8 for Denver. 15 fouls on Denver 8 on OKC. Have you no sense of decency NBA? I mean we get it, they are a super star team. But call an effin fair game for once. They are a jump shooting team! Denver attacks the paint more than anybody in the league. Anyway you try to sell it, it does not make sense.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Ever think that one team plays better than the other? Yes refs need to go back to referee school or do something but just because you drive to the basket doesnt mean you will get fouled. Jump shooters are more likely to get fouled because players hand check and try to get away with it, when you drive its generally after a cross over or a move to get you past your man, less likely to be fouled unless its called for.

  88. heroes del silencio says:

    keeping my fingers crossed that the lakers won’t make the playoffs….

  89. eri bur says:


  90. nbafanhere says:

    stop making excuses for the Lakers! they got 3 superstars left after dwight got ejected and one of those superstar is Kobe Bryant you know the player that’s always being compare with MJ even though they’re not even close.. Raptors got no superstar not even one, don’t discredit their win just because dwight got ejected.

  91. Kiddo says:

    you can not blame it to one person. lakers was defeated by TOR not only because this ejection. poor of defense, poor of points, rich of turnovers. this is the team fault. I rather blame to poor FG prct of kobe than the ejection. same like the game vs heat, he only put 4 points in the first half. even I don’t like metta, but this man still productive for lakers. lakers has 4 difficult games ahead, while 2 of them are at home. lakers will tie win-loose record at home court.

  92. jacobm says:

    the lakers have survived one cancer for 15+ years with Kobe, but taking on a second is killing them even with a great facilitator like Nash. Bryant needs to retire or sit his selfish butt on the bench and Howard needs to grow up or get traded somewhere where he will help.

  93. chris says:

    the refs are getting trigger happy in calling technical fouls..the league should do something about this..the refs should judge the play and the effect of the play not what is about to happen..both players involved could just spoke to each other then just play on..if they keep on pestering each other then that is the time the ref should give a warning..then the technical call when both players ignored the warning..that should how refs call technicals..warning first..then if ignored,call the tech…

  94. dattebayo says:

    Lakers will miss the playoffs, they will have to amnesty Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard will leave for Dallas, D’Antoni will be let go after the season and Mark Cuban will turn that ugly frown he had all season, upside down. Lakers are left with Nash, Kobe, Metta and Earl Clark.

    Did I mention the Phoenix Suns have both of their picks 😀

  95. VC15toVC25 says:

    Wow… So many angry kids who cannot take criticism. And here I am wondering what happened to D-Wade and Sir Charles when Wade was getting criticized by Charles…

  96. charlie says:

    Don’t know why Laker fans are saying they would have won if Dwight had stayed its not like they were doing good before he got T’d !

  97. bobby says:

    kobe 10-32 wtf?

  98. Vincer Quibral says:

    Lakers had been contender in Bryant’s era because of the skills set of the lineup. The organization can easily lure great players and form an elite team, in the end, these great players slowly transform into mere supporting casts to Bryant’s dominance and become less talented. Then they’re off to search for greater talents. What a vicious cycle.

    They can only become championship caliber team when they can turn things around ASAP and before Howard’s skills become ordinary.

  99. W/E says:

    So now its Howards fault that the other Laker players coudnt play any defence…against TORONTO OMG this is unbeleivable, this team has totally fallen apart.

  100. Oliver says:

    The fact that Lakers are in a slump ain’t news anymore. Having played most of their games at home and still having a mediocre record and spot in the standings, I’m having serious doubts if the Lakers ever reach play-off not only this year, but the year after and the year after that: the stars are aging, defense is inconsistent and the bench is ridiculously inefficient. Bryant is having one of his best seasons, but that won’t matter if Howard doesn’t play consistently, showing improved post-up movement and, for God’s sake Steve Nash – help the man out with his free throws. Nash is a concern as well – I admit it, the guy ain’t that old to label him “useless”, but let’s face it – he’s a liability on the defensive end and he can’t outrun Westbrook or Paul. His wits and basketball IQ allow him to still be a threat on the offensive end, though. A good sub-in perhaps to spice things up. Now Gasol. How come the All-Star Spaniard is playing on a level equal to..um, Shane Battier? He had a good game vs Toronto, though,maybe someone should sent a memo to D’Antoni to use Gasol as a Centre or PF near the rim, not near the 3-point-line. Or trade him..although I can’t possibly imagine who would want his contract, considering the fact that his knees are becoming more fragile with each year. Let’s move on, though: the bench. Sacre and Duhon are a joke. Jamison can’t find his comfort zone somehow. Meeks is young and imitating Bryant a bit too much, but he has established himself as a “wild card” on the bench. Hill is out indefinitely. Morris is a rookie, still adapting to the pace of NBA. The only emerging player from the bench, currently, is Clark, on his 4th year. I’m not sure if he has what it takes to become a starter at Lakers, but considering D’Antoni’s playstyle, he might be the answer to keep up with the pace and become a defensive force to reckon with.

    The thing is, these Lakers don’t have what it takes to become champs. Hell, even getting to the play-offs would be an achievement. The roster has too many “Stars”, while a legitimate contender needs only two, maybe three. The rest of the lot need to support the stars consistently, watch the Clippers and Spurs, even Detroit and Cavaliers..Bryant has, despite some awful shooting nights, proved himself to be the “No. 1” go-to guy, the leader. His defense has been good, his shotmaking..not, but nevertheless, he’s still a threat. Howard showed some glimpses as well, but they remain glimpses to date, he’s definitely not worthy of a max contract (hell, I would trade him for Marc Gasol/Joakim Noah/Tyson Chandler if I could). Gasol just doesn’t fit..though I would keep him as a GM, there’s some kind of a..unselfish sportsmanship that I appreciate about him. Nash needs to give his starter place to a younger, but confident substitute..Bledsoe comes to my mind, but he’s happy with the Clips, I guess. For how long, we’ll see. Lakers. Need. Depth. And defense, D’Antoni..you can’t win championships without defense.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      So its howards fault kobe took 32 shots and missed 22? Its dwights fault he doesnt get the rock? You can say what you want but he has the best shooting % on the team, and when he actually gets more than 5 shots a game up, he scores, and they win. Nuff said.

  101. theholyspectator says:

    lakers should play in the dleague…maybe there they may start winning

  102. Klee says:

    Dallas is coming back,Houston, Minnesota, and Golden State are falling down. There will be chance for Lakers to go up, but something like this happened drives me crazy. To the coach and the owner of Lakers, please do something. Sign someone, wave someone or trade someone. Do something, but nothing like putting Meeks into freezer again. Trade Gasol already, man. This is so painful and brutal to watch games like these. It was so close to get a win, but you lost. Damn, do something !!!

  103. Miguel says:

    D. Howard is just not a franchise player. He has potential to be good but his behavior is too childish. I blame the NBA’s rules in the past 15 years for having too much patience in tolerating these cry baby players and only giving them a slap on the wrist. I do feel that a second technical was unnecessary but based on the circumstance and possible physical altercation that was trying to be avoided, I guess at that point in time, it was necessary. I think some of these ball players need to quit having these big ” oh i’m so good, no one can touch me or disrespect me” attitudes. This is basketball. You’re gonna get an extra push or shove, occasional inadvertent elbow, trash talk to hurt your feelings, bump here and there and yes, you are going to get fouled! Basketball is a physical and mental game. You take the hits, let the officials know to keep an eye out for whatever and PLAY BALL. There’s a difference between a foul and an intentional, I want to hurt you foul… Its called a flagrant! Shut up and play ball! If you don’t like it, go play checkers or chess.

  104. brian says:

    So… he doesn’t think it was a tech because it wasn’t explained properly? Maybe Dwight Coward actually was clueless and the refs gave him too much credit.

  105. SynByn says:

    I don’t see that as ejection worthy. It should have been a flagrant 1

  106. Kaartikey says:

    Pau and Duhon for Josh Smith and Korver, Smith is good friends with Howard and Korver is amazing at 3’s. Pau is declining and Duhon is not needed. (They already have Nash, Blake and Morris)

  107. Samuel says:

    If Dwight is such a man-child how do you explain his success? It doesn’t matter who you are, you don’t make the NBA with the maturity of a three year old, Forget lead a team to the NBA Finals

  108. steve says:

    way to blame dwight for something that, for a change, he really can’t be blamed for! it’s sad how the writers at nba.com support the referees in every poor decision. the double technical is the biggest bailout in officiating and needs to be removed or at least seriously reconsidered.

  109. joseph_03 says:

    Let’s watch it again, that was pretty quick for a tech,

  110. steve says:

    wow what a Howard hater. why don’t you write about Kobe shooting 10-32 ?

    • JOHNNY says:

      Maybe you should post a video of you crying and telling people to “leave Dwight alone”

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Or leave kobe alone, he has a point, all the hate going towards the only guy who gets them wins on a consistent basis when he actually gets the ball enough to score 20+ is silly. This isnt kobes first superballhog game, he has shot under 30% in about 5-6 games and gotten 6+ turnovers in all, and guess what, they lost those too.

  111. WonderBoy says:

    Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

    • BJ says:

      will the Lakers make the Playoffs!??!!?!?!…. LOL I guess that was a joke right? they better hope for next season and some trades to make the playoffs next season….. soon.

    • Owned says:

      Unless they make some kind of comeback after the all star break like the celtics did last year i doubt it.

  112. vahe says:

    No. They were losing before he got ejected. This is not a special event – the lakers have lost plenty of times when they have had their “super team” together – to similar to and worse than the raptors. Face it NBA, your sugar daddy lakers are doing bad.

  113. cono_m says:

    Mr. Blinebury your point is right, but there’s no need to be so disrispectful in this situation.
    DH didn’t deserve the 2nd tech this time around. He just got entagled with Anderson and he outstretched his arm (ok,maybe a bit too much)
    But refs are really going against the lakers this season; did you watch the game against the Heat? Lebron pushed Clark on the first Miami’s break, then made 4 steps to the basket when he stole the ball the next possession, and in the final minutes of the game there are a few plays that should have been whistled and could have led to a different ending.
    The posts in hang time blog are very interesting but should have more often a zero point perspective.

    • BigBalls says:

      I agree. I watched the game and that ridiculous 8 sec violation on wade isn’t even called, they showed the timer on replay and yet they didn’t even paid attention. The hang time blog are always against the Lakers. Why? Almost all of them hate Kobe. That Sekou Smith is the ultimate Kobe-hater here. I’d rather much understand what the Kobe-haters talk about against Kobe and say everything they that love about LBJ, but Sekou and Shaq? Sheesh.

      • pakyaw says:

        hate Kobe? dude ,i havent seen any article here yet that they bashing Kobe…i seen Gasol,Dwight,the coach,the management but not Kobe…even they know for the fact that 80% of their lost is on Kobe…Kobe is stil a media darling ..,Trust me

  114. Dwight is a better big man than Gasol Why could n’t have Gasol went instead

  115. eyeville says:

    Everything on this article makes sense except the last paragraph. Blinebury might not know shaq or wilt. they did not win championships on the freethrow line. they dominated. and they were not babies.


  117. Raphajiujitsu says:

    This guy is a cancer to my LAKERS. Please trade him!!!!

  118. Oren Shaolian says:

    Fran your retarted, Blake griffin wines after almost every play, he rarley gets T’d.

    • J says:

      but blake is the league’s leader in technical fouls

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Yes but you dont see someone writting an article about how he cries after each play.

      • slider821 says:

        sirsparhawk: agreed. Blake cries all the time and get’s T’d for it. There are not articles about it becuase he hasn’t been ejected and he is the poster child of the NBA now.

        People complain about DH getting fouled hard every time becuase DHs game is predicated on dunking. Blake is taking the initative to become a more all-around player; mid range jumpers, post moves that DH should have mastered at 3 yrs into the league but still hasn’t.

        Blake gets hammered every time he tries a power dunk just like DH does. The difference being power dunks are DHs only way he can score while Blake has shown he has other options. Hence the claim ‘DH gets fouled every time’ is accurate, it’s power dunk or bust for him and opponents know it.

  119. Low says:

    Fran, why are u hatin Howard!? This can be seen in your text .. man u wrong.. Firs of all I m not a laker nor too much Dwight fan, but maaan last few games I was wondering why do they have “double standard” for Howard… man gets hit so hard every single game, proof (a shoulder injury) for which he didnt even get a foul, and it is a natural reaction that he gets so angry… officiating in NBA has came to such a low- level, and it is a part of their mistake that this guy gets out of control every once in a while … again, stop being so subjective, and give few harsh comments on referees … peace!

  120. BigLuke says:

    Hey look, The Raptors got mentioned by NBA.com Yey…..Thanks guys

  121. Kobe for President says:

    One for every year of his maturity… come on Fran

    That being said, I agree with everything else.. I think Dwight should sack it up and do what’s in the teams best interest. It’s an art not to let another guy get under your skin … Key word.. Art. Not maturity.

    • slider821 says:

      I agree with this. It really doesn’t come down to maturity. It’s about being able to brush it off when someone is trying to get under your skin. Happens all the time, even in casual pickup ball. Some guys throw down and argue, others act like nothing happened and let it fuel their fire to compete.

      That being said, DH hasn’t shown maturity either. Maturity is shown in holding ones self accountable and taking the initiative to improve. I’ve never heard DH hold himself accountable for anything. Every loss and failure he’s had is someone else’s fault; coach, teammates, ref, etc. Never improving his free throws. Lack of accountability in losses. etc.

      A mature player would have known he hurt his team by being ejected. A mature player would understand the art of not letting someone get under your skin, knowing how much you mean to your team. These are not DH qualities.

  122. Pistol says:

    Pick & roll defense was awful as usual!
    Transition defense was awful as usual!
    A ton of stupid turnovers as usual!
    A lot of divas as usual!
    The Lakers lost … As usual!

  123. OzHeatFan says:

    Lakers area ready to implode.. trade deadline coming…

  124. Trade Deadline says:

    Maybe if we…

    Trade Metta World Peace for Lebron James
    Trade Jodie Meeks for Dwayne Wade
    Trade Steve Blake for Chris Paul
    Trade Darius Morris for Kevin Durant
    Trade Jordan Hill for Kevin Garnett

    You’re Welcome.

  125. big cat says:

    the raps are for real watch out people, there gonna make the playoffs this yr and will be the best team in the east by 2015, you heard it here first, GUARANSHEED

  126. 16going417 says:

    I never paid attention to Howard until he started playing for the Lakers. I have to say that I have noticed he plays bully ball. He pushes and shoves and throws elbows all the time and he gets called for the fouls. Off the court he laughs and smiles, but on the court he is just a thug. I don’t think we have seen the last of his ejections this year. I expect a few more because of his bad attitude to flagrant 2 fouls.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      You have never played basketball, thats obvious. Every bigman plays that way, he doesnt play bully ball, he plays big. When I play post, I shove and push and elbow if its being done to me.

      • 16going417 says:

        Yes, I have played ball many years ago. And I know pushing and shoving is done to gain position. I also know that you use elbows to gain position when you keep your elbows in towards your body.

        What I was trying to point out is Dwight waits until the player is up in the air to push or shove so they land awkwardly causing the ref to blow the whistle. Also, when he comes down with the ball he throws his elbows out and comes in contact with the players head and shoulder area, once again causing a reaction which forces the ref to blow the whistle.

        There is a way to use pushing and shoving under the rules of the game and there is a way to use pushing, shoving and elbows to try to intimidate your opponent such a being a bully. The way Howard does it causes him to get fouls called on him more often than not.

  127. deadle says:

    Howard just “cracks”. Yeah, ok. his stats this year don’t mean anything. Sure the lakers are losing but he’s averaging the same as he always has. I think the dramatic effect that this writer is going for reflects the drama-hungry overemotional appeal of 17 year olds. Blame it on NBA.com for hiring him, blame it on corporate media, whatever you do, DON’t blame the writer of this article, he just doesn’t know how to tell facts without embellishing them.

    • hey its the NBA says:

      I agree, this article embellishes what we already know and sets the stage for the blame game instead addressing the real issues, the lack of dedication to defensive stops, and not playing to their strengths…In a competition, anyone will complain about a ref. Good and bad calls are part of the game, unfortunately the NBA has tried to remove the human element from the game, by punishing a player for showing what make the game great, the emotion…

      • Rocket33 says:

        I agree with your response. That little tangle that led to the second technical was nothing serious. But in the new “Put ’em in Skirts” NBA the refs are so quick to give players double technicals. Not saying they need to go the NHL route and let them throw punches until somebody falls over. But at least let them express their frustration with each other. I’ve played and refereed in games that mean something. Emotions run high. It’s a man’s game and I think you’re exactly right, they’ve taken the emotion out of it. In attempt to not hurt the image of the game, they’ve stripped it of it’s… honesty I guess.

        In that situation from the game yesterday the refs should simply step in and tell the players to separate. Somewhat like a referee in boxing. Obey my commands, break when I tell you to break etc. If the players continue to go at it then fine – Technical Fouls.

    • John A says:

      You do know Dwight is having his worst statistical season since 2005-06, right?

      • slider821 says:

        and has already clocked two ejections this year when he had only 1 ejection his entire career prior to this year. Seems the article is pretty accurate, highlighting issues that are both affecting the Lakers and DHs numbers this year in contrast to previous years.

  128. Alex D says:

    This was an awful article.

    The refereeing in the Lakers vs. Raptors game was a disgrace to world sport and shows what a joke the NBA is becoming.

    • Frank says:

      This comment is a disgrace. Lakers own the refs. There has been FBI documents that prove this after they did a partial investigation back with the worst officiated series in any sport, the Kings lakers series in 2002. Better go check your facts.

      • RG says:

        agreed, Frank.

      • Josh says:

        The Lakers organization had nothing to do with that. Donaghy (One of the officials during the series) was betting on the games he was officiating, which was illegal.

      • Sam says:

        I’ve been searching around and cannot find anything that proves that the Lakers had bought out refs. Where is this evidence that you’re speaking of? Better go do your research.

    • Brydon says:

      A Lakers fan complaining about officiating!? HA! Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.

      Dwight’s a big baby and so are you.

    • jc says:

      Yes it was ridiculous. Kobe not getting called for the fouls. Derozan getting hacked all the time and not getting calls. The Raptors has always been roasted by the Refs every single game and you have the courage to say that? If it wasn’t for the Refs, the Lakers wouldn’t have caught up from a 19-4 deficit.

  129. Mark says:

    100%, unquestionably, outrageously, absolutely and thoroughly accurate comment, Mr Blinebury.

    • daniel.b says:

      LAKERS NEED TO FIRE MIKE D”ANTONI ALREADY!! fired mike brown after 5games and get mike d;’antoni to turn thngs around and nothing has changed, but oh wait steve nash isn’t back yet. lets see what he can do when he comes balck… well guess what, hes back and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! wheres the fireing at? and after I watchd what jim bus said on sportscenter, it seems like he clearly doesn’t know what hes talking about… season is already lost and mitch kupchak needs to trade ppl either howard or gasol, earl clark can play with one or the other. he doesn’t need to stay down low like howard or gasol should 2big guys who make there living down low cant both share the area and me watching every game just proves that they cant co-exist

      • uoykcuf says:

        “Blame it on coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense. Blame it on the referees. Blame it on global climate change.

        Just don’t dare blame it on Howard. He can’t take the increasing heat.”

        I love it ! And after reading the article, still blaming? SMH!

    • Florida says:

      How sweet! I remember the day DH was talking trash about Miami Heat, and making fun of LJ by imitating his throwing his hand powder as part of his pregame routine. DH is a kid needs to grow up and take things serious.

    • Jones17 says:

      If the refs hadn’t missed the blatant foul on Howard going for that layup, he wouldn’t have got a technical in the first place. It was an absolute joke non-call.

      • slider821 says:

        No, you’re looking at it wrong. If Howard didn’t complain like a child to his mother after every play, including ones he may deserve a call, he wouldn’t have deserved his first tech. They may have missed a call this time, but howard complains every single time he touches the ball.

        He should know by now that when an NBA ref knows he misses a call the ref likely gives a call to that player next time down the court. Theres not much more to be said. He may have deserved a call but he also deserved a tech. He’s an idiot and a whiny child and deserves what he gets.

    • James says:

      FIRE MIKE D NOW and maybe you’ll have time to practice the right system for next season. Don’t wait till the last minute to find out and waste another season. You’d always be screaming for DEFENSE if you have Mike D. Why hired Mike D in the first place, was there a problem with the OFFENSE? No. Admit it. You were wrong for hiring him. Now don’t waste 100M for the roster ifyou don’t want to win a title. But if you really want to win, waste a few more millions to correct your mistake and hire the right coach. Phil. Phil will prove everybody wrong for saying the Lakers are old. Just look at the Chicago Bulls in the 90s with MJ and Pipen playing at the prime…at what age?