Video: D-Rose Gets Up Shots In Boston staff reports

Bulls fans, get happy!

Chicago, which has won seven of its last 10 games, is still waiting for former MVP Derrick Rose to get himself back into shape after suffering a season-ending knee injury in Game 1 of the playoffs against Philadelphia. Our Steve Aschburner provided an update this week on how Rose’s rehab work was going, but the Chicago Tribune has a little video proof that the Bulls star is in fact getting closer to a return.

Check out the brief video of Rose hoisting jumpers Friday in Boston before the Bulls’ game against the Celtics.


  1. Jenova says:

    nAh… just another player who will adjust after a lengthy operation and treatment the term is “COURT RUST”… can’t picture bulls in the eastern finals…

    • Israel says:

      Rose coud’ve averaged 30+ points a game if he gets his calls because literally EVERYTIME he goes to the rim, he gets fouled and doesnt get the call but he still makes it.. the best finisher in the NBA and the most dominanting PG since Magic

  2. JSweet says:

    I’m a Miami fan and proud to be one but I can’t wait for D-Rose to come back. Will give Miami a serious competitor in the East (sorry New York). Bring on a Chicago vs Miami in the playoffs. Be some awesome ball.

  3. Gary says:

    This article (very nice BTW) was only about D.Rose return. There were no comparison between him & anybody else.

    Did you notice that fans of Durant, Paul, Anthony, Kobe & other superstars except LeBron’s didn’t try to diminish Derrick’s achievements? But what you could expect from people who admire Mr. L.James.

    • dattebayo says:

      All he said was, that Rose couldn’t deal with James, in a somewhat profane fashion (that even I didn’t like). How does that diminish Rose achievements? Rose is still an allstar and he was the MVP in 2011. MVP doesn’t mean better player though.

      • Gary says:

        When somebody said “the real MVP” about one player it means that another one is artificial. Also any negative comment about any player who suffered severe injury & close to come back is unacceptable. Too much sun in Miami?

  4. Bulls2012 says:

    I’m a biggggg Bulls fan..Watch every game NEVER MISS A GAME..But when people say Drose is better than Lebron thats unaccurate. I beleive Drose is a top four player in the League after Lebron and Durant and Kobe…But Drose Durant and Kobe are the three best last shot shooters in the NBA..They make game winning shots look easy…..I beleive the Bulls WITH DROSE can compete in the East with Miami. Indiana, Chicago, and Miami are the three best teams in the East. But I wouldnt be surprised with NY or Brooklyn come to the playoffs as a very hott team and upset teams. I would like to see CHICAGO VS LAC in the FINALES =) so we can just end the talk that DROSE is a better point guard than CP3 =p..

  5. lebum james says:

    Currently: Kevin Durant > Chris Paul > Lebron James > Melo > R. Westbrook. Enough said.

    Healthy D. Rose surely in top five.

  6. derrick says:

    derrick rose is the best at game winner shots can lebron do it, no

    • bigwes95 says:

      funny, because lebron guarded him in the play-offs and held him to 36% shooting, and blocked his shot to tie or win the game. rose choked and lebron won, stop hating. lebron is the best in the world right now, and anyone who doesn’t recognize it is either blind, in denial, or just doesn’t watch basketball. and rose never should have won that mvp award, people just got tired of voting for lebron (doc rivers actually said lebron should have won) rose has proven anything except winning an mvp award that wasn’t his, choking in the play-offs, and basically being made silly looking by lebron.

  7. derrick says:

    derrick rose is better than lebron

  8. Gary says:

    If refs made right calls Lebron had half less FT and 6 fouls by 4th quarter. James can’t make anybody chump because he is the biggest chump in NBA. According dictionary: Chump is a person that tries to act cool, but is really a fool and tries to act tough, but really isn’t. Also: Someone who does not understand the basics of life on earth. Confused easily.

    The problem is not only that he left Cleveland & performed ugly show.
    He, Wade & Bosh decided a long ago that they go to Miami, but pretended they didn’t make their mind. They actually misled NY & Chicago and force them to do bad trades.

    Maybe Rose is not the best player in NBA. But if he can recover he is top 5 without refs help and he is very nice person too.

    • calvin says:

      To say that Lebron deserves less FT tells me you do not watch many Heat games. If every foul was called like they are for the small players of the NBA (D Rose, Barea, I Thomas, etc..), he would shoot 20 FT per game. Face it, the Bulls are over rated and have been for 2 seasons. Some teams are built to win regular season games and some are built to win championships. Which do you think the bulls are?

  9. Jonathan says:

    D Rose is better then them because he’s not only 6’3” but do it all by himself on offense. Lobron have D Wade and Bosh. Durant have Russell and Ebaka.. Its just D Rose on his team the most winningest team the last 2 years because of D Rose. He’ll never sell out like Lebron. D Rose is the best and soon will be an NBA CHAMPION

    • bigwes95 says:

      so because they have people that can score more, and they’re still scoring more even though they don’t have to score? and the reason they won so much is actually becasue of their bench, which is all gone now. i didn’t see them winning before that bench came over to help. and lebron got the most winningest(don’t think that’s a word, but i’ll use it like you did) team in cleveland, without another all star like deng, or boozer, or noah, or the whole bench. lebron is better, no matter what you say, and lebron completely shut rose down in the play-offs, amking him shoot 36%. having mmore all stars on your team like lebron or durant has, doesn’t mean you should have so amazing numbers, it means you numbers should be way down compared to without other stars. look at team USA or the all star teams, no one averages regular season stats because other all stars have to get the ball. so your argument is basically nothing and proves that your a bandwagon rose fan.

  10. W/E says:

    People have too high expectations on Rose, he is a good player but had never been the best in the league and i dont think will ever be, he really has to improve his jumpshoot and be more efficient but even then Lebron and Durant are just better, their size,strength and their incredible all around skills and talent will always put them above D-rose.

    • Josh says:

      those two might be better but the Bulls have a better team because the Bulls can without their all star but Lebron and Durant have to play at much higher levels to win. so what more will they be with Rose?

      • bigwes95 says:

        @ josh, but what if they have to change their entire game plan and ruin the chemistry? and Deng is/was an all star, so they still win with one, and noah could be an all star if he developed his offensive game more and was trusted more on offense. and lebron only had to play at such a high level because wade was injured and going through a divorce at the same time. bosh, quite possibly their most important player because of his picks and pops and ability to spread the floor, was out for a majority of the play-offs. the blazers have won withour their all star in brandon roy, and still made the play-offs, but the reason they still made it is because everyone takes a bigger role, and when that all star comes back, people usually relax because they don’t have to play at such a higher level. why do you think noah play 46+ minutes in the last two games, and deng got injured more from fatigue and more minutes. rose might help, but i don’t think that much until next season, he might have a huge game this season or in the play-offs, but don’t be thinking it will happen consistently this season

  11. Fayeb_12 says:

    Been waiting 4 a long while D.R 1, get back stronger soon.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Derrick hands down is the best player in the league. Maybe if he cried like Lebron he’ll get all his fouls called, but thats another argument. He’s the best because he put up just as much as the Kobes and KDs, And Lebrons in the NBA at a smaller size. I think this break is what he needed to make him want it even more. BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER… Like Adrian Peterson D Rose will be the best at his position this year and make an UNBELIEVABLE RETURN.. So Stop hateing and be ready to witness GREATNESS. 2013 CHAMPS CHICAGO BULLS

  13. flamar says:

    he will not be his old self, especially the drose that ran 6omph. if drose didnt get injured, chicago would have beat the heat.

    • The Worm 91 says:

      he won’t be his old self…he will be better. more offensive options since he’ll adjust his game not just penetrations and drives.

  14. D Rose says:

    Uh no.. his jump shot always looked like that, i personaly always thought it looked awkward, you ain’t a D rose fan

  15. Manny says:

    Hurry and come back so Lebron can make you look like a chump!!! the real MVP.

    • jamaal says:

      atleast rose is loyal…lebron had to form a super team to get a ring…he could never put a team on his back like rose did chicago……rose is loyal and if he dont get a ring atleast he isnt a sell out,…..mj stayed with won team and won 6 lebron is not loyal like drose…..

      • Owned says:

        Don’t talk about disloyalty as if you know everything. He exercised his rights. THERE IS NO SIGN THAT YOU SHOULD STAY FOREVER. I would have doubted lebron for leaving but I can’t really blame the guy. The cleveland management never really did try to get him a teammate that can actually hold significant minutes to turn around a game. If you say “what about shaq?”. Then I say his numbers are down already before he got transferred. He is beyond his prime. The man didn’t do anything illegal he didn’t breach any terms on his contract. Also if I remember correctly Chicago was one of those teams trying to get Lebron. If he transferred to the Bulls I bet you wouldn’t be hating you’ll be there kissing his feet. FACE IT YOU ARE JUST BITTER.

        Also for that MVP Rose had. Doc Rivers already said it himself, people are just too tired to vote for Lebron. Cause his game as spectacular as it is already. Comes constantly, While D Rose just matured just that season and caught eyes cause of his significant improvement but check out Lebron’s stats and D Rose stats at that same year. Lebron is still better. The numbers don’t lie. So don’t hate cause when he is gone you will be one of those people saying he is one of the greats..

      • dattebayo says:

        Well, he was carrying a lot of dead weight in Cleveland. He didn’t have no Boozer, Hamilton or Noah, let alone a Gibson or Asik on the bench. And last time I checked, Lebron carried the Heat throughout the playoffs to a title, averaging 30 and 10.

      • Dieter says:

        Why should a player be loyal? He’s drafted by a team that he didn’t choose. If I was an NBA player drafted by the Bobcats, Lakers, Kings, Clippers, Thunder, I would also try to get a contract in Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, … or a team that could win a championship, and still have a nice city. It all depends on what you want, but if u play in a city that you don’t like or that doesn’t offer what you want, why the hell would you stay? People outside the NBA switch companies all the time, why can’t an NBA player do that? I also don’t like how Lebron left the Cavaliers, but he’s a grown up and can make his own decisions. Is Rose loyal? He seems like it, is he gonna stay in Chicago for the rest of his carreer, I’ve no idea, that’s his decision to make. Why did Jordan stay with the Bulls? Because he had a great coach and great team, would he have left the Bulls if he was on the worst team in the NBA in a city he didn’t like? Yes I think he would’ve left, like everyone would have.

  16. darwish says:


  17. me says:

    lmao at Bullsfan yea keep holding down those losses, Celtics will stomp em tonight

  18. Harper says:

    Not a bulls fan, but I am a D Rose fan. This is a good sign for the nba. maybe not specific teams but the league as a whole.

  19. Lillard`` says:

    He will never be himself again,,,He looks awkward jumping.

  20. Get well soon Derrick! We will continue to hold down the fort until you return. Then watch out east! All we need is our MVP back and then we can beat any team. Can’t wait for your return Derrick Lets go Bulls! #TheReturn

  21. Megan says:

    Tht is toatley awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!