Note To Lakers: Feed The Bigs!


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The Los Angeles Lakers have two 7-footers and the Miami Heat have none, so how do the Heat incredibly outscore L.A. 68-28 in the paint?

Um, Coach Mike D’Antoni?

It’s really two separate, but equally head-scratching questions. The Lakers, 99-90 losers at home to the Heat Thursday night, better figure out how defensively they can allow an opponent — even one with the unguardable LeBron James — to score 68.7 percent of its total points in the paint.

The other end was just as perplexing. The Lakers employ Dwight Howard, a physical beast like none other in the league down low, and Pau Gasol, a terrific finesse post man, and the Lakers score 28 points in the paint — an appallingly low number for any team against any opponent — and take 18 fewer shot attempts in there than the Heat?

Is that fact mind-boggling or simply mind-numbing?

This stuff can’t be brain surgery: If D’Antoni bends and puts Howard and Gasol in position to succeed — on the low block where both have practically begged to be utilized — then D’Antonio will succeed. If not, he won’t.

Howard played 38 minutes against Miami and was 4-for-7 from the floor for 13 points. Say that again: Howard was 4-for-7 from the floor in 38 minutes — SEVEN shots in 38 minutes! Now, Howard did shoot 13 free throws — making just five — possessions that could have been shot attempts, and even baskets, if not for getting fouled, which every smart team will do.

Gasol, in his first game back since a concussion, also managed a whopping seven shot attempts in 25 minutes.

To put that in a bit more perspective, Metta World Peace put up 11 shots, Antawn Jamison took seven and Earl Clark had five in 22 minutes.

Of course Kobe Bryant shot it 25 times (same as LeBron) — making just eight — and finally got hot in the fourth quarter to keep L.A. from getting blown out in another bomb of a final quarter. After the game Kobe told reporters that he needs help on the offensive end if he’s going to be asked to defend the opponent’s best player these days. His man, Dwyane Wade, went off for 27 points on 11-for-20 shooting.

Here’s what Kobe said after the game:

“We talked about it going into the fourth quarter. I said, ‘Coach D man, [expletive]. Come on, man. Come on, man. I can’t be standing out here like this all night long now,'” Bryant told, recalling a conversation with Lakers coach D’Antoni. “We did a much better job of that. My teammates know. We got to pick each other up. I’m going to go out there and do what I got to do defensively, and then on the offensive end of the floor we’ll pick each other up.”

Steve Nash said: “Ideally, we should be able to make them pay in other areas of the court. We should make problems for people with Dwight on the block, Pau on the block. When they’re doubling my pick and rolls, the game should open up because it should be a 3-on-2 or 2-on-1 on the weakside. I just don’t think we were efficient enough elsewhere tonight.”

Kobe has also made statements throughout D’Antoni’s bumpy stay that the ball needs to find the big men where they like to operate on the block.

It might not be the way D’Antoni engineered Nash’s old Phoenix Suns into an offensive marvel, but these are the old-and-slow Lakers, and they have two premiere low post players who need to be fed where they can eat.

This is an unnecessarily recurring story line with D’Antoni and the Lakers, and one the TNT crews, the guys calling the game and the guys in the studio, continually attacked.

Four-for-7 from both 7-footers — against a defense with no size — just won’t get it done.


  1. KB24 says:

    Lakers all day everyday!!! no matter what happens!!:)

    • Dmamba says:

      If you actually watch the games you would notice 30 percent of kobe’s so called over shooting is because there is no free flowing offence and he ends up with the ball with 5 seconds on the shot clock and is forced to shoot.,, he still is one of the top 3 scorers in the nba, however being asked to guard quicker point guards is not going to leave much in the tank for the game, he single handed brought them to a wining position agains Miami so all the Kobe knockers need to pipe down. The reality is yes we need post presence however with a compromise twin towers no longer work in the nba , Knicks spurs are successful with one big and shooters and slashers Miami is shooters and slashers Okc shooters and slashers speed physicality, is the name of the game. Lakers have no speed nor physicality. Meta is the only strong player out here don’t like his shot selection but he is playing a mans game ,Deighton is not and pau most certainly is not. Trade Paul leave Clark in the 4 he has shown great promise and use pau to get shooters that have made a name in the nba doing so the Crawford s the ray alleys the Kyle korvers players that can consistently hit a shot, . More than likely the season is done but 10 or 15 game win Starks are still possible even though I’m being a bit over optimistic

  2. Sinclair says:

    Dr. Buss should fire the D’Antoni, give his daughter control of decision making, hire The Zen Master or have Coach Bickerstaf take over. A more methodical/ controlled approach to the game is needed. Pound the ball inside…whenever we dot his we win, when we don’t we lose. Keep your head up D12 you’re the best!!!

  3. Stan says:

    GET RID OF KOBE… His skills are gone. He takes sooo many bad shots and leads the league in turnovers. He takes half the Lakers shots and never plays defense. Kobe is so slow he moves at half the speed of most players so its no wonder he turns if over so much. Kobe is a turnover waiting to happen so Laker winning will not happen. The coach should bench Kobe, then you will see the Lakers win.

  4. Over and out! says:

    The Lakers are done this year. That’s the reality. Either make a big trade before the deadline, or get rid of cap space. But do it NOW! This season is GONE!

  5. LUGA KA says:

    They Tried that before…. D12 and Paul… The thing is one of them don’t know where to place himself…(floor spacing) they just clogged the lanes on both team mates or other team players… That proves that howard don’t know what he was doing… Bynum + Pau complements each other… 2 championships.. They know their role better than howard pau combo… (maybe because of coaching PJAX) But they the same time together(D12 Pau) on mike Browns’s sysytem… They just don’t execute well… But against the HEAT… They clearly don’t have any idea on what they are doing…. kobe fake 3’s to lob on d12 that hit d12’s back are really NUTS… Or just simply due to MIAMI HEAT swarming DEFENSE… kobe 22 points. Vs Dwade 27 or LBJ 39 won’t cut it!!!!

  6. FIRE MIKE (NO D) ANTONI says:

    using the 2 big men of the lakers should be their bread and butter for the season but instead their coach is not utilizing them to their full potential… oh well, better luck next season :/

  7. Witwiw says:

    Just ask lebron if he want’s to play for LA hahahahahhahahaha
    but it won’t happen sorry LA fans Miami NBA champs again

  8. Twin Tower! says:

    post my comments!

  9. dylan says:

    Fire D’Antoni. Lakers will win then. Or hire me, I will coach better then D’Antoni 🙂

  10. Jumppong says:

    Lakers obviously don’t have a strong defense at all.. no playoffs for the Lakers this season?? and they will have their own commercials in the NBA “Where the overrated teams happen”.. LOL

  11. lakermig says:

    wow i never liked the DÁntoni decision especially seeing as we got him after he took a good team like the knicks and destroyed them then woodson comes along and we all know the rest and now as it is plain to see he has brought his rigid useless gameplan to the lakers …GREAT. No defence and an offence that simply doesnt fit.

  12. Dwade says:

    as expected… D’Wade, LBJ and the Heat won vs. LA Lakers trash… Bryant ballhug shown idiotinize shooting percentage…
    Shame on trying and die hard fans of LA Loosers…. better to hang their uniforms and dream of basketball of their own… for sure they will be the champion… HAHAHA

    LakerWilWin that’s my own word to describe a dumb like him…. u cant create yours? Idiot….. FU, SOB, back off men..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lakers need to trade Jamison…he’s struggling and he’s complaining about his playing time. Get a backup PF or C who works best inside the paint, not on the perimeter.

  14. willyjun says:

    just fire d’ antoni. he’s dumb.

  15. John says:

    @wii..maybe on your dream…LA remain at 11th haha time fo Kobe to retire…better luck next season LA fans

  16. Will.I.Am says:

    wrong point. Lakers don’t have two 7 footers, they only have 1. Dwight Howard is 6ft 11in. Gasol is the only 7 footer

  17. Will.I.Am says:

    Lakers fans:
    Preseason: NBA CHAMPIONS!!!
    After 0-8 Preseason: Its just the preseason it doesn’t matter NBA CHAMPIONS
    After 0-4 Start: Miami did not play well in the beginning either! NBA CHAMPIONS
    After 15-16: Lakers are back NBA CHAMPIONS
    15-21: Lakers are gonna be the scariest 8th seed in history NBA CHAMPIONS!
    17-22: (After beating two of the worse teams int the nba) LAKERS ARE BACK we are going to make a run and make it to the playoffs NBA CHAMPS
    You made laker fans 😛

  18. zzxzetetry says:

    what a waste……
    waste of talents for antoni…
    others are right to dump howard….
    just give him to the heat…..

  19. purpngold says:

    The Lakers had way too many turnovers, they practically handed the game over. This was the last of a 6 road trip and back to back for the Heat, they came in tired and just wanted to get back home. The early turnovers fueled the Heat and gave them energy to finish off strong. The inability to get the ball down low on the block was rediculous. This was a perfect example of just how to play if you want to lose. DAntoni is supposed to be a genius of a coach. In what sense? Neither offensively, nor defensively. I cannot believe this guy is the leader of the team. Like I said before, as long as DAntoni is the headcoach, the Lakers will not win. This was a game the Lakers desperately needed, this could have been the spark we have been waiting for all season long, this was the turnaround point, against this team, this night, this was it… and He screwed it up!

  20. RSS vs RSS says:

    I’m sick and tired of the Lakers records as of now, I recommend the president, GM or somebody from the higher echelon needs to come down and talk to D’antoni and say ”Listen coach, you have these players with talents that’s why we acquired them to the team utilize them or you’ll be parting ways with us very soon” and to the players ” Guys listen carefully, you do understand we spend a fortune to get you here now we want to see some production cause as of lately your performance haven’t met our standards that’s coming from the organization, staffs and fans so therefore to avoid being waive or be on that trading block get it together plain and simple”…..Lakers all day everyday

  21. jimi says:

    Or maybe they just keep on firing away 3-pointers to hide the fact that they are having hard times converting short to medium range jumpers the way they used to. Even the once reliable Gasol is losing his touch from short ranges. Then Kobe keeps on firing away jump shots after jump shots until it’s already late when he finds his groove & the opponents already had insurmountable leads.

  22. jfack says:

    dwight needs to play some D!!

  23. jimboy1963 says:

    Another funny thing I noticed about this Lakers team is that they keep on hurling 3-pointers at such an alarming stage even when their opponents are the ones catcing up with them. Instead of maintaining their leads by aiming for the much high percentage 2-pointers or by feeding their bigs down low, they don’t seemed to care risking & losing their leads by shooting 3-point jumpers.

  24. daniel cruz says:

    dump mike antoni, re hire mike bickerstuff, or bring back PHIL JACKSON

    • purpngold says:

      The Lakers dont want to pay any more money, but we are dammed with DAntoni. Stubborned as a tree.
      He needs to just get out of the way, let the players play their natural positions and watch the wins start coming in.

  25. killuabest says:

    Spoelstra just beat d lights of dumbtoni, he utilized the advantages even without d 7footers. And in contrast, dumbtoni doesn’t know what to do or imagine possible remedies.Sad to say the Laker Mgnt hangs with the coach of no/sub par value.Even the Lakers will reach playoffs with things how he manages/ operates his players..even a miracle couldnt help.Fire Dumbtoni now!!

    • purpngold says:

      This was the type of team the Lakers bigs should have abused left and right. You had a 6’8 guy gurading a 7 Footer. This was a night the Lakers bigs should have scored at least 50 points in the paint. But no, they do the opposite, they clank 3 pointers all night.. way to go Dantoni, you are a genius.

      • jimboy1963 says:

        Against the Heat, they shot a respectable 45.5% from downtown. Not bad although you can’t count on them having this kind of capability on a nightly basis. But what was confusing was the fact that they only convert 43.1% of the supposed-to-be much higher percentage 2-pointers. Which leads me to ask myself, are their coaching staff giving more priority on shooting 3’s during practice? Just asking…

  26. lakerlovah says:

    why is Pau shooting 3’s???eh Mike D???is this team talking about defense in the locker???

  27. jimboy1963 says:

    Funny but this is the only Lakers team or can I say the only NBA team I saw where everybody has the license to hurl 3-pointers!!!

  28. JAIME LIM says:

    I guess the best person to handle this team outside of PJAX is JERRY SLOAN.

  29. Kobe says:

    I think all of you people are wrong!!! the only person that make sense in his comments is GdimD54 thank you.

  30. Al says:

    Nobody should admit they were checking Lebron last night! Just say he was allowed to run free…

  31. KING_MAMBA says:

    Lebron is horrible he travels every other play .

  32. Jeffrey Yap says:

    Get rid of Jodie Meeks and hire back Sasha Vucic, waive Duhon for Jordan Farmar….they need a back up shooters….

  33. TTKIN says:

    One reason Dwight isnt getting his touches is cuz he is stripped nearly every time he’s downlow. This is where Bynum has a clear fundemental advantage. Watch Bynum, when he catches the ball, he keeps his arms all the way up. He’s one of the tallest dudes in the league and has long arms so if he holds it up, no one gets to it. With dwight, as soon as he touches it he bounces it, which littler guys come and take away. Miami stood in the paint on D all night, if the Lakers keep kicking it around the perimeter while driving, they wouldve gotten their shots. but their game was too predictable lsat night…either howard backs in or kobe goes 1-1. not gonna get it done.

    • Max says:

      Why Dwight is stripped? HE CANNOT hold on to the BALL! Only if thrown up high, and DH decides to hop up and lay the ball into the basket!!Lacks confidence in his own abilities!

  34. GoLA says:

    The lakers are making their adjustments, hopefully they can be a good team before the trade deadline. This Miami game should show D’Antoni that he was making the wrong move by playing a lot behind the ark.

    A Kenyon Martin type of guy is a good replacement for Hill’s position, to defend against Durant or Lebron. The team looks good, they just need some adjustment from the coach or coaches to be great.

    And the Lakers are loosing Bryant’s offensive efficiency if he is defending the best player as well, somebody needs to get his back.

  35. big cat says:

    people forget in phoenix , it was steve nash running pick and roll with amare or kicking it out to three point shooters like Dudley , Barbosa , frye, etc… lakers don’t have the three point shooters and steve nash can’t seem to figure out whether to run pick n roll with gasol or howard who both seem to get in each others way , this has been a disaster from game 1 of the season and possibly the most disappointing underachieving team of all time based on there lineup on paper, should’ve came to Toronto steve you would be enjoying yourself a lot more here, at least if you lose here you don’t have to hear about it in the papers everyday

    • Max says:

      I Agree, Great Read! I watched from center court in PHX. Nash, could get the ball to the right man, Nash made Amare,PEROD! BUT, Laker;s Bigs??? DH and Gasol do not make a team. Like water&oil! DH. never has arms up, always out to the side, who can put a ball into that situation? DH gets calls for offensive fouls, arms out to the side like a big bird! Gasol out in “no man’s land” trying to give DH room, Well, DH is Not really moving,just standing looking up into rafters. When will DH, if ever try to be part of a team?

  36. QueensBridge says:

    WAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the worlds is ending in Lakerland. Hide under the bunkers.

  37. W/E says:

    Feed the Bigs?!? D12 is not Shaq, he couldnt even average 20 ppg when he was 100% healthy, now his athleticism degraded cause of the injury and he is totally useless unless he is right under the basket, a non factor on the offensive end, hes unable to score the ball every time he gets fouled, hes no where near Shaq level who got the and 1 the whole time,he really struggles on the offensive end and THATS Y the ball never finds him….as for Pau unfortunatelly he lost all of his athleticism and hes too slow on both ends to be effective vs younger faster and more agile players. you can feed the bigs all you want the Lakers are still gunna struggle.

  38. Silence I'll Kill You says:

    its NOT about the Mike D Antoni coahing… its about circulating the ball to the bigs… You have the one of the best facilitator in the game in terms of pick and roll (Nash).. but the PLAY ddnt go because of KOBE always wanted to hug the ball.. Let NASH make plays, Remove KOBE’s EGO,… take less shots and make some easy shots… remember u have the best line up in papers as said before the season starts.. Nash will be the key of winning games by making plays, not kobe hugging the ball and being superman of their super team.. i know how great he is, but please KObE, if u want to win, let go off ur EGO..

  39. Dwade says:

    as expected… D’Wade, LBJ and the Heat won vs. LA Lakers trash… Bryant ballhug shown idiotinize shooting percentage…
    Shame on trying and die hard fans of LA Loosers…. better to hang their uniforms and dream of basketball of their own… for sure they will be the champion… HAHAHA

    • Twin Tower! says:

      you’r exactly right. Lebron has proven that 7 yrs in cleveland singlehandedly lead the team to failure. Now he’s not only getting help but he’s getting A LOT of help. Dwade Bosh Battier R. Allen Lewis are all star calibers. No wonder he always run free bc the others draw too much attention from defenders.

  40. dattebayo says:

    What’s up with Meeks, is he in the doghouse or what?

    • 16going417 says:

      No, D’Antoni just has an attitude and is hard headed as already pointed out. Remember Jamison did not play for who knows how many games and he benched Gasol for the fourth for a couple games.

      • dattebayo says:

        Yeah, but Jamison wasn’t hitting his shots and played awful defense. I think that was a good move at the time.

    • purpngold says:

      Another one of DAntoni’s bright ideas; He’s a they say..

  41. brooklyn says:

    come to Brooklyn Dwight you’ll get more than 7 shots,

    Nets get Dwight Howard, Lakers get Humphires, Teletovic & CJ Watson .. fair deal

  42. Manuel Benitez says:

    Sory guys, D’Antoni is the most uncoachable coach. Doesn’t know when to play for advantage man for man. He’s hard-headed. Eric Spoelstra just taught him a lessonlast night – exploit your advantages even if your team lacks heaight. See how Allen buried the Lakers in the 4th Q ’cause his match-up with Nash was obviously to the Heat’s advantage – untenable for D’ Antoni to have not noticed early!
    In one quarter, he even had Duhon and Morris together and that was when the Heat came back strong. Was Meeks not available in this game? Just asking.

  43. dvo4mayor says:

    Two words = Triangle Offense

  44. Fine says:

    He obviously did not watch the game. Lakers had 20 turnovers which led to 40 point in the paint. Some of the lakers turnovers were made because of them trying to force the ball down low. Dwight would have 15 attempts but they are fouling him every time he is in deep. Lakers half court d was pretty good. If it wasn’t for a couple missed late travel calls and ray Allen making some tough shots you would have seen the lakers on the winning end. Also pau and Dwight did not play enough last night. Lakers were most efficient with pau at the high post and Dwight at the block. The pick and roll was not working well for the lakers because of how hard they trapped Nash and Nash longer has the quickness to get around guards are split two defenders. Miami rotates very well and takes away the roll man to concede an outside look.

  45. Chris says:

    I’d like to see the D’Antoni actually coach. you work with your players, not bend them to your failing system. I could step in as Lakers coach and get better results. Work the post, hit the free man. Then, Nash, can pick and roll all day if teams know its not the only offence.

  46. bryan says:

    Lakers needs Phil Jackson or some defensive coach that can utilize the bigs Howard and Gasol.

  47. Logic says:

    D’Antoni likes to sleep on a wet pillow.

  48. i be me says:

    get chrris anderson the birdman for center. move dwight howard to power forward. shooting forward would be metta. drop pau gaso get the birdman. starting line up nash, kobe, metta, dwight howard, chris anderson. make jodie meeks train train and train more. finaly give the coach a good talking to.

  49. theholyspectator says:

    dantoni is a awesome idiot…is it that hard to give the ball to a guy who is a couple feet away from the basket? and he has a high shot of dropping the ball in there? dantoni you gotta be the most dumbest coach ive ever witnessed…oh well . thanks to Mike ..lakers are a complete flop

  50. Can't jump says:

    It was the turn overs……………………..

    • Scott The Magician says:

      It was KObe, as it has been all year long
      ball hogging, ignoring teamates, and then losing the game….

  51. JimD54 says:

    You all know I’m no Laker fan but last night was the first time in my life I ever felt sorry for Kobe, out side of Metta he has no help on defense, Pau has never been a low post defender and Howard can’t stop smiling for the cameras long enough to dominate the paint against a team that doesn’t even have a seven footer, If i was Mitch I’d sell Howard to another team, he’s big and strong but he has no heart and you can’t coach heart….Maybe the Lakers can get some help with their lottery pick next year….

  52. Allstar24 says:

    Yeah, the Lakers should feed Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, they can be more efficient in the paint, feed them the ball,
    Dwight and Pau should dominate the paint because of their size, and strength they can have high percentages in FG,
    but we also need Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, to make shots from the outside efficiently, so the offense could be balance and there would be many threats for opponents… They also need some but more from the bench.
    to improve offense they must spread the floor, rotate from the floor and find open man to take shot. it doesn’t matter whether you are old and slow, what matters is the efficiency of the team and the determination to win games is the priority. with discipline and teamwork. they can win.. GO LAKERS.. 4 ever Fan…

    *find another big man which can dominate the paint and be help of Howard,Gasol, and Clark..
    “MAKE A RUN”

  53. Lebron = GOAT says:

    Just fire D’antoni he just does not know basketball

    • Twin Tower! says:

      The Lakers look old and slow because they’re not running the right system and are not being coached the right way. Ppl forget what Phil can actually do or they didn’t see it even though he proved it for years. When using the pieces right, the Lakers will have more than enough talents to become Titans! MJ was just as old or older then Kobe and it looked like he was still playing at his prime! Yes, MJ is great, but Kobe and Dwight Gasol and Nash can all look better if they’re coached better! Lakers owner please get Phil back! it’s wothed for the title! Dwight please leave the Lakers if they don’t do that!!!

  54. Ro says:

    So what’s D’Antoni’s record with the Lakers this year? Anyone else feel like Mike Brown got completely shafted? I know he had LeBron James on his side in Cleveland, but those teams that won 60-something games when Bron won his first 2 MVP’s were not great teams. Mo Williams second best player? Surely Mike Brown knows at least a little bit about coaching. He used his best player’s strengths, and developed a system around that. Sound like something you should do perhaps, Mike D? Pau is arguably the most skilled post player in the league, and Dwight (though he has very limited post moves) still can average in the 20’s. Why don’t they just let Kobe coach the team, Bill Russell style? #geniuslakeroperations

  55. cesar says:

    I see the game, and i think the defence of miami heat are the reason why they win.. and the offence of lebron… i think lakers did a job well exploiting the small lineup of miami its just the swarming defence of heat stop them…

    • slider821 says:

      Good point but I think some of Mettas and especially Antwan’s shots would have been better spent by Gasol/Howard. I noticed Howard was calling for the ball a lot last night and LALs perimeter guys either ignored or didn’t see when he was open.

    • Twin Tower! says:

      What ever happened to the Twin Tower?!!!!!! Every coach would die to have a technically two 7 footers with skills and talent like DH12 and PGasol! This coach doesn’t know how to coach. Doesn’t take advantage of the bigs. Miami has a small line up, so why match theirs instead of try to let them playing catch up with the bigs they dont have? Twin towers mean the two bigs play together like Phil did with Bynum and Gasol! Great effort and improvement by the players and their chemistry. They lost this game due to POOR POOR POOR COACHING!!!

      • Twin Tower! says:

        Thats it. If the Lakers don’t fire Mike D by the trade deadline, I will stop no longer be a Lakers fan. Imma hop on the Clippers banwagon. I will teach the kids at every basketball summer camp to play like the Clippers and to like the Clippers. BOOOOOO Lakers Owners!