Gentry Out In Phoenix

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Phoenix Suns became the fourth team to undergo a coaching change this season, parting ways with head coach Alvin Gentry on Friday.

Alvin Gentry, by Noah Graham/NBAE

Alvin Gentry, by Noah Graham/NBAE

Gentry took over for Terry Porter in the middle of the 2008-09 season, took the Suns to the Western Conference finals in 2010, and compiled a 158-144 record with the Suns. But in the wake of Steve Nash‘s departure, the Suns put together a flawed roster. After Thursday’s loss to the Bucks, they’ve lost 13 of their last 15 games and stand in last place in the West at 13-28.

Despite some offensive talent, the Suns rank 23rd in offensive efficiency and have the league’s worst offense (95.8 points per 100 possessions) since Christmas. Defensively, they rank 26th, though they were decent on that end of the floor whenever Michael Beasley was on the bench.

Paul Coro from the Arizona Republic has the report from Phoenix

The Suns have parted ways with coach Alvin Gentry after the team posted its worst record for the first half of a season in 25 years.

An interim coach was not immediately known, although lead assistant coach Elston Turner would be the next in line and has been a finalist for other league head coaching jobs.

The Suns lost at home Thursday night to Milwaukee for the first time in 26 years to fall to 13-28, the franchise’s worst midpoint record since the 1987-88 team went 13-28 coming out of the drug scandal.

Gentry, Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver and President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby had a late-night meeting but Gentry was not let go at that time. A decision was made Friday morning.

Gentry follows Lakers coach Mike Brown, Nets coach Avery Johnson and Bucks coach Scott Skiles out the door this season. Reports have player development coach Lindsey Hunter as the lead candidate to step in for Gentry.


  1. Nick says:

    Same old story. The GM blows up the team and the coach gets fired!

  2. Tonhenx says:

    Here’s my idea if I had any superpowers like Stern (I mean to influence the flow of trades):

    Hawks -Suns
    Everybody’s talking about the Hawks moving J-Smoove, and it is so unlikely that he goes to LA for uncle Gasol (no disrespect) So. Let him go to the Suns for B-easy and O’Neal or Telfair AND a (high ratio) top 5 first round draft pick. The Hawks can not compete with the current roster! If they get these guys, in the offseason they use amnesty on Beasley, let go Harris, Petro and Korver (the 3 worth arond a ridiculous 17M) they still got Teague, Williams and Jenkins for PG and Stevenson, Morrow and maybe Korver (for less money) at SG, AND they can make a push for Iguodala (ETO)!! With that and a top 5 big man (let there be no more Kwame Browns…) Hawks can be way better than right now.

    For the Suns no question, they get one of the best defenders and most athletic forwards in the league for a draft pick, Beasley and probably O’Neal. The 2-4 spots will be deadley (Johnson, Brown, Smith, Morris, Scola, Dudley, Tucker, Zeller) 1 and 5 with Gortat and Dragic are very good already!

    The IFs are too much (Iggy with ETO, the draft depht, Atlanta’s “onemorerunwithJSmoove” and at the end of the season he can leave if he wants) but it sounds like a plan for me 🙂

  3. Matthew says:

    It does not matter how tall or short a person is but how he plays the game. Beasley does not play like a power forward and he does not have the mindset to play like one. Not saying it couldn’t be developed but thats betting against the odds.

  4. YEAH BABY! says:




  6. I don’t know why the coaches are always taking the heat for teams that keep losing. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is but not all the time. I think Gentry is a really good coach & that the team just can’t get their chemistry together. I mean comon man, Gentry took them to w-conf finals w/ Nash & now look @ the players they have. Maybe they’re trying to finish low to get higher draft picks. You just don’t see nba organizations being faithful to coaches like the Celts do & did w/ Doc-brung him & The Truth better players-HELLO-lol.but look what happened after that-from worse record & the next year a ring along w/ the best record. I just think suns should have stuck by Gentry & bought in some more better/talent players, a true pg.

  7. lyust says:

    It was expected. The Suns are playing like the worst team lately.
    I expected more from a team with players like Dragic, Scola and Gortat, they can play at high level. Dudley and S.Brown are good players too. Beasley, good talent, but that’s all, and he doesn’t fit.
    They must make trades. And I agree with the first comment, Gortat would be perfect for Boston.

  8. IAMHEAT!! says:

    when steve amar’e and marion in this team they are a contender. now that all of their stars gone in this team they are now on a worst record.. they have a great lineup now but still losing. i think gentry is a great coach. i dont know what the problem in this team. hopefully they can recover in this situation

  9. Scott AUS says:

    Rumors flying Gortat is on the block at the moment? how about a possible trade scenario with Minnesota, Gortat moving there in exchange for Derrick Williams i knows its another forward but at least a promising one that could help start the rebuilding faze for the Suns?

    • Tyrone says:

      U might as well get rid of Beasley instead of Gortat, Beasley has attitude problems and now Gentrys gone for good. And if they did bea instead, Minnesota would only get back another waste of talent. Might as well amnesty him. Just not worth the amount of cash he gets.

  10. Come to lakers man! We need a great coach like you, not a DUMB Antoni.

  11. Come to LA man! We need a great coach. Not a DUMB Antoni.

  12. to lakers says:

    i think gentry should go to lakers. As much as i like D antoni’s team…… from 6-7 years ago, he hasnt controlling the lakers as of late… GENTRY GO TO LAKERS

  13. dabb says:

    To bad he is a Good coach though.

  14. JKey says:

    Pity, I liked Gentry as a coach. Hope he’s able to find another team.

  15. JumpShot says:

    the suns should have focused on rebuilding instead of trying to win

  16. iFliiBoiTellem says:

    LBJ, you realize Beasley can play PF and he is 6’10”

    • big cat says:

      lol nowhere near 6 10 he’s like 6 7 , and he would get mauled if he tried to play PF , do your homework dummy

      • dattebayo says:

        I watched a lot of Timberwolves games last season and Beasley is just as tall as Kevin Love or Nikola Pekovic. That’s what’s so intriguing about him. He is not 6-7 you now nothing…

  17. big cat says:

    crazy that this team is this awful with a top five point guard in dragic , a top five center in gortat, and a top five power forward in scola , its absolutely mind boggling

    • Jay says:

      Dragic is better than Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams? And that’s just naming FIVE, I could probably name another five, too. Kyrie Irving, Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Darren Collison? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Goran Dragic, but he is most definitely NOT a top five point guard. One day, certainly. But he’s not even top ten right now. And Gortat is top five? Better than Dwight Howard, Anderson Verejao, Marc Gasol, Andrew Bynum, that punk in Sacramento? Again, just naming only five. There are more. Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Hasheem Thabeet? Again, Gortat is very good, but DEFINITELY not top 5. Heck, Roy HIBBERT is better. Scola a top five power forward? He’s better than Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Kevin Love, Paul Pierce, Amare Stoudamire?

      • big cat says:

        yea they are and half those guys you named aren’t even true power forwards dude , validate your argument a bit

  18. Uncle Drew says:

    Bealey playing like a young-blood out there. I don’t know what happened to him but he isn’t playing with fundamentals out there.

  19. Wade says:

    I love the suns so whoever is going to replace Gentry needs the front office to allow him to make the required changes to get better- I think Gentry has been restricted to only getting average players this season. I can handle losing but I can’t handle the bad attitudes that you see on the court.

  20. Paul Wilson says:

    I just want the Suns to win right now

  21. beasley 2 miami says:

    we will take beasley gladly he waz pretty good here in miami

    • LBJ says:

      no. we do NOT want beasley. He gets paid too much the only person we could trade is mike miller and hes way better than beasley. + we need a big man not another Sf

      • dattebayo says:

        Beasley is 6-10, he would be the 2nd biggest Heat player. Varnado is on a 10 day contract, not sure how tall he is.

  22. Big mistake! says:

    WOW! I cannot believe it. What a huge mistake. He is a great coach, he was just given no pieces. I hate when a coach gets fired for a team of busts and inconsistent players doing nothing.

    • Twin Tower! says:

      this team is not doing well should not only fall on the shoulder of the coach. It should fall on the shoulders of who ever put together the team, which is usually the coach, GM, and often owners.

  23. Michael Beasley, It is all your fault!!!!! says:

    if he played at half the level we all know he can this wouldn’t have happened

    Step it up Beasley… because you look like a BUST!!!!!

    • uoykcuf says:

      I seriously don’t get Bea, this guys has all the tools to be a great player. i guess he’s going to be the next darius miles, the tim thomas, the larry hughes.

  24. oneSh says:

    Gortat to Boston !!!

    • Twin Tower! says:

      One more coaching change needs to be made! Don’t stop just yet and act quickly before it gets too late! Fire Mike D and hire Phil for the Lakers. The Lakers look old bc of the system theyre running and the coaching. They’ll look like Titans when they’re being utilize the right way! LISTEN UP LAKERS OWNERS!!!!!

      • Nick says:

        Phil wouldn’t be doing any better without a training camp and a plethora of injuries. The players would still be trying to learn a new system (ex Kobe, Metta & Pau). They haven’t really had a chance to be on the floor together for any length of time since Coach D got there. It took Lebron & co a season to gel – without the injuries, without a coaching change, and with a training camp, albeit an abbreviated one. Everyone forgets too that Dwight had surgery on his spine just six months before the season started for goodness sake! They’ll get it together, and when they do, look out!