Thoughts On The West All-Star Reserves


Chris Paul was voted an All-Star starter for the Western Conference and Jeremy Lin, after being in contention based on early returns in the NBA’s annual popularity contest, was not. Order has been restored.

allstar-13-200That means the West opening lineup went according to what would have been easy preseason predictions — Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard in the frontcourt, Kobe Bryant and Paul at guard — and that means the coach’s vote on the reserves won’t have to use a roster spot to right a wrong at the level of Lin ahead of CP3.

It will be down to the usual hard choices to fill out the roster. This year, that could mean picking between teammates (Stephen Curry or David Lee in Golden State), between teammates at the same position (Memphis reps Zach Randolph or Marc Gasol for the frontcourt), and whether the newest test for a rookie (Damian Lillard) will be patience.

There are always cases to be made. But here are the seven most-deserving selections for the West All-Star bench. (For Steve Aschburner‘s look at the East, click here.)


There are several names. Russell Westbrook. James Harden. Tony Parker. Curry. Lillard. Jamal Crawford. There just isn’t much room for debate for the two picks.

Harden is fourth in the league in scoring at 26.3 ppg and the leader of the sudden recovery in Houston, the host city. Westbrook is top five in assists and steals.

My picks: Westbrook and Harden.


Now we’re talking debate. (And now we’re also talking a little strange to have a year without Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol or Kevin Love.)

Randolph (16.4 ppg, 11.6 rpg) and Lee (19.7 ppg, 10.9 rpg) are double-double power forwards for teams in or pushing for the top half of the playoff race. Gasol (13.2 ppg and 7.4 rpg) and Serge Ibaka (14 ppg, 8.3 rpg) can’t keep up statistically, but defense is a major reason their teams are winning at a brisk pace. Tim Duncan, usually a popular pick for coaches in years he is not voted a starter by fans, is at 17.1 ppg and 9.6 rpg in just 30.1 minutes. LaMarcus Aldridge (20.6 ppg, 8.6 rpg) has helped push the Trail Blazers into playoff contention ahead of schedule. Denver’s Kenneth Faried (12.3 ppg, 10.0 rpg) and Utah’s Al Jefferson (17.4 ppg, 9.8 rpg) may get support.

My picks: Randolph, Duncan and Lee. Randolph likely breezes in. It would be a surprise if Duncan does not make it to Houston, either this way or via the wild card, but it will be interesting to see if Duncan and Parker split votes among coaches around the West for San Antonio representation. The Spurs could get both and deserve both, but some voters may prefer to get more teams involved rather than have two subs from the same team. Lee could be a close call to make it.


Two players chosen by coaches regardless of position. Some voters may be weighing the other picks — starters and their previous selections by position — and some may simply go for most deserving and not care if the roster is guard-heavy. But everyone mentioned above but not added specifically as frontcourt or guard will be a candidate here.

My picks: Parker and Curry. Parker for sure. If some coaches are debating whether to pick one from Golden State’s Lee-Curry option, Curry deserves a slight edge. The position breakdown could make that moot, though.

All-Star starters announced.


  1. De Bernardi - Guarracino says:


  2. VibeTribe says:

    For me harden deserves a lot to be there so does westbrook they are proving to be key players all season round duncan is making a remarkable season too so he deserves to be it all star team now crawford is playing good of course but he hasnte been a key player in this season lee deserves too but i think that you can put other players at his level too like ibaka he is being a key player not in all games but sure he’s good to be in this position or at least be talked about parker for sure one key player and deserves to be in the team has much has any one now the thing is the west has many good players but not all of them are in top condition has the allstar weekend aproaches

  3. MAsterOfBall says:

    i know this is off topic, but derozen deserves consideration for east reserves. Sorry, ima raptors fan

  4. rcjur says:

    The West Reserves this season should and will be the following:


  5. Nottoocrazy says:

    I feel so bad for LaMarcus. If he were on the Lakers or any other big market team not only would he be starting the All Star game but he would be in the convo for best player in the league. Only guy besides Lebron averaging 20 ppg and 8 rpg, consistently carries the offensive load for his team, demands a double team anywhere under the three point line or he Will score two, plays with three other guys who average at least 15 ppg, and is the only player in the league who currently uses an “unstoppable offensive move,” from the mouth of Kareem.

  6. trade paul george & roy hibbert –dwight howard & metta world peace

  7. InmyPJs69 says:

    EJ has the correct list:


    Kenny Smith is stupid for putting in Ibaka over Westbrook. Weber is an idiot for selecting Jamal Crawford when nobody makes the ASG for being a 6th man. Barkley is even more moronic for not only choosing Crawford over Parker but also choosing M.Gasol over Duncan which means no Spur in his list. Both players have better numbers than his selections and a better record. I can understand Shaq choosing Aldridge over Curry but the Warriors is much better than Portland who may not even make the playoffs.

  8. RocketFan says:

    Based on skills, athleticism, and talent, Westbrook and Harden for sure. I would pick them over Chris Paul too because he’s kind of boring.

  9. ntaira says:

    What about Pau Gasol?

  10. gadget says:

    Ricky Rubio > Steph Curry
    K. Faried > Aldridge
    Gortat > M. Gasol

  11. John Doe says:

    Blake Griffin is not an allstar. There should be Randolph or Marc Gasol at his place. But that’s the problem with public votes. They just see a dunk highlight (that might even have been an offensive foul) and go crazy. Even Serge Ibaka should be in there before Blake…

    An there is no debate to pick Westbrook and Harden over Parker. Before Parker is an all star this year, Stephen Curry is one. And Damian Lillard.

    The main problem is that the west is just so loaded and people only look for highlights.

  12. camille peza says:

    how can you forget kenneth faried ? il mérite de participer

  13. madrian says:

    I think Shaq’s team is the best choice.
    My pick:
    Back: Westbrook, Harden, Parker, Curry
    Front: Alridge, Duncan, Lee

    Go Spurs!

  14. brandon says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kenneth faried?

  15. CroFan says:

    I apsolutely agree with this list and dont know why people put JCrawford and JR Smith on their lists. I mean they do average 16-17 ppg but shoot only a little bit over 40% and they dont play great defense.

  16. PMiddy says:

    It’s simple. The Spurs are an amazing team. But they are BORING as hell to watch. The ASG is about entertainment. Curry is a far more entertaining player to watch than Parker.

  17. Dew says:

    I’d say Timmy and Tony for sure to the all star game. They both are having amazing seasons this year and leading the team to 3rd in the Western Conference. Would also like to see Kawhi Leonard in the BBVA game. Lack of Spurs representation last year even after getting number one record was a bit disappointing. Hopefully we’ll see them in Houston this year. Especially since we are in Texas!

  18. Tim T. says:

    Did anyone notice that in the graphic of the four Denver Nugget players, they spelled Andre Igudola’s name wrong (spelled it Agudola). The guy has been an all-star, represented the US at the Olympics and they can’t get his name right.

    C’mon Ernie, Chuck, Kenny and Shaq. Your support team needs to be better.

  19. dattebayo says:

    Barkley is such a big buffoon. He puts 2 Warriors and 2 Grizzlies on the team and even a Clipper reserve, but Duncan and Parker own all those clowns. Kobe has had a great season, but his team is so bad that he shouldn’t be starting. Randolph over Duncan and Curry over Parker is a joke. Gasol doesn’t produce like an allstar either and I really like Ibaka and Faried over him.

    Paul, Bryant, Westbrook, Parker, Harden
    Howard, Ibaka, Griffin, Lee, Duncan, Durant, Faried

    That leaves out Curry, Randolph, Gasol and Aldridge, but that happens when Kobe, Griffin and Howard are set as starters and ruin the entire thing. Ibaka and Faried are a stretch and I am probably wrong, but those two guys hustle like nobody’s business on both ends of the floor.

  20. trueHEATfan says:

    Made similar list for the East All-star starters and reserves only most deserving get my votes.

    (1) Chris Paul – this man is doing great things on a franchise that is historically terrible and never better than decent.

    (2) Kobe Bryant – I am not the biggest Black Mamba fan but you have to Acknowledge greatness.

    (3) Kevin Durant – BLANK

    (4) Serge Ibaka – Overall playing better than Blake I would even consider Zach Randolph over Blake

    (5) Dwight Howard – now if only he and Kobe can translate big numbers to winning basketball

    WEST RESERVES – Tony Parker, James Harden, Jamal Crawford, Lamarcus Aldridge, David Lee, Zach Randolph, Blake Griffin

    Honorable mention – Damian Lillard all I have to say is WOW this kid is going to be great. Rookie of the year for sure and if he does make All-star team it will be first appearence by a rookie since MICHAEL JORDAN people wake up and smell the future superstar.

  21. cloneofkobe says:

    oh man..wer d f**k s demarcus cousin’s??!!
    ignoring him fr his arrogance s bad..

  22. Bryan says:

    TD deserves another run, but rest could be sufficient for the Spurs team.

  23. dj rgm9 says:

    Keep Howard reserve,Kobe spectator that’s better,rings is wat matters not the all star game!Put Ibaka on the starting line up,i have some respect for him!Next year put Liliard as reserve guard for the west,this guy can ball real good!
    This is coming from a hardcore Lakerfan!

  24. Bryan says:

    Jamal Crawford is good but arent there too many LA players?

    • CHAMP&U says:

      Crawford is better than half of the people that are put before him and in 04/05 the pistons had 4 players on the allstar roster.

  25. Dirk says:

    DIRK all the way!!!

  26. reeferal says:

    Honestly this is why fan vote shouldnt be allowed. People don’t watch basketball.

  27. Brian says:

    Ze-Bo is a beast and should definately be there leading the league in doublle doubles

  28. Brian says:

    Dwight Howard should not be in the all-star game that is bs. They need to start putting people that are actually earning it then the same people over and over

  29. Karlo Garcia says:

    My wild card would b Nicolas Batum.

  30. Andrew says:

    My Opinion

    East All Star Starters: Lebron, Melo, Noah, Wade, Rondo
    East All Star Reserves: Lopez, Josh Smith, Chandler, Kyrie, Jrue, Paul George, Pierce

    West All Star Starters: Durant, Lee, Dwight, Kobe, Paul
    West All Star Reserves: Duncan, Zach, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Aldridge, Griffin

  31. Unkle Daddy says:

    Very simple Josh Smith needs to be there for the east, Jamal Crawford needs to be there for the west. Both have been past by for a lesser player too many times (i.e. Joe Johnson)

  32. Alex Dellanzo says:

    I think my Front Court would definately be: Westbrook and Harden, If they played in the East this season one or both of them would have been genuine contenders for starting spots.

    My Backcourt options: Ze-Bo averaging 11.6 rebounds the year and really leading an improved Grizzlies team this year, Tim Duncan the guy is just timeless, he’s getting older he is still producing at an all star standard and David Lee it was close between him and Aldridge who are both averaging about 20 ppg but Lee is holding a 0.60 % higher field goal percentage aswell as holding down 10.9 boards per game

    My Wildcard Picks would be Steph Curry and La Marcus Aldridge

  33. Fiti says:

    Lillard deserves to be an All Star this kid gave everything to make Blazers a better team and he is just a rookie let this guy as an All star reserve

  34. matt caleb says:

    kobe or durant for All Star MVP. it would a matter of competition against two scoring machines! Anyone who disagree? OK ,maybe LBJ or Melo if East wins.

  35. Brian Anthony says:

    Who’s going to be a backup SF for KD? Can;t be Duncan, ZBo, Gasol, Aldridge, Jefferson, Ibaka, or Faried. They play PF/C’s. Rudy Gay should be that backup SF, I’m telling y’all.

  36. Brian Anthony says:

    Rudy Gay isn’t in the mix? Damn, been waiting years on this to put him on the reserves. He’s too underrated that is why. No one ever sees him. Who’s the 4th best SF in the NBA behind LeBron, ‘Melo and KD? You can say Gallinari or Iguodala, but the better all-around SF behind those 3 is Rudy Gay. Enough said. For 7 years lifting Memphis with ZBo and Gasol, he deserves a spot.

  37. Michael says:

    Mr Howard-Cooper, I agree with just about everything in this article, except for one small thing: Sadly, when it comes to All-Star selections, playing defence means nothing to the fans, and almost nothing to the coaches. Proof? Marcus Camby.
    2006-07 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.
    2004-05 NBA All-Defensive (2nd)
    2005-06 NBA All-Defensive (2nd)
    2006-07 NBA All-Defensive (1st)
    2007-08 NBA All-Defensive (1st)
    Zero All-Star selections.

  38. Jay says:

    Howard shouldnt b a starter his playing far from his allstar form i should give his slot to marc gasol

  39. Deandre3000 says:

    guys maybe Deandre Jordan deserves it too he is a real highlit maker and all star is place where he should be

  40. Marco29 says:

    Choosing west reserves will be tough and several deserving players will be left aside cause Howard and Griffin are taking 2 undeserved spots on the team. Kobe, CP3 and KD are fully legit but not the 2 others. They make the decision for frontcourts even tougher: Duncan, Lee, Randolph, Aldridge would be more deserving. Even Marc Gasol, Jefferson and Batum should or could be considered.
    That wouuld open up a spot for an additionak guard for the wild cards.
    Westbrook, Harden and Parker are no-brainers but Curry, Lillard (even though he is a rookie), Mayo, Gay could be considered as well.

    Ideally, the starters should be Kobe, CP3, KD , Duncan and Lee.
    For the reserves, I would then go with Randolph, Aldridge, Batum, Parker, Westrbrook plus Harden and Curry for the wild cards.

    Given the starters elected from the popularity context, I would go with following reserves: Duncan, Lee, Randolph, Parker, Westbrook plus Harden and Aldridge for the wild cards.

    Also, I hope Noah will make it to the west reserves.

  41. Arky says:

    I agree with all of this except for Steph Curry in the last reserve spot. David Lee deserves to be in. I think Steph just misses out in favour of one of Jamal Crawford, Al Jefferson, LaMarcus Aldridge or Pekovic (and I would have Cousins in there too, but he’s basically DQ’d from consideration by the coaches due to being a headcase and DQ’d again by playing for such a bad team while not being such a superstar he demands selection).

  42. bisdak says:

    stop hatin on j.LIN…..he deserves to be an all star…by the way,i still consider him as a rookie…..the kid can play

  43. Kamote says:

    Backcourt: Harden, Westbrook, Curry
    Frontcourt: Randolph (should be a starter), TD, Lee
    Wild Card: Lillard, Ibaka

  44. Mario "Gallo 8" says:

    I think Gallinari could be more than an option in West Frontcourt!

    In my opinion the All Star Game should be spectacular, so players as Jamal Crawford, C’s Green, Westbrook, George, Ibaka, Iguodala, Faried, DeAndre Jordan, Harden and similars are the Top for the All Star Benchs!

    C’mon Gallo!!!!! C’mon Denver!

  45. Jah male says:

    The composition of my best western all star team would be: Durant, Kobe, Duncan, Harden, Paul, Griffin, Crawford, Parker, Aldridge, Howard.

  46. Lorenzo says:

    What about the extraordinary season that is putting up DANILO GALLINARI???My picks:
    WILD CARDS:Harden,Aldridge

  47. carjon says:

    timmy and parker should be in houston

  48. FL says:

    irving is also deserving..

    • FL says:

      oh wait..wrong thread…but for the west, no westbrook or timmy?…. since steph is injured again..i guess Lee will be in….

  49. KGCRoss says:

    Remember guys that there a so many good point guards but there can at most be 4-6 elite point guards in the game which means 2-3 a team. Westbrook is not better then CP3 and Derrick can’t fight it out with rondo. Same goes with the other shots on the court. So many elite players but the all star game should not go by your history but then form your in. Like Curry is in form so is lebron and others

  50. SomeGuy says:

    I honestly think that Griffin doesn’t deserve the starting spot. He has no talent other than being able to jump. Maybe if the all-star lineups were decided by skill….

    • Petr says:

      C’mon man, I kind of agree, but who would want to miss all the brutal alley-oop dunks he will make at the game?

  51. Julian says:

    Demarcus Cousins deserves to be at least in all star reserves talk. I mean stats and talent is what all stars are supposed to be based on right ? Demarcus has both. So what he got suspended look at Melo and he’s a starter. Cousins is at least trying to clean up his act and mature lately. DMC !

  52. isaac says:

    westbrook, harden, aldridge, duncan, lee, pretty formidable 5 there haha

  53. kenji says:

    dwight howard should not be a all star this year because of how he is playing he is not the same one when he was playing in orlando and pau gasol should be a all star and jamal crawford

  54. TS says:

    I’ll bet you a candy bar… James Harden wins All-Star MVP.

  55. rain says:

    I’d go with Russel Westbrook, James Harden, David Lee, Stephen Curry, Al Jefferson (he’s leading the jazz to be playoff contender), Tony Parker , Duncan/Randolph/Aldrige. can’t understand why no one voted for big Al?

    Also why Jamal Crawford? If he can be an all star candidate then why not Nicolas Batum? he’s been the one helping the Blazers with Aldrige. Lilard might be a candidate also. Then there’s Danilo Gallinari who’s leading the Nuggets on the rise. But because of his shooting percentage, he’s unlikely to be. There are more players stat wise like Jamal Crawford but the question is, are they on an all-star quality?

    Jeremy Lin is not an all-star calliber period.

    • NBA Fan says:

      I think that Crawford suits All-Star game just for the pure entertainment character of it. After all, it’s hard to think of anyone having fancier handles than Crawford. He would be a lot of fun to watch, but you’re right, stat-wise he is not an all-star.

    • Willie Beamen says:

      Jamal is a candidate because hes one of the 3 best players on one of the top. Anyone who has followed the nba knows the top two teams always have a 3rd player in contention . Pick the 3rd best player on a title contender or the 2nd best player on a fringe playoff team ? Its one thing when you are the first or second best player at your position but after that you better be on a trop team to get consideration .

  56. Macky says:

    It’s a disgrace that this 11th seed Lakers has two starters. What a joke. OKC should have 3 players, Clippers should have 2, Spurs should have 2 and Memphis should have 1-2 in the all star game. Kobe and Howard don’t deserve being all star reserves let alone starters.

    • Michael says:

      The ASG is, and always has been, a popularity contest. The fans get to choose the first ten players, then the coaches get another 14 choices to sort out the mess. Eight of 10 starters came from four teams: LAL, LAC, BOS, MIA. No surprises there, hey.

  57. JamezBrowny says:

    Wondering why Nikola Pekovic isn’t in this conversation, i’m not saying he is an all star but he has practically carried the Timberwolves and is the reason that they are still in the playoff picture despite the injuries they have had. He at least deserves to be considered.

  58. renzconzin says:

    I think Gallinari should be in this talk just cuz he’s been helping the nuggets win games and hit clutch shots

  59. erwin says:


    David lee
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Rudy Gay
    Stephen Curry
    Zach Randolph

    Joe Johnson
    Paul Pierce
    Josh Smith
    Tyson Chandler
    Joakim Noah
    Jrue Holiday

  60. Carluto says:

    West Reserves Backcourt- Westbrook, and Harden, Parker
    Frountcourt- Duncan (of course), Aldrige
    Wild Cards- Lee and Curry (I wish Lilard, my personal fav could make it but tpomuch competition)
    Surprising that Rudy gay has yet to be an all-star tho, albeit he doesn’t deserve it this year, he should’ve atlest been picked twice already

  61. Nick says:

    aaron have you ever even watched marc gasol play? and are you really using stat lines as a reference for who should be an all star? marc gasol is one of the best centers in the entire league and he absolutely deserves to be in the all star game. if the grizzlies needed him to produce something like 21 and 9 like you seem to admire so much than he would, but they dont because they have randolph and gay up there in the frontcourt. and as for aldrige, tim duncan would be a much better choice for that spot.

    • highwater says:

      agreed,,,and this is the 1st year in a long time that duncan accually deserves it…..however the stats are the important thing here,,its the only thing that matters in the nba,,,honestly,,,the lack of defence and the diferent rules from the real game of basketball , total bias calls for players,,,make the sport way to sickening to actually watch…WWE with a ball,

  62. MV3 says:

    i Think with the way Lillard has been playing as a rookie he deserves to get in. hes been playing great and helped the blazers stay in the playoff hunt when everyone at the start of the season was counting them out. if Aldridge doesnt make it Lillard should.

  63. aaron says:

    how is marc gasol even in contention for a spot? he’s averaging 12 and 10? thats no where close to being all-star numbers cmon!

    • bigwes95 says:

      that’s like asking how rondo does when averaging 13 and 11. it’s the presence on the floor and how they change a game even without the ball in their hands. gasol is awesome and plays on a stacked team where 2 or 3 other players could be an all-star. numbers don’t tell the whole story

  64. aaron says:

    I’d go with Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LaMarcus Aldrige, Zach Randoplph, David Lee, Tony Parker and Stephen Curry — to me Alrdrige is goin for 21 and 9 on a mediocre blazers team and helping them win (he’s more valuable to Portland than Duncan is to the Spurs right now, as Parker is their best player) ,which is more impressive than duncans 17 and 10.

    • Hm says:

      I’d definitely try to get Lee in there. Not my favourite player or anything, but he surprised me this year with how he has improved (though not all of it shows up in the stats).

    • National says:

      You could not be more wrong about Duncan. It is also about his presence on the field that make it more difficult for the offensive player to do their thing. And considering his age and the ranking of Spurs both Timmy and Tony should be in the all-star game. Is not only about the stats you are posting but also about the presence.

      The thing that I don’t get is why Howard is voted, he is popular alright but considering how the LAkers are playing they should only voted for Koby… but that is just my opinion. But nobody here questions if Howards should be considered as a All-star and that is pretty weird

    • Mark says:

      What about comparing blocks? I believe Duncan moved up to 3rd in blocks per game this season (or he’s at least still in the top 5).

    • Michael says:

      Duncan is having an OUTSTANDING season. Per 36 minutes, his numbers are on par with his two MVP seasons. Mark’s right: he’s third in blocks per game and only playing 30 minutes a night. (In 2013, he’s averaging 3.8bpg.) He’s 7th in efficiency ranking, and 3rd in efficiency per 48 minutes. The dude is even shooting better than 80% from the free throw line, a career high. Parker is playing great, too, and the Spurs will always be the Most Valuable Team, but Duncan deserves to be an All-Star again this year.

  65. KB24 says:

    i dont understand why Lin is even considered an allstar when he doesn’t even play like an allstar at all!! smh

    • awefna says:

      among the fans, this game is popularity contest. I’d bet that only about 60% of true NBA fans actually vote and that the other 40% are “casual observers”

  66. BlackDove- says:

    is lin in the team? or do the coaches select the bench?
    picture lin as an alstar esp with the stats hes been putting up

  67. Mati says:

    Can anyone explain me why everybody is considering Jamal Crawford as a candidate for the All Star?

    Im not american but i ve been following the NBA for years. I can t understand why is Crawford in consideration over other deserving players. I belive Greivis Vasquez is having a great season (he may be the most improved player this year). I could even put OJ Mayo over Crawford. Jamal is a great scorer but he is not an allaround player. He is not a good defender or playmaker. His field goal percentage is not great either. He is just a shoter.
    For me, even Ginobili (if we are talking about 6th men) is a more deserving candidate. He is a better all around player (at 35 years old) in an elite team in the Western Conference.

    Im not a Crawford hater but i think there are others players above him.

    PD: Sorry for my english, im not an english speaker!

    • CElticsfan! says:

      im with you on this. Jamal Crawford, in my opinion has a lot of hype because of the team that he’s on. No doubt hes a good player but not an all-star, especially not with a ll the good players and teams in the western conference

    • big g says:

      have you been following Jamal Crawfoard this season?
      the guy is playing phenomenal bball
      he is the leading scorer for the clips and thats coming off the BENCH
      that is an all star right there

    • Tone-deaf says:

      Jamal Crawford is a the second leading scorer on a team with the second best record in the league and he comes off the bench and he plays only 29 mpg

      He is the frontrunner for the nba sixth man of the year award and this will be his 2nd time winning it only three other players have ever won it multiple times Ricky Pierce,Detlef Shrempf ,and Kevin Mchale and all were all stars.

      Jamal Crawford has scored 20 or more points 15 times which is the most out of all bench players . His team is 12-1 when he leads the team in scoring . In contrast manu has 8 games of 20 pts or less and OJ May has 18 games of 20 pts or more but may also plays 36 mpg .

      Crawford is routinely double teamed even though he comes of the bench . The Rockets double teamed Crawford when he crossed half court just this past week to force the ball out of his hands when was the last time a team double teamed Manu or Mayo at halfcourt

      Crawford is the 3rd leading scorer in the 4th quarter in the nab trainling Kobe and Durant

      Crawford by all accounts is the 3rd best SG in the West right now behind Kobe and Harden

      This year at this point and time jamal is having a bigger impact on his team and the nba than anyone else mentioned hes one of the 12 best players in the westermn conference this year

    • Petr says:

      Agreed, I like Crawford, and would LOVE to have him back on my (GSW) team. But coming off the bench and being a great scorer Isn’t enough, compared to the other guys mentioned in the article, and the coaches know that. It’s just easier to be a scorer (even a great one), than hussle and fight on defence and/or boards, and still put up solid points.

      • Willie Beamen says:

        then why isnt everyone doing it ? Also considering his numbers are as good as anyones at his position per 36. Hes doing just as much as anyone in the west and hes doing it way fewer minutes he shouldnt be penalized because he plays fewer minutes

    • highwater says:

      2 yrs ago ,yoa ming was elected to it,,,,,he played 6 games on the year,, nuf sed

    • CHAMP&U says:

      I dont think that you follow this sport to well . Why wouldnt you consider the leading 6th man of the year canidate, and for most games leading scorer for the clippers coming off the bench. Your talking about a man who could score more in one half then your favorite starter could the whole game but why consider Jamal Crawford right… My Vote. Westbrook Crawford and the rest is a tossup.

  68. CrazyCoCoPuff says:

    Couldn’t agree less.
    Westbrook probably deserves to be on the list out of everyone on the list.
    Happy for Lin that he made the all star team, but he hasn’t been playing like one.
    Good Read.

    • CrazyCoCoPuff says:

      LOL, not Lin, I meant KG.
      I Love KG to death but he hasn’t played so well this season

      • bostonNOTla says:

        yea he has , he plays limited minutes thats why his numbers are low if you wahat the games he carries that team .especially on the defensive end

      • Shadowspinner says:

        The KG argument can go either way.

        Numbers wise he’s not having an allstar season, except if you look at plus minus when he’s on the floor. From that perspective he’s one of the most game changing players in the league.

        Personally I don’t think he’s having an all star season, and I’m a KG fan, but I understand how he could make the lineup as well.

        On the same note though, I’m not sure that Bosh or Wade are having allstar worthy seasons and they’ll make the roster so . . . .

  69. Realistic says:

    The eastern starting line-up is awkward because of the Heat and Celtics feud. The coaches should pick Bosh, Pierce, and Allen just to make it even more awkward. Lets see how that turns out.

  70. JON says:

    love to see TIMMY and TONY, they are both deserving and also if MANU gets healthy.. I would love to see the three of them in an all-star game for the very first time!!

    Right, SPURS FANS?!?

  71. Ya Boi in the Buildin says:

    I like Jeremy Lin. However it is relief to me that he did not make it in. Obviously the voting is a popularity contest and that’s fine. But when a player gets voted in because of their race verses their game it is a problem. Just because I am Italian does not mean I would vote an Italian person into the game because of my heritage. Its good to see the majority (although barely) voted the guard who deserves to be representing the West as a starter due to his game and not his background.

  72. Trade Deadline says:

    Maybe if we…

    Trade Stephen Curry for Steve Blake
    Trade Zach Randolph for Jordan Hill
    Trade James Harden for Jodie Meeks
    Trade Russell Westbrook for Chris Duhon
    Trade Tim Duncan for Robert Sacre

    You’re Welcome.

    • prix says:

      Kobe should not be in the talk…his fading, same with the lakers…he should be watching at home together with Vince Carter

      • LOL says:

        LMAO kobe is having one of his best seasons .. you must have too much time on your hands, you hate on kobe on every thread LOL get a life

      • David V says:

        Westbrook, Harden, Parker no question have to be on the team every one else is debatable. The way it’s broken down for reserves 2 back court, 3 front court and 2 wildcards makes will cause a deserving guard to get left off. Duncan needs his rest so leave him off, lol. David Lee has to make it, he is carrying Golden States front court (Landry helps him a little). Z-bo, Gasol or Gay would be fine, I would prefer Gay because he is more exciting to watch play. LaMarcus Alridge and Steph Curry. My picks: Westbrook, Harden, Parker, Lee, Gay, Aldridge and Curry. Sorry Jamal Crawford.

      • Shadowspinner says:

        Part of the problem is the debateable presence of Howard and Griffin as starters. Howard is having his worst PER of his career and is on a losing team. I understand Kobe being voted in as he’s a perannial allstar and is leading the league in scoring so far this season, but two starting all stars from a team that isn’t even playoff bound seems a stretch to me.

        Griffin has a better case, but he still seems a little too one dimensional and his inclusion on the all star team seems based entirely on the fact that he generates a lot of highlights rather than overall skill. He’s a tremendous physical talent, and a key player on a top team though, so he probably would have made the all star game even without being a starter.

        As much as I like Serge Ibaka, there’s too much talented size out west to put him on the squad, and Lilliard has to face too many talented guards on teams with more wins.

        If I were picking reserves:

        G: Westbrook, Harden
        F: Aldridge, Randolph, Lee
        W: Curry, Duncan

        Although leaving Tony Parker off the list is tough, I think that the Allstar game benefits from younger line ups and the run and gun style, so I put the young athletic scorers in there instead and had Duncan as my nod to the amazing season the Spurs have been having.

    • awefna says:

      who in their right minds would even consider these trades?

    • dream on says:

      Wake up and stop dreaming!!!!!! Why is it that before the season even started you laker fans already declared them as champs. Now that LAL might not even make the play offs. You blame this blame that, they should get this and get that. When the Miami big 3 came together, everyone became a critic. They lost to dallas, but they did not make any excuses. Just stop whinning and play. Loosers always puts the blame on something. Winners fail and that is why they succeed.

      • Murray says:

        “dream on” with the “swish” 😛

      • artifex says:

        Not a Heat fan but
        WELL SAID!
        Though I didn’t like it but they were the best team last year.
        What they got on top of star players is consistency in the lineup.

      • Ben says:

        as well as the big three in Miami, they had rally good supporting pieces and role players with people like battier and haslem or even chalmers. the lakers couldn’t compare to that before the season and now with all the injuries they have to give people like sacre and duhon big minutes. as much as the lakers are unlucky with injuries, there were never the right pieces to the puzzle at the start of the season

    • Serge460L says:

      Wow, that’s hilarious. Lakers don’t have no salary cap for any of those players… They went 200 times over the luxury tax. Stupid Lakers GM once again traded 4 picks for Nash and look how the garbage Lakers are suffering.. No bench.. Only Jamison they have off their bench.. LOL

      • bullsfan0218 says:

        lol why does every article have to get littered with comments about how bad the lakers are doing I’m pretty sure this article is about western conference all-star reserves

      • slider821 says:

        Stop feeding the trolls.

      • Shadowspinner says:


        The complaints about the Lakers are partially tied to the fact that an 11th seed with very little chance to make the Playoffs got two starting allstars.

        Kobe would have made my picks because he’s had an amazing season and is leading the league in scoring despite being on a losing team.

        Howard shouldn’t have made the Allstar Roster – he’s having his worst season ever from an efficiency standpoint and hasn’t been terribly effective for his team. Whatever the reasons for that poor performance (chemistry, system, laziness, recovering from surgery, etc) the fact is that he shouldn’t be playing in Houston in the festivities based on his season so far.

    • warriors fan says: