Thoughts On The East All-Star Reserves


Frontcourt. It must be frontcourt. None of this old-school centers nonsense because, we’re told, the game has changed, the dinosaurs have exited stage-and-tar-pits left and no one wants to get stuck watching Jamaal Magloire bang heads with Brad Miller in the league’s annual showcase.

Except that some of the best seasons in recent memory by legitimate NBA centers are being logged this season in the Eastern Conference. This is a real style vs. substance thing — you don’t seem baseball classifying guys merely as infield and outfield — and with the coaches holding sway over the All-Star benches, the hunch here is that size will matter.

Here are my thoughts on likely and deserving East reserves, who are not necessarily the same guys (for Scott Howard-Cooper‘s look at the West, click here):


Deron Williams has been an All-Star the past three years. But he’s not playing like one this season (16.6 ppg, 40.6 FG%). After only one year of voting for him, the East coaches haven’t formed the habit yet — and shouldn’t. Because Jrue Holiday (19.0 ppg, 8.8 apg, 2.29 assists-to-turnovers) has been better for Philadelphia, scoring and assisting more and turning the ball over less. And because Kyrie Irving (23.3 ppg, 40.5 3FG%, 21.9 PER) has been good enough to break through that bogus prohibition about “no All Stars from teams with losing records.” Hey coaches, it’s a team sport. You keep penalizing guys who are a little lonely in talent level, you’ll never get free agents to embrace the most challenging situations.allstar-13-200

My picks: Holiday, Irving.


Roy Hibbert loudly proclaimed “Bull [bleep!]” when asked his thoughts about the new frontcourt category. The Indiana center enjoyed his All-Star experience last winter and felt the rules were getting rigged to make a repeat performance more difficult. In fact, Hibbert’s own play (9.7 ppg, 8.2 rpt, 41.0 FG%) and that of some rival conference big men have made a repeat nearly impossible. Chicago’s Joakim Noah is having a breakthrough season, scoring (12.3 ppg), shooting (10.2 FGAs), assisting (4.1 apg) and blocking (2.0 bpg) more than ever to keep the Bulls afloat in Derrick Rose’s absence. Carlos Boozer (21 double-doubles) and Luol Deng (better numbers than last year, his first as an All-Star) have been solid, too. New York’s Tyson Chandler makes another bid for traditional centers with his 12.4 ppg, 10.4 rpg, 67.2% accuracy and rim defense. Chris Bosh’s numbers aren’t gaudy but on a 36-minute basis (19.2 ppg, 7.7 rpg, 1.6 bpg) he’s been fine — and coaches like that sense of sacrifice for other stars. The Nets’ Brook Lopez is playing better (18.6 ppg, 51.7 FG%) than some guys who made it in the past but might miss out.

My picks: Noah, Chandler, Bosh.


The wild cards: What finally might have been Josh Smith‘s year to crack the All-Star roster fizzled this week with his performance – and one-game team suspension resulting from a reversion to old habits – in the Hawks’ 58-point mess at Chicago. I know the Knicks’ J.R. Smith has remade himself as a contributing team guy, but I can’t see the coaches falling in line on him in just a half season. Then again, Indiana’s Paul George has taken a giant step in the first half of his third season and, in picking up the slack of Danny Granger, is the most valuable Pacer (David West is pretty close). That leaves one spot for someone left over from above – or better yet, for Paul Pierce, still getting it done (21.1 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 4.2 apg per 36 minutes) for Boston. Some like Charles Barkley prefer half-season wonders but the All-Star Game still is a place to honor and enjoy all-timers in twilight, too.

My picks: George, Pierce.

All-Star starters announced.


  1. Sullinger-Sully, Sully, Sully!!!

  2. rcjur says:

    If I had to hope, I will go for thees guys as East Reserves this season. They deserrve it.


  3. cody says:

    Greg Monroe should make it

  4. up n under says:

    I hear that the “birdman” Chris Andersen formerly of Denver will play for the heat. He is the perfect player the Heat need, a shotblocker! He will improve the Heat by “Leaps and Bounds” and Blocks. The Heat will be tougher to beat and does not bode well for the Clippers and Thunder. He never got the respect he deserved in Denver, so this move will be great for Chris and the Heat. WIN! WIN!

  5. up n under says:

    I hear that the “birdman” Chris Andersen formerly of Denver will play for the heat. He is the perfect player the Heat need, a shotblocker! He will improve the Heat by “Leaps and Bounds” and Blocks. The Heat will be tougher to beat and does not bode well for the Clippers and Thunder. He never got the respect he deserved in Denver, so this move will be great for Chris and the Heat. WIN! WIN!

  6. RocketFan says:

    The west reserves will probably be stronger than the east reserves if they select based on skills, talent, and athleticism.

  7. CART says:

    AL HORFORD ! , has merits of being, even has better numbers than Kevin Garnett.

  8. CART says:

    Why is not Al Horford?

  9. Bar says:

    Why not is Al Horford? I think it has merit to be, even has better numbers than Kevin Garnett.

  10. PHILY says:

    you guys forgot allen iverson and tracy mcgrady lol

  11. xpact says:

    KG has more fans than noah, chandler, lopez, etc en KG has been an all star for so many yrs it doesnt make a player an all star coz his doing well this season peole like 2 see an all star whos been an all star in his entire career.. all haters can blog all they want but KG is already up there en doing his thing……the reason ur player did not get it coz more people like to see KG plays

  12. VG7DaBaler says:

    Drue Holiday is a better point guard than Kyrie Irving, the best or 2nd best in the east right now. I must say I stand corrected and he should take a spot as a reserves in the all star game. Honestly I think Rajon Rondo should be a starter because without him that Boston can kiss the play offs goodbye, D Will is not an all star to me this year because he is capable of much more and you and I know it. You CANNOT say Brandon Jennings is not an all star. He is the ONLY reason the Bucks are winning. Kind of like LeBron and Wade. Wade is playing up the okay but is not the same, so don’t bring up the Monta Ellis drama. AV of Cleveland is injured right now and can’t play. Noah is playing like a beast on both sides of the floor. Chandler holds it down defensively for New York.

  13. KeviKev says:

    How can everybody have forgotten RAY ALLEN

  14. big cat says:

    two guys that got fleeced in the east are demar derozan and carlos boozer, two guys that got fleeced in the west are nik pekovic and marc gasol

  15. Boca_Fan says:

    BOSH, BOSH BOSH, WITHOUT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! He so deserves a spot.

  16. JULIAN says:



  17. Gary says:

    Bosh doesn’t deserve to be All-Star. Please don’t use his numbers per 36 min. Why he doesn’t play these 36 minutes for a team that have no other good center/power forward?
    Pierce deserves more than Bosh, but 3 Celtic players? For a team that not top 4 in the conference?

    If we consider all season Deng deserves more than Bosh or Pierce.
    If we consider this season and not awarded last one take Josh Smith
    If we consider last 10 games don’t forget Boozer. He is the best power forward/center in the East in January by far (24 points, FG% .559, 10.8 reb).

  18. CroFan says:

    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday

    Joakim Noah
    Tyson Chandler
    Al Horford/Chris Bosh

    Wild Cards:
    Josh Smith/Luol Deng
    Paul Pierce/Paul George

    Others:Brook Lopez, Brandon Jennings, Deron Williams

  19. Jan Rosenblum says:

    3 Celtics and no Nets? If you call Tyson Chandler a rim defender, check out his blcok shots stats vs Brook Lopez

  20. Deante says:

    So are player’s team record going to play a role in reserve selection this year? So far it doesn’t look like it. When Ellis was having good years in Golden State, he didn’t make it due to the Warriors record those years. Kyle Lowry was having a MVP type season last year and didn’t make it partly to the Rockets lack of wins. Irving and Holiday are having an amazing season so far, but are being selected to be 2013 nba all-stars despite their team records. I wouldn’t have an issue if reserves were selected based off their numbers every year, but don’t start looking how an individual players stats now and ignore their team records when it played a role in the selection process. JR Smith, Brandon Jennings, or Monta Ellis (despite his below-standard season) should be on the roster if selection process is based off of past years criteras honestly.

  21. Ben says:

    You shouldnt judge a guy based on per 36 mins for all star voting!

  22. trueHEATfan says:

    This an outrage. I don’t agree with all the all-star selection this year more so than other years.

    EAST it should be
    (1) Jrue Holiday ( overall and stat-wise best PG in the east)

    (2) Dwayne Wade (still most dominant shooting gaurd in East with career lows in minutes and career highs in FG%)

    (3) LeBron James (for obvious reasons and I don’t have to be a Heat fan to see it… also to match up against Durant is always fun to watch)

    (4) Carmelo Anthony ( blank)

    (5) Tyson Chandler (barely edges out Joakim imo because of higher FG% I love Bosh but get your rebounds up brother and KG I love you but not an all star this year offense.

    EAST RESERVES – Rajon Rondo, Kyrie Irving, JR Smith, Paul pierce, Luol Deng, Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Josh Smith, Anderson Varejao

    Honorable mention – Larry Sanders – 8ppg 8 rbg and 3.4 Blocks per game on 24 minutes of play … are you freaking kidding me why is this guy not playing starting minutes.

    * We need to stop making this a popularity contest and give our all-star vote to players that are deserving of it.*

    will post similar list on West all-star page.

    • dattebayo says:

      Noah and Deng better make the allstar team and since there is a lack of elite guards in the East, Boozer or Lopez should get in on that 5th guard spot.

      Wade, Rondo, Holiday, George
      Chandler, Noah, Lopez, Garnett, Melo, Lebron, Bosh, Deng

      That leaves out Williams and Johnson (poor season for both), Irving, Pierce, Boozer, Hibbert ( don’t even mention him here), West, Felton and J.R. Smith. I understand KG is more worth than his stats, but he is only getting 7 rebounds a game. Boozer is having a more productive year for the Bulls and I’d pick him over the Big Ticket. Unfortunately for Boozer, most fans think different…

    • dattebayo says:

      Larry Sanders is in foultrouble a lot, that’s why he usually doesn’t play many minutes. In his first 11 games he averaged 5 fouls, fouled out of 3 games and even managed to get ejected after just 6 minutes in Miami.

  23. Rob says:

    East: Bosh, B Lopez, George, J Smith, JR Smith, Irving, Ellis
    West: Harden, Westbrook, Crawford, Curry, Gay, Albridge, Randolf

  24. RLUke22 says:

    I think Josh Smith deserves to be on the All star Team because people dont consider the defensive side of the floor, and hes averaging 2.3 bpg and 1.3 spg, also his production on the court for only 34 minutes is all star worthy. He also is one of the few power forwards who could put on a dunk show at the All Star game!

  25. johnny says:

    First of all Jrue holiday and irving are playing great but there teams are not winning
    D will deserves a spot to represent Brooklyn
    his numbers are not bad at all its just everyone expect more from him

    BC D.Will Irving
    FC Chandler B Lopez Deng
    Wild card Noah George

  26. So many Snubs!!!!!!!!! says:

    Russel Westbrook – Kyrie Iving
    James Harden- Monte Ellis
    Jamal Crawford- Paul George
    Zach Randolph/ Lamarcus Aldridge- Josh Smith/ David West
    Tim Duncan/ Al Jefferson – Brook Lopez/ Al Hortford……

    Kevin Garnett shoudn’t even be there


  27. VG7DaBaler says:

    East: Joaim Noah… Paul George… Leol Deng… Brandon Jennings… Josh Smith… Tyson Chandler… Kyrie Irving

    West: Tim Duncan… James Harden… Rudy Gay… Tony Parker… Zach Randolph… David Lee… Stephen Curry

    The reason Kevin Love is not on my list is do to injuries. The reason i picked Kyrie Irving is because he is one of the most outsanding gaurds in the leage today. A top 5 talent. The reason Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, David Lee, Leol Deng, Rudy Gay, Tim Duncan, and Josh Smith have made my list is because they have shown up to be good FRANCHISE PLAYERS, who have been the center point of their respective teams and caused them to win althogth they don’t have the best talent in the world. Honnerable mentions:

    Kemba Walker… Drue Holiday… Tyson Chandler… Marc Gasol… Jamal Crawford… Lamarcus Alrdridge… Al Jefferson…

  28. SCC says:

    I can´t believe NO ONE is talking about Al Horford. Unbelievable! He’s one of the TOP FIVE centers in the entire league and is playing the best basketball of his career. I know Noah, Pierce or George deserve an All Star opportunity, but not everyone can be selected. My Eastern Conference reserves are:


  29. EC says:

    How can anyone have D-Will on the list? Since he left UTA his shooting went down… he is far behind Holiday and because of his lack of good shooting % and scoring even behind Irving, his efficiency is worse too. So it´s Irving/Holiday on spots number 6 and 7.

    Frontcourt: there are many candidates (Noah, Boozer, Lopez, Bosh, Varejao, Smith, Deng, Pierce….) so picking some is more or less a question of personal taste or minor things. I´d go for Bosh as he still puts up good numbers despite seeing less playing time even compared to his rookie season. Still he manages career bests in FG% and bpg while coming close to career bests in FT%, spg and topg.

    Next would be Noah: career bests in scoring, apg, FT%, bpg, spg….average double-double…. not only due to increased playing time but also due to his attitude to and love for the game.

    Next would be Varejao (I know he´s injured) but how many players have we seen in the last years with a 14/14 average in 25 games, adding a solid 3,4 apg and 1,5 spg?

    That would be spots 8 to 10. As Varejao is injured I´d replace him with Lopez who represents the good season of BKN and is awarded for his EFF48M which is 32,18 whil contributing >18 ppg, >7 rpg and >2 bpg.

    The wildcards: I´d like to award one of the ORL players (e.g. Vucevic, Nelson, Afflalo) because they really play a good season compared to their potential and losses of DH12, Anderson… Unfortunately there are better players in other teams and on the resp. positions who deserve it as well. But taking efficiency, importance for the team, numbers, etc. into account I´d go for the two Pauls: Paul Pierce and Paul George.

    So the list would be: Holiday, Irving, Noah, Bosh, Lopez (for Varejao), Pierce and George.

    Replacements in case of further injuries: Vucevic, Boozer, Jennings…..

    The surprise: has only started 15/26 games he played, plays 9 mpg less than Jennings but puts up 14,5 ppg/4,5 rpg/5,9 apg and 1,4 spg with more than solid shooting %, top 20 in EFF and top 10 in EFF48M: Kyle Lowry…. but could a reserve of TOR be an All Star

  30. ben says:

    this guys a joke wheres tyson chandler?

  31. nbadave says:

    kyrie Irving Def has to be in the all star game he is a great player to watch and he would def make the game more entertainin….I agree with charles picks except i would take out jennings and put in kyrie!!!!!! hes a beast!!! get this kid in there man

  32. mcsavior89 says:

    chris bosh,kyrie irving,joakim noah,jrue holiday,tyson chandler,josh smith, monta ellis

  33. PWNBA says:

    Paul Pierce +7
    No, seriously: Irving, Deron – JR Smith, Pierce, George – Chandler, Noah

  34. Ivan Garcia Gonçalves says:

    What about Varejão? he´s having a breakout year!

  35. Henrik Jensen says:

    i can seriously not see ryan andersons name anywhere. dont know what you guys talk about

  36. Bla says:

    And where is Brandon Jennings? and of course Josh Smith has to be there.

  37. dereck rose deserve it

  38. Skolimowski says:

    But seriously, have any of you seen Milwaukee play?! Ellis and Jennings for backcourt reserves!

  39. Larsenn says:

    Josh Smith deserves to be an all-star.

  40. PPierce#34 says:

    Paul Pierce Deserves To be An Allstar . I Think He Should be a Starters .

  41. Arky says:

    Josh Smith deserved a spot last year, but not this year. No to Pierce as well, though, 3 spots for the Celtics- who are barely in the playoff spots? No. If the Cs have 3 all-stars and Brooklyn and Milwaukee and Atlanta have zero between them, it’s a bit odd.

    I agree with Irving and Holiday (Jennings and Ellis unlucky). Frontcourt spots Bosh, Chandler and Lopez (There’s a REASON Lopez is 4th in PER in the league. Media types talked him down while he was injured and serially underrate him, he’s a really good player).

    Wildcards are Noah and Paul George, although I could easily be talked into Brandon Jennings or Ellis in place of either of them.

  42. aslkdfj says:

    i mean paul george not hill lol woops ;.

  43. aslkdfj says:

    the reserves should be:

    chandler, noah, lopez, smith, hill, irving, and jrue…

  44. aslkdfj says:

    how the hell does pierce deserve it when the celtics are barely a playoff team lmfao.

    kg barely deserves it himself.

    noah yes. chandler yes probably. bosh maybe. on name alone perhaps, but he’s only been playing subpar this year. id substitute lopez in for him or chandler though. i love chandler, big knicks fan unfortunately, but lopez has been putting up better stats across the board than atleast bosh. the nets should have atleast ONE player there, and lopez is 5th in PER (a BS stat, but still)….

    george hill yes. irving eh. the kids been injured all year, but yea I can see him in. Same with Jrue.

    id probably sub pierce out for j. smith…

  45. ivan says:

    Garnet in starting 5…..shame…..

  46. Kamote says:

    Backcourt: Holiday, Jennings
    Frontcourt: Noah, Leng, Chandler (injured Varejao)
    Wild Card: Irving, J. Smith

  47. tibs3 says:

    no allStars from teams with losing records, so who is gonna take kobe place?

  48. jay C says:

    the west reserves article made a lot more sense then this guy

  49. Uncle Drew says:

    Al Horford – (How can y’all youngbloods forget this man? He gets BUCKETS)
    Jrue Holiday
    Paul George
    Paul Pierce
    Chris Bosh
    Kyrie Irving
    Joe Johnson
    That’s a quality bench right dere

  50. Heavy T says:

    Realy, deron williams who has been playing average AT BEST the whole season………………………..

  51. FL says:

    George and irving deserving to be an all-star… george improved his shooting and has carried the pacers in absence of granger…

  52. Americas Heartland says:

    Paul George is more deserving than Paul Pierce this year as well as J.R. Smith
    He is a 22 year old who is doing it all rebounds steals points guards the best player every night and is a big reason why the Pacers are 3rd in the East, with one of the best defenses in the League.

    Not taking anything away from those two players and the great years and careers they have both put together but the fact that he does it in all parts of the game should put him ahead of both of those players. Not any question in my mind.

    • steagle says:

      That’s a valid argument and Paul George has had an outstanding year and I can only see him getting better as time goes on. Still, I think in terms of a popularity vote, Paul Pierce wins simply because of his legacy, and also because of his rock-solid consistent stats and being one of the few team-loyal players left in the league (Kobe being the other big one). George will definitely get his time in the spotlight, don’t worry.

  53. Dwade says:

    East Reserves
    Ray Allen
    Mario Chalmers
    Noris Cole
    Chris Bosh
    Shane Battier
    Udanis Haslem
    Rashard Lewis

    Hahahahaha……How about yours?

  54. kavika6 says:

    The best Williams in the league plays for Utah. (not Mo)

  55. Dwade says:

    what? Dwade maybe…. R u tanga….Crazy… Who is that jr smith….ballhug one like anthony… trash in NBA….

    Richard…. R u Crazy… DWade is maybe in east starter… u want JR smith ballhug like anthony of NYK…. hahaha

  56. super ko says:

    Josh Smith ned to be an allstar !!

    • ferdi71 says:

      East: Greg Monroe,Carmelo Anthony,Lebron James,Monta Ellis,Brandon Jennings
      West: Demarcus Cousins,Kevin Durant,Danilo Gallinari,Kobe Bryant,Chris Paul

    • John says:

      Paul Pierce is right up near the lead in scoring in the entire NBA. Where is there even close to a doubt that he should have been a starter but of course is by far the “sixth man” on this All Star team? Granted Boston has been so so this year and that means three Celtics but he can’t help the fans voted Rondo and Garnett.

  57. steagle says:

    There are 7 reserves per team, here is what I think should be the East’s:

    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday
    Monta Ellis

    Paul Pierce
    Tyson Chandler
    Brook Lopez
    Joakim Noah

    With this lineup you have two of the best scoring guards in the game in Irving and Ellis, and the up-and-coming Holiday who can do it all. Then you have three legit centers, two of which can block and rebound (Chandler & Noah) and one who can score at will (Lopez). To round it out, the Truth, who at 35yo is still one of the premier small forwards in the game averaging 20, 6 and 4.

    I would be pretty satisfied with that lineup. Still not a true believer in Josh Smith or J.R. Smith, despite their immense natural talent. Just very inconsistent and immature players (though J.R. has improved a lot this year)

  58. yoyoyoyo says:

    dwill is playing his worst year in his career and doesnt deserve a spot.

    my picks

  59. alan's psychedelic breakfast says:

    i don’t understand why people don’t like josh smith?! he is versatile, one of the best dunker in league, rebound and block shot machine!!

    but i know. he isn’t commercial face!!

  60. truebucks fan1992 says:

    if either brandon jennings or monta ellis dont make it im not watching the allstar game

  61. truebucks fan1992 says:

    Brandon jennings and monta ellis need to make it

    • Deante says:

      Their team has a better record than Jrue Holiday and Kyrie Irving, and that’s how the reserve selection is usually based off of year by year.

  62. celtics will never win championships again!!!

  63. and pierce does not deserve it also. luol deng is more agressive than pierce

    • Yup says:

      Pierce gets in because he is at the twilight of his career and won’t have many more seasons left to play (especially in the ASG). Luol Deng will have his chance.

  64. Jackson says:

    EAST reserves:
    Backcourt – Deron Williams*
    Raymond Felton
    Kyrie Irving
    Froncourt – Joakim Noah
    Tyson Chandler
    Paul George
    Brook Lopez
    Wildcards – Jose Calderon

  65. rain says:

    Backcourt – Holiday, Williams
    Frontcourt – Noah (definitely), Chandler, George (leads the Indiana Pacers to playoff)
    Wild Card – Lopez, Pierce

    If not for old man Pierce then Joe Johnson or Josh Smith..

  66. Richard says:

    All in all i think J.R.Smith deserves to be on the team. i do not agree with the east starting line up melo yes,lebron yes, Garnett no, wade maybe, rohnodo yes..chandler should have been in the starting five..not just because i am a die hard knicks fan but because he is playing great this season.

  67. NBA says:

    As of today:

    West Reserves: Harden, Westbrook, Parker, Crawford, Curry, Gay, Love, Aldridge, Duncan,
    East Reserves: Irving, Williams, Holiday, J.Johnson, J.Smith, B.Lopez, Noah, Bosh, Chandler

  68. LOL says:

    brandon jennings is playing better then kyrie and holliday, funny how he dominated them every game he played them.. he also hit a game winner o kyrie this year… smh what about ellis too, the league just hates the bucks smh

    • Trevon Wesley says:

      ^^^^^^ THIS COMMENT IS HOW I FEEL ^^^^^^^^ they deserve 2 allstars not Holiday or Irving from losing records. Plus Holiday isnt even doing anything spectacular

    • coach casey says:

      Try being a raps fan buddy, I think the only team in NBA history to have the league have to apologize for blown calls deciding a game (two days ago against CHI, and a foul for the win against the Bobcats)

      • coach casey says:

        And alos no DeMar talk?!? HIs numbers are better than Joe Johnson (he also has 18 and 5 with better percentages). Even though the Raptors are in contention, DeRozan’s solid play and steady improvement at least warrant a mention. Come on NBA, Canada is cool

  69. AAA says:

    One blunder has been corrected, so should a second one. Josh Smith deserves an All Star berth.

  70. Carluto says:

    The reserves should be Backcourt- Holiday and Williams (Kyrie Irving is getting there)
    Frouncourt- Chris Bosh, Noah (definitely), Pierce
    Wild Card- Jonhson and Lopez

  71. natefilewood says:

    Has there been an edit on this article? I didnt read anything about Ryan Anderson in there…

  72. bostonNOTla says:

    jennings,jr smith, evan turner, BYNUM, patrick ewing, fab melo, anothony davis, blatche,avery bradley

    • Stephen Curry says:

      lol ur a celtics homer. fab melo? patrick ewing isnt in the NBA anymore… avery bradly? jrue is way better. and anthony davis is in the west. bynum hasnt played this year and blatche isnt better than bosh. some people are clueless. WATCH BASKETBALL IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT!

  73. NTJG4 says:

    Reserves: Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Tyson Chandler, Joakim Noah, Joe Johnson….and….one of my favs…Mr JR SMITH!!

  74. aaron says:

    Im going with Jrue Holiday, Kyrie Irving, Brook Lopez, Tyson Chandler, Luol Deng, J.R. Smith, Monta Ellis

  75. brooklyn says:

    Brook Lopez should be starting!!

  76. Trade Deadline says:

    Maybe if we…

    Trade Kyrie Irving for Steve Blake
    Trade Joakim Noah for Jordan Hill
    Trade Jrue Holiday for Chris Duhon
    Trade Tyson Chandler for Robert Sacre
    Trade Paul George for Darius Morris

    You’re Welcome.

  77. Jack says:

    Ryan Anderson would be a legit wildcard pick as an eastern reserve considering he plays in the western conference…

    Chandler, Noah, bosh, Irving, holiday, Lopez, David west

  78. cliffliu12 says:

    I totally agree with all of these picks, except that I’m pretty sure that Ryan Anderson is in the west. New Orleans is technically in the eastern half of the country, but it’s in the west.

  79. sean boyle says:

    only problem with anderson is that the hornets are in the west

  80. AAA says:

    Ryan Anderson on the East Reserves . Fat chance of that happening since he plays for New Orleans in the WESTERN CONFERENCE. So why not go for JOSH SMITH . One game does not define a player.

  81. gilford says:

    EAST reserves:
    Backcourt – Deron Williams*
    Jrue Holiday
    Kyrie Irving
    Froncourt – Joakim Noah
    Chris Bosh
    Paul George
    Brook Lopez*
    Wildcards – Josh Smith
    Paul Pierce(just because there is too many frontcourt players)
    *either one of them cause someone has to represent Brooklyn
    BTW New Orleans is in the WEST!

    • David V says:

      I like the reserve picks of Irving, Holiday, Noah, Chandler, George, and Pierce. Not really sold on Bosh though. He needs to rebound more and they need him to be more physical, even though that is not his game. That would be his sacrifice, bulking up a little and playing more physical. Then if if numbers decline because he changed his game for the good of the team. Not rewarding him for “sacrifice” by his numbers just declining. Do we really want to punish Josh Smith this much for a slight dip and return to his old ways? I say he gets on intead of Bosh and if you want 3 players from the same team twice on the East squad, then go with JR Smith and give the Knicks 3 not Miami.

  82. Kyle says:

    new orleans is in the west

  83. Giacomo says:

    No Monta Ellis? he deserves to be an all star!

  84. lynx13 says:

    new orleans is west conference

  85. Jadm says:

    Ryan Anderson is in the West lol

  86. Hey you! says:

    Hey you! Ryan Anderson is from the WESTERN CONFERENCE!!!!!

  87. LT says:

    Ryan Anderson plays in the WESTERN CONFERENCE!

  88. sbosma says:

    Since when are the NO Hornets and Ryan Anderson in the Eastern Conference?

  89. sbosma says:

    Since when are the New Orleans Hornets (and Ryan Anderson) in the Eastern Conference?

  90. ak says:

    why is ryan anderson here when this is for east all star reserves?