Another Classic: Lakers, Celts Dominate Starting Lineups For 2013 All-Star Game

Classic literature, classic rock, classic cars.

Classic NBA. That means L.A. and Boston.

allstar-13-200Despite the fact that the two winningest franchises in the history of the league are currently struggling in the standings, the stars of the Lakers and Celtics are still must-see attractions for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game. The Celtics are currently No. 7 in the East and the Lakers No. 11 and out of the playoffs in the West.

Yet the results of fan voting will have classic rivals Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard of the Lakers and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo of the Celtics squaring off in the starting lineups at Houston’s Toyota Center on Feb. 17 on TNT.

Bryant (1,591,437) edged out Miami’s LeBron James (1,583,646) to become the leading vote-getter for the third time. It will be his 15th consecutive All-Star Game appearance, breaking a tie with Jerry West, Karl Malone and Shaquille O’Neal. While you can argue that the whole NBA is Bryant’s oyster, the All-Star Game has become a personal kingdom that practically fits into the palm of his hand. He’s the all-time leading scorer (271) and tied with Bob Pettit for most MVPs (four).

Heat teammates James and Dwyane Wade and the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony will join Garnett and Rondo as starters for the Eastern Conference.

In addition to Bryant and Howard, the Western Conference starters will be Clippers Chris Paul and Blake Griffin along with Kevin Durant of the Thunder.

The reserves, seven for each team, will be selected by a vote of the league’s coaches and announced Jan. 24 on TNT.

For complete vote totals, click here:



LeBron James, Heat — The no-brainiest of no-brainers. The youngest player ever to score 20,000 career points. He’ll play his ninth All-Star Game in the arena where he outdueled Tracy McGrady to be named the MVP in 2006. Highlights.

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — Perhaps the most talented and effective scorer in the game, he’s putting the ball in the hoop at the highest rate (29.3 ppg) of his career. This is his sixth All-Star team and second in the Eastern Conference. Highlights.

Kevin Garnett, Celtics — It’s a lifetime achievement honor for Old Man River at a time when he’s playing fewer minutes than he’s ever played. It’s his 15th All-Star Game and the big question is whether he’ll trash-talk teammate Melo. Highlights.


Dwyane Wade, Heat — The MVP before the biggest crowd (108,713) in All-Star history at Cowboys Stadium in 2010, he’ll be playing for the ninth time for the East. May have ceded the lead dog role on Heat to LeBron, but still a fan favorite. Highlights.

Rajon Rondo, Celtics — The league leader in assists and the sparkplug that turns over the engine of the Boston offense. You can talk all you want about Boston’s Big Three, but these days he’s the big one who can lift them up. Highlights.

The lowdown: There’s no question that Tyson Chandler was the first victim of the new voting system that chooses frontcourt and backcourt players and does not break out centers separately. That’s a shame, because the Knicks’ big man is statistically having the best season of his career and anchoring the middle of the New York defense. But he loses out in the popular vote to Garnett, because fans want to see the stars, especially when one of the all-time greats nears the end of his career. Despite being the league’s top assist man and having moved into the upper echelon, the four-time All-Star Rondo would probably be on the East bench if Chicago’s injured Derrick Rose wasn’t on the shelf.



Kevin Durant, Thunder — The three-time defending scoring champ is chasing Kobe and Carmelo in this year’s race, but has his eye on a bigger prize next June. He’s scoring less and playing better. Last year’s MVP in Orlando. Highlights.

Dwight Howard, Lakers — It certainly hasn’t been a smooth ride in his first season with the Lakers, but it says something about his talent that even in a down year, following back surgery, he’s the best center in the West. Highlights.

Blake Griffin, Clippers — His scoring, rebounding and shooting are all down from a year ago. But when you can jump over a car to dunk and show up with CP3 on the highlight reels every night, people tend to notice and vote for you. Highlights.


Kobe Bryant, Lakers — While his team may be down, it’s not because Kobe isn’t trying. He leads the league in scoring, is shooting at a career-best clip, rebounding, passing, doing it all. It’s his best season in years. Highlights.

Chris Paul, Clippers — Nobody in the league has a better handle. No point guard can run an offense, set up teammates and scorer better. Add in that he’s the heart at the center of the Clipper miracle and it’s a cinch . Highlights.

The lowdown: The flip-side of the coin that claimed Chandler happened here where the new voting system — unofficially known as the “Tim Duncan Rule” — did not help the veteran Spurs big man reclaim what used to be a regular spot in the West starting lineup. Neither did a personal campaign by San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich, who talked up Duncan’s amazing stats and his significant contributions in leading this team to one of the top three records in the league. The low-profile Spurs will have to count on the coaches to do the right thing by Duncan and teammate Tony Parker. The other hard-to-digest numbers in the West had the Rockets’ inconsistent point guard Jeremy Lin almost doubling up the votes of teammate James Harden, who ranks fourth in the league in scoring and has established himself as a big time scorer and first rate closer. Somebody also has to explain how the No. 4 team in the West, the Grizzlies, did not get a starter within shouting distance in the voting.


  1. ANDY says:

    kein tarnet with his level now is just a bench player, and with the celtics record is NO WAY to have 2 all stars. fans who voted for him ………… 🙂 , and with kevin age now, he should understand of how to be a man, not a boy no more kevin, stand up like a man and go pull yourself out of this all stars picture to let the real all stars to play in this level. one more thing, ” after the life of the elephants, they left us so many high value trunks, after your basketball career over, you are representing as a dirty player, NOT TOUGH, don’t let the new young players calling you dirty, calling you name, let them respect you as a man, you are too old for them to calling you name.
    i am a nba fan and i don’t bet on game, i don’t hate, i just telling of what i had been watching.

  2. howard is the biggest not deserving to be an all star this year-even though i want my east to beat west i say it should be Duncan starting.

  3. Rondo starting the point should help us blow them out this year!

  4. All i know is east better smoke west this year!

  5. mikec32 says:

    Howard actually made the lakers worse..i mean tim should start and Dwight should do the honors and let him

  6. mikec32 says:

    Howard does not deserve to be up there…


  8. Emile Chang says:

    1. It should be base on EFFICIENCY ratings combined with a rule you should be playing at least 30 minutes a game.
    2. Dirty player? Karl Malone, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars used to be dirty players too.
    3. People being quite upset because players of teams which are not in the top 4 of their conference being selected is something I understand. You would like to see the TOP. And, the TOP means the BEST players of the BEST teams.

    I would choose for …

    west: Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka. Reserves: Tony Parker, Manu Ginobilli, Rudy Gay, Tim Duncan and Marc Gasol.

    east: Jason Kidd, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Tyson Chandler. Reserves: Deron WIlliams, Ray Allen, Paul George / Danny Granger, Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah.

    This although I am a Celtics-fan and I think Rondo, Pierce and Garnett are really good players.

  9. John Halliday says:

    I’m sorry but I really wonder how some of the NBA writers get/keep their Jobs! Oh wait a minute, I just realised! Its blowing smoke up certain franchise players behinds! I guess a high Basketball IQ or even just an average Basketball IQ is not required in order to write on the subject!

    The NBA is Kobes “Oyster” surely youre not talking about the 2 guard that wears 24 and starts for the lakers are you? You mean the self proclaimed leader of the franchise that is happy Stat padding chucking up 45% shot after 45% shot dribbling the ball into the floor like it insulted his mother while one of the highest and definitley best FG% shooters watches him do it! Oh and Nash is reduced to standing around as a spot up shooter. We’re talking about the most successful Pick and roll point guard over the last 10 years, I’m not a Nash fan, in fact I think he’s overrated but if he’s on your team he has to have ball in his hands 75% of the time, becasue he is a defensive liability the other end! Why trade for him if he’s gonna be a spot up shooter, they could have got one of those and kept sessions who is a far better quicker defender on the elite point guards the lakers thought they’d be facing in the playoffs!

    Kobe should be spotting up on the weak side taking easy open jumpers off of a gasol or howard pick n’ roll with Nash, but becasue he is more worried about looking like a bad MJ impersonator than winning the Lakers are a Sub .500 team! He should be spending the energy he wastes on playing one on one while 3 all star calibre players are forced to stand and watch making up for Nash and Gasol’s defensive liabillities.

    Sorry Fran but I’m seriously sick of writers on this site not shooting straight!

  10. Stan says:

    Its just a popularity contest if Kobe is an All Star over Westbrook or Harden. Kobe leads the league in Turnovers and missed shots and is an All Star? The Lakers are below .500 because Kobe shoots them out of every game.

  11. miccecka1 says:

    there is no way that garnett should get the start over tyson chandler!!!!

  12. Wilt #13 says:

    The People who voted for Garnett,Griffin and Howard are probebly have no Idea What is basketball.
    First of all garnett is a GREAT player and one of the best ever to play at that possison,But he is not playing as great as tyson chandler and Jakhim Noah who are or even Josh smith.
    Blake Griffin is there for the dunks and thats IT. He does not play as great when it comes to just shoot the basketball and play in the post like David Lee or the great Tim Duncan Hell even ZEBO playing better them him THIS season.
    Howard playing at a mid-lvl . He should be getting 15+ Reb. And making the lakers better.
    He has the best Pick&Roll point gaurd in the history of the game!
    I think the west should look like this:
    PG- Cp3
    SF-Kevin Durant
    PF-David Lee
    C-Zach Randolf [ sorry if i missspelled his last name]
    And now for the East
    SG-Dwayne Wade
    SF-Lebron James/Carmalo Anthony
    PF-Carmalo Anthony/Lebron James
    C-Tyson Chandler Or Noah .

  13. YoYo says:

    This is stupid…KG over Noah, Smoove and Tyson is a obsurb!!!!

  14. WILKSY08 says:

    Two dirtiest players in th league are starting for the the East- Wade and Garnet. Nice to see fans rewarding bad sportsmanshiip, poor play and unbelievable arrogance. Can’t wait till they both retire!

  15. WILKSY08 says:

    LA 24- If this is the exact team you voted for, you clearly no nothing about basketball and are simply a glory LA fan. Only picks up there that deserve it are Durant, Kobe, Melo, Lebron and Paul. Evreyone else is having just standard years, no where near all star calliber.

  16. WILKSY08 says:

    Last nights Bulls game vs the celtics shows that KG is nothing compared to Noah!!! Noah abused him at both ends of the court, just shows that this all star vote has nothing to do with talent but everything to do with popularity. I love they like to ask the fans, but no offense most fans are not basketball experts and will make stupid decisions. Take power away from the fans, let the coaches decide on the full roster. This way the people that actaully deserve to be all stars will be all stars. No celtic other than Rondo is an all star calliber player anymore, the fact that the fans nearly voted Peirce on shows what a farce this event has become

  17. KG, The Truth, & Rondo definitely!!!

  18. POLISH HAMMER says:

    Dwyane Wade-Carmelo Anthony-Joakim Noah-LeBron James-Rajon Rondo
    Ray Allen,Paul Pierce,Derrick Rose,Carlos Boozer,Kyrie Irving,Chris Bosh,Brandon Jennings
    Steve Nash-Kevin Durant-Dwight Howard-Tim Duncan-Kobe Bryant
    Marcin Gortat,Tony Parker,Dirk Nowitzki,,Manu Ginobili,James Harden,Serge Ibaka,Russell Westbrook,Ricky Rubio

  19. POLISH HAMMER says:

    Marcin Gortat (Polish hammer) of the best NBA

  20. ascension08 says:

    lol how about KG and Melo on the same team

  21. Big J_Pacers says:

    I reckon its a bit unfair wade got in the starting lineup, he was injured for a bit and then started playing poorly and it just pisses off other shooting guards who had a good season like Paul George, Joe Johnson, Oj Mayo or maybe even derozan, but I still wade should have made the team just not the starting lineup

    • YoYo says:

      Mayo is playign for the west, and only agree with you abotu Paul George the rest of those guys are not playing better then Wade…

  22. sebastian says:

    KG is HOF nuff said. Noah and Chandler are role players that is it. Since when do we choose players based only on stats in the first place? Vans vote for who they want to see and I know one reason I voted for KG was because of his preformance when it really mattered last year it made me realize he got off to a late start last year but had a all star season. At the end of the day KG brings way more versatility to the game then Chandler or Noah. Noah and Tyson are probably gonna be all stars just not starters cuz there role players having a great year that is it. There not gonna be the best defensive player on there team and lead it in scoring and rebounds come playoffs.

    • YoYo says:

      I can think of a bunch of players more deserving then KG (Tyson, Noah, Smoove, Horford, West, Bosh)
      Doesn’t matter what he did last year this all star is all based on this year and KG is not an all star starter he haven’t earn it this year it was given to him…No Respect!!! KG numbers this year are average at best…

      • sebastian says:

        It does matter because he was voted to start the game. Most people like you don’t seem to realize that fans vote for who they want to see. The reserves are picked by the coaches. When I voted I thought about what a all star is. It is who I would like to see most. Starters are normally players that are popular for past accolades or current dominance in the nba. It seems like everyone on here feels that players should be chose based on stats. YOU forget that the all star game is for the entertainment of the vans and the vast majority chose who they chose if you don’t like it deal with it. Certain players are having strong seasons but there not starts in the nba Chandler and Noah are efficient role players having a great season. They aren’t HOF and haven’t put it nearly as much work in the NBA. Tyson has been around for while but like I said he is nothing but a role player. HE isn’t start caliber so he is a reserve at best. C’mon now I don’t wanna see a guy in all star game starting that is nothing but a role player if he is having a strong year then pick em as reserve. It doesn’t matter what you feel players deserve it matters on who the fans want to see. I think of a bunch of other payers iwould rather see in a all star game instead Noah

  23. sebastian says:

    KG deserves to be an all star. HE only plays about 29 mins a game. All the other guys play more mins but Kg still averages more points then Noah and Chandler. What is wrong with people, Noah play about 10 minutes more then KG. Tyson is a reserve and so is Noah. KG numbers may have dropped a bit and I know last year he shouldn’t have been an all star but right after the all star break Boston took off and climbed to the 4th seed in the east. KG was also the only big man to average 19 n 10 in the playoffs he led his team in scoring and rebounds. Noah and Tyson got knocked off early. KG closed out ATL and PHilly in game 7’s with great all around preformances. Both Noah and Chandler aren’t capable of doing what KG did. The season isn’t over so you can’t say who has had a better season. Last year same time of the year all star break KG was not having the best season, but by the end of the season he had better season.

    • YoYo says:

      Doesn’t matter what you did last year all star is based on what you did this year and he average at best this year…

  24. ginobili says:

    These all star nods mean nothing, It’s just a popularity contest and is not based one bit on players actual skill. Al Jefferson and Zach Randolph have been all stars for a majority of their careers. And what Duncan is doing this year is truly special. He’s how old? And you could argue that he is the best center in the game right now. Blake “if Im not dunkin Im not scoring” Griffin is the most overrated player. What did he do in the playoffs last year? Durant, Paul, and Kobe ok. But the other two :/
    And from the east, wade, rondo, and bron ok. Tony Parker is one of the best guard in the game and is over looked every year. I want to see Rudy Gay, Paul George, Kemba Walker, and others. And in the dunk contest I want to see Blake, LeBron, Wade, Melo, and others.

    • YoYo says:

      Yeah it just popularity cus guys like Jrue holidays, Paul, Gay, Noah, Smoove are way more deserving but they play in smart market team so they don’t get voted in…

  25. drew says:

    Love the NBA for all it does for me.

    Anyone confused about the starting lineups should consider, the major markets and how much advertising will be bought. I’d prob only make 2-3 changes anyway, but all those starters are super stars, no doubt.

  26. Macky says:

    I don’t see why people think it’s ok for Kobe to get a start or even be an all star, same with Howard. I don’t care if he’s leading the league in scoring, he wont even win the scoring title because he’s not efficient so he’s more prone to having off shooting nights. He’s also on a team that will be lucky to make the playoffs…looking at their record, I see at least 22 games that they’ll lose which will for sure not allow them to enter the post season. Harden or Westbrook should have started at the 2 guard and Duncan should have started at Center.

  27. lordelnael says:

    It’s an all star game…. why so much hate on griffin? he’s one of the players who’s making the all-star game fun to watch. you don’t wanna watch an all star game with mid range shots only. fans want to see an highlight shots like dunks, alley oops and 3ishhh.

  28. furiousscott says:

    They need to make all-star voting done by a committee and make it mean something.

    The charity thing is a nice place to go, but wouldn’t it be sweet if whoever won got home court advantage?

  29. Fred Hogan says:

    I count 2 Heat and 2 Celts starting, and the two heat received more votes than the two Celts, so where is the Domination?

  30. LAlakeshow says:

    why does everyone forget that this is all based on popular vote so we voted for kg rondo kobe howard griffin to be in the starting lineup and either way KG is more deserving than Chandler(dont get me wrong he is a great player and will get his chance in the starting line up) and Lopez( 7 footer that cant rebound enough said) because this could be his last or second to last season and people want to see him play enough said

  31. Justice Moncrease says:

    I have never been more disappointed in the western conference all-star ballot. Dwight Howard is not the best big man in the west! He dunks the most. He’s the biggest, but I don’t see consistent effort from him in every game. It bothers me when fans reward an underachieving player with an all-star berth. Yes, UNDERACHIEVING! When is the last time you saw such a physical talent need multiple all stars to help him win a championship. This many years into his career Dwight Howard winning a championship, to me, has become a joke. This voting shows the younger players in the league, as well as kids every where, that this game isn’t about hard work. It’s about money, media, and marketing. I have been an NBA fan for a long time but I am sick of the league force feeding me athletic big men that just dunk. (Blake Griffin) Show me some skill. Show me some beauty. Basketball is a graceful game. Show me some grace!!!

  32. dj rgm9 says:

    Forget to say; Dwight should be kept as second team,reserve player from the west competition!That’s more fair for everybody.

  33. dj rgm9 says:

    I find that Kobe & Dwight better stayin as spectator watchin the youngsters play some fan based supposing fun game,same for the celtic player like that nasty Garnet!They had theyr time to shine now is up on the youth to do it!
    All star game is ‘nt even fun anymore to watch especialy the dunkcompetition sinds 2008.These players can better exercise theyr game in the hal,keeping fresh for the part of the season that’s more reasonable (maybe take a day off watching the all star game with family) instead wasting theyr time paticipating.Let the youngsters shine!!!

  34. Banner 18 says:

    Must make better headlines to say Celts/Lakers dominate instead of Heat/Clips because they both have the same number of players. It was obvious Rondo would be a starter for the PG position, KG was a toss up.

  35. Dwade says:

    Chandler? Sacks…. Y not Anthony of miami… It will bring advantage alongside LBJ and D handsome D’Wade plus 3 pointer Rey allen And Bosh at 4… Agree Heat fans?

  36. FACT says:

    The point of the All Star game is to reward the best players so far halfway through the season by showcasing them all together. However, given the fact that starters are fans votes, you’ll always get the most popular players regardless of whether they have played all that great. Point is, if all the players who deserved to start got in, the game wouldn’t be as exciting or fun, Griffin is more entertaining than Duncan, KG more than Chandler or Noah, Rose more than Rondo(which we know would’ve happened had he played even if horribly), Howard more than Z-Bo. Point is the game is meant to entertain rather than get it right. Anyone who deserves a place will get it on the bench if they haven’t got one, the coaches usually get it right, if they miss out than they need to work harder to impress coaches. Skill wins you titles, flair gets you an all star game berth.

  37. Bulls2012 says:


  38. Luke says:

    Lin over Westbrook I just can’t believe this, what is happening to this league !!!. People we need to stop this BS !!!

  39. smiley says:

    Noah is very deserving to be a reserve, Boozer has picked up his game big time and is getting double boubles just about every game, and Deng is a Iron Man playing the most minutes in the NBA and made the All-Star team last year and is deserving again. Come on let’s see some Bulls make the team this year! 🙂

  40. Karlo Garcia says:

    His stats Duncan don’t lie!

  41. Karlo Garcia says:

    Howard over Duncan?????????? WORD. Tim Duncan has had a better season & been more consistent than DH.

  42. David Capron says:

    to me its very simple the allstar game is for the FANS not the coaches more so for the fans then even the players because its about who the fans want to c not about who the coaches or gms think deserves to play if you dont catch the interest of those watching u play thats your fault not the fault of those watching !!!!!!

  43. Luke says:

    Lin over Westbrook I just can’t believe this. What is happening to this league. People we need to stop this!!!

  44. RR says:

    The headline is wrong… Lakers and Celtics dominate All star?? they only have two players on each side, the only era they dominate the All star is the Magic-Bird era which almost of their starting line up are their… so this all star is nothing…

  45. LBJ says:

    I think ‘Heat & Clippers dominate the all-star starting line-ups’ would have made more sense as the headline (since they are two of the best teams in the league)…

  46. Daniel says:

    How can you say, “There’s NO QUESTION that Tyson Chandler was the first victim of the new voting system that chooses frontcourt and backcourt players and does not break out centers separately,” when Chris Bosh plays center for the Heat and received more votes than Tyson?

    I understand sports journalism is sensationalist by nature, so I won’t hate the player, just the game, but come on!

    Side note: Tyson Chandler is prob. my favorite player.

  47. evan says:

    did you see Chris Paul’s neck? it was too long.. and how about dwight in the picture? he looks like a midget haha

  48. Noel says:

    The Big Fundamental got ripped off this year! Dwight Howard is so amazing that he’s carrying that Lakers team to a dominate 17-21 record…

  49. Come On says:

    Howard and Griffin are garbage basketball players. Stick either one of them on Duncan and they get ripped to shreds every night. Ya’ll NBA “fans” need to get off of the ESPN highlight reel and watch real basketball. The all-star game is a joke. Dwight Howard is easily the biggest joke of all. At least his lordship Mr. Stern got his way. 4 LA representatives. Unbelievable.

    • Common Sense says:

      Griffin stopped Duncan twice this season. Once in La once in San Antonio. But I agree that Duncan is one of the top players and definitely hall of fame material. But you are definitely an LA Hater, which is fine, but you are

  50. LA 24 says:

    my exact allstar 2013 vting became true.. same strting five that i voted.

    • Dwade says:

      Chandler? Sacks…. Y not Anthony of miami… It will bring advantage alongside LBJ and D handsome D’Wade plus 3 pointer Rey allen… Agree Heat fans?

  51. Bersem says:

    The League would allow players to decline a all-star election… Look at Jeremy Lin : doesn’t have a real impact on the Rockets like James Harden does… Lin himself says he doesn’t deserve it… But as Yao Ming, he has a whole nation behind him

  52. #1CP3FAN says:

    CP3 & BG32!! Starters again! LA all day!!

  53. Mikey G says:

    Kyrie Irving instead of rondo!!!!!!!

  54. Mikey G says:

    Where is Krylo Fesenko in my opinion he is the best in the nba

    lol jk

  55. G says:

    It is not (only) about the best players any more, it is more about fan favourites and who is most eager to get someone voted in (so many Chinese…….) Duncan should be there! When are we going to see an all-star game with the best players at that time facing off? If it continues like this they can better stop with this event!!!

  56. mikeyborj says:

    It’s a joke if Mr.Blinebury thinks Howard is a better center than Cousins

  57. MrNewJersey says:

    I hate that the (FANS) get to vote for the starting lineups due to the fact a lot of good players get over looked because of popularity. I wish the NBA would change it to where the fans vote for the bench players and let the coaches vote for the starters that way people will have to really know basketball and vote for the best players not by popularity and I believe no rookie should be an all-star that’s just my opinion

  58. Denzo says:

    And what about the Bulls?? C’mon they are balling. Noah and Deng are killing it. But hey they don’t flop or take their talents anywhere buy Chicago so that’s that.

  59. Henrik Jensen says:

    why you are so against these players???, its fan voting, so they deserve it, come on, …

  60. NOLA_fan_from_Paris says:

    This system is a shame and that’s why I won’t watch the ASG for one more year. Garnett seriously? Who’s gonna pay for that, not Chandler, but Noah, Lopez? The threes deserve more to be at Houston than KG… And 2 Lakers, but no Spurs? LOL

  61. Henrik Jensen says:

    somebody wrote who will be guarding dwight howard????, what the… Garnett ofcourse.. east will win this one, 138-129…

  62. Celtics dominate the lineup?? says:

    Honestly, these articles are so subpar that it is beginning to get disrespectful to the visitors of
    Celtics dominate the East’s lineup – what sort of bull is this? Garnett, who barely held the third spot in front of Bosh, getting into the lineup is ridiculous on its own, basically set Miami and Celtics equal in starters, when it should have been 3 to 1. Lebron and Wade both were the top vote receivers in their categories, even that should have changed the direction of this article.
    Also, Duncan being left out and HOWARD and Griffin getting the spots? Please.

  63. Dom says:

    people want to see KG because he is almost at the end of his career, what he did throughout his career is worthy of HOF. Chandler isnt even in the conversation when it comes to accomplishments. Dont even mention bosh or lopez ok? u make me sick…

  64. renz_garnett says:

    why many people hate that kevin garnett will start at center this all-star.. does they know that this is not a statistical base bbut a popularity of by votes of people.. of course garnett it more popular than whoever is the center in the east today.. better think first before putting nonsense comments

  65. Ebou says:

    Thu am a Celtic fan but always down for the WEST team.. Griffin and Paul and KD will make the best collection that Team W3st has ever had

  66. angry says:

    uhh,no J.lin,thank you,god

  67. Jason says:

    Zach Randolph should be a starter.

  68. OKC kind of guy says:

    where’s Noah? Harden? Westbrook? Ibaka? Z-bo? Lillard? Some guys who missed the cut like the ones I mentioned should be, no doubt, in the reserve role. They have been all shining this season and deserves to be in the spotlight called the All-star game.

  69. jonski22 says:

    Why this people complaining? It’s the public’s vote. Blake Griffin is one man freak show vs Tim “Boring” Duncan. Don’t get me wrong, i respect TD, he is the best, but you know he got the personality of an snail. This All-Star..not Championship.

    And i voted like this.
    C – Chandler
    PF – James
    SF – Melo
    SG – DWade
    PG – Rondo – i think

    C – Howard
    PF – Griffin
    SF – Durant
    SG – KB24
    PG – CP3
    -basically the WEST All Star is right, even if the Lakers are struggling…again it’s not’s popularity contest..

  70. Amir says:

    Blake is soooooooooooooooo overrated

  71. Tz says:

    I dont think people watching NBA games they’re just voting for the popular

  72. Ahmed says:

    For people preferring Duncan over Howard or Griffin….All Star ain’t about winning or losing; it is about putting on some show, so even if Tim Duncan is better than Howard and Griffin, which I DISAGREE on, Griffin and Howard are the ones to put the show!!!

  73. kb says:

    KG: 14.6pts & 7rbs // Lopez: 18.6pts & 7.4 rbs the numbers say it all. and Lopez has a hire Efficiency.. i think the numbers say it all. kg doesnt deserve to start, more like Chandler or lopez

  74. dominican1oko says:

    Chandler best Center in the league right now, not in the starting line up??? come on…. everybody taking about KB24 and LJ6 but mvp is Melo, go East go Knicks…..

  75. celtics no. 1 says:

    melo will finally got a chance to talk to kg in inside their all star locker room and inside their team bus.

    rondo and wade can finally break each others elbow.

  76. Jayjoe14 says:

    awkward moment when garnett and melo are actually both on the starting lineup, how could those two guys play together…

  77. Paul says:

    Never let fans vote. Enough said.

  78. gomezd says:

    Yeah Celtics and Lakers definetly DOMINATING… evne though theres 2 clippers and 2 heat players also -_-.

    If anyhing LA is dominating all star line ups.

  79. Mercury says:

    The only ones who truly belong on this list are Kobe, LeBron and KD. Too bad Rose is still battling for recovery. Joakim Noah should be the starter for the east. Garnett? Please.

  80. Watheee says:

    seriously people.. Kevin Garnett…

  81. I know it all! says:

    So Kobe makes it again!!!!! Need I say it. Best in the NBA!!!! All you haters just need to chill out and accept this fact!!!!!! LMAO. Go black mamba!!!! All Star King!!

  82. LakersCeltics says:

    Just face it! Lakers and Celtics have more fans than your Heat :)) hahaha 😛

  83. celts says:

    This doesn’t have to do anything with the starters but for the dunk competition it should be terrence ross, jr smith, derozan, gerald green and lebron james

  84. jordan bulls says:

    clippers and heat got two as well..

  85. jordan bulls says:

    fran blinebury can’t count.. celtics dominate the east starting line up? heat’s wade and Lbj are there too.

  86. rondooo says:

    I rather put joe johnson for wade because i think he is better this year and wade is just an annoying guy. Nobody likes him anymore

  87. Real basketball mind says:

    if this was not a game based on excitement i would not even watch. The sad truth is this is for the fans and not the most efficient players. Blake Griffin is clearly much more exciting than tim duncan even though tim duncan is obviously a better player. the same goes for tony parker and russell westbrook or james harden.

  88. Kevin says:

    I think he headlined with Celtics and Lakers dominating the lineupa just so that he can reference how the two winning-est teams are in the starting lineups. Heats and Clippers or any other combination of East vs West does not have as much history as those two.

  89. Frank says:

    I agree with the West selection. But so many clowns on the East. Rondo is a little punk, Dwayne is a dirty player whos skills are slipping. Garnnett is an even bigger punk that Rondo

  90. Dusty says:

    Brooke Lopez, Tyson Chandler anyone??? nope, lets go with KG, right! Who cares about the starters anyway, it’s all done on popularity, i guess we should be thankful Jeremy Lin isn’t a starter due to the ‘Yao Ming Rule’. If James Harden & JR Smith aren’t All Stars this year, its a joke!

  91. Spider-Man says:

    There is NO DOUBT that Joakim Noah should be an all star. I personally think he’s having a better season than Kevin Garnett.

  92. per c says:

    go kobe..wahhhhh!!!!!

  93. RSS vs RSS says:

    I Love it LA in the building best SG and PG (Kobe and CP3), Blake Griffin and D12 will dunk any lobs and Durant shooting away. The east team is ok other than Lebron, Melo and maybe Wade if he have a good night. Some fans are mad with the selection guess what? the votes are in, the real fans have spoken by voting now deal with it and enjoy the show. All star game; only the best players or superstars are allowed not good players on a good team with a winning record. You don’t like it oh well vote next year LOL Lakers all day everyday

    • Common Sense says:

      you didn’t have to tell people you were a laker fan, that was pretty obvious when the only people you left out were the Celtics. Thank you for your biased point of view, you should study journalism, you’d be great!

  94. Rob says:

    I’m confused. Why does it say “Lakers/Celtics” dominate lineups, when MIA and LAC both have 2 players a piece as well?

    Why not “Heat/Clippers Dominate Lineups”?

    This writer must be from the Manti Teo school of journalism.

  95. Ignorant people make me mad says:

    There are quite a few people who seem flabbergasted that certain players are in the lineup…that’s because it’s done by popularity vote! That’s why they were selected, whether they deserve or not.

  96. Crazy says:

    Can we get ri of the popularity vote for starters and introduce starters based purely on stats, and switch reserves to a popularity vote?

    Seriously, 4 Teams, 80% of the Starters.

    • Common Sense says:

      NO. That’s like saying can’t we have the news report on the good things that are going on? Ratings are the only thing that matter on Television, Period! That likely won’t change. And stats are incredibly flawed too, since some of the top teams have been resting their starters once the game is won, because some players are fighting for wins and others are fighting for stats so they can get max contracts when traded. Some of the best players, sacrifice their stats to get wins. Also the players that typically have the best stats are the ones in the 4 and 5 spot because the games are the most competitive so the starters get more minutes and they get more overtime games which pad the stats.

  97. desta23 says:

    No one in the east can guard howard, hell dominate the post like he always does. Whether it’s lopez, bosh, chandler it don’t matter.

  98. Brunoccs says:

    Explain to me how is it that the Lakers and the Celtics are “dominating” the ASG line up if each have only two players, and so do Miami and the L.A. Clippers???

  99. Zhen says:

    rookie tim duncan

  100. dandan says:

    i reckon the coaches should select the first eleven men
    and then let the fans vote for the last spot in the team.

    that way those deserving players (such as david lee, tim duncan, tyson chandler) will get there reward for playing excellent basketball…

    GO EAST!

  101. The Great One says:

    Wheres my man Noah? Deng? There fourth in the East and they play both sides. This is a joke.

    • steagle says:

      Seeding doesn’t matter. Individual popularity does. Don’t you know how the All Star system works?

  102. Brenda Davidson says:

    Tim Duncan’s performance this year has been nothing short of spectacular! He deserves to be a 2013 All-Star. He is the consummate team player and a true gentleman. His demeanor and professionalism should be the archetype for other players entering the league, as well as some veteran players.

    • steagle says:

      The only reason Duncan didn’t get the nod is because Dwight Howard is now in the western conference. I don’t think Dwight should be a starter based on how this year has gone for him but my opinion doesn’t matter, only my vote does.

      Don’t worry though, Duncan will get in on the reserves. Hopefully Aldridge and Millsap too.

  103. KB24 says:

    what a showdown this is going to be!!!:) WEST COAST!!! ALL DAY BABY!!!!
    and KOBE is going for his 5th!! ALLSTAR MVP!!:)

    • John Halliday says:

      LOL he might win an ALL Star MVP shot jacking like he is this year while his teammates stand and watch! But thats all he’s gonna win this year LOL brilliant

  104. Grizz are boring says:

    We vote for the players we want to see play. Other than Grizz fans, does anyone want to watch them play? Rudy is probably the only one that has some flare to his game (if he gets consistent he’ll become a favourite).

    Same goes for Spurs. They’re a great team, but who cares? The basketball purists seem to forget that basketball is entertainment. While players, coaches and staff try to make it all serious like they’re erecting a new monument that’ll help save the world, fans just want to see some awesome athletes do awesome things.

  105. Lethal says:

    Dwight Howard as a starter is a joke. Lame.

  106. Ampoy says:

    Talk about forcing a story of rivalry. I don’t about Franblurry – I guess it’s blur, Heat dominated the starting line up to me.

  107. josh says:

    Chandler has been the most dominant centre for me this year… The Heat have always struggled when lining up against him and have surprised me that they have made no move for him trade wise…

  108. The West is a far stronger, and much better balanced, team. But there are some truly terrible selections here on both sides. How can two teams that are doing quite poorly (boston and LA) have two starters each, while the likes of Zach Randolph and Tim Duncan miss out in the West and Joakim Noah misses out for Garnett in the East?

  109. grizznizzlybear says:

    Don’t get me wrong but this would be an awesome format for a video game but I believe the All Start Game Starters should be for the Chandlers and Hardens, the players who have really earnt it for the season at hand. Name sake should not sacrifice talent.

  110. bird says:

    how did the lakers get 2 allstars when they might not even make the playoffs

    • Pete says:

      Because you are voting for the best players in the NBA, not the best teams.

      That’s why it’s the All-Star game, not the “best player on a good team” game.

  111. Brandon says:

    “Blake Griffin, Clippers – His scoring, rebounding and shooting are all down from a year ago.”

    That’s because he’s playing 5 minutes less per game.

    If you look at the per 36 minutes his stats are just about at last years/

    • Pete says:

      Yet he’s also an utterly incomplete player.

      I’ve seen as many of his highlights on “Shaqtin a fool” as I have elsewhere.

      He’s all about show and flash, doesn’t impress me much.

      • Hm says:

        Wow, Pete, you know that’s not true. Also, you shouldn’t judge a player by his highlights… That’s incredibly dumb.

      • pete is dumb says:

        Hey pete, are you judging players allstar qualifications based on SHAQTIN A FOOL ?? SERIOUSLY??

  112. stanley chau says:


  113. Trade Deadline says:


    Trade Kevin Garnett for Jordan Hill
    Trade Rajon Rondo for Steve Blake
    Trade Carmelo Anthony for Darius Morris
    Trade Dwayne Wade for Chris Duhon
    Trade Lebron James for Robert Sacre

    You’re Welcome.

  114. brodie says:

    why the hell is Kevin Garnett in there put brook Lopez in the starting lineup he is way better then KEVIN and don’t get me started with the west its like you are picking the C and PF on there dunking abilities. Not to mention picking favorites 2 clippers 2 heat 2 Lakers 2 Celtics why not put kyrie irving in the starting line-up

  115. sharpshooterjames says:

    screw lin I wanted to see my man russel westbrook. wtf guys jeremy lin really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Gillsy says:

    Looking at the line ups the west should win due to being able to out rebound the east. But when has that worried the Heat or Celtics. But the game will be interesting if anyone gets a fast break. The two best points in the game, playing with James and Anthony, and Durant and Griffin

  117. bais says:

    This has always been ridiculous. It’s not the best players selected, it’s the most popular, like in school. Stupid yanks…

    • steagle says:

      Right, because it’s a POPULAR VOTE. We choose the starters. The All Star committee chooses the reserves. Vote as much as you can for the players you want to see instead of complaining at what others pick.

  118. LBJ says:

    More like a LA dominating lineup.

    4/5 players play for la.

  119. RocketsFan says:

    I prefer watching Westbrook, Harden, & Lin over Chris Paul. Paul is great but he’s not exciting for me to watch. IMO Griffin & Howard chosen over Duncan & Nowitzski is like if Lin was chosen over Chris Paul.

  120. zero says:

    the heat also have 2 players in the stariting line up,not just the celtics and lakers…

  121. ngyoe says:

    LA vs Boston

  122. Ariel says:

    can’t wait for the all star game! This should be exciting.

  123. Abdullahi Mohammed says:

    The west looks deadly this year. I’m the first to comment!

  124. Garvin says:

    Kevin Garnett shouldn’t be starting for the east. Tyson Chandler, Chris Bosh, or Brooke Lopez should start but not Kevin Garnett.

  125. Kerron says:

    I’m disgusted with the center position of the eastern conference this year. Chandler or Brook Lopez should be in that center position.

    • Pete says:

      Lopez is a 7 footer who cant rebound

      Chandler is a 7 footer who’s only offensive move is ‘catch and dunk’.

      Please explain your logic?

    • Kevin says:

      It’s because there is no ‘center’ position this year, we were allowed to vote for 2 guards and 3 forwards/center. And it just happens that those three are most liked than the true centers. The game has changed as you see more and more small man lineups.

    • NBA Fan says:


      KG is way, way more popular than Lopez/ Chandler, that’s why he gets selected to the All-Star starters. The starters are all based on popularity, not personal achievments, so nobody cares that Lopez or Chandler play “better” than KG, because KG is far more popular, so people are going to vote for him. Seems that you have lots of problems with understanding this one simple fact.

  126. Going 4 da gold says:

    My own version

    Pg cp3
    Love ( if healthy)

    East rose ( if healthy ) , melo,Lebron,chandler

  127. matt says:

    i don’t really see the celts and lakers DOMINATING the lineups. This is a poorly written headline. There are also two players from the heat and two from the clippers on each squad, so you could also say the Heat and Clippers DOMINATE the starting lineups. BTW i’m a laker fan, but this is what’s wrong with today’s media. Look at the author, has he even touched a basketball in his life?

  128. redmisery says:

    Why James Harden only gets half the votes for Jeremy Lin? Because Lin got the “Yao Ming” votes by the billions of Chinese people rooting for them. Not being racist, but they’re the majority of the population in this planet. I myself is of Asian descent.

  129. WINN says:

    Yes the Clipper are good this year b/c they have lots of vets, ok. ow let take out all the vet and have only CP3 and Griffen only with bunch of rookies, and see where they stand. Rockets have bunch of rookies and where they stand now is good as it get. If the Rockets were in the East , they up there in 3-5. west .So Lin and Harden deserve to be in the all star too.

    • Hm says:

      No, you don’t get to do this halfway through the season. People laughed at the Clippers for picking up these veterans on minimum contracts before the preseason. Now that they’re doing good, all of a sudden people call them “stacked”.

  130. I Love Heat says:

    Go Dwade And LBJ6- Heat

  131. Weston says:

    I can’t believe Tyson Chandler did not get a starting position.

    • Pete says:

      All he does is dunk, rebound and defend.

      His offensive game is too limited. He’s more of an overglofified role player than he is an All-Star,

      • Hm says:

        He is leading the league in offensive rating… just like the last two seasons. Either he’s one hell of an anomaly, or he’s just doing really good because he hit his “prime”. His defence is off from last season though.
        “All he does is dunk”
        I’ve heard that before, but of course it’s untrue.

  132. Tom says:

    How messed up is it that 2 All Stars are from the 7th seed in the East and 2 All Stars in the West are from the Lakers who will be lucky to even make the playoffs! In the East, Indiana, Chicago, Brooklyn and Atlanta are all ahead of Boston and didn’t get an All Star. Six playoff teams in the competitive West didn’t get an All Star and two non-playoff teams are ahead of the Lakers. This year’s All Star voting is strictly major market teams. Oklahoma City with Durant and maybe the Heat are the only All Stars outside of major markets and the Heat are the champs. Very uninspired voting.

    • Pete says:

      Because those teams don’t have individuals who are really worthy.

      All-Star is not (and shouldnt be treated as) MVP. It’s about individual achievement, not team achievement,.

      • steagle says:

        Yep, and in addition, the All Star Starters are voted in by the public, while the reserves are voted in by the All Star committee. The public spoke. There is no one on Indiana, Chicago, Brooklyn or Atlanta that they thought should start in front of Rondo & KG. There are plenty of great players on those teams but none of them are better than Rondo at the PG position, and Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler and Brook Lopez just aren’t as likeable as KG (and I would argue that they’re not better than him either, except in certain specific categories, but not as all around players.)

      • The Worm 91 says:

        How about Carlos Boozer leading double doubles in the East? ain’t it an individual achievement? ain’t it a better performance than KG?

    • Stephen Curry says:

      your sad… its like saying deron williams is half as good as kobe bryant. not in a century…..

      • Giddi says:

        KG is likable? If you are not a Boston fan, please explain how its possible to be one of the dirtiest player and likable?

      • Christina says:

        KG isn’t a dirty player, all of the new players just keep getting softer and softer. Also, Lebron, D-Wade, and Noah aren’t exactly the cleanest players.

  133. Jason says:

    Fran, maybe you missed it but 4 teams account for more then 50% of the All Star starters! Paul and Griffen from LAL, Howard and Bryant from LAL, James and Wade from MIA and Rondo and Garnett from BOS. This is the way of the NBA today let large markets dominate.

    • dan says:

      thats true, but chandler plays for a “large market” squad as well, am i right?

    • Marco29 says:

      Yes but Miami is #1 in the East and Clips are #1 or 2 in the west, so it makes sense to have 2 players of these teams (even though Griffin’s presence is very questionalble). But Lakers (#11) and Celtics (#7)? Kobe and Rondo are OK but Howard and KG? I love KG and he would probably deserve a spot on the bench. but the starting role should go to Noah or Chandler. Howard’s spot (and even Griffin’s) should go to Duncan, Lee or Randolph who all play better and for top 5 teams in the west.

      • Big_Shu says:

        man, this is not “the best at this time team” vote and it is not a team award, people loves KG much more than Chandler so they vote for KG – not Chandler. It is simple

  134. KGHM says:

    Is there any area in which Chandler is better than Garnett (hes darn 36 years old), except rebounding ?
    Somebody doesn’t like the celtics here.

  135. awefna says:

    ok tim duncan should have gotten in instead of blake, and joakim noah shouldve gotten in instead of kg

  136. EnBeeAyy says:

    How exactly does the celtics “Dominate” the east when theres only two of em and the heat has two players too lol o.O

    • dan says:

      well it’s domination because wade and lebron probably deserve to be in the squad, rondo and garnet however?

      • Christina says:

        Rondo’s the best point guard in the league and Garnett’s one of the best PFs ever. Miami Heat fans always seem to be the most disrespectful and also the rudest.

      • HayFever says:

        Rondo is good, but CP3 is much better

  137. theholyspectator says:

    all star game gonna be gooooood….first half nothing but video game highlights

  138. purpngold says:

    It is what it is. The NBA changes and rearanges as it pleases. Fair or unfair, this is what we have to live with.
    You dont like, take it up with King Stern..

  139. ChrisPH says:

    Good thing Lin didn’t get the spot.

  140. MemphisMemphis says:

    Looks like these guys would fight each other than play against the other team. Melo vs KG. Wade vs Rondo.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Those relationships might actually make it worth watching. As for all the debate about not being able to guard Howard etc. Its the All-Star game. Nobody’s guarding anybody until the last few minutes. Will Wade clobber Kobe again I wonder…

    • Common Sense says:

      good point. Hows the chemistry going to work there?

    • The Beard says:

      Looking forward to KG vs Melo. They’ll probably make each other look bad on purpose.

  141. Henry says:

    the question will be who will match dwight howard in the east’s center… goodluck, west wil win again this year

    • Troy says:

      Looks like you did not watch last years all star game, and see how bad and careless Howard played. He kept shooting trees, and did not want to win at all. I hate to watch that type of childish games.

      • NBA Fan says:

        if he shoots TREES than he must be goddamn dangerous. I mean, someone can easily get hurt by such a careless behavior.

      • Michael says:

        Lets all remember Howard is affraid of KG…he has never played against him…KG will dominate Howard like he always has!!

      • Bosh says:

        I don’t think so…you’re right about dwight but he has chris paul in his back who knows how to run a showtime offense…that brings the fun to dwight…and come on, there is nothing bad about shooting two or three wide open threes in asg.

    • uoykcuf says:

      have you see coward play this year? I think even Melo can guard him at the all star game.

  142. daviedave59 says:

    Howard and Griffin over Duncan/????????????

    • Heartovachamp says:

      Your comment is the one and only worth reading, your question is right the answer is wrong.

    • Smeets says:

      Duncan Shmuncan!

    • Common Sense says:

      You are shocked for no good reason. Of Course Howard, of course Griffin. Howard is superman! Griffin is the Kia guy. Kobe is Sprite, and everything else. Kevin Durant, Sprint or whatever that phone company is and also he has a new movie. Chris Paul has the new State Farm or Farmers commercial! Therefore they win!! I’m not sure if you realize this but the All Stars are voted on by the Fans! The same people that vote in American Idol and make Clay Matthews a Celebrity! If the Coaches don’t do the league justice then you can complain. But until then… don’t expect filet mignon when your at the drive thru menu of McDonalds. You get what you ask for, who are the most exciting people to watch and get the best ratings. Not who is the most structurally sound basketball player with the best IQ, blah blah.

      • The Beard says:

        All Howard and Griffin do is dunk!! With players like Paul and Bryant, they don’t have to do anything but dunk.

    • Twin Tower! says:

      Bryant and Dwight and Gasol all still good. They’re looking bad bc they’re playing the wrong system wth POOR COACHING! Phil would make them all look good just like he made MJ looked like he was playing at his prime when he was in his 30s. Kobe and Gasol wont look exactly like that but they sure will look a lot better. Kobe is already shooting his career highest percentage, with Phil, he will look a lot more like he’s playing at his prime!