All-Star Starters Tonight on TNT

Can Kobe Bryant hold off LeBron James to once again be the leading vote-getter?

Will Jeremy Lin make a late finishing push to supplant MVP candidate Chris Paul in the Western Conference?

allstar-13-200Those are the two biggest questions left to answer when the results of fan balloting to choose the starting lineups for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game are announced tonight on TNT (7 p.m. ET).

Bryant, who leads the league in scoring, had an advantage of 26,152 votes over James in the overall race in the most recent round of results released on Jan. 3. Paul was holding down the second spot in the West backcourt with a lead of 46,269 votes over Lin. The top three in the West frontcourt voting are: Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin.

James was leading everyone in the Eastern Conference, followed by frontcourt partners Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. The top two backcourt vote-getters were Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo.

The howls of protest would likely be loudest if Lin, getting a strong wave of support from Asia, were to beat out Paul, who has the Clippers challenging Oklahoma City for the best record in the NBA.

But others who could make a legitimate case that they should be in the starting lineups based on their performances so far this season are Knicks center Tyson Chander in the East frontcourt and Spurs’ veteran Tim Duncan in the West frontcourt.


  1. Jefrey Landicho says:

    Javale deserves to an all Star he’s an MVP of Shaq

  2. Jefrey Landicho says:

    Javale and Kendrick should be an all star common JaVale is an MVP in Shaq in a Fool and Kendrick is a runner up. All Start is about being fun
    Poing guard should be a center position while center be a point guard

  3. Kamote says:

    WOW, the east conference would be fun to watch. KG, Melo, Lebron, Wade and Rondo. It’s BOS vs. MIA, Rondo vs. Wade, KG vs. Melo, NY vs. MIA, NY vs. Bos. Hahaha, I’d sure love to see how this 5 would work out.

  4. Nykfan4life says:

    How in the world can any of u ppl vote 4 J. Lin???? Idk what games y’all watch he’s nooooooooooooooooooooo way better then cp3 Westbrook, Parker , harden, J. Crawford or even the water boy 4 da suns!!!!!!! Disrespectful in my Steven A. Smith voice lol lol

  5. Adriel says:

    How did K.G even get all those votes he’s not @ all the same player he use 2….. Yes I get its A popularity contest but let be real he’s not putting up better #’s then Tyson chandler or Chris bosh… No matter what y’all do guys that have A fan base can start in an all star game!!!! Sad

  6. chris wilson says:

    Im a bulls fan #1 but my man Jamaal Crawford current clipper former bull might I add better make the reserves for this years all star game because if he dont then hard work dont mean anything and being a natural scorer means nothing and unless your name aint james or bryant it means nothing….bulls for life!!!! Drose get well soon !!!!!

  7. ryan says:

    man garnett?
    when are the fans gonna realize hes not the same garnett from 08 or 09 or even 10

  8. Go Celtics says:

    I’m asian so don’t blame me if I want to see Jeremy Lin in the all star game

  9. BIGMatta23 says:

    I can guarantee everyone here that Lin is no dummy…if he did get voted in as a starter he would happily step aside and let Paul start, he would be gracious and happy just to be in the game, coming off the bench of course.

  10. Craig G says:

    Paul George better get voted on the allstar team as a reserve. This man has been playing out of his mind on the defensive and offensive side of the floor…Carried Ithe pacers to the best defense in the lg and top 3 in the east…he deserves it, and also 3 point contest and dunk contest!

  11. LIN TI GID says:

    All-star game for star players. Star player means he is one of the best player in the NBA. Not base on the popularity. But in reality, best player becomes more popular. Incidentally, in the case of J. Lin, he became popular when he emerge to carry Knicks, then he became a starter player in HOU, but stat-wise, HE IS NOT AN NBA ALLSTAR PLAYER. Maybe, China Baskeball Allstar Player…And why J. Lin exist in list to be an all star player????….This is why—NBA officials’ rule for selecting a player re NBA All star game is through voting (fan-based)? WHY? Because NBA is a big business. THATS A BUSINESS MATTER. That’s a big reason…

    J. Lin have higher votes because Chinese population scattered in Asia. Actually, I vote for CP3 because he deserve it. But if J.Lin have a performance like Paul, definitely I will vote him. I don’t hate Chinese, I don’t hate J. Lin. I hate why J. Lin is almost likely to start an All star game, and stat-wise, HE DON’t DESERVE IT.

  12. Mkkz says:

    I do not know why people are even choosing Jeremy Lin over guards like CP3, Parker, Harden, Curry, Lillard, etc…

    Lin is not an all star PERIOD. Linsanity was long over, no one wants to see him in the all star game when he is not even close to deserving it.

    and tonight is KOBE VS LEBRON WOOOOO!!! 🙂

  13. Chirs Cairns says:

    Kwame Brown

  14. Knicks says:

    KG and melo… LOL

  15. Mikey B says:

    We all know the AS game is well, BS. It’s a popularity contest. I am a Rockets fan, but Cp3 deserves, based on his performance the starting slot. The only player that absolutely deserves a spot in the A/S game from Houston is Harden. Kobe should start, seeing as how he is leading the league in scoring, but it is a travesty if Harden is not a reserve. You could actually argue that Asik should be there as well, seeing as how he is basically averaging a double double this season. However his play isn’t suited for A/S games. All flair, no substance.

  16. jordan harding kobe is a god says:

    kobe bryant and lebron james are probs in the top 3 greatest basketballers of all time but i will chose kobe only because im a lakers fan and i love him. lebron is the king but kobe is the god

  17. Sfaso says:

    I think Gallinari deserve a spot in the all star game, he’s the best player of the Nuggets, if Iguodala will be chosen and Galinari not it would be a shame…

  18. GSW Fan says:

    No Lee or Curry, after all the hype, I guess they are going to the reserves 😦

  19. Peter says:

    Wade over Rondo? Really?

  20. Dave from Sioux Falls says:

    I have some questions:

    How on earth can Lin start over Paul or Westbrook?

    Are there no quality players on San Antonio, Memphis, Golden State, Denver, Utah, Portland or Minnesota that the 4 game under 500 Lakers have two starters?

    There should be a minimum games requirement to play in the All Star game so that Dwight Howard can’t play because of the number of games missed (ok, not a question I know).

    Kevin Garnett was the face of all sports in Minnesota for a decade. As much as I love KG, do the Celtics deserve 40% of the starting lineup? Are there no quality players with Indiana, Brooklyn, Atlanta, or Chicago? I hear that Deng guy is pretty good…

    I’m all for the fans voting… unfortunately there are a great deal of NON fans that have no idea what is going on in the league casting votes.

    On the scoring side, players who rank numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 21, 24, 62, and 86 are being selected to start.
    Have you heard of these players:
    4 – James Harden
    6 – Kyrie Irving
    7 – Russell Westbrook
    8 – LaMarcus Aldridge
    9 – Steph Curry
    11 – David Lee
    12 – Tony Parker
    13 – Paul Pierce

    Personally I believe the Efficiency ranking is a great place to go to pick “the best of the best.” Anyone want to pick out missed players from this list?

    1 LeBron James , MIA 37 38.4 26.0 30.8 8.1 6.9 1.6 0.92 38.59 30.8
    2 Kevin Durant , OKC 39 39.2 28.7 30.6 7.5 4.2 1.6 1.31 37.51 30.6
    3 Kobe Bryant , LAL 38 38.7 29.9 25.4 4.9 4.8 1.5 0.24 31.55 25.4
    4 Anderson Varejao , CLE 25 36.0 14.1 25.2 14.4 3.4 1.5 0.56 33.51 25.2
    5 David Lee , GSW 37 37.4 19.7 24.5 10.9 3.6 0.9 0.22 31.44 24.5
    6 Chris Paul , LAC 37 33.4 16.8 23.8 3.5 9.7 2.6 0.03 34.18 23.8
    7 Carmelo Anthony , NYK 30 37.2 29.3 23.8 6.2 2.4 1.0 0.53 30.71 23.8
    8 Tim Duncan , SAS 40 30.1 17.2 23.5 9.6 2.7 0.8 2.78 37.5 23.5
    9 James Harden , HOU 39 38.3 26.3 23.3 4.4 5.3 1.9 0.46 29.13 23.3
    10 Dwight Howard , LAL 35 36.1 17.8 23.1 12.6 1.8 1.0 2.63 30.71 23.1
    11 Russell Westbrook , OKC 39 36.0 22.4 22.9 5.3 8.3 2.0 0.28 30.66 22.9
    12 Al Jefferson , UTA 39 32.9 17.4 21.7 9.8 2.1 1.0 1.13 31.69 21.7
    13 LaMarcus Aldridge , POR 37 37.8 20.6 21.5 8.6 2.6 0.9 1.32 27.23 21.5
    14 Joakim Noah , CHI 36 38.4 12.4 21.3 10.7 4.1 1.3 2.03 26.7 21.3
    15 Blake Griffin , LAC 39 31.9 17.7 21.3 8.4 3.3 1.5 0.62 32.07 21.3
    16 Rajon Rondo , BOS 33 37.0 13.0 21.1 5.1 11.2 1.8 0.27 27.3 21.1
    17 Al Horford , ATL 37 36.8 15.5 21.0 9.6 3.2 0.8 0.92 27.38 21.0
    18 Tyson Chandler , NYK 37 32.9 12.4 20.9 10.9 .9 0.7 1.03 30.5 20.9
    19 Zach Randolph , MEM 36 35.0 16.4 20.9 11.6 1.4 0.8 0.5 28.55 20.9
    20 DeMarcus Cousins , SAC 34 31.5 17.7 20.7 10.4 2.9 1.5 0.62 31.63 20.7
    21 Kevin Love , MIN 18 34.4 18.3 20.7 14.0 2.3 0.7 0.5 28.9 20.7
    22 Chris Bosh , MIA 36 33.4 17.8 20.6 7.1 1.8 0.7 1.44 29.57 20.6
    23 Stephen Curry , GSW 36 38.2 20.5 20.4 4.2 6.6 1.6 0.22 25.72 20.4
    24 Kyrie Irving , CLE 30 35.7 23.3 20.3 3.6 5.6 1.8 0.37 27.24 20.3

  21. glen says:

    Lin over CP3 any day of the week, even if he hasn’t played all that well, who cares! cp3 smug annoying fat face should go hide somewhere, seriously, if he were that good, he would get the votes, how can kobe get 600 000 more than him? hahahahah i can’t wait for the clippers to crash out in the second round!

  22. Kblake1 says:

    CP3 needs to start this is an ALL STAR game! Lin should be in the celebrity game not the all star game

  23. Brad says:

    The East locker rooms will be interesting…Melo and Garnett?

  24. Banner 18 says:

    All-Stars is about the fans, simple as that. It doesn’t mean that these are the best players with the best stats. These are the people that fans want to pay and watch on tv.

  25. jtrim2 says:

    I dont see how Lin is in the conversation for an all star game already. He isnt a bad point guard overall but he isnt anywhere close to an allstar.

  26. big cat says:

    kinda strange how carlos boozer hasn’t got consideration considering he leads the east in double doubles with 24, if he doesnt’ make it and chris bosh does there needs to be an investigation , he torched my raps last nite for 36 and 12 , hes’ benefitting from not having rose out there because its more touches for him

  27. Gary says:

    There should be one more game in All-Star weekend: Fan Favorite.

    All players for this game should be voted by fans.

    All players for All-Star game should be selected by coaches.

  28. BullsFan says:

    its pretty sad to realize that china screwed up the voting. Why does jeremy lin get an all star spot but tony parker doesn’t?

  29. Macky says:

    Fans shouldn’t be able to vote for the all star game. All star game should have players on winning teams. Lin is awful. Kobe isn’t on a winning team, neither is Howard. If Westbrook and Parker don’t get the nod over Lin, I probably won’t even watch. Fans are stupid and uneducated about the sport.

  30. Frank says:

    I don’ understand. Why people are voting for Raymond Felton, Jason Terry, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett, Shane Battier, Paul Pierce. I know these guys are good player but I don’t think they deserve to be an all-star. What we want is the best game of the season, We want to see Jrue Holiday, Paul George, John Wall (next year maybe), Andre Iguodala, Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings, Uncle Drew, etc… (These names are the one of players should be All-Star)And last All-Star games (2010,2011,2012) were not great. And I think that one player of every team in the NBA should be an All-Star.

  31. RSS vs RSS says:

    I Love the All Star games and yeah some fans going to be mad cause their favorite players are not starters or even there but be told truth the NBA gave everyone a fair chance both Players and the fans. The players had to display their talents and the fans had to show love by voting. I mean Kobe been putting work for years same as Lebron so no wonder why they’re both the leading voters. As far as the other players not there they need to get their fans based up if they wish to participate in the all star and the fans needs to vote daily if they want to see X , Y or Z and so stop complaining. Team West Paul, Kobe, Durant, Griffin and Howard vs team east : Rondo, Wade, Melo, Lebron and Garnett are my vote.

  32. Nikita says:

    And All star game is all about action and emphatic plays, so Gay and Igoudala must be in the mix

  33. Nikita says:

    Jeremy Lin is the most overrated player in the NBA, he had a few good games last season and thats it. All he did this year wa put up one good performance in a loss. The only reason why the Rockets improved is because of James Harden and Asik. There is no way he should be an All Star. There are so many pointguards in the West that would wipe the floor with Jeremy Lin (Paul, Westbrook, Parker, Lawson. Curry), Even Lilard is more worthy of the All star spot.

  34. Neutral says:

    I agree that Lin should not be the starter of NBA all-star game. However, i don’t think NBA fans should protest if Lin was the starter. NBA wants to develop the Asia market, they earned a lot of money from the rapidly developing Asia but America fans do not want the majority of Asia NBA fans (especially from China) to affect the NBA all-star vote. It’s not fair to the NBA fans. You develops the market, only wants to earn money from those places but ignores the favourite of those fans.

    Also, if America fans wants to select the starter according to the performance instead of popularity, i think that Tim Duncan should be starter instead of Howard. Tim Duncan, a 30++++++++ star, has a unbelievable season which is better than other 20+++++++ star, on the other hand, Howard has a bad season, always has a 10+ points, few rebounds in a game, leads to bad result of Lakers, should he start?

  35. Ross says:

    The fact that Jeremy Lin is only averaging 12pts and 6ast a game and is an all star is nauseating, it cant be decided by popularity, Thats why the NBA should decide who plays and who doesnt.for instance, Kevin Garnett has struggled to say the least so far this season and he’s 3rd in the votes behind LeBron and Carmelo in the front court. I know the NBA is trying to expand the league worldwide but people that dont have the all star talent and skill but have a likeable personality off the court that appeals to people and fans get into the all star game, Lift your game NBA



  38. Gary says:

    Kevin Garnett – All-Star starter?

    I didn’t know that he is so popular in China.
    He is neither top 5 center nor top 15 forward/center in the East.

    Is Chandler better? Yes, of course.

    But he doesn’t deserve this spot either.

    Do you like or not but the best center in the East so far is Noah (and the only who played as good – Varejao is injured).

    • Clone says:

      KG is a top 15 power forward of all time 😉

      • KGnottop15alltime says:

        He may or may not be top 15 alltime, but he isnt even top 15 in nab this year

      • A Fan says:

        Sure, in terms of his entire career you could argue that KG is a top 15 PF. But that’s not what Gary was arguing. The question is whether KG has played at an All-Star level THIS SEASON. The answer is a pretty obvious no.

  39. James says:

    Is Blake Grifin standing on KIA car while dunking without looking at the rim? When did that happen?

  40. For Ratings Purposes SOLELY (JerryP) says:

    The nba should find some way to implement Jeremy Lin into an all star weekend event… Although it isn’t well deserved, the results of the votes are indicating that the fans want to see Jeremy Lin in action. It would be foolish for the NBA not to capitalize on the opportunity. He doesn’t necessarily have to be in the all-star game. I think an inclusion in the rookie/sophmore game, (after all this is technically his 2nd year) rising stars or skills challenge would suffice the overwhelming want to see the subpar asian “superstar” showcase his talent.

    Note:The Nba all star weekend events’ ratings will be fine with or w/o Linsanity but it would be Nice and good for future buisness with Asia if the Nba succommed to their request.

  41. Jay says:

    Is there a way we can exclude China from voting? It’s ridiculous how such a mediocre point guard could even have this many votes! Next thing we know, T-Mac will be voted into the all-star game and he doesn’t even play in the nba anymore!!

    • Joe H says:

      “I would say that China, which is the largest segment outside the U.S., is doing very well. I would say we’ll see that to some degree as well in Turkey, in Africa, in Brazil,” Stern said.

      Just fyi China was a big part of the 20 percent increase in revenue, to 5 billion, for the NBA. So I say they are contributing a a good percentage of the NBA’s growth. Don’t hate, because they are more active in engaging in voting (which generates interest/income) for the all star game, and NBA.

  42. Joseph_03 says:

    Maybe as fans who vote for all-stars, shouldn’t we vote base our votes on performance?

    • Shadowspinner says:

      The NBA decided to build it’s brand around marketable players rather than around teams or, to a degree, talent.

      Jeremy Lin is not an allstar calibre player, but he is a marketable player.

      Duncan is an allstar calibre player, but is not a marketable player.

      Looking at the Allstar’s being voted in right now

      Wade is not having a good enough season to be a starting allstar, whether he’s a reserve all star is debateable.
      Garnett, as much as I love him, is not having an Allstar season.
      Blake Griffin gets highlights, but isn’t playing at a level where I would make him a starting allstar – reserve is fair.
      Dwight Howard isn’t having an allstar season.

      Allstars should come from the best players on winning teams or the truly exceptional players having amazing seasons on losing teams. As much as I dislike Kobe, he is having an exceptional season for a losing team. Howard is not. He’s at a personal low for efficiency and he’s not intimidating opposing teams on the defensive end like he has in the past. Until the Lakers are in the playoff picture, they shouldn’t have 2 all stars.

      The problem is fans base their votes on highlights. Until the NBA gets smarter fans, you’ll continue to have questionable all star starting lineups in the current system.

      • Singapore says:

        It’s very important to market yourself (NBA player) to the global world. NBA is relative small market compared to the global game – Soccer.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Shadowspinner has spun this all the way to absolutely right!! The best part being the last two sentences.

  43. Gigi says:

    Yes, CP3 could be MVP if he is qualified, but not Allstar.

    Who will watch the Allstar with the fans’ lover? No Lin, no fun to watch Allstar. Allstar for fans, not for MVPs.

    • Dieter says:

      So a top 5 player in the league shouldn’t be in the All-Star game? But a 20-40th best point guard in the league should be in the All-Star game, Than they should call it the All-Random game. For me an All-Star is a top 10 player in his position. So 24 players should be selected out of a group of 50 Star players. Lin is not a top 10 point guard, so he shouldn’t even be mentioned in this conversation.

      • jtrim2 says:

        I agree with Dieter. Lin isnt much and i would rather cp3 be in there. Why would i rather watch Lin than CP3.

  44. dattebayo says:

    East Guards: Rondo, Wade, George, Holiday and either Irving, Ellis, Jennings, Williams or Johnson (Honorable Mention: Rose)
    East Forwards: James, Bosh, Anthony, Deng and either Boozer, Horford or Smith (Honorable Mention: Varejao)
    East Centers: Noah and Chandler (Honorable Mention: Bynum)

    West Guards: Bryant, Paul, Parker, Westbrook, Harden (Honorable Mention: Curry, Crawford, Martin, Mayo)
    West Forwards: Duncan, Durant, Griffin, Randolph and either Lee, Aldridge, Ibaka or Batum, (Honorable Mention: Love)
    West Centers: Marc Gasol and Howard (Honorable Mention: McGee …. just kidding :D)

    • Dieter says:

      Honorable mention: Rose? The guy didn’t play any games this season ! The same goes for Bynum.
      It should be based on team and individual performance of this season, not past seasons. Howard doesn’t deserve to be in the All-Star game.
      I really hope Deng gets an All-Star nod because he plays the most minutes in the league at a high level. And I would take Lillard over Jennings and Ellis any day. And Garnett should be on your list for sure.

      • Trung says:

        uhm, Lillard is from the Portland, how are you gonna take him over Jennings and Ellis on the East Coast?? That’s being said, the West guards are so packed right now, Lillard’s chance is pretty slim to none.

      • dattebayo says:

        Love, Rose and Bynum are allstars, they just have not been healthy and couldn’t play. That’s why I didn’t pick them, but felt they needed a mention.

        I forgot about Garnett, lol. I also forgot Faried, that dude is awesome…

  45. big cat says:

    demar derozan should be named as a reserve, its absolute blasphemy if he isn’t

  46. gregtwse says:

    I, too, don’t think Lin should be an all-star over Paul but if he gets more votes, that’s how it is.
    We’re picking ‘star’s not ‘winner’s. If an argument will be made against Lin, same should go to Griffin, I mean, is he better than Duncan? Really?

    • jtrim2 says:

      Lin is nowhere near cp3 and duncan is playing better than most young stars today. I like blake but all he does is dunk i wouldnt say he is better than duncan.

      • Seagull says:

        Griffin is not even near Duncan’s play this year. Strong dunks does not qualify for All NBA All Star. He needs to be in the reserves. Sad to say, even Duncan is better than Dwight’s performance. What a mismay in voting selection.

  47. Ihate watching sports,but to make my boyfriend happy say my commit on tv and let lebron james know to do work in the all star game.He is the biggest lebron and miami fan it makes me sick everyday.

  48. gsw says:

    Why do people outside of the U.S. and Canada get to vote? Considering the amount of money the NBA is spending overseas these days, I half expect the entire league to pack up in the middle of the night and move to China and/or Europe.

    • b j p says:

      Because believe is or not GSW, there are more people watching and supporting the NBA around the world than in the U.S. itself. Basically meaning that revenue to make the league run comes from around the world, so why shouldn’t they vote?

      • pakyaw says:

        i agree bjp..,especially in Asia people love basketball…if they gonna do this in NFL all star,theyre not gonna see any global vote coz they dont know whats foolsball is…they wanna see a man sport not with bunch of padding all over their body and a helmet like they gonna ride a motorcycle,,,,WINK!

    • d-rose returns says:

      I live in Australia, I love the NBA, i bought the overseas equivalent of cable with a restricted amount of channels JUST to watch NBA games, i have 2 D-rose jerseys, one being a full chicago set (shorts, jersey, jacket) and a Lamarcus Jersey, whenever im in America i watch a game, im on every day.

      Im just one of the gazzillion teenagers in Australia let alone the rest of the world who create money and fans for the NBA, i would appreciate a vote

  49. Dirty-D says:

    It’s about who the people want to see. Plain and simple. If it wasn’t there would be no Blake or Wade either.

  50. Zach says:

    I think the voting system is still broke. I would change 2 things.
    1) I would fix the ballot so you’re voting for 3 positions again, but instead of 2 guard, 2 forwards, and 1 center, it should 1 point guard, two wings, two posts.
    2) The second thing I would change would be to make the event more like what they’ve done in the NHL. Let the fans pick only 5 players instead of 10, the league picks the other 19, and the top two overall vote getters become captains and hold a school-yard pick for teams, eliminating the east vs. west component.

    • Clone says:

      agree for the 1)

      Got another way who looks better:

      1- Give 1pts to a player elected Man of the Game, make a ranking with it.
      2- Mid-January, pick the top 5 players of conference, they will be starters at the Allstar Game
      3- Make NBA fans vote for the reserve

      • pakyaw says:

        someone trying to be smart for posting their ideas…FOR GOD SAKE!,,.its all star game!..a fun weekend for the fans, this is not a dream team selection…think before u post..

  51. dd def says:

    it’s gonna be all the same faces whether they’re more deserving then others or not. just like always it’s not about whay they’re doing but what they’ve done in the last 3-10 years.

  52. Patty says:

    Yes, Kobe can hold Lebron James off for the top vote getter. Kobe has everything going for himself including a brilliant brain.

    Lebron James has a brain of a box of rocks. Lebron James ahould never be the face of the NBA!!!

    • bball4life says:

      what are you talking about, how can someone with a brain of rocks win three MVP titles in four yrs and have enough basketball IQ to be repeatedly called the best basketball player in the world.

      just because you like Kobe better doesnt mean you have to show all this hate towards lebron, youre just being ignorant, and you cant come to the reality that lebron is one of the best to play the game (the record he set yesterday says enough).


      • Peter says:

        haha right? I’m a Celtics fan and I’m with you. LBJ is the best player in the NBA (as painful as it is to type). Kobe should not have beaten LBJ, but give Kobe credit, he’s been consistantly stuffing that stat sheet.

    • actually, you’re the one who said it… that LeBron James is the face of the NBA!!

    • chris says:

      Kobe is the worst teammate ever. I best the rest of the west hates having to play with him. ha ha

      • U mad bro? says:

        i best the rest of the west…LOL
        Btw bball4life i agree with you that hater gonna shove his life up for kobe but what can we do haters gonna hate they cant face the reality that lebron owns the nba

    • Heartovachamp says:

      Lebron doesn’t have the brains of kobe ya right ’bout that, he is playing for his second team, kobe too, but he was dealt from NOH to LA on draft night, lbj will at least play for another team. Kobe and lebron are both very competitive, but i never heard kobe being demotivated after winning a championship. So this all star vote will be a matter of brains or star power, lbj is the new star child of the nba like it or not, i know i don’t, at first and until last year he was acting honey boo boo like, but just like a politician who wants to win elections, he is obviously surrounded by special advisors who advise him on wath to say or not, on how to act or not act, what i’m saying is that this guy is as authentic to basketball as the peak shoe company is. Kobe is all basketball, all heart stardom came naturally with it. Lbj is all stardom, all business by forcing it through basketball, Bball is just a wway to reach his real goals, so yes your right i think he shouldn’t be the face of the nba, cause sometimes cream turns bad but still manages to get to the top, risen by others.