Mavs Owner: ‘Bank Of Cuban Is Open’

DALLAS — Talk about your public offerings. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban didn’t need Facebook to inform the rest of the NBA that everybody not named Dirk Nowitzki on his makeshift roster is officially on the trading block.

“We’re letting everybody know that the Bank of Cuban is open,” the billionaire owner announced Monday night before his Mavericks beat the Minnesota Timberwolves for a third consecutive victory to climb to 16-23. “If it’s the right deal, we don’t mind taking back money. But we’re not going to do a trade just to do a trade. It’s got to be worthwhile.”

Cuban’s declaration came two nights after he said there is a “100 percent chance” that the Mavs will aggressively pursue trades — either as a main trade partner or as a facilitator in a multi-team scenario — as the weeks and days count down to the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

It’s perhaps the Mavs’ best chance to upgrade a unit that last week dropped to 10 games under .500 for the first time since Cuban bought the team in 2000. The Mavs, five games out of the eighth spot in the West, are in jeopardy of not making the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons.

So don’t discount Cuban’s comments as a crafty PR move. Cuban needs to keep a fan base that has provided a league-best 449 consecutive sellouts going back to 2001 engaged in a team that has had massive turnover the last two seasons and has underperformed since claiming the championship. Consider it also a warning shot to the current players. Since Cuban’s initial comments on Saturday, the Mavs have blown out the Grizzlies and Timberwolves.

Dallas is in position to take on salary because of Cuban’s controversial financial maneuverings following the 2011 championship when he dismantled the title team. Under the more rigid guidelines and more punitive tax of the new collective bargaining agreement that begins to truly bear its fangs next season, Cuban altered his spend-at-all-costs philosophy. Instead, he went for scaling back salary to create cap space, allowing for the pursuit of high-dollar free agents (a move that bombed this summer when Deron Williams re-signed with Brooklyn) as well as the flexibility to make a blockbuster trade (including, and perhaps most importantly, sign-and-trades in the summer that will be off limits to teams above the luxury-tax apron — the point is $4 million above the tax level, which is $70.3 million this season).

Cuban’s belief is that good players with big contracts will become available as teams seek ways to get under the luxury tax for this season and beyond. An example is Rudy Gay, who is reportedly being shopped by the Memphis Grizzlies. Front offices are also keenly aware of the repeater tax that will be levied on teams that chronically spend over the luxury-tax line.

Cuban said he’s been busy poring over rosters, watching players and making suggestions daily to president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson.

Dallas has few assets on the roster capable of netting a major acquisition in a two-team swap. The big question is if Cuban can swing a deal that not only improves his team this season, but also makes long-term cap sense. His club is loaded with players on expiring contracts such as O.J. Mayo, a 25-year-old shooting guard that Dallas wants to pan out for its long-range plans. Guards Darren Collison, Dahntay Jones and Roddy Beaubois, center Chris Kaman and forwards Elton Brand and Brandan Wright are also on one-year contracts.

Veterans Vince Carter (owed $6.3 million through 2013-14) and Shawn Marion (owed $17.5 million through 2013-14) could be of interest to a contender.

Going nowhere, the owner has made clear, is Nowitzki. And that’s not because the sweet-shooting 7-footer is believed to be the only player in the league other than Kobe Bryant with a no-trade clause in his contract.

Cuban said flatly that he won’t trade the 15-year face of the franchise.

Nowitzki, whose four-year, $80 million contract expires after the 2013-14 season when he will turn 36, has been consistent in saying he wants to remain with Dallas until he decides to retire. He did recently express skepticism toward Cuban’s plan and went so far as to wonder if it would be in Dallas’ best interest to trade him if it fails to land a star player to build around before next season.

Stay tuned. Plenty of intrigue to come as the Bank of Cuban is officially open for business.


  1. Mr Know It All says:

    That’s what happens when you break up a championship team. Now he’s going to fight and try to rebuild through trade. And re-spend the money again. Why not just keep the team intact to begin with??? Lol!

    • Huh? says:

      Because the only useful player that would’ve kept them in the race was Tyson Chandler, everyone else is questionable with their age and their health (J. Terry, J. Kidd, Caron Butler). With 2 potential big free agents at the time, he wanted to invest in the future rather than go for another championship ring that probably wouldn’t work out with OKC and Miami playing at the level they were at. If you didn’t notice, it took Dirk to play at an unworldly level in the playoffs for the Mavs to win the title, do you really think Cuban wants to bank on that happening again? Duh… rebuilding was the right choice.

  2. artifex says:

    I say it all again:
    I hope Dallas does not get Cousings – until he is ready to mature (and it seems a loong way there). Such players can distract the whole team. Doesn’t lift the Kings, why should he thrive in Dallas?
    I see 3 things Dallas really needs

    1. (BY FAR) Consistency in roster! Call me old-fashioned but I’d put eam chemistry over star power…Now an “everyone is for sale”, whats that for a perspective. Put it “I won’t trade valuable players”, makes possible for them to make themselves valuable by good contribution.
    2. a good center. We already had one, but that got gone. Don’t want DH12. Too much ego, plus injuries. One of Al Jefferson/Millsap seems possible to leave Utah in summer. Josh Smith would be nice but don’t see Atl let him go.
    3. A PG that can create the game.;There are very few, and less available (CP3, Rondo, DRose, DWill, 0%). Irving would be great but don’t see why Cavs should let him go…

    • artifex says:

      Keep Marion, Mayo, Wright, the rookies and if possible Collison, I think he can be a good PG, having Kidd as ‘teacher’ would’ve been great, but as said they need time to develop..

  3. SmoothMM says:

    Dallas needs a defensive center, who can rebound well and occasionally score inside. Also, another scorer off the bench would help, preferably a wing. I actually don’t see why Brandon Wright doesn’t get more playing time: he’s played well for them as an energy guy who gets rebounds, blocks shots and has improved his offensive game. He’s thin (listed at 210) but effective.

  4. Gelo says:

    Bring back Scal from retirement!

  5. dr max says:

    mavs this season can forget play off

  6. The Truth says:

    Morris and Ebanks for Collison or Danthay Jones.

  7. MiamiSHORTSEASONchump says:

    to make it short.. Dirk is the real KING.. real warrior.. He ain’t like the so called king QUITNESS..Dirk will never ever find an easy way out..He did it.. He doesn’t need 2-5 All star teammates.. Dirk is the real King.. nuff said.. unlike Queen James Quitness..

    • Dirkforlyfe says:

      So Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion and Butler didn’t contribute I guess, I’m pretty sure they all were All-star status sometime in their careers beside maybe Butler. Dirk’s a great once-in-a-generation type player but he definitely didn’t do it alone. That’s why Dirk got the finals MVP, just like Lebron did in his finals.

      • Huh? says:


        You do realize that Butler was injured for a majority of the season and the entire playoffs right?

    • Huh? says:

      I don’t like LBJ or the Heat (I’m a Dallas native), but to say that Dirk didn’t need 2-5 All-star caliber teammates is ridiculous. By the way, aside from Bosh and Wade, who else did the Heat have that are All-stars for you to say 5? Anyways, Dirk had Tyson Chandler, who is EASILY one of the top defensive defenders and pick-n-roll centers in the league, which is rare and makes him an All-star in anyone’s book. Jason Kidd isn’t the same due to his age, but his leadership and improved 3-point shooting makes him a very high level player. Marion also plays at a very high level, especially on the defensive end, though not an All-star level, but pretty close. So to say that Dirk didn’t need All-star caliber teammates is ridiculous, seriously let the whole “Decision” chapter go already.


  8. Unkle Daddy says:

    I’ve been watching basketball for most of my life and everytime I say a player is gonna be good he is (because I pay attention to character not just stats), and everytime I see a GM or owner pulling what i see as a bad move it becomes one. Dallas has a good SG and a solid PG, build around them. Let Dirk go to a better team. Dallas isn’t a place any other stars wanna play, that was seen as the case this summer, load and clear. They don’t have high value trade peices exept for one, use it to build for the future by giving him to a team that needs that one missing player. You aren’t putting together a championship team in the next two years. Do my man Dirk a solid as he did for the franchise.

    • artifex says:

      Tough one, though there’s true point in it, Dirk is a Mav (at heart) forever.
      With his and Cubans words it also seems not to happen.

      But I agree: keep Collison and Mayo, they’re both very good and have lots potential.
      As I say: Given them consistency rather than another lineup change.

      Center still weakest point though. If they can’t get a superstar, make the bench the best in the league again, that had been their strength in the past and could lift them up again.

    • Huh? says:

      Dallas isn’t a place that other stars want to play at? You do realize that Dallas is one of the few cities that have a big market right? D-Will chose to stay with the Nets because of the move to Brooklyn and the hype that’ll surround them at the start of the season (also due to his home being around NYC). They also added Joe Johnson, but I’m glad they took that overpriced deadweight and got him off the market. Obviously Howard loves the drama surrounding his playing location and he wanted to play in L.A. the entire time, now he has his wish and most likely he’ll re-sign with them in the off-season. So, yes the stars do want to play in Dallas, however the one time the Mavs happen to have cap room, the 2 stars on the market had unique situations happening around them.

  9. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    dallas needs to find a solid type of point guard…they can move boubois, kaman, carter, wright, danthay jones, do. jones, brand and support with money….they need of strong physical presents in the inside like a chandler to anchor the defense..players not to be tradede with be mayo, marion and dirk…build around a good pieces here and it’s all set…

  10. KingsAllDay says:

    lol…the mavs have NOTHING that the kings possibly want. so you can cross Cousins off your list

    • Dieter says:

      Well the Kings would be stupid not to trade Cousins for Marion, Mayo, Crowder and Kaman. They would get much needed experience from Marion and Kaman, a player who still could become an All-Star in Mayo and some talent in Crowder. It would be great for the developement of Tyreke, Fredette and Robinson. But Dallas can’t be that stupid to make Cousins the face of the franchise… the guy is out of control, and I don’t see anyone changing that, he’s a lost cause… just like Iverson was and Ron Artest aka MWP and Arenas.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      you are right but still the Mavs are the much better team even at the moment with their slide going on

  11. noyb says:

    The REALLY interesting time will be after the 2013-14 season when Kobe and Lebron (among others) become free, along with most teams having almost no major salaries on board. There will be a galactic free-for-all never before seen!!!

  12. Broderick says:

    If Rudy Gay is moved the Memphis ownership should be shot. Randolph is the player to move. Trade for a G/F off the bench and a good rebounder. Dallas should keep Collison, Mayo and Beaubois to build around. Carter and Kamen are expendable. Idk about Marion they need his effort. Howard for Dirk is a good move bad move fr the Lakers because of D’Antoni offense. The Mavs should try for the draft

    • Mino says:

      Randolph is not the player to move. at all. but neither should gay. they shouldn’t make a trade. If Gay gets his effort level to what Randolph’s is then they’ll dominate every team in the NBA. You should NOT trade a top 3 PF in today’s league. Swingmen are very easy to move these days however.

      • Dieter says:

        I agree… Randolph is their most important piece for their current level. They shouldn’t touch Conley and Gasol either. If they want change, than they should move Gay who has alot of value on the market, and isn’t as imporant to the team as the other 3 players. Memphis will stay a great team for years with Gay, but without some good moves they’re not gonna win a championship.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Move Randolph? No Chance! Too important alongside Gasol. Build around Beaubois?? Is there a reason you think that he cant get off the bench for 4 years? Maybe he just that, a bench warmer!. Howard for Dirk is a good move, yeh for Dallas but that trade is not going to happen EVER! You clearly have no idea what you speak, and also Dirk is the perfect stretch 4 for D’Antonis offence. the perfect fit. What are you on about?

  13. spguide says:

    They should go after Cousins fast . If Cuban is also ready to spend money , go after Kyrie Irving , or any other young talent to rebuild the franchise , otherwise Dirk wont see any more playoffs until his retirement .
    Ps: Im glad Deron Williams stayed with the Nets

  14. chase says:

    we better keep dirk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Patrick says:

    Rudy Gay goes to Dalls

    Marion and Calderon go to Memphis

    Kaman and Bayless go to Raptors

    • Caleb says:

      If we Trade Kaman than we have no depth in Center. I would trade Kaman (DALLAS) for Cousins (KINGS).

      • Mino says:

        as much as the kings don’t want him, they wouldn’t give him up for something less than a borderline-allstar player.

    • taylor says:

      First of all bayless just left the raptors and memphis has no intrest in getting rid of him cause he is their best bench player along with wayne ellinngton. And why would toronto want another center who gets hurt alot like bangarni

  16. Max says:

    Goodness,can I make a correct guess! Said,Cuban only wanted one Ring! “ONE&DONE”. Not going to spend his $$$ any longer, now is Derk Smart? Time well tell, or will Derk just keep drinking Cuban’s coolaide? Better be smart and BAIL! Cuban not quite got as much $$$ (just like the Suns) as other Owners. Cuban wants out,Derk needs to pack bags and go before too old!!Derk needs to view his BEST FRIEND’S” $$$ Counts!! Take friend’s advice,find himself,maybe in Laker Land? They are much in NEED!! Lakers have the dough!!Easy to see which Owners can really pony up,and get qualified Championship caliber players. Have to have Big Bucks! Not that many Owners can afford those “out of reach salaries”. Heat/maybe,Celtics?maybe, Bulls??? that one is still out! Pacers?NO,will not wase Bird’s nest! Other teams?? Below Radar????Same in NFL! OKC? will be; IF can hold together for another run at the Ring? Well “ONE&DONE! Then KD/Westbrook will be shopping. Only the top 20 will still be making the big,big bucks! Sad, but Owners of the NBA teams? Well they know when to hold and when to SELL! Just like “Churchhill Downs”.It is all for the $$$! Fans well we are “unpaid Quackers! Love to Quack and kinda get it right????Told and shouted about Cuban,now seeing it unfold! GET OUT DERK!! NOW!!! House of the “MAVS” ?Well it will be tumbling before much longer. Not too many places to LAND! C.Paul,better stop shopping and help the Clippers, he is in a good place to look good (among many other great players) C. Paul is a great player, but so is many others, should he be the MVP? NOT! Paul has to have HELP. MVP?An Individaul award, team should have 0 part of winning the MVP. In fact that should be taken into consideration IMP! Is the player “Alone” worth the titla???Maybe one.two. Kobe Bryant,Kevin Durant and maybe LBJ. Most are only as good as their team can make them. Did Paul bring it in MSY? NOT!!Paul just puts out an outstanding “pick me ad” great at Politics! And yes, has a very good team that he happenes to on “Kinda”been forced to play as a Clipper! Wanted the Lakers! Now C.Paul should be on his knees and thanking one H.STERN! Paul a Laker, would NOT even be considered an MVP?Why? Voters kinda look at the team, which is so unfair. MVP NOT a TEAM AWARD!!!It is for the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER!! PERIOD!!KEEP THAT AWARD In the hands of the best ONE Player, Do not look at what team they happen to be playing!OK?

    • Huh? says:

      First off, reading your writing was an eyesore. Derk? Did you even read the article? He actually spelt the name and you still get it wrong? And by the way, ‘Dirk’ is staying in Dallas because he wants to play his entire career there and be loyal to the franchise that invested in him, not just for rings, so get your facts straight and take your own suggestion, “be smart.”

      And MVP shouldn’t consider who the player is playing for? So if Wilt was playing for the Wizards and averaged 50 points and 20 rebounds a game, with a team record of 5-77, then he should win the MVP award over Kevin Durant, who would average 30 PPG and 7-8 RPG and his team’s record was 70-12? It doesn’t matter how good you are or what your stats are if your team is still losing.

      Go back to watching soccer or tennis and leave basketball to people who actually knows something about the game.

  17. richard(vince carter fan) says:

    yes , I really like this blow up the roster thing thy need a center may trade Elton,kaman,dahntay jones for D-12 and some one else the lakers need the depth. or try to got gortart from phoenix.

  18. big cat says:

    rudy gay is going to the raptors for bargs and landry fields, not dallas

  19. Goodwill Stores Inc. says:

    Mark Cuban, like me, filled his house with stuff from Goodwill. Now he hopes to sell it ? Try donating it !

  20. Alex Lamar says:

    Dirk would look good in the purple and gold. Make the deal Mark as it would help both teams. Dirk would fit in with Pau Gasol to a greater degree and Dwight Howard would give Dallas a young elite player in which to attract free agents.

    It’s not rocket science.

    • BigCaliMac says:

      Wow this guy is talking about trading a 36 year old Dirk for Dwight Howard… Well as much as I would love to see an old white foreign guy C/F duo, but both are on the down side of their careers and neither would ever have provided much of a defensive post presence against a strong team in the paint… Could you imagine Shaq getting ready to play against these two? If your goal was to shoot jumpers, promote European hair styling products and get both the Coach n Gm fired quickly then Id definatly agree you must be on to something with that idea… If your goal was in fact to turn the Lakes into a further joke than they currently are, you left out one thing, the retirement of Kobe upon the signing of that deal.

      • Bersem says:

        Trade Dirk for Pau : Dirk shoots beter from long range (but does not help in Defense like Gasol) and already played with Nash 😉 Good deal for Pau and the Mavericks…and why not sending back Mario to Phoenix vs. Beasley (…) ? But if L.A. is also able to land Marion in the deal…why not?

    • James says:

      Marion & Mayo & some $$$ for Pau Gasol?

    • Mino says:

      Hi, this is Dallas and we don’t want the superbaby. No thank you.

  21. Big Euro says:

    Nice to see a little loyalty for a star player. However I feel sorry for someone like Shawn Marion who plays his heart out every night and might end up somewhere desperate in the twilight of his career.

    P.s. KG has a No-Trade Clause from what I understand. It’s not like I’m his agent, but that’s the word on the street.

    • illone says:

      Feel sorry? I’ll start feeling sorry for him when I start collecting $17.5 million checks.

    • Peter says:

      KG has a NO TRADE CLAUSE now!! dont forget he was another team’s FACE OF THE FRANCHISE (RIP TWOLVES OF OLD)…that doesnt count anymore…you gotta be with the team from day one to be considered into the real NO TRADE clause…it would make no sense to call a player that got traded once already to be bearing a NO TRADE CLAUSE….just my two cents 🙂

      • BOSTON BEER says:

        A “no trade clause” is a specific clause in a contract. You either have one or you don’t. Being traded once doesn’t mean you can never have a no trade clause. KG is on a new contract he signed this past off-season, and it is very likely that in order for the Celtics to convince him to return to the NBA instead of retiring that they had to put a no trade clause into his contract. Again, this is part of a contract, not a status symbol for franchise players.