Reason For Optimism In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The latest on the Kings-Seattle-Sacramento front after conversations with people with knowledge of negotiations, and the disclaimer that all information has a shelf life of 17 seconds in this never-ending saga of a franchise in search of a permanent home:

* There are strong indications, though nothing official, that the Maloof family has not closed a deal with the Chris HansenSteve Ballmer group in Seattle. That is counter to the report that said the Maloofs had a handshake agreement with Hansen-Ballmer, and is obviously very, very good news for Sacramento.

* It remains difficult to determine the timeline of negotiations with potential buyers who would keep the team in Sacramento, whether the Maloofs are close to a sale that would return the NBA to Washington state and all other talks are dormant and mostly a safety net for the embattled Kings owners. But it does appear conversations are continuing apart from Hansen-Ballmer. The Maloofs have not ended other talks. Again, good news for Sacramento.

* Sacramento officials are still lining up financing. They are playing catch up to Seattle, on the business side and the government side, and so this remains a steep climb. But some insiders believe Sacramento has a legitimate shot at pulling this off. There is real optimism.

* The wild card remains the same: the Maloofs. No one dares to guess with any certainty what they will do next as family dynamics, the potential for a record price for an NBA sale and the emotions crash together. (Selling the Rockets, after their late father had owned the team, has remained a regret decades later. Sell again and they are almost certainly out of the NBA business for good.) It is possible to get an accurate survey of the process, but not of how many times a day the Maloofs are changing their thinking.

* This business that the Maloofs want to still have some control as minority owners after they sell (if they sell), as some reports suggest? Laughable. Chances of that happening are somewhere between zero percent and zero percent.

* Bottom line: Sacramento is not close to out of the woods. But it is far from a certainty that Seattle will get the next-generation SuperSonics. A lot remains to be decided.


  1. gary says:

    Sacramento has the 2nd lowest attendance in the nba. enough said.

  2. Jose Torres says:

    Keep the kings inSacramento.

  3. CLopez63 says:

    Kings belong in Sac

  4. Danny says:

    Put this in the book. The Lackers will be in the lottery this year!!!

  5. Jose Torres says:

    Keep the kings in Sacramento.

  6. mrrg says:

    Completely new name if they leave for Seattle. Boeing moved their HQ to Chicago in 2001. Seattle Tweakers to honor the city’s love of stimulants.

  7. WammyGiveaway says:

    The Maloofs are purposely lying to Sacramento so that they can get their money’s worth. They also want revenge on the Lakers after that Game 7 debacle where the referees rigged the game in order for them to 3-peat.

    There is now a rumor going around that the Maloofs are going to fold the Kings franchise. This would prevent any other buyer from purchasing the rights to the Kings, in addition to being sole owners of the Kings forever. This is criminal, and I hope that if the Mayor of Sacramento reads my comment, that he should pursue federal investigation against the Maloof brothers.

  8. Jason says:

    Magoo Maloof, cartoon ownership!

  9. U mad bro? says:

    Wait someone explain to me, are the mallofs the name of the new seattle team, or are they thre own team

  10. PMur23 says:

    Thank you for not putting a question mark at the end of this one’s title.

  11. james says:

    you guys are giving kings fans false hopes
    anyways, is making a new team possible?

  12. L.P says:


  13. L.P says:

    and there is no one can outbid our ownership group!!!! be real

  14. loose89 says:

    The NBA should force the sale of the team to the Seattle based group, it’s obvious the Maloofs are not fit to be anywhere near an NBA franchise let alone own one.

    • Hayden Lucas says:

      I admit I am partial, as I am already in the process of relocating to the Emerald City of Seattle. That said, as a fan, I think it’s become fairly obvious to even the casual observer that the Maloof family — despite owning the Houston Rockets prior to their tenure with the Kings — seem to be a bit out of their depth.

      Am I not correct in my understanding that the NBA’s Board of Governors, made up of the owners/team representatives of the existing NBA teams, essentially hold final say over any sale? Why not simply have the NBA’s Board of Governors do what seems the most logical: vote down a sale to a Sacramento-based ownership group (due to arena concerns, as the City of Sacramento and the Maloofs have failed to reach a deal on a new arena for years) and recommend / vote to accept the Hansen-Ballmer (Seattle) Group’s offer, as has been previously reported in the media? The Seattle arena project has been approved, with the anchor tenant, an NBA or NHL franchise, being the only stumbling block keeping shovels from going into the ground.

      To be fair, I am not hating on Sacramento, I’m simply pointing out that the Seattle option seems, to me as even a casual fan, far more viable that the alternative of keeping the team in Sacramento.

  15. Jay says:

    Let em sell to confirm move to Seattle. Will be good for everyone except people in Sacramento. Majority Rules. Plus, look how the once useless Sonics turned into the championship contending Thunder simply by moving. Pick up a few players and they could be alright, no need to trade D Cousins etc.

    • L.P says:

      Hey Jay you have no clue dude when the sonics left they had Durrant Westbrook and 5 first round draft picks stocked up!!!! get it right before opening your pie hole dude!!!! SCREW STERN!!! and the NBA go hawks

    • Jason says:

      You really do not know your facts! Jay Maloof!

  16. Kobbie says:

    Mark Mastrov has a net worth of $350 Million.

    How is this going to be an improvement over the “cash poor” Maloofs? I would think having two billionaires in the ownership group would be better for the team, and the NBA.

    Plus, having personally worked for Mastrov, I know the man is a penny pincher. Definitely not a good option in my opinion.

  17. b0rat says:

    go Seattle SuperKings!

  18. skunk says:

    all star weekend: get all the other team owners together and take a vote on whether they want the maloofs to own this team. if they get 29 ‘sell’s stern needs to buy the team like he did with the hornets and let someone else who actually gives two **** buy this team. the guys are poison to this franchise. i’m a long term kings fan in new zealand and i don’t like what’s happening here.

    you cant spell oafs with maloofs.