Real Clippers Starting To Take Shape


Grant Hill finally made his Clippers debut Saturday, entering, strangely, at the start of the fourth quarter of a close game and playing six minutes. That was the encouraging news from the otherwise disappointing development of the 104-101 loss to the Magic in Los Angeles.

Now the Clippers wait on the return of Chauncey Billups. That will potentially be the big news.

Hill is an important boost for the defense, with the ability to guard multiple positions once he builds to full speed after being sidelined since exhibition play by a bruised right knee. He won’t be a huge difference maker by the numbers because the Clips are tracking to a top-five finish in opponent shooting, but the versatility is invaluable and gives a deep team more lineup options.

There is no timetable for Billups rejoining the lineup after battling tendinitis in the left foot. There is, however, Chris Paul in anticipation.

As much as Paul was excited about finally getting small forward Hill in uniform, he is especially anxious for the chance to play alongside Billups in the backcourt again and the accompanying opportunity to play off the ball more. CP3, a threat with the shot as well as the pass, has been imagining the possibilities for weeks.

Bad news for the rest of the league, in other words. Paul is already playing at an MVP level and still sees the chance for a bigger impact than he made the first 37 games.

“It gets the ball out of my hands,” Paul said recently. “Willie (Green, the current starter) is unbelievable, but Willie’s a shooting guard…. When we get out there and it’s me and Chauncey, he can bring the ball up the court. Now I’m on the wing and everybody’s not just looking at me.”

Hill’s first non-exhibition action since April 24 with the Suns resulted in a standing ovation from the Staples Center crowd when he checked in, followed by two points (two free throws, three missed field goals) and two rebounds while playing with a cap on minutes. But the 40-year-old who rebuffed several others offers to join the Clippers as a free agent in the summer reported no pain around the right knee.


  1. Aaron Wordy says:

    What I think is that the Lakers should be winning a lot more games with there superstar caliber but one reason there not is because of all the egos on the team with dw and Kobe fighting for the spotlight all the time where as in Denver good all round team playing well because they just want to play basketball….

  2. jeick says:

    la losers……..
    send the lakers to the d-league

  3. ImJusSayin says:

    The Clippers get it. They have the Team thing figured out and if they don’t revert to NBA’s Me ball they will be hard to beat as one guys bad night will not be as harsh as most teams. As far as the Lakers go, they say a team takes on the personality of its coach and people still wonder whats wrong with the defense Coach Antoni should change his name no D there never was. If the LAL really wants a shot, let Bernie run it he let the parts work instead of forcing them in the wrong holes to lower them as a whole.

  4. Alex Basan says:

    Hey Chris Harford! What are you talking about it is just bad that the Lakers has a lot of injuries right now that is what is happening! You know what are you going to do then you must for the president of basketball operations of the Lakers! Love the team you want either it losses or wining that is what you call loyalty! M—-!

  5. jycltd says:

    Attention Laker fans….please do your homework! The Lakers may not make it to the playoff and their lottery pick will go to Cleveland. The Lakers options are bleak until 2015. If the Lakers failed to make it to the playoff, they will be printed in the history book as the team with the highest payroll to not make it to the playoffs. Now the very good Clipper team is busy negotiating the the Timberwolves to acquire Rudy Gay for Bledsoe and Butler. Again folks we are talking about the present and the future as we all know the past belongs to the Lakers.

    • Tired of Laker fans says:

      Although we lack an officail GM, none of our triumvirate of personnel planners are DUMB enough to try to land Rudy Gay from the TImberwolves. All of them know Rudy GAy plays for Memphis.

  6. Nugs says:

    Clips looking really good! Cheering for Chauncey with everything in my being (go buffs); All this laker talk is great, but once Nash brings everyone together (playoffs) they will be a ridiculously dangerous team.

  7. xpact says:

    laker fans are like a spoiled brat who just can get enough.. well the thing is u cant do anything things happen en its your time to be the loser this time.. cheer up theres always nxt season en another

  8. Big Al says:

    I’d much rather say that the real Clippers will show later down the track. Now that they’ve been giving 200% on all their wins, they will run out of puff later in the season and would likely not progress further than the second round of the playoffs. Chris Paul keeps saying that he doesn’t regret not landing the Lakers, and that’s because he is being a great team player. I am sure that deep inside him is a heart that beats purple and gold. The one who would be hailed as one of the best (if not the best) point guard in the NBA will most certainly want that elusive championship ring, and he knows that he could have well won it with Kobe.

    • Boswell says:

      Chris Paul is achieving the near impossible, which is turning the Clippers into a destination instead of NBA prison. If he wins an NBA championship with the Clippers, it wil be part of NBA lore forever. If he had won one with the Lakers, it would have meant next to nothing. Like it or not, Paul is in the right place at exactly the right time. After this season, Chris Paul will be personally recruiting the players needed to improve the roster. Expect the 2013-14 Clippers to be improved over this year’s squad, most likely with an excellent SG, and a center better than Ryan Hollins or Ronnie Turief to compliment Jordan at center.

    • Common Sense says:

      He’s a competitor, he played against his bigger brothers from the time he was a little kid. He’s been an underdog since birth. Trust me, he’s happier here. And the elusive championship ring will only be that much sweeter. And by the way, let’s be honest, who do you think would run out of puff, the injured, old, arguing laker team, or the incredibly deep, young, and most athletic team in the NBA clippers team. They were injured last year, with no billups, infrequent paul, griffin knee problems, butler broken finger and they beat memphis in game 7 in memphis. If they had puff then, then I’m sure they’ll have puff now that they added, Barnes, Hill, Turiaf, Crawford, and Billups will be back come playoff time. And by the way, Billups is one of the best leaders in the NBA today, Kobe is one of the best players in the game today. Paul likes leaders, period. Trust me, he’s happy

    • Hm says:

      “run out of puff”
      How exactly do you see that happening? They are probably the best managed team minutes-wise. Chris Paul is their only player in the top 50 for minutes.

  9. GOCLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    When you were on top, you teased the Clipper fans, now this is the time to start teasing you!!!
    4- MEMPHIS


  10. KareemoftheCrop says:

    In before Lakers tank the season and get their Kobe replacement. There’s always a behind the scenes plan with the Lakers. They don’t win championships by accident.

  11. The Truth says:

    Why dont both sides just face facts…

  12. G says:

    None of you were right about why cp3 weren’t traded to lakers. It was Dan Gilbert the owner of Cleveland Cavs who protested hurriedly informed 28 other owners. Stern was forced to do that along with most of the NBA team owners. The only team that can beat clippers but not easily is OKC, but in the end clipper wins not only season but also playoffs. Enough said. Let’s go Lob City!

  13. cube says:

    Remember this Lakers Fans, Before: Malone, Payton, Gasol, Kobe, result NO CHAMPIONSHIP
    Now : Howard,Nash, Gasol, Kobe, result NO CHAMPIONSHIP

  14. dattebayo says:

    11 out of 12 comments (not counting all the replies) are about the Lakers. Doesn’t anybody want to write something about the best team in L.A. ?

    I think the Clippers play exciting basketball overall, but when they have to play in the halfcourt, there are too many bad possessions for my taste. When they need a score and play from behind I rarely see them run any good halfcourt set. They usually give the ball to CP3 and unless he makes something happen, they have to force up a prayer. Their record is astounding though and their bench is amazing. Go Clippers!

  15. AnnoYouLater says:

    i think the problem with the lakers is forcing Pau,nash,kobe,dwight and MWP play together as starters that line up is so damn slow, i think nash,pau and MWP should be off the bench and put some young and quick legs in the starting line up…

  16. Moneysauce says:

    I’m so tired of this 16 championships rhetoric, the past is the past, this is now,,, and right now honestly, the Lakers blow. That’s not Laker hate, that’s an astute observation, how can you hate on a team that won’t even get close to cracking the top 8? All those previous championships don’t mean a thing when it comes to this season. You don’t have a championship team.. you just don’t. Its fine to be a die hard for your team and bleed purple and gold, but get out of the Laker bubble and keep your thoughts in the frame of this reality

    • SaYO says:

      thats way to early to say they wont crack top 8 lols
      they don’t blow, they only lack a few things that are critical, speed and defense
      16 champions does kinda mean something
      when 5 of them had to due with one player on the team at this moment
      clips are a great team right now tho, but their bench is starting to slow down, which was really the difference maker with the clips.. if you take a look at the clippers losses… the bench plays normal lol
      when j craw and m barnes shoot under 50% usually they lose lol

    • purpngold says:

      Sounds like you really know your stuff there sauce. I guess there is no difference with having a winning tradition and being labeled the joke of the league their entire existence. Unless the Clips win consistently, they’ll be a one hit wonder with nothing to show for. Lakers have 16 trophys that say otherwise.

      • Sauceparty says:

        I’m not saying there isn’t a difference, in fact i wasn’t even comparing clips to the Lakers, only that I’m sick of hearing about 16 championships like that changes the fact that the Lakers have been playing terribly and are 5 games behind even cracking the top 8 at the moment.. a championship tradition does not automatically qualify you for a championship this year. Just open your eyes and realize that they’re not the domination everyone expected this year with a star studded lineup. The team is old and the team has no real depth besides it starters… maybe they make the lower half of the 8 by the end of the season.. but i don’t expect them to make it to the conference finals let alone to the semi’s. Clips are a better team right now, record proves it and regardless of whether or not they win a championship this year or become a one hit wonder, this year they are the better team in LA and this year is all that matters right now

      • Tired of Laker fans says:

        There is a no difference between your winning tradition and my joke of the league tradition.

        BOTH are irrelevant TODAY. My direction is up; your’s is not. Your management is making cheap decisions; mine is spending money.

        If history IS relevant then at least get it straight.

        QUIT counting the 5 Mineapolis championships as yours! They are Mineapolis’ earned 1949-1950. Those championships are as LA as the lakes in MN!

        The Los Angeles Lakers legacy is one of LOSING 7 times in the NBA Filnals before finally winning one

        Magic was a gift to you from Commissioner O’Brien.

        I hate Laker fans because they distort everything. The Clipper entire existance has NOT been a joke. Jack Ramsey, Bob McAdoo, and Earnie (No) De Gergorio were not jokes but an expansion club that won early in its existance. It stopped being bush league YEARS AGO, though Laker fans won’t acknowledge it.

    • ummm no... says:

      The 16 title defense is just that, DEFENSE from the morons claiming that L.A. belongs to the Clippers now. Lets get real, the Lakers losing is more news than the Clippers winning. Turn on ESPN L.A and they talk about the Lakers, not the Clippers. So for the delusional fans who want to think their team has accomplished something (really they haven’t yet), open your eyes.

      • Common Sense says:

        I agree that it is delusional to think that this will ever be a Clipper Town, and for that matter I believe the Clipper fans that are saying it are simply reacting to the first comment about the guy that blamed Stern for the non trade of CP3. The non trade of CP3 was for the exact reason that all the Laker fans on this page talk about, 16 championships. If you were AN OWNER in the WESTERN CONFERENCE and you had the choice to trade your top player to A. “A TEAM WITH A LOSING HISTORY, THAT MAY BECOME COMPETITIVE SINCE THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET SOME MORE ROLE PLAYERS. or B. “A TEAM THAT ALREADY HAS HALL OF FAME PLAYERS AND WILL LIKELY DESTROY EVERYONE” WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Of course you can’t send CP3 to the Lakers. NO OWNER IN THE WORLD WOULD HEAVE DONE THAT. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY THE MAGIC SENT HOWARD TO THE LAKERS IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE AND NOT THE NETS!
        Stern made an intelligent Owner decision, PERIOD.
        But in regards to ESPN(The Home Of The Lakers, and The Home Of The Trojans)are you serious?!?!?!
        You do realize that they are funded by the Lakers and the Trojans, right!
        That’s like saying did you hear the Clippers announcer, Ralph Lawler, he thinks the Clippers are better than the Lakers. ESPN LA is in no way objective and they admit it on their show constantly. The Bruins and the Clippers are never mentioned because they don’t pay the bills, PERIOD!

      • bigwes95 says:

        i hate the lakers a lot, but the fact is that the clippers still haven’t proven anything. the play-offs is where you actually make your mark, and the lakrs have done that before. saying the 16 championships is just a defense is wrong, it’s bragging rights that the lakers and their real fans have earned by staying with the team. it is about now, or today, but don’t forget that CP3 could go down any second and then they would lose, which is what is happening with the lakers with Howard and Gasol and Nash and probably pretty soon Kobe if they don’t cut back his minutes a little. not that injuries are the problem. and records don’t prove anything, just like a line of of stars doesn’t. once you do something instead of getting swept by the spurs in the play-offs and actually proving something than just being an awesome regular season team, that’s when you get noticed more and can be called the team of LA. don’t bring up the record of regular seasons because the play-offs haven’t started and the lakers could make it to the play-offs still, but their window is closing fast. The Balazers have a better record than them and they have no bench! i’m a blazer fan, so don’t be saying i like the lakers, they’re the team i hate the most (besides boston) becuase they win and seem to get all the glory. and the clippers actually have quite a bit of bandwagon fans too, i’ve seen it all over the place. why do you think people talk about them so much now? because they’re winning. same with the heat, once they got lebron, bandwagons come, same with okc. they actually do have spirited fans, but non came until they started winning, and the tickets cost a lot more, so where does your logic of the clippers have real fans? they don’t come until they win?

  17. Jiro says:

    it is not because they did not get CP3. D’Antoni does not fit, Kobe is a pure shooter (pun intended), the offense does not flow, and no one is backing up D12. supporting cast is…who?

    • Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

      The offense is there. The defense is not. Lakers need to stop guarding guys all over the court because everybody and I mean everybody constantly say the Lakers are a older team. Kobe said Phil Jackson didn’t run defense drills maybe a few times the whole time he coached. When the Lakers failed to get another Championship Phil abandoned ship. So he knew that this crew was through. D’Antoni is doing his job but the players need to play smarter on D. Lakers are top 5 scoring teams but top 5 in points allowed to opposing team. The key here is the D. fix that and maybe they can salvage this season by making the playoffs and destroy teams. Defense dada da da Defense dada da da.

  18. Anthony says:

    After reading most of your comments, I partly agree with a few of them and disagree with many of those L A Lakers heaters Now that the Champ of the west is down ( L A Lakers ) those who continue to laugh the giant will arise again and your laughter will turn back to sadness and pain nothing remains forever only the word of God So you Laker Heaters the best laugh is the last laugh.

    Lakers for life

  19. dd34 says:

    maybe the real problem of the lakers is Kobe’s ga,e, I know that he was a great player (and still is) but his game doesnt help in anything to his team, he needs to improve his defense and be a LEADER for his teammates, not a nanny for them making al the points.

  20. IceBerg Slim says:

    thank you david stern lol #GoClippers

  21. Ronaldo says:

    Lakers are in their present sorry state not because they didn’t land CP, but because of the poor front office decision with regards to coaching. They got Howard and Nash, IMO this made them a more solid team than with CP (right now on paper at least). You hear or ramblings about ball touches some Lakers players, they have no chemistry and D’Antoni’s best coaching days are behind him. CP on the other hand is surrounded with the right players, the right coach, and a winning culture. He’s in the right place at the right time. Lakers will be bottom-feeders for the next three or four seasons at least. I predict that Howard will leave LA next season, Nash will be pushing 40 (not that this matters, the man’s a machine), and Gasol will likely be traded anyway before the season is over. Then comes the actual rebuilding phase, by which Kobe would be welcoming retirement. I’m obviously no expert but what they should do is cut their losses now, make a heap of cap space (let Howard walk too) and target LBJ for 2014, find a willing Robin to LeBron’s Batman along some solid mid-level support players and grovel to the Zen Master for forgiveness and get him back to coaching if he’s game.

  22. Ralph says:

    I don’t blame Laker fans for sounding off on these guys. Clippers are playing like the Showtime Lakers. The Lake Show faithfuls need to GET OVER IT!!! The Blake Show is getting it done this year!!

  23. Phil says:

    To all the laker fans, just enjoy watching Kobe try to win a scoring title for the rest of his career

  24. steve says:

    typical lakers fan blaming everyone else for them losing games, welcome to reality la lakers, la belongs to the clippers now.

    • rico says:

      typical lakers fan? quit generalizing. How many championships did the Clippers organization bring to LA? Oh, that’s right. ZERO. So don’t say LA belongs to the clippers because they have done nothing for the city. If they win the chip this season, then start talking. As of now, theyre just the other LA team thats playing better. The city of LA belongs to the Galaxy, Kings, and the Lakers; the teams that brought multiple championships to the city.

    • purpngold says:

      The Clipps are having a good season, no doubt, but LA does not belong to them. Clippers are barely stepping out from under the huge overcasting Lakers shadow. Clipps have one good season and the fans act like they own the city! I dont see any hanging Clipps banners at Staples. You dont even own a division title. LOL! Dont make me laugh.

      • Sam says:

        The reason the Lakers are performing this poorly this season is simply tied back to front office decisions, not the fallen apart trade for Chris Paul but the acquisition of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. The Lakers with the aging of Kobe Bryant and the injury riddled Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol were entering a rebuilding stage, which the management decided to try and make a push to get Kobe another championship rather then use their current roster (last season) to their advantage and rebuild for the future (this because everything must revolve around Kobe Bryant and getting him another championship). To be honest Kobe’s time has past as a front runner on a championship team. This season he is the leading scorer on a sub 500 team and as good as he has played this season, scoring a lot of point don’t transfer to team success (as the lakers 05-06 season when Kobe averaged 35 a game and the lakers had a losing record). All that aside the decisions were made but after getting Dwight and Nash, the biggest mistake this season was firing Brown and hiring D’Antoni. The Lakers struggles have been on the defensive end (even in the games Brown coached), not offence, and they went ahead and fired a defensive minded coach for a coach known for his offence.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Well said Sam. D’Antoni was hired because of his success with Nash in Phoenix. But Nash doesn’t really need a coach to tell him how to run an offense. He just needs freedom to make plays hitting the open man or knocking down shots when they play off him. Defensively is where the Lakers struggle (not just Nash) so a defensive minded coach could have them working better at that end of the floor. Rotations and such things to cover up Nash’s lack of defense. Its the same story as always. Quicker PG’s getting to the basket at will. Howard was meant to be an upgrade over Bynum at protecting the rim. But again, they need to defend better as a team and not rely on him alone to block shots.

        With Nash running the Lakers offense they should be fine, so Kobe should be able to settle for 15 shots a game and put more focus on defense. Like he did with the Olympic team. But right now it looks like he is more concerned about scoring milestones than what’s best for the team.

        They’re all grown men out there. Time to look in the mirror and ask themselves what they need to do to fix it.

      • Tired of Laker fans says:

        We don’t act like we own the city. That’s just your paranoia and our enjoying making you squirm after years of enduring your arrogance. But look around. I teach in a middle school. There are now as many clipper jerseys on display as Laker jerseys. It’s starting. Reminds me of a scene I witnessed buying an Angles jersey before the 1st game of the 2002 Wld Series. A 9 year old next to a Dad with an armful of red stuff wearing a Dodgers cap asked: “Daddy, have the Dodgers ever been in World Series?”

        Feel that between your fingers Laker fans? It’s the Lakers losing the grip of the young fans of this city ….

    • ummm no... says:

      I haven’t seen any Clipper banners hanging up at Staples center. No statues of Clipper greats. L.A. will always be the Lakers town.

  25. Champ says:

    Oh a laker fan with sour grapes because they didnt steal another teams superstar? How does a taste of your own medicine sound?

  26. Anthony says:

    The fall of the L A Lakers rest entirely at the feet of the N B A Commissioner David Stern who block the free agent Christ Pall from being apart of the L A Lakers team he should be ashamed of himself . He need to do the right thing bow out gracefully and leave those teams alone

    • SynByn says:

      Really you are going back to that? Well guess what, CP3 is probably a ton more happier with the clippers now, so it was a good movie for him.

    • Chris Harford says:

      I love how Laker fans before the start of the season were like “Ohhhh, we got Dwight, Gasol, Kobe AND Steve Nash.. CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 to the LA LAKERS! WOOOO!” But now that theyre losing so badly, FIRE THE COACH.. AGAIN, trade gasol! Trade dwight! QUICK! Its honestly really really funny to watch the panic. And now were starting to see more of the “We should have had Chris Paul instead, wahhhh *cry and moan*” Get over it Laker fans, every team has losing seasons, welcome to the bottom of the league.

      • Ralph says:

        AMEN TO THAT!!

      • SaYO says:

        not all fans, just the one you took noticed on because you really hate lakers and to say lakers champs 2013 is something you will notice because its not something you will like =]
        im a laker fan, but really im not surprised with how they are doing, frustrated? of course, but my expectations are the same as heats first year together, start slow, but finish strong
        but you won’t notice this, because im not boasting about it so you can probably careless lol
        get what i mean? 😉

      • ummm no... says:

        First off, the Lakers are not bottom of the league. Second, Laker fans have every right to be butt hurt about missing out on CP3. I never got over that veto, probably never will. The Lakers will find success agian, but I’ll always feel we got robbed of CP3. Look what he’s done for the Clippers. He’s simply unbelievable. the Lakers struggles this season, I’ll bet they still win another title before the Clippers lol.

      • Super Lakers says:

        LOL Lakers fans you mad? Why so mad? LOL

    • heroes del silencio says:

      I can’t stand the lakers so hopefully the clippers make it to the finals against miami, that would be something to see.

    • Bob says:

      Someone is bitter

    • Scott Charles says:

      The Lakers have 2 time MVP Nash, and the best center in the league to go with Bryant, Gasol, and Artest. When the season started, the Lakers were projected as the clear favorite for the title. Can you still blame Stern for this years Lakers collapse?The Clippers went the opposite way this past off season, choosing to bring in complimentary role players in Odom, Crawford, Barnes, Hill and Turiaf. The Clips success is a testament of smart managerial decisions, and the ability of The Clip’s superstars to make everyone around them better players, Do you think Bryant or Howard are improving the play of anyone on the Lakers this season? Do you think Kobe should be leading the league in scoring with so much undeniable talent on their team? My personal opinion is the Laker’s collapse is directly related to Kobe’s ego, and the franchise and coaching staff pandering to that ego. This was supposed to be the year the ball got out of Kobe’s hands, that he dipped down to 24-25 points a a game.But to blame the Laker’s failures THIS year on Stern, when they projected #1 without Paul seems a little out of touch with reality….

      • ummm no... says:

        The fact that you’re forgetting to mention DH still isn’t 100% and has added injuries, Steve Nash missed a bunch of games, Pau missed a bunch of games, the team went through a coaching change durning the season,and have had injuries to key role players (Blake and Hill) seems like you’ve lost touch with reality. The fact is this team has never had a chance to mesh, and it may be too late by the time they do, if they do. The offense isn’t the real issue, it’s the teams inability to defend that has caused most of the losses. Nobody is blaming Stern for the Lakers woes, but it’ll sting for awhile especially since CP3 plays in the same building. Insult to injury.

      • bb22 says:

        You are absolutely right. Last night he scored 20-something and they blew out the cavs. Kobe`s selfishness is the main reason this team isn`t a few games above .500… but the Lakers are also a REALLY old team. Nash isn`t the MVP he once was. I am surprised how well Kobe has been shooting, though. He looks like hes 3 years younger. Metta started to play well too. Dwight is solid, but he isn`t an offensive threat like Bynum was (Who`s development was insanely stunted by Kobe). Gasol is not interested in basketball anymore, and no one else on the team is even worth mentioning.
        They face the bucks next, which is a game that is winnable. Then the Heat who are coming off a back-back, are not playing well on the road, and are a really small team. If they dont turn it around here, they never will.

      • Fake Lakes says:

        Yeah.U lakers always have a stacked lineup which is even more stacked this year.Dont say its the Leagues fault.If anything lakers are one of the biggest media darlings in the NBA.David Sterns precious Lakers never do seem far from titles do they.Even when their like 5 games out of the 8th seed.Seriously al we ever hear these days is Lakers,Lakers,Lakers and Heat,Heat,Heat.But u know what.Heat actually have the record to show it as do the Clippers who sttill get less spotlight than Kobe and Co.Lakers cant always be best in Nba.DEAL WITH IT!

    • LAKERHATER#1 says:

      You Mad… lol

      • Super Lakers says:

        LOL Yeh they mad. Lakers be Mad haha CP3 should’ve been ours wahh!! WAHHH Jim BUSS wahhh Coach D’Antoni WAHHH. We want Jackson back wahhhhhh we can’t handle being losers wahhh

    • fedizzle says:

      Hmm cause Howard, Nash, Kobe and Gasol isn’t enough. The fall of the LA Lakers rests entirely on their roster full of divas who don’t play any D

    • Jay says:

      The fall of the Lakers is due to them playing bad… They have a sub-par bench and they’ve had numerous injury problems with their superstar studded starters

    • oli says:

      dude wtf (Anthony), of course CP3 would have made a great impact on the lakers (not lakers fan btw) but to say it’s stern’s fault the lakers can’t even make the playoffs with players like Kobe, Howard, Gasol, Nash, … on the court? seriously…?

      • ummm no... says:

        They’ve had very few games with all 4 of those guys playing at the same time. Very few games with even 3 of them playing actually.

    • Alex says:

      Well the NBA owned the Hornets and they had every right to stop the trade.

    • lakerslakerslakers says:

      even as a lakers fan i disagree. paul to the clips made a very interesting and fun team for all basketball fans. lakers have been decimated by injuries. they’ll be back…it may require some rebuilding though and the clips is a good example of what should be done.

    • Game Time says:

      I kinda feel bad for the Lakers the way they have been losing, but I don’t feel sorry for you wishy-washy fans who talked trash about CP3 when you got Nash.

    • Ralph says:

      By the way, in case you don’t remember, at that time, New Orleans Hornets was owned by the league. So, Stern had rights to the team’s decision and can do whatever he want. That is a legitmate decision, much like the trade that sent Kobe Bryant to the Lakers. So those who want to continue on playing the blame game with Stern, Kupchak, Mike Brown, or even KOBE, I suggest you keep your well-earned money in your pockets and enjoy his soon-to-be losing season!!
      GO CLIPS!!

      • ummm no... says:

        The same league that gavet the Hornets the rights to make all of their own decision making until the Lakers landed CP3, then decided to step in a veto it. Crying owners got what they wanted. Funny how you Clipper fans that have been the laughing stock of the NBA for ever want to try and talk smack now. You have to do a little more than win a playoff series before you can start trash talking.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Loving the bitter Lakers fans on here. Stern blocked the trade because he didn’t like the contracts New Orleans was getting back. He was trying to sell the team and while they would have been more competitive with Gasol and Odom, financially it wasn’t best for the team. They got younger cheaper players in Aminu and Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman on an expiring contract I believe. Who knows if the #1 pick was part of the sale too? 🙂

        And even if they had gotten CP3 a year ago I bet it wouldn’t be all smiles in Lakerland. He and Kobe would have butted heads over who runs the offense. You just wonder with the possibility of a future of CP3 and DH12 would the Lakers have sided with Kobe this time.

        As for the current Lakers, they just have pieces that don’t fit well together. Nash is still one of the best with the ball in his hands and him running the offense gets Gasol, Howard and others involved. That’s all good, but Kobe can’t be Kobe in that setup. He needs the ball to dominate so it’s a clash of styles. And Nash never was a defender so at his age he’s always going to be a liability at that end of the floor.

        What if’s get you nowhere so what’s next? If I was GM I’d give them to the trade deadline to get back to a playoff spot. If not then I’d destroy it and rebuild it. See if the Raptors still want Nash. Trade Gasol to anywhere that will take him. Too many rumors surrounding the poor guy the last couple of years so time to give him a fresh start somewhere else. In return they want young players with potential and an old vet for the locker room. Sit down with Kobe and see what he wants to do. Trading him sounds like blasphemy but it might be best for both. If he wants to retire a Laker then at least they’ll have cap room. It’s the Lakers, they’re always gonna attract free agents. Tanking this season won’t get them any reward in the draft so no point going that way and it won’t be tolerated by Laker fans. But they should see what they have in players like Meeks and Earl Clark. Both have showed signs of being good players. They might find they actually have pieces that are worth something in the trade market.

        It’s the Lakers people, they won’t be down for long. Now, this article is about the Clippers. Time to give them their props. Hope they beat the Heat in the finals. Or the Knicks if they beat the Heat first. Here’s to hoping.

      • Super Lakers says:

        Laker fans are a bunch of girls. They want it their way and cry about it when their team doesn’t get what they hope for.

    • stofstar says:

      I don’t even know what that deal was anymore. Does anyone still remember who LAL offered and who was being traded for Paul in the end?
      Didn’t the league own the Hornets? So the league having a say in the deal isn’t so strange i’d think.

    • Kamote says:

      You being a Laker fan, you kinda admitted that Kobe can’t really win a ring w/o being spoon fed eh? Just saying.

    • Tired of Laker fans says:

      The Commissioner acted properly as the CEO of the Hornets. He held out for a better deal and got a much better deal from the Clippers – a proven closer in Eric Gordon; a young, long, potential LuolDeng-like Al Farouq Amino, AND a high draft pick that turned out to be Austin Rivers (or was the clips pick the one they used for Anthony Davis!) In either case, laker fans your full of sour grapes. I don’t hear you crediting the old commissioner for getting you Magic Johnson years ago – which was a greater use of power. AND, had that Paul deal gone through you’d still be in trouble because of the damage done to your team by Mike Brown. Paul,Kobe, Bynum and MWP does NOT a championship make. Lakers are suffering from having let go their developing role players for $$$. Now its the Lakers who are making cheap moves and Clippers who are spending money. What cheap moves – letting Fisher go last year. NOT getting a replacement center for Bynum 2 years ago so Gasol had played soooo many minutes that by June he was too worn out to find whatever little toughness there might have been in him against Dallas.

    • Money In Bundles says:

      Truth is CP3 will tell you his self when clippers grabed up Chaucey Billups he signed on, Teams are about chemistry and there is no backcourt like the clippers CP3 & CB1. I said @ the start off the season the clippers would be a problem and everyone said the clippers will 4ever be the clipper ……..OK…….. theres still room on there band wagon…… Signed JoeyHuscleOfMIB

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I don’t think the Lakers would be THAT MUCH better with CP3. I HATE to say it, and good thing I am practically anonymous, but the Clippers are the better team this year. Sure we have great players, but if you watch the Clippers they are pretty amazing. If my friends saw this, I’d be toast. But I gotta be honest. I am a Lakers fan no matter what, wins or lossses. Rebuild or built, but give credit where credit is due.