Bumps In Road Don’t Rattle Heat

HANG TIME, Texas — Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

There’s a team currently on the West Coast that is struggling to find its swagger, identity, the stuff that was supposed to make for an easy cruise into the NBA Finals.

They’ve been pushed around by Chicago, taken down by Indiana and caught from behind down the stretch in Portland.

Five losses in eight games and the sky is falling.

No, not the Lakers.

It’s the defending champion Heat, who are so worried that they’ve barely noticed, according to Shandel Richardson of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

“Damn, it’s five of eight?” (Chris) Bosh asked.

“You have to find that gray area between a sense of urgency and staying calm. Panicking isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to go through so many different experiences in order to get to that point where you can handle it the right way.”

“The biggest thing is that it’s not the end of the world,” guard Dwyane Wade said. “I think the first year [in 2010] when we lost a couple games, it was tough. But we still stuck together. That’s the same thing we do here [now]. We move on from it because we understand just as well as you can lose five of eight, you can run off 12 straight. That’s just the way it works.”

Miami’s reaction to the struggles is not so much a nonchalance as evidence of how the Heat have come to understand that the regular season is simply a long process where a contending team learns to grow together, develop a bond and a rhythm that is established by the time the playoffs start.

Two years ago, in the first go-round for Bosh, Wade and LeBron James as teammates, the bar of expectation was set absurdly and unnecessarily high and they themselves bought into it, reacting and overreacting to every win, loss, criticism, praise and blip on the radar screen. Now they hit tonight’s third stop on a season-long six-game road trip in Sacramento and their heads aren’t exploding because they started out 0-2.

What last season taught was that if they closed the doors and windows to the noise and treated the ups and downs of the season as just that, the Heat could keep their sanity and keep their edge.

They are not the Lakers, tires blown, muffler dragging and spewing black smoke down a potholed side street where they can’t even see the playoffs. None of their core three are suffering from back problems like Dwight Howard or sidelined with a concussion ala Pau Gasol. They’re not grasping desperately to get a clue, just working their way through the blues.

The recent losses to the Bulls and Pacers only reinforce what the Heat already knew. There will be times in the playoffs when they’ll be tested, maybe pushed to the edge, perhaps even tempted to reach for the panic button. This is not it.


  1. MJ says:

    Here are the ONLY things that are facts…Miami is 24-12 (1) in the East tied for fourth overall. They are have a losing record on the road 8-9, when their offense stagnates they are no longer winning those games as they have the past two years. All else is conjecture.

    Season ends today they play Milwaukee in the First Round. can they repeat (not a fact opinion only) yes, will they maybe, do they want it….that is the key. Time will tell and the drama will unfold soon enough. All else is just an opinion…BTW Clippers lose to Orlando ( which then lose to the WIZ by 20)at home then go on road without CP and crush the Grizz (sans Gay). All 30 NBA teams are viable for a night to secure victory, its over a series that the better team usually prevails.

  2. Jack says:

    haha only time will tell but you declared already that HEAT will not win,..SHUT up will ya??

  3. Everyone thinks the Heat will be fine when the playoffs begin. Chances are they probably will but teams have also exposed gaping weaknesses in the Heat which better teams will likely try to expose in the playoffs. Unless, they address these weaknesses shortly or bring on some free agents to help them it could spell disaster at the end of the season if they are not careful

  4. BJ says:

    The Heat won the title last year,’cause of major injuries to the teams they faced on their way to the championship.OKC,in the finals, were just not ready for the big stage they had to face.All this talk about “saving themselves for the FINALS”,is ridiculous.Championship teams play QUALITY ball every game! I, for one ,don’t expect the Heat to repeat.Only time will tell….

  5. JustaFan says:

    Heat is seriously only depending on 1 super star – Lebron. and thats 1 overworked player doing everything, every night, every game. You can’t expect to do this the whole season. the other 1-1/2 stars need to chip in.

  6. Patty says:

    Don’t believe that. The Heat Is Worried.

    Lebron James will propbably win two championships before he retires. He looks tired.

  7. Tray3mayne says:

    Exactly playoffs BUMS, every team that won the regular season series Boston and Chicago what happened in the playoffs. If you think any team can beat Miami four games in a row go jump off a bridge. Going back to my point I made yesterday I know it was just the Sacremento Kings they blew out bu if they would have lost that game everybody and they mama would have been on sportscenter thrashing them saying whats wrong the heat its just like football any given sunday you can catch a L. So we lost to the Wizards once this year So what they in the NBA if your shots not falling that night you can lose. The knicks suppose to be the team to beat at least everybody wanted to jump on their bandwagon because they held first place for a week LMAO. I don’t hear the critics saying anything about the Knicks have arrived lately. The heat lost a few games and still in first. We will turn it up in the playoffs believe that. Oh and everbody still wants the Heat to lose this season especially Charles Barkley ringless he is a hater stll on Okc what have they done to us for him to say they will win the Finals in Chad Johnson voice CHILD PLEASE. Best records don’t mean nothing what happened last year didn’t the Spurs have the best record. WERE THEY IN THE FINALS??????????????????????????

  8. jack23 says:

    good you are not bias this time blindburry,..exactly they are not the fakers,..oh sorry Lakers, they are just playing easy,..after all star mybe that’s the they get serious,..they will go back to the finals,..tat is clear.

  9. Moochiiieee says:

    Even if they loss a couple of games.. It doesn’t matter (WAS)… Still early for the season… They should stay healthy and have an injury free rosters… They don’t need to get the best record… As long as they are healthy They’re still a contender team… No need to play 100% during regular season, as long as they stay afloat to 1st 2nd or 3rd seed seed in the east , they are in best position for another title run…No need to prove that they can be the BEST… They are not the lakers… uLOLs!!!

  10. AJ says:

    If you are losing and shrug it off, that’s thing. Chris Bosch is quoted right here showing that he doesn’t even know they are losing as of late. BIG DIFFERENCE. The Miami heat are all talent, no brains, and no heart. END OF STORY.

  11. Timothy says:

    all I can say to you people…..

  12. Owned says:

    Spoelstra GIVE LBJ A BREAK. You’re such a baby, so dependent

  13. Heavy T says:

    So you’se gunna make a story bout the grizzlies now considering few days ago they beat spurs then today they get creamed by the mavs who prob wont even make the playoffs this season

  14. John says:

    … Miami is not on the west coast genius…

  15. wrongidea says:

    so we should talk about the thunder as well since they to lose to the wizards? is that how it goes?

  16. Ice says:

    And the worst is..Getting beaten without any damn good reasons…lol

  17. Eli Odell J. says:

    i dont get it? so its a good thing they lose all these games they shouldnt against the same teams their gonna have to beat to get there?
    maybe it aint the end of the world but it aint meaningless neither

  18. alo says:

    Miami is in the west coast? wtf

    • Ephy says:

      they just played Portland (west) and is going to play the Kings (west) tonight, so they are “currently” in the west coast.

  19. The HEAT NATION says:

    The Heat need a Rebounding MACHINE Like GREG ODEN 🙂 That`s all and they will be back on track!

  20. dyranmyjen says:

    Championship Ring History:

    17 Boston Celtics 2007-08, 1985-86, 1983-84, 1980-81, 1975-76, 1973-74, 1968-69,
    1967-68, 1965-66, 1964-65, 1963-64, 1962-63, 1961-62,
    1960-61, 1959-60, 1958-59, 1956-57

    16 Los Angeles Lakers 2009-10, 2008-09, 2001-02, 2000-01, 1999-00, 1987-88 , 1986-87,
    1984-85, 1981-82, 1979-80, 1971-72
    (as Los Angeles Lakers)
    1953-54, 1952-53, 1951-52, 1949-50, 1948-49
    (as Minneapolis Lakers)

    6 Chicago Bulls 1997-98, 1996-97, 1995-96, 1992-93, 1991-92, 1990-91

    4 San Antonio Spurs 2006-07, 2004-05, 2002-03, 1998-99

    3 Detroit Pistons 2003-04, 1989-90, 1988-89

    3 Golden State Warriors 1974-75 (as Golden State Warriors)
    1955-56, 1946-47 (as Philadelphia Warriors)

    3 Philadelphia 76ers 1982-83, 1966-67 (as Philadelphia 76ers)
    1954-55 (as Syracuse Nationals)
    2 Houston Rockets 1994-95, 1993-94

    2 Miami Heat 2011-12, 2005-06

    2 New York Knicks 1972-73, 1969-70

    1 Atlanta Hawks 1957-58 (as St. Louis Hawks)

    1 Baltimore Bullets
    (defunct franchise) 1947-48

    1 Dallas Mavericks 2010-11

    1 Milwaukee Bucks 1970-71

    1 Oklahoma City Thunder 1978-79 (as Seattle Supersonics)

    1 Portland Trail Blazers 1976-77

    1 Sacramento Kings 1950-51 (as Rochester Royals)

    1 Washington Wizards 1977-78 (as Washington Bullets)


  21. Heavy T says:

    Why would the heat be worried about the west having like 4 teams with a better record atm, they only gotta play one of those teams (if they win the east) how bout these stupid writers do storys bout the lakers & they are the clear strugglers & flopstars so far this season

  22. new jack says:

    The race is not for the Swift!! lets see who or which team can endore the second half of the season… #kingjamesIstheMan

  23. HaterWillHate says:

    the Heat doesn’t need to be dominant in the regular season.. Its in the playoffs where they need to be dominant.. They dont care about playoff positioning because in the past 2 season the Heat are always number 2 in the East but always end up as the eastern champs..

  24. SoFlaFan says:

    The Heat got this, no worries, press love to rag on the Heat, and get carried away over a loss… Chill people! Have faith. Talk about press, Palm Beach Post’s sports writer Ethan Skolnik talks so much trash you’d swear he’s a writer out of LA, NY, Clev, OKC, etc…. Follow his tweets while he sits at a Heat game, NOTHING more annoying then his constant ragging on the players, or his sarcastic remarks, and wasted attempt at humor at the players expense. All I gotta say is Go Heat!!!!!!

  25. LBJ6 says:

    They are still the Beast in the East!!!!!!! tough to Beat in the PLAYoffs…

  26. big 4 says:

    No need to rush….its not PLAYOFFS

  27. eri bur says:

    I do not think the Heat have much to worry about, they are still #1 in the east. Yes, they will lose some games but in the loses you find out what needs to be fixed and that makes you better prepared for the playoffs and Finals which is the ultimate. These story lines are starting to get boring, it seems like the media is always pulling strings to try to come up with a story. I am glad that the Heat has learned how to block out the Noise, because that is all it is, Noise!

  28. Joe Crislip says:

    Would someone please explain to me why Lebron only averages 1.2 Offensive Rebounds per game! Is he lazy or do the coaches want him to stay back like a point guard does. What a weapon he could be on the boards if he only tried.

    • Average Joe says:

      At the risk of sounding cliche, LeBron is saving his energy (and his health ) for the playoff push. No need to try and muscle your way for boards in regular season games if it means you injure yourself and miss some games in the postseason.

  29. qriz miraz says:

    lakers are the one who needs to push the panic button not the heat…heat are still on track for a playoff spot but the lakers has been struggling so far..losing 6 straight and 5 games behind the 8th seeded team in the west..considering they have all the materials to reach the playoffs and even dethrone the heat, they have underachieve so far…im not a laker fan or hater as well, in fact i wanted them to reach the playoffs as well..lets be honest its no fun to watch the playoffs w/o the lakers..and who does not want to see the heat facing the lakers in the finals…so lakers need to step up their game not the heat..

  30. flowerpot says:

    Heat fans (and I count myself among them) cannot be satisfied with the current level of play being displayed. It is true that the playoffs begins another process leading to the championship, but the regular season cannot be dismissed as it is the time during which habits are acquired. Those that are developed during the regular season carries over into the playoffs. Furthermore, Heat officials and fans should demand championship caliber play from the team each time they step on the floor. The Heat’s failings are due to a lack of rebounding and scoring plain and simple; and coach spo has reverted back to his mantra of 2010 “we have enough.” Translation: He (spo) has no more ideas!

  31. dyranmyjen says:

    I think the celtics now is the team to watch…they display SUPERIOR DEFENSE against top and average teams…they,ve beat most of the team ahead of them in the standing including the knicks….heat your next….

    • Patty says:

      Celtics is the team to watch. The Heat looks tired. The players look like they are scared of Lebron James. He is a mean guy.

  32. Roy says:

    Just change the incompetent coach already


      Are you serious? Champions don’t change anything. The Heat shouldn’t change a thing. Ask Dallas about what happens to you when you do. True Heat fans aren’t panicking, we are laughing at you.

    • Patty says:

      The Incompetent coach is with the Lakers.

  33. Roy says:

    It’s all stupid spoelstra’s fault, he’s been using the old plays over and over again. That incompetent guy doesn’t know how to adjust to the situation. Let riley take over

  34. qriz miraz says:

    having the best record in the nba is not the goal of the heat..best record doesnt mean you will become the nba champs..the heat knows that because theyve won last year even if they havent had the best record in the nba..heat just wanted to reach the playoffs, and from there you will see the true caliber of TRUE CHAMPION.

  35. dyranmyjen says:

    no excuses a lose is a lose..if the heat can say that also other teams who are slumping can easily say that…nothing special…whoever is the champion is the superior..

  36. chris10237x says:

    They lost 5 of 8 and they get an article about panicking? What team panics after losing 5 of 8? Not that big a deal.

  37. chris10237x says:

    They lose 5 of 8 and they get a whole article asking them about panicking? Who panics after losing 5 of 8? Not that big a deal.

  38. Miami Guy says:

    The Heat will turn it up in the postseason, they did it last year, and they are doing again this year. They are still #1 in East and 23-11, so I dont really mind watching them lose a few tough road games.

  39. jerome moultrie says:

    Why over tired themselves out cost to the playoffs stay healthy as possible stay on top of the division get ready for the playoffs.

  40. Heatmeupone says:

    I cracked open a fortune cookie and this is what it said: “Yo its going to be the Heat and the Clippers in the finals this year! CP3 and Lebron are going to have monster games and lead their teams respectively. Dwyane will unfortunately not perform as he has in the past and the Heat will be crippled by his poor play thus rendering the big three to the the big 1 and a half, (sorry Bosh, I love you but Griffin is going to give you the business). Deandre and BG are going to be too big for them in the long run even with the Heat’s mid season acquisition of Kenyon Martin. Clips in 6. Clips in 5 if Wade goes out for sushi and drinks the night before the 5th game.”

    I then asked the chinese restaurant owner who made the cookie where he got this information from and he said HE got it from a fortune cookie he found at Staples Center so now I dont know what to believe, fortune cookies are usually money with the predictions.

  41. NothingButTheTruth says:

    Remember the Chicago Bulls last year? When they had the best record in the eastern conference? focusing all their energy on that and then getting busted in the playoffs because of their injuries? What’s the point in winning so many games if you can’t stay healthy in the off-season to play ball? The ULTIMATE goal is to win it all. #NoHardFeelings

  42. Phil says:

    Miami Heat don´t have a Center!!!
    Thats the biggest problem. They are outrebounded in every game (min 15 rebounds!!!) That´s huge. LBJ can´t rebound everything.
    Trade some role players for center. When you have rebounds, big three and Ray Allen & Mike Miller you´ve got the game…
    thats for sure

    C ya Phil

    • Ephy says:

      The only C that will fit in with the Heat’s strategy is DeAndre Jordan cuz of his speed, no other C can keep up with the Heat’s speed during transition

  43. dude says:

    They just have to keep being optimistic about themselves. They have been not giving it their all, but it is not the playoffs. It seems like a strategy they are implementing. Besides like somebody else said, whoever comes out of the West will be way more fatigued and worn out than whoever comes out of the east. Although the heat have to watchout for the kincks (even though i feel they will choke because they are inconsistent at times and carmelo is a ballstopper) Indiana (if they are consistent and hibbert steps up as one of the best centers in the league), the celtics (they are starting to feel their mojo back), the nets (I believe they can put it all together), and the bulls (they’ve been playing good basketball without Drose, imagine when he come back how awesome they will be). The Heat have the talent and will, as well as the chemestry to win, at least they are not the lakers who are like that very expensive dish in an expensive restaurant, but it tastes like garbage.

  44. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    When your the champs and are the best every game you play the other team is going to play there hardest agianst you so there going to lose to some teams that they should beat.

  45. […] Bosh, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Fran Blinebury, Heat, Lakers, LeBron James, Pacers, Pau Gasol / 15 Comments […]

  46. bball4life says:

    regular season doesnt matter, heat will easily make finals, and west teams will be so worn out fighting each other in playoffs that the heat will pull of their second in a row.

    Lebron 4 life

  47. Robert says:

    As long as the Heat can win the East, I believe it’s better to not have the home court advantage in the NBA Finals given the current 2-3-2 format. They can still one of the away Final game and win at home. I believe that is what they are trying to do and of course they cannot tell tell you what they think. Just my 2 cents.

  48. Robert Adams says:

    I would rather see them have the best record in the east and not the whole league, so they get 3 in a row at home if they get to the finals.

    • Owned says:

      Well to me I think they are placing their stuff at the same situation they used to have in the finals. Remember last year? 1st and 2nd game we’re in OKC and 3-5 is played on their home court. Meaning they only need to steal 1 from OKC and continue the fight to their home court. I’m not sure but maybe that’s what they are aiming for.

  49. cp3dabest says:

    heat fans are delusional they cant rebound because teams are now abusing the small lineup and there d has been horrible i told people miami wont win in a 82 game season so at least they got it last year

    • dattebayo says:

      LoL, you are delusional, calling the Heat defense horrible. When they are committed to playing defense, nobody in the league rotates more accurately or faster than those Heat players. The Lakers have a horrible defense…

      And just so you know. It’s always easy to win, when you play bad teams that turn the ball over and your 2nd unit scores in transition. Every time the tempo slows down, the Clippers turn into one of the worst offenses there is and they expect CP3 to pull plays out of thin air. Blake Griffin can jump out of the building, but when you need a bucket from him, playing from behind, he won’t deliver. Even with that 17 game win streak, the Clippers are still behind the Thunder.

  50. Tray3mayne says:

    #2 SEED MY BAD

  51. Tray3mayne says:


  52. Tray3mayne says:


  53. Alex Maldonado says:

    The Heat just needa start rebounding a lot better. That’s all it is

  54. Jordan says:

    Not saying the Heat should be overly worried, but they should be concerned. They may be the best in the East, but 5 teams Thunder, Clipper, Spurs, Grizzlies, and Warriors all have better records than the Heat. And they are playing in a much more competitive Western Conference. Basically, if the Heat don’t improve their record, they are basically giving home court advantage to the West team should they make it to the Finals… And its hard to say your the best when the Grizzlies and Warriors have better records than you.

    • Ephy says:

      Who cares if they only have 3 of 7 games at home in the Finals, they won the Finals with only 3 of 7 games at home…

  55. Kevin says:

    The Heat are just trying to take it easy in the regular season. There is no reason for them to bust their tails to get the best regular season record in the league. On the contrary, every team they play against sees it as a “statement game” and treats it like a Game 7, especially in front of their own fans.

    • aaaaaa says:

      I can see where you’re coming from, but there’s not reason for them to lose to teams like Detroit and Waahington

      • Raja says:

        Sometimes you fall even to the weakest team.Hey two of the best team in the nba fall victim to the Wizards.

      • jman says:

        I agree. It shouldnt be headlines when they lose a few games, but they should be beating the teams they are expected to beat, thats what the top teams do.

      • Agudo says:

        Maybe losing to a lowly team the likes of Washington is a viable one and they always seem to lose to these guys. Can it be an excuse to rest their big names while not changing the the playoff bracket much at all? Dare I say tactic by Spoelstra?

  56. SynByn says:

    I don’t think they are giving it their all because they want to stay healthy for the playoffs. They have never been the team to care about being the highest in the standings even though they are 1st in the East with this slump.

    • exactly. tbh this is like last season. they didn’t really care too much with the season and just wanted to stay in the playoff bracket because let’s be honest, the playoffs is what matters the most.

      • Tray3mayne says:

        I get so sick and tired of every time the heat lose a game its a big story and top of the headlines its the regular season and they still in first place. I Mario Chalmers makes the three pointer you would not here anything about the game in Portland. When the Knicks were in first place all you heard was Knikcs are the best team in the East….Yeah Right now that they dropped three straight why is that not a top story. THE HEAT WILL WIN THE NEXT FOUR IN THIS ROAD TRIP AND FINISH 4-2. THE MEDIA LOVE TO SEE THE HEAT LOSE AND SAY THEY ARE STRUGGLING. THIS EARLY IN THE SEASON WE ON CRUISE CONTROL WE CAN TURN UP THE HEAT WHENEVER NECESSARY BELIEVE THAT WE WILL BE CHAMPS AGAIN AND I AM FROM THE GULF COAST MISSISSIPPI HEAT FAN SIX 04′