Cousins Says On-Court Incident With Carter Was Unintentional


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — “It wasn’t intentional,” DeMarcus Cousins pleaded after his latest recklessness during the Sacramento Kings’ disappointing overtime loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

Nothing ever is intentional for Cousins, whose heat-of-the-moment forearm to the face of Vince Carter with 41 seconds left in OT and the Kings down two, was reviewed, elevated to a Flagrant 2 and a subsequent automatic ejection. It was Cousins’ sixth foul anyway and as the 6-foot-11 center dragged 29 points, nine rebounds and four assists to the locker room, his team, which had led by 17 points, was left for dead — again.

Now Cousins will await a predictable fine from the league office, which reviews all flagrant fouls. The league office, of course, is quite familiar with the recurring troublemaker. He’s already been suspended twice this season.

“I’m pretty sure that my reputation will come into play with this decision,” Cousins told reporters afterward, slumped at his locker. “But hopefully they realize that it wasn’t intentional.”

It never is. When the Kings and Mavs played in Dallas a month ago, Cousins, jockeying for position, swung his fist in a backward motion and landed a direct shot in the groin area of O.J. Mayo. Cousins claimed that, too, was unintentional. Mayo disagreed and said Cousins has “mental issues.” The league disagreed and suspended Cousins for one game.

This time, “Boogie” turned himself into the victim.

“I swear, no matter how hard I try, some type of way it happens,” Cousins said. “It’s frustrating. Like no matter how hard I try, they find a way.”

The answer made little sense in response to a question posed about not allowing this incident to become a setback after he’s put up monster numbers over the last couple of weeks, and just as trade rumors swirl.

This is what the Kings are grappling with on a daily basis, an undeniable talent who is irrevocably immature. It’s darn near getting impossible to live with him, yet life without the potential cornerstone leaves the franchise with what? He’s 22 and he’ll figure it out eventually, right?

A follow-up question came to Cousins: Are you frustrated with yourself?

“I wouldn’t say with myself because I know I’m trying my best,” Cousins said. “I mean I can’t sit here and point the finger at other people, and I know some of these decisions, I got to make better decisions.”

This poor decision came well after the Kings had already imploded in the fourth quarter and were lucky to be in overtime thanks to Isaiah Thomas banking in a game-tying 3 at the buzzer. With a chance to tie late in the OT, the ball went into Cousins in the paint and three Mavs collapsed on him. Cousins was stripped, the ball bounced around, squirted out the side and was recovered by Dallas’ Shawn Marion.

As Cousins rose up — sandwiched between Mayo behind him and Carter in front — he shoved his right forearm into Carter’s chin. As Carter (who might have embellished just a bit) started to fall backward, it was almost as if it clicked inside Cousins’ head that this was not good, and he quickly cradled Carter to the floor as if tucking him into bed.

The foul was then reviewed and upgraded.

“But come on, like, give me a break,” Cousins said. “I just know that wasn’t intentional. Come on, man.”

The officiating crew, after viewing multiple replays, thought otherwise. Just guessing that the league office will, too.


  1. Max says:

    DeCousins?Well,send him to Charles Barkley,and Charles can straighten that young man OUT! Take his behind out to the “woodshed” and guess what that “Dude” will began to LISTEN! YA Charles! Charles knows.God gave Cousins talent,but did he forget to give him enough “marbles”?Just call Cousin’s”MR TECH!!!”Offcials make any changes?NOT!Out again goes Cousin. Now what Coach is trying to snatch up this young man??Great BB Player,but down,down lot have traveled that road to doomstown! UNCOACHABLE!!!! Oh’just send him to the NETS and let him play with D.Willams,YA!

  2. Melo Wade says:

    this guy is pathetic…. millions of people can view the video, and see it was intentionnal. and he still claims it wasnt… really pathetic man…
    this guy is just as dirty as garnett

  3. MANU1602 says:

    if you replaced his brain with the ginobili’s one, he already had won couple titles..

  4. DIXXSON says:

    Just saying. “When” did Shaqeal Oneal & Chas Barkley become Philosophers? RIGHTEOUS?? HE GOTTA GROW UP, HE”LL NEVER MAKE IT? BARKLEY went to blows with SHAQ, BILL LAMBIER & everybody in the League. Was extremely disrespectful of this show host EARNIE, until KENNY imitated his manners while he was on vacation. He came back and tried developing manners. SHAQ battled CHAS & went to GREG OSTERTAG’S locker room & slapped him to the floor. All NBA speakers critiqued OSTERTAG for not retaliating. Fighting was manly then. (I COMPLIMENTED OSTERTAG). Earning me my right to Criticize, Philosophize. When has COUSINS fought. Though it’s different now, but how can FIGHTERS be so Philosophical & SELF RIGHTEOUS?? COUSINS can & will make it. How many teams in the League? COUSINS could go to almost any of them, become a appreciated, worthy & valued player. CARTER “FLOPPED” they reviewed it & still Upgraded the file. Which proves that there’s a whole lot more peoples out here, besides DeMARCUS COUSINS that have MENTAL ISSUES.

  5. Corz says:

    Its all part of the game & hype. In actual fact, the game has softened over the decades.
    Metta World Peace is worse and even more crazy for changing his name to something he doesnt represent. Garnett is no angel either but one of the greats. Who’s to say DC wont be one day….
    There’s always going to be altercations and ‘physical’ players and suspensions. Thats why I love this game!

  6. max says:

    Seems that the dude wants to come to Seattle…

  7. Bob says:

    @Brother James. Cousins may have done things that KD, Serge, or Westbrook have never done, but to label him a fool for life is a little harsh. I think if he were in a positive, family-style organization it would be the best thing for him. The King’s are a traditonally bad organization, a losing culture that make bad decisions all the time. Where you work has a great effect on your behavior; he’s a young man in a bad situation.
    @Claudio Sarcasm looks bad on a man. Comparing BMW’s to Vespa scooters is……….. (add your own noun)

  8. KobeFAn5 says:

    U guys r sterotyping nd discrminating him 4 only 1 reason. Becuause he iz BLACK ! Not fair at all. I’m not sayin what he did wuz ohkay but how but u try 2 be put in his position it iz frustrating. But he needs to grow up !

  9. YANG says:

    Cousin would be a good in a Spurs uniform. Trade Blair, Bonner, and Gary Neal for him and Pop will straighten him out.

    • Max says:

      Cousins to the SPURS??NEVER, now the “POP” would never take that headache. POP unloads anyone that does not fit into his very tight “BOX”. Players say, YES SIR,YES SIR! Duncan a year back, well just could not buy a Free Throw,so Pop says next one to miss a Free Throw will have to buy me a new CAR. Duncan says “Coach What Color? Now POP would chop off Cousin’s head and ship overnight out of SAT.!! Ever see POP happy??NOT!! 20 points ahead and POP is still on his podium “preaching”. FOR real? I admire POP! More type of his style of coaching and less grumled $$$players,AGREE? YA!

  10. Wammy Giveaway says:

    No matter how hard he tries to prove his innocence, the league, the fans, the whole world actually, are going to see him as a punk. They’re giving him no chances, no second chances, no last chances. In fact, the world has already rendered a verdict on Cousins – he’s guilty until proven innocent. Only by trading him will he finally “get it.”

    By “get it,” we mean no altercations with teammates, other players, coaching staff and the like. No bush league moves like hitting below the belt, throwing elbows, shoving people, anything to potentially injure a person. No excuses to make you look like the victim, when you know you are a suspect. Nothing. In the real world, there are no secrets. Everything is exposed, no matter if any of us wants to believe another person’s story or not. If you play basketball like a thug, you’re going to be judged like a thug. That’s the way it works in the NBA.

    It’s time to start acting like a real person. Accept all responsibility and punishment as followed. If Cousins has to be banished from the NBA, to be taken away his right to play basketball, so be it. But this is what life is. Basketball is not a right, it’s a privilege. If he can understand the difference between right and privileges, and exchange evil for good in maturity, he might get a Miracle Card.

  11. WOOT says:

    Rondo and Cousins should be in the UFC not in the NBA

  12. Sandy says:

    It really doesn’t matter here. The elite leagues, top players, get by with absoulutely YELLING at the ref’s and get’s nothing. Smaller leagues, lookout, because your going to get it. Elite teams are no better then the rest of them!

  13. perkele says:

    It looks as if he elbows the player, looks round and realises who it is and is immediately apologetic.

  14. big g says:

    theres no excuses for this kind of behavior on the court
    you get paid millions and act like an idiot
    these kind of players should be banned
    i just dont get how team owners can pay big bucks for these kind of people

  15. Schmoe and Schmavin McGoof says:

    carter flopped

    mcgoofs stink!

  16. bobby says:

    If you watch the highlights, Cousins actually caught Vince Carter and well, see for yourself. I think Cousins should be excused.

  17. stuntdegrate says:

    this is just his bad reputation that is haunting him, i watched the game i dont believe it was intentional, if it was he wouldve have caught him on the way down and made sure he was all right, it been other players that have done worse and never showed any remorse (al bynum elbow to barea, or horry hip checking steve nash) at the worst the foul shouldve been a flagrant 1, thats what i believe

  18. DIXXSON says:

    League as usual overreacts, over reaches. I appreciate the league’s policing requiring proper attire, keeping the NBA from descending into the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE or EUROPEAN FOOTBALL. Cousins is lying. He lost control. Everybody, does the best of us do in a TIE UP situation. But the League needs to be fair anyway. It’s important. Just because you’re THE POWERS THAT BE, doesn’t give you the right to act like Demarcus Cousins. Cousins reacted with anger, most everyone does. But that WAS NOT an elbow or a real strike. It was more of a SWING PUSH. CARTER took advantage of the situation. Capitulated. FLOPPED!! (can’t blame him). Then THE POWERS THAT BE Blind sometimes went into action, REPUTATION OVERDRIVE reaction. With their Blinders on!

  19. Jeremiah Storkson says:

    The kings would be better off without him

  20. Yesss! says:

    he’ll become a great player once he puts a sonics jersy on 🙂 .. dont trade him! in 5 years time demarcus & isaiah thomas could potentially become a payton/kemp like duo … go sonics!

  21. KingNate22 says:

    As a TRUE fan of basketball, I don’t see any problem with Demarcus Cousins. I enjoy traditional big-men with a mean streak. When I see Cousins, I don’t see a child acting out for attention, I see a professional athlete that periodicly loses his focus. Light blows are often thrown in the post all the time, but Cousins doesn’t understand how to extract his revenge after he receives blows. The more points Cousins scores, the more he gets mugged in the paint, but he plays through it. Instead of getting frustrated, giving in, and start crying like a D12 type. He dishes it back. I have NO problem with his emotions. He has the right idea. Get hit soft, dish it back harder. Notice no big-man has EVER had a problem with how Cousins plays, only guards. Why? Inadvertent elbows are caught in the post all the time and as far as handling the ball. I want the alternative to just giving the ball up to be him knocking a player out. It all comes down to one simple question about his attitude when you look at an EXTREMELY talented power forward. Would you rather have a Kevin Garnett or a Pau Gasol?

  22. Truth says:

    Thats why they call him psycho T. Cousins is a thug plain and simple.

  23. James says:

    Hansborough wouldnt act a fool cuz hes white its simple

  24. eri bur says:

    Cousins is an extremely talented player. He really has that IT! factor. I agree with Mr. Barkley he definitely would benefit from surrounding himself with great leadership. I also agree that he does not fit in Sacramento. I agree that Doc Rivers would provide great leadership. I actually, did not think that the foul was that extreme but I think they blew it up because of his history. But I would love to have him MIami!

  25. W/E says:

    Big deal, Rodman, Barkley and Karl malone were throwing elbows to everyone and people were so excited about it, now theres no fun, Cousins is a third grade schoolboy compared to these guys

  26. james says:

    he can be the new spurs starting pf with the mentorsihp of timmy lol

  27. maver109 says:

    Carter flopped on this one, this may be a flagrant one but no way it’s a flagrant 2. I actually believe Cousins on this one saying it was not intentional and just a ”in the heat of the moment play”.

  28. When black guys act out, they are called thugs.

    What about white guys? Do you people say the same thing when tyler hansbrough acts a fool on the court?

    • tommygun says:

      Just a whiteboy LOL what else

    • kb24 says:

      NBA has become a fashion show with D Stern and not a man’s game anymore….i want the 80’s and 90s games back…no blood no foul and let us see wher Griffin and Lebron fits…floppers do not belong in NBA!!

      • Hm says:

        Griffin gets hit a lot already, so I don’t see how that would trouble him. Can’t blame him for doing what practically everybody was doing before the flopping rule. Also, as far as I can tell, the flopping rule does seem to have made most players more cautious about doing it, though I’d like to see it enforced in the game.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        You do realise that the mans game you speak of in the 80’s and 90’s was also run by D Stern right??

    • dattebayo says:

      No, I think people expect that behavior from somebody with the nickname Psycho-T 😀

  29. Caleb says:

    I can’t see where it’s intentional. Just guys getting hyped up over a few stupid things from the past.

  30. MattV says:

    He’s lucky he didn’t hit Vince Carter when he was in his prime.

  31. Wonderboy says:

    I watched the video, and I don’t think it warrant the criticism that cousins is now receiving. I can defend him in that it is one of the heat of the moment plays. if you watch the video, immediately afterwards he knew instantly that it was wrong and he made sure VC didn’t land awkwardly. He carried that realization with him as he walked out, the whole time he had that apologetic look on his face. Basketball can be a game of emotions too and sometimes it is hard to control. please people, we’ve seen worse, what about world peace elbow to the face of “insert NBA player name here”. The thing is cousins is getting it, and I think after this overblown ordeal is done, he won’t have anymore of these.

    Wonderboy pondering and wondering, signing out.

    • baller says:

      I agree. He looks apologetic immediately. Maybe it is really heat of moment thing that he didn’t intentionally hurt anyone. But there is no question he needs to be penalized for what he did.

      • Homecourt says:

        Immediate realization of a bad move doesn’t necessarily equate to immediately apologetic. He was trying to cover his mistake and his quick attempt in some ways is respectable. What is truly troubling is the day later, it wasn’t intentional, everyone is out to get me attitude he adopted. That, to me, says he’s not making the kind of strides that would result in a more permanent change.

  32. mrcpg says:

    Latrell Sprewell and Isaiah Rider come to mind. ‘Sheed a bit too, but he found his way as a role player.

  33. dredd5150 says:

    He actually caught himself… it was a little too late tho. DC needs therapy if he wants to stay in the NBA for a long time.

  34. East Coast says:

    Cousins is a total thug. That was clearly International. I couldn’t believe he had to do that to a veteran like Vince. Hopefully he misses with the wrong player one day and meets his match so he can be put into his place.

  35. KiNGS!! FTM! says:

    Cousins is a beast! Enough said.

  36. kobe says:

    what do u expect from a thug..

  37. spguide says:

    Cousins is an idiot , i would even go further , he is the biggest idiot in the league( considering Royce White days in NBA are gone already).
    Cousins saying that the aggression on Carter was UNintentional proves me that he is either completely insane or a liar.

  38. […] Which is what happened on Thursday night in overtime of the Kings loss to the Mavericks. Cousins said after the game it was unintentional, reports […]

  39. Bruce says:

    World Peace #2? I wonder why they give these guys just a small fines for such behavior. It’s a basketball, not a street fight competition. I understand than sometimes they are frustrated. But come on, they supposed to learn how to control their emotions and be sportsmen not some thugs from the street.

  40. southballer says:

    Time for this guy to grow up and stop playing the victim, you either put your self together and behave like a professional athlete or you leave the league. You are a bad example to future players and detrimental to your own team mates. A shame for such talented player, but guess what? there will always be talented players with better attitudes around so we may want to stop using his talent as an excuse for his thug like attitude.

  41. jfack says:

    the last thing you wanna do when down 2 with 41 seconds is get a flagrant 2. that turns the game from still having a chance to no chance basically. not smart cousins. if i were on his team i would urge coaches etc to trade him. although he puts up numbers, he is still bringing the team down. get rid of him.

  42. Seriously? says:

    “if cousins wasnt a talented baller who would prob be a street thug”


    He’s 22 and plays a sport for a living, no wonder he isn’t the most mature guy. Give him some time, with his skills he has no choice but to shape up. He acts childish when his response to turning over the ball his forearming someone in the face, but he understands that it was foolish and will learn his lesson….. eventually.

  43. demetre carter says:

    tell cousins bring that roughness to philly !

  44. dattebayo says:

    I ended up watching a few minutes at the end and I don’t know what Cubes is mad about. In those few minutes, they could or rather should have called a foul on almost every defensive play from Nowitzki, he once hit Salmons in the head on a reverse layup that missed. Keith Smart should be the one to be mad about the Mavs thugging up Cousins. It’s just sad how bad Dallas is these days and of course it’s not Cuban’s fault for effing up his Championship team, it’s the refs…

    • Carl says:

      So what you’re saying is that DeMarcus Cousins is a victim? Wrong.

      • dattebayo says:

        I never said that, stop putting hidden messages in my posts!

        Recently Cuban blamed the referees and the officiating for the Mavs losses and that wasn’t the case in this game. I don’t think that Cousins is a victim or reacted appropriately, but they could have called a foul when 3 guys jumped him and started slapping at his hands…

    • Hm says:

      Big guys always get the worst of it and rarely get the calls. But opposing players will scream bloody murder if they attempt to do something in return.

  45. sam says:

    I think he should be in the boxing ring not in the basketball court, looks like he’s related to dennis rodman………..if this guy is acting like in the future league should ban him from the nba

    • MANU1602 says:

      although he has a huge potential, he always manages to get noticed for the (many) wrong things he does.
      rodman was a winner, cousins ​ hasn’t still shown anything.
      however, for me, is not accidental

    • slider821 says:

      aw he got hit in the head, BAN HIM. You sound like a blake griffin fan.

      I urge all the teenagers watching the game now to go on youtube and watch some 80s, 90s matchups; pistons, blazers, celtics, etc. The NBA isn’t 3rd grade bball despite how much you want it to officiated like a youth league.

  46. SG says:

    I hope the Kings get sent to Seattle. Mac-10 should be able to straighten him out 🙂

  47. ben says:

    if cousins wasnt a talented baller who would prob be a street thug

    • rell says:

      stfu why he gotta be a street thug huh?

      • LeBron Fan says:

        because he acts like one

      • slider821 says:

        no, he acts immature, just like a ton of guys who play pickup ball, doesn’t mean they’re all street thugs. He gets the thug label because he’s black. If he was white he’d be called a dirty player.

        It makes white people feel good to label a black dude as a street thug when they see him act out. IE Allen Iverson, Rodman on one hand, Lambeer, McHale on the other.

  48. Kings#4 says:

    Cousins IS getting it, he has had a recent stretch where he has been vastly improved, he relapsed last night (it looked unintentional), but I believe he is getting it and slowly moving in the right direction. I also don’t agree that Tyreke is ruined or would be a lot greater in a different environment, with a coach like Pop, yea, he’d be better, and maybe one day he will be the perrenial all star, I just don’t think he is quite that good yet, or would be.

    • 21 says:

      it looked unintentional?? get your eyes opened dude. even though you like him (i do like him as a player) the hit was definetly intentional. he looked at carter before hitting him but i think he realized quickly that it was a stupid action. be real dude

    • Andy says:

      Respectfully, you are wrong. He looked right at him, punched, even leaned into the punch, then realized right afterwards he shouldn’t have done it. He is going to get at least a fine for this.

    • Hm says:

      It was probably every bit as intentional as Greivis Vasquez “punching” Reggie Evans in the chest last year. Reggie Evans flopped, as did Carter. Vasquez’ flagrant was bumped down to a personal foul after reviewing the tape. Cousins gets a flagrant 2 because of his reputation. Neither player actually harmed the opponent, because both of them barely touched the flopping opponents.

      • Hm says:

        I guess it’d be a good idea to stop treating the “victims” in these cases like babies. They’re grown men. There’s a rule against flopping now. Either enforce it in the game or continue to eject players for not even harming their opponent.