Report: Oden Eyeing Comeback With Heat? staff reports

Another year, another Greg Oden rumor.

The last we heard of Oden in this space, the former No. 1 overall pick of the 2007 Draft was drawing interest from the Miami Heat. Keep in mind, this was shortly after the lockout ended and Oden had just a qualifiying offer on the table from Portland. Oden ended up restructuring his deal in December of 2011 after having another setback with his gimpy knees — a setback that eventually turned into another lost season after doctors determined he needed another microfracture surgery in February.

Now comes word from Brian Windhorst (who reported the first Heat-Oden dalliance) that the ex-Blazers big man is eyeing a return, but not until the 2013-14 season:

Sources told that multiple teams have already expressed interest in signing Oden to a multi-year deal before the end of this season that would allow him to continue his rehab until he can get back on the court in training camp next fall.

The Miami Heat are at the front of the line in pursuing Oden, two sources said, and have been keeping tabs as he recovers while also taking classes at Ohio State.

Sources say that the Heat, though, are not alone in their pursuit of the former No. 1 overall pick.

The Heat potentially could have two roster spots available this season, one of which Oden could slide into as he continues to rehab. Team president Pat Riley is known to like gambling on long shots, especially when it comes to big men.

Don’t get too excited yet, though, Miami fans. There are some cap-related hurdles which could keep Oden from joining Miami’s star-studded (and defending-champion) cast of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the near future.

One concern for the Heat, though, is they already are committed to more than $80 million in salaries for next season and very likely will have a final payroll coming close to $90 million in a year when the new, more harsh luxury tax kicks in. Oden would potentially be a costly gamble even on a minimum-level contract. The Heat are also currently about $14 million over the luxury-tax line for this season.

In attempting another comeback, Oden’s camp is planning to take a very conservative approach. So the plan is for him to sit out the rest of this season and summer league to make sure he allows himself the best chance of finally getting healthy.

The Heat, who have been on the lookout for a center for three years, were interested in Oden before the start of last season when he was a restricted free agent. But he ended up taking a one-year, $8.9 million deal with the Blazers. After a setback in his recovery, the contract was reduced to $1.5 million and he later had the microfracture procedure.

It’s a gamble for the Heat if this all works out, given that Oden has never played in a full season (his healthiest campaign was a 61-game effort in 2008-09). Still, if Oden is fully recovered — and given the talent he showed in his collegiate days at Ohio State — his landing in Miami (or elsewhere) could be the steal of the offseason.


  1. naser nwegi says:

    really so pathetic, and funny it happened to my team the blazers twice, once before with Sam Bowie. I hope this dude gets over his knee problems and comes back to see what he can do. even a short career of ,say five years wouln’t hurt.
    naser from Libya

  2. Heater! says:

    Why are people looking at Wade being traded? Did you really think he was going to have seasons like he has previously with Lebron playing as good as he is? Being the 2nd scorer on the team and averaging 20ppg, that’s what Westbrook does backing up Durant, only reason he isn’t scoring more is because he isn’t taking as may shots, and if you say that’s not the reason for him not scoring as much, have a look at the stats. Wade is ranked 8th in the League at scoring, but in the top 10 scorers, he is ranked 3rd in %FG shooting, shooting above 50% He doesn’t need to drop as much as he used to, Bosh has been on and off, he is right at the top of the PR’s, but this hasn’t been his best season so far. Ray’s numbers have gone down, Chalmr’s numbers have gone down, they use Miller the wrong way.

  3. Bob says:

    Greg was getting pretty good before the last knee injury. It doesn’t surprise me that he has some interest. As for the Heat, I like their chances with the “Three Kings,” but they can’t play post defense well and have to small ball to win. I couldn’t rely on Greg Oden in a playoff series with the amount of rust he has on him. The Celtics shouldn’t have sniffed 2 victories in last years series. They dominated in the post, rebounded well, and grinded out half court possessions. A team like the Spurs would give the Heat all kinds of problems in a long series. I would have to say……….. trade Bosh for some inside presence. Maybe Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap, maybe DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond or Greg Monroe plus another piece, Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee (Bosh would kill in Denver’s system). The post play was a big issue in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

  4. Another idiot NBA blogger! says:

    How about if he goes to the Sixers! He can be a backup to Bynum! They can both share stories about the nightmare knee injuries!!!!

  5. NBAFanatic says:

    The Heat are not winning a championship. They’re to small and wont be able to keep getting insane numbers from LeBron through out the playoffs and the finals. Teams like the Bulls, the Heat, the Pacers, and the emerging Celtics, as well as maybe the Nets will kill the Heat in the inside. No way their getting through the East Semis, let alone the East Finals. If the Heat make the finals (which is a miracle), the Heat will get beat up in the inside by teams like the Thunder, the Spurs, the Lakers, the Clippers, and the Warriors. Oden looked good but he got injured numerous times which is why he is a liablilty. The Heat need a legit big man that is healthy, like Spencer Hawes, or need to draft a big man. No tittle for the Heat though.

    • dattebayo says:

      You really need to proof read your posts.
      The Thunder don’t have a post game and they can’t beat anybody up from the inside, the Nets are a joke, literally (have you seen William’s and Johnson’s stats), the Celtics are not emerging and unless hell freezes over, the Lakers will not reach this year’s NBA Finals. Golden State is overachieving, they will drop to the 4th or 6th seed and they will never make it out of the 1st round.

  6. Bad Guy says:

    Enough already! Greg Oden, move on! Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about you. You are not a true athelete, or a basketball player. If it werent for your size, your another one of those people who never would have even come close to making the NBA. This brokendown weak azz, piss poor excuse for an athelete has cost enough money to the Portland Trailblazers already. He should by rights, be forced to work off his debt to that team before hes aloud to do anything anywhere else in the NBA. But these players dont care about loyalty or doing what is right and just, all they care about is getting what they so selfishly think is theirs!

  7. NY Fan says:

    No doubt Oden is a skilled player but because of his size and past knee injuries, he can never play basketball again without having an injury to his ankle or knee. Therefore, retirement is the best option for Oden.

  8. usbuck says:

    Greg, we really love you and wish you well! The Miami Heat needs a rebounder! And someone needs to remind our role players that they are not stars! So, play your role.

  9. MIKO says:

    If Greg Oden was Healthy, don’t you think he could start to develop to the start potential people saw in him years ago? I bet Miami is the best place for Him, to along side with the PRIMING Lebron, they could have the potential to be a dangerous one two combination, PLUS He could help miami with defense and rebounds!

  10. kid says:

    the lineup can be like this:

    point guard:mario chalmers
    shooting guard:dwyane wade
    small forward:lebron james
    power forward:chris bosh
    center:greg oden

  11. Matthew says:

    No way… Greg Oden seriously should only be given a ten day contract for the rest of his life. Re-up every ten days…. put him on rations.

  12. The NBARulezz says:

    I honestly think the heat should have never thought about this the heat should sign somebody like Chris Anderson or try to get Larry Sanders

  13. Nat says:

    I agree with Heatt and Bobby about Bosh and like Dean said Bulls’ fans are sour because he didn’t go to Chicago. Bosh is an excellent player and Miami couldn’t win the title without him.

  14. Najee Nixon says:

    They need to sign Kenyon Martin or convince Juwan Howard to come back.

  15. cgerke says:

    R.C. where are you? Would love the Spurs to take a look at him. The way Pop looks after his guys with limited mins would be a great fit. If Oden can’t work in San Antonio he can’t work anywhere.

  16. cgerke says:

    Would love the Spurs to take a look! RC where are you. They way Pop looks after his guys think this would be a perfect fit. Twin towers back in San Antonio please!

  17. Acai in a bowl says:

    Oden is worth the risk. Still young and showed so much promise when he played. So what if Miami has to kick Dexter Pittman or some other useless player off the roster?

    But really, I can’t wait to see what Oden can do.

  18. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    obviously CB1 is not comfortable at 5spot. he’s a 4 guy… come on! Greg Oden?? he has a fragile knee now, he is no fit for the system of run and gun of the Heat. i’d like to see Chris “the birdman” Andersen instead fit a Heat uniform.

  19. James says:

    it would be great for getting oden into heat

  20. smart says:

    I wish he could buy a decent pair of knees from E-bay.

  21. Iraelite says:

    Yes Miami – Please sign this guy.

    Devout Knicks Fan

  22. Unkle Daddy says:

    I am sure he made enough money to live the rest of his life on easy street. With that being said he needs to stay away from the NBA, he is a 24 year old in a 50 year olds body. If 50 year olds could still play Jordan, Magic and Bird could come back and remind people what real players look like.

  23. Sean says:

    OKC got Durant as the #2 draft pick while Blazers chose Oden for #1. Oden has alot to prove. Making it to the finals would help.

  24. Frank Lowe says:

    The idea is of a healthy greg oden is good but the reality Is only in fantasy. He can still grab boards im saying 8.5 a night playing 22 mins a game, and give you 7-9 points a game, 1.2 blks. Playing 66-71 games. He is still a big guy.

  25. Istiben says:

    Lebron can finally play with his FATHER!

  26. Waste of money. Spend it on someone else. Look at Brandon Roy on the Timberwolves. How did that work out?

  27. Craig says:

    I would give Oden a 10 day contract, test the water, so to speak. .

  28. Gonzalo says:

    Good for him if he comes back, good for Miami as well, however, his knee problems look very serious, even if he comes back, i think that he will never be the player everybody saw in 2007, Half Oden is what any team in the Nba will get if they choose to sign him.

  29. SensibleScot says:

    Miami don’t have any more money to spend on a center. If they can get Oden for buttons they should give it a go. If it works out, brilliant, if it doesn’t, no worse than having Curry or Pittman.

    There’s no cheap and decent centers in the NBA!

  30. Mel Fox says:

    I would take a closer look at Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders. He’s a guy like Ibaka or Noah. Blocking shots and rebounding on a high per 48 min rate with average offensive skills. Get him. Get more rings. May be trade D-Wade for Eric Gordon. It makes me said to write that, but he’s not himself anymore.

  31. Charlie says:

    May Luck be with him^^

  32. G. Henderson says:

    I have great respect for Oden. Hope he gets better and play for years to come. Regardless of what he team he ends up playing on.

  33. Ben says:

    If he could be healthy he could really give Heat a boost. I think if he could be a big threat this season the Heat could win Ring #2 with lebron.

  34. carson says:

    the blazers need to bring grag odin back to portlind

  35. Mario says:

    what the heat really need … is REGGIE EVANS. dude is a strong rebounder, defender, and doesnt need the ball at all to be effective and also provides hustle plays and good screens

  36. KevinGarnettOverratedVotedfor AllStarevenCelticsisLastSeed says:

    Yeah Go Heat Beat Celtics

  37. zgillet says:

    Damian Lillard is poetic justice for the Blazers after this guy. Hell, Leonard has already Portland more.

  38. JULIO says:

    he is another Pittman ( pos) save the money and get a good player like Ibaka..THAT WILL BE GREAT!!!!!!!.

    • Owned says:

      That would be great but I think they don’t have anything to gamble to the thunder for Ibaka unless they break up the BIG 4 of Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Allen

    • Andy says:

      Yes because the Thunder are going to just let Ibaka walk to the Heat. With LBJ, DWade, and Chris Bosh they can’t afford Ibaka. You have to take what is realistically available.

  39. Comeback? Did he ever really begin?

  40. Michael says:

    Yes finally a true center for Miami!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. agosto3 says:

    wats up with u guys

  42. Herr says:

    As a Blazer fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Oden play for the Heat. If he gets injured, it won’t hurt the Heat as they are already a championship proven team. If he doesn’t, who really cares? The Heat will be winning the next few years anyways. Only team that is a threat is the Thunder, and they aren’t a team that can beat the Heat in a 7 game series.

    I just hope he doesn’t return to a team I hate like the Lakers, Clippers, Mavs, or Knicks. Outside of the Mavs, those teams are egomaniac morons. The Mavs I just don’t like because I get sick of all the drama around that team that only won a championship once although should have never gotten past the first round but the refs were unfair.

  43. that dude says:

    As one of the heat fans, i believe acquiring a player who deals with lots of injuries will do nothing about the heat team. What the team needs is a big man who’s healthy enough and have the potential to be their center. Miami needs a man who can REBOUND and can apply defensive composure!

  44. ko0kie says:

    I hope the heat don’t spend any penny on him… waste of money.

  45. julian says:

    The only place that can get him healthy is phx look at what they did for nash hill jermaine oneal is playing great ball as welll

  46. Crazygirl992 says:

    you know how everyone thought oden would get mutiple championships in the nba… well… there ya go lol

  47. red_fox says:

    I doubt he’ll ever make it back, but then again I would have said the same thing about Grant Hill.

  48. jacobm says:

    i would rather take a risk with Chris Andersen than Oden, legal matters can be bought off, you can’t buy health

  49. Andy says:

    There is no truth to this. The exact same “story” broke before the season started.

  50. Lakersfan says:

    What, Pao Will never go to Miami.

  51. MRB says:

    It’s never good when a player goes down with an injury, guys like Rose, Ming, Roy, Rubio. If Oden comes back he needs to be healthy. I think he can make a difference if healthy, but I guess thats the question.

  52. GoldenState of Mind says:

    Odom jst needs to concentrate on getting his knees healthy enough so when he is 40 he can walk even though is Nba Career was a bust he still made millions so he needs to get his degree & hopefully he has money left that he can parlay into a legit business. Why risk doing more damage to his knees & making his future life a wheelchair

  53. Joaquin says:

    He should go to the Phoenix Suns, the medical staff there is the best, always getting injury prone or old players back into playing shape and healthy

  54. Choker says:

    veteran minimum heat for oden or rather get kmart

  55. LeBoDwy says:

    One great young center the Miami Heat should get Andre Drummond in Detroit. He can rebound and block plus get some sick dunks. He will develop into a great center in the NBA.

    • Rammix says:

      This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen anyone post. What in your right mind makes you think the Pistons are willing to give up Andre Drummond?

  56. benjie says:

    The Heat just needs a big rebounder and shot blocker thats all. Not Oden his already done. Maybe if spolstera used his initiative and give more minutes to anthony in the centre and chris bosh could stay on the PF. Anthony is only listed 6 ‘9 but have the reach and wing span of 7 footer. legitimate shot blocker and rebounder. he Out rebounded Ibaka in the finals.
    So miami wake up and insert anthony in starting line up and more minutes

  57. B-Baller says:

    Honestly, this clown is a liability, He actually blamed the enviornment of portland for his shotcommings. Are you serious? The guy has been recovering from a swollen knee for years. He totally screwed portland and waisted a draft pick. Then he actually blamed the city and the team for his rehab issues. Maybe if he stopped getting drunk and dancing a strip clubs he could have come back in a timely manner. Paying a silly big clown millions of dollars to sit out for 5 years is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Retire.. and stop costing fans money and time.

  58. dexter says:

    playoff is near heat must have eddie curry back wide body and his height with dexter pittman from d-league alongside with kenyon martin and chris andersen both guys hustle and defense and rebound.

  59. dexter says:

    heat urgently needs a center who can be a real intimidator inside the paint and can rebound and doesnt need to score a lot,like turiaf last seaon his hustle and defense and rebounds..they can get eddie curry back wide body and his height alongside with kenyon martin and chris andersen and dexter pitmann…terrell harris should be in the d-league so they can have enough roster.

  60. mj13 says:

    wish greg the best of luck on his comeback. personally i hope he comes back and actually gets to play this time cause he still has a lot of potential at 24

  61. Bulls2012 says:

    Bosh should get traded for Pau Gasol…Heat need a legit seven footer

    • mikeHEAT says:


    • Owned says:

      Haha clearly another laker fan looking for excuses to get goods from another team. GASOL IS OLD DUDE why would we trade Bosh (who is in his primeI AND based on his performance now he is basically a overhyped player. Bosh is golden to miami. He has chemistry why take the risk of getting another and gamble to the team chemistry with it? Think ok maybe you can use it more often?

  62. James says:

    I wish him well but on the real I don’t see him toughing another season, another thing that surprised me was the list of teams willing to give him a chance…I’d rather take a chance of Royce White over G.O

    • ryguy says:

      are you kidding me? Oden has got the mental toughness and persistence to keep coming back to play the game he loves. Whereas White is a weak little brat who is afraid of flying ffs. I’ll take a man over a kid any day.

  63. Rich says:

    Signing Oden is a bad call. He’s knees will never hold up. Set your sights on someone else Miami.

    • Craig says:

      They said the same thing about signing Bill Walton with the Celtics in the mid 80s…20 minutes of Oden as a back up is much better than 20 minutes of whatever stiff the Heat have coming off the bench.

  64. Benigno Aquino says:

    Mabuhay and Pilipinas

  65. Stu-Brew says:

    The Heat don’t need him. He’s a terrible player and he’s too weak.

  66. Morris says:

    The heat need a big man that can do all the dirty work & intimidate opponents such as the Indiana pacers a team that almost exited Miami from the playoffs last season mainly due to their aggressiveness. At this point i’m sure Greg Oden knows he can’t be what he was predicted to be when playing college ball rather just playing on a championship team would satisfy him besides the amount of money Miami can give to him of course. It won’t be alot but hey, going through what he has i’m positive that even a couple hundred thousand dollars would be enough. Because after all if he wins a championship with the Heat his stock value will go up there for he can get paid later on. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • celtic533 says:

      1.2 million or whatever the vet minimum is isnt a small amount of money.If your in the NBA it means your rich.

    • celtic533 says:

      So you want Oden to kick Ramon Sessions in the groin like Wade?Thats some kind of “dirty” work.LOL JK!

  67. Josh says:

    Greg, please do yourself a favor, & quit while you still have the ability to walk.

  68. ballinallday says:

    the Heat will not repeat….I repeat,the Heat will not repeat….Oden would be a big waste of their resources…remember that other big man from Chicago…Eddie Curry…and of course there was Juwan Howard another Chicago product…we even gave you Dwayne Wade and rookie Norris Cole,both from Chicago…Chicago has been very generous to the city of Miami and Miami owes Chicago BIG TIME. without Chicago basketball players Miami would be nothing!

  69. Tony Snow says:

    i hope oden breaks both his knees. robbin portland out of 25 mill.

  70. dattebayo says:

    The Heat tried Ilgauskas, Magloire and Dampier, only to not use them in the playoffs. They tried Curry and never played him. They still have Pittman, but he has only played 12 minutes in this season and never saw any playing time, even when the Heat could have needed a big guy that can block out and rebound.
    I think it’s ridiculous to play small against every team, especially teams like Utah, Memphis or a healthy Lakers team (James and Bosh try to guard Howard and Gasol, are you kidding me). However, just like D’Antoni wants to run with his old guys and play Pau as a guard, Spoelstra is determined to play small. If they get Oden, what are the chances he will be able to contribute any more than Curry last season?

    • Owned says:

      I agree that the heat needs someone to rebound to at least take off the pressure in the rebounding sense from lebron. But I don’t agree to your comment that playing small is dumb. Sure they have their disadvantages. Specially if guys like Zach Randolph is in the game. But small is basically equivalent to speed. Which they utilize very efficiently. Also the jumping power of lebron and d wade definitely can overlook the size advantage. I’m not saying 100% they will win against this big teams. But I know they can compete. Also for the lakers, have you seen the chemistry of dwight and gasol? Horrible. It will only get worse cause based on one article they are on the verge of one of the toughest schedules currently… and what makes it worse is both players have been VERY VERY OPEN to injuries.

    • celtic533 says:

      Totally True.

    • the reason spo plays small is because he doesn’t have a good big man pittman and curry are both garbage but a healthy oden is a diamond in the rough

  71. […] Report: Oden Eyeing Comeback With Heat? (blog)Sources told that multiple teams have already expressed interest in signing Oden to a multi-year deal before the end of this season that would allow him to continue his rehab until he can get back on the court in training camp next fall. The …Report: Greg Oden Hopes to Return to NBA This SeasonBleacher ReportGreg Oden plotting return to NBA, Heat reportedly among teams interestedSB NationAnother report Oden hasn't given up NBA dream completelyNBCSports.comall 21 news articles » […]

  72. TrueCeltic says:

    if cousins gets traded the kings should get oden

  73. Chris says:

    How is miami gonna pay the man.. i think miami is lazy right now and wants the playoffs to start to turn up the heat..

    • Miami Guy says:

      For real! I am a Heat fan (live in Miami) and it looks like they were way better last season. I also think(and hope) that they will step it up in the postseason.

  74. john says:

    Heat need center ASAP..Canyon martin or Bird Man

    • Hamza Aloosi says:

      gettin birdman or kmart r horrible choices they r dumb. d wade is no longer consistent they should trade d wade and chalmers for LaMarcus Aldridge and d Lillard. and that wont be a problem on the salary, coz d wade gets more money then LaMarcus and chalmers gets more then lillard coz hes a rookie

      • aaaaaa says:

        There is absolutely no way that anyone would every make that trade if they are going from the Blazers’ end… They would be trading their two franchise players for a regressing D-Wade and Mario Chalmers who I’d rather have as a backup than a starter. Plus, you’re forgetting that LaMarcus Aldrigde ISN’T A CENTER. He’s a PF just like Chris Bosh, except LaMarcus actually plays PF most of time because the Blazers have Hickson and Leonard. Might wanna do a little research before commenting…

      • mr dumb says:

        why on earth would portland give up a future superstar with a rookie contract and a solid frontcourt player (costing 52 mil over the next 3 years) for (as you mentioned) an unconsistent superstar and worse PG than they’ve got right now… (costing 43 mil for the next 2 years plus wade has a player option to get another 20 in the third)

        Financially useless. And I’m pretty sure portland would like to improve at some point, why should they trade for old guys and break their core?

        Lillard will be a franchise player, a future superstar and perhaps even a face of the NBA if he can keep up with the tempo he’s set so far.

        In conclusion – there is no way Lillard is going anywere, and an option like Wade and Chalmers is not even worth mentioning, if you are the Blazers.

        NB! Lillard-Aldridge ( 16,05 mil) for Wade-Chalmers (21,04 mil) … Would this go by the office, im not sure and i cant be botherd to do the maths…

      • that’s exactly why the trade wouldn’t work it would hurt the salary cap because lilliard is way better than chalmers but chalmers costs more

  75. cesar says:

    i hope the heat gets oden, they need a big man shot blocker and defender.. he dont need to score..

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Oden is not going to make a difference…..Biggest Bust in prolly NBA history…

      • Hahalol says:

        Biggest bust? What rock have you been living under? If you weren’t as oblivious and dense you would recall the countless injuries that inhibited his growth as a basketball player. Honestly, I bet if your precious Derrick Rose was battered by injuries each consecutive year, you wouldn’t be talking trash now would you?

      • biggest bust would be kwame brown

  76. nelson says:

    Bosh sux..heat need trade him

    • Heatt says:

      You know 0 about basketball, Bosh is 20 and 10 on any other team…key factor in Miami’s offense…how many times do you see a pick & roll in a Miami game..they almost do it every play, Miami nothing w/o Bosh

      • Bulls2012 says:

        Lmao Bosh is not a 20 and 10 guy lmao….If he was on another team his stats would prolly diminish..Bosh should have career stats with the heat bz hes the third option. and dosent attact the attention like he did in Toronto….Bosh is overrated and and Miami heat are the BIGGEST complainers in the whole NBA.Wait till we can get a healthy Drose in the playoffs and a Two guard next year..well see whats up then

      • bobby says:

        Poor guy, Bulls2012 doesnt even watch basketball….

        did you know Bosha veraged 24 and 10 in toronto before he came to Miami.

        check your stats, Bosh is a key feature in Miami and we withnessed it in the playoffs when Miami struggled vs indiana and Boston, when in reality with Bosh, these were 5 game series!

      • Scott The Magician says:

        Bulls2012(not true btw)
        ur an idiot!!
        Bosh was and cud be a 20 & 10 guy on ANY team in the NBA. He should be complimented on the fact that he took a smaller role and less money all for the sake of winning.
        Guys like Bosh who can put ego aside for the sake of team are a god send in all sports. Bosh is awesome!!!

      • Bulls2012 says:

        Bosh is OVERRRATTTEDDDDDD..Everyone knows it in the NBA instead of MIami and their bandwagon fans…..BOSHS GOOD DAYS ARE LONG GONE

      • Dean Wells says:

        um Bulls2012 you seriously do not know anything, as a Canadian and a Raptor fan, Bosh is an amazing player. let me show you some stats. Chris Bosh was drafted in the 2003 draft, he has made the all-star team every year after his rookie year (he made the rookie team his first year). He was the third-youngest player in NBA history to reach 1,000 Rebounds, fourth-youngest player to record a 20 and 20 game. He won gold with team USA in 2008… So I wouldnt say that he is overrated. maybe you are upset that in the year he was a free agent he didnt come save you from having to take Boozer. Dont think Chicago wanted him? well here you go to stop you from saying that ( Stop being bitter and move on.

      • jasonc says:

        I’m not a Bosh fan but he clearly is one of the top PF in the east.

      • Dean Wells says:

        @Bulls 2012 you seriously do not know what you are talking about. Bosh came into the league in the 2003 draft and every year after his rookie year has made the All-Star Team. He was the third-youngest player to record 1,000 rebounds and the fourth-youngest player to have a 20 and 20 game. Maybe you are just upset because when Bosh was a free agent he didnt come and save you from having to get Boozer. Chicago didnt want him you may say? well here is proff they did (

      • down_tothe_wire says:

        That bulls fan needs to lay off. miami heat destroy the bulls bosh is better than boozer, james is better than deng, and wade is better than rose, chalmers and cole can take care of any 2guard and as far as the center position goes wat do you expect since miami dont have a true center. but miamis bench is also better. bulls lost ther good bench players.

      • OKC!! says:

        If he was on another team, like the Raptors, he would be the first option and actually be a 20-10 guy, its kinda hard to get 20 when lebron doesnt quit shooting.

    • YesItsMe says:

      Remember when Shaq said Bosh was the Rau Paul of big men? Funny.

    • VincenTsang says:

      Bosh is playing out of position, he’s a PF, yet he’s still doing fine in the box score.

      • TWizz says:

        I would do fine on the box score also if I played with not only D-Wade, but Lebron too.

      • jasonc says:

        Sure you, twizz, sure you would. smfh

      • WhereAmazingHappens says:

        It hurts my eyes reading you Twizz. James and Wade and the premiere scoring options as they both average about 47 points per game combined every single night, that’s like about half of what the whole team scores. They are the two superstars that run the offense and the guards need to feed for them to stay hot and happy. Bosh averages 17 which is pretty good for a big men who is not the Heat premiere scoring option. He does a good job on the boards too. I’d say he is UNDERRATED.

  77. W/E says:

    waste of money, Odens knees are totally wasted, 2 games maximum and then BOOM, knee injury all over again..either that or getting injured even faster in training camp lol

  78. gurwu says:

    It would be weird to see Oden play next to LeBron since he looks like LeBron’s dad.

  79. TrueCeltic says:

    if they get oden they should bosh play powerforward

    • Angelzfromhell says:

      so wat ur saying is bosh should play his natural position……………………………………………………. lmfao so dumb

      • TrueCeltic says:

        i know that is his natural position idiot, but miami plays him center.
        the way you spell is dumb so dont judge others

      • Ballto3 says:

        Angelzfromhell is just saying that the Heat aren’t that ignorant to keep Bosh playing as a center when (and if) they sign a true center like Oden.

  80. Sea Pea says:

    I wish him luck, but I don’t honestly see him ever being healthy enough to make difference. Maybe if you just use him for the Playoffs only.

    • Ron says:

      It is funny how you draaaaaaaaaaaagggggg us along in your article and mentioned these ‘unamed sources’ and ‘other teams’ are interested in Oden and you did not even mention your sources or teams but just rehased an article we read months ago. This is the same status as 6 months ago…