Hang Time Podcast (Episode 99) Featuring Isiah Thomas

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In the competitive world of the NBA, mere words might be enough to set someone off. It happened to Carmelo Anthony Monday night in New York, when Kevin Garnett said something that sent the New York Knicks star and MVP candidate over the edge.

It happened to our main man Rick Fox a time or two (or three or four) during his playing career. It happened to me various times on assorted courts around the world, though I was usually on the giving end of the trash talk — not the receiving. And we all know it happened to Hall of Famer and newest member of the NBA TV family, Isiah Thomas, our special guest on Episode 99 of the Hang Time Podcast.

It happens to us all at one time or another during the heat of battle. Well, almost all of us. Lang Whitaker swears he can’t imagine anyone saying anything to get him so riled up he’d be ready to exchange a few elbows or right hooks.

Three out of four isn’t bad.

All trash talk aside, Thomas joined us for one of the most civilized, informative and genuine hoops conversations you’ll ever hear. With decades of experience at all levels of the game, he has a unique perspective on basketball’s past, present and future and connection between them all.

Listen in on Episode 99 of the Hang Time Podcast and see if we say anything that pushes you over the edge.


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  1. Shadowspinner says:

    To steal Kobe’s saying – ‘Melo needs to put his big boy pants on.

    If he has a problem with KG’s trash talk, then he needs to focus on his game so he can point to the scoreboard and say something that will hurt KG more than any comment about wives and cereal – “You lose.”

    Instead he let it get under his skin and failed to play in a way that would give his team a chance to win.

    And to whoever said they miss 90s basketball, I totally agree, but mainly because they allowed hand checks and didn’t give fouls to people because they got breathed on. The reffing in the game at present breeds spoiled babies like Melo. Watching players throw themselves wildly into the lane, hoist up an ugly shot and then whine to the refs because they missed so they must have been fouled gets old. Play the game and stop acting like prima donnas – today’s big scorers would have an aneurysm if they were playing against defenses that were allowed to actually play defense in the 90s style.

    Seriously, the most impressive thing about some of the players now is that they can manage to run up and down the court with the refs hanging from their jocks they way they do.

  2. Big_Shu says:

    non of us knows what was told, NBA is tough game, KG is tough player, tougher than Anthony: his trash talk destroyed Carmelo’s brain and….thats all folks! It’ s no matter what was say, it is matter that simply get off Anthony’s game and help Boston win the game. KG-1, CA-0.
    Sorry4my English

  3. BigJ says:

    Trash talking is part of most sports. It’s used to take any athlete out of his game mentally. So, people should not react so much with what happened inside the court. They should enjoy the game as it is including the good and bad side of it. KG is not the only one who do the trash talking. He was just highlighted because he is KG. if this trash talking was made by a player who’s pretty new in the league or a nobody this would be a column or talk of the town.

  4. jei says:

    Today’s players like Carmelo is not used to trash talking that is why he reacted like that.unlike in the 90’s where kg started the trash talking and the game is so great.I miss the 90’s Basketball..

    • Tyrone says:

      It’s not abnormal to react when someone disses your fam, specially when you value your own. There’s certain lines which people don’t cross. period. Even trash talkers from the 90’s never involved others in their insults. if you’re gonna trash talk, keep it about the other player only. KG’s been out of line before, saying happy mothers day to duncan despite the fact she’s dead.

  5. Craig says:

    Why is it not a tech when KG says something like that ? It’s a tech for waving you finger.
    For me it’s an equal to mentioning McHale’s daughter, completely wrong. Like his coach and KG said, it’s on the court, well CA’s wife never stepped on the court.
    KG should have been suspended by Boston as well, it’s not what people want to see. Sure trash talk, but leave family out.
    I’m personally disgusted at what he said and he have a silent protest I wont be watching any Boston games for the rest of the season.
    I wish CA and his wife all the best, on and off the court.

  6. joe says:

    Isiah Thomas is awful

  7. slider821 says:

    Isiah Thomas knows so much about the game, I love listening to him talk and am excited he joined the NBA TV crew.

  8. lol says:

    kg is the man lol

  9. Honey Nut Cheerios says:

    Who knew I tasted like Lala?

  10. alex says:

    i respect anyhony he plays the game serous so if you trash talk you better watch your back