Can Hustle Get Harangody Back To NBA?


RENO, Nev. — There are Swiss watches that aren’t as reliable as Luke Harangody. No need to wind him up. He rebounds, he hustles, he gets to the foul line.

Harangody played back to back games at the NBA D-League Showcase, averaging 22.5 points and 14 rebounds. Tick, tick, tick.

All the things that made him a former Big East Player of the Year are still there every time he steps onto the court. So, too, are the questions. At 6-foot-7, he can tear up the D-League. But can he take the step back up to a permanent place in the NBA?

A second-round pick in the 2010 draft by the Celtics, Harangody was traded to the Cavaliers where he appeared in 42 games over two seasons. He averaged 4.5 points and 3.5 rebounds in 15 minutes a game. But he was cut in November, underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and recently was traded from the Canton Charge to Ft. Wayne.

“It wasn’t really a negative considering what’s happening in Cleveland and with the organization,” Harangody said. “It’s good to be in Ft. Wayne with a good group of guys. I’ve only been with them about a week, and I’m still learning about how other guys play and they’re still learning about me. It’s been an easy transition for me.”

He plays the game in the manner that made him familiar and successful at Notre Dame, with a nose for the ball, ability to clean the glass and a willingness to mix it up on the inside. It was that style that enabled Harangody to average 19 points and 12 rebounds in 19 D-League games last season, almost getting Canton to the finals.

But it would seem in order to find a place in the NBA, Harangody is going to have to develop a more consistent mid-range game or 3-point shot and that’s still not there. He’s 5-for-15 from behind the arc in his first five games with the Mad Ants. And with his lack of size, he has trouble making defensive stops in the lane.

“I’m working on my outside shot, but that’s really no different than the work I do on the rest of my game,” Harangody said. “I think coaches always know what they’re gonna get from my game. I have to be more consistent at times. What I do out there is what they see — hustle, energy, getting on the glass. Just getting there and mixing it up for the team, doing the dirty work.”

It’s consistent. It’s tough. It can be devastatingly effective in the D-League. But will it be enough to ever carve out a place in the NBA?


  1. […] Can Hustle Get Harangody Back To NBA? There are Swiss watches that aren't as reliable as Luke Harangody. No need to wind him up. He rebounds, he hustles, he gets to the foul line. Harangody played back to back games at the NBA D-League Showcase, averaging 22.5 points and 14 rebounds. Read more on (blog) […]

  2. Bro says:

    My first comment is waiting moderation…….odd how the first few comments made it on here is moderation is normal!!!

  3. Bro says:

    Feel for him…..what a great player and role model, just needs to be 2″ taller!!

  4. Terry says:

    This is why basketball struggles in places like Australia. Here we believe people should be rewarded for hard work. This guy sounds like he works really hard and deserves to be rewarded. But he, at 6 foot 7 is called undersized??? Basketball is fast becoming the game of the genetically entitled where genetic factors are rewarded over hard work. This is like feudal system sport. Rule makers need to think long and hard about what they can do to remove the genetic height advantage in this game. Guys who are skillful and work their but off should be rewarded, not guys who are good at being tall.

  5. rdpinoy says:

    agree… thats the same problem with Derrick Williams from the T-Wolves… he’s undersized for on the 4 and big for the 3…

  6. Thechippy J says:

    Although 6’7 is small for powerforward alot of teams nowadays are playing smaller at the four. but look at chuck hayes hes 6’6 and plays centre so who knows

  7. Jamie the Kid says:

    Agree 100% with Scott the Magician, 6′ 7″ is no mans land is you can’t handle the ball and shoot the lights out of it.

    • Greg says:

      Of course, at 6’7″, you’d better have this skills… but don’t you remember a guy called Dennis Rodman? He was 6’6″. Defensive player of the year twice. 6 times or so best rebounder. Well, it’s just an example, I’m not making any comparison.

  8. Matthew says:

    Unfortunately everything comes down to dollars. Why spend money on an undersized guy with some hustle when you can find a “normal” sized power forward with the same hustle. A lot of the bench guys around the league especially the D-league guys bring hustle to the court but GMs have a job to do and they want less risk and more certainty.

  9. allstar3124 says:

    please let the lakers pick him up and then waive sacre.. 😀

    • Ballto3 says:

      With all the injuries to the Laker bigs, I really doubt that they would waive a 7’0 for a 6’7. It would’ve been a different conversation if Harangody was 6’10.

  10. RSS vs RSS says:

    I mean Haragondy is just another suspect or doubtful player but he is not the only one. There’s been several players that were questioned if they ready for the league and they also had D league experiences before joining an NBA team Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, Jamario Moon, Matt Barnes, James White, Jose Barea, and few others who made it some even won a title with their team like Brown, Farmar and Josh Powell with the Lakers. As long he keeps striving to his full potential and working on his weakness, the rewards will come when a team will select him cause there’s plenty of players out there who would love to be in his position just to get a shot to possibly go pro and with all the injuries and trade anything is possible.

  11. James says:

    There is always room for hustle guys on a team. I think somebody will give Harangody a shot to come off the bench and play 10-12 minutes a game, and honestly I think he deserves it. As for Lamb, this whole process is surely disappointing for him as well as frustrating. I honestly think that Lamb has the skill set and body to be an extremely successful NBA scorer. I wish both of them the best and am sure we will hear about them playing consistent NBA ball soon.

  12. Scott The Magician says:

    These guys above me are ignorant.
    The problem is he is extremely undersized. At Power Forward and being 6’7″ you better have a ton of moves, a killer mid range and be tough as nails.
    His lack of size will kill him unless he becomes a far better shooter. He needs more dimensions to his game to have success in the NBA
    Good luck Luke and work hard!!!!

    • Ballto3 says:

      I agree. I don’t even know much about Harangody when I first read this article and I was thinking how the hell is someone with numbers close to a 20/10 a game not given a spot on a roster of an NBA team then they mentioned his height. If he was a Center of atleast 6’10 height he would’ve been picked up straight away but his lack of height and big man skill set would make it hard for him. I’m not saying it’s impossible for him though since there have been undersized forward/centers in the past and present who have been good contributors to their team (eg. Ben Wallace, J.J. Hickson) but it would be very difficult for him as you already mentioned.

  13. sam says:

    he is garbage

  14. big cat says:

    yea I remember this kid with the Celtics and the cavs , I think hes a future all star

  15. Going 4 da gold says:

    He is a loser

  16. Wang Zhizhi says:

    No body cares