Sacramento Kings Being Sold To Seattle-Based Group


The Maloof family is finalizing the sale of the Kings to a group that would relocate the team to Seattle next season, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting.

The deal will sell the Kings for approximately $500 million to a group led by hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft chairman Steve Ballmer. The group is seeking to relocate the franchise to Seattle’s Key Arena for the 2013-14 season.The Seattle group’s plans, with support of the NBA, is to play two seasons in Key Arena before moving into a new Seattle arena, sources said.

No agreement has been signed, but one source with knowledge of the talks described the deal as “first and goal at the 1.”

The purchase to a group led by Hansen, a Seattle native living in the San Francisco area, is not complete. The Maloofs have a history of bailing on major deals at the last minute, as Sacramento officials know from getting their hearts broken in arena negotiations in the Northern California city. But if details from the very reliable Wojnarowski are completed, chances are good the NBA is forever leaving a town that has supported professional basketball like few others.

TNT analyst David Aldridge confirmed that a deal is in the works and that its structure came together just before Christmas, according to league sources.  While the deal has not yet been consummated, the Seattle group is increasingly confident that a deal can be reached.  Word of a possible deal first surfaced in a tweet published by Daina Falk, the daughter of sports agent David Falk. In a tweet that was subsequently deleted, Daina Falk said the sale of the Kings was “a done deal” and that the Kings would be in Seattle next year.

Just yesterday, civic leaders in Virginia Beach, Va., who had hoped of luring the Kings this year, ended that cause.

Seattle has already secured financing for an arena and was only waiting on having a team in place before moving forward with construction. The hope there all along has been for the relocated franchise to be re-named the SuperSonics, wear the familiar green and gold, and play in KeyArena until the new building is completed. That, Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn told in October, would likely mean two seasons in the old facility.

There are other details to the reported agreement, Wojnarowski reports:

The Maloofs are expected to keep an extremely small percentage of the team, but will have no real input or say in the franchise, sources said.

Once the sale is completed, the Seattle-based group will have until March to file for relocation. NBA commissioner David Stern has been a big proponent of the Hansen-Ballmer group, and league officials will work diligently to help the franchise move to Seattle if the sale is finalized, sources said. The Seattle-based group is determined to not have the franchise spend a final lame-duck season in Sacramento.


  1. TheOneUlove2Hate says:

    Sacramento fans and denizens are great! Without any questions. However, the leadership at the capital, city counsel(s), etc., etc.. are horrible. The Maloofs are a collective bunch of shady, backstabbing muthaphukaz – we all know that. So, phuk ’em and the horse they rode in on. Sacramento the city could be great if it pulled its head out of its azz. Deals are constantly falling through or being cancelled. Sacramento fails to innovate and will just evaporate. The old money wants Sacramento to have a small town feel forever but it’s not happening. That’s the past! It’s time to join the modern. Shame on you Maloofs.

  2. snake206 says:

    I really hate to see sac-town lose the team,But Its not the seattle fans fault,But the owners fault just like in seattle.The fans in sac-town are great, just like the fans in seattle.I would’nt wish the pain we felt when the sonics left on no one.Seattle deserves another team,I just hate it has to be this way.Good luck sac-town you deserve better.( go sonics).

  3. KONG says:

    truth of the matter is, the maloofs are in debt, there is no possible way in hell that they are getting a new arena deal in sacremento from ANYONE, because if it was gonna happen it woulda happened YEARS ago.

    selling the team for 500 million would be without a doubt their best interest, it would not only cover all of their debts, it would give them a profit. how stupid can they be to reject that offer?

    its not like the maloofs did any good for the organization the last 10 years. david stern needs to step in and make them sell the team.

  4. MIP says:

    If Seattle actually ends up getting the Kings (likely), they can’t just change the name to the SuperSonics again. That’s like me losing my dog Buddy and replacing him with another dog I call Buddy. Regardless, it’s still not the same dog…

  5. Paco says:

    Ladies and gentleman welcome your Seattle Hypocrites! Keep blaming Clay when your boy Schultz was to blame. Everyone knew Clay’s intentions. You always call us ignorant hillbilles. What happened Seattle? WHat is to say about you when the rednecks pulled a fast one. Put liptstick on the pig. It is still uprooting a team from its fan base. No matter what swell guys your ownership team claims to be. Hyprocrite fools. Will be nice to beat you down a couple of times a year. Igornant fux.

  6. DonnyJJ2 says:

    This is no different than the OKC based group purchasing the Sonics, quit acting like there is, Seattleites. Howard Schultz selling to an entire OKC based group, whether they verbally agreed to stay or not, there was nothing written in ink and Schultz didn’t care. This Seattle based group has every intention on moving to Seattle, it’s clear as day.

  7. SaYO says:

    bad team will be bad somewhere else

  8. Marshall Day says:

    Go Lakers! (I’m Loyal to them.)

  9. Barry Lird says:

    Shawn Kemp coming back?
    Then IDGAF.

  10. John Flush says:

    Seattle lost their Supersonics to Oklahoma because of a handshake-kiss bogus deal with some Oklahoma business people. Now they are trying to steal the Kings from innocent Sacramento fans who had nothing to o with Seattle’s screw-up.

  11. seth says:

    boo hoo. cali has 4 basketball teams. the teams should be evened out by state not by who has the money. And does anyone remember what happened to the sonics?! we deserve a team! they were stolen from us so we had to buy another one!

  12. Maverick of Melbourne says:

    They should call themselves the Pelicans.

  13. Sleepy says:

    No more Sacramento Kings…. it doesn’t seem right man. I’m not even a fan I hate the Kings, but it don’t seem right. At least its a swap instead of a new creation. OKC deserves their team because of that finals appearance and the fan base that has risen extremely quickly over the last few years.

    Seattle SuperSonics are back! I remember playing NBA video game with Ray Allen, Luke Ridnour, and Rashard Lewis. Press the shoot button from behind the three and your opponent would start to think the game was rigged.

    As for Sacramento, it seems it will be a while before the city will have a team. New Orleans is staying (LOL at Pelicans > make it Saints or even better the New Orleans Kings and keep Sacramento history of the team?

    I will miss the colors of the Kings though (nice jerseys)

  14. Tudor says:

    The least we can do is to sign a petition to keep the Kings in town!

  15. CLopez63 says:

    Kings belong in Sacramento. We did everything we were asked.

  16. NBA Fan says:

    if you think about it Cali has 4 NBA Teams! they can lose one! Clippers (who actually was moved from the east to Cali), Lakers, Golden State and The Kings. . .the only relevant one for a long time was the Lakers. . .now the Clippers are doing way better but maybe they need a new place to start of new. . .clean slate. I am from Hawaii and we have no Pro Teams only College teams. . . if we can support College teams we can support a Pro team. . .distance means nothing teams fly from the east coast to LA which is close to 5 hours long or more. but any ways Cali can lose a team. . . let seattle have their team back. . .they seem like die hard fans. . .a bunch of them come to Denver when OKC comes to town, they come with signs saying give us or super sonics back lol. . .any fans who religiously fly to another state to show support for a team that is no more is pretty dedicated . .lol.

    • CLopez63 says:

      Really? We arent “California” basketball fans. We are SACRAMENTO Kings fans. Anyone with a brain knows Kings fans dont like the Warriors and HATE the Lakers.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Too Bad. . the team is lost and there is no way “SACRAMENTO Kings fans” will get another team. . .any one with a brain could see this coming?. . .right? you guys have brain dead owners who dont know what they want to do. . and thats the bad. . you have some good players too, with the right management and strategy the kings could be a great team like OKC. Well all that left is to take a pick . . . Warriors/Lakers or just jump on the clippers ban wagon lol

  17. LondonDave says:

    If this move goes ahead then surely it would make sense to mix up the divisions. Surely OKC should be in the SouthWest Division because its only a 3 hour drive from OKlahoma City to Dallas (Southwest division) whereas its a 10 hour drive to the closest team in the northwest; Denver. With Kings going to Seattle they should put Seattle back in the northwest and get that seattle-portland rivalry back. There are a lot of possibilities but some of the divisions geographically aren’t quite right

  18. okc says:

    sacremento can in extention blaim clay bennett for, lying his way into getting his own team with stupid uniforms and colours, in a stupid part of the usa.

  19. houstonrocketsfan says:

    I hope to see green and gold come back.

  20. Guest says:

    Clippers must be the one who they will replace because there are already 2 teams in Los Angeles

    • BasketballRobinHood says:

      That will never happen. Sorry. Look how the Clippers are playing great basketball so far this season.

  21. DOC5 says:

    Save the Kings? $500 million dollars can’t beat that. See you in Seattle!

  22. BasketballRobinHood says:

    Also, I miss Vancouver, and New Jersey…

  23. BasketballRobinHood says:

    I would feel much better if they have a 3-franchise arrangement for the 2013-2014 season. 1) New Orleans will surrender the Hornets name to Charlotte, and to become the “Charlotte Hornets”. 2) Sacramento Kings are moving to Seattle, to be called the “Seattle Supersonics. 3) New Orleans must relocate to Sacramento to become the “Sacramento Kings”.

    Team names I’m satisfied with as current franchises: (28 selected)
    Atlanta Hawks
    Boston Celtics
    Charlotte Hornets
    Chicago Bulls
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Dallas Mavericks
    Denver Nuggets
    Detroit Pistons
    Golden State Warriors
    Houston Rockets
    Indiana Pacers
    Los Angeles Clippers
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Miami Heat
    Milwaukee Bucks
    Minnesota Timberwolves
    New York Knicks
    Oklahoma City Thunder
    Orlando Magic
    Philadelphia 76ers
    Phoenix Suns
    Portland Trail Blazers
    Sacramento Kings
    San Antonio Spurs
    Seattle Supersonics
    Toronto Raptors
    Utah Jazz
    Washington Wizards

    • Aaron says:

      Or here’s an idea, instead of naming the New Orleans franchise the Pelicans, have them retain the Kings nameplate and history. Then the Seattle franchise could safely be called the Sonics.

  24. PIANOLYDIA says:

    This doesn’t Surprise me at all, The Maloofs are Loof’s who cannot manage there own money, Always wanting something for nothing!
    Trying to depend on high Draft picks was and is a joke period! The Maloofs are Cowards and I am glad they are going, Good Riddance
    The only true Alll stars the Kings had Webber, Peja, Vlade, Bobby J, Mitch Richmond, Spud Webb, Oscar Robertson, That’s it and All it has been since 2003. Since then everything has gone cheap! Maloof’s has not put in a dime and Now, No NBA Franchise Free Agent will come to Sacramento because the Maloofs have GAVE US A BAD REPUTATION AND NO ALL-STAR WANTS TO PLAY FOR LOSERS! PERIOD! So, the Cards Have been dealt! Let’s Welcome the new Seattle SuperKings, New and improved with new Capital investing to buy ALL-STAR PLAYERS AND GUESS WHAT NO MALOOFS!!! So Maybe it’s time to GET THAT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM THE SACRAMENTO MARINERS, Trading one team for another! That’s what we have to look forward too!
    A MLB Team and it won’t cost too much as the new team would just move into the already Raley Field and just add a few more seats
    Yes, the RiverCats can move to Oracle Arena and Just tear off the roof Tah Dah!!! Done!! deal. How about that Solved!

  25. Bobby Jackson! says:

    I believe this will officially make the Royals/Kings the most traveled franchise in U.S. pro-sports history (Rochester, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Omaha, Sacramento, Seattle). Next stop, Japan!

  26. Anaheim says:

    I’m sure Demarcus Cousins will be excited about moving from CALIFORNIA to washingtonnn

  27. Anaheim says:

    should of been Anaheim. Thanks for shrinking the economy in California , NBA. Sidenote, Why do people have a problem with two team in LA when there are two in New York?

  28. RipSonics says:

    I have used this username on this site for years…now the sonics have been Revived. Sacramento deserves the Thunder.

  29. sonicboom says:

    Did anyone mention sympathy for the Kansas City Kings fans? What about them? Do many Sacramento fans even know that history? They should. (just dated myself)

  30. Francisco Quintana says:

    Everybody saying that this isn’t a big deal, or that us in Sacramento can just embrace the warriors, is being extremely ignorant. We have supported this team since 1985, and have had little success. Despite that, we still sell out our games, and the Kings are the only thing we have here in Sac. Seattle on the other hand, has the Seahawks, Sounders, AND Mariners. Now I’m not saying that you guys don’t deserve your team back, but it’s extremely hypocritical of you guys to encourage this. Remember 2008? And just to let you know, Sacramento is going to give you he’ll

  31. jfack says:

    i would love to see seattle supersonics back! gary payton too lol

  32. dave says:

    Im a suns fan so im just pissed that my team hasnt been good in a while. How can you guys not feel for seatle tho? from Durrant to D-Cous?

  33. Tony says:

    That makes sense. It’s closer to Microsoft headquarter as Microsoft is also involved in this deal.

  34. Brady says:

    Huh!? We need new fans of Vancouver NBA back please and why let seattle buyer new NBA from Kings?! Where Canada fans in NBA only ONE in toronto what about vancouver?! We will love NBA back in city again..


    • BasketballRobinHood says:

      I agree with you. Vancouver has to return to the NBA to increase not only for the fun factor, but for the market!!

  35. Brady says:

    Huh!? What about Vancouver we need NBA for sake. Wh let to seartle forst
    Place. Vancouver people really wanna NBA to back this city! Wake up we wanna NBA please thanks!

  36. lsjogren says:

    “I’ll never, never, never understand how you can possibly move a team from one city to another like that. I’m italian, and the bond that you develop with the team you support is something deep, belonging to the story and culture of the city the team represents.”

    Happens at the individual player level all the time. Kid from one part of the country gets drafted, goes to some arbitrary other part of the country. Players get traded between cities all the time as well. That’s the way it works. However they happen to land in my city, they are my team and I root for them. Nothing rational about it. That’s sports.

  37. Ed of Ct. says:

    Rochester Royals of the old original NBA moved to Cincinatti and with Oscar Robertson were known as the Cincy Royals. Later they moved to Kansas City and changed their name to the Kings with Nate Archibald because the KC Royals baseball team was already in KC.They were briefly the KC-Omaha Kings playing in both cities mainly KC.. Then they moved to Sacramento calf.. Maybe they should move back to Rochester NY and call themselves the Royals all over again.I feel sorry for the Sacramento area fans, Being a Ct. Whaler fans it is sad to see a club flee like carpetbaggers and move away like the Hartford Whalers did(Carolina).

  38. skingsr1 says:

    Ron Burkle has more wealth then the entire Seattle group together…. Come on Burkle

  39. Mrfishy65 says:

    Goodbye King’s….. It’s sad the see a franchise go down by horrible business decisions by the Maloof’s. People become desperate when they are broke.

  40. Tacoma Hockey Fan says:

    Im happy the Sonics are coming back and we get a new arena, but I’m more excited for the possibility of landing a hockey team

  41. adam says:

    kings were once cincinnati royals….i am still bitter and I was born after they moved to kansas city….I drive to indianapolis to watch basketball…bring a team to cincinnati !!

  42. B says:

    Kings fans, bad news. but the good news is theres a better team less than 2 hours away.
    Go Warriors!
    Congrats Seattle.

  43. Unkle Daddy says:

    The only thing I have to say is this. If you buy them put your heart into the team. I used to love the kings and still root for them, but they have needed new owners for awhile. It would be nice to see the sonics, again.

  44. jonski22 says:

    Who is your favorite Seattle Supersonics? Mine as follows.
    1. Gary Payton,
    2. Rey Allen
    3. Shawn Kemp.
    4. Detlef Shermp

  45. Sac Fan says:

    Hope the Maloofs Botch this deal too..

  46. ramon says:

    I live near Seattle, so I can’tnot be excited, but can’t help feel bad for Kings fans. I know the feeling of a favorite team just moving on.

  47. Person23 says:

    seems a lot to me though. I think the kings were the only team willing to sell, so they bought it for like 150k more than its worth.

  48. Kirk Buckley says:

    I feel really sorry for all the Kings fans here. I want to see the Sonics back in the league, but not this way. Surely two more expansion Teams would be the way to go in order to get Seattle back in.

  49. Craig says:

    Seattle has a good fan base and their team vanished like a thief in the night…they deserve a team.

  50. GT916 says:

    -Kings fan since 98′

  51. jack says:

    beside my 3 kids being born this is the happiest day for me and all sonics fans. GO SONICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. yannac of carnick says:

    I’m french and I loved the Kings some years ago with C-Webb, Divac, Peja, Bibby… Too bad for Sacramento but that’s business. It’s an other move for a franchise who used to be previously in Kansas City (and Omaha), Cincinnati and Rochester. Next stage, Vancouver after Seattle ?

  53. Stan says:

    Nobody in Sacramento will pay 550 million for the Kings and that is what the family wants. All the big money in California is near the coast not 100 miles from the nearest beach. The one year the Kings should have won an NBA championship the league, refs, and Lakers 3 peat kept them from it. Now Sacramento will be just like Bakersfield and Stockton, a farming area man turned into a hot concret wasteland.

  54. bobby says:

    Although it’s tough to see the Kings leave Sacramento, I think bringing the team to Seattle isn’t a bad idea. It isn’t a good idea either. Somewhere in between.

  55. Gene says:

    I am a season ticket holder for the kings and I am so pissed that the Maloofs did this. They are total morons for selling the team to Seattle. I just hope that the deal falls through and KJ finds someone to keep the kings in Sacramento. The Maloof’s have been a pain in the butt to sacramento for the last few years. If the deal goes through, I hope we can get another team.

  56. Sixers Fan says:

    Only one man to blame for all of this…

    Howard Schultz

  57. Zach says:

    I understand the city of Seattle’s desire for re-birth of the Supersonics, however, I don’t really support that idea, because the Kings franchise has such an important team history too. Oscar Robertson, Nate Archibald, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Webber all need to still be remembered, and they can’t do that with this franchise if they change the name to Supersonics.

    I think the best comprimise would be to change the name to the Seattle Royals, and use the green and gold, or even green, gold, ad purple.

  58. jasonc says:

    How are you gonna feel about Demarcus Cousins, now (both Sacramento and Seattle, fans)?

    Also, this is why I don’t have a favourite team. I have favourite players. Teams switch locations and players are traded multiple times in their careers. I feel absolutely NO loyalty to a team that is usually unrecognizable from one season to the next.

    • Darrell says:

      Sacramento will get another team again some day. An it will do better becasue it won’t have the Maloofs as owners. They meddled in player trade deals the GM wasn’t even aware of, then tried to sell off every good player on the team. It was almost as if they were TRYING to ruin the team once they found out they couldn’t move to their first choice, Las Vegas, or second choice, L.A. I hate to see the Kings go. I was a season ticket holder. But I sure am glad to see the owners go.

      • jasonc says:

        I hope they do! It won’t take long for a league-wide lamenting of losing Sacramento, imho. A lot like the way people lamented the loss of the sonics (albeit, not losing the team in the same fashion). I’m stoked for Seattle and saddened for SacTown…you guys deserved better!

  59. big cat says:

    should move to Vancouver instead , call them the van city blunts

  60. David says:

    I can understand a team changing name and city. What boggles me is how they keep the history.

  61. Charles says:

    I hope they do move, Seattle needs a team again….

  62. Hayden Lucas says:

    I am in the process of relocating to the Emerald City myself… I have followed this story with immense interest from the arena approval. Very excited to watch the Sonics take the floor at Key Arena for the next two seasons before moving into a building of their own. Proud to be a transplanted Sonics fan!

  63. David says:

    Speaking as a lifelong Sonic fan, this news is bittersweet. We are of course happy and ecstatic to get a team, but feel sad for all those in Sacramento losing their team.

    However, before you call us hypocrites, lets remember the situation is entirely different from when our team went to OKC

    The previous Sonics owner put the team up for sale to local investors ONLY. Clay Bennett from OKC swooped in to purchase the team with the intent to keep the team in Seattle. That’s obviously not his intent. He lied and cheated to steal the team from Seattle.

    In this situation, the Maloofs are openly willing to sell the team to anyone, anywhere. If the Seattle group doesn’t get them, someone else will.

  64. Clippersfan4471 says:

    Does this finally mean Donald Sterling is NOT the worst owner in the NBA???

  65. Team Name says:

    I think the name of the team should be the Seattle Nutcrackers.

  66. Sandra says:

    If this move is made, Seattle you best get rid of this team and start anew or you will be going year after year with a team that does nothin! Just wait for their paychecks!!!

  67. PG says:

    Being a Kings fan it’s really sad news !! Moreover, Sacramento has allways had a loyal fan base despite the struggling results from the past years !! Don”t know how I’ll feel about this new team once it will enter the league…. Best thing to do for KIngs fans is supporting even more this team for its last season !! Come on Kings

  68. Thr3spawn says:

    So Seattle will have a team again? This is crazy, I guess I will no longer have a team to root for. I guess the dream of the Sacramento Kings winning a title is really impossible now. Shame.

  69. freddie brown says:

    The Sonics were dismantled in Seattle – leading to Kevin Durant being drafted. Trading away Ray Allen, not allowing players to go on tv & radio – it was straight out of Major League on how to move a team. Seattle fans saw right through this effort. Kings fans should feel bad, but sorry 40 years of a team being in Seattle being stolen was wrong. The Supersonics will be back next year. It is about time that a TOP 20 sized market has a NBA team. It should have been another city and not Sacramento being moved, Seattle fans do not want to take a team from another city after it being done to them.

  70. samamihammami says:

    thats good california doesnt need 4 teams
    and since the supersonics arent a team anymore it will be great for people in seattle

  71. Get Real says:

    All smoke and mirrors. Why wouldn’t it be? The Maloofs flirt with Virginia Beach (which seemed like a ploy from the start) and then leak out a figure they’d accept to entice Hansen’s group to make their bid. Then they turn to KJ and ask him to beat it.

    After all, why turn to KJ first and see if he has a buyer that can meet their asking price if they can squeeze out more money using the Seattle group for leverage.

    The good news here is that the Maloofs are apparently going to sell. The next step is seeing if Sacramento can have a buyer ready to keep the team here. It will be an interesting situation to watch.

  72. Sea Pea says:

    It’s the title bout we’ve all been waiting for: Sonics versus Thunder!! Where’s Don King when you need him???

  73. Sea Pea says:

    Portland would go into a coma if that happened to them. David Stern publicly promised not to let that happen to the Blazers though. One Team Markets can’t handle this kind of movement.

  74. Anthony says:

    i sh@t my pants when i saw this i am sooooo happy that seattle is gonna get a team and also lots of talent

  75. […]…e-based-group/ REEAAAALLY hoping for this. looking forward to rooting for my seattle basketball team again […]

  76. Andy says:

    As a Blazer fan I welcome back the I-5 rivalry!

  77. Michael says:


  78. Ken Lawson says:

    this is good news for nba fans in Washington State and the Province of BC

  79. SonicsFan says:

    As a life-long Seattle sports fan I want to say I’m sad to see Sacramento lose it’s team. I’m glad, however, that you guys are not being lied to and that your local government has tried it’s hardest to keep the team.

    I hope you are able to get a team in the future and that you will not feel quite as jaded as many of us Sonics fans feel about the Thunder. I have never cheered for them and I will ALWAYS hate that franchise. The fans and the players had nothing to do with it so I’ll have nothing against them.

    I hope this doesn’t fall through!

  80. HG says:

    The Maloofs are horrible NBA owners and have been for a while. They wont spend money for big free agents, they don’t make efforts to get seasoned coaches with established systems that could speed the progress of the team…They complain for 15 yrs that they want an arena, they get one in Sacramento, and they bail after the deal was, for all intensive purposes, done. There was a billionaire who was commited to keeping the team in Sac (Ron Burkle), and they refuse. They say the team is not for sale over and over. They talked of their wish to keep the Kings in Sacramento…Bull$***!
    They hate Kevin Johnson and are vindictively selling the team to a group who will snatch the team from Sacramento just to spite the city government. After what the fans in the Sacramento area have been through with this team and the loyalty they have always shown…Its a kick in the balls with a knife in the back. The only good part about this is that the Maloofs will no longer control an NBA team and with the 500M theyre getting for the franchise sjhould allow them to repay the 70M they owe the capitol city. Congrats Seattle, the team is on the up swing and you have a great NBA city. To the Maloofs….GFYS…figure it out.

  81. Najee says:

    I hope they make the team the new SuperSonics. The name is a no brainer.

  82. Dr_n-Do says:

    As a Blazers fan, I am quite excited to see basketball back in Seattle. The I-5 rivalry has been renewed. One topic I have not seen addressed in any of these posts is what will happen with the Pacific and Northwest divisions? There has to be a realignment. I can see no reason for Seattle to be in the Pacific division if Portland is not as well… they have to be in the Northwest with Portland.

  83. Greg Carstens says:


    I have been a fan since the 1970’s and more so back when Lenny Wilkens coached the team after taking over from Bob Hopkins. I will never forget the days of Gus Williams, Dennis Johnson, Lonnie Shelton, John Johnson, and Jack Sikma. I used to watch the Sonics Super Channel when they had that on cable here in Tacoma.

  84. Champ says:

    Some very stupid ideas, but i saw someone hint at expansion teams and the small markets cant compete with LA, Miami, NY etc…
    So IF that were to happen
    No UFA.. only Restricted free agents whos contracts can offered can always be matched by the team… if the team cant afford it they dont deserve them
    Hard cap for everyone… no luxury tax… everyone pays the same
    All league raised revenue is split evenly… dont matter if the lakers play 82 televised games and the magic play 20, they still get the same

    This means a “fairer” league but it aint gonna happen!

  85. junard says:

    looks like the seattle are back…..but will it keep their old name as a supersonics?

  86. Jose chapeton says:

    Wow this is BS. King fans don’t deserve to get duped like this. So much history from this team and just like that it’s gone.

  87. Matt says:

    As a diehard Kings fan, this is the best news I have heard in a long while! We get rid of the Magoofs, and I am certain we can now get an arena deal done and lure another team here. It will be a while, but lets have faith Kings fans that we can RISE to the challenge.

  88. CallMeJimmyJack says:

    Chris Brousard: “My sources (Yahoo Sports/NBC Sports/Fox Sports) tell me that INDEED the Sacramento Kings are moving to Seattle to become the Sonics. I can confirm the rumors are true…”

  89. MemphisMemphis says:

    Sacramento has a PROFESSIONAL sports team in their city. They just let them walk. How stupid is that, they lost a PROFESSIONAL sports team! Not a minor league or a d-league team…a PROFESSIONAL sports team. Biggest mistake ever.

    • Live in Sac says:

      City did every thing they could to keep the team. Sac even had a group of investors wanting to buy the team for a very generous price but the Maloofs continued their “we are not selloing the team” act. Now all of a sudden the team is for sale and being sold to an out of town group. Maloofs have done nothing but lie to the fans here and treated season ticket holders horribly for the past 3-4 years, but we wanted to support our team and players so we supported them anyway. THIS MOVE IS IN NO WAY SACRAMENTO”S FAULT!

  90. tont says:

    Nice we are getting a team again! Although i have been a sonics fan since day one and when they moved to okc i stuck with the thunder as my favorite team and will continue to do so. The seattle team will be my 2nd team 🙂

  91. Sacramento Fan says:


  92. Sacramento Fan says:


    i live in sacramento, and when the sonicks left i was sad for you guys, but seeing how you guys acted toward this, im glad youre team left

  93. Yesss! says:

    this is a great day for the NBA … thank you sonicsgate lets go sonics!

  94. james says:

    wooo! i really like the sonic’s logo

  95. Sacramento Fan says:

    why wouldnt they sell it to a sacramento buisness group, so we can keep our team.
    we dont want you maloofs, get the f out os sac and go to vegas. just youre family not the kings

  96. Bulls94 says:

    So is Gary Payton number going to be retired?

  97. jared says:

    The success of the Oklahoma city thunder is an example of a team moving and forming new bonds.

  98. Bobby says:

    The Kings are coming to King County…

  99. Kings All Day says:

    At least the NBA took a championship away from our franchise but putting a gabbling official in our Western Conference championship game! Now they’re taking our team too!?!?!?! Notice I say our, because the fans are a part of this team the arena was electric every night. This can’t happen to this town. I live in Ohio and once a year the Kings come to our state, and I show up. I just don’t get it.

  100. WasAFan says:

    I hate the Maloofs. They did not make an effort to keep the Kings here and get an arena deal. They are bad owners. Why not sell the team to a group that would keep them here? I’m depressed….

  101. Sacramento Fan says:

    how can you seattle fans be happy abouth this, do you not remember how you guys felt when your team left..?
    well its the same here, sad day!

  102. Chief says:

    Why not move the Clippers instead.

    • Hm says:

      Because Sterling doesn’t want to move from LA?

      • Wammy Giveaway says:

        Because Donald Sterling is friends with Dr. Jerry Buss, Lakers owner. Buss wants Sterling to remain in Los Angeles. Sterling would do anything for his best friend, whose health is ailing as a matter of fact.

  103. saint says:

    Paul Brogan probably be back with his NBA rap.

  104. kanoache says:

    And this is why I hate the NBA. I was sad to see the Sonics go even though I hadn’t really followed them since the 1993 Western Conference Finals. I always wished them the best but lost all heart in the NBA after game 7 of that series. I still believe the league and refs fixed that game so they could have Barkley vs Jordan in the Finals. I can’t prove it. But if you saw that game, you would agree that many of those calls against the Sonics were dubious. 3 Sonics fouled out and I believe that game still holds the record for most points scored by any team from the foul line in a playoff game. I felt a bit vindicated when we had the referee game fixing scandal in the news a few years back. Told you so.

    Now we get another ‘Sonics’ by moving a team from another city with fans that don’t deserve to be treated such. The whole thing stinks. I feel bad for Kings fans. I wish the NBA fans the best in both cities and nationwide, but I won’t participate. None of my money will ever go to NBA ever again.

  105. richard says:

    i feel bad for the kings fans i know how they feel i felt the same when the sonics moved to OKC but i am just glad to see the sonics are coming back seattle pro sports were not the same with out the sonics here

  106. Patrick says:

    We all know that $$$ talks and BS walks since Howie Shulltz was too frugle to open his wallet and had to sell to Clay clay instead.

  107. Mavs ManiAAC says:

    The new rivalry in the NBA next year will be OKC vs Seatlle, should be a good one.

  108. Peter, from the Netherlands says:

    First of all, I feel very sorry for all those Kings fans! I really am! but:

    A short history of the Sacramento Kings:

    1949 – 1957 Rochester Royals (Champions in ’51)
    1958 – 1972 Cincinnati Royals
    1973 – 1975 Kansas City-Omaha Kings
    1976 – 1985 Kansas City Kings
    1986 – 2013 Sacramento Kings

    They have already been touring across the country in their history. So there is nothing new to their situation. Unlike Seattle (moved away with all the lies #Sonicsgate). Maybe it’s the fate of this franchise.


    Now lets discuss what to do with the history of both franchises… Problems…

  109. NBAIQ says:

    I hate to say it, but this is all the players fault. This season record is the culprit.

  110. keithmon says:

    Seattle fans kept the faith after their team leaving and suffering the indignity of watching their team become the best of the west. Congratulations Seattle.
    Sacramento fans you just have to follow suit and hope for faster action, maybe New Orleans or Charlotte will be moved to you.

  111. Live in Sac says:

    Maloofs refuse to sell the team to keep it in Sacramento and then turn around and sell it to move the team. No owners have ever lied to and decieved their own fan base more than the Maloofs did. Why does Stern allow owners to treat their own fan base so poorly and then abandon them. NBA just alienated and lost a whole city of fans. Why do the other owners approve these moves? Does nobody care about fans that have supported their team through all its struggles? Truth is Kings organization has a history of making horrible decisions but we loved and supported them anyway. I’m hoping in a couple years some other owners that make better decisions will accept the arena deal the kings turned down here and we will have a team again. Maybe one that is not so stupid all the time.

    • richard says:

      i totally agree i read something saying how they were just broke owners looking for a big pay day and i guess 500 nillion is what it took

  112. Maniak15 says:

    So are they gonna keep the rivalry with the Lakers like they have for years as the Kings or start a new rivalry with the Thunder?

  113. pwnyboy says:

    This is a great thing, California has 3 other basketball teams, and Seattle has a rich basketball history with the supersonics….

  114. system says:

    the whole system is just bad. Its all done better in europe

  115. W/E says:

    Its all DeMarcus Cousins fault!! his attitude forced the owners to sell the team!! lol

  116. rick says:

    Wow! Welcome back Supersonics!

  117. Eric says:

    As a Sonics fan my condolences to the Sacramento Kings fans. I personally have always respected Sacramento as a NBA city and respected the fans of Sacramento for the support of their team over the years. There is no Sonic fan that doesn’t understand what it feels like losing your team. When the idea of a new area in Seattle was proposed every Sonic fan wished we got an expansion team rather than relocating a team, but obviously that is not going to happen. As a Sonic fan though I am very excited & hopeful this deal will happen and the NBA returns to Seattle. Go Sonics!

  118. […] this for big Wednesday news: The Maloof Brothers, who own the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, have reportedly agreed to sell the team to an ownership group led by Seattle’s Chris Hansen. Obviously Hansen and Co intend to move the team to Seattle (where plans are afoot to build a new […]

  119. Ryan says:

    Glad to see a team finally come back to seattle. Having gone through losing a team already I do feel sorry for kings fans and I will respect there history as a once great franchise.

  120. polski says:

    great news for seattle,does that mean they will have an nhl team to?hopefully not,they have enough pro sports there,and david stern seems worse than bettmann

  121. magta1 says:

    WOW. Anyone knows what name will have the team on Seattle? Cause I would say that Sonic’s rights are in OKC, isn’t it?

  122. JazzDieHard says:

    It’s kind of ignorant to just think that the league can just expand so that each city can be satisfied, that can’t happen! It’s obviously about money, that’s what it’s always about. When we had the lockout last year it gave a lot of insight into that fact that GM’s and these teams are not making enough money, as we pay these players WAY too much money. Sometimes it has to be done.

  123. zamiLo says:

    i wonder what CW4’s thoughts are..

  124. gary says:

    F the maloofs. Selling our only pro sports team in Sacramento. Go to helk.

  125. Supesdude says:

    I’m with you, Sonics Fan – Glad we’re getting a team but sorry it’s at the expense of Sacramento. Having just been through it we know what a kick in the teeth it is. Glad to see we’re not getting the Maloofs in the deal. I hope someone brings the Kings back to Sac before too long.

  126. This Guy says:


  127. rfscalf says:

    I’d rather see the Clippers go to Seattle. L.A. doesn’t need two teams and Seattle fans would get some great basketball right away.

  128. Matt says:

    Don’t hate Seattle, King’s fans. Hate Clay Bennett with us. He started this whole mess. If you really want to get into it you could stop buying Starbucks.

  129. Jamminscc says:

    …and why did they lose the Sonics? Sacramento shouldn’t lose thier team just because the owners are douche bags!

  130. Marko says:

    I feel bad for Sac-Town fans. But blame Clay Bennett and Oklahoma City for starting this. Not to mention David Stern for allowing it. OKC lied and stole a team from a highly successful and historic NBA market. Should’ve gone for a team from a city that wouldn’t have fought back to get what was rightfully theirs. They went after Seattle. Who DID fight back. Sacramento fans were caught in the crossfire. BLAME CLAY.

    • Steve says:

      Haha. yes, blame Clay! I think that he is head of the relocation committee. He just wanted a team for OKC. It’s who you know, right? CLAY doesn’t care about any city!

  131. Kings All Day says:

    This is so tough to see happen I love my team

  132. Spire says:

    If NBA wasn’t rigged and Kings won their championship they deserved then they would have been a completely different place right now.

    • Game Time says:

      True. NBA robbed C-Webb and company all because of the Hollywood Wallets. That’s what the Lakers need to change their name too.

  133. 2Pac says:

    Wow this team has practically the greatest fan base in the nba. This is kind of messed up.

  134. DryDry says:

    Nice to see Seattle tax payers will get a second chance to get f’d over by billionaires who refuse to build their own stadiums with their own money.

  135. Samenez says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I was a KINGS JUNKEE. Not anymore. Got so tired of the MaGOOFs run-around. They had their chances. All they care of is themselves. They didn’t even care about their own team! The Palms was more important.

  136. KINGS!!!! says:

    The Maloofs are traitors. How can they do this to Arco Arena? The loudest arena in the NBA. Sacremento has the most loyal fans out there.

    • Andy says:

      How can a half full arena be the loudest? Their true fans are great but they do not have the best fans or the loudest ones in the NBA.

  137. The Seattle area is a major urban area that has a drive of desire very very strong for nba team to bring life into the city! The kings needs some spacing from the other 3 California teams and remake a legacy.

    the only thing that I can we should not change is the King’s name.. Seattle is in King County and the Seattle SuperSonicss dissolved all into OKC Thunder

    • BThovsen says:

      The name “Seattle Supersonics” was sold with the team. Do we have to beg or buy our name and banners back? The team name should have never been sold. The whole deal was sour. I am sorry for the Kings fans, but at least they can find another NBA team in their state to root for. True Washingtonians will never admit to rooting for a team in Oregon or CA and find it hard to root for one in Canada!

      • Maverick of Melbourne says:

        I’m pretty sure Clay Bennett offered to give back all of the history and acolades back to Seattle once they got a new team.

  138. mrporsha says:

    The Kings were in the New York area originally, moved to Cincinnati then the Kansas City till the mid 80’s, then to Sac now to Seattle in 2013. Vagabond! SUPERSONICS!!!!!!

  139. dan says:

    let them go

  140. Cole says:

    As a Seattle sports fan I am thrilled to get my Sonics back, but I do not feel good about the way the Kings left Sacramento. It is very similar to how we lost our Sonics in the first place. So as of right now I just can’t feel great about this…

  141. Wilton says:

    Not good for the Sacramento area. The fans have always supported the team and should have been told of the plans after these years of loyal support. The Sacramento community needs to rally for a NEW team not a ‘transfer’ to occupy the Sleep Train Arena.

  142. Sonic Fan says:

    I feel so bad for Sacramento. We know what it feels like to have your team stolen away. At least the lies and deceit are not a part of the separation, but it still hurts. We hope you get a team back really soon.

    • Kings Fan 72 says:

      As a loyal Kings fan for over 25 yrs I am truly saddened, my day has been ruined and I cannot believe a team that I love so much is now being taken away. It leaves us, the capitol of California, Sacramento with absolutely no professional sports team. It is beyond that though, us Kings fans love our team, win or lose, truly sad day. I do congratulate Seattle, a deserving team with great fans. Wish the Maloofs would of sold last year to one of the many who actually were going to keep the team in Sac and throw in money for an arena. That’s what we get for having the worst owners in the league!!!

      • Karl G says:

        Well said to both of you. Sonic Fan, and Kings Fan 72. I am not happy taking a team from a city that does not deserve to lose their team. I will say that if this deal goes through, i will embrace the new Sonics as my own and give them all the love that the loyal Sonic fans gave before our team was uprooted to begin with. I hope your week gets better, and your day’s brighten in the future.

    • kings fan says:

      no lies or deceipt??? Are you kidding me??? the maloofs have been lieing to Kings fans for years. “We aren’t moving” “We will never sell”, “happy to make this deal come true”, “so glad to stay in Sac”. PLEASE, the maloofs ARE liars, period, I say good ridence and good luck in the NW. Sac needs a professional sports team, but the kings, because of ownership, stink and have for years. Good bye kings, bunch of overpaid cry babies

  143. Henrik Jensen says:

    awesome, we finally have a team in Seattle Again, evendough much further away from me in Denmark, its still awesome

  144. Gianmarco says:

    Like someone has said I will never understand me too how u can move a team from one city to another. It’s crazy. What the Kings’ fan are going to do after? Seeking for a new team to come maybe in the next 20years?

  145. […] There are reports that the Sacramento Kings are being sold to a Seattle-based group. […]

  146. michael says:

    glad to hear this. you have to remember celtic in italy the sonics were taken from seattle. teams in north american generally are franchised and fans dont have nearly as much say as clubs in italy like ac milan, inter,napoli, juventus etc etc.

  147. prokorov says:

    the unexpected has been announced

  148. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    The rebirth of the Supersonics. Pleas, for the love of nostalgia, keep the green and gold.

  149. Objectivity says:

    Why can’t they just expand the league, find a couple of suitable cities and make it a 34 team league or something? Seems unfair that Sacramento has to lose it’s team so that Seattle gains it.

    • jolan says:

      If anything, they should think about getting ride of a few teams. The whole lockout started because teams were loosing money and most couldnt compete with the big markets. Why would you want more losing teams?

      • Sea Pea says:

        League is too watered down now. Half the league doesn’t even have basic fundamentals. Small Forwards playing center, one and done college players, unqualified international players that shouldn’t even be here.

      • chris says:

        right, i’m english. huge celtics fan, however i’ve only been interested in basketball for about five years (since i went to uni and became nocturnal and needed something to watch).
        i’ve never played the game to any standard, and knew next to nothing about it until i watched it and kinda picked things up as i went along. i’d like to think i know most things about the game, but as for the organisation i still know very little.
        being english, i’m also a fan of football (proper football, where you use your feet, you know. i refuse to use the S word). over here we have manchester united and chelsea etc at the top of the tree, but virtually every single town/city of any significant size has a team that could theoretically make it to the top. promotion and relegation etc. there are 20 teams in the top league, and 24 in the three leagues below that. teams can be very good in one division, get promoted, and then either be very bad, or make the step up to that standard and establish themselves as a higher club.
        i’ve never understood why the NBA doesn’t do this. i know nothing about the D league, but why not make it the NBA2 league, and promote the two best teams and relegate the bottom team from each conference in the main league?
        i’m sure it’s been thought of and binned for legitimate reasons, but like i said, i know very little about the organisation as opposed to the game.
        as an english person, promotion and relegation is just as exciting as the title race, and it adds purpose to the bad teams’ season-ending games cos no one wants to go down.

  150. Babas says:

    Du’e Isaiah Thomas will love dis!

  151. Jayson says:

    How sad…. Sacramento has one of the loudest fan base I have ever been too. I’m a Laker fan.

    • ron says:

      Oh I think they have learned to make a little bit of noise up here…12th man post Sonic era! Sactown native glas to get his team back!!!!!!!!! We will be back to torture you Lakers after we can take care of Hoe KC

  152. mtv33 says:

    Money talks, Bull##it walks

  153. Nak says:

    FIne….leave a city that has been so deeply supportive of their NBA team like no other city. We deserve better treatment than this…Go Warriors!

    • OCT1 says:

      I feel bad for Sacramento losing their team to a city that didn’t keep their own team…

      • MJ says:

        Wow OCT1 you are exactly what we in Seattle generalize OKC fans to be. Your comments on here are so ridiculously ignorant that it pains me to read them. How can you say that you feel bad for Sacramento because this is happening to them, when nearly the same thing happened to Seattle, yet you crucify us for supposedly failing to keep our team. You have no idea how much mourning Seattle did when the Sonics left. Maybe if we had as much money as the crooked owners of your Thunder, we could have kept them here, but unfortunately, the Sonics were sold when the economy began to shift and there were no buyers at that time. Furthermore, Mr. Bennett and Mr. McClendon straight out lied when they said their plan was to keep the Sonics in Seattle. Our investors have been nothing but upfront and said from the beginning that the team WILL be moving to Seattle, no if, ands, or buts about it. In addition, you stated in an earlier post that we Seattle fans are crying about losing Durant and the rest of the team… No we aren’t crying. We do miss them, but it’s a shame that it’s okay with your team to use the history that is Seattle as your own. The Thunder have not won a championship, so stop with saying that you all have.

        Anyway, to all the Sacramento Kings fans, I promise you that the Seattle fan base feels for your loss. We know what it feels like to lose a team, so I hope that you guys know that we will support them and be grateful for them.

      • ZACK says:

        I understand Seattle’s hatred of OKC, Clay Bennett, etc. Clay Bennett was “deceitful” publicly stating he planned on keeping the Sonics in Seattle, though everyone knew his intentions were to move the team to OKC (as reported by ESPN the first day Clay Bennett’s name was mentioned); he had to go through the motions verbally to keep the process going. It was no secret that he planned on moving the team to OKC, Seattle’s ownership was aware of it when the sold the franchise. I understand that’s no condolence for a Seattle fan, but it is the truth. Most of the OKC fans I’ve spoken to here in the city have always felt bad for Seattle, but we hate being made out to be thieves that stole away the Lindbergh baby in the night when it wasn’t like that. It doesn’t make Seattle’s pain go away, but it’s the wa it is. I’ve never looked at OKC owning the right’s the the Supersonics name and trademark, I’ve always looked at it like we want to keep that history alive until Seattle got another team (almost as if we’re just holding the history until Seattle comes back with a vengeance wich it has) Now we’ll relinquish the name, rights, etc. and proceed in starting whooping your candy a**es all over the fine state of Washington

  154. gary says:


    • ron says:

      sorry! Go Kings of Seattle. Sactown to NW. Lets bury that bad memory of the Sonics and move on.

      • Game Time says:

        Bad memory? Maybe you should get yours checked because other than that finals loss against the Bulls, the Sonics where a thrill to watch with Rain Man, GP, Perkins, Detlef and Hersey.

  155. matthew says:

    hopefully Seattle will stop complaining about the Thunder now… and just maybe the people of Seattle will care enough for their team that their GM wont sell it from under them.

    • erik says:

      You obviously no nothing of the situation that caused the move from Seattle to OKC in the first place. You are speaking from ignorance.

      • Buddy from OKC says:

        Seattle still wont stop complaining matthew. Their still gonna be mad cause we stole durant from them and its funny how they blame OKC for stealing the team. Like we twisted the arm of the GM to sell it to us. Seattle needed a new arena and the city at the time said no so they had to sell. not OKC’s fault at all.

      • Karl G says:

        Buddy from OKC. check your facts. this had nothing to do with a new arena. The NBA notified the new owners that within the next three years an upgrade to the stadium structure would have to take place. Bennet used this as an excuse to move the team. He was not willing to work with the City, and said that if the Sonics were to stay, the City would have to pay for the new arena. It was BS, and something that does not, and should not take place in the professional work force, or sporting environment. Now….Heres a toast that OKC will never win a FINAL!

    • Jack says:

      Now you’re going to have Sacramento fans take their place. You don’t understand the loyalty the fans have (or had) to their Kings, even before they were good in the early 2000’s with sellouts. Seattle now has 3 sports teams again; Sacramento, ZERO!

      • Steve says:

        if sacramento even kinda wants some sort of sports team I will gladly let them have the mariners…

    • Jeremy says:

      Matthew you have no clue what you’re talking about. First of all A “GM” can’t sell the team, only the owner can. They didn’t leave because of the fanbase. They left because of lies and stupid political BS! You really shouldn’t comment if you have no idea what you are talking about. That being said, I feel for Sacramento, but I’m happy for us up here in Seattle that never wanted the Sonics to leave in the first place.

      • OCT1 says:

        Well spoken Matthew & Buddy, Seattle should have handled their business, owner or whoever! Okc didn’t have anything to do with it. Their loss, our gain embrace your new team because the Thunder has a home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oklahoma City Thunder!!!

  156. Wax808 says:

    The Lakers used to be in Minnesota, The Jazz in New Orleans. It’s the way of business. Even though sometimes that business in done in a shady way like in Seattle when the Sonics were sold. We EARNED Durant after years of suffering, to see that taken with a lie is unforgivable.

    • KJ says:

      GO CRY TO UR MAMA!!!

      • CNB says:

        Interesting……now Seattle is willing to build a new arena for their team. If they had done that a few years ago they might still have the original Sonics.

      • dd def says:

        there was no one putting up the funds before, now there’s a private invester who set out on a mission. also a stupid mayor at the time who didn’t understand the immense revenue that pro sports bring to a city

    • hmmm.. says:

      I had wondered if Seattle fans would stop crying after hearing this news, but I guess not. The argument that this business deal wasn’t as shady as the OKC move is absurd because the end result is a city and its fans lose their team either way. Sorry you lost Durant, but you’re getting a team against all odds since the Maloofs are the worst and were refusing to sell.

      1. Say sorry to Sacramento because that’s all you can do.
      2. Realize OKC fans, unlike yourselves, didn’t try to lobby to take a team away from its city, they just supported and embraced it when it came, because again, that’s all they could do.
      3. Stop crying and be happy you’re getting a team. Good grief…

      • OCT1 says:

        ^^^In that order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David says:

        Wow, you’re pretty good at generalizing aren’t you?

        Seattle fans aren’t lobbying to take away a team. In fact, most of us feel sad because we have a connection with the Kings. But when you get news that a team is coming, the first feeling you get is joy.
        We’re not crying….not sure where you’re getting that from.

        Fact is-this situation is MUCH different than the OKC situation if you had done your homework. The previous Sonics owner put the team up for sale to local investors ONLY. Clay Bennett from OKC swooped in to purchase the team with the intent to keep the team in Seattle. That’s obviously not his intent. He lied and cheated to steal the team from Seattle.

        In this situation, the Maloofs are openly willing to sell the team to anyone, anywhere. If the Seattle group doesn’t get them, someone else will.

      • Karl G says:

        You can not say that this deal is in any way “shady” like the deal that had the real Supersonics stolen out from under Seattle. When that sale went through, New ownership swore that they were going to leave the Sonics IN Seattle. That was never their intention, and it had nothing to do with an Arena deal. I feel bad for Sacramento, as i have always had respect for the fans. I will say, However, that at least the current buyers are making it very clear that they intend to move the team out of Sacramento and into Seattle. Thus your feeling of betrayal can be limited to the original owners who sold them, not on the new ownership, or city. I hope i helped break this down a little better for you, since you seem ignorant to the entire history that led to the OKC Thunder….the team I pray every night will never win an NBA championship! Goodnight.

      • Wax808 says:

        I’m extremely happy to see this happening, but I can sympathize with the Kings fans.

      • hmmm.. says:


        There have been multiple gatherings of fans in Seattle trying to get a team back. Lots of public attention and support has been given to Seattle about this. However, the league is not currently expanding and so any team Seattle gets means another city loses out. I am, in fact, fully aware of what Clay Bennett pulled. He hurt Seattle, just like the Maloofs are doing to Sacramento by selling to an out of town ownership group. So yes, it is in fact similar, the only difference being the Seattle investors have been forthright in saying whatever team they buy will move to Seattle. The city of OKC that has received endless s**t from Seattle fans but had nothing to do with the move other than using tax dollars to build an arena and add improvements to it. Seattle fans have been asking for another team. But that wasn’t my point. Clay Bennett hurt you, you are asking to hurt others.

        Now, being from OKC myself my initial reaction to this news was “Finally, Seattle can get off our back”. My ‘crying’ comment came from scrolling through these comments, and the majority were about how Sacramento should hate Clay Bennett and OKC and how Kevin Durant was stolen from them. It just seemed absurd to me that despite getting back a team, and watching a team beloved by its city be thrown away by bad ownership just like happened to Seattle, the comments were not about how sorry they were for Sacramento and how happy they were for their city. Instead they were still stuck on OKC and losing Durant.

        If you aren’t like that, props and congrats. You are a rare breed.

    • Stephen Curry says:

      can u imagina kobe, dwight, durant, westbrook, cp3, griffin, curry, and lee in the same division?

  157. Jon says:

    This is a tough one. Both Seattle and Sacramento deserve a team. They both have one of the most loyal fan bases. Tough times for Sacramento

    • dd def says:

      it’s true. while my heart was broken when the sonics moved to OKC (and then had our noses constantly rubbed in it by their fans) so i certainly feel for the devout fans in sacramento. seems like a break could never be caught down there. my heart goes out to you, but also i’m very happy to get the sonics back.

  158. Sea Pea says:

    From King County Seattle….Your Seattle Kings!!!

  159. JDL says:

    They should of Moved to Vancouver!!!

  160. WhereAmazingHappens says:

    Seattle SuperKings.

  161. Schmoe and Schmavin McGoof says:

    I hate you Maloofs.

    I bleed BLACK and PURPLE.

    • Rob says:

      start bleeding Green and Gold……Yahooooooooooooo!!!!

      • smiley says:

        I will only cheer on the Packers in green and gold!

        This is a major slap in the face to the great city of Sacramento with some of the most loyal fans anywhere!

        A very sad day! is the best sports team supporting website I have ever seen!

        I lived in Sacramento for # of years and now back “home” near Chicago and am a Bulls fans but the Kings are still very near to my heart and I watch them whenever possible.

  162. gagdsfdsf says:


  163. Shawn Herron says:

    time to celebrate –

  164. wade's mother says:


    • aaron206 says:

      It’s an American thing. Its like divorce. The family splits and moves away. Starts over somewhere else. Also, we all have ADD and cant stay anywhere for too long.

    • john in sacto says:

      the maloofs did it all wrong,what a slap in the face to sacramento and all the Kings fans!

      • DaKingHasLeftDaBuilding says:

        What king fans? Theres only a hand full of real king fans. Arco is only packed when the Disney show on ice or the WWE comes around.

  165. Celtic in Italy says:

    I’ll never, never, never understand how you can possibly move a team from one city to another like that. I’m italian, and the bond that you develop with the team you support is something deep, belonging to the story and culture of the city the team represents.

    • Harry Seeword says:


      The local and state government in some of these cities make it nearly impossible for the team to stay where they would like. Also the NBA cronies can simply decide that your arena is no longer viable, and can put an owner between a rok and a hard place, requiring them to go back to the state and locals in an attempt to get buyoff and tax payer support for a new facility. There are a ton of politics involved, and I feel certain that the Maloof bros would love the opportunity to hang on to their team, just as the Seattle fans wanted to see their team remain in the Northwest.

      • Jeff says:

        The city of Sacramento put together a really good business proposal for a new state of the art arena for the team that the Maloofs backed out of at the last minute. Say what you want but the city of Sacramento tried saving the team only to have the Maloofs stab them in the back and make all of their efforts a waste.

    • Dan Hayward says:

      LOL i would have never guessed that you were Italian seeing your name

    • Johnny says:

      It’s all about business. There’s no culture when money is the subject.

    • BlackJesus says:

      With Golden State the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers the Kings dont have that many fans its a real small market even when the Kings were really good with Bibby and Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Peja, Hedo, ect they were not having any sold out games or anything

      • JarHead44 says:

        No sellouts? Get your facts straight! The arena was turning people away and selling standing room only tickets! I know I was one of them. The team stopped selling out when it was clear the Maloofs no longer wanted to put money into the team or the arena.

        The Maloofs have made a mockery of the NBA. To say they are a disgrace to other owners would be a compliment! They have torpedoed numerous arena deals, the most recent negotiated by Commissioner Stern, was a spot in everyone’s face! THE MALOOFS MUST GO & THE KINGS MUST STAY!

        Now reports state the Mallofs want to sell but retain authority. Seriously? Their actions should be seen as detrimental to league affairs and the NBA, Commissioner Stern are you reading, come in and take over the team. Just as it applies to the players, it should apply to owners: being in the league is a privelage and not a right!

  166. Schnuppermeister says: