Blogtable: Signs The Lakers Are OK

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Week 11: Kevin Garnett is … | Encouraging signs for Lakers? | Next coach to go

Do you see any signs that the Lakers can shake this thing and be OK?

Steve Aschburner: Here are the signs I see for why the Lakers still can make the playoffs (though I would have bet big money three months ago that I never would have typed that sentence this season). The signs are written in block letters, in Forum blue and gold, across the backs of several jerseys. They read: BRYANT. And NASH. And HOWARD. And a few more, frankly. C’mon, the math still is achievable because, if the Lakers start to play a little better, they’ll start moving up while someone – Minnesota? Portland? Hey, Golden State? – starts moving down. Going 30-18 the rest of the way gets them to 45-37, which should do it. I’m not ready to bet against 30-18 given the names on those jerseys.

Fran Blinebury: The holiday season may be over, but just like Jacob Marley in “A Christmas Carol,” the Lakers as a contender — and maybe even as a playoff team — are dead, dead, deader than a doornail.

Jeff Caplan: The Lakers are headed to the lottery, and the crazy thing now is that’s not an outlandish statement. Once L.A. finishes this week — without Dwight Howard and possibly Pau Gasol — and moves on to San Antonio Wednesday and back to Tinseltown for the OKC Thunder on Friday, the Lakers will be 15-21. This club is lost, and after giving L.A. the benefit of the doubt for two months, the sands of the hour glass are running thin.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Can they get into the playoffs? Sure. But shake this thing enough to position themselves for a long postseason run? No. At the very least, the Lakers of today, with this approach and this system that doesn’t fit, will be underdogs in every series. And that’s a strange perspective. But I see signs they can get to the playoffs, even if the lack of faith in some of the teams ahead of them in the standings is one of the indicators.

Sekou Smith: Not without my glasses. Seriously, the Lakers have done nothing to convince me that we should just assume that they’ll get things turned around eventually. They don’t have that kind of time anymore. That’s the beauty of the season’s schedule clock. It waits for no one and it could care less about how much hype a team has received. And honestly, the Lakers have to identify “this thing” before they can shake it. They have a new set of problems seemingly every week. Be it injuries, rumored locker room drama, coaching issues or what have you, they cannot seem to get it together on the court. Steve Nash was supposed to fix all things when he returned and for one game, on Christmas against the Knicks, you saw a glimpse of the Lakers that were supposed to shake up the league. But it came and went just like that. It’s Code Red time in L.A.


  1. SaYO says:

    they’ll be fine

  2. says:

    Lakers should gamble on Brian Shaw which endorsed by Phil Jackson before he retired. But opted to sign D’ Antoni and many against it. So what happen now, out of top 8 inn their division and I don’t think they will make it to last play off slot this season. He is limiting Kobe Bryant to take his shots which is wrong… Please D Antoni resign now! for the sake of Lakers fans.

  3. Zxching says:

    whats the point of making the playoffs, they don’t stand a chance anyway really. They’re just not ready

  4. D'Acs says:

    3months ago people are talking about being the NBA 2013 champs! now, the big question is… ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS? and the bitter laker fans is still hailing kobe for scoring?? even f kobe scores a hundred pts per game and washington beat them by one, that wont even b a playoff contender..

  5. dmh says:

    D’Antoni is the square peg in the round hole. If the lakers are going to compete one or the other has to change. Either get rid of the square peg D’Antoni…. Or change the round hole into a D’Antoni type square peg type team. With the CBA and whatnot, it may be time to see who is having a firesale when it comes to trades. Or better yet do both, get rid of Mike D and make the team younger at the same time.

  6. dattebayo says:

    Signs the Lakers are ok? I had a good laugh about that one.

    They have played very poor team defense the entire season. Only Artest and Howard work their butt off on that end, Jordan Hill shows good efforts, too. Kobe is only scoring and too often he doesn’t pick up his man, doesn’t help out in time, does not get back on defense or lets a guard drive right by him for a score. Nash, Jamison and Pau are defensive liabilities, to say the least. The Lakers are under 500, have a very poor record on the road, are barely over .500 at home and they are 9-15 in their conference. Now all their big guys are hurt and they have lost 5 straight.

    This team will not make the playoffs because it’ll take 50 wins like in 2010 and they ain’t winning 35 out of 47 games to end the season. A wasted season for the Lakers and probably the most disappointing team to ever play in the NBA.

  7. roy says:

    Trade gasol for cousins….possible deal???

  8. Pedro says:

    I’m a laker fan since 86, and to tell the truth I’m still hoping we can reach the post season. But reality is harsh and the way we are playing is discouraging. We have no D!!!! Honestly this is not our year. D’antoni is a mess….

  9. Frank E Shirley says:

    Who ever had the final decision in hiring mikey should be fired on the same day.

  10. mario says:

    The stupidest decision ever made is gonna have consequences. You dont give a formula 1 car to me to drive in a race when u have the chance to sign Sena. I can hear Phil’s laughs all the way to Europe..

  11. JimD54 says:

    The only thing wrong with the Lakers is that Stern has quit helping them and has gone to helping his new money maker LeBron James….Ball playing is not important in the NBA anymore only Gym shoe and Jersey sales…..NBA is the new WWF

  12. KobeWhiner says:

    Lakers should hire JERRY sienfield, PHIL collins, or even Ron Jeremy as their coach, as long as a ballhog running that lake show mark my words they will never ever win championship again, Go okc! Go Miami, Go Clippers!, Go Spurs! Go Boston! these teams have something in common… no ballhog.

  13. J-Short says:

    As of now it looks bleek for my Lakers. The upcoming weeks after Friday will tell I think in that we will have one or two bigs back and hopefully things turn around. If not then so be it we have had our time and will continue to press forward good or bad.

    Laker Fan since 87

  14. bluebird says:

    hopefully they can play for playoffs but based on their present performance,i think they cant…

  15. Se7en says:

    One thing I know, when your child is ill, you don’t simply stop loving and caring for them..
    it’s a simple law of the universe, what goes up must come down.
    Nothing great or beautiful lasts… so You live and die with the Lakers night in and night out.
    Respect the Clips but Lakers is still my baby for as long as basketball exists.

    All best,

  16. SportsLuvrCarla says:

    They’re done for this year.

  17. carla singleton says:

    Get rid of D’antoni. The Lakers chose the wrong man to coach. They should have gone with the zen master, Phil Jackson. I don’t get it: how does EVERYBODY but the Laker headman, know this? He messed up royally…feel bad for Kobe, he’s kept the Lakers relevant all these years, and is going to wind up retiring on a down note. Baby Dwight Howard will never be the answer, not unless he mans up. He shoulda took his always-clowning-butt to the Brooklyn Nets…NY woulda made a man out of him. He knows he messed up too. The Laker situation is A MESS!! Poor Kobe.

  18. Raf says:

    The Lakers can’t cry about injuries at least until they’re above Minnesota in the standings, in my opinion.

    It seems to me that the Clippers, Thunder, Spurs, Grizzlies and Warriors are a lock to finish ahead of the Lakers. The gap is too big and those teams are playing too well. I’d add Denver to that as well, seeing as they are so good at home and have played so many more away games than home games… as they hit the home-game rich part of their schedule they’ll pull away as well.

    So then you have Houston, Portland, Utah and Minny. Minny is injury-struck, Utah is hard to predict due to the likelihood of a big trade deadline move involving Millsap or Jefferson, but if Portland and Houston can maintain the form they’ve shown so far, the Lakers are screwed.

  19. lalakersforlife says:

    lakers will always be my team and even though we have a bad season we still the la lakers that have 16 championships so we made our place in history

  20. CCS FAN says:

    they need to rebuild..out with the old into the new

    • Sg23 says:

      were in the new you idiot. we just need structure. EVERY single fool on this forum thats dissing the lakers hasnt watched one game. its not like their playing bad. theyre down and they come back, you just cant expect kobe and metta to do EVERYTHING, DWIGHT NEEDS TO BE A MAN AND PAU NEEDS TO RUN THIS TEAM LIKE HE DID A FEW YEARS AGO. LAKESHOW.

  21. 2e says:

    For the Lakers to get to the playoffs, they need to give the the strawman Pau Gasol a brain, the lion Dwight Howard courage, the tinman D’Antoni a heart, and for Kobe Bryant to follow Dorothy home with the rest of the team. I believe there is still a good possibility for the Lakers to make the playoffs.

  22. FromCan says:

    Still hoping that LAKERS will enter the playoffs!!!
    Will still be a LAKERS fan even if they don’t make it this season!!!
    But I believe that next season would be LAKERS’ show time!!!
    Despite their present records, my LAKERS is still the best, 16 championship trophies are the evidence of it!!!

  23. Eaglos says:

    Lakers had zero chance two years ago, they have sub zero chances today.

    Aging players, horrible bench, selfish Kobe wasting a ton of shots, bored
    Gasol, one dimensional Howard, wrong coach, bad defence….

    They saw it coming and did nothing. They are acting like Kobe is 25,
    Gasol is fresh, nash is magic jonson and so on.

    • Dizzle says:

      Two years ago? You must have missed the ‘saw it coming and did nothing’….It was a cancelled trade because of “basketball reasons”

    • Sg23 says:

      kobe is having his best shooting year of his career and leading the league in scoring…

  24. Dude says:

    Bickerstaff had the right idea. Take the reigns off. These guys are veterans and sometimes it’s better to let a team function naturally than try to stuff them into a mold. Bernie wanted none of that “coach a system” b.s. and it worked. Just let them play and shut up coach. I don’t care if Antoni keeps the title but let Bernie run the team and I’m willing to bet they at least look like a solid NBA team.

  25. Ray Castellani says:

    Lakersright now have two Hall of Famers playing now – more than most NBA teams – and they are still crying – please stop – just play ball – you won’t be happy till you have all four of your Hall of Famers – a bunch of wimps – Sincerly Ray

  26. lakerfan says:

    they should have not hire a losing coach……

  27. theholyspectator says:

    lakers are done man. they are kinda stuck with each other for this season at least….coach, his system, the players…you have to kiss this season goodbye. howard prolly will not stay. nash will be 40, hes prolly thinking its over for him…metta and kobe are entering their mid 30s…they are old and slow… this team just doesnt have it. even if they made playoffs they are not going to advance to the finals…impossible…too many teams in the west would destroy them in a 7 game series…dont matter how you look at the lakers, wither they make the playoffs they wont go anywhere and wither they miss the playoffs with all this talent…they are simply trash. its kinda odd to see how dantoni was knicks coach and they were terrible and the moment he leaves and woodson steps in they are winning and now they are tied with miami as the best team in the east…i dont know how as a member of management you dont see that dantoni is just not a good coach for LA. unless their is something going on that we dont know about, getting dantoni was seriously a bad bad move..

  28. GoLA says:

    Fix the coach and the Lakers would be playoff material. It is not rocket science to see how Bickerstaff made the proper adjustment when Brown was fired. A lot of people saw that game. D’Antoni needs to step down or make his adjustments. And the players are not to be blamed, they have the talent and the experience. They are just playing out of their comfort zones and bad combinations are placed on the court. The players don’t have control of those issues. D’Antoni can’t blame anyone but himself on this. The players are trying to adjust to his system, but it does not get any good wins. The wins that he got was won because of Kobe’s willful attitude, but without their proper inside games, it would not be enough to play through the playoffs. But if the management wants D’Antoni’s system then the Lakers could wait for 3 years for them to reach the playoffs. Because he needs to get rid of his great centers for outside shooters.

    Just look at the Nets right now, why are they winning? They did not replace any players.

    • W/E says:

      D’antoni is to be blamed for most of this big mess,look what happened to the Knicks when he left, they instantly became a better team…this tell us alot about this coach..

      • BJ says:

        Can someone tell me why D’antoni isn’t fired yet? Oh I wonder… their record is worse than when Brown was the coach. What is the reason for not firing D’antoni right now and get another coach?

    • Petr says:

      Man I kind of like D’Antoni overall, but hes just so out of his place with the lakers now. He’s a great coach for smaller market teams that want to get some wins (and fans) by just running and gunning like Don Nelson, but Lakers now need a guy who can adjust, and be a orchestrator on both ends…

  29. bryan says:

    Lakers needs Phil jackson to be a contender again in the playoffs

  30. krespino says:

    Lakers performance from today till end of season could even be worse than that since the beginning of the season.. Injuries would probably continue. Howard will not be 100 percent. And quite soon it will be the time for start playing the blame game. And as things flow the unpleasant way, Howard drama “I have not made my mind yet on to stay here or not” will take effect… Nash obviously is looking at this season as a lost one.

  31. Kamote says:

    Eventually, the Lakers would get things right… but the fact is, they are in the Western conference. They need to win at least 45 out of 81 games. Is it too late, maybe not… Stern is still the commissioner hahaha.

  32. Patrickmarc says:

    I believe they will make it better,
    they need Steve Blake,
    they need to be better at the end of matches,
    they can do it of course.

  33. Reality says:

    Bye Bye L.A………………sadddddd

    The whole world wanted LA V MIA in finals

    Mr. Buss needs a “how to manage a sports team for dummies” book … friggin awful!!!

    LA is now Clipper Nation

    • Carl says:

      Win 16 championships and then maybe you can talk.

      • Hm says:

        I’m sure I’m not the first to point it out, but it seems like few Lakers fans know that five of those came before 1955… They hadn’t even drafted Baylor yet. I’m not saying you can’t be proud of a team’s history, but to pretend that all championships carry the same weight with NBA fans seems dishonest.

      • carla singleton says:

        The championships were won under Daddy Buss. This is a new era, Buss jr. is now in charge, and he has zero championships. And seeing that he is willing to make emotional decisions instead of a level-headed one by choosing Phil Jackson, #17 will be a loooong time off.

      • Sg23 says:

        so by your logic the emotional decision is signing Mike D’Antoni (whos close to kobe and has worked extensively with nash) for 3 years 12 mil vs jumping the gun and bringing in phil jackson who said he has no intention of returning and paying him atleast 12 mil PER season. Go on and give your stupid opinion, but this is where real men talk wuss.

  34. W/E says:

    2 more consecutive loses coming up against OKC and the Spurs, sth is really wrong with this team, they started nicely the first half against houston and then they totally give up in the 4rth quarter,with starters or not doesnt matter, the whole team is a big mess.