D’Antoni Must Bend If Lakers Are To Mend

HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — Most disappointing about Mike D’Antoni‘s 10-13 start with the Los Angeles Lakers is the smug realization that he took seven seconds or less to contemplate his stubborn, unbending tactics. Rather than modify the ideas that suffocated the New York Knicks and sent him packing, D’Antoni instead shoved that baggage into the overhead compartment and set out for sunny L.A., where the skies have quickly darkened to a shade of misery and contempt.

His Lakers are in a deeper hole today at 15-18 — with Steve Nash back for the last seven games — than the day D’Antoni limped into Tinseltown on a freshly implanted, still-stiff and achy knee. Phil Jackson, rejected by a surprise midnight phone call, was the favorite to take over by many. But he was left to blissfully carry on his shopping for a rock to slip on the waiting finger of the daughter of D’Antoni’s new boss.

Perhaps D’Antoni — arms crossed, lips pursed and eyes vacant sitting while on the Lakers bench — simply tuned out the “We want Phil” chant in the Staples Center during Sunday’s most recent implosion, just as he has dialed down his interest level in his veteran players. As the Lakers were again being pulverized at home in the fourth quarter by the Denver Nuggets, the 112-105 loss their third straight loss, the cry of the fandom began to swirl.

The “We want Phil” chorus didn’t rock the house as it did two months ago, but it did rise up for the first time since the glorious interim era of Bernie Bickerstaff, the only coach of this season’s trio (including Chick-Fil-A-loving Mike Brown) to post a winning record. Bickerstaff took four of five just as it seemed Jackson was saddling up his white stallion.

Now, D’Antoni’s lifeless Lakers have lost four of five, and the suffering promises to deepen considering Monday’s catastrophic injury news: Dwight Howard (torn labrum), Pau Gasol (concussion) and Jordan Hill (hip) will be sidelined indefinitely.

With L.A.’s front line out of commission, winning at red-hot Houston on Tuesday night, at San Antonio on Wednesday and then Friday at home against Oklahoma City just got harder than quieting former Lakers great Magic Johnson’s criticism on Twitter.

In his most recent social-media monologue, Johnson, unabashedly critical of D’Antoni’s hiring and over the weeks his failure to tailor his system to his talent, says he’s tired of blaming the coach. It’s time, he tweeted, to expect more from the players if this wreck is to be yanked from the ditch.

But lumping all this on the Lakers’ luxury-tax-blasting roster of All-Stars would be to allow a perplexingly defiant D’Antoni to wiggle off the hook. Through 23 games, more than one-quarter of a regular season, D’Antoni has only provided his critics with ammunition.

His teams will never defend at a championship level because there is no foundation for defending. Offensively, he’ll jam his genius, guard-heavy system down his players’ throats, fit be damned, forcing square pegs into round holes with Gasol being the biggest square of all.

In Friday’s loss to the Clippers, Gasol wandered aimlessly around the arc where D’Antoni wants him, ineffective as a jump shooter, appearing terribly uncomfortable mechanically, forcibly bending his knees and flicking his wrist like some ill-formed shooting guard, all the while out of position to snare offensive rebounds, a category in which he is averaging a career low.

Two nights later against Denver, Gasol was far more active in the first half, backing down on the block, rolling to the basket for an alley-oop pass from Kobe Bryant, who has consistently championed his championship-winning big man’s need for the ball on the block to little avail. And then in the second half, Gasol disappeared, a non-factor, a figment of D’Antoni’s imagination until a blow bloodied Gasol’s nose and jarred his brain.

If D’Antoni is too entrenched in his beliefs to use Gasol in his rightful place, then what’s the use? Trade him already for shooters and legs better suited for the system.

Meanwhile, Antawn Jamison, a member of L.A.’s shallow bench who is capable of fulfilling the stretch-4 role and stands to see increased playing time in wake of the injury explosion, is now a walking ball of confusion. The coaching staff told him more than a month ago that he could be this team’s equivalent to Shawn Marion on D’Antoni and Nash’s old blazing Suns teams. Only Jamison is 36, not 27, and has never defended quite the way Marion still can.

Still, Jamison expressed school-boy giddiness in early December about playing in D’Antoni’s system and he nearly burst with exuberance about Nash’s impending return. And then, without explanation, the 15-year vet fell out of the rotation. After five consecutive DNP-Coach’s Decision, he vented to the media over D’Antoni’s inexplicable lack of communication.

For these Lakers, who one-by-one have taken turns being agitated, everything looks to be a struggle. The offense shifts from Howard fighting off collapsing defenses with teammates hopelessly standing around the arc, to Kobe going full-on Black Mamba as his teammates watch. Turnovers, even with Nash, are prevalent. The defense is atrocious.

Trust on the most basic level — between players, and between players and the head coach — appears nonexistent.

If D’Antoni wants to prove he is a great leader then he must bend, prove his system to be pliable, reveal a human touch. Or, with that stiff upper lip, he will continue to defy the obvious and arrogantly self-destruct, taking this team with him.


  1. arc says:

    When the lakers were looking for a coach, i did not necessarily want phil. his last 2 seasons were dissapointing and he didnt seem like he was interested in coaching anymore. i thought the only coach who could fix the lakers would be jerry sloan with his emphasis on defense and pick and roll (john stockton – malone and nash to pau and dwight) yet they get a coach who has no defense and an offense which doesnt suit the lakers even with nash. fire dantoni hire jerry sloan

  2. spark68 says:

    Phil could not save this team right now. Remember, learning the triangle offense takes time to learn and is taught through training camp. When Phil first came to the Lakers in 1999, it practically took that team through training camp and the entire preseason to master this offense. Let’s not forget in 2005 when Rudy T quit, they switched to the triangle with Frank Hamblen and the Lakers failed miserably. So if they could get Phil back, I would wait until next season. Forget about this season and stick a fork in it, cause they are finished after this week.

  3. laker fan aloha style says:

    hey michael s. it’s not kupchak it’s jim buss…if jerry buss, he’s dad was in controll he would get phil jackson…d’antoni was a big..big..big..mistake..it’s like watching the knicks when he was coach..look at the kicks now!!!i said before how many titles does d’antoni have NONE!!!!!! how many does phil jackson have 11..11..11..11..11, enough said..it was jim buss’s idea to hire d’antoni, he doesn’t know how to use his players strength and abilities, he only looks at HIS SYSTEM…and it seems he has a personal vendetta against jameison..he a good shooter yet he doesn’t play at all..get phil jackson back otherwise they can kiss goodbye to this season, and dwight howard, kobe, and gasol

  4. MichaelS says:

    I have a strong feeling that major Lakers failure is originated from management team and personally Mr. Kupchak.
    One wrong coach selection after another.

  5. dattebayo says:

    To be fair at least, when you hire a coach, you hire his system. As a gm or owner, you have to believe or rather know, that the system will work with the players. D’Antoni will never change his offensive system because he stands for it. And as much as everyone is blaming him for not playing Pau the way he likes to, you really can’t change the offense that drastically just because your 4th best player (who is also having the worst season in his career and is struggling with knee tendinitis) would rather play somewhere else on the floor.

  6. mario says:

    They made the worst decision in modern nba history so now they will pay the consequences. Who chooses D’Antoni over Phil??? Send him packing asap n either sign Phil (good luck with that after this treatment), or let Bickerstaff do his stuff or sign Obradovic. If u want to keep D’Antoni at least trade gasol for Josh Smith. Gasol cannot play well so far away from the rim.

  7. OOHHH-Did i mention that Ainge you know the GENERAL MANAGER-STUCK BY DOC THRU THE LOSING SEASONS BEFORE “07-“08 SEASON!!!

  8. U see-that’s why i love Doc Rivers-he doesn’t jump ship when his team has a losing season as in “06-“07 worst record last place. He stayed & took 4 future hall of famers to the promise land in their 1st year together w/ the best record!!! That’s first year together!!! He’s the best @ getting hall of famers to work together!!! And oh, he will stay Greenallday, so don’t bother calling him fakerland ooops i mean lakerland!!!

  9. THE TRUTH says:


  10. RonALD says:


  11. fanofthegame says:

    i guess lakers will take a longer time than the miami heat did to even think about championships… lakers should have stuck with mike brown and waited patiently for things to work out… but no.. they want a championship now.. NOW.. team culture is created by the coach.. if he doesnt create a good culture among his players… u r left with more L than W. D’antoni has unfortunately not left his previous 2 organizations in a positive manner. so it was downhill from the moment he came onto the bench as Head coach. maybe they shud have stuck with Bernie Bickerstaff… who apparently has the best record for now as head coach of the lakers… Coach needs to see what works best… and then evolve a system.. lakers will take a while to get over this…

  12. Bok says:

    It wasn’t just D’Antoni, it’s also the bench. They need a steady, reliable bench. Age is also a factor. They need to rebuild by trading aging players while they still have trade value. But I’ve got to admit that D’Antoni’s system doesn’t fit this team. Bad management decision overall and it’s unfair to the players that they were thrown to this situation.

  13. The problem is sho-be bryant! What u dumb laker fan’s do not realize is the man is playing his last years to try and break the overall scoring record. He is not and has never been a team player. He has lost a step and the refs now call his fouls! With that being said these lakers remind me of the lakers that did terrible when Phil left the first time!

  14. thesacredspectator says:

    lakers are done, to even make the playoffs they gotta go on a good 12-13 game winning streak, LOL, that’s impossible for these dudes right now, not to mention injuries man, they keep having key players get injured…they had what a 4 game or 5 game win streak this year…since then its just been one step forward and two steps back..now i cant guarantee and say that they wont make the playoffs….its possible..this is the nba…but if they serious they needa push NOW…all star break is in a few weeks, we are approaching the halfway point..they already down 4 games under 500. this is looking really bad….all hail Clips the real basketball gods of LA

  15. Silence I'll Kill You says:

    so where’s the 73-9 standings that they are talking bout from the start of the season?

  16. Max says:

    Attn: A.J. Mills, really do you see yourself with bragging rights???NOT!! And yes, I did mis spell Mike D’s last name, but on this site it is hard to really find anyone that can type with correct wording. Me Stupid, well think on my man, you have no idea of my background, and knowledge of the game. And you are just another “YAPPER”. Wish I could face you on a BB Court!!!!!!

  17. Jumppong says:

    let’s accept it LAKERS are in deep deep trouble..

  18. purpngold says:

    How do you turn a posible title contending all star team into a lottery team?
    You first hire Mike Brown as your head coach and follow that up with DAntoni to complete the job.
    The Lakers are in big trouble, and the Zen Master is not coming to rescue them this time.
    It looks like the Lakers are done for this season.. forget the playoffs and start focusing on making the Right adjustments for next season..
    What a waist..

  19. KobeWhiner says:

    Lakers should hire JERRY sienfield, PHIL collins, or even Ron Jeremy as their coach, as long as a ballhog running that lake show mark my words they will never ever win championship again, Go okc! Go Miami, Go Clippers!, Go Spurs! Go Boston! these teams have something in common… no ballhog.

  20. dylan19 says:

    I think a GOOD coach is know to use those talent in the team and not implant a system that not even using the talent of your team and keep lose games. Please see Gasol….ask him became shooter?…What the hell of a coach will do that? Yes…JUST D’ANTONI will do that…PLEASE D’ANTONI “Create” a system that suit your team and not asking your team to suit your system…

    • manny says:

      Good comment,,two 7footers and you “couch” can’t see how lucky this team is to have that luxury..but not been use properly…anybody that plays ball knows having a big player makes your scoring so much easier,if you know how to use it..

  21. KobeWhiner says:

    yeah blame who else dantoni, blame howard, blame nash, blame gasol, blame management, but kobe is always the hero right? he never took the blame on himself even being such a ballhog, blame the coach for making a 7foot center play 20 feet away from the rim? how about this, blame a one dimensional ballhogging star player on that team. if one player shoots the ball 30+ times and having the ball on his hand 80% of the ballgame, how do you expect a 7 footer to do his job well? and if the coach did not follow kobe wishes, maybe he will soon get the boot as well.

  22. purpngold says:

    From day one, I knew DAntoni was not the man for the job. His track record clearly reflects it, the Lakers are not going to win with this coach. After this week the Lakers will be in a deeper hole and in Big danger of not even making the playoffs. When a coach does not make defense a priority, you can forget about any aspirations of winning anything, which is what the Lakers are doing right now. Furthermore, the losing mentallity will set in and the team will basically quit if they havent yet. When you have the most skilled big man, a proven double double guy, basically invisible in games, something is wrong, and it is not the player or his age or any other excuse. Gasol is not playing this way by his own choice, DAntoni has got to go, he is clueless. This article is right on the money! DAntoni is too stubborned and will not change. At least Bickerstaff allowed players to play their more natural positions, thats how they won. This is not a rookie team that needs to be taught the basics, these are veteran players that know how to play the game, its not rocket science, let the players play..

  23. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Kobe Bryant never stops playing; never stops competing! Even when injured. If players in this league had his competitive spirit they might get a championship! San Antonio is the only franchise that competed with the Lakers in the decade. Kobe is the most competitive in the league. Boston has 1; Detroit has 1; Dallas; 1; now Miami 2. I’ll take Kobe Bryant’s competitive spirit over ANY player in the league. And; BTW: at age 34, 30 pts per game, almost 50% from the field. The numbers don’t lie. No matter what you say. And; before I forget; the Lakers have 5!!!!! Injury prone this year which is a big reason they are not doing well. Haters come back! Love to hear your comments! I know you’re going to say I’m making an excuse, with the injury comment. But; when are they fully healthy??? Almost never!

  24. NBAFAN says:

    I feel sorry for the Lakers. Seeing as they hired this sorry excuse for a coach. I knew it was a mistake the day I heard he was being considered for the job. I no longer believe they will make the playoffs. Too many things wrong with this team.

  25. roy says:

    mike is not a good coach…even if they trade gasol for a shooting pf they still cant get the job done…remember carmelo anthony?????no???

  26. bobby says:

    Fire D’antoni, make Bickerstaff interim head coach for the rest of the season…Problem solved

  27. noyb says:

    Wow, well ‘sed!

  28. Heck says:

    In reply to Max… First of all, Coach cannot take the full fault but in this case, he has to take a big portion of it. Gasol is never a shooter, and he will never be effective at it. Asking him to play like 18-foot is just like wasting a 7 footer on the court, playing 4 on 5. Players will do everything for a coach when the coach earns their trust, and obviously this is definitely not the case. Mike D’Antoni likes playing short lineups, like 7 players rotation… look at the Lakers, they are not young.. even Kobe once said “I am the fastest guy on the court but I am like 50”. You know what that means? That means the play(s) that Mike D’Antoni tries to run is not working for the Lakers. Once losing becomes a habit, no players want to give out their effort. So tell me, who’s fault is it?

  29. bryan says:

    Lakers Needs Phil Jackson

    • pakyaw says:

      nope…Lakers need a leadership on the team..not Phil…D-fish is no longer on the team,Kobe is not known for being a vocal leader,hes known for calling out and pointing fingers on a teammates.(FACTS)..

  30. bunbury says:

    I dont think there is no one to blame. the fact is that they just are not as good. their bench is one of the worst, howard cannot score one on one; nash is too old, gasol has lost a step, especailly playing out of position; kobe cannot longer play defense and it’s playing more iverson basketball than jordan nowadays.

  31. xpact says:

    you blame brown now d’antoni hire phil..??? what if same result who gona blame then?? this roster jst wont fit with any coach.. kobe needs to be the leader everyone knows he can score why still hog the ball share it.. but then again kobes only want to shoot.. well its nice anyway 4 some other than kobe. to be a champ en retire with a ring

    • 16going417 says:

      People like you are the same ones who said the reason Phil won so many championships is because he coached Jordan and Kobe. Well, Jordan did not win in Washington and Kobe is not winning without Phil.

      Seems to me the coach is a big part of the solution and the problem. Never should have hired D’Antoni. Jim Buss is a tard.

  32. mhm says:

    Once everyone is recovered from injuries, have Jordan Hill start at PF and have Gasol subbed in a Center. This will force Gasol to stop taking 20 foot shots. Once a long shot is missed, that will create a long rebound equaling up to a fastbreak forthe other team. Jordan Hill brings lots of energy and can get rebounds. And Gasol can be a sixth man of the year contestant. One problem solved. Another thing that the lakers can do is to trade nash, world peace, and gasol/hill for some younger players who can play defense. Firing D’antoni will create even more problems for the lakers. If they fire him, the lakers will have to adjust to another system and it will be a total train wreck. BOTTOM LINE: Use the pieces you have to solve the puzzle

  33. vtclak0355 says:

    With all these injuries and their current record, I don’t even think Phil can save them now.

  34. laker fan! says:

    agree..jerry sloan would be a great fit for the current Lakers roster..

  35. #1stunna says:

    should hire jackie moon. lol

  36. LAKERSFAN says:

    just hire phil jackson back !

  37. CHEPITO says:


  38. Julio Valdez says:

    They should’ve hired Jerry Sloan.

  39. JJ says:

    That’s funny thing about the NBA… There’s so many talented coaches in US and teams just keep on betting on the same old horses. What did the Lakers’ management expect hiring the coach whose teams could never really play defense, the coach who struggled for the last four seasons and wasn’t respected by his players ? I know it’s easy for me to say such things, but for god’s sake these people who manage the teams, they do it living in the best basketball league in the world therefore they should be the greatest professionals, and it often seems like they just act purely randomly ;/

    • Max says:

      Yapping about Mike D’Antonia? Well what about Mike Brown and just why did PHIL JACKSON, suddenly retire??? Phil Jackson saw the “Handwriting on the Wall” OLD PHIL knew when to Hold and when to RETIRE! so no use Yapping about a Coach’s system, got to have the healthy,experienced Players–balanced in their own field of expertice, NOT look for excuses, but each player has to take their own responsiblity for what they draw the $$$ to be able to bring each and ever game. A PG is a PG, need to identify what that position entails. Same as a QB to orcharate the plays and the other 4 well they are the ones being paid to put that “little roundball” through that “BASKET”. NO Coach can do that, the Player being paid has to have the confidence,focus and comittment to NOT look for someone else to blame, but go out and repeat a win each and ever time. The very weakes excuses is to blame a “lower paid” Coach. That is just “Stupid”. Look at the track record of Coaches being fired and then again the team just cannot produce. How many Coaches can a team fire, before the GM?Owner has to admit their mistakes in their expensive purchases of MDSE???. Not balanced, then a team is NOT going to win. Too much expensive “Golden Wrapped” merchandise. Owners in this late time in a season needs to learn from their mistake in purchasing merchandise and NOT repeat the same mistake in the next season. More and more the NBA’s top commanders “STERN” are not allowing a team to just take who they want to build a Championship team. For example, Stern said NO to Chris Paul going to the Lakers, fans over the entire Country buy tickets, and Companies that buy ADS. Well they check the draw a Player has before attaching themself to that player. who in turn has to PRODUCE or the ADS will be jerked. So, a Coach cannot control that very important issue. KIA MTRS. as of today has a winner in Blake Griffin, but any BB Player can be only one injury from losing their Hallowed position and find themself back in rehab. A very big and dangerous world and Fans Yapping, as myself, like a “Monday night quarter back”, for those that do not know that meaning, it is a fan that can only tell others what they think they are doing wrong. BUT could never even make the”D” league if the game was riding on their personal shoulders. So Fans, we just YAP, but can we take that a Players place????NOT!!!!!

      • AJ Mills says:

        You do realize no one will actually read your whole comment, right? Nobody likes huge rants with RANDOM CAPS LOCK.

        And calling him “D’Antonia” is just stupid.

      • dumb max says:

        Max, please tell me you are only speaking for yourself when you speak of Yappers. I have played Div. I Bball all the way down to Jr. Leagues when I was 8. Currently coaching a Div. II college in SoCal. I feel qualified to speak my mind here. Even as a “monday night quarterback”, your vision is not clear on how to run professional basketball team. Keep your rambling to a minimum please.

  40. Sosay says:

    if they fired him and hired phil now, how much would it cost to pay them both and mike brown…. 40million?!! somewhere in there

  41. googergieger says:

    Honestly no matter what coach you get the same problems are always going to remain. Outside of a not one hundred percent Dwight, and an ever slowing Artest, nobody on the Lakers team can defend. Nash has only ever lived on variations of the pick and roll. Dwight is used to being surrounded by three point shooters who were all coached into leading every player to Dwight and then covering Dwight’s man when he went to block/alter a shot. Kobe is used to making an imprint on the game and not being part of a team that won a game, but the main reason his team won the game. Artest has energy and the will to win every game, but if his three isn’t falling he is rather useless on offense, and defensively he needs to guard someone that likes to play one on one. As far as the bench goes, Jordan Hill is basically it. As far as two way players go. Don’t think he is suited for a slow team or being the biggest part of a bench mob though. He’d be better suited for a team like Denver, or even Miami could use him. Maybe seeing if Miami could part ways with Lewis for Hill and some other throwaway pieces?

    Still this Lakers team just isn’t that good. A lot of people are still in love with name recognition without ever thinking back to waaaaaaaaay back to the 2004 Olympics where name recognition for the U.S. earned them a bronze medal.

  42. gregg says:

    its a shame that lakers bring n dwight hes a bum i say trade him before its to late him n kobe not a good mix

  43. Alamilla says:

    With D’Antoni we don’t have any chances to clinch the playoff berth! PLEASE FIRE HIM BEFORE THIS GETS WORSE!

    • bunbury says:

      the lakers cannot pay 3 coaches at the same time. especially if one of those coaches if Dr. Phil.

  44. Anon says:

    D’Antoni must go. There’s a reason he’s not coaching in Phoenix or NY anymore.

  45. KobeWhiner says:

    Fire kobe most overrated player ever! nothing but a ballhog!

  46. Reality says:

    if laker arent above 500 by all-star .. D’Antoni will be fired

    • Random wisdom says:

      Been a Lakers fan since I can remember, but it kills me to see them playing this way. For this reason, I prefer to see them struggle and let Jim Buss (complete idiot) see what a mess he made of this season. Everyday I check GOOGLE hoping and praying to see a headline of “D’Antoni canned”. I hope that it happens in February!

  47. Fire dantoni says:

    Dantoni is a terrible coach. He’s stubborn, irresponsible, gets angry easily, and worst of all he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. That’s why he was forced to quit the Knicks. His system worked one time and he believes it can work everywhere but in reality, he’s a terrible coach. If the lakers want to go anywhere, they should immediately fre him before he does any worse.

    • Max says:

      NOT forced to leave the overstuffed Offensive players of the KNICKs, just smart enough to get out of the damaged team. yet, he let his desires to Coach, override taking a long hard look at what was put together by the GM?Owner to go for the “Roses”. That is Mike D’s mistake, Now Mike Brown had tried and was fired (Coaches are a dime a dozen), and PHIL J’s last year did not bring the Ring, so Coach’s fault NOT!!!!Too many tried, got to place the blame on the GM/Owner, they bought the “Pig in a Poke”, NOT the Coach. 3 Coaches, three different systems???YET NO RING????? Now who do the fans blame????The easy one, O’h just blame yet another Coach. QUACK ON!!!!!

      • Schemer21 says:

        To be fair, the only thing smart enough about D’Antoni’s decision to leave the Knicks was the fact that he saw the writing on the wall. Either he leave or he was going to be fired. Damaged team? They went 18-24 under D’Antoni last season for a 43% record, where as Woodsen went 18-6 for a 75% record. What was the difference? The coach.
        Look, on paper these guys should be performing at a much higher level than they are, injuries aside. I accept that they have one of the weakest benches in the league, but still. It’s like having all the right ingredients for a fantastic meal, you still need a good chef to bring it all together otherwise it will taste awful. The same a the coach.
        There’s always the fact that these guys just might not be compatible together too. It happens.
        Either way, i’ve never seen a team with such talent implode the way these guys are. It’s a disaster of a season for them.

  48. imlan says:

    Blame it on the management for hiring D’Antoni over Phil Jackson.

  49. Hagop says:

    I knew D’Antoni wasn’t fit for the Lakers from the minute I heard he got signed. It’s devastating how such a talented roster can’t seem to find their rhythm. The defense is absolutely awful! Up until the 4th quarter the energy appears to be blemishing game after game. Very bad performance overall .. The playoff picture will fade gradually if this goes on.

  50. Chi-town boy says:


  51. Moochiiieee says:

    Please Trade kobe to D- League so that the lakers can finally play like a real team…

    • James says:

      Only an idiot manager would do that. Even if Kobe is not doing good, which is not true, the Lakers still get attention iin many different ways and make money. That would be the worst trade to ever happen and no other idiot will do that in the next million year. It’s business

    • ladybug02 says:

      D-League…..really!!?? Boo….GET UR LIFE!!

  52. Harold Mangum says:

    This was basically the problem with Nate McMillion of the Blazers, his unwilling to coach to the players he had.

    Do you suppose it is a Olympics thing.

  53. uoykcuf says:

    You got two MVPS, two DOYS and a bunch of good all-stars and blame the coach? Seriously?

    • Random commentary says:

      When the coach’s system has a seven-footer play 20 feet from the rim, yes, blame the coach.

    • Random wisdom says:

      Seriously? You don’t see how it can’t be D’Antoni’s fault? So because we have a talented squad (on paper), why have a coach then? We should be able to run the floor day in, day out and be 1st in the Pacific Div. That’s not quite how it works. The coach is supposed to be able to get the team to gel and get his personnel working efficiently. This is something Jackson mastered and one more thing D’Antoni will never grasp.
      Certainly, it isn’t just D’Antoni’s fault, the blame has to be shared by everyone who decided to hire this loser! And don’t say Kobe because he gave the “thumbs up”. Kobe wanted Jackson!

      • Max says:

        Attn:Random Wisdom, Last time the GREAT PHIL was the Coach in Laker Land, did he produce a winner????NOT!!!! Old PHIL LEFT THE TEAM AND RETIRED!!!!!If I had been (and I am not qualified to coach in the NBA) Mike D’Antonia, I would not have accepted the position as head coach of the Lakers. NO BENCH to call on, and 2 very.very messed up injured main team players. Wow, D’Antonia’s only mistake is —-he fell into a “Cess Pool”, broken peices that just do not jel, not the System, look at Mike Brown????Look at Phil’s last season with the GREAT TRIANGLE Offense. Did Phil bring a Winner that last year????NOT! BUT he was smart enough to RETIRE and take the Owner’s daughter with him and NOW he has after 9 years placed a “Rock” on the Laker’s., NOW Owner’s Sister, so give OLD PHIL credit, he knew when to RETIRE!!!! Blame the Coach, that is the very easeist and WEAK excuse. Now ask the GREAT MAGIC??DO NOT FORGET HE TRIED HIS GREAT EXPERTISE AS THE COACH OF THE GREAT LAKERS, THEN HE JUST SLIPPED AWAY,SOLD HIS INTEREST IN THE LAKERS, NOW HE HAS JUST DECIDED TO BE AN EXPERT IN TELLING WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING WRONG, WELL I VOTE TO RECALL MAGIC TO TAKE THE LAKERS TO THE PROMISE LAND. HE HAS IN THE PAST FAILED, BUT YET HE CAN SEE FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX JUST WHAT NEED FIXING? Magic has open his mouth and inserted his foot, I for one remember him as a great player, but as a Coach, NOT!!!!!!Play on wounded Lakers, and let all of us unpaid Fans Yap and Magic???better stick to telling others how to Coach, because you could not bring the MUSTER as a Coach!!!!!!

      • Max says:

        Kobe wanted to bring back PHIL Jackson???What shrimp boat did you ride in on?????Phil left the Lakers after a losing season and RETIRED. NOW that was a legit OUT!!!!!I would have to see the proof about Kobe really pushing bring bring the “OLD RETIRED COACH”. Kobe is NOT that DUMB!!!Coaches do not win BB GAMES, it is the expensive mdse. purchased and put together in a puzzle and only the Owner can bear the blame. Just ask Mike Brown. Coaches just float around the NBA system, from one team to another, because they are the lINK that Fans and so called experts on NBA/ESPN can blame. But can fans or the NBA?ESPN “SO CALLED. OVER THE HILL EXPERTS” COACH??If so why are they just sitting on their “behind” and preaching to the choir???have they coached and I only know of one that tried and he could not bring the Muster as a Coach of the Lakers, so, I say they are paid quackers, some,such as J. Rose uses his position at ESPN to wear his favorite team’s sweater and ADS. is how he gets paid?? Rose very bias and SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to Voice his very bias comments. Look at what happen to a great expert from NBC, after the 2008 PRES. ELECTION???Well, Keith O. said just the wrong words and showed his true colors and so did The GREAT JOE S. I for one saw Joe in the backup supporters for George Bush in the 2005 run for PRESIDENT, JOE leaned over when he saw the Camera, but too late Joe I for one saw you. Unbaised?????Truth did come out, so J. Rose take a word and remember, when you are on National TV, you need to bring un biased comments or GET OFF THE PAID FOR AIR TIME!! Fans buy the advertised MDSE. that pays for you to sit and Quack, so to show who you support and put down Coaches and players Maybe with a different color of SKIN?? WRONG ROSE!!!!You will be found out and then given a toss, you can be replaced. I for one know where you landed and what BENCH on, before you gave up and LEFT. NOW to Quack at the MVP that year, who was playing while you were warming the bench and to put down the then head coach????Have you ever been the MVP or been a COACH?????What is your resume, ROSE??

      • James says:

        Y’all writing too long like we all really care to read it all. Make it simple. Kobe is not going to denies he didnt want Mike D knowing that he’s going to get him anyway when reporters asked. They always say the positive things about the member that ALREADY on the team in front of reporters. But, Kobe really wanted Phil. Phil didnt get a win last time bc the team was getting out of fuel, but now that the team is rejuvenated with megastars, Phil definitely can turn this team into a title contender. the difference btwn now and the last couple years with Phil is more mega power!

    • Random wisdom says:

      and 2 uoykcuf…

      • Random wisdom says:

        I”m sure all you fools have never played a day of organized ball at a recreational, high school or college level! Sure, the Lakers didn’t past the Western Conference semi’s with Phil. But, just how far do you think they’ll get this year with D’Antoni…maybe 5 games above .500. You guys are ALL idiots and foolish to believe that it isn’t the coaches fault. A major market like LA needs more than an “offensive genius” to rule the team. Jackson was/still is the right man for this team regardless of how 2011 turned out. That’s the problem with these comments, too many fat people commenting who have no idea about sports.

  54. sam hobdy says:

    Please. Get. Phil Jackson. Back as coach

    • Logic says:

      Too bad they signed a multi-year contract with D’Antoni.

    • James says:

      Agree!! Even though the Lakers signed a multi year with Mike D. If they continue with Mike D, the Lakers will continue to lose. Kobe last couple of years go down the drain,, DH12 might leave, everything will get worse. So the Lakers end up paying a lot of money to megastars and all it gets them is frustrations from fans. They gotta admit that they made mistakes, several bad mistakes and willing to take the loss and fire Mike D to get Phil. If they afraid of losing money to Mike D, they’ll end up losing more money to the players like D12 and Kobe and Gasol w/o winning a title or fans’ favors!

      • Coaching Payroll says:

        Aren’t they already paying off Brown? Wouldn’t it be great to see them pay off D’Antoni, Mike Brown and then go out and get Phil. Their payroll for coaches would be as high as the Rockets for their players.

  55. Chester says:

    Steve nash has always been turnover prone, averaging nearly 4 a game in his peak phoenix years. So no news there

  56. John Doucett says: