The Lakers, The Injuries, The Playoffs…The Math


HANG TIME WEST – And now comes word the Lakers will be without pretty much anyone tall for at least the next couple games, with Pau Gasol (concussion) and Jordan Hill (hip) scheduled to miss the quick Texas back-to-back and Dwight Howard expected to be sidelined at least the next because of a torn shoulder muscle.

Good, because life had been much too dull around the Lakers this season. Now, they are down to rookie Robert Sacre, the No. 60 pick in the draft, as the probable starting center Tuesday in Houston and, depending on his level of success, or survival, Wednesday in San Antonio. Coach Mike D’Antoni said after practice Monday that 6-foot-7 Metta World Peace might play there as well in a small lineup, which, come to think of it, is about all they have anyway.

These are strange days, indeed, for the Lakers, with desperation not far in the distance.

They’re not there yet, with the Trail Blazers a very-reachable three games ahead for the eighth and final playoff spot, but the view over the falls is becoming clearer. It’s the continued losing, especially when the return of Steve Nash didn’t cure everything as Los Angeles fanatics had hoped while heading to the basement with canned goods and water, plus the new developments of the injuries just as the Lakers head into a difficult stretch of schedule.

Of the next 11 games, two are against the Thunder with one each against the Rockets, Spurs, Cavaliers, Bucks, Heat, Raptors, Bulls, Grizzlies and Jazz. Good luck with that at full strength. The Lakers get the obstacle course with Howard out indefinitely, the only timeline being that he will be re-examined in a week, and needing time to work his way back once he does return to the lineup, in addition to still trying to work his way back from April back surgery.

If the problems were about health, that would be one thing. But they are not, of course, leaving the Lakers with a series of issues to sort through when/if they ever get close to 100 percent. They can work on the sorting out during all their free time as the opponent pushes the ball to the rim, since the energy obviously isn’t being spent on transition defense.

The longer the Lakers stay in the haze, the greater the chances of reaching for a trade they wouldn’t ordinarily make. They wanted to see the preferred lineup in action for an extended stretch before making any bold decisions – you know, the one without Sacre or World Peace at center – and now just got another setback in that plan as the volume increases on the ticking clock. They simply may not be able to wait another several weeks, which is what it could be given the uncertainty on the Howard injury calendar.

Just being upright after the 11 games, before the schedule turns more favorable at the end of the month and toward the All-Star break, will be an accomplishment. Here’s looking forward, then.

The win totals of the last five No. 8s in the Western Conference in seasons with an 82-game schedule: 46 (Grizzlies in 2010-11), 50 (Thunder in 2009-10), 48 (Jazz in 2008-09), 50 (Nuggets in 2007-08) and 42 (Warriors in 2006-07). The Jazz had 36 in the lockout-shortened 2011-12, which projects to 45 victories in a full schedule.

The Trail Blazers of 2012-13, at 18-15 as the midpoint of the season approaches, are on pace for 45.

The Lakers, at 15-18 after four losses in the last five games, are on pace for 37, with another update due in late-January. Maybe on Howard’s condition as well.

L..A. has 49 games remaining against 27 opponents with a combined winning percentage of .497 heading into Monday’s games. It needs to go 30-19 (.612) to get to 45 wins, 33-16 (.673) to reach 48 and 35-14 (.714) for what seems like the impossible dream of seeing 50, especially now, with more injury problems and the schedule turning ugly.


  1. Eaglos says:

    Another typical loss against Rockets.

    Kobe needed 41:26 minutes and 32 attempts to produce 20 points.
    Artest needed 29:10 minutes and 21 attempts to produce 24 points.

    Nice job (again) Kobe….

  2. Alex Lamar says:

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant recently proclaimed that the Lakers were old and slow. The Team, currently two games under 500 and in 12th place in the western conference has struggled early on with injuries and problems with chemistry and defense.

    What is really going on? Most observers agree that the offense preferred by head coach Mike D’Antoni is not a good fit for this team which appears to be big and slow.

    The Lakers have been outplayed at times by faster and more athletic teams who can get up and down the floor. Critics, of whom are legion say that coach D’Antoni needs to tweak his offense so as to slow the pace of the game and take advantage of his teams size advantage. That is easier said than done.

    A few of the challenges facing the team.

     Other than Pau Gasol there are not a lot of pieces to trade.

     The team’s problems in getting back on defense require serious consideration.

     After losing out on Phil Jackson a coaching change is unlikely

     Point guard Steve Nash has the one coach who engineered his rise to prominence

     Do not and I repeat do not trade Pau Gasol until the ink is dry on Dwight Howard’s new deal.

     Age is not the culprit, just look at the Knicks (An older team)

    Like the Knicks the Lakers need to focus on player deployment.
    Team speed must be increased and that can be done by bringing Pau and Metta off the bench at the five and four positions.

    Move Kobe to the three and bring in a defensive guard to play with Steve Nash. Start Antwan Jamison at the four.

    Now you’ve injected speed and defense on both teams and effectively put the team in a position to fully gain from Pau’s offensive output.

    The league is trending towards speed and three point shooting. Of course conventional wisdom is that the game slows down in the playoffs, Only thing is, you got to make the playoffs.

    • mark says:

      Your math is flawed. The projected win for the Jazz would have been 47 or 48, because the last several years, the West have been feasting on the East. Most of the “missed” games last year were Eastern Conference versus Western Conference games. It is likely to take between 48 to 52 wins to be the 8th seed in the West this year. The Eastern Conference is weaker this year more than ever before.

  3. ImJusSayin says:

    I most certainly will blame the coach Brown did not know how to use his players and D’Antoni does not realize defense is more than 1 on 1 defending. At least Bickerstaff let the players show their indiviual skills and won some games that way. Mike D has too much of an ego to even let them do that. In fact I am expecting more injuries as he recklessly ignores the starters minutes as his rotations are just stupid.

  4. Lakers-R-Us says:

    It’s funny reading all the “Laker-hater” comments in here! It’s even funnier when I realize they can’t even write proper English.

  5. Bersem says:

    Maybe Jamison will get some minutes off the bench, have a good game…before getting involved in a trade…why not to Minesota for Williams while Love is recovering from is ankle injury

  6. Kemal says:

    People are talkin’ about Kobe’s 05-06 season in which Lakers eliminated by Suns who were down 3-1 before kicking Lakers 4-3.

    Lebron went to NBA Finals with these guys: Big Z, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Varejao, Eric Snow, Gibson, Donyell Marshall.

  7. john says:

    laker Land need to Add Lebron,Durant,CP3. Ibaka to get a championship hahahhaha poorrrrr lakers team..better luck next season…hahahahahhaha

  8. NBA Fan says:

    Dwight Howard is damaged goods, he was never 100% fully healed yet he cut his rehab short just to play sooner rather than later, and now look, he’s back on the injured list. Wouldn’t be surprised if his career ended prematurely, should have taken the whole season off just like Derrick Rose did.

    Phil Jackson’s decision to leave should have been a crystal clear sign that the current roster wasn’t going to make the cut.

    As good as Kobe Bryant is, he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a team, he isn’t fit to be an alpha, he is sidekick material.

    Poor decisions made by the teams front office is what’s causing the team to stumble and fall.

  9. kellz says:

    . This team chemistry is there but on the Offensive side but lacks the desire to shut teams down. on a more funnier note as I was reading these comments I just saw Pau on the CSI Miami show. I think a one on one trade with Bosh would help the Lakers and Pau would fit well in with Miami and continue his acting.

  10. an idea says:

    here is an idea for the D’antoni and hire Zeljko you dont know this guy but just google it and check it on wikipedia.European Phil J.And he makes every individual player play better, MUCH BETTER.


    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, in ur dreams or maybe in ps3 they can make it to playoffs,,, in reality lakers are dump hehehe… standing says it alllll..

  12. B.Honest says:

    Here is a simple fix for the Lakers allow Jeanie Buss to run the Laker day to day ops no more Jim Buss. Okay now lets get Pau GaSoft packing and bring in a guy for half the salary and more heart.

  13. lakersdude says:

    guess only laker that is getting a ring this year is phil. jackson wife……………

  14. I just hope that the remaining players of the Lakers will have enough pride in themselves to play their best basketball in their next games until they have their injured big men back in the court. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose because they are already picked to lose all these coming games.

  15. 808s says:

    i love how laker fans expect to trade their old players for the other teams superstars and btw phil isnt goin to coach anymore get over it all good things must come to a end….. the lakers celtics era is over now its the younger teams turn heat,okc,etc.

  16. Azam Khan says:

    trade mwp and pau…but not for andrea because that makes no sense. raps need a guy who has knees. tdot loves you pau but tdot does not want you (plus his insane contract who can afford that?!?!)… is dantoni stubborn with his ‘system’ or does he need time – try some other stuff please… no one, including phil, can win right now with this current roster – it’s too depleted and not good enough. the league is too good with teams who just don’t fear anyone on any given night. dwight needs work and time with kobe… get rid of mwp because he’s unstable and causes tension on the floor – you can see it… he’s good on D but a liability with the intangibles that creates harmony… if dantoni doesnt work fire him…this game is so ruthless at this level that everyone and anyone is expendable – no mercy. sign dfish for the remainder of this season perhaps?? get rid of duhon…sorry dukies… is jamison worth a trade to anyone? if not…play him a bit… he’s better than sacre… no question…. on to nash… hmmm not sure… test the waters…if you get someone better… jennings?!?! then trade… just a thought…. i love the drama…i love this game.

  17. rich says:

    Lakers and Mavs should trade players soon if they want to have something new to try and maybe just maybe still make a decent run for the playoffs.

  18. Jay says:

    Kobe is a looser. 30 – 40 FG /game is just too greedy. And your big men get 15 FG/game? Wow. Is he a dictator or something? Replace Kobe with Lebron and the Lakers would be championship contenders. Lebron took the Cavs to the Finals with big Z and Gibson, Kobe can’t even get the Lakers to over .500 with Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Gasol and Artest. The basketball gods have punished this greedy selfish player who is obsessed with his own stats. Me, me, me. My shots, my numbers, my points. No team, none.

    • J-Short says:

      Wow you talk as if you know him personally. Most of the time you hear others players even All Star players talk about Kobe its not really negative. I think it is just our time to loose but our time will come again.

      Laker Fan since 87.

  19. jeryy says:

    It’s fun to watch the Lakers lose again, and read the post of the Lakers fans in any articles still trashing to other LA team. But weather they like it or not Clippers is a better LA team now with just two superstar againts Lakers 4 superstar.

  20. lakerfan says:

    Hi, i’m D’antony himself, i promise to get myself fired before long, i’m doing my best since i took over but Jimmy is slow to react. He should be next in line

    Dr. Buss, time to face reality: your son will kill your dream franchise. Hand it over to Jeannie!


    I’ve been a Laker fan since I was a kid, I grew up watching Magic play and for me he is the best player in history hands down, he made ordinary people HOFers. However, I wish we entirely miss the playoffs this year, because that is exactly what we deserve, given how the franchise has conducted itself as of late. That will cause a stir and a fresh start, hopefully without Jim Buss at the helm (sorry buddy, nothing personal, just the way I see it)

    And stop saying we have no bench: Jamison, Meeks and Hill are great players. OKC only has Martin and Collison as worthy backups! The main problem is Buss Jr, not the man for the job but his father would obviously love him to be that. Then D’antony, who made a conference final with a championship-caliber team (congratz, Mike) and has proven time and again that he isn’t an NBA coach (just look at NY with D’antony/ post D’antony). Which leads us back to the front office, who showed trigger-happy fingers with Brown but are mild and contemplative with his super-replacement, having offended beloved PJ in the process and overlooked coach Bickerstaff also (the winningest Laker coach this season at 4-1, which sounds miraculous in hindsight)

    Oh, well, better times will come… In the meantime, we still have some top basketball in the city, the most entertaining I’ve seen since the good, old, Magic Johnson days. Let’s enjoy that instead of sulking, maybe we can learn something from the Clips this time 😉


    Shaq + Kobe + Malone + Payton + Fisher = Kobe + Gasol + Howard + Nash + World Peace

    No difference. No chemistry. Big disappointment. Overreated. Won’t even make it to the playoffs.

    Heat for the win!

  22. JimD54 says:

    I never thought I’d live to see it, Laker fans hoping the Lakers just make the playoffs, this is priceless…

  23. TTKIN says:

    Honestly a part of me thinks we are about to witness a Laker winning streak haha.

  24. Scott says:

    The lakers want to miss the playoffs so they can get a decent draft pick this year, and be healthy for next year. Their window is completely over in the next two/three years. They need a young point guard to split time with nash, and a few decent bench players. Obviously, Gasol needs to go.

  25. el chulo says:

    “kobe’s a very beautiful and handsome player. ” I sincerely hope you are a chick BBT(BIG BANG THEORY) because if not then that statement is highly suspect.

  26. mayo says:


  27. pasigiri says:

    They messed up hiring D’Antoni. His game plan doesn’t fit the team he’s coaching. The Lakers have NO defense. None. They can definitely put up points, but they can’t the other team from scoring. They should have put Shaw in or at least kept the guy (forgot his name) who was coaching before D’Antoni got there. Should’ve brought Phil Jackson back at best.

    … Heck, I’m still mad we didn’t get Chris Paul!!!

  28. naser nwegi says:

    who would ‘ve ever thought that L.A will be one day chasing the blazers (my team), sorry laker fans I thing this is a year to be forgotten by you. good luck next year.



  30. CML says:

    Okay, here comes the Jeremy Lin story of LAL. =)))) No Dwight, No Gasol, No Hill – only Sacre is just the same case as NYK last year. Struggling a lot getting things going. No proven guards left except Jeremy Lin. I hope this happens and Sacre ends up igniting the light for the Lakers.

  31. bill clinton says:

    Haha, lost 3 in a row, 3 more tough games to go. Hello 18-21, here we come.

  32. EDMUND GRAY says:

    Why does everyone hate on the Lakers like they are some stacked team? Steve Nash will be 40 soon and couldn’t play defense when he was 25. Kobe is AS good as Kobe is gonna get. MWP can play D can drain 3’s but his shooting cannot be counted on. Pau Gasol is a joke. You can blame coaching but ever sense the year after the LAKERS won the last title he has been useless and yes Phil Jackson coached him then LOL Superman is maybe 80%. Anybody who has seen more than one Lakers game can tell he has no lift and doesn’t look like the old Dwight Howard. Our Bench is terrible…the top teams in the NBA have at least a 8 MAN rotation.. the Lakers have a 3 man show. I see why the Los Angeles Clippers are so good. Their bench is full of crybabies and players who should be starting for other teams but have managed to underachieve off of their respective teams and join this team impersonating like they are a bench. Jamal Crawford, Billups, Lamar Odom, Matt barnes, could beat the Wizards starting five right now. Everybody wants to blame D’Antoni well…. a year ago did you think Vinny Del Negro was a great coach? His coaching sure looks a lot better with a stacked team. People year before last were calling for Erik Spoelstra’s job and he won the title with a stacked team. Lakers need depth is the bottom or any coach will fail

  33. Derek says:

    Kobe can lift the team up. remember 05-06 season with teammates like kwame brown, chris mihm, smush parker, ronny turiaf? Kobe stepped up his game, as shown with his 81 point game. I know Kobe has the winning aura in him. Lakers will definitely cling in there and will end up in the playoffs.

    • Hm says:

      81 points against the second-worst defensive team that year (the Raptors). 81 points with 56.8% of the possessions during 41 minutes and 56 seconds. 81 points with 46 shots and 20 free throws.

      It’s ridiculous that fans cherry pick single games, but it’s even more ridiculous that they cherry pick a single game not worth cherry picking.

  34. Edgars says:

    Trade Kobe for few decent players, who dont shoot the ball every time they get their hands on it and then arent lazy to get back on D asap.. sure Lakers will have much more success then 😛

  35. Bok says:

    Kupchack, it’s time to blow the team apart, including the coaching staff. This is a lesson to all GM’s that star studded line-up doesn’t equate to instant championship. IMO, they should have Jerry Sloan (if P-Jax’s asking for too much) instead of D’Antoni (based on what he did in NY compared to Woodson). 2 superstars should be enough (Kobe & Howard) and build around them with quality support players (Jordan Hill’s a good start). They made a mistake by letting Farmar, Vujacic, Odom, Barnes and Shannon Brown go. Yeah sure they have fab 4 but how about the bench? This 82 games per season is a marathon, not a sprint.

  36. stevo says:


    that’s the only problem simple as that

  37. iGotAnIdea says:

    Pau Gasol for Ryan Anderson

  38. krespino says:

    Both D.Howard and Nash acquisitions were clearly wrong. Nash is simply too old, and he never played good defence. Howard most probably will not recover fully from back surgery, nobody ever has. Plus Howard has chemistry issues.

  39. RSS vs RSS says:

    I see clearly now all the non Lakers fans or should I say the haters are fuel by our performance this year. No matter the outcomes are if we win they complain if we lose they still complaining, I think deep inside they want to be a Lakers fan and just hate to admit just like they hate the team or the players LOL……..Lakers all day everyday

  40. 3doGuy says:

    Bring back Phil!!!!!

  41. christie says:

    really feel so bad for kobe, playng at such a high level and yet couldn’t win the games.

  42. daddyghi says:

    get rid of kobe and build the franchise around dwight! kobe’s done! trade him for a great pg like cp3 or d-will! i would even consider eric gordon paring dwight!

  43. dennicious says:

    dont ever under estimate the heart of a champion..enough said.

  44. NbaFan0601 says:

    It’s going to be Kobe before the Lakers got Pau. Maybe they have a better chance, who knows?

  45. Jean says:

    ohh and i forgot the most important part. GET RID OF MIKE D’ANTONI!!!! not hiring phil was the worst decision just like keeping pau during his great decline before this year we could have traded him for a much better player but its watever im happy with the trade i mentioned up there:) HIRE PHIL! and watch the W’s pile up.

  46. Jean says:

    the lakers need to trade howard, gasol, duhon, and meeks for brook lopez, kris humphries, andray blatche, and marshon brooks. and then they need to sign dfish in free agency… call me the next great gm… best blockbuster trade of all time(: do ittt

  47. TX_HURRICANE says:

    After Watching Tomorrow Nights Game You Laker Fans Will Be Screaming To Trade For Anybody On MY Rockets Bench!

  48. greg13 says:

    ouch this is hurtfull for any lakers fan but we have to face the truth even though individually they have great numbers but as a team they lack chemistry good luck next year its just not your year

  49. marcus says:

    howdid dwight fit in the salery cap of the lakers i am new to the game just like laron bosh and wade fit and and when do u think orlando magic will go after some big guys

  50. Licker says:

    Trade Pau Gasol for KG!!!!!!!

  51. Pride says:

    Kobe is going to kill himself scoring and end up getting injured in the next few games too.

  52. daniel cruz says:

    remove mike. his system is not for lakers. appoint phil or re install the temporary coach who gave 4 or 5 continous wins for lakers. his only lost is against san antonio

  53. GoGrizz says:

    @ Andrew. That’s the perfect plan: Add an even older player to their new run-and-gun coaching system. While they’re at it, why not pick up Jamaal Mashburn, Antoine Walker, and Big Country Reeves. Make it RAIN!!!!

    IMO, too few people are looking at the real problem. If you can’t win with that much talent (and I use the word loosely), the issues come from up top. Mike D’Antoni is a young team’s coach. Run and gun and “showtime” don’t gel when your star players are 35+.

  54. king says:

    i like josh smiht for gasol

  55. J-Short says:

    It looks ruff for the Lakers being a fan since 87 ( and still a fan win or loose), I understand that some persons dont like to see the same teams in the running every year which is fine. But I think bench production is a factor, which most of everyone knew would be a question mark coming in but not to the level it is. Last game Nash, Kobe, and Howard had a pretty good game from each players stand point, but no one else sowed up. it could be the coaching because i thought that Jamison would get more play even with MWP coming off the bench.

    As always I think that people get their personal feelings about Kobe mixed in with their basketball view of him. Personal is up to the individual everyone has an opinion, but on the court the guy is having a great year.

    And i dont get to blog that often due to working but I must admit, alot of people think that Shaq won the title for Kobe but no one ever questions with those Laker teams would Shaq have won without Kobe. The man was a pivotal part of those title runs whether some like it or not, and there is film with Shaq even giving Kobe great props and mad respect in 2001 WCF when they played the Spurs. some forget that, that Spurs team had the MVP in TD in his prime a solid David Robinson, and Sean E., and many other great solid players but still whether some like him or not the man took over that series and destoyed the Spurs who I think had the best record that year.
    Give the man some respect for his game and his contribution to the game, even if you dont personally “like” him for whatever reason.
    Where was it ever said that you have to be liked to be a HOF player.

    Laker Fan Since 87′ ( and yes that was before Kobe)

  56. Honest Fan says:

    They should consider adding another vet coming off the bench too!

  57. Honest Fan says:

    Lakers do need push, the bench needs to know that Kobe can’t do it all (same with Howard, Nash etc). If Kobe is taking a lot of shots in a game it should be because he’s got the hot hand but if he’s not feeling it for a few mins they should move the ball and find the best shot possible. But offense isn’t the problem. The problem is their defense and they should have their practices more focused on that because they are scoring a lot, but they’re giving up a lot more.

    We need the vets (even Howard has been to the finals) to teach this very young team how to play defense and communicate.

  58. Mino says:

    Wow in 05 and 06 when Kobe was the biggest joke ever, it really showed how he cannot carry a team and he’s not an MVP by any means. People are just now seeing this? A declining Pau really digs up the dirt on this guy. Kobe cannot carry a team to playoffs. LeBron has, Dirk has, Nash has, Kidd has, Iverson has, even Paul Pierce has.

    • J-Short says:

      Well I have to ask would you agree that he rates to go to the HOF.

      I ask you make your decistion not on personal likes of him as a person, but on basketball skill, and accomplishments to and for the game alone.

      And I agree he is not an MVP candidate.

      Laker Fan since 87′ ( yes that is before Kobe)

  59. does L.A. have another team apart from the Clippers? says:

    no bench…. no weak side defense…. no rotation…. you cant win without this…. With kobe on the team Howard will never get the ball like he has his whole career….. the only light you guys have is Hill. He is a really good high energy talent.
    next three games are hard, but then a semi esy run after that and all you laker lovers will be calling yourselves 2013 champs again….

  60. beyKrewz says:

    when the team fails,it’s always the coach that takes the blame..
    come on la-la land,take a look at your mediocre team or even individual defense

    bring back Phil Jackson??
    do you remember they got SWEPT (4-0) in his last season.
    they are slowly declining.
    this is the time to rebuild and get younger and fresher legs.
    say hello to missing the playoffs for a couple of seasons or more.

  61. Pete says:

    I would just love to see the lakers miss the playoffs

  62. Celtics fan says:

    Even though im a die hard Celtics fan, I couldnt imagine a playoff season without the lakers beeing a threat to my happiness!

  63. Celtics fan says:

    Even though im a die hard Celtics fan, it wouldnt feel the same without the lakers beeing a threat to my happiness~!

  64. OMGLAKERSSS!!! says:

    LAKERS have no problem with the OFFENCE, the main problem is being UNABLE to play TOUGH DEFENSE on their opponent’s POINT GUARD… THEY cant GUARD any POINT GUARD prolly on slower PG like JASON KIDD thats WHY they beat the KNICKS !!! ____TRUESAY

  65. Macky says:

    Why do fans give Kobe all the credit when the Lakers win but none of the blame when they lose? All team leaders should be held responsible for how the team is playing because a leader is supposed to make his teammates better which Kobe doesn’t do. Just look at Lebron, any team he’s on plays better with him because he’s a great team leader and a great all around player who shares the ball and doesn’t chuck 30 shots a game. Fans are delusional I swear. Also most of Lebron or Durant’s shots come in the flow of the offense. New school fans don’t even know what that is because they’ve never played organized team basketball before in their lives, they just watch ESPN highlights and are like “OMG KOBE HIT AN AMAZING SHOT 1 ON 1” Even when he shoost 6/26.

    • J-Short says:

      He gets the blame I am sure, just look at the blogs and he is probaly one of the first one the media goes to to find out why or why not the Lakers lost or is struggling.

      But this guy still in my opinion is headed to the HOF, not for his personality but for his game.

  66. Stern H8r says:

    If Kobe wants another ring….his best shot is to become OKC’s 6th Man.

  67. oh yea says:

    Pau Gasol for Josh smith

    • bunbury says:

      why would the hawks want gasol (33) for smith (27)? if you’re getting less talent, then age compesates it. at this point of their careers, smith is more talented and younger.

  68. Clipperssssss says:

    There are several satisfactory free agents out there who didn’t get signed at the end of last season that would make a huge impact off the bench. Or lakers could just keep blaming coaches.

    • Jorbo the Borb says:

      You forget that they are so far into the luxury tax, signing a veteran to $1.2M is $2.4M in real dollars. Highest salaried team not even in the playoffs… hah.

  69. Nate says:

    Don’t be hatin’ on the Lakers. I agree that they can’t make the playoffs solely on the back of Bryant and that the whole team need to work as a cohesive unit, but I have confidence they can make 8th position – At least. Once they’re in the playoffs, it’s anyone’s game. Just saw OKC get done by the Wizards, so no one team is a certainty.

    • Hm says:

      “At least”? You think their winning percentage will suddenly go to 80% or something, especially now that more road games and tough opponents are on the calendar?

  70. The Under dog says:

    What is really funny is that D12 left Magic because they weren’t good enough and now his championship tem is just 3 games ahead of the Magic.. If Magic bet them that would be too funny…

    Come on Magic…

  71. RoS says:

    Shut Up Haters!!

  72. Jakarta All Stars says:

    Trade Dwight for Le Bron !!! that’ll be cool

    • TheKing says:

      That is so not right man..why would you want to see kobe and lebron play together?that’s like asking superman to team up with the villains to fight the superfriends.

    • Kiddo says:

      it’s not a good deal, it’s look like you make an exchange APV for ALPHARD

    • Monta-Monta says:

      STUPID!!! That’s not gonna happen in a Million Years!!

  73. Kobe@Manila says:

    Chances are they gonna loose the next 3 games.. I was even waiting for this moment to come against OKC where there will have their revenge butttttt now it is far from happenning.. Jamison should be used.. There should be a play for Meekss.. Pau should be in the paint.. Defense SHOULD always be there.. Awwwwwwww….. so many… I go for BRIAN SHAW to take over..

  74. Andrew says:

    maybe the Lakers can tap Kenyon Martin. He can still play.


    GOOD BYE LAKERS :)))))

  76. Henrik Jensen says:

    I hope lakers will finally not be in the playoff, its time for some change..

  77. Stan says:

    \Good Luck to the Lakers, i know they can do it

  78. Stu.D says:

    @ Big Al; Really….you want to add AI to a team that is already highly dysfunctional. The Lakers should hire you as their GM mate, they’ll go straight back to the top

  79. G-Dragon says:

    No more Lakers – Heat 2013 finals dream…..

  80. drew says:

    Lakes should pick up Nate Robinson.

  81. The People says:

    Lakers with Dantoni remind me of Knicks with Dantoni. Star players….zero defence. Knicks just made the playoffs got bundled out in straight sets….Lakers might do the same. Just got to face it…Dantoni does not bring a strong defence to any team he coaches. Even with the suns, they were winning because they had an unbelievibly strong offence…they were winning by outscoring, not focusing on defence.

  82. Jeremy says:

    The trades that the Lakers have been making for the last couple years have been counterproductive. it has led to a very weak bench, a slow starting line up and very predictable basketball. Was it so necessary to sign DH12 given how well Bynum did last season. Did Sessions need to be traded. in my opinion he did well last season. There was a time when there were decent players coming off the Laker bench: Odom, Turriaf, Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes. The Lakers organization displayed impatience and got rid of promising talent and seasoned veterans at the same time. the hiring of Di Antoni is another bad move. his teams have never been know for defense and without quick players and good perimeter shooters his system looks unrecognizable. No playoffs for Kobe this year and without better trading decisions Kobe’s desire for a sixth ring will be impossible. He will, I believe aim to become the highest scorer in NBA history instead.

    • BigBalls says:

      sessions did not get traded. he left and signed to bobcats after last season get your facts right, you’re just confusing people who don’t know about it. and this team didn’t even have a chance to play together healthy during the summer camp. overall the management is the one to blame. should have not hired mike brown at all and let brian shaw continue the coaching after phil left. jim buss is the suspect.

  83. AnnoYouLater says:

    i agree that pau should be off the bench and put jordan hill in… jordan hill is a very agile and athletic, i saw a a lot of good moves from him and he is compatible with steve nash(pick and rolls)

  84. Christian says:

    Fire D’Antoni, bring back Phil immediately. Make the trades he wants, if doable. Full powers to Phil is the only chance.

  85. specialfriedrice says:

    Best thing that can happen to the Lakers is to have Kobe go down with an injury…then the rest of the team…led by Nash will gell and flow…their problems start and end with Kobe…Kobe as good as Jordan….I dont recall Jordan trying to shoot 30+ field goals a game when he came back for a 3rd time with the Wizards and yet took a nothing team to within 1 game of the playoffs…this is 2005 all over again…get rid of that Shaq guy…i am Kobe the Great you only need me to shoot it…and 30+ points per game later did the Lakers make the playoffs….

  86. Shaun says:

    finally, playoffs without lakers…

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, that’s great for the league… I’m sure Stern isn’t as happy as you are. But hey, let the haters enjoy their time in the sun, they deserve it.

      • Hm says:

        The Lakers trading their future (and money that other teams can’t get their hands on) for present success is great for the league? They set themselves up for what is coming—a drought. If Stern isn’t happy, maybe he can fine the Lakers $1,000,000 every time they make a ridiculous move that jeopardises their future (and by your logic, the league’s future).

  87. Big Al says:

    This could well be the finest moment for Laker haters. Having Dwight and Pau at the sidelines would probably add even more to the losses column. At 15-18, it isn’t pretty at all. Where we’d normally see the purple and gold is now Clipper territory, pretty much a reversal of positions. This team is now on thin ice and could well be out of playoffs contention if things don’t pick up soon. Even at full power with Nash back from injury, Kobe and company were still losing a lot more than they should. Teams like the Sixers and Nuggets shouldn’t even have room to snatch victory from a squad that is full of All-Stars. Worse still, Denver has now won twice.

    Is it really the bench? I think so. Trades will need to happen quickly. Maybe giving an estranged Iverson a chance might help a lot. The chemistry simply isn’t there, so some players will need to be shipped elsewhere.

    • jgaj says:

      What’s wrong with the Nuggets beating the Lakers? Nuggets are one of the top teams out West, you watch. After January, they’ll be up there, ignoramus.

    • J-Short says:

      I agree bench production for any caliber playoff team is a must and definitely in the playoffs. I still say that last game against the Nuggets Nash, Kobe, and Howard was pretty good but where was the bench if someone anyone scored atleast 7-10 points that last game mostlikely would have been a W.

  88. k_playaz says:

    Fire D’Antoni – Bring back Phil. Simple.

  89. #kingsallday says:

    i told everyone in the start of the season that lakers werent going anywhere!! but i didnt expect this, its wayyy better than i imagined!

  90. big bang theory says:

    the big bang theory, says the lakers will end in a boom, as they will explode because they aren’t good. kobe’s a very beautiful and handsome player but one guy doesn’t make a team. and you need a good team to make it to the playoffs and win it all. ka-b0000000m let the fireworks beginnn

  91. Timmy says:

    I actually like to see the Lakers fail to make the Playoffs just because of Dwight…

  92. chandler says:

    i hope they lose the rest of the games this season… oh, wouldn’t that b e a sight. They better not make playoffs, oh wait they wont. #lakerhater!

  93. W/E says:

    No bigs for the next few games its gunna be ugly, i see Kobe shooting 40 times per game and getting 40 plus points,but will the team win?… The lakers should TRADE NOW, trade gasol nash jamison anyone OLD and get good YOUNG players who can PLAY DEFENCE, the lakers have no future the management should trade these guys now that they have some value and get a younger core with more energy who can play defence, sorry but steve Nash at 39 no matter how good pg he is, he is a huge liability on defence its so frustrating he gives up on every play hes hopeless.And offensively he doesnt really offer much, the lakers have enough offensive power, keep kobe and D12 and use gasol nash and Jamison to get young players who are good defenders. And change the coach, D’antoni cant coach, he has a system good on theory but hes really bad as a coach cant make it work right.

  94. theking0522 says:

    what is funny is that the Rockets might end up being a tough team next season…Howard WILL NOT SIGN with a team in which he gets so few touches. The guy is barely touching the ball!!! Houston now have Harden, Asik and Lin. I can see the Rockets with Howard, Harden, Asik, Lin playing together. And don’t come with the BS argument that Howard is not a PF. You can play Howard at PF and Asik as center. That would give Houston two 7 footers, just like the Lakers with Gasol and Bynunm or San Antonio with the Twin Towers.

    • Ball So Hard University says:

      Yeah so that’s not going to happen.
      The Rockets don’t nearly have enough cap-room to sign Dwight.
      The Lakers have his bird-rights, so they can offer him maximum years and maximum salary.

    • cloneofkobe says:

      OMG!! first get to know wat pure centre means..wer do u get such dumb ideas of trading dwight to rockets??!!

      • theking0522 says:

        Shut up!!! You are probably one of the dumb Lakers fans Kobe is talking about, Mr. “cloneofkobe.” Don’t come with that BS about “pure center.” Pure center my a***s. You can play out of position in NBA. That shouldn’t be an issue. So what Howard is not a PF? If Howard thinks he can win in Houston, why can’t he play PF and Asik as center. Is there a rule in the NBA that prohibits “pure centers” playing as Power Forwards. In the new NBA lots of players play out of position. It has become normal. Two 7 footers will make Houston a dangerous team with Harden and Lin and their beanch is pretty good also.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I can see Howard getting way more touches with the Rockets with Harden and Lin… I’m sure him coming in and slowing things down won’t ruin their chemistry at all. Not to mention I think Houston took themselves out of the running for Howard with the contracts they just signed this season. They technically can’t sign him, even if they wanted to.

    • U'll be Fine says:

      No need to wait, Houston Rockets has already become a tough team to beat by now.

  95. theking0522 says:

    Hey, Can anyone tell me if the Lakers are still in pace to break the Bulls’ winning record in 1998? I remember MWP making that prediction and Lakers fans calling names to everyone that didn’t agree with MWP….I do agree with Lakers fans, however, that this team will be unstoppable once Nash comes back….This team will definitively destroy everybody

    • Max says:

      A PG (same as a QB)is on the team to direct the team, and the forwards are the players expected to put the “roundball” through the basket. Now Lak’s. well, just lot of bad luck vs timing. NO ring this season, but Lakers have been there before, and do know how to regroup and come storming back in the next season. They may be down, but never count them out, they will be back!!!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      It was the 95/96 season I think you are referring too – 72-10 yes? Or take the next year 96/97 with a second best all-time record 69-13.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Nash is back BOZO. He is a defensive liability and OLD!!!

      • theking0522 says:

        man, don’t you understand sarcasm? I was saying the same thing Lakers fasn were saying when Nash was injured: “wait until Nash comeback.” You have to learn how to read between the lines, man

  96. bobby says:


  97. arun9911 says:

    Lakers out baby!!! No playoffs this year.. the most disappointing year ever… Kobe’s 6th ring dream is gonna be left as a dream..

    I wish they trade Pau and get a young PF… Pau is a great player but not meant for Antoni system.

    We also need a backup point guard who can play some D and score.. Duhon aint the guy we need…

    • Max says:

      D’Antoni’s system???Did you forget Mike Brown started this season???? Let us not look at the Coaching staff, but put the blame on the well paid Players and then who brought all of the parts together????Owner&GM and did not supply a BENCH. Quacking about a system???Why do you think the “ZEN” took retirement????Hand writing was on the wall and P.Jackson does not Coach any team that he can see needs Coaching. Phil wants to walk in and take over a proven product. GREAT Coach??NOT, Smart Coach??YES. Phil knows when to hold them and then when to RETIRE. Got slapped by his 9 year girlfriend’s brother???Well, guess what, now that girlfriend has an engagement ring, so Hats off the the Brother, Whap to PHIL and he digs out a ring. Well done, YOUNG BUSS. Blood is thicker than water.

  98. James says:

    I’d say the Lakers will not get a Title this year. They might even lose DH12 to free agency but that doesn’t matter bc u want a good team with players that can play together and win title. U dont need a team with superstars that doest make a great team. So Lakers fan find a different sport to watch this season if u can’t bare the pain watching them suffer. Hopefully better next season…

  99. Andy says:

    I feel like this is going to be Kobe’s last year in the NBA the way it’s going.

  100. QuestionMark says:

    Lakers lost their rebounding and the defensive stopper in the paint, plus their length, time to see a long losing streak.

  101. xaivery says:

    Kobe neeeds to take shots like he got that same roster from 06-07. aint nobody gonna help him he gotta take full control!!

  102. sacrableu says:

    This is ridiculous. Pau gasol needs to come off the bench to make their bench respectable. Im sorry pau but your decline is too much. You are not the All star that you were once before but a lamar odom role will do you and the lakers good. You will be able to play center and use your postup skills and dictate the offense when howard rests.

    Give Jamison more minutes. This guy has energy when he plays. I think he deserves more time on the floor. He can spread the floor and shoot three’s in this system. He is also a decent defender.

    If this losing streak continues, they need to trade Pau for kevin love or Andrea B. These guys are still young and can spread the floor. Or get somebody reilable to make their bench better.

    • DocktorK says:

      These are exacty the 2 players that i saw fitting the Lakers for Pau.

    • Realist says:

      Did u just say Gasol for Love??? YEA RIGHT. More like Gasol and Meeks and maybe a draft pick for Love.

      • Children says:

        Are you kidding? More like Gasol, World peace, and meeks for Love

      • pawn says:

        That’s not even gonna to do it in my opinion… far from – Love may be having a less dominant year with his injuries, shooting and so on, but I’m really not sure what the Lakers would be able to offer for Love. The comment beneath, I believe, is an unfair trade as well

    • THAT'S DUMB says:

      Who would trade Love for Gasol?

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Nobody on the Fakers including Kobe is worth trading for Kevin Love!

    • U'll be Fine says:

      In my opinion, now things don’t look good, however, lakers would play big time without problems only if they could be able to get Jeremy Lin in their uniform.

  103. jbusa1 says:

    Kobe playing one-on-five is how The Lakers play anyway. The only difference is now it will be Sacre standing around picking his nose instead of D12.

  104. slider821 says:

    Wow I feel bad for the Lakers. I don’t think any true NBA fans really wants to see them miss the playoffs, maybe I’m wrong.

    They can pull one out against the Cavs but I don’t see them beating HOU, SAS, or OKC. It’s going to be a tough week for LA but at least we get to see a few more 40pt games from Kobe?

    • dattebayo says:

      I wouldn’t mind seeing them miss the playoffs, I’d rather see the Wolves in the playoffs and they have been struck way worse with injuries. Then again, even the Wolves have a better record than the Lakers atm.

      • I think its funny seeing them miss the playoffs! The faker fans talked trash about the heat there first year so why not make fun of the lakers? haha 15-18lol

      • slider821 says:

        It’s not about the fans that give teams a bad name, it’s about the basketball, the game. This team would be exciting to see in any matchup in the playoffs. While Portland is semi-playing well and will likely get the 8th seed, few people would rather see them in a playoff series instead of this LA team.

        I guess I am just disappointed we don’t get to see a LAC vs LAL first round matchup.

    • FOTW says:

      Of couse I want to see the Lakers lose. It’d be nice to see a smaller market team jump into the play-off fray than the media enamored Lakers.

      • Mind Reader says:

        I need to go to Vegas this week. I’m betting that it wont be interesting to watch the Lakers this week. As a Lakers fan, I know it will one week of HELL for them and it would be too painful to watch. At least get rid of Chris Duhon and sign Derek Fisher for back up!!! They’re about the same right now but D. Fisher has played with Bryant and Gasol and MWP before…They have too many new pieces at once with literally no time to practice together. IT’s NBA, not pick up games ppl!!!!

      • U'll be Fine says:

        I didn’t know myself has a feeling for lakers before, but now when I see Lakers have surprisingly not done great lately against other teams, I really feel so sorry for them….. I want to see Lakers win except when it plays rockets.

    • TTKIN says:

      The only problem with the Lakers missing the playoffs is that it is bad for the NBA. The last time the Lakers missed the playoffs, was actually the least viewed playoffs like almost ever. LA and NY need to be good because they have the most profitable markets.

      That being said, Im a Laker fan who hopes they MISS the playoffs. I am not of the mind that just goes out and roots for the team. LA has been my team for almost 20 years. I have spent hundreds on jerseys, bed sheets, TATTOO, sweatshirts etc…I have spent tons of money on a team that wont even try on defense. So ya I want them to miss the playoffs, they might actually learn from it!!!

      • DWM says:

        The NBA won’t lose viewers if the Lakers miss the NBA. Only Lakers fans like the Lakers, but EVERYONE is falling in love with the CLIPPERS!

        There has not been a team so loved since the Bulls with Michael Jordan as teh Clippers.

        So I repeat, lakers only fans are the Lakers fans, while the Clippers have fans from EVERYWHERE!

        The Lakers have more haters than fans! Why? Because who would want to be a fan of a team that has such a bad rep? Sure, they have 16 championships, but so what? That’s the only thing Lakers can say that is good about that team. Every other aspect about them is horrible, starting with KoME.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Ya what planet are you from? Nobody wants to see the Fakers miss the playoffs? In California maybe!! I think it would be karma if they didnt make the playoffs. Lets get Steve Nash and Dwama so we can win a championship HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • slider821 says:

        I think you accentuate my point about sad state of some fans these days. You care more about seeing a team lose, laughing and name calling than you care about the game of basketball. It’s unfortunate.

    • Logic says:

      I don’t know what would be better. The Lakers missing the playoffs or getting swept in the first round.