Sacre Bleu! From D-League To Lakers

RENO, Nev.Michael Jordan’s Bulls winning 72 games in the 1995-96 season was unprecedented. The 33-game winning streak by the Lakers in 1971-72 was unexpected. Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 in a single game in 1962 was unbelievable.

But when it came to the absolutely unthinkable on the eve of this season, it had to be a Lakers team with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash missing the playoffs.

You could see it on the faces recoiling in shock as NBA coaches, general managers and scouts checked their email and news feeds from courtside at the NBA D-League Showcase.

One minute they were watching Robert Sacre of the L.A. D-Fenders get pushed around in the low post by Hassan Whiteside of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and in the next moment it hit them that they were watching the Lakers starting center for Tuesday night’s game in Houston.

With Howard (shoulder), Gasol (concussion) and Jordan Hill (hip) all sidelined, Sacre will be called up from the D-League and in the middle when the Lakers play the opener of a back-to-back set against the Rockets and Spurs.

Talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool. Sacre will get his starter’s baptism against Omer Asik, who has been a virtual double-double machine in the middle.

“Who could possibly have seen this?” asked one NBA executive. “Over the past few weeks you kept expecting the Lakers to get their act together and kept being shocked when more time went by and they didn’t.”

“With this latest news right now,” said another, “we’re probably looking at the best 15-18 team in NBA history that doesn’t even make the playoffs. Where do they go from here?”

For the short term, at least, to Sacre, the 7-foot rookie out of Gonzaga, who has played sparingly — 55 minutes in 13 games — while scoring a total of seven points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Sacre had 15 points and nine rebounds in a 127-104 loss to the Vipers, but gave up most of the 19 and 16 at the other end to Whiteside.

“Robert understands defense, but still has work to do,” said D-Fenders coach Reggie Theus. “He’s not super athletic. He might get his shot blocked a few times and that causes problems. But he does the little things.

“He knows how to play. He can knock down the 15-footer. He can take the ball to the basket. But what he really does is move the ball so well. I think he’s a very solid player who is going to be around the NBA level for a long time.”

First he’s got to stay afloat in the deep water that’s on the verge of washing the Lakers away.


  1. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Ehhh, you know it’s bad when ppl start chastising announcers.

    Ehhh, you know it’s bad when they appear to be considering D-League guys as opposed to someone off their bench.

    “Who could possibly have seen this?”

    Joshua Greenfarb did. Ever since I saw K. Bryant’s lowly 2012 Olympic performance, I predicted no playoffs for the Lakers. A lot has happened since the Olympics and my prediction may have been a bit biased (cause I don’t like the Lakers), but I forsaw the Lakers not making the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

    I saw this coming well before this 2012-2013 NBA campaign began.

    Sometimes, us longtime fans know what we’re talking about.



    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Some may have thought my Laker prediction to be farfetched. One guy (on another discussion forum) called me: “dumb as dirt.”


      I wonder what that guy thinks of my intellectual level now?????????????


  2. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Sacre for Dwight Howard? The Lakers are in trouble until Dwight comes back! The difference is night and day. They’ll have to put Pau back at center when he returns. Hopefully Jordan Hill will return shortly. This road trip will be rough. I never give up though! Never!

  3. Dr. Psycho says:

    They should give Clark a shot too.

  4. Moochiiieee says:

    Coach again??? What if the lakers do get PJAX and the results still the same… Blame PAU again…. If the lakers gave M.Brown at least 3months or 2 months with a complete starters , maybe their record might get up a bit… Remember LBJ brings the CAVS to the finals with Mike Brown… Because LBJ listen to their coach…. You know what… Phil Jackson might coach the lakers again Only If kobe is gone….Phil Jax want to coach a contender TEAM…. Not Dramatic Team…. PJAX knows that Kobe is a team wrecker… It’s not easy to coach Los Angeles Bryant…. His Ball Hogging Mentality destroys Team Chemistry…

  5. GoLA says:

    Mike D’Antoni does not know how to use the efforts of his talented centers, so what difference would it make if Sacre would start. He will just put Sacre on the high post, were all his big men stays, and make screens for his outside game. He can use his favorite combinations on the court longer, Meeks, Morris, Duhon, and Nash together. At least Jamison, Clark and Ebanks would have an extra minute of play time in their career, or maybe not.

  6. Paul says:

    Focus on speed on offence lakers was the the best speed offence years ago..bring back plays and moment that lead them to the champ and try to mix it up the line up when they take the lead ,use player talent try to take Nash SG and use kb to fw make some play and mwp to pf pick up d

  7. Bok says:

    The problem with them starts with the coaching. No offense to D’Antoni, but I don’t think he’s the right coach. IMO it’s Sloan, if not P-Jax. Then comes the bench. Kupchak puts too much emphasis on the starting 5 without considering how important is the bench that can give them a relief, rest the big guns when needed. Or at least their pride, heart should be able to compensate for any deficiencies the team might have, but to me it looks like they’re self destructing.

  8. PdaDunker says:

    Best team EVER that won’t get anywhere… As a hoops-fan it’s disappointing to see stuff like this. Still, it all starts at D according to me, and I do not see a lot of it with LAL. Saw the Bulls at Miami a couple of days ago,,,great defense which gave Chicago the W. Nash works hard at the offensive end of the court, but his D is non-existent. Meeks is terrible at D. Duhon remains a questionmark to me at that end. Saw MWP do good things, just too bad that’s about the only player who is trying that hard. D12 tries but has to clean up the s**t from teammates who do not put in the hard work. But, as Lakersfans we concentrate on Offense because that’s the way to win championships as everybody knows….Not! Lost season I think.

  9. feelazone says:

    Hopefully, Sacre can make an impact ryt now, not just to score but to have a defense in the low post… For my opinion, Lakers is lack of defense, cuz even Howard can make a 30 rebound, their possibility to loss a game is still high… In their next game vs HOU, Nash should be Nash, the 2-time MVP Nash, not just a Nash only to support kobe. Nash should score, Nash should make a defense outside, Nash should play pick and roll. Kobe should let his teammates make the play for his other teammates, and for him.

  10. TX_HURRICANE says:

    This Is Hilarious,Coach McHale Could Just Rest Omer & Start Motiejunas and Still Own The Paint!

  11. nxt2u says:

    Where do they go from here?” A long vacation if they can’t make it to the playoffs….

  12. jonski22 says:

    Stu Lantz is like one of the Lakers fans…the woes of the Lakers affected him….we just want to do what’s best for our favorite team….hopefully the Lakers can get their act together….stay intact, stay healthy, find their groove/swag on…if they make it on 8th place, i don’t know why they cannot shoot for that championship….that’s a very strong line up….

  13. 2e says:

    As a Lakers fan, what adds to the misery of watching the Lakers lose most of their games lately is listening to the tv announcer, Stu Lantz. He is supposedly a Laker at heart, but he is the biggest hypocrite. Throughout the game he becomes the coach saying what Mike D’Antoni should do and should not do, and what mistakes he made. Then a second later, he starts correcting the referees on the calls they have missed that went in the favor of the Lakers, how Kobe traveled and they missed the call, and how Dwight Howard should have been called for a flagrant foul and a second later, he transforms himself into one of the players, talking to himself and saying what he should and should not do. In these tough days for the Lakers, I mute the sound for the game and put on some light music while I’m watching the game. Try it. You will enjoy the game more without hearing somebody rub it in when something bad happens, and pick the most valuable player of the game from the opponent’s team.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      as a non-laker fan that sounds goooood to me

      • Mind Reader says:

        As a Heat fan, somebody please beg for Phil J back to coach the Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Music is good ! says:

      2e will you believe me if I told you … It ain’t over yet ?

      How many of us, Lakers fans, agreed at the beginning of the season that the Lakers did not need to win a lot of games, that the most important games were ‘after’ the regular season. Would you believe me if I told you the regular season is not even half done yet.

      It is not pretty. No, it is not. But it is by no means over, and I am not indulging in wishful thinking here. A team with Nash, Bryant, Howard, Gasol is not going to just roll over and die.

      Don’t let anyone tell you that.

      • Game Time says:

        As of right now it is just wishful thinking. Just face the facts already, and that is without home-court advantage in the west the Lakers aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs. Then again, wishful thinking will have you saying Nash, Howard and Kobe can just turn it on come playoff time…even though we’ve seen that disproven in Phil’s last year.

    • J-Short says:

      No worries fellow fan every team has a down time it might be ours, either way we gain cap space sooner than later, or regroup and make a push for the playoffs. The W’s/L’s it is what it is.

      Laker Fan since 87′