Mavericks To Add 37-Year-Old James

RENO, Nev.Mike James heard it from good friends and many acquaintances.

Mike, why don’t you give the game up? You’re 37 years old and have already played at the highest level. What’s left?

For now, at least one more crack at the NBA when he signs a 10-day contract with the Mavericks this week.

James had just scored 11 points and dealt four assists for the Texas Legends in a win over the Idaho Stampede at the NBA D-League Showcase on Monday when he got the news. He will become likely the oldest NBA D-League call-up ever.

“These young guys still haven’t shown me that I’m not good enough to play in the league,” James said. “When it gets to the point where the young guys can stop me consistently and there’s nothing I can do against them, then I’ll know it’s time. But they haven’t shown me that yet. The only thing that tells me age is my birthday.”

James was called up several times last season by the Bulls from the Erie BayHawks after spending two years playing overseas in China and Turkey.

“Playing overseas is definitely different,” he said. “They usually want you to be the scorer, the primary offensive guy. I’m in the D-League what’s needed is more of a leadership role, to show the young guys what to do and lead an offense. I’m trying to use my experience.”

The Mavericks are well below .500 and struggling, Dirk Nowitzki is grumbling and it’s time to reach out for anything, anyone that might help.

Now James will try to bolster a backcourt in Dallas where Darren Collison, Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones have been up and down this season and veteran Derek Fisher left the team just before Christmas.

The Mavs waived Chris Douglas-Roberts to create a roster spot for James.

“They have some young guards that I can help develop,” James said. “If the coach wants me to play, I’m ready. I’ll be a leader, be the veteran I’ve always been, on the court, in the locker room.”


  1. June says:

    @Amitpal: Why not trade Mayo for Gay? Though it won’t make logic since Mayo IS from Memphis… I guess either that or the route to go is to get someone from the D-League, specifically send Collison to D-League while taking Arenas back in… That’ll make a good combination in both the guard and the forward positions…

  2. amitpal says:

    This isnt going to help ur season. Rudy gay is now availble and that should be the target. I love shawn marion but shawn marion and vince carter plus draft pickes for gay. Memphis gets an elite defender and a three point shooter to come off the bench. Mavs get that second star. Although I think oj mayo will either need to come off the bench or be traded.

  3. xpact says:

    ai can still play ball.. let him team up with dirk

  4. Chester says:

    Cdr has to be picked up, bucks take him back!!

  5. zsbaf says:

    Why not get Allen Iverson?

  6. Another Guard???? says:

    WTF are they doing? I’ve always liked Mike James, but not for this roster.

    Now they’re back up to 7 guards and no REAL playmaking point guard.

    Everyone’s a STREAKY scorer and undersized for their position.

    Does anyone on this team play Above the rim?

    I feel sorry for Carlisle

  7. Hunter says:

    Ugh, I’m really losing hope with this season, I thought Dirk coming back would give a lift of wins but it’s going in a tailspin.

  8. Sam Sam *; says:

    When is someone going to call Agent Zero AKA Gilbert Arenas. (And no one make a gun comment because it’s old and we should be mature.) He can still play and he is a proven scorer. Just give him a ring already. And anyone who says otherwise you need to think about your argument,

  9. Stu.D says:

    you’re right; mike james can still play d

  10. Sea Pea says:

    Mike James ain’t Derek Fisher.