Eyeing ‘Playoffs?’ Lakers Lower Bar


Nothing that happens before Christmas really matters in the NBA, at least based on the favored-nation status that holiday held with the league back in December 2011, when the lockout ended and a truncated season began ‘neath the warm glimmer of tiny lights and pretty ornaments.

The problem with that thinking is, the Los Angeles Lakers still are in trouble.

If we set aside all the hand-wringing and knee-jerk reactions, from both inside and outside the Lakers organization, over the first eight weeks of 2012-13 and cut them slack for the panic firing of coach Mike Brown and botched replacement process that landed Mike D’Antoni while offending backers of Phil Jackson, one hard truth remains: They’re no better now than they were two months ago.

Six games into this ballyhooed season, the Lakers were 2-4. They were both Brown-less and, thanks to injury, Steve Nash-less by then.

Six games from the NBA’s “unofficial” opening-day of Christmas, the Lakers are 2-4. They still look clueless to many for ways to salvage this most disappointing season.

One possibility? Tamp down the expectations, which started out ridiculously, 70-plus victories high prior to training camp before being dampened in November and December. Might as well dampen them further, with only 60 percent of the schedule left to limit any dramatic change.

It’s time to do what any rational tavern owner would do if the national drinking age suddenly were changed to 6 years old. It’s time to lower the bar.

That’s what ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin wrote about in the wake of the Lakers’ home loss to Denver Sunday night. This group that was going to shove aside the Miami Heat come June either has been beaten into relative ordinariness in its ambitions or it is trying to alleviate pressure by aiming at an achievable goal. Here’s McMenamin quoting D’Antoni after L.A. slipped to 15-18:

“…Yeah, there’s concern. The hole’s not too big. Mathematically, we can still make the playoffs. We just got to figure out our identity and play better. We’re just not playing well.”

The Lakers are in 11th place in the West and three games behind Portland for the eighth and final playoff spot.

“The West is difficult,” Steve Nash said. “We got to find a way to win 45, 46, 47 games. The window is closing.”

The Lakers would have to go 30-19 the rest of the way to achieve the minimum amount of games that Nash mentioned.

Whoa! All of 30-19? That’s a heady .612 pace that, over a full season, would have the Lakers up in nosebleed territory of 50 victories.

And that is a little bit of sarcasm, because the delusions had been so much more grand.

Harsh reality is setting in at every corner of Lakersland.

  • You figured Nash might wind up as the team’s fourth- or fifth-highest scorer. But down there at 10.2 points per game? Nash hasn’t scored that little since 1999-2000, his fourth season in the league. But he’s a month shy of 39 now and that might be as good as it gets.
  • Kobe Bryant? He remains solution rather than problem. But every day this lingers, every game Bryant has to do more to make up for others — and the sum — doing less, he gets a little older, a little quicker. Like the rest of them.
  • The Pau Gasol rumors are flaring again, sure to catch fire as the Feb. 21 trade deadline nears.
  • Speaking of trades, GM Mitch Kupchak told a group of 1,000 season-ticket holders he’s “disappointed” in the team’s performance. Kupchack cited the Lakers’ defense in his talk with the fans, but didn’t address any potential roster changes.
  • Dwight Howard’s back remains a red flag and his right shoulder is an even greater concern at the moment. Howard aggravated his already sprained rotator cuff in the loss to the Nuggets, McMenamin reported, and was scheduled for an MRI exame Monday morning. The Lakers face back-to-back games Tuesday and Wednesday at Houston and San Antonio.
  • The rotation is in shambles, with Metta World Peace moved from starter to reserve and forgotten Antawn Jamison pining for a move to Charlotte. D’Antoni was quoted by the Los Angeles Times Sunday: “The hardest problem is figuring out who can play — who I’m comfortable with, who I’m not. … I’ve kind of gone through the gamut. I’ve tried everything and usually you do that in September, October and half of November, even December, to try to get it straight. I haven’t got it straight yet.”
  • The defense is equally troublesome. The Lakers’ defensive rating of 106.6 ranks 21st in the NBA. They’re allowing teams to shoot 44.7 percent from the field and 36.1 from 3-point range and they’re 29th in defensive turnover percentage (12.3).

The performance at that end, always an issue with D’Antoni-coached teams, had longtime Lakers beat man Kevin Ding invoking more Zen Master memories in the Orange County Register:

Hmm, Jackson never had the speediest or youngest Lakers teams, but they got back on defense well enough to win most of the time. The key was floor balance provided by Jackson’s two-guard front in that triangle offense, which would set the Lakers up at all times with two perimeter players positioned to get back on defense – and not, for example, ask Gasol to be someone he simply is not and never was before: the first guy back on defense.

The repeated image of Gasol on worn-down legs, giving maximum effort in straining just to remember to get back and then chasing with full sprint behind some faster Denver big man as if the guy had just swiped the keys to Pau’s Porsche …

Taken together, all of the above have swiped the keys to the Lakers’ championship swagger, at least for now. Porsche? This is a team playing at a Prius level right now.



  1. Bob M says:

    The Lakers have a shot. Dwight Howard is the future and he can get it done. Pau is a great player, but he is not a fit for the system. As of right now, he has lost confidence and not playing his “new” position well. DH and Pau play the same position, one of them has to go. The D’Antoni system works, it was the great Laker teams that put him down. I can’t believe you can’t remember those playoff series. And, add to that, he only had Amare and Nash (Marion was pretty good, too) as the stars. Trade Pau, get Amare, Tyreke Evans is going to leave Sacto and could be had on the cheap. In my opinion, the Lakers need another scorer and a stretch 4 with a jump shot. Kobe can still get it done, but he needs scoring help. Stoudemire and Evans would help a lot. Plus, getting back on defense and ball pressure defense is needed. That is true for all championship teams.

  2. Lakers-R-Us says:

    The Lakers have 16 championships! Kobe has 5 rings! Oh, sorry, I forgot to ask! How rude of me! What team is it you folks follow? LMAO!

  3. cruise0719 says:

    The problem with the Lakers is the COACH. He doesn’t know how to use the pieces (players) in his team. He does not know how to make the team play defense and his player rotation is poor. He wants a running game from ‘old’ legs and two 7 foot starters. Change the coach or change his system. D’Antoni’s system was OK with Suns before because they were younger (Nash, Johnson, Q Richardson, Amare) but not with the ageing Lakers.

  4. Max V. says:

    Porsche? This is a team playing at a Prius level right now.

    Really…How generous of you. How about a 1972 Ford Pinto

  5. noyb says:

    Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Bag this season, it’s over.

    PJAX is too old, forget about him. D’Antoni’s a proven loser, he’s must go (after this season; no point in trying anything now). Pau IS too soft, trade him for someone young and talented. Kobe can’t stop turning the ball over any more and coasts from time to time. Nash is 39. Dwight Howard is injured goods. So what do you do?

    Have a fire sale over the Summer and start completely over from scratch. Trade everyone and everything. There are TONS of bargaining chips, so get the best that the NBA has to offer. Lebron will be available soon!

  6. lyndon says:


    • thejerr says:

      Lakers arnt that bad on paper, but were banged up and need somone to lead other than kobe (AKA mike D antoni). i didnt want this horrible coach and now you all get to see why, hes done nothing at every place hes coached, cant get the job done with the suns all star team back in the day what makes you think he can do anything with this team. no defense, his system needs 3 point shooters… well we havent been a 3 point team in years buddy. hell he walked away from his last job with the knicks… i predict he walks away from LA this season cause hes gonna finally realize that he cant coach at the NBA level, simple as that, and now hes butt hurt saying he cant find the right unit… the only unit that wokred for him was (steve nash, joe johnson, shawn marion, boris diaw,amare stoudamire-with borbosa and a few others commin off the bench) and he couldnt even take those teams to the finals…… hes trash!

  7. Not a good playoffs says:

    o common haters think that when lakers are out of the playoffs it’s fun well it’s not. It’s awesome if the lakers make a playoff spot higher than 8 or 7 but it’s more awesome for the haters if my lakers would be swept right? 😀 hahahha but still long way to go defence will make it right and let’s watch every moment of the nba. No more hatred 😀 hahha!

  8. Moochiiieee says:

    73-9???? metta must be high on Crystal Meths… Hey Lakers I thought you’re a super team??? Maybe on 2K13…

  9. john says:

    love watching the cavaliers beat the lakers last week sometime, this week is a big test for the lakers w/ out pau, against houston tonight and spurs tmrw!! have fun la la land, nash is 39, kobes gone in the next 4-5 years, if he has enough in the tank, pau’s gonna be traded, and dwight is dwight, hes gonna do whatever he wants, hes a little kid!!

  10. mike.pl says:


  11. Lakers4Life says:

    what I don’t really like in mike d’antoni’s system is that most of the game he benches pau gasol in the 4th quarter! Just like phil jackon it doesn’t matter if pau plays like a girl he just give it a slap and then back to the game. dude i know gasol’s how to play very well and men don’t just bench jamison over there! goodness we can use him as an offensive weapon. Please d’antoni give more minutes to those who can make the team better!

  12. Reignman says:

    I’m sorry this comment is not about the Lakers but i’m just amazed at the lack of punctuation and all the mistakes people make I mean how the heck is anyone supposed to read what I wrote and make any sense of it if I can’t even use a god damned full stop or comma when I need to anyway so much for this rant I guess I’ll go figure out what these weird signs on my keyoard do hmm they look familliar but I don’t know where I’ve seen them beofre maybe it was in a thing called a book

  13. B.TS says:

    I believe lakers

  14. Heat #1 says:

    The Lakers are NOT going to make the playoffs. Kobe Bryant is playing awesome basketball but the team is not supporting in any way. I hope they can make the playoffs to add playoff awesomeness. It still is not the half of the season and they still got time. If they want to make the playoffs, they are going to have to play the best basketball they can from now on.

    Anyways, the Heat are going to repeat. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Silence I'll Kill You says:

    bla bla bla.. Let Nash circulate the Game, to be able to work with big man.


    Do not Blame their defense. It is the ability of other teams to get better in every game,

  16. germany says:

    Where is Coach Brown? The guy that led Cleveland to 2-60 game back to back winning seasons with defence? Oh they fired him!! Perdiction: Unfortunately, LA will not make the Playoffs or lose in the first round the blame will be put on Howard, Shaq is happy for selfish reasons and D. Howard is leaving LA for 25 Million reasons or more. Am I right?

  17. laker says:

    IDIOT JIM BUSS, he’s the one who chose mike d’ antoni over the great phil jackson…the best laker fans were all asking PHIL JACKSON and yet it didn’t happen…

  18. RSS vs RSS says:

    I love the attention these fans are giving my team;they hate to see us win and love to see fail. I mean how often do you see a Lakers fan on another team page not like the other teams fans be on our page we make their voice be heard and life a tad bit smoother LOL…….Lakers all day everyday

  19. traviemacoy says:

    shut up and watch out!!!

  20. NbaFan0601 says:

    I think the players, and not the coach, are accountable for the slump. If two coaches did not get the job done, it might not be their fault. I don’t like the Lakers but it’s not a great NBA Playoffs without them.

  21. godspencil44 says:


  22. Eaglos says:

    Only blind sheep fans talked about playoffs and 70 wins.
    It was pretty obvious from the last couple of years that the
    team had reached a dead end.

    Key players are old, bench players would have had no place
    in a proper Lakers team, Kobe plays for himself and the 30.000
    points mini game, he waster a ton of potential points.

    It would be a miracle if they even make it to the playoffs.

  23. james from baltimore says:

    lakers have shot themself in the foot if howard walks way at end the season which is highly possilbe! no first round draft picks for the next 4 years haha all they do is get free agents these days geez

  24. bball fan says:

    The Lakers have already lowered the bar to the point of just trying to get into the playoffs period. If they were to lower the bar all the way down then they should just let Kobe shoot EVEN MORE! The best thing to see would be the Lakers barely making the playoffs and then getting knocked out in the first round by the Clippers.

  25. Nando says:

    This all started will the Cp3 trade last year and Mike Brown.. Punk @$$ stern, got the Lakers all fcked up… We Will have our day L.N 4-Life!!!

  26. Whatever, let’s do something seriously.
    Times don’t wait.

  27. Robfro says:

    Imagine Steve Nash just relaxing out by the 3pt line (Derek Fisher style). The triangle would have totally worked with this group. I laughed when they went with Dantoni. Keep in mind that Kobe’s never won anything without Phil….and those first three were Shaq’s!

  28. david stepp says:

    Lets say it out loud, D’Antoni was a bad choice! Mike Brown could have not done any worsre. Its time to cut our loses and get rid of a choach that hasn’t got a clue. instead of trading a player with a proven track record(Gasol) why not trade the coach? D’Antoni said it himself, ”The hardest problem is figuring out who can play — who I’m comfortable with, who I’m not. … I’ve kind of gone through the gamut. I’ve tried everything and usually you do that in September, October and half of November, even December, to try to get it straight. I haven’t got it straight yet.” Hey Laker management, do something about the real problem. Follow the Nets lead, D’Antoni is not working out. And this is coming from a die hard Laker fan.

  29. Tabish says:

    Just because if some boxer is unbeaten does not mean he cannot be beaten. In every next fight, past history means nothing. Bostons and Lakers’ tons of championships means nothing its all about what they can do with this bunch and basketball being a team game Kobe, KG or Lebron alone cannot do anything. Clipper,OKC,GSW and Spurs from the West and Heat, Knicks are really hard teams to beat and this Lakers team’s chemistry just not enough to beat any of the above teams for the whole series of 7 games. They may have to recooperate and try next year.
    Dont hate individual player like Kobe, Lebron, CP3 they all are great..it sounds petty… Just my two cents….

  30. HEAT fan says:

    HEAT needs GASOLina in the house and his name is Pau!

  31. Wishful Thinking says:

    I am wishing upon the stars that Pau Gasol be traded to the HEAT so that they will have a rebounder and post presence. A better replacement for Pau Gasol is Robin Lopez of the New Orleans or Luis Scola from the Phoenix Suns.

  32. jeff says:

    Admit the mistake. Fire dantoni. Defense Is the problem; Run and gun is the problem; Dantoni won’t or can’t adjust to fit to his talent. Get rid of Dantoni. He is the CANCER> The first step to resolving any problem is acknowledging error. Start again; “beg” Phil to come back; he is the best available–before Dantoni shortens Kobe’s career! Casting Phil aside for Dantoni has always been a rather scandalous move, borne of piggish arrogance and ignorance.

  33. bball76s says:

    The Solution is easy, run the triangle offense, that’s it.

  34. ryan says:

    in the game of basketball is not a 1 man show.. just trust your teammates so that they can elevate their talents….

  35. RoS says:


  36. LALakErs says:

    i think this is the time for trades.
    get some decent shooter in the 4 position..
    but i don’t like pau to be traded away..
    his a buddy of Kobe..
    or find a way to have Mr. PJ back to his position and have an .612 ave.

  37. scott says:

    Its a shame that Kobe is having such a great season and coach is using Pau the way he is. wish the Buss’s would have gone with Jackson instead.

  38. lakers34 says:

    first, clippers fans shut up. your on a level so low that the lakers cant even here you right now, 1 hot season which will probably come to an end soon like most good teams who gas themselves out in the early season

    2nd, the team comp is fine, Howard just needs to get some more touches on the ball
    3rd, Gasol needs to be traded.
    4th. Lets get Jamison some minutes
    5th. we win playoffs

  39. Action's Xentury says:

    Gasol trade for Dirk, its win-win situation~ hopefully can make it~

  40. LockeheartVII says:


    KOBE is the #1 option in offense thats why he shoots alot! …there’s no problem in their offense! everytime i watch their game … DEFENSE is the issue… WTF is happening to MWP and DH12.. they are both Defensive players! … i think its the coachin staff! .. GM must hire a coach who knows about both DEFENSE and OFFENSE..

    and about the Trading rumors… they must trade Pau Gasol to Patterson ( HOU) + back-up SF or PF ..

  41. LockeheartVII says:


    KOBE is the #1 option in offense thats why he shoots alot! …there’s no problem in their offense! everytime i watch their game … DEFENSE is the issue… WTF is happening to MWP and DH12.. they are both Defensive players! … i think its the coachin staff! .. GM must hire a coach who knows about both DEFENSE and OFFENSE..

    and about the Trading rumors… they must trade Pau Gasol to Patterson ( HOU) + back-up SF or PF ..

  42. Moochiiieee says:

    It’s time to hire a new savior for lakers…. Hire Brian ” White Mamba” Scalabrine, Waive Pau Gasol since he was injured, Trade D12 to Kwame Brown… Trade Nash to Dexter Pittman or to OKC so that Nash could finally have a chance to win a ring… Sad to see Nash playing for an overrated lakers…. Trade MWP to anyone who’s cheaper To D-League perhaps…. Fire D’ Antoni… Problem solved…. Same results But way more CHEAPER….

  43. Action's Xentury says:

    they can try to trade Ariza also to replace MWP, MWP wasted too many chances even though he’s not a good shooter.

  44. bale cole says:

    This ain’t nothing compared to what LBJ had to endure leaving the CAVS and look at Kobe crying! lmao

    • KobeWhiner says:

      dude kobe aint just crying, hes been pointing his fingers everywhere, blaming this that oh well hes been like that all through his career. even if he shoots12 out of 35 he will still blame others for their loss. talk about fanboys comparing him to the great jordan, lmao this ballhog aint got nothin. i could care less if he averages 40pts per game, thats who he is just a ballhog.

  45. phil should have been picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Action's Xentury says:

    the main problems are Mike.A’s training system, Kobe’s defense, MWP trade with Iguodala, Pau must struggle, Nash and D12 must take at least 13-15 shots per game.

  47. Brian says:

    I thought the Lakers turned the corner against the Knicks on Christmas day. Since then, they’ve gone 1-4. I’m beginning to think they will be lucky to make the playoffs.

    At this point, I would think D. Howard’s value is going down when it comes time to sign a contract.

  48. So what are laker fans who are lebron haters going to react with the lakers probably not making the playoffs? are they going to be durant bandwagon fans like last year and route for them over the heat, and talk their trash about how okc is going to beat them? I cant wait til lebron wins his second ring this year if hes healthy so itl leave lebron haters even more wordless!

  49. JELLYBEAN says:

    We love a story line here in LA but you should know do not count us out untill the skinny laddy sings , for we dance to our own tune . I wouled rather hit 8 th seed and dance 3 ro unds and show the NBA fans what we are made from then listen to where we should be , ILL TAKE A CHAMPION SHIP BY 1 POINT then try to show all what it should be , BECAUSE LAKER NATION , KNOWS WHAT AND WHO WE ARE !!!! NUFF SAID !!!! KOBE — MVP 2013

  50. zex says:

    campaign for Phil to be back.

  51. EdwardYap says:

    let’s accept the fact that other teams are doing so well in the court to get a win . its just like playing a tossing of coins.

  52. Rob says:

    Dwight only gets single digit FGAs a game because he gets sent to the foul line so damn much. Hill and MWP are great off the bench but Meeks/Duhon/Morris – not so much. LAL doesn’t look the same anymore. The expectation levels are so high as they should be but they keep losing because of too many turnovers, too many missed open shots, and not enough effort.

  53. asd says:

    kobe is not a natural leader, that is why the whole team is in shambles. A leader inspires even when he shouts at you, when kobe shouts the whole team says f**k off

    • KobeWhiner says:

      agree with you 100% on that. how can someone who bashes on teammates behind their backs (youtube several years back) who bash on management, whine and blames everyone for all the teams shortcomings and biggest ego in the world be a leader? only the blinded kobe fanboys think so highly of him, if you are a true basketball fan you can see through each players with aclear mind and not like fanboys who always say haters if someone with a true basketball sense plays down on their kobe. kobe is just a one man scoring machine = ballhog. thats it. not even a top 10 player of all time.

    • NBAfan says:

      how many times have you played with Kobe?

      You’re putting words into other player’s mouths now?

      Don’t worry…Kobe will never play with you..so he’ll never shout at you…so you don’t have to imagine what you’d say if he ever did…

    • RH says:

      And then Kobe responds by sticking 5 rings in their faces. And continues to outwork people younger than him.

  54. specialfriedrice says:

    All this carry on about a load of…the point here is that come the end of the regular season…the Lakers WILL NOT be in the playoffs…Hou, Den and Por will fill in 6/7&8…they are clearly better teams this season and say what you want but the gap that the Lakers need to close is growing not shrinking…45 wins will not make the playoffs in the West ths season..the Lakers will not win 40…

  55. KobeWhiner says:

    as long as a ballhog running the lake show, say goodbye to their championship dreams. the supposedly future franchise player shooting the ball less than 10 shots a game while that ballhog throws it 20 to 30 shots a game. the best there is there was there ever be ballhog player in the world mr. kobe bryant

  56. Dwight Coward says:

    see ya lakers, i’m out to brooklyn. i will take my clown show with me and try to see what i can do about melo’s knee–it’s been fun.

  57. big dawg says:

    yea I agree the lakers are stinky right now but none of the top four in the west wanna see them in the first round . this is coming from a raptors fan , I still have them getting the sixth seed in the west and having an epic first round series with the san Antonio spurs.

    • Hm says:

      They would have to win about 30 games already if they want the 8th seed. The 6th seed seems already out of reach. Why do some people think other teams will just magically start losing while the Lakers (who are now past the “easy” part of the schedule) will magically start winning?

  58. Kiddo says:

    true Los Angels Lackers. lack of defense, lack of team work, lack of winning game.

  59. Luis Gustavo says:

    What about penetration??? Nobody looks like want to do this play. It would open space for Howard close to the rim. Cause you know, Howard can’t even make 2 steps with the ball.

    I think they should bring Pau in the post as well, but the crazy play is in 3 point line…. who the hell designed that kind of play for Gasol???

    Kobe can score? Yes. But he is only making jump shots….

    And Nash didnt receive no play…. and of course he can shoot better from 3 point line then the rest of the team.

    Sorry for my English…

  60. klee says:

    Lakers lost because they don’t force opponent for turnovers. And They allow opponent to get 2nd chance for scoring. If they want some changes. Just put Gasol into inactive list for trade… and then try the below rotation:

    Starting line up: Howard, Hill, Ebanks, Kobe, Nash

    Subs: Clark, MWP, Meeks, Duhon (Odom if you want someone better than Morris)

    There you go combination of old and young players. That’s the least you can do for now. The coach has to put more minutes for the young players to push their potentials even though you lose again. It is better for making the same mistakes again and again.

    Morris is useless. Gasol is soft. Jamison is old. Blake is not back. And Lakers are not trying for signing anyone young and usable. Playoff is very far away from them…

  61. Mike says:

    Watch them games ya’ll and quit arguing. Lakers for life no matter what their records are fools, I still watch every single game and still enjoy every sec of it. Still the only team that I can sit through and watch the entire game baby!

  62. Ahmed says:

    Ok all if you guys saying the kobe needs to shoot less should just shut up! Offense is not the problem. If you were a real fan and actually know basketball you would know the its DEFENSE thats the problem,

  63. fakeshow goin down says:

    nearly 30 years I’ve been watching, and i gotta say this is by far THE BEST faker TEAM EVER!

  64. nbashgkag says:


  65. badbrad71 says:

    Everything that could go wrong for the Lakers so far has. I would have never imagined this. The management has made one mistake after another and the Dwight signing is starting to like the biggest mistake of all, especially if he openly wants to go elsewhere at the end of the year. No giving up on them but……..

  66. Jonsmith23 says:

    So much for Kobe saying:”Great players make their teammates better”… He shares the ball as much as a dog would share his bone, shoots over 30 field goals on any given night, plays hero ball to try to get back into games by himself, disses Pau(who got him his two last rings)in public but thinks he’s having his best season so far… Kobe had the luck Allen Iverson never had, thats is playing with a 29 year old Shaq and a healthy Pau. KOBE BRYANT IS OVERRATED

  67. Shawn says:

    the only one i think that can lead the Lakers out of this mess is Kobe. He is still great, and he steps up under pressure. dantonio has to work plan b and c, and not sure he is capable. so kobe will have to take over

    • W/E says:

      lol what are you talking about, Kobe already took over since the begining of the season but it aint working, hes shooting every possesion in 4rth quarters but even when he scores 40 plus the team is losing so thats not the answer. Kobe hits miracle threes in every game late quarter but they are always trailing big and they mess up on defence ending up losing, Kobe is already doing more than he can on the offensive end, defensively he got worse and thats the sign of aging, he cant play defence with the same intensity as when he was younger, his stamina is lower now hes 34.

  68. rwanyonga says:

    or maybe the Lakers are not that bad ….maybe other teams got better, did they think that ? when Lakers loose it is the lakers fault, they played bad, they don’t have chemistry, Pau Gasol that, D12 that , blablabla …..how good is the opposing team is never the issue….. things have changed this is not the era of dynasties nba team are getting much better, the NAME LAKERS or CELTICS won’t win you championiship alone and they surely don’t scare anybody anymore …maybe Lakers should first be humble and admit that the other teams are better and maybe learn from them it is simple

  69. GT says:

    Great to see Artest’s words fall straight back in his face, nice and easy to say they would beat the bulls record but low and behold (not for for the first time) chemistry can beat talent end of… ironically not something the lakers have had to learn for at least 9 years now, these little buddy team up squads may pay off in a year or so but this just highlights how great the squads of Jordan the pistons/magic/bird and even the Rockets were compared to the slap players together method of these years.

    In saying what I did previously about the “slap a team together method” I was still personally gutted Karl malone never got his chip in 04 as frankly in the last 15 years (at least) I cannot think of anyone so deserving of a title minus Allen Iverson/Stockton and the usual 90’s squads (Ewing,Barkley Payton/Kemp etc) minus possibly Webber’s 00’s kings teams and seeing Lebron (to some extent) carry a team as leaders should at the time.

    I love the NBA but in some respects the changes are frightening….. rule changes….. no centre ballot……… christ I am only 28 and yet miss the 90’s….. Joe Dumars/Grant Hill Pistons………..Mutumbo/Smith/Blaylock Hawks…… Stockton/Malone Hawks…… Garnett?marbury/Googs Timberwolves………. Spreewell and a rebel culture Knicks….. The start of Tim Duncans Career…… Shame.

    I like Mike as a coach but frankly Phill Jax must be laughing his arse off…… Mikes method worked well for Phoenix but not the lakers whatsoever….

  70. vtclak0355 says:

    I think the Lakers are struggling this year because of the D’antoni’s system. His system is not utilizing enough low post plays which is creating alot of fast break points for the other team. They need to slow down the tempo of the game and pound the ball inside to Dwight, Pau, or Kobe. If they do that, it will make the other team score less. Two guards will be back to defend the fast break. So in conclusion, D’antoni must change his system or be traded if the Lakers are to make the playoffs.

  71. David says:

    “Taken together, all of the above have swiped the keys to the Lakers’ championship swagger, at least for now. Porsche? This is a team playing at a Prius level right now.”

    Yeah, but the Prius has a better efficiency rating.

  72. Edwin says:

    I see Kobe like Michael Jordan the team is always depending on Koke. he can not make the team will all the time. everybody needs to play and score. Kobe is not a Robot, looks like Kobe is playing for eveybody and is not fair to have Kobe be the only one to make the team wins. Kobe is a great player he is the Best of the NBA.

  73. Shawn says:

    Obviously it takes much more than talent. You have to be able to play the cards that are dealt to you. And they have the high cards from the start. It takes humility, teamwork and leadership.Not pointing fingers, and making excuses. The Knicks are an older team. Lakers have the best veterans in the leaque, Nash and Kobe, plus superman. The reason Clippers and the Knicks are so much better. is obvious. Sheed and Billups lead their teams and the players value that knowledge. Melo and Smith are more humble, they are more focused. Chris Paul gives credit to others. The excuses from the Lakers is sickening. age now injury… excuses. DHoward should have shown Stan Van Gundy some respect. Now he has superstars by his side and wont make the playoffs — when before he had none, and they had a real chance. didnt he dog his teammates and coach and they had a winning record? Live and Learn!

    • Shawn says:

      the one person that has been consistent is Kobe, from what i have seen on every game. And, i am not necessarily a fan of his, but i give him his DUE respect. The problem is not him at all. He always shot alot from what i recall. I think there is a difference between a good coach and a good leader. A leader works a contingency plan. if plan A doesnt work, go to plan b or c. The Knicks coach is Mike Woodson is awesome. He works with each player, gives them confidence and holds them accountable – and that team is the oldest in the league. They have injuries too.

  74. JimD54 says:

    I don’t see why everyone is screaming for Phil Jackson, his last series coaching the Lakers he got swept, even he can’t help the Lakers now, the team is swirling round the bowl, it’s time to blow it up.

  75. QuestionMark says:

    Howard, Gasol and Hill are out, there goes their rebounding.

  76. Gentledee says:

    I am certainly not surprise with what is going on in Lakers land…I said it before it was a mistake to hire Mike D, not a great coach, so this is what I expected no surprise at all – just very disappointing…just fire Mike D right now 😦

  77. Chris says:

    Fire Mike D’Antoni and hire Nate McMillan!

  78. Xepher says:

    Its all downhill now that Howard, Gasol, and Hill are out with injury for a couple of games or more. Unless the others step up.

    • RH says:

      Time for Sacre to shine!

    • Peter says:

      I don’t think you can count on other players (because MWP and Kobe has been giving the 100% of themselves). Who is going to win a game against three top tier teams? a 40 years old guy? Meeks? Duhon? SACRE?!

      My point is: LAL has no chance of winning the next 3 games without the three big guys (and even if they were playing, it would be really hard for them to win).

  79. Champ says:

    God its good to see the lakers struggle! im sick of them and their fans strutting around like they own the NBA and are untouchable… you cant always be the best

  80. Celtic Pride says:

    4 hall of famers,
    11th spot in the west.

  81. Bunsenburner says:

    Man, I’m loving this.

  82. Croakus says:

    Rare sigthing last night too see Jamison I see he got out of the doghouse!

  83. PeterNorth says:

    You know what guys, stop arguing, if you are a laker fan, just pray. If you are not a laker fun, just worship your team too, otherwise get the hell out of here.

  84. If nash would shoot at least 13 times a game then the L:akers could be ok. Kobe Bryant is the problem. He is the best player in the world but hes shooting too much and that takes energy away from him on the defensive end. Everytime Kobe thinks hes fouled he never get back on defence and that is the primary reason we are giving up these many transition points. If Kobe dont get back then the rest of the team would think its ok to arguwe a call and not get back. Its time for Kobe to forget and get back on defence everytime. Stop arguing calols and just run back on defence. Nash shioot the ball more! Get Dwight more shots around the basket, He has already shown you that if he gets the ball and scopre then it motivates him to play his best on defence. Dont bring Metta in off the bench. Start Metta! Get pau some post shots and get him off the three point line. When you want to play that kind of ball bring in jamison then run D antonie offence. Switch it up when you have post players in the game. This team is good ebeouph to switch up there offence friom D antionie offence to a strong type of offence. Let me coachj the Lakers and i bet ill turn thoings around fasrt as lightning. Its time for the Lakers to wake up. No we have not witnessed the great fall of the lakers yet. We just have a few problems thats all. pau you need to be more aggressive on defence. You are too damn tall to not be blocking shots. We need to take defence important. Our team is good enou[ph to have offence without even calling plays. Lets focus on defence. DEFENCE!!!

  85. thesniper321 says:

    I’m really happy, Boston is coming back alive and the fakers are dying. 🙂 I’m happy

  86. Bottoms_3 says:

    Kobe is not the problem. In fact he and Nash are brilliant up to this point. I loved Dwight’s 26 rbs but i don’t think he is consistant and agressive enough ( he may have to watch some tapes and see how dominant Shaq was).Of course it’s very tough for Pau this season and LA need the bench to provide some spark, so it would be good to trade him for some depth. And let’s not forget D’antoni who deserves a lot of chritisism. He really needs a good working system that will fit best. For now the biggest problem is DEFENSE !!!

  87. slezz10 says:

    I know people are already pulling out the white flag for the Lakers. Yes, there defence has been terrible. But, i also know you guys see the offence which at times is quite frankly amazing. We will get there i have no doubt about it. This roster just has to be healthy by playoff time. We are built for it, in the playoff the tempo slows vastly. Thats when the Lakers can pick you apart. Steve Nash is spectacular simple and plain. Dwight just needs to demand the ball more because hes offence has been noticably getting better.

  88. prince says:

    why not try giving kobe less shots? we have seen him shoot so many shots every game out of which he only makes about 30% shots and gets most of his points in the second half. coaches and the training staff have tried everything till now im sure but why not give this a try too ?! let kobe be just another player in the rotation, give him regular minutes, give him a job (like meeks for 3’s) and let nash dictate the play and get everyone involved. lakers are too good of a team to be losing games like this.

  89. Mike Dank says:

    The author makes some good points. With all due respect, though, I ask the following question: Does anyone proofread these articles for spelling/grammatical errors? If only I had a virtual red pen :-/ Nonetheless, an interesting article with some insight.

  90. nmish says:

    I believe lakers but i dont believe in this coach.i m really shock team who has best shooter in form of Kobe and two 7 footer casol and howard but lack of defence. i blame coach.i guess coach dont know how touse his smart palyer.

  91. Bob says:

    I’ve been a lakers fan for 3 years and I always have faith in them and I still do now

    Bob Out

  92. Mark C. says:

    They should get Allen Iverson for the bench. He is the one and only answer really. I bet he will even play for free.

  93. Th3r3alone1 says:

    Lakers only have one problem and its call DEFENSE!. Lakers cannot play good DEFENSE! THEY ARE HORRIBLE at the DEFENSIVE END.

  94. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    if the Rockets have a good shooting night, the Lakers may go 0-3 this week. but i think they’ll pull it off against Houston somehow. they have to play tougher defense, beat people up in the paint if you have to. after that they can only hope the Spurs and Thunder have a bad night, or they’re gonna get lit up like Christmas trees. Two of the best 4 teams in the NBA right now. and i don’t think D’Antoni is the main problem, only a part of it. it’s just a combination of them being old and having a really weird lineup and inconsistent bench.
    as much as i don’t like the Lakers and their fans, this is sad to watch even for me, i hope they can at least reach the playoffs and make it a bit more interesting

  95. merkin says:

    Prius? A Prius is an effecient car that gets good gas mileage. Lakers look more like an old, rusted jalopy with doors nearly falling off, sputtering down the road in a school zone.

  96. 2e says:

    I was going to write a comment but I said to myself why waste your TIME!!
    Lakers Fan

  97. cdubbb24 says:



  98. ak says:

    move pau to the bench as dwights backup, and let antawn play the starting stretch 4

  99. mk12 says:

    only one problem in la lakers is mike anthony

  100. G says:

    What happened to D’antoni in New York? Thats right he got fired. Look at the knicks now….. I say Bring back Bernie!!!

    • Max says:

      NOT!!!! D’Antonia did not get FIRED in NY, he resigned. Overloaded offense team, and YES, he did just like PHIL JACKSON!!D’Antonia LEFT!!!!!During the season. Jackson can not cure this hurting team. Bottom line!!!!NO BENCH TO REPLACE INJURED PLAYERS. OWNER HAS TO TAKE THE BLAME. BUSS signed the contracts and forgot to recruit a BENCH. 5 PLAYER DO NOT MAKE A TEAM!!!!!

  101. 0079 says:

    I want the old lakers.. with Trevor Ariza

  102. Been a Lakers fan, still a Lakers fan, regardless of if they win or lose.

  103. pierrepaul says:

    the need Phil Jackson if he came back all the problem will be result

  104. Nick says:

    This is the NBA, folks! You don’t just throw a bunch of players together – yes even all-stars – without a training camp under a new coach and expect miracles. In addition, the team wasn’t full strenght until Christmas! EVERYONE needs playing time together in order to reach maximum capability as a team – remember Miami after the big trades? It was an abbreviated season, but they still had some training together, plus consistency in the coaching staff, yet it took them a season to play to their potential. Why do all the brats out there expect different from this team, especially when Dwight is coming off SPINE SURGERY of all things, and Nash a fractured leg! They can’t be at 100%. Lesser in scope, but still significant is Pau’s knee tendonitis and planter fasciitus. I’m not making excuses, just stating reality. As they get playing time together they will improve just like Miami – then look out!

  105. matt says:

    Sorry Mike but Lakers isn’t good team for you… You failed with Suns & Knicks and now with Lakers.. Nice Team but somebody can’t control this Lakers team… Mike please don’t compromise… lost Lakers…. and Mitch please take Zen Master !

    • pakyaw says:

      hiring Phil wont solve this mess, as long their bench is the same, this is the time that they miss Odom…

  106. DANITo says:

    trade pau for some good bench players, pau is useless in this system. or get ride of this coach it was a big mistake hiring him. pau is a good player but this system wont help him. he needs to be in the post not shooting 3 pionts. the is lot of young

  107. john says:

    Lakers are done like my thanksgiving turkey a couple months back. Kobe needs to be happy with his five rings 2 which Shaq got him and 1 the Kings ( i mean refs gave him) Go spend time with your kids. Your ring days are OVER. The only thing more annoying than the Lakers are all these bandwagon Clipper fans. I used to love to watch my loser Clippers with great seats cheap now we got all these wannabe Clipper fans wearing their jerseys but i can see the Laker shirts under them. Stick with your lakers we dont need you.

  108. I hate D'antoni says:

    FIRE D’ANTONI!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. cris san juan says:

    they need a coach that has good defense tactics.. shhhh better have phil jackson instead..triangle offense then get back to transitional defense if they be able to shoot the ball.

  110. Scott The Magician says:

    the problem is this;

    Kobe …..29 FGA’s
    Dwight….7 FGA’a……………………what the hell!!!??

    • pakyaw says:

      THATS THEIR KOBE!….its hilarious that Kobes name on MVP race on a top 5..what the hell?..their name shouldnt be on MVP discussion if your team is below .500…..

  111. theholyspectator says:

    who would have ever thought before the season started that lakers would be this terrible? its still shocking to see all this happen. even when the big 3 in south beach came together they still had a great record and reached the nba finals their first year together…these guys are just flat out terrible. ya they are much older and slower and got a strange coaching system in wrong pieces in place. despite all those things youd think with the skill set of kobe/d12/nash/pau it would be enough to where they are at least 6 or 7 in the west. Not the case. what a sad way for kobe to start closing out his career. Maybe they will do better in the coming weeks but no way are they winning a title…heck playoff appearance is looking really bad right now forget anything past that..they def not winning the ring this year and most likely this current roster and coach may very well be done…these guys are old…and getting older…d12 not fully healed, and even if he is, the dude doesnt have a mentality of a winner…prolly nash and kobe do…the other guys are just regular nba guys, pieces that can be let go or moved around, what a sad year for lakers, the end was eventually gonna come but didnt think it would happen to this bunch…well at least LA got the clippers…but to sum it up…RIP lakers…RI freaking P

  112. octopus3 says:

    In response to some of the comments here, Jamison to Bobcats was something he was heavily considering before the season, his family lives (near) there and he wanted to be able to play for them before retiring. That’s why there’s this talk of trading him.

    For those of you who don’t know, D’Antoni actually is a proven winner. Several Euro league titles I believe, both as a player and coach. Sure, he hasn’t won a title in the NBA. You know who else hasn’t? Almost every coach ever. Yeah, I’m just as baffled as anyone else as to why we didn’t go back to Jackson, but we really didn’t get a bad coach.

    I’m not sure who was watching the game vs. Denver last night, but Gasol was on fire. Minus a couple of early turnovers, his defensive positioning, scoring, and energy were all pluses. We may have been able to close out if he hadn’t had to go back to the lockeroom.

    I’m also not sure who’s actually been watching the games at all this year, because Kobe’s shooting has not even been close to the issue. In the games where the rest of the team hasn’t been able to get going, Kobe has been stepping in and doing a friggin’ admirable job of keeping us competitive. Ridiculous accusations by people who think the box score tells the story, not even close.

    It’s not time to blow up the team yet, though I would consider packaging Jamison in a trade. Luckily we still have a MONTH AND A HALF until the trade deadline. If we get our momentum up, some of the over-achieving teams fall out (Blazers for one), we make playoffs. At that point, it doesn’t matter what seed we’re against, because we know we’ve got the pieces for ring.

    • Juggernaut584 says:

      You are correct about D’antoni not being a bad coach, however, he is a bad fit for the team that he has been given. This Laker team’s advantage is inside in the half court and he is a run and gun coach. If they would just slow down the pace and run the offense through Gasol, it would help them on the defensive end by minimizing turnovers and not playing into their opponents’ hands by trying to force a pace that they themselves cannot maintain. A Nash-Gasol two-man game on one side of the floor, and Kobe-isos on the other side would force teams to play them a certain way. Leave Dwight to get the “garbage” points via offensive rebounds and easy dump offs until he is healthy enough to regain a respectable post game. Once that happens, they can run the two-man game interchangeably with Nash-Gasol-Kobe-Howard and become a better executing team that will punish you for defensive mistakes. As for the bench, they a young PG and athletic wing player to at least match the foot speed of the Westbrooks and Durants of the world. A reliable scorer off the pine wouldn’t hurt either, since they struggle to score when Kobe sits.

    • Kobrick says:

      Kobe’s shooting is part of the problem. His ball hogging takes away from other players getting into a rhythm. Howard should have a minimum of 15 attempts, and Nash should be the one controling the ball in late game situations. Yes Kobe’s last minute shots have kept them somewhat alive, but the fact that he takes so much time off the clock trying to create a shot is not benifiting them either.

  113. Beavis says:

    Actually hoping they don’t make the playoffs.

  114. stephen fredricks says:

    lakers need comunication with echather and they will be a biger and better team and try to be happy all the time even if u all is losing just keep together and u will see what im thalking about please belive that from honduras.

  115. antehorn says:

    D’Antoni should go home..

  116. Jacques Durceille says:

    Mike D’antoni is trash. Always will be. The lakers made a mistake of getting rid of mike brown. They made an even bigger mistake by not getting back Pjax. D’antoni is a coach that can only coach loser teams, D’antoni never went to the finals, he has 0 rings. He is trash. He does not believe in playing defense. Defense is what wins championships.

    Every team can score points, that is why they all do it. Defense is the crucial factor in games that makes the opposing team miss key shots or not capture key rebounds. Teams that do not believe in defense get nowhere and win nothing. That is why in phoenix D’antoni’s suns were losers. Yes they made playoffs but everyone knew they would never win.

    Spurs believe in defense and won 4 championships, the whirlwind celtics who won in 2008 believed in defense and therefore one. The bulls of the jordan era believed in defense, and etc. D’antoni will fail as he has already shown us.

    He has a losing record with Howard, Bryant, Gasol, Artest, Jamison, Nash. All named as all stars multiple times. The lakers have an all star team and STILL have a losing record.

    D’antoni is trash. He can’t coach this team with his mentality, No Defense means NO RINGS.

    Get rid of the trash called D’antoni. I tell you this man is Trash.

    (PS lakers are old anyways with a trash coach = trash season)

    Trash is Trash.

    • Nick says:

      So D’Antoni is trash because he hasn’t won a championship? I guess that makes most of the current NBA coaches trash as well, huh, Jacques? Oh, and how about all of the players – even Hall-of-Famers that never won a championship? Btw, Phoenix didn’t only make it to the playoffs, they made it to the conference. As a matter of fact, the last time they did that, I believe they beat up on the Spurs. Fiiting too, since the Spurs had to play dirty ball to eliminate your so-called trashy-coached Suns in a previous season!

    • dattebayo says:

      How often have you posted this exact comment on these blogs? You are just like Mike D’Antoni stubbornly clinging on to the same thing.

      Trash comments are trash, too.

  117. Lola says:

    I don’t like the Lakers much, but the truth is regular season games don’t also mean so much (ask the LA kings of the NHL who just managed to squeak into the playoffs but went on to win the Stanley Cup). While there is cause for concern in LA land (and I was one of the fans who wanted to “crucify” World Peace for his 70+ win prediction, as I felt Laker players would never learn when not to run their mouths).

    I don’t like the Lakers much, but we shouldn’t be writing them off just yet. Kobe is a phenomenal player and there is enough talent here for them to make the playoff, and after that who knows? Ask my guys the Celtics, who despite been written off came so close to going to the NBA Finals.

    • Game Time says:

      You can’t compare the NHL to the NBA. While I don’t think the Lakers will miss the playoffs, they aren’t doing anything to convince the naysayers that they won’t. However, if they were to miss the playoffs then I think the reality of Kobe not being needed would have to set in for fans and Mitch as well.

    • Clippersfan4471 says:

      The reason for panic is that to win the title, you actually have to MAKE the playoffs!!!

  118. Bob says:

    Kobe isn’t the problem or Dwight or Nash it’s the Bench, the lack of defense, and what the heck happened to Pau Gasol . And Jamison 2 the Bobcats? doesn’t ring a bell 2 me. I say trade MWP 4 Caron Butler and trade Pau Gasol 4 Patrick Patterson or at least somebody who can play both Offense and Defense because last year Gasol was great but now he’s a slump. and also THE LAKERS HAD A CHANCE 2 GET PHILL JACKSON BUT INSTEAD THEY GET MIKE DAM ANTONI AND HE’S A UP TEMO COACH!!!! AN OFFENSIVE COACH NOT A DEFENSIVE COACH SERIOUSLY LAKERS GM I COULD DO BETTER THAN THE LAKERS GM NOW THE NETS MIGHT GET PHILL JACKSON BUT THE LAKERS SHOULD HAVE GOT HIM IT WAS THERE ONLY CHANCE!!!!! Antoni’s system is dang wrong if mike brown were still here and made a couple changes to the system and the roaster the lakers would have least the No 6 Seed or 7 or 8 but now there stuck with d’Antoni so good luck lakers and here are some trades I think they should make

    G Chris Duhon 4 Ramon Sessions
    F Earl Clark for Al harrinton
    F Pau Gasol 4 Patrick Patterso
    F Metta World Peace 4 Caron Butler
    G Darius Morris 2 D-League
    and next year trade somebody 4 J. Lin when Nash retires next year or in 2 years
    and when Kobe retires get Lebron James for SG

    • slider821 says:

      Pau gasol for Patterson would be the trade of a lifetime for the Rockets. i.e. never gonna happen.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Half those trades won’t work, Sessions is much more valuable than Duhon, Harrington is better than Clark, and Butler is much better MWP, especially the way the Clippers are playing now, why would they bother trading anyone?

    • Air23Jordan says:

      Yeh, if lakers just were patient to sustain with brown, now they would probably be above of .500 .Keep going d antoni,let make lakers a running team, ddumb!!

    • salla says:

      Pau is not the problem,the problem is how they use Pau. he is one of the best post on the low block in the game and they make him shoot 3s,

      • SnaKey says:

        Pau is not the problem… The problem is from how they try to integrate Howard in this team. You just didn’t see this happened last year when Pau was playing with Bynum. Now Pau is just lost in the Mike D’Antoni system, his role in the team. All post-up plays are going to Howard now, but Howard is just not as efficient as he was at Magic. All he scores now is those alleyopps and dunks.

      • Peter says:

        Finally someone with brains!

    • Clippersfan4471 says:

      Why suggest trades that are both ridiculous and well…Just plain ridiculous!!! Do you really think the Clippers would send Caron to the Fakers for MWP????? Not to mention the other “ideas” like geting Lin and LBJ!!!! lmao Just some more Faker Dreamtime!!!

    • SmoothMM says:

      For Mike D’s system, Patrick Patterson would work better than Pau Gasol. Patrick is a good mid-range and 3 point shooter (51.8% FG and 36.8% 3pt), stretching the floor better than Pau. Plus, Patrick is a solid post defender and can run the floor. A win-win, given the circumstances…

    • SmoothMM says:

      And if you guys are talking about the coaching change, Jerry Sloan seems to get overlooked. I know little of his system, but it seemed that Sloan used PG and F/C play very well, perfect for the Lakers’ roster. For example, Stockton and Malone, Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer… The next transition could’ve been Nash and Gasol/Howard. Even Duhon could get it on that action with Jordan Hill…

      • Max says:

        J. Sloan is long gone, and so is past players. Got to look to the future, cannot bring back the past. What is available to recruit????Lakers only have 5 Players???TWO HURT???? NO BENCH WAS PURCHASED??NOW WHO FAULT IS THAT??NOT A COACH!!NOT A SYSTEM!!!! MR.. BUSS. THE OLD ZEN would not take on the Lakers, it would mess up his HISTORY!!ZEN ONLY COACHES TEAMS THAT ARE ALREADY A PROVEN PRODUCT. When the team loses a for sure win, the ZEN JUST RETIRES UP WITH THE BUFFALOS!!!!!!

  119. Darsh says:

    Jamison trading to Charlotte??? When did this news start flashing?? What’s D’Antoni upto?? He starts with Jamison and then benches him for longer period and now trading??
    Come on D’Anotoni, in Kobe’s words “Wear your big boy pants”. Stop cribbing about we don’t have time to make adjustments and figuring out straight yet after 4 months.

  120. Yo Pop! says:

    Articles like this make my day really good. Yo Lakers, keep the loses coming. ROFL.

  121. Francisco says:


  122. calimerocation says:

    @ Prix: you might be right, but I don’t think the problems end when Kobe takes less shots. It’s already said: his teammates give him no other choice. Gasol and Howard need to step up, and Nash needs his efficiency back. And it’s also already said that D’Antoni’s way of playing backfires on the team: they should be running and gunning, but instead it’s the opponent doing just exactly that.

    No one should react on something that’s been said on the beginning of the season. Guarantees are just plain stupid (one exception: Pat Riley in ’87 after LA’s ring that season), and everybody who can read knows this. Why listen to guarantees? They never make any sense.

    • emedr05 says:

      So MWP’s guarantee is just dumb, just forget it, but let’s crucify lebron for saying not 1, not 2, not 3….? Make up your minds

  123. J-Short says:

    It is tough times in Laker Land, but it is now or never, I think it is not to late to make a move with trading Pau and that big contract, for some uptempo pieces. Moves has to be made now or in the off season one way or antoher.
    Kobe, Howard, and Nash did their part last game but where was and is the bench production. Time will tell.

    • Peter says:

      Pau Gasol, a consistent 18.5 PPG shooter is now 12.2 PPG. The problem is not him, it’s D’Antoni’s game system.

  124. HeatKingsofEast says:

    kobetard delusional days on the off-season are over. lol! wer r ur team now? garbage. hahahah. lakers are just good on paper, but the game itself is not played base on paper. lmfao

  125. xyzizx says:

    Dwight pulls a career high 26 boards, shoots 6/7, and people still want to blame him. Nash added 13 dimes. Kobe fans can’t blame the real problem: kobe’s lack of defense, and his hijacking of the offesive non-systemt that they run. Kobe fan logic is funny.

    • emedr05 says:

      kobe plays defense….watch the games, not the stat sheets

    • slider821 says:

      he shoots 6/7 because those are allyoops and putback dunks. None of those buckets are like the buckets everyone saw him get in ORL, postup moves, some decent hook shoots, an overall inside game trying slowly improving year over year. He shows no inside game now, seems scared to do his own move.

      When he was in ORL I always said he lacked offensive game. Unwarranted comment probably but given his size and athletic ability I thought he could do better. Now, however, he really lacks an offensive game. All of his buckets are allyoops or putbacks. He and gasol need to play those blocks like they own them, kick out to Kobe if nothings there. I haven’t seen that at all this year.

    • HarryPBUK says:

      Are you serious? Do you even watch Laker games? Kobe doesn’t play defense?
      Kobe is one of the only players who actually goes hard every single game. A lot of the time the effort on defense is not there as a whole – not just with one player. Lakers have one of the most talented basketball rosters in the NBA so surely the fault must lie with management and the way they are being coached. Like other people have been saying – the problem is with D’Antoni’s game system which isn’t allowing our bigmen to be dominant inside and even if it did, Dwight isn’t exactly physically up to scoring 20+ ppg now is he…

  126. Marcus says:

    Lakers defence is non existent!

  127. xyzizx says:

    why can’t i post???

    • Wammy Giveaway says:

      Something is wrong with the website’s design. Clicking on the field does absolutely nothing. In fact, you can’t even use the Tab key to cheat directly into the text field. The only way you can reply is by clicking Refresh on your web browser. If you can see the cursor flashing on the text field, you can type. Use the Tab keys to cycle forward through the options, and Shift+Tab to cycle back. It’s pretty complicated.

      Might want to send a tweet to either the NBA or Sekou Smith.

  128. 16going417 says:

    The Lakers problem is their total lack of defense and their constant shooting of the 3 pointer instead of going inside to dominate. All of which start with D’Antoni’s system. He does not preach defense and he is all about outside shooting. I mean even Howard is jacking up 3’s; ridiculous.

    Say and believe what you want. I have been watching the Lakers for years and this is a direct reflection on D’Antoni and his failures as a coach.

    And although I will agree the Clips are playing great this year, you cannot compare them to Showtime and you cannot crown them kings of LA without any championships. So, to call them the kings of LA without having a single championship under their belt or banner hanging from the rafters is ludicrous.

    • 16going417 says:

      I will also say this; the Lakers might as well lower the bar all the way to the bottom and forget about trying to get into the playoffs. Go ahead and shoot for last place. Bar should be lowered far enough for them to achieve that goal. Then they will be a lottery team next year and might be able to get 1 or 2 quality players.

      Can’t be first; might as well be last. Sounds like a plan to me.

      • Common Sense says:

        Kobe’s ego is way to high to give up and shoot for last. Although, it might be the best thing for the organization I sincerely doubt they’d ever go that route.

      • 16going417 says:

        I agree with you. I just mentioned it since the blog title was Lakers lower bar……….

      • Hm says:

        I’m not sure that the Lakers have a lot of first round picks left in this decade, so I don’t see how the lottery is going to help these guys.

      • 16going417 says:

        True. I forgot about what they traded to get what they currently have. Thier lotto picks would just go to someone else. Thier loss is someone elses gain LOL.

      • bcboneless says:

        lol the lakers have traded away all their draft picks. you have no idea what you are talking about!

      • Mister 215 says:

        They can’t do that because they don’t have any picks, they been gave away their picks for this year’s draft.

      • RH says:

        I think their 1st round picks for the next 3 years are going to Phoenix because of the Nash sign and trade.

    • Chance says:

      Magic is the one who compared them to showtime so….

  129. W/E says:

    And change the coach, really D’antoni is awfull.

    • James says:

      which idiot was it that suggested Mike D. I read the earlier comments and a bunch of ppl suggested the hiring of Mike D. You all know the Lakers owner, Jim Buss, does read the comments so they thought Mike D would really work for the team…

  130. W/E says:

    Things are bad, really really bad, the lakers management gotta do sth cause the team is totally out of sync this year, i dont care whos in that roster D12 Bryant NAsh Pau MWP and the rest all incompatible, trade anyone make a change cause these guys cant win a game playing together unless is vs Bobcats or the Wizards.

  131. mpk1988 says:

    What happened to “DON”T EVER CLICK MY NAME. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED”???
    What a bunch of delusional band-wagoners..

    • Logic says:

      YES! It’s so hilarious now to see spoiled Laker fans suffer.

      • Rob says:

        It’s must have been hilarious when we won 2 Championships and 3 Western Conference Titles in a row in the past 5 years… Or how about our 3-peat from 00-02… Don’t know what team you’re a fan of, but I bet you wished your team could accomplish only a 10th of what the Lakers organization has accomplished, so shut your mouth…

      • mistariche46 says:

        We suffer because we are losing games to weaker teams but I bet you in the playoffs we will be ready. yea playoffs its still early fools.

      • Woop Woop says:

        Seems like you hit a chord with old Robby boy over here!

      • Dont worry buddy. We are suffering now but we have the best player in the worlod and he will not let us die. We know that our players will get it together once that cowboy of a coach get his act together. Just when you think youve seen the great fall of the Lakers! I cannot wait to see The 2nd greatewst player to ever live hold up number 6 while kissing it with Nash and Howard leaned on each of his shoulders. You will be mad and it will make us spoiled lakers fans lauph at you being so pisssed. Us Laker fans are very arrogent and spoiled. We know we will win the chip. Only team in he league that dont get any calls but we dont need the refs.

      • Kobrick says:

        Rob if you’re talking about going after every major free agent center throughout history and landing them, then yes most teams would love to have that. Still so many good teams out there right now above .500 that didn’t have to try and overcrowd their team with talent in hopes of winning a title.

      • pakyaw says:

        why all this Lakers fan always livin in the past….DENIAL…maybe?..

      • I’m not going to keep my head down like don’t click my name I’m only 12 and I’ve been A lakers fan since I was 7 this lakers team is good they just are playing with the laker fire and they don’t have very good chemistry unless you guys are celtics fan you better shut up I bet none of you clippers fans were clippers fans when chris paul wasn’t here most of you bandwagoned after they started their streak, and some of you bandwagoned after they got chris paul.

  132. prix says:

    The Fakers is no where to be found…as if they don´t exist…so..to those who predict that Howard and Nash would get Kobe another ring that´s an insult…Clippers are the king of L.A right now…and Kobe should shot less to win some games…he´s could be the answer for stats but Kobe for sure is the main problem of the Lakers and not the coaches or even Pau

    • bunbury says:

      I do believe that kobe’s shots per game should be no more that 17. this would allow howard, nash, and gasol get into their rythem. but i watched the game vs the clippers where he started the game distributing the ball. they looked bad. as they felt behind Kobe started to get more aggressive. this is not just a matter of kobe shooting less.

      • 16going417 says:

        You are correct; this is not just a matter of Kobe shooting less. I’m glad someone else actually watches the games and sees what the problems (plural) are. Could not agree more with you bunbury.

      • Edgar says:

        How could Kobe stop shooting if the others don’t score ? Someone (Kobe), as the King player in the Lakers, must get the ball and try to solve the problm….of course, 100% of shooting is quite something impossible to achieve, but….

      • Game Time says:

        Of course they look bad because they aren’t used to taking shots!

      • JOSHUA SORRELL says:

        your an idiot.. kobe is what is giving them a chance to win.. his late game heroics always put them in position and his pecentage is way up.. best season kobe has ever had. since u didnt know.. he gives them the chance. check the numbers before u talk.

      • James says:

        Kobe doesnt need to shoot less. Pau needs to shoot more and be more dominated like he was in 2008. But Mike D system never got a championship, so I said it was the wrong move. Jerry sloan or beg for Phil to come back so we can experience the Lakers megastars working at their best again!!

      • jdavis says:

        Bunch of people whining, claiming that they “watch” games, and understand basketball better than others. Kobe is and has always been the problem, it’s been well documented forever. Every sportscaster announces it daily, weekly, and yearly. He is a great player but has no outside bond with his players. Tons of players have said this in the past, and it can and does cause friction if you don’t have the right players to accomodate them. Howard just said it recently. Not directly, but, come on we know who he specifically means.

    • Rob says:

      These worthless Fakers only have 16 championships… Now how pathetic is that? If they could only be like the Clippers…

      • Hm says:

        I didn’t know the current team has 16 championships. Those guys must be very old, especially since their first championships came long before the merger.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Those 16 championships aren’t helping them this season is it? Clippers are beating them in every way possible, so really Lakers fans gotta stop living in the past. I guess its not possible since those 16 titles are all they can talk about now.

      • Dann says:

        Fakers??? “ONLY” 16 champinoships??? Now you are starting to compare Clips with Lakers and kobe with cp3???
        you should use the website called “google” and see # championship clips had won. and then compare it to lakers. not offending clips cuz they are who are making the league great right nw.

      • traviemacoy says:

        how many does ” your clippers” have? dingdong.. talk to us after you get a ring!!!. for you my friend, try to watch the games or better yet play the game first before you react. it seems like you dont know what you are talking about.

      • matt says:

        hey dannyboy, have you ever heard of sarcasm???? i’m form Belgium and i can even spot his sarcasm, srsly dude?

    • Max says:

      PLEASE,KOBE at fault???GET A LIFE and NOT QUACK!!KOBE IS THE ONLY TICKET DRAW IN LA. YOU failed to mentioned P.Gasol, well he is a very injured player that has tried to compete, WHY??NO ONE ON THE BENCH TO PLAY. Owners are too smart to blame the main cog in this wheel. Kobe Bryant is that one tested peice to put the ball in the Basket over and over. I have never been a follower of KOBE. BUT HE DESERVES all the praise and yes he has been proven and the hardware to back up this statement. Nash, has also got the hardware, and the Lakers hired NASH AS A PG. TO SET UP and run PLAYS, HOWARD. just cannot bring it, bottom line, HOWARD IS JUST NOT THERE!WHY???HEALTH bad?YES. BUT TO STAND PERFECTLY STILL and NOT make FREE THROWS????? A WHEELCHAIR TALENTED PLAYER with self confidence and can do repetitions can make FREE THROWS. FT’S WIN AND LOSE BB GAMES. CHECK THE STATS!!! HOWARD JUST CANNOT REPEAT EACH ACTION TO COMPETE AT THE FREE THROW STRIPE. WILL HE EVER???WELL AMARE DID LEARN THE IMPORTANCE OF MADE FT’S, but HOWARD IS ON THEN OFF. THAT IS NOT the sign of a SUPER STAR!!!!sorry!!! maybe when Howard is older???Time well tell if Howard has the committment>>>>>

  133. slider821 says:

    Jameson to Charlotte? I haven’t seen news of that. Anyone have a link or other details?

    • Lakers#1 says:

      There is no such trade going on!

      What the Lakers need to do is to trade Pau Gasol + 1 for Kevin Love (even though he is injured). The Timberwolves want Gasol playing with Rubio and that would be a lethal combination, where Gasol would be playing at his natural 5 giving them 20-25 points and 10-15 rebounds every game. It is also well known that Kevin Love wants out of the Timberwolves. Love would fit perfectly with this Lakers team, giving them a great 4 with youth and speed.

      Also, Lakers transition defence might be the worst I have ever seen!

    • SmoothMM says:

      That’s where Jamison was contemplating signing in the offseason before he signed with the Lakers.

      • SmoothMM says:

        The writer used “pining” to say that Jamison may now miss the opportunity to play for Bobcats to emphasize the intensity of his situation riding the bench or maybe to show how badly the Lakers are struggling based on the high expectations.

    • Ian your face says:

      Writer is referring to the Bobcats’ offer for Jameson before he decided to opt for Lakers instead. In the end he turned down the chance to play out his career for his hometown Bobcats for one year with a legitimate contender..


      Go Celtics!