Cousins-To-Boston Fun To Ponder, Anyway

The idea of in some sense rewarding DeMarcus Cousins for the havoc he has wreaked yet again on the Sacramento Kings grates on some of us here at the HTB Hideout. When you’re the best player on your team’s roster, you’re supposed to fix things, not escape them.

But the flip side of any rumored Cousins-to-Boston trade coin is that the Celtics would be the ones getting rewarded. Proud, aging stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, along with respected coach Doc Rivers, would get a XXXL-sized transfusion in wring a bit more postseason success from the era begun nearly six years ago.

The third side of that coin, though, would ask: Would a trade from 13-21 Sacramento to 16-17 Boston qualify anymore as a reward?

OK, so that’s a little snarky. But seven years of lottery finishes (and four coaching changes) has left the Kings a core of young talent. Marcus Thornton, Tyreke Evans, Jason Thompson, Isaiah Thomas, James Johnson and Cousins all are 26 or younger. Chuck Hayes (29) and Aaron Brooks (27 till next week) still are helpful pieces. Rookie forward Thomas Robinson, the fifth pick in the Draft in June, has had a bumpy start but perked up both in performance and in awareness on the road this weekend in Toronto and Brooklyn.

Cousins, of course, remains the key. He has averaged 20.8 points, 13.5 rebounds, 5.0 assists and 1.8 steals over the last six games, driving Sacramento’s 4-2 mark. He has exasperated team members, staffers and fans alike with his unprofessionalism, which earned him a team suspension right before Christmas. Yet there is no denying Cousins’ skills and potential – that’s what keeps the apologists alive and the trade market in overdrive.

It’s hard to know what to believe at the moment. Sam Amick, USA Today‘s rock-solid NBA guy who is based in Sacramento, continues to report that the Kings are not moving Cousins.

But, like a lot of Boston fans, wondered if the Celtics’ decision to waive Kris Joseph and Jarvis Varnado might suggest – open roster spots! – that some multi-player maneuver was in the works. That speculation had life breathed into it by, via a Twitter item based on an anonymous source to that site’s Patrick Gilroy:

(Notice that the replies to that “tweet” ranged from @JFunkyD_JD’s “We need to do something to shake up the mix” and @RiGronkulous87’s “I’ll believe it when I see it” to @seanoblizalo’s “I just threw up.”)

Meanwhile, Boston sports reporter Mike Petraglia of WEEI was offering up an idea that would have the Celtics headed in an entirely different direction: Trading Garnett, the oldest guy on the roster, in a move for now but especially later.

The Celtics have precious few trading chips to do what they really need to do, and that is move forward.

The Celtics are not going to even sniff the NBA finals as currently constituted. I wrote in this space last week that the Celtics should get Garnett some help. But after what I watched last week on the West Coast and Wednesday against Memphis in person, I’m convinced another big man won’t make up the talent deficit the Celtics face. Even worse, if the Celtics decide to improve the roster, it will come at the expense of at least Bradley, if not draft picks.

That’s exactly what [Celtics basketball boss Danny] Ainge should not do. … This is about rebuilding a roster with the type of younger and more athletic talent it takes to compete year in and year out.

Obviously, the Cousins and Garnett schools of thought could only co-exist in a trade of three or more teams. Even if Garnett were to waive his no-trade clause, he wouldn’t do so to relocate to Sacramento. The Kings, likewise, would have little use, while still on training wheels, for the pricey 36-year-old.

Cousins as the centerpiece of roster renewal in Boston? Garnett landing with a team with real championship potential? Sure, it’s all fun to ponder. All long shots, too.


  1. Bob M says:

    I don’t think the Celts have the pieces for Big Cuz, but I believe that he will be traded. He went psychotic and can’t handle his emotions. You may say his stats are awesome, but they are not winning. Winning is what he needs more than anything. I think the team that could get him easily is OKC. They could give Ibaka, Lamb, and some of those 1st rounders they got from Houston. Then, they could dump Evans’ contract and have a fat future, full of potential and low salary cap.

    • Kamote says:

      OKC had to choose between Ibaka and Harden who to extend, so they actually let a talent of Harden’s caliber go because of Ibaka. They already have their core in KD, Westbrook and Ibaka. They won’t trade him for Cousins.

      • waltwilliams55 says:

        The Kings already have a low salary cap and good players, wtf would they just give away talent? The Maloofs do not want to spend any money, run the team to the ground on a budget so that Stern will grant them a free “bailout” move. Ibaka’s big contract makes no sense.

  2. Rubbe Evers says:

    Ainge made some bad decisions before like trading Perks for Green. From that point everything was cover up for Ainge. The Big hole he left in the Center position was one of the toughest decision to make with less “very good” centers available. Ainge was impatient with his decision making and its possible that he’ll be impatient again with this trade rumors with Cousins.

  3. Kamote says:

    I’d rather Boston keep their KG, Pierce and not shoot for Cousins. What might help though (at least for this year) is to trade Green, Lee and Fab for Varejao + player. Varejao’s energy can help the Celtics in their last run, while having Green and Fab is a good core for the budding Cavs.

  4. If I were the Kings Manager.......... says:

    Cousins isn’t the problem , he’s just the distraction

    Jimmer or Isaiah

    Brooks or Thornton

    Two of these players would go. I’d put Tyreke back at Point Guard for a bigger defensive lineup. Then Use Travis Outlaw’s length for defense, and bring the two remaining guards off the bench.

    Then I’d put Hayes, Garcia, and Honeycutt on the trading block for a shotblocker and another longer defensive Wing, and a backup for Cousins.

    Between Tyreke, Cousins, Salmons, and the two remaining guards we shouldn’t need points. Dump everyone else and get better defensively. We shouldn’t get blown out by 20-30 points every time we have a bad shooting night.

    That leaves

    ——- 2 small scoring guards
    ——- 1 shotblocker
    ——- 1 backup for Cousins
    ——– 1 defensive wing

  5. LMAO-also u know what? I think that we Celts fans may have been spoiled by the “07 all star acquisitions & immediate 1 year turn around from worst team in the league to best & Champs. The stars were alighned for it to happen when it did. Chemistry came right off the back @ the beggining of that season so we expect that since & also now. Also anyone notice the way other teams (heat, ny, etc) been trying to copy Celts since,NNNNNOT to be duplicated ever in one year,never ever!!! Now the way Celts played ny tonight-SMACKING THE TASTE OUT THEIR MOUTH ESP melo- & oh yeah w/o Rondo-does anyone really wana see any trade. Hence my fello brethren Celts fans-fret not-Celts r well on their way!!!

  6. @ Eric m.-i hear u bro-i guess some of this is just for blog sake but WHAT R THESE PEOPLE SMOKING w/ their trade scenerio coments??? I know that this article was just a thoughts “to ponder” thing-but COMONMAN-people should know better by now than to count out a Doc Rivers coached team as Shaq quoted last year @ some point during the season as his colleagues were counting Celts out to not make it too far in last years playoffs!!! Listen people-The Truth Pierce is definitely gonna retire a Celt, KG definitely also, & Rondo i see as a Celt for life. The rest r great pieces (Green=multi talented fit & future allstar, Bradley=#1defender since the “80”s=culture shocker=F!?!?! BEAST, Sully=BEAST who won’t be denied on of or def, Lee=def powess & hard to the basket) i’d hate to see go, it’s just taking time for the chemistry to play out in games. I can see these other pieces being Celts for a long time. Probably just add couple more pieces w/ them. Even Doc said earlier this season he likes the team they have, just wana see it play out in games. What can i say? I’m just one of those fans who doesn’t count his team out period when things aren’t going well!!! I expected them to go all the way last year & I expect them to go further this year!!!

  7. Me says:

    And who come sup with these ideas? KG for Cousins? HAHAHA…stupid on Ainge’s part

  8. Chuck says:

    I agree, there will be no trade, unless Rondo is included. The C’s are ancient and have no-one the Kings could use and turn their team into a plus, except Rondo. I love these scenarios thrown up here. I’ll give you my s**t and you give me your superstar. Sounds fair to me!

    • steagle says:

      Well look at the Dwight trade – LA basically gave up nothing for him considering Bynum was on the chopping block anyways. There are ways to get star players to your team. Future draft picks, multiple players (who can then be leveraged by the other team for more trades), money, etc. While I don’t think Cousins will make it over to Boston it’s certainly not out of the question from a logistical standpoint.

  9. Eric M says:

    I love how you “experts” continue to write the Celtics off at 16-17. You know, they were 2 games below .500 at the all-star break last season, and look where they made it.

    You may end up eating your words again…

  10. Manny C says:

    There will be no Cousins trade. KG will not agree to go to SacTown. We shouldn’t give up Rondo for a guy who won’t make our offense run. We shouldn’t give up Bradley who much like Garnett, changes our defensive culture. Paul Pierce is out of the Question. He is the voice of reason in the Locker room. He gives our guys reason to believe, as confirmed at halftime during the hawks game. The Celtics would be better off either signing Kenyon Martin, trading for Marcin Gortat/Jefferson, or standing pat and letting Chemistry do it’s thing.

  11. jeryy says:

    I can see a Rondo-Cousin fight if he will go to celtics.

  12. HonestGuy says:

    I thought the whole point of taking Cousins to Boston was to have KG bark in his ear until he matured.

  13. Mike says:

    The C’s need a third team in this scenario if they don’t want to trade sullinger, bradley or green because they are the “future” of the franchise (not even talking about the big three). If Im Ainge I will be willing to talk with Denver or Utah because they have deep teams and some talented players they are misusing.

    With Utah: Celtics receive Cousins. Utah gets Jason Terry (they need a 1-2 that can shoot 3s) and a 2nd round pick from Cs. Kings get Enes Kanter (or Favors) Courtney Lee and some round picks for the next years.
    Utah has 4 big men and need shooters so they might be willing to trade one of them, Kings get a promising big and round picks and Celtics gets Cousins.

    With Denver (even more difficult): Celtics get Cousins. Denver gets Tyreke Evans (Ty Lawson might leave and Tyreke its going to leave in summer anyway, so just start building from 0 through the draft and hope to get Shabazz Muhammad or someone like this). Kings get Wilson Chandler (misused by Denver, still young and can improve a lot), Courtney Lee (or J-Terry) and Fab Melo. Sacramento receives 1st round picks from both C’s and Nuggets.

    I totally made this up and I know its really difficult but I can’t think of any other trade possibility without moving Bradley, Sullinger, Green or the Big Three.

    Sorry for my english!! 😉

  14. Leo says:

    “right” mind set :))

  15. Leo says:

    C’s should take Gortat from phx and it would give them something more than just few points. He is ready to be in finals and more over has a ride mindset for team like today’s Celtics.

  16. Ricson says:

    Let’s make it Happen… De Marcus Cousins and John Salmons to Boston Celtics Traded to Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jason Terry and Jared Sullinger Both teams will Benefits.

    • slider821 says:

      problem with that scenario is the Kings would be taking on a HUGE payroll with those four players and the Maloofs are not about to spend any more money than they have to.

  17. waltwilliam55 says:

    Boston has not one piece of pie worth Cousins to Sacramento, The 3 way trade would be the only way, but giving Cousins up does nothing to help Sacramento who sadly is going to lose Tyreke Evans for nothing as well. F the Maloofs. And how are you going to come up with some skeevy article about Garnett actually leaving Boston?

    • Shadowspinner says:

      Not to mention a strong factor that would favor Cousins to Boston would be the fact that Garnett could mentor the young talent and develop him into a professional and not just an athlete. Trading Garnett away would remove a major piece of the puzzle for the theoretical long term success of the trade. Yes, Doc and Pierce can carry some weight, but Garnett is the perfect mentor for someone like Cousins.

  18. Gabci says:

    I can’t imagine that C’s would like to lose Bradley, Green or Sullinger for Cousins.
    He’s a great prospect, but the Celtic”s kids are, too.
    Try Fab, they need rebounds and blocks.

  19. J-Short says:

    Celtics dont need Cousins they alreayd have Fab Melo and other young bigs to groom with less beef and no rocky past. The veterans in Boston could mentor Cousins no doubt but the team does not need him.

    • slider821 says:

      Sounds like this article is BS given that Cousins ‘is not available’. However, let’s be NBA bloggers for a bit and run with a BS story till it’s wheels fall off; Who would the Celtics trade for Cousins?

      I can’t even come up with a reasonable trade scenario but I’ll do my best….

      Boston: Cousins, Outlaw, Salmons
      Kings: Garnet, Green

      Not likely but best I could come up with. Problem is Celtics have an overpaid roster of underperformers, kings have an underpaid roster of underperformers. Seems like Kings best interest is to put money into coaching/staff instead of trades.

      What are some other, more realistic trade scenarios?

    • amitpal says:

      Ok first of all if u think garnett is going anywhere u know nothing about basketball. Now lets get real. Celtics need cousins and they can makw a move to get cousin.
      Kings get jeff green jared sulinger and fab melo
      Celtics get demarcus cousins and anybody else for salary purposes.
      Cousins wants out of sacremento and I think kings will have no choice to trade him. With celtics youll a couple of good young players who have been trained under kevin Garnett. These young players r talented and have good character unlike the kings whole roster. The kings will lose out of this trade but if they keep cousin they will lose much worse.

      • slider821 says:

        I wouldn’t expect the Cs to trade Garnett but the article mentions the idea proposed by a boston sports reporter, who I hope would know more about the Celtics intentions than myself.

        If they don’t trade one of the big 3, I don’t see why the Kings would take the offer. Go look at each team’s roster and salary and consider the Maloofs are the cheapest owners in the league, they WILL NOT take on more money. Cousins salary is low compared to his talent. Getting Green who is paid twice as much for Cousins would never happen. Never. Green, Sully, and Fab for cousins would cost the Maloofs a fortune and thus would never happen.

        The other way I see Cousins getting traded is if the Kings can bundle him with their other two overpaid contracts; Outlaw and Salmons. And they would want some serious talent in return, likely a veteran talent since they have so much youth the coaching staff can’t seem to manage.

        I think we both just answered that all this means Cousins is not going anywhere.