Warriors-Clippers A Budding Rivalry


HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — During their franchise record-setting 17-game win streak, one team was notably absent from the list of victims: the Golden State Warriors.

Rather the Warriors posted two victories over the NBA’s new darlings from Tinseltown, one at the front end and another at the back end of the Clippers’ streak. So when the Warriors strolled into Staples Center on Saturday night fresh off a 115-94 flogging of the lob-a-licious Clips on Wednesday night in Oakland, Chris Paul and Co. were waiting with carving knives out.

Yet, it wasn’t so much the most recent Warriors uprising that had Paul and his buddies in a tizzy. Nope, it was Golden State’s 114-110 win in L.A. way back on Nov. 3, and that young squad’s ensuing celebration that rankled CP3.

“The first time they beat us here, you would have thought they won the NBA Finals,” Paul told reporters after the Clippers gouged Golden State, 115-89, Saturday night at Staples. “Then they beat us up there pretty handily, so we wanted to protect our home court. This was the third time we’ve played those guys at the end of a back-to-back, so we knew if we let them get out and run, we’d be in for a long night.”

The Clippers’ victory set yet another franchise record, a 12th consecutive home win.

“We’ve been pretty good at home,” said Paul, who was spectacular in posting 27 points (10-for-12 shooting), nine assists, five rebounds and no turnovers in just 28 minutes. “I think that’s 12 in a row for us here. It’s all about our fans, and we feed off them. So we’ve got to keep making this a tough place to play.”

The Clippers’ are now 17-3 at Staples, which is two more wins than their star-studded co-tenant has all season.

In a Pacific Division dominated by those iron-clad Lakers since the beginning of time, with Sacramento and Phoenix popping up for spurts, there are clearly two new kids on the block.

And these Warriors and Clippers are gaining a healthy dislike for one another.

Unfortunately there’s just one more regular-season meeting between the two, a MLK matinee on Jan. 21 back at always raucous Oracle Arena.

After that, and god-willing, it’ll take a playoff series to carry on this burgeoning battle of I-5.

And how many times has anyone been able to say that?


  1. James says:

    GSW are improved for sure. But GS fans are getting too excited, GS is in fifth place. While they won the first two games, they were fairly average wins. Now that LA knows what do with them, they blew them out by 40 points without their top scorer. That was actually the worst i i have seen any team beat all year. No shame in losing to LAC of course. GS is getting ahead of themselves though. They must be the most arrogant 5th place team in the history of the league.

    Some people are getting worked up about Griffin getting compared to MJ by the Clips announcers, but what about GS announcers calling David Lee better than Griffin? Its obviously GS thinks they are way better than they are. The Lakers can’t win a game, yet they beat GS at home recently. GS is a cool team, not on the Clippers level by any means though. Lee and Curry really didn’t even look like they belonged in the NBA in the last game. GS doesn’t have an answer for Chris Paul, and they don’t have anybody who can contain Griffin. Frankly, in the Warrior’s last win, they were lucky that Clips had one of their worst shooting nights of the year.

    • Warriors4Life says:

      Clips are lucky Warriors has the worst shooting night of the year. The reason they lose the last game.

    • The Bay says:

      Missed the point buddy. Lee-Griffin is at least a comparison a sane person would make. Griffin-MJ? gtfo.

  2. THEKUNZ says:

    GSW>CLIPS… The last game they played each other in was a fluke, GSW played their worst game of the season. Clippers are a good team but the Warriors potentially could be a BIG threat to them in the playoffs.

    • James says:

      They played their worst game because it was against the Clippers. The standings speak for themselves.

  3. STEVE says:


  4. Warriors4Life says:

    Clippers North Warriors South… Bandwagon does not know what this means. They are busy rooting for Lakers

  5. Rocket33 says:

    All rivalries have to start somewhere. Its just the world we live in today that means everything is reported on before it’s even happened. The Clippers and Warriors should be rivals and I think it’s good for the league that they’re both playing well. But the bottom line is that the Lakers will always be the biggest story, no matter what the standings say. So the other teams should be fighting it out for the next biggest thing in the state. Sacramento were up there for a while but that seems like a long time ago now.

    As for the OKC – Miami rivalry. Growing up in the 80’s as I did my initial thought was blasphemy when seeing it compared to Lakers – Celtics. But again, give it a chance to develop and who knows in 20 years time.

  6. Anchorman says:

    If only people knew what budding meant, there wouldn’t be so many stupid comments.

  7. timoten says:

    uhhh neither Oakland or Staples Center goes off the I-5 freeway….. ::facepalm::

  8. Congratulation Clippers and thanks for those supporting it

  9. The Bay says:

    Sit down Clippers (likely bandwagon) fans; don’t get ahead of yourselves. The Warriors don’t need a writer to draw up a so-called rivalry to validate how amazing they’ve been so far and neither do Dubs fans. How personally Clipper fans are taking an article or two like this is as ludicrous as that one Clippers broadcaster from last night saying Blake Griffin is as exciting to watch as MJ back in the day. It’s not that serious so chill.

    • Common Sense says:

      If you’re talking to the bandwagon fans I couldn’t care less and I agree, But your sure aren’t talking to REAL Clipper Fans. REAL Clipper fans have respect for the game and respect for the Warriors. Let’s not forget we had Baron Davis for a little while and we know exactly where he came from and what he did in that organization. Also we were all watching them destroy the mavs in the playoffs that one year. With that said, this isn’t a rivalry, rivalries are born in the playoffs, and usually multiple playoffs. Warriors mavs were almost a rivalry, especially with the Avery Johnson/Don Nelson.
      By the way, even CP3 and Barnes said we had to bring the energy to this team, we all have respect
      Finally, Griffin is exciting, period. Of course OUR announcers are going to give him praise. HE DESERVES IT! Can anyone be compared to Jordan? No, PERIOD! But you can’t blame a loyal Clipper announcer for being proud

    • James says:

      That is funny, what about the Warrior’s announcers saying David Lee is better than Blake Griffin? Nobody outside of the bay area thinks that. Warriors are good so are a dozen other teams, Clippers are elite. The standings speak for themselves. GS is in fifth place, and that is the highest they will get. Clippers are in and out of first place and the best record in the league. GS won’t even win the division. Calm down Warriors.

  10. Rickson says:

    Clippers beat any though team in the league right now

  11. clippers4ever says:

    Cmon.. it’s not a rivalry. LAC-LAL is a rivalry. Hell, even Memphis-LAC is more of a rivalry. The Warriors just aren’t on the same level. They’re the only ones trying to call it that.. They took two wins, so what, it’s the regular season. Just wait until the playoffs begin and the record disparity between the two teams is even higher. This talk will seem completely irrelevant hten.

    • Common Sense says:

      Look, I’m a clippers fan too but I don’t agree they aren’t on the same level. I do agree that it’s not a rivalry. But it is a division rival so only in that sense you can call it a rivalry. But everyone in their division is a rival. Lakers are technically a rival more because we fight over the same turf. Memphis more of a rival for the reason that rivals are born in the playoffs and a game 7 in Memphis is a tough one for Grizzlies fans to chew on. But if two-three games creates a rival than Spurs Clippers are a rivalry since we beat them here and then there at home. Clippers Jazz because we beat them twice at home and once here,(only team to beat them twice at Energy Solutions, and the fans hate us) People say rivals so quick that every game becomes a rivalry game and the topic becomes truly stupid. Just wait, Clippers/heat in the championship and the true rivalry is born. The Heat will hate Clipper Darrell by the end of this year:)

    • Dubs4ever says:

      Oh please!!! Stop acting like the Clippers are in a much higher level than the Warriors. Yes, I commend the Clips for the 17 game win streak. That’s not an easy task at all, and they have my full respect for that. But during that span, the Warriors won most of their games as well. I’m not sure I’d call it a rivalry yet, but it sure is looking to be heading in that direction. Something is brewing for sure. If the Clippers didn’t think the Warriors were on the same level as them, they wouldn’t have gotten offended with anything the Warriors have done in the previous 2 wins. But since they are taking them personally, then it means they know that the Warriors is not a team they can overlook, and need added motivation to play against. I’m not going to make any excuses for the Warriors last night. They got beat, and got beat bad. The Clippers were definitely the better team last night, and was much more focused and ready for the game. Just like how the Warriors were the better team several days ago, and was the more focused team.

  12. CAM says:

    So happy to see the Warriors getting recognition after the past couple years. They’ve been almost invisible for as long as I remember and now Curry is even getting a shot at being MVP and with Lee they might even make the All-Star Game. It would be such a revitalizing factor for us Warrior fans especially since its a rivalry with one of the best in the league.

  13. bob says:

    o how easily people forget that warriors beat clippers twice this season already. its one game.

  14. feelazone says:

    ***i mean only OKC was in the contender list team was not beatin by LAC..

  15. clipps89 says:

    as a clipper fan, i actually see more of a rivalry with Memphis…they battled out in the playoffs and every game has been feisty.

  16. feelazone says:

    Oh, I forgot, OKC was beaten 3x by LAC last season. how sad that LAC starters Paul & Griffin were already hurt before their face-off with the SAS in 2nd round play-off. Injuries really hurt clippers last season… And just watch if Billups & Hill will return healthy & play the same way they did, LAC will have so many player option. Depth will make them unpredictable & will probably send them to NBA championship and make them champ this season.

  17. feelazone says:

    I told u that GSW can’t hold with their defense. But the moderator of this blog sometimes never post my comment. How frustrating as a follower…. LAC reach a 39-point lead, so where is the defense of the GSW there. Let see in the end of the regular season, if where is the GSW. many teams can chase the playoff spot, namely: MEM, LAL, HOU, DEN, UTA, POR, MIN, & even DAL if Dirk can get back on track & Cuban can make a move for a trade… based on the stat, skills of the players, depth, teamwork, etc, clippers can now be considered as a title contender. only OKC beat them, but its just in OT. let see the LAC vs OKC if they will face-off again..

    • HAH! says:

      Yet the Warriors won the 1st two meetings? Where’s your logic in that?

    • thatweirdodante says:

      last year GS was dead last in rebounding and defense and this year is a complete 180. we(GS) have the record over LAC 2-1 so as far as i know we still beat you more times. just like how Orlando can brag about beating us twice. dont get me wrong though CP3 is my favorite PG then Curry but all this talk about rivaly?!?! both teams havent done anything yet like coach mark jackson said “were just two teams trying to change our recent history” the real rivalry is just SoCal vs NorCal because i know you dont like the bay area just like none of us like SoCal, lol

  18. cp3 the best pg says:

    now its a rivalry earlier you guys were saying golden state have the clips number make up your mind

  19. LakersSUHK says:

    GSW 2 wins LAC 1.

  20. celts says:

    In the next 2 or 3 years golden state should be in the top 3 in the west

  21. Mark says:

    Yes, it is nice to see a changing of the guard…no longer a Phoenix/LA Lakers dominance. I wished the NBA would pursue these rivalries by setting up in-season regional tournaments. It would mix things up and generate more interest.

  22. isaac says:

    this is the 4th team this season that NBA.com has tried to start as a budding rivalry involving the Clips (MEM, SA, and LAL being the others).

    I’d say so far the Clips main rivals have been Memphis, Lakers, GS, and then the Spurs, in that order.

    • slider821 says:

      These writers seem to think that playing 3 games against a team in the same conference constitutes a rivalry. Soon they’ll be talking about a Nuggets Lakers rivalry.

  23. Kamote says:

    This is something you wouldn’t have thought years ago :). As much as it puzzles me that the elites like LAL, Dallas (and for a time Houston and Utah) are now struggling to maintain their playoff runs, its good to know teams like the Thunder, Warriors, Wolves, Griz and Clips making a scene in the West. Now, when can that happen to the Bobcats in the East :)?

  24. kyungho says:

    I think its too early to call it a rivalry.
    They play on totally different levels.
    Obviously GSW is flattered by these rivalry something.

  25. nba says:

    LA Clippers should be LA Lobsters !

  26. Game Time says:

    What a sweet victory for the Clippers. GS got a taste of their own medicine after doing all that taunting and celebrating a few days ago, and Marc Jackson is a hypocrite. Trying to get the refs to give the Clippers techs for doing the same thing his team did.