White Says Chances High He Won’t Play


HANG TIME, Texas — While he has never stepped once onto the court in an official game during an ongoing dispute with the Rockets, rookie Royce White now says there is a good chance his NBA career is already over. He blames the league for the lack of protocol on mental health issues, which include his generalized anxiety disorder.

“I think that the chances are very high,” White told Justin Termine and former NBA player Mateen Cleaves in an interview on Sirius/XM radio. “I say that just like I said before the draft that the chances were very high that I didn’t even get drafted. Because business in America, as we all know, is about one thing and that’s convenience and efficiency. Often times what the efficient thing to do is not the healthiest thing to do, right? It wouldn’t shock me if we couldn’t be logical and say a protocol is needed because it’ll be the hard thing to do. If that’s the case then so be it. I stand on what I say and I refuse to put myself in a hazardous situation to play a sport.”

White has said in the past that the Rockets, who selected him with the No. 16 pick in the draft, have been inconsistent with their support, untruthful in handling his situation and are not following the recommendations of the doctors he’s consulted in making a plan for him to join the team.

White said playing for another NBA team is not a solution, because there is no league-wide protocol for mental health issues.

“I don’t see that going to another team would help anything because no matter what team I go to a protocol is still going to need to be put in place,” he said. “It’s a league thing. The reality is that it is not Houston’s fault.

“I don’t really think going to another team is something that would be better. And it’s not something that I want to do. I want to play for Houston.”

White has been apart from teammates since the second week of the regular season. He underwent individual workouts at Toyota Center last week when the Rockets were on the road. The club then tried to assign him to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA D-League, as the second part of a plan to return. But White released a statement the following day saying he would not accept the D-League assignment.

The Rockets will not comment on their internal dealings with White.


  1. hcg shots says:

    You nailed it. Thank you for posting that. I’ll definitely check again to find out more and tell my people about it.

  2. ism says:

    I do not know the least about this story and do not think it’s important for me to really catch up on the issue, BUT:
    I am shocked at how ignorantly most people present themselves towards mental illnesses here, in the comments.
    I mean, I really do not know what REALLY went on and do not intend to look it all up, but if you have a guy with a mental disorder, a talented one at that, saying that it’s “all his fault” as some did, is clearly showing a lack of education or experience or both.

    • D says:

      Just don’t expect your employer to handle your issues. Collect disability and go get the help you need to be comfortable. In this case the accommodations needed would not be sufficient to the employer. He can’t do the job as required.

  3. zgillet says:

    Talk about 1st world problems…

  4. A.J. says:

    This loser knucklehead is a more entitled version of Delonte West.

    A lot of nutty posts here that don’t understand what the ADA does and doesn’t require of employers, as well. What a jerk this guy is. Young and stupid, and this charade is something he’s going to look back on 20 years from now (if he makes it that long) and will be kicking himself until his tibias are nothing but dust.

  5. ron says:

    97% of the comments proove of a shocking lack empathy. How can people be so ignorant? And just judge judge judge

    • zgillet says:

      It’s hard to be empthetic to a kid turning down millions of dollars when I can’t afford new tires and owe a college 20 grand.

  6. Adam says:

    the really sad thing is that some other kid has missed out on an nba career because this guy took up a draft pick

  7. If the guy wants to play the game he will play. It is no ones fault, if its too much stress for him then he needs to quit.

  8. NoPainNoGain says:

    Royce who? Is this he even a rotation player? What has he done for us lately? He sure has a lot of request for someone who hasn’t done sh_ _ for the organization and hasn’t played 1 single NBA game in his whole life!

  9. Barry Lird says:

    Bro.. go work a register somewhere. Seriously?

  10. Josh says:

    Kurt Angle wrestled in the 1996 Olympics with a broken neck. You think I want to hear anything about Royce White being scared? No.

  11. Albert says:

    can royce white get off the league already im sick and tired of hearing about him UR PATHETIC royce white

  12. johnny dawson says:

    If a guy is too short to play in the NBA, nobody says that not letting him play is picking on a guy for a disability. It is just the way the cookie crumbles, he was born with an inadequacy. So why should it be any different for a mental inadequacy?

  13. Awid44 says:

    Is Metta World Peace has mental issue also??

  14. Distraction says:

    A distraction….

  15. kelvin says:

    if you don’t have an anxiety disorder yourself, its not right to comment. Anxiety is a lot worse than ppl think and it doesn’t just go away on its own.

    • I HAVE says:

      I have disorder too, that’s why I dont declare myself at the draft. I hope you feel better.

    • D says:

      I don’t have a mental disabiltiy or so I don’t think. However I am a fan of the NBA and therfore I do have the right to comment. There are different levels of anxiety. If your disorder is so severe that you can’t perform your job duties, then you have some other options. You don’t have to go home…But the NBA is not where you need to be. I’ve been on my job 20 years and I either have to perfom my duties or someone else will. It’s selfish to bring down the business because of one person’s issues. That’s what the problem is in this country. There is far too much entitlement and not enough personal responsibility.

  16. Nyisha says:

    For the indviduals that say stop writing about him and who cares, apparently enought people to keep alot of comments regarding him on these various posts. Seriously look at all the comments, mostly from people claiming not be care. Well you sure took your precious time to comment about how irrelevant this guy is. I agree that he is not taking proactive and indivual responsiblity approach to his situation but as long as there are people who are interested enought to comment on this issue, regardless of whether they support him, we will continue to see weekly articles about this guy. Lucky us.

  17. coold says:

    Doctors, therapists, medications… just knock him out cold every time he flies… A-Team style… cheaper and no fuss.

  18. Bersem says:

    Should play in France or Belgium : less travel to do ! 😀 Oooh Damned I’ve forgotten smthg : must first cross the Atlantic Ocean !

  19. Micah says:

    I’d say that his anxiety is his problem and his responsability, not the team’s, not the league’s. They can help him deal with it, but that’s his burden to carry. The solution should come from him. If the guy can’t fly, there’s not much the franchise can do. He could still play the home games though, but that’s not good for the rotation. I guess the NBA, with the pressure from the competition and the media, and the tough schedule all over the country, is not the best place for people with high level of anxiety in the first place. I mean, he knew he had this problem before he got drafted right? I wonder what he expected? That the league would provide him with a solution for this? It’s a shame because he has a great talent but a lot of young great players never managed to make it in the NBA. That’s too bad but that’s how the game is, and there is nothing anybody can do for him.

  20. WHERE ARE THE MEDS? says:

    The NBA makes billions of dollars, yet can’t find Royce White the proper medication to get on a freaking plane. SMH

  21. natefilewood says:

    Heres the perfect solution, Let the dude drive. That way, when Houston have an East/West coast swing, he can drive off whilst the rest of the team fly. By the time he gets to New York, the Rockets will have played and boarded the plane to Cleveland or Washington. He might make it to DC by the time the team lands in LA. Hopefully, if the schedule is on the Rockets side, that should leave him stranded somewhere in the middle of the US trying to get to where the team is.
    This way, he can have his protols in place, the team can carry on doing what they do and the rest of us can get on with reading about PLAYERS who are leaving families, fears and phobia’s at the door of the luxury team plane.

  22. NBA-A league says:

    The NBA should create a new team or new league ! The NBA-A league and A for anxiety! Team names? For example, Morgan State Nervousness! Guess who will watch that!? Roycie of course!

  23. TOMG says:


  24. TOMG says:


  25. Dw12 says:

    Blame the Rockets!!!,! Too stupid to waste a pick on royccc written (did I get his name right?) should have signed me! At least I can flay, I don’t get nervous, and I can give you 6 fouls!! I m an 5’8″ Asian so maybe I’m the next linsanity too!!

  26. Bok says:

    This attention seeker should just be flipping burgers, then and only then he’ll realize how lucky he was. It’s such an insult to other players who work their butts out just to make the cut. Just pure disrespect for the league and the game.

  27. Tophercheese says:

    @AnxiousRoyce: The protocol isn’t suitable as it protocls protocolers who are protocoling in protocoldom.

  28. cdashq says:

    This is just sad all around. Royce White should have researched what protocols if any surrounding mental health and illness existed within the NBA before even entering his name in the draft. By entering his name, he is taking a big step in saying “YES, I WANT TO PLAY IN THE NBA, KNOWING I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS THAT MAY MAKE IT VERY DIFFICULT TO PLAY UNLESS CERTAIN CONDITIONS ARE MET”. He should have at least done enough research to feel confidant in putting himself in the draft.

    The Rockets, who saw the talent and the mental health issue, took a risk, like all teams do, when they drafted him, but do you think the Rockets drafted him with the expectation that they were going to be difficult and unaccommodating for a player that they want to see do well, improve, develop and ultimately reach his potential? Hell NO! They drafted him with the awareness of his illness and the intent to aid him in playing. With that being the case, they also are a business and a part of a larger business (NBA) which has expectations of their employees and conditions that must be met in order to be fit to participate.

    Not knowing every detail regarding the support that the Rockets have offered, going by what has been released to the public, it really appears that the Rockets have made concessions that they would not make for other players in order to enable White to play, but their expectation of White is that he will also be accommodating to the fact that he is now a part of the organization and that organization will ask of him things that colleges or high school teams wouldn’t have asked because colleges and high schools are in the business of paying with education, not with $$. Royce White should have come into the situation saying ” YES I KNOW I STRUGGLE WITH THIS ILLNESS, BUT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, DESPITE MY ILLNESS, TO STILL JOIN THE NBA AND GET PAID TO PLAY BASKETBALL, SO I WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY, AND IF THERE ARE SACRIFICES THAT I MAY HAVE TO MAKE, THAT I WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO MAKE IN COLLEGE IN ORDER TO SUCCEED ON THE COURT, THEN I WILL BE WILLING TO MAKE THEM IN ORDER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY OPPORTUNITY. IF I AM STRUGGLING WITH MY MENTAL HEALTH TO THE POINT THAT I CANNOT COPE WITH BEING IN THE NBA, AND THE ROCKETS ARE NOT ABLE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS, THEN I WILL REMOVE MYSELF FROM THE NBA, AND VOID MY CONTRACT.

    Sadly, the perception, based on his Tweets is that he feels the Rockets have essentially gone against their promises, but ask yourself, what did Royce White promise to the Rockets? Ask yourself, did Royce White give himself an opportunity to succeed or did he just look for reasons why the Rockets suggestions, recommendations and expectations would not work. Only Royce and his internal supports and the Rockets know for sure, but under the circumstances, and coming from a person (me) who also suffers from a mental illness, I would think Royce would say “HEY, LET ME AT LEAST TRY SOMETHING AND IF IT IS NOT WORKING THEN AT LEAST I TRIED”

    Right now, it just feels like he didn’t try. It feels like he tried to try, but he didn’t really actually try. I am very sympathetic to his situation, but I do not sympathize with the manner in which he has been handling this situation knowing that he has been dealing with his illness for so long. Even more sadly though is that when the next ultra talented NBA calibre player with a mental illness is eligible for the NBA draft, GMs will likely refer to this situation and not draft the guy for fear of getting hamstrung, even if that player, unlike White, was the type of person that would have been prepared to do whatever it takes, despite his illness, to succeed.

    I had thought Royce would have been an advocate for people with mental illnesses and that you can still achieve the ultimate goals with still having them. So basically, the next time I run into a young person with a mental illness who says they want to be in the NBA, I will have no choice but to say to the kid “Thanks to Royce White, you likely will not get an opportunity to showcase your skills because no GM will draft you because of the red flag your illness will provide”

    Shame on you Royce White, Shame on you.

  29. Kobe says:

    What are the terms in his protocol? Houston has made so many arrangements for him and he keeps on harping about this protocol.

  30. Sambo says:

    The NBA should absolutely cater for peoples problems so they can play. I mean, I’m 5’9, white and have no skills… yet the NBA isn’t willing to provide me the support I need. For shame NBA. FOR SHAME.

    • JHCT says:

      I agree… I have great shooting skills but because I’m short and can’t run fast or jump high no one would sign me, I think the league needs to consider a speed rule so slow players aren’t handicapped and maybe trampolines so we can all jump like Blake. I blame society.

    • natefilewood says:

      hahaha. Brilliant. Curse you NBA for not helping this man realise his dream.

    • Nyisha says:

      This is too funny,

  31. Fefe (Nets) says:

    <damn here very ignorant people, proving that it will be hard to make things progress about anxiety disorders. The NBA needs to have a protocol of course, and it's not like the NBA can't do it (they have the means to do something). Most of people here don't even know what they are talking about. Royce White may have not handled the situation quite well, but he is perfectly right about what he is saying in the interview reported in the article.

    I hope that he'll play one day; he was/is the rookie I really wanted to see play.

  32. Dwight Coward says:

    look white, i got nothin, so i just foul people…try that.

  33. Kalel says:

    Ever watched men of honor? Cuba ggoding jr portrayed a diver who severed his leg in an accident. It was his dream to be a master diver but the navy had no protocol on crippled divers. He perservered, even with his disability, he proved he can reach his dream. That’s what advocacy is all about. Not this rRoyce White.

  34. muncyj says:

    I can see how it may not be possible to play him. I cannot see all the people making fun of him for his illness. I don’t expect Minnesota to play Love with a broken hand. Some things you may not be able to accommodate. I would like to think that Houston and the NBA have tried to accommodate White just like I am sure Minnesota would do whatever they could to accommodate Love if they could get him back onto the court. But, realistically speaking, Basketball isn’t just a physical game. It is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Just like Love’s hand injury is beyond accommodation and they simply cannot play him with the broken hand, White’s limitations may be beyond what Houston can reasonably be expected to deal accommodate. That said, this limitation doesn’t make White somehow less of a human being. Love isn’t a wimp because he cannot play with a broken hand. He is a great guy who has an injury. White isn’t less of a human being because his limitation is mental rather than physical and I believe it is cruel to treat a mental problem that way. Accommodation may be impossible. But it hurts me to see people laugh at him or tell him just tough it up and will his way through it. If things were that simple, go over to the Love story and call Love a wimp, tell him to tough it up, and laugh at him. Love is a great man. He is also an injured man. White is a great man but he is also an injured man. Just because the part of the body that is injured for Love is in the skeletal system and the part of the body that is injured for White is in the nervous system, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Neither can play and neither are wimps.

  35. APHX says:

    Seriously…? insult after insult people? Clown, wussy, psycho, etc, etc? Whaat gives you the right to insult someone who’s struggling with their own issues? Each person has their own demons, and each person can deal better with someone else’s problems, yet struggle on certain others.

    There’s people who don’t like the idea of taking pills and want to try beat it themselves. Who wants to remain zombie like on them? Other people need a psychologist they are comfortable with. Not every psychologist is right for every person.

    Now am I frustrated about a talented player that won’t make it on the NBA court because he’s not comfortable? Sure. Am I going to insult him for it? No.

    That’s his luck… and that’s the luck of the Rockets (apparently everyone knew what they were drafting). If anything it is a good thing this is happening because the NBA will need to include such issues in the future for future players with mental issues. Not all will be scared to fly like White, but it could be something else. The bottom line is that teams and the NBA will need to include for this from now on.

    Good luck to the kid. Hopefully he gets it sorted, overcomes his fears , and maybe one day we’ll see him in the NBA. Hopefully it happens sooner than later because itt would be nice to see the Rockets possibly reap some benefits for theeir investment. Of course that will now be up to him. Best thing I believe to do with him is keep him in Houston, put him on some local team to play home games and get him in the psychologist he seeks. Go from there.

  36. Bob M says:

    I was a Mental Health Case Worker. Mental Health professionals have a pretty low success rate. It seems that Royce relies pretty heavily on their advice. It may be empathetic and supportive, but their job is to “push” you to a higher level. Unfortunately, you have to take the drugs and a long term therapy commitment. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has a much higher success rate for phobias. It changes your perception of the problem, develop new strategies, and works quickly. If Royce or the Rockets are reading this blog, you should look into this therapy. He is a great player, a very rare talent. However, I must agree with most of the comments here. You are running out of time and sympathy.

  37. Catco1 says:

    I cannot believe the amount of insensitivity that has been posted on this issue. Mental health disorders are real problems. There are many individuals who have these similar concerns What we need is a thorough education on the subject matter of Mental Health and less criticism of things that we know very little about…

  38. DWADE 3 says:

    Never heard of this guy. This guy is a wimp

  39. wanted: superstar says:

    He is letting go the “one chance” to be a part of NBA. After 10 years, he will be doing another job (hoping a high-paying Job) while watching his 2012 batch at the peak of their career. His children will say to him: Daddy,you could have been that!

  40. philly says:

    Royce White needs to just go to the D-league and play ball. Yes its his dream and hes worked hard to make it to this point but . . . . when you don’t listen to the front office of an organization, it just shows you aren’t really professional. The front office is a business, they pay you money and to play ball. They are not doctors!! Stop with this childish act Royce White go out there and play basketball

  41. kid says:

    He should come to play in Puerto Rico. Here he wouldn’t need to take any airplanes, there’s not a lot of press, he would feel like in vacation because of the beaches. And if he is good he could get like 100,000 for a regular season of 30 games.

  42. Dennis Calik says:

    leave him alone i am dealing thru the same thing its very hard.i know exactly what hes going thru

  43. Miguel C. says:

    ” business in America, as we all know, is about one thing and that’s convenience and efficiency.”

    -Is it just me or are those TWO things, not just one?

  44. slaine says:

    I would like to see Royce play one game against Lebron lol I think it would be a head to head match up.

  45. PHL says:

    What exactly does he want?

  46. slaine says:

    I dont believe Royce is lazy at all I honestly thought he would come in the league and give Lebron a run for his money.
    In some ways I feel like Royce is not being coopperative with the Rockets but I also believe that the Rockets have been misleading with Royce. There’s no way some GM or Rocket staff member can make decisions for a person witha mental health issue. One major question that tops in my mind is how did Royce manage in college? He needed to fly then whats changed? I honestly think it’s a little of both sides picking on each other to see who’s going to give in first. Sadly if that is the case Royce is being silly and his fans are suffering because of it.

  47. nameless says:

    Royce White you are a scaredycat and a thief!

  48. Allen says:

    What a waste, time for the Rockets to move forward, this guy is basically irrelevant now. It’s time to leave all this excess drama behind us and focus on NBA players who fight problems everyday and still ball hard through out it all.

  49. omitasub says:

    Theres more than 450 players in the nba, and I’m pretty sure ROYCE WHITE is not the only one with an anxiety problem.
    He’s a big drama queen. Too bad, I was a big supporter of this guy, but this is just too much. Get out of the league, play pick up basketball.

  50. Evan Jones says:

    If I was getting paid millions…I’ll do almost anything. Understandable he’s got some issues, but we are in America where you can almost pay your way out of anything. He’s in the NBA who provides great drs. And how much you want to bet he down played how serious his health is until he got drafted. When you put yourself in the draft and NBA, you gotta follow through wth it.

  51. LakersFan says:

    I’ll put money on him suing the league for salary compensation in line with what a number 18 draft pick would receive over his career…

  52. jylfoby says:

    He reminds me of the Kardashians…
    I mean it’s bad that he has this problem, but he’s not good to point where I’d care.

  53. Jbeamon says:

    Just get rid of this guy he is nothing, but trouble. He will never play in the NBA or any pro organization with his problems. I also think his mental health issues are being blown way out of porprotion. He never even attempts to recognize the concessions made by the rockets. All he does is blame other people for his failed career. I hope he never plays in the NBA or any other Professional league

  54. lol says:

    lol…only you, yourself can give up on yourself. Don’t blaming others. You need to fight hard for yourself. If you gave up already, then nobody can help you. Ask yourself, how much hard work and effort you put in chasing your dream???to me, i just don’t see a tough spirit right there! I think the rockets had done enough! It’s time to let him go. The chance had give it to you, you got draft by the rockets, it’s your job from there to prove you worth the chance.

  55. Taylor says:

    Hope you guys know that his anxiety issues aren’t with flying in a damn plane. Yes he has issues with that, but that’s not where his biggest issue is.

    When he was young (10 years old), he saw his good friend and teammate collapse during wind sprints. As a young person that’s something you don’t just forget. Counseling and medication can help, but that’s the kind of thing you don’t just forget. It’s traumatic to experience something like that when you’re any age, much less a child.

    So saying he needs to toughen up is ignorant and childish. The Rockets aren’t making adequate or professional accommodations for White. They KNEW he had these problems when they selected him, and as a professional group they should be making professional decisions in dealing with White, instead of not giving up ground and thinking they somehow know what’s best in this kind of situation, when clearly they do not.

    • The Guy says:

      Ok, that is sad about his friend. At the same time how many people in this world have gone through horrible events as a kid and got on with their lives. Bad things happen to many people who do well with their lives and don’t have the type of opportunity that White has. He needs to help himself before anyone else can help him.

    • D says:

      He played college ball which means he had to have the endurance and mindset to play through what happened to him at the age of 10. That is just silly.

  56. Smiley says:

    If he was actually vouching for people with mental illness, we should have seen details about these “doctor recommendations” and what these “protocols” should look like, maybe some fund raising/ public speeches to raise public awareness. But no hes just tweeting the world telling them how the NBA is so unkind to him.

  57. aaronwonders says:

    I have an anxiety disorder. Royce White doesn’t seem to be doing anything to confront his. It’s all blame blame blame all of the time. He needs to show us that he’s serious, because otherwise he won’t beat it, protocol or no protocol.

  58. ryan says:

    this guy is the biggest wimp i have ever seen. if he would fly on a plane, he b making bank. what a wuss. definition of a bum

  59. NBAFan says:

    Why would he declar for the draft if he cant fly a plane to ge to a game.. im pretty sure he knows thats how NBA players get to away games. He just wasted the Rocekts draft pick, their time, and eveyone elses who read this along with mine. Did he just wat to see if he was good enough to get drafted ?? Royce White can now say he has one less person that wants to see him do well in the NBA and in life. >.<

  60. LakersFan says:

    Metta World Peace has the monopoly on mental health issues in the league, sorry kid, no room for you too… Go play in someone else’s sandbox…

  61. howie says:

    Go Back to College.

  62. Akaine says:

    lol some of you guys are idiots!!!! How would u feel if your kid had an illness like White does and they wanted to play a professional sport? You’d be right behind them telling them to get help before you commit to anything but instead your bashing him for doing whats right. Your acting like he didnt inform anyone of his illness before the draft thats Houstons stupidity that they chose to draft him. And to the ones who saying “he’s not accepting the help thats being provided” didnt you read where he said their inconsistent come on now if your paychecks was off every time you got paid you wouldnt trust the payroll people either. I dont care about his dreams and what not this is his life I would do whats needed to live a healthy life and so would all of you. So instead of bashing him you need to sit down and think this kid is doing something to help change things so future NBA players with like illness would have a protocol to help them when needed and in the process possibly giving up his own career (dream)

  63. rondos says:

    White is extremely stubborn and annoying.

  64. The Joker says:

    Guys guys guys! This guy has a MENTAL issue, therefore he is creating all these attentions! (He is mental anyway isnt he?)

  65. Rabbit says:

    This guy is just nothing but trouble.

  66. Dwoldstarr says:

    This guy was in the NBA. You haters have already lost.

  67. Wonderboy says:

    He’s fighting a fight that he can not win. The mental health awareness he is trying to raise will ultimately backfire on him because his story will be the reason that teams will refuse to even consider future young athletes that have mental health issues. A mental health issue will then be a red flag for teams in future draft considerations.

  68. Basketball Fan 0815 says:

    It’s utterly disappointing that several people in today’s society are uneducated about the true harms a mental illness can place on individuals. If it is not something he feels he can overcome by virtue of the “attempts” and “efforts” the team has proposed then so be it. He needs to be treated medically. This does not mean he is mentally weak. What an absurd judgement. If anyone is to bring forth any ounce of a valid point, they should consider doing a bit of research on anxiety disorders and mental illness before simply imposing their fan driven insights.

  69. scav says:

    that guy is a clown. he blames the league? lol what a joke, after all they did for him to be comfortable.

  70. MIchael says:

    This guy is pathetic, he knew his problem and knew what a career in the NBA involves. A NBA team can only do so much, and to think you can have a career in the NBA and not require to get on a plane your just down right wrong. Time to go find a career you can handle!

  71. HeatFan24 says:

    what the hell did this idiot even make himself eligible for the draft is this was all he was gonna do….i mean he’s not even attempting to work with the team and try to work something out with them…smh
    not only is he ruining it for people with disabilities…he also wasted a draft pick from the rockets
    waive this clown

  72. Fletch says:

    After the physical gifts & training is taken into account,Basketball is a mental game & clearly, Royce white is not mentally stable enough to carry himself in a jet setting celebrity job like plating in the NBA!

  73. JDome8 says:

    Anyone who wants to see what kind of a guy he is watch the summer league highlights vs. the Blazers. Nolan Smith went down with what could have been a devistating head injury and he was jawing the ‘zers players and trying to start a fight. Kid needs some sense knocked into him!

  74. squirtopus says:

    I am pretty sure the Rockets, who apparently wasted their 16th pick at this fellow, are going through substantial efforts to accomodate his condition and make it possible for him to play. What I’m getting from this young man is a whole lot of attitude and not much on the cooperative side to really make things work. Maybe it is not his condition, but just his general attitude that makes him not fit to play in the nba. And I do think they have a protocol for that, last I recalled it was called being released from the team. Maybe the rockets should dust that one off….

  75. JDome8 says:

    @Keep Dreamin’
    I feel what you’re saying. I had my chance at playing soccer professionally taken away due to a hip problem that i didn’t know existed. I had my dreams taken away by a small lump of bone on a joint and a few doctors who couldn’t fix me. I feel this guys pain, but at some point you have to move and not fuss about it. I think that is the jist of what “Random Fan Full of Opinons” really meant, just in a more crude manner. So much is being made of this when the reality of being a professional athlete is traveling on an almost daily basis. If you had an employee that couldn’t preform their duties wouldn’t you let them go? He is employed by the Houston Rockets, cannot preform his duties (traveling)…simple answer is he should just be let go.

  76. beyKrewz says:

    please stop writing an article concerning this psycho.
    he’s a nobody acting like he has already proven something in this league.

    i’d rather read articles involving the heat,lakers,thunder or any LEGIT player or team but NOT this guy..

  77. Kimba says:

    Trying to be empathetic, but not feeling terribly sympathetic. Enjoyed watching the Rockets beat the Bucks live yesterday at the Bradley Center, and feel like Houston has done what they reasonably could to deal with this right now. They’ve got a talented young team trying to get to the post-season. They gave White a shot when no one else in the NBA would. Time to move on.

  78. dwiggz says:

    If Royce wants to play and is good enough to play, then both he and the Rockets should compromise about how he get’s to the games. Bottom Line is that he will need to EARN playing time (no compromise there). I applaud Royce for his effort because it’s hard to accomplish ANYTHING when you don’t fit into the box people want to always seem to put you in.

  79. Willy says:

    The Rocks need him, he would also be a great fit to the team. Sign him and let him play for less money and travel on his bus, work out the schedule. They need him and he needs the Rocks, work through it make it happen come on Royce. The guy is a great player!

    • D says:

      Start a league for players with mental health issues. There is the solution. Because certain mental health issues put OTHERS in danger (see Ron Artest/ Metta World Peace) and will compromise the integrity of the business. No one or group of people is above that.

  80. nbafan says:

    A lot of people would give everything to be in his shoes, to get a chance in the NBA…i really dont inderstand this guy. REFUSE playing in the D-League? wtf? this player is really pathetic i dont care whats his problem.

  81. Gbanger says:

    I feel sorry for the futire promising players with mental health issues hoping to join the league. These kids arent going to get drafted because this fool is burning thier bridges

  82. Sheldon says:

    Is that all you people care about? “Other things happening in the league?” I for one want to see Royce play, because he is an amazingly talented individual. And I agree with noyb, he is an advocate to all those with mental health issues in the league, which do not get addressed. Is this the kind of business you want this league to run?

    • D says:

      Go see him play in the D League or watch the re-runs! This is not the leagues problem nor do they need to have a policy regarding mental health issues. Put him on long or short term disability or whatever he is entitled to in the contract and keep it moving.

  83. bgleavitt says:

    Ya know what i would really like to go sky diving or rock climbing or any other number of physical activities i can no longer do because of a medical condition. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters are two things first if i was getting paid to do these things and couldn’t then i am stealing that money because i am dishonest with my employer. Second, if this is his dream he sure doesn’t seem to want it very much, i’d do everything in my power to attain my dream, sometimes your dream are just that. ya never reach then because you are unable. I mean seriously if this was his dream then he’d sure try alot harder to fix whatever problem he has. A good advocate would make people aware while showing he was overcoming or at least fighting it. Hes nothing but a cry baby


    Not sure that defines Royce White…He’s all about me me me.

  84. Ventruck says:

    No one is “taking anything away from him”. Yeah, like the league is supposed to form witchcraft and find a way to get him to far games on time without a plane….I’m sorry about his disorder (have a friend who’s got epilepsy), but being paid even 6-digit salary to play basketball is already very lopsided in his favor. Take it or leave it, don’t start making salt buckets on twitter about how unfair life is. Thousands of others probably in more desperate situations he stole a spot in the league from. Top comment is right, Royce has literally been wasting time and space on sports headlines ever since he was drafted.

  85. katy says:

    What a joke, he needs play time during actual games to help his anxiety? Get over yourself.Hes an embarrssment to everyone who has the same condition. Hes just using it to get his 5 mins of fame. He could be a real advocate and attempt to work with the rockets but hes just being a diva. And im sure the rockets have better doctors then does but he refuses there help. You have to help yourself before others help you.

  86. Piero says:

    if this is reason… he should never have made himself eligible to be drafted

  87. Jordan says:

    Ok, now I have never experienced mental illness first hand, and maybe that’s why it makes absolutely no sense to me. I would KILL to be in this guys position, and he’s going to throw it all away before it even begins, for some stupid fear? Just deal with it, anyway you can. Get over it yourself, talk to psychologists, take sleeping pills and knock yourself out before every flight, it doesn’t matter how, just find a way. That’s my view anyway.

  88. toughen up says:

    i just don’t buy his bull, not when he hasn’t even played one game in the league. prove yourself first before you start being an advocate and scream foul.

  89. illone says:

    I still have no clue what the hell he wants!? What exactly does this protocol he wants/needs in place look like that makes him comfortable and able to play?

    Going to the D league would keep him working out and engaged in basketball. If he had to miss some away games because of travel issues, then it matters less there than causing team continuity issues at the NBA level. At the same time, it gives the Rockets organization a feel for what a successful Royce White ‘protocol’ would look like; allowing them to see how/if they can incorporate that into the NBA scheme.

    I wish the Rockets could sue this guy to get back whatever payments he’s already received and completely Nullify the guys contract. He hasn’t earned anything by refusing to do the job stipulated in the contract.

    If he wants a desk job with no travel, hey, there are plenty of those for individuals with college degrees; tell him to get one.

  90. JJ says:

    “Because business in America, as we all know, is about one thing and that’s convenience and efficiency.”

    I don’t really know the situation, but one thing is clear to me – business is what two subjects agree for it to be in order to get a profit out of it, otherwise it’s a charity (or an extortion). And as far as I can figure out the guy knew very well what he was going for and accepted the situation therefore he really has no reason (or right!) to complain now ;/

  91. DMD312 says:

    The reality is that this guy’s not good enough for any team to bend over backwards to accommodate him. He has a legitimate problem but he doesn’t realize that he’s not bigger than the league. Remember that this is the guy who had excuses for his thefts in college, so a detachment from reality unrelated to his condition is par for the course with this dude.

  92. TerenceW says:

    If white had these issues before being drafted, and did not proffess them to the teams looking to draft him…. then he essentially tricked them into drafting him. Now it would seem as if he is looking for an angle to get paid. But, If the rockets knew of his issues prior to drafting him… then they need to step up and ensure they are doing everything for him. Kids an amazing talent and his dreams do deserve some help to be fulfilled. Tough situation….. especially considering the rockets are on their way UP in the league as they are doing big things.

    • D says:

      The Rockets do not owe him anything! Please tell me that you can go to your employer and say “you hired me so I deserve for you to help me fulfill my dreams” and then say “I can only come to work 50% of the time because I have car issues”, furthermore the company doesn’t have a policy to help me with my issues because the problem is i’m afraid to take another form of transportation.” Please let me know how that works out.

  93. Rocket33 says:

    Any sympathy I may have had for this guy went out the window when he refused to play for the D-League. At what point has he proven that he deserves a spot in Houston’s rotation? He hasn’t, so he needs to play in the D-League to work on his game and earn his spot. Teams bring players back from injury by playing a couple of D-League games, so why is he different?

    He’s constantly speaking out against the team for not helping him instead of making any effort to actually play basketball. The bottom line is, his job requires him to be in a certain place at a certain time. What does he expect the Rockets to actually do? Build a teleport?

    He wants to be able to drive to games instead of flying. A fair enough request considering the circumstances. But if that means he can only play in half the games then how do they work out the rotation and team chemistry? Basketball is a team sport and if his actions are hurting the team then they have no choice but to keep him away from the team.

    • D says:

      Exactly! Even the Lakers would not meet the request of Phil Jackson to only coach home games and he has 11 championships.

  94. Kings#4 says:

    White has refused to cooperate with his employers, the Rockets, he refused to go to the D-League, and he should have never gone through the draft if he was not willing to try harder to make this work, he strikes me as a spoiled kid expecting everyone to go way out of their way to convenience him. And the league should not have to have special protocol for him, you should not come to the NBA if you cannot handle it, you are paid millions to play a game most people pay to play!

  95. ShawnKemp says:

    What ‘hazardous situation’ is this kid talking about? Isn’t he just afraid to fly? In my day, people who were afraid to fly weren’t labelled as suffering from ‘mental health issues’, they were called wussies.

  96. noyb says:

    That’s one view (that speaks volumes as to your heart). Another is that he is an advocate and spokesperson for people that are in need.

    • Marcos says:

      He is the wrong advocate if you think he is, he’s sending the wrong message to those ppl.

    • Common Sense says:

      It’s hard to root for this guy. Eric Bledsoe of the Clippers was sent to the D League and he capitalized on it. He dominated the D League and earned the respect of the Team. They now call him baby Bron. That is the action of an advocate. He represented his family and where he’s from by fighting on when times got tough. All White is doing is complaining that times are tough. Not that this guy is pathetic, but he definitely needs to see the NBA as a privilege and fight for his dream rather than complain about his dream being over the second he gets put in the backburner. He said he wanted to play for the Houston Rockets, he needs to show them that by representing the Rockets in the D League every Rocket personnel will be watching. And he will earn his right to play. He needs to watch the movie “Rudy” he was an advocate for Notre Dame:) And if he’s an advocate for people in Need, he needs to play for them, not duck out because he’s one of them.

    • Mino says:

      really? he’s an advocate?

      He’s weak, he’s refusing help, and he’s throwing tantrums. not a role model for those with disabilities.

    • Chuck says:

      Hey Noyb, the only thing this guy is an advocate for… is the ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY, a growing cancer in our culture!

  97. Mino says:

    He pretty much stole some money from the Rockets Organization if he gets paid.

  98. heatfan says:

    What the hell is wrong with this guy??? Yes he has a serious mental condition but you can get that stuff sorted with therapy or drugs yet he refuses to take it when the rockets have organised it for him and have been patient with him. He seems like just an attention seeking kid! Get over yourself already and stop trying to get more sympathy. What a waste of time!!!

  99. Beavis says:


  100. superj42 says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding this, he knew there was no Protocol on this type of situation, I say sign him, let him buy his own charter bus and lets move on, there are other things in the league going on.l’m tired of hearing about this. STOP TRYING TO HOLD THE LEAGUE RESPONSIBLE.

  101. Random fan full of opinions says:

    Why are we still talking about this guy? nobody really cares about him.

    • Keep Dreamin' says:

      to the above person, that is someones dreams you are talking about. He cares, every body that knows him cares. When you are working hard in your life for something and it gets taken away from you, it’s heart breaking and there you are on your computer chair saying that nobody cares about someone who is having their dream taken away from them. You sir, are pathetic.

      • TrueNBAFan says:

        Nobody important cares. He’s got anxiety, guess what? They make medication for that, or even better, maybe he should just toughen up and do it, it’s a proven fact most anxieties can be broken by just forcing yourself to do it a couple times till it becomes no big deal. Sorry but this guy is a pansy if he’d rather chicken out then live his dream.

      • Andy says:

        It didn’t get taken away, he refused the help that the team offered him. That’s when it becomes his problem, not something to be sympathetic about.

      • Pete says:

        He’s not hard working, he’s an arrogant and childish head case who thinks the world should change just for him.

      • Pete says:

        His dream isn’t being taken from him – he’s giving up on it. There’s a big difference.

      • Anonymous says:

        If its his dream to play in the nba, he needs to take advantage of it and be able to meet halfway, if he’s refusing to play in the dl, how’s he supposed to play on the rockets

      • WhereAmazingHappens says:

        Dude the only guy taking his dream away from him is actually HIM. To anyone who actually 100% believe is this over dramatic story from a primadona called Royce White is calling pathetic. He is mentally weak and can’t deal with his little problems. A waste of a pick and if it gives you comfort, few people care about him at this moment.

      • DocktorK says:

        Nothing has been take away from him, he is doing that to himself and professionals around him should help him cope with his reality instead of feeding is ego about his needs. It should have been taking care of internally somehow cause it is his future after all not the furture of the NBA. In the end, is he working on that stuff selfishliy cause any other context then the NBA wont be easy to bend over backward like he is trying to do.

        For example, even when a player gets injured, he is ultimately the one accountable for the next step of his integration process. Like Kobe, of course he is paid millions, but when he had how many torn ligaments (not comparing severity of problems) and decided not to go for surgery and keep on playing thru it, he had to get outside help and looked for it and that led the team to support him more because of that. He decided that what he wants to accomplish and what he is getting recognized to do (his chance) might fade because of the down time. Here he is 17 years in the making and going strong obviously having to make so many sacrifices to stay in that 0,001% of priviledged and fortunate to make it in the NBA, let alone win championships and be scoring leader.

        What mister White needs to do is what he can to fit in cause he his not taking risks like soldier that go to war and comeback crippled. Science is develloped enough so he can look for answers and not take everybody hostage for the efforts he has to make to make it work for him. He is not doing anybody a favor playing basketball.

      • Random fan full of opinions says:

        If he cares why is he still complaining? so i go back to my above statement, nobody cares. you sir, don’t bother me one bit with your negative comments.

      • Schemer21 says:

        You Sir, should read the facts of whats actually happened here and get things straight..

    • RH says:

      Because this guy was awesome early in the season….wait, no.
      Because this guy was awesome last season….wait, no.
      Because this guy was a top 5 pick….wait, no.

      Seriously NBA writers, we don’t want to hear any more about a player who was never even a player. I’m sure Rockets fans agree that he is just an unneeded distraction.
      The next time this guy’s name comes up better be either that he’s going to play a game, or he’s going to return to school.

    • G. Henderson says:

      I agree with you 100%. He knew what he was getting into and he should’ve found ways to deal with it. NBA doesn’t have to cater to him. I feel bad for Houston spending all that money and resources on this guy. What a waste. Get him out. Good riddance.

    • Preocupado says:

      I do care about him. And not only me. Speak only for yourself.

      • Random fan full of opinions says:

        i apparently speak for thousands of people, you speak only for yourself. you can care and read the same blog each and every week if you want, i was trying to stop the recycling of bad blog idea. it’s like when dwight was having his trade talks, we heard that for months. it’s time for this story to die.