Thirty-one And Twenty Excuses Headaches With Kings’ Cousins


Thirty-one and twenty.

There are some things in this $5 billion enterprise known as the NBA that are complicated and nearly inexplicable: The formula for the “repeater” luxury tax, for instance, or Vinny Del Negro‘s magic touch with the Los Angeles Clippers. And then there are some things that are elemental, as simple as can be.

Like thirty-one and twenty.

Grammarians might contend that anything linked via an “and” technically counts as two things. Style police might demand the numerals, 31 and 20, rather than the words. But NBA fans can cut through all that to the essence of what it meant when Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins scored his season high in points and matched his career high in rebounds in a victory Friday at Toronto.

Thirty-one and twenty means that Cousins will continue to get his way.

Thirty-one and twenty makes all the headaches worth it, when coping with and waiting for the third-year big man from Kentucky to grow emotionally and intellectually into his broad, formidable, 6-foot-11, 270-pound body.

Thirty-one and twenty buys more time and tolerance for forced 19-foot jump shots and cranky postgame chats with opposing teams’ broadcasters.

Thirty-one and twenty keeps other teams open, even eager, to consider trade possibilities, regardless of Cousins’ past deeds, current demeanor or future detours.

Admittedly, it came against the Toronto Raptors, which is like the giant’s “fe-fi-fo-fum” coming against Jack of magic-bean fame. Already underbulked if not undersized, the Raptors were without Jonas Valanciunas and Andrea Bargnani and ran the likes of Aaron Gray, Amir Johnson, Ed Davis and Quincy Acy at Cousins. From Cathal Kelly‘s account in the Toronto Star, it might as well have been the Maple Leafs against the Navy SEALS.

“He was getting everything he wanted,” Davis conceded.

The only Raptor who gave Cousins a run was relative pipsqueak Alan Anderson – and all of that was with his mouth. Cousins and Anderson took matching technicals early, and looked perilously close to a fist fight once things got out of hand.

Cousins wreaked much of his havoc after halftime, scoring 10 points and grabbing eight rebounds in the third quarter. That’s the period Sacramento won 28-10.

It came on the road, where the Kings have won two in a row after a 1-13 start. It left Cousins at 19.4 points, 14.0 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 2.0 steals in the five games since he returned from a two-game team suspension.

And it reminded all of us, for good and for bad, why Cousins figures to get catered to and courted for a while longer. Some day, maybe, eventually, he’ll get it and start racking up all-NBA selections and victories. In the meantime, some tantalized by his talent will simply get theirs, lured by the thirty-one and twenty, stung by the rest.


  1. NyK says:

    Hey Heat fans how about this: You could get Cousins for the 5 spot and how about Chris Paul to run the point and then get Kobe for 2 guard and that means D Wade can come in as sixth man and oh how about Carmelo to come in off the bench when LeBron needs a rest?

  2. Moochiiieee says:

    And yeah He shoots Better Free Throw than Dwightmare…..

  3. Moochiiieee says:

    Demarcus played better than dwight… Have you watched lakers king with cousins??? They beat dwight and the lakers… Seriously Cousins will become a great Center in the future. But He must grow up FAST… He can guard dwight single cover… He can block a shot, Score… Watch the difference between Howard and Cousins… You’ll see that Cousins have more post up moves, More defensive stance other than blocking shots… Because if you’re 6’10” – 7’0 tall you should able to block shots… how about DWADE only 6’4″ but can block 7 footers… Watch how Cousins Guard Howard down low… Dwight can’t even dribble the ball….

  4. ??? says:

    DeMarcus should be paired up with a strong PG like he was in Kentucky with Wall, as good as Isaiah is i think a better PG should be paired with him and with smart playing Reke as a Forward, they need a trade

  5. tyrone says:

    first time since 30 and 20 happened since Moses Malone and K-Love. Wait Moses and K-Love only made 20 and 20. Demarcus made hsitory.

  6. glennrobinsonbigdog13 says:

    Discipline us everything….. just ask isiah rider and stephon marbury.

  7. Joe says:

    All Miami ego. Read what Miami needs to pay in luxury tax to keep Lebron next year before making “dumb trade comments” Miami cannot even afford to keep what they have now. Lol.

    • Yossi says:

      The heat don’t have money to keep Lebron? The heat can give up rio and mike miller and Haslem and be under the cap. But regardless the heat make enough money to pay the luxury tax. In two years when the big 3 have to resign they can bring in another star to continue the dynasty. But wade bosh and bron will have to take a major paycut

  8. Bob M says:

    No doubt, Big Cuz has talent, but he has issues and is poison for a young team. If Sacto could get someone like Bosh and a 1st or a couple of bench players, they would be all over it. Cuz would be a great player in a great organization. Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, and a 1st, Petrie would be all over that one, too. The worst is yet to come for Big Cuz, there is not enough structure and not enough wins. Big talent wants to win championships. When they can’t see it happening, they revolt, then bolt. Take the trade at his max value, NOW!

  9. afiqpg says:

    i’m not really that old, but i guess i’m old enough to see a young zach randolph (the situation, not the player) here. how long did it take for z-bo to mature in the nba? is it safe to bet that cousins will still be a “good player on a bad team” til 2024 or so before fortuitously getting signed/traded to a championship contender? (insert sarcastic laugh here)
    jokes aside, he’s not worth the headache from a team success point of view. but his talent is definitely worth it in terms of money and media exposure for the kings.

  10. afiqpg says:

    i guess i’m old enough to see a young zach randolph here. how long did it take for z-bo to mature in the nba? is it safe to bet that cousins will still be a “good player on a bad team” til 2024 or so before fortuitously getting signed/traded to a championship contender? (insert sarcastic laugh here)
    jokes aside, he’s not worth the headache from a team success point of view. but his talent is definitely worth it in terms of money and media exposure for the kings.

  11. ClayDaddy says:

    Everybody outside the Kings’ organization buys into this B.S. hype that Cousins is a detriment to the team, while everyone (fans, coaches, commentators, etc.) within the Kings knows that this guy is great. You can all keep believing that he is a cancer to any team he plays with, but the fact of the matter is that he is only 22 years old, and he is nothing but a benefit to the Sacramento Kings. He will never be traded to the Heat for a variety of reasons. First, he is flat out better at this very moment, even at his younger age, than Chris Bosh. Secondly, he has more of a future than Bosh. Lastly, H’E’S 22! Give him until the end of this season or next, and he’ll easily be an all-star caliber power forward. All I see is a guy who consistently puts up double-doubles. I don’t know what the rest of the league is looking at. Just stop listening to the league gossip and watch an actual Kings game. He is clearly the most valuable player on the team, and the Kings would be absolutely insane to even consider trading him. Get over it!

    • jasonC says:

      Dude, he’s a “malice in the palaxce” in the making. And why to Kings fans care, the Kings won’t be in SacTown long….which is sad enough.

  12. choji says:

    Cousins should never be traded, he is toooo dang talented to let go of. What we need is a staff who will teach him some maturity…or maybe a vet or 2 on the team.

  13. orion says:

    The kings and heat need to trade bosh for cousins.

  14. Shane Jones says:

    Na na na…hes coming to Boston.

  15. Chad says:

    Bosh wont go to Sac. Sac fans chanted “come to Sac” when he was a free agent and he said something very negative back at the fans…using profanity lol……Good thing too. I think Kings will keep big Cus. Hopefully they do because he will be way better than a 3rd or 4th option like Bosh is one day soon

  16. niyeniye says:

    HEAT Fans think you deserve all great players. Lebron should go to bobcats by 2014 free agency

  17. jasonc says:

    It’s articles like this that perpetuate the idea that it’s OK to be a petulant, rich cry-baby! I don’t understand (ok, I do…$$$$).

  18. LBJ For The Win says:

    LoL at these Cousins-Bosh Trade comments !

    Heat cant pursuit Cousins , they don’t have enough to make a deal unless they trade Bosh-Wade-James which is impossibe !

  19. Jintan says:

    If in any team Cousins would fit is in Boston. He has people who can “straight” him out and help him grow and a good coach who can put him in his play when he gets on those days.

  20. Hunter says:

    I think Cuban should make a gamble on him, if it backfires at least he doesn’t have a bad contract and if it works, Dallas has a center thats better than CHandler. LOOK OUT!

  21. gudism says:

    reminds me of a young Charles Barkley….

  22. Greg says:

    This video was painful to watch. DeMarcus’s body language exhibits someone that’s really insecure. I don’t know if that’s just from doing the interview or if its indicative of him overall, but I had to stop the video halfway through. The dude can ball, but he definitely is not confident in himself. Hence, the bravado all the time.

  23. well done big guy soon u will play for seattle

  24. Attention heat haters… Heat 4 the repeat….. Then lineup will be wade,allen,lbj,bosh,and d12
    Lol come at me bro

  25. KingsAllDay says:

    Dream on heat fans….cousins is here to stay and we dont want your washed up trash in bosh

  26. JohnJ says:

    Omg shutup Heat fans lol… I promise you he wont go to that team lol stop fantasizing it would only work if you guys give Wade or Lebron… need i say more?

    • manny says:

      you will be amazed how south beach attract good players for less money or even nothing in return. Just ask cleveland, toronto, and latest victim the celtics.
      Miami did have a great inside presence forgot his name. the center that came from the knicks

      • jasonC says:

        HHmmmm, pretty sure you’re no9t thinking that thru. James and Bosh are getting less than they would have elsewhere, sure, but nothing like as little as you make it seem. Ray Allen is at the end of his career, having MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS mad already. That’s why you’re seeing some vets take less $, because they were smart with the money they’ve already made and all that’s needed to round out their careers is a Ring! Demarcus is at the beginning of his career and has a long way to go (financially) b4 he could possibly feel comfortable enough to do that (that is if he gets his stuff together). Seriously, Manny!!

    • xobhcnul says:

      To even think that Demarcus Cousins is anywhere close to Lebron or Wade in trade value is ridiculous. Like any one in their right mind would consider trading a game changing superstar for a whiny, tantrum throwing man child with potential.

  27. craig says:

    great article.

  28. highflyer says:

    what would a cousins – bosh trade do in the scheme of things?
    it would probably be a step back for the kings, but miami could add in a james jones who gets hardly any minutes but is a tremendous shooter. But this would help the heat with their rebounding woes, plus cousins loves to get out on the break. James, Wade and even people like Haslem and Battier could help to ‘mature’ him up, with their smarts and experience?
    just wondering

    • Gordon A says:

      Amen to that. Bosh for Cousins and throw in players like James Jones, Anthony etc, could make the Heat crazy good if he matured and gave performances like he has recently.

      • CelticsBanner18 says:

        the heat will Never never never never never ever get demarcus cousins please stop fantasizing!

    • Pete says:

      Are you kidding? Wade is one of the most immature players in the NBA. If you think playing alongside someone like Wade (who clothselines people, kicks opponents in the groin and breaks people’s noses purely out of frustration) then you clearly have no clue!

  29. Heatfan says:

    I wish he goes to Miami too. He would definitely make us a complete team. James-Cousin-Bosh Frontcourt, For when we don’t want to play small ball

    • Pete says:

      God you Heat fans just have no clue at all

      • jasonC says:

        Seriously! They(Heat) have obviously succeeded in turning a lot of people into casual basketball fans (congrats deserved)….too bad none of them know anything about the basic workings of the league!

  30. Game Time says:

    You know Cousins may be immature, but if the guy is supposed to be the face of the franchise and he shows he can put up numbers then let him take over.

  31. Kings_fan says:

    Its articles like this, that no matter what big Cuz does, he still gets a bad rep. I watch all kings games and since his return cousins has been a great teamate and he actually looks like hes having fun. I cant stand how no matter what demarcus does, people always put a damper on it. Cant you just say he has been playing great without the negativity.

  32. HonestGuy says:

    I wish this guy would just grow up, he could be so good, he coud possibly become the best center in the nba.

  33. Liric says:

    He only needs to grow.

  34. G says:

    Does this mean you van be an as…..h..e as long as you do what you are in fact paid for?

  35. Dean says:

    I think Brook Lopez is the best scoring center but Demarcus is close and gets more rebounds. Cousins will be the best center in some time.

    • Shadowspinner says:

      The problem with Cousins is that he’s putting up good numbers on a bad team. He hasn’t proved that he’s a difference maker, that he’s a winner, or that he is capable of being a leader.

      He has an insane amount of potential and raw talent, but if he doesn’t show some discipline, he won’t develop it and will end up being just another might have been.

      Cousins would be far more impressive if he was putting up good numbers on a winning team (even if only .500 or so), or, Kings fans can dream, a playoff team. Until he is part of a team that isn’t dwelling in the cellar, you can’t care about his humbers outside of Fantasy Leagues.

  36. Spire says:

    he played good against a team that played terrible and he gets an article that is completely opposite from the one last week. nice job

  37. Gheo says:

    In my opinion, there’s still a lot of improvement to be done for DeMarcus. And I’m not talking about the behavioral aspects.
    You can’t base a big part of your game on fake-and-drive – through travels, sometimes – for an easy slam ; that’s obviously something coaches, defenders are going to be cautious about soon, especially if they have several big men in their roster.
    His PU average is at 29%, and his numbers outside the restricted area are too low to consider him as a key player in Sacramento.

    But, as always, there’s a lot of potential in Cousins. You can only but hope the Kings will soon figure how to develop it ; adding to some veteran experience at the frontcourt could be a solution.

  38. kuyabest says:

    How I love to read… because Cousins is my favorite Center in the NBA.

    Wish he will go to the MIAMI Heat!

    • Nippy says:

      Haters will come for you, kuyabest

    • strawberry says:

      yeah, because that’s exactly what the Miami Heat need… an immature and ignorant player with lots of talent -_-

    • Kings#4 says:

      You can’t have him, he is ours. And seriously, all of you Heat fans think every great player belongs on your team. Isn’t Lebron, Bosh, Wade, and Allen enough?!

    • jacobm says:

      the heat woulon’t want an impulsive personality like cousins. with all due respect to spoelstra, i don’t think he could handle cousins any better than smart. in order to take that kind of risk you have to have a coach like pop doc or phil jackson

      • Lola says:

        I totally agree with you (and to boot a locker room with potential Hall of Fame players who will be able to call Cousins to order, I guess on the positive side, it can be argued that the Heat has a locker room full of potential HoF players).

    • steve says:

      keep dreamin buddy the heat wont have enough cash to get a good center like cousins lol

    • jm13 says:

      Stop….I hate whenever I read a commentt about the lame-o heat and another star.

    • cwebb#1 says:

      naww bro sac for life!!!

    • Pete says:

      Why would the Heat want Cousins when they can just go and sign a 25 year old Hakeem, David Robinson or Patrick Ewing?

      Hell maybe they can go one better and get a 25 year old Billl Russel, Kareem or Wilt! I’m sure the allure of the Heat franchise is enough to get those guys to drop 20-40 years off their age and sign with the Heat!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Celtics are a better option, Doc Rivers and KG can set this guy straight.