Waitress Takes Out Stephen Jackson


NEW YORK — The New York Knicks crushed the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday with improved defense and, perhaps, an assist from a Madison Square Garden waitress.

We’ve seen players tumble into cameramen under the basket before or get hurt when diving into the crowd, but this is a new one.

With a little less than 3 1/2 minutes to go in the first quarter, the Spurs’ Stephen Jackson missed a corner 3-pointer and took a step backward, where he collided with a waitress squatting just outside the sideline, just in front of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was sitting courtside across from the Knicks’ bench.

Jackson turned his right ankle on the play and couldn’t get back on defense on the ensuing possession, which resulted in a wide-open three for Carmelo Anthony that tied the game at 17. The Spurs were forced to call a timeout and it took Jackson a few minutes to make his way back to the locker room.

Jackson didn’t return to the game, but the waitress was seemingly unaffected. Bloomberg went on to eat a box of popcorn in the second quarter, but did not consume any extra large sodas and did not return to his seat after halftime.

At this point, it’s unknown if Jackson will miss time. The Spurs are 12-3 without Jackson, who previously missed time with a fractured pinkie and who didn’t speak to reporters after the game. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich didn’t comment on the bizarre circumstances of his team’s latest injury.

“I’m going to look at it,” Popovich said. “I didn’t see it.”

Really, Jackson’s injury had nothing to do with the game’s result, which was more about the Knicks’ improved defense and the Spurs’ fatigue. They were playing their fourth game in five nights.

“Too low on fuel, and their defense was too good,” Popovich said. “Bad combination, and then they made shots, which makes it even worse.”


  1. ism says:

    Waitress takes out Stephen Jackson. Did he enjoy it?

  2. Razbet says:

    Jackson is a great impact player and will make a difference on his return

  3. ee says:

    yea might just be karma for being an idiot what a childish tweet to serge ibaka

  4. jasonc says:

    I completely agree that the cameras\seats are too close. But cameras in the court?? Cameras in the nosebleeds?? That wouldn’t help watching it. Angles people….basic angles!

  5. James says:

    I’m from NYC Manhattan and attended yesterdays NYK vs SA game.. The thing is just as living NYC it’s all about Real Estate.. In truth this should not be worry for NBA players but in the end it is.. The league sets it up as once out of bound 100ft by 50ft it’s all fair game. Maybe players need a special clause in their contract and call it My Boundry Liabiltity.. Shouldn’t happen to any player, much in any arena. These type of injuries are created by Team and Arean Owners and Stern Signs off on allowing this to happen.

    Or I could spin it as everyone in the first 5 ft sitting before the line are forced to wear inflatable Sumo Wresting Gear to prevent cushion for oncoming players.. Jack Nicholson,,SpikeLee, Jay-Z and Mayor Bloomberg would definetly make frontrunner headlines.. LOL

  6. ollie boombayay says:

    This could have easily happened with a seated fan as it was a very low impact play. However, the closeness of the photographers and videographers doesn’t make sense and really puts players in harm’s way. The camera gear could really do some damage. Why doesn’t the NBA install remote controlled cameras beneath the hardwood with a clear plastic cover like the cameras that are mounted behind the backboards? Even if this design consisted of plastic bubble-like protrusions above the court it seems like it would be safer then a full grown man with a sharp edged camera.

  7. LA Dwight says:

    why does it seem like there was some contact on jackson’s shot attempt. i didn’t watch this game though.

  8. Andro says:

    I looks like NBA doesn’t care about its main resource – players.
    But hey! It’s “only” Stephen Jackson.
    We need Durants, Roses or Lebrons to get injured to give this thing a thought.
    Sad, but true.
    P.S. Captain Jack have a quick recovery!

  9. Kris says:

    I will gladly pay for watching the Spurs team at Miami over the one that played yesterday. I bet the Spurs would have played at a much higher level yesterday if they fielded their B team from Miami game. Does David Stern have the integrity and honesty to apologize to the fans for the Spurs level energy and play yesterday that is a result of over crowded schedule?

  10. Curtis Havel says:

    Player safety should be the first concern.
    “Move the seats two feet closer and add $100.00 to the cost of the seat”.
    It is past time to do something about it.

  11. Ro says:

    It’s all money, what it comes down to. The cameras are that good they could capture everything from the nose bleeds!! But if they removed let’s say 1 row all the way around the court, think of how much money is spent on those tickets. It’s stupid to have them so close, considering some of the injuries that players have experienced. I think even recently J-Rich rolled an ankle while back peddling into a camera man. How ridiculous!! Just proves what the most important thing in the world is to most people, MONEY!

  12. More Space For Sure says:

    We see way too many injuries and even more potential injuries from the court being cluttered. Definitely something for the NBA to look at. It’s not good for business losing players to injuries that just don’t need to happen.

  13. a says:

    I think the spurs organization should fine the NBA 250k for not keeping that waitress in check. C’mon just because he’s celebrity can’t the man get drinks for himself or have one of his bodyguards do it?!?

    • slider821 says:

      And “the waitress was seemingly unaffected”. How dare she do her job and be seemingly unnaffected by something that wasn’t her fault. She should have killed herself on the spot for such a malicious play. What a beezy!

  14. sigge says:

    damm that is some ugly shoes.

  15. It probably was a rule over time whenever, that stern put in place to let camera’s & front row fans closer to the court. A bigger $$$ ploy!!!

  16. I agree that there should definitely be more space around the court for non nba because those are the most nonsense, didn’t have to happen injuries. Remember back in the day therr used to be a ton of room. Notice @ ends of the court w/ camera people when a player is falling that direction, the camera person doesn’t move the camera till the player falling into it does. There’s no need for camera’s or people to be that close, especially w/ the moderndays advancement camera’s zoom effect.

  17. Chester says:

    Sounds like karma for the malice in the palace to me

  18. gramofon says:

    I don’t understand; there are a lot of time-outs in one game of NBA basketball, isn’t it enough time to serve 1st row guests ?

  19. baboy says:

    the court should have at least 4-7 feet clearance from the outside line where non-game people should not be allowed to be in.. these are cheap injuries..