Kobe Ahead of LeBron At Ballot Box

HANG TIME, Texas – Celtics vs. Lakers. Luke vs. Darth Vader. Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote.

We thrive on rivalries.

Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James.

No current NBA conversation lights up the Twitterverse these days more than a debate on the relative merits of the game’s reigning twin stars.

While Bryant might insist that his Lakers are older than, well, let’s just say “dirt,” it seems that All-Star voters never tire of a classic.

The 34-year-old Bryant slightly widened his lead over James as the top vote-getter for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in the third round of balloting and that surely will surely ratchet up the talk among the partisans to another level.

The league’s leading scorer this season at 30.3 points per game, Bryant has a lead of 1,177,456-1,151,152. That’s up by roughly 20,000 votes from the previous round of balloting that was released a week ago. James is averaging 26.5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 7.1 assists, shooting 54.4 percent and has scored at least 20 points in the first 30 games of the season.

Laker fans will continue to point to the way their man carries so much of the burden on an aging, struggling team, while the Heat fans say that James is having the kind of season that could bring him his fourth MVP award in five years.

Heat fans will continue to say that Kobe shoots too much and Laker fans will still insist that LeBron doesn’t have the same killer instinct.

Coming into the season, it was supposed to be the argument that would be settled next June in The Finals. But with the Lakers under .500, for now it’s an All-Star showdown.

Kobe vs. LeBron — the battle at the ballot box.

Final results and starting lineups will be announced on Jan. 17.


  1. J-Short says:

    If you want a debate bring up my man Kobe, but I must say to be relavent after 17 years of playing high level NBA ball is pretty good. As for the all-star thing, I dont believe in a GOAT becasue like many have said in the blog great players for their era’s.

    I dont doubt that this is Lebrons time, but Kobe is a special player, HOF caliber whether some like him as a person is up to them but denying this man as a ball player is not logical.
    He is in a no win situation if he shoots the ball as shooting guards do make or miss he is bad for it. If he becomes a facilitator and cuts down on his shots he is selfish and trying to prove something.
    Shaq won him his first 3 titles I think is not so, even Shaq in his prime in 2001 was saying that Kobe was one of the greats, if you dont believe me then look it up yourself.

    And other great players to play this game recognize that this man is a great player for a reason, this is why there was no doubt for him to have a spot on the Olympic team in 08 and 12.
    I say lets enjoy both Kobe and Lebron for the love of the game.

  2. Kobe for MVP! says:

    Kobe Bryant is the leading scorer this year at the age of 34! He is shooting almost 50% from the field! On the Lakers; it’s Dwight Howard and Kobe! An aging Pau and Steve Nash. He has very little to work with right now! On the other hand; Chris Paul is OVERRATED! He is playing for a team that is 10 deep and very young and athletic! If Kobe had this type of team, he would have his 6th ring, without a doubt. Chris Paul did nothing with New Orleans,( as good as he is), because no talent around him. Kobe is chasing Michael Jordan’s legacy; and he will catch him; believe me. Go Lakers and go Kobe! And Dwight Howard is the best center in the league!

  3. KB24 says:

    Kobe Bryant will ALWAYS!! be known to be BETTER! than lebron years from now. and i bet that more than half of lebron fans used to be Kobe fans before lebron came into the league. idgaf! if all them lebron fans deny it because we all know its the truth!

  4. Gary says:

    If LeBron James didn’t receive special treatment from refs he would made 8-10 less points per game.

    If LeBron James didn’t receive special treatment from refs he would receive 5 times more fouls and rejected in many games.

    If LeBron James didn’t receive special treatment from refs he would receive 2 technicals every other game.

    If LeBron James didn’t receive special treatment from refs Heat would not be a contender.

    • itsbigwes95 says:

      that’s funny, because he was a contender in cleveland, and now that he has won, he’s all of a sudden being favored? get over it, kobe has been favored a lot too, remember in 2000 with the blazers, isn’t it weird that the blazers had 3 or 4 starters fouled out in the fourth quarter (most of them getting 2 or more foul calls in that quarter) and lakers had more than 15 free throws in a quarter in when they were down by 15?

  5. Haters GONNA Hate says:

    Oh yeah there’s a big difference between now and 4 months ago. Based on what u said, there will be a difference between now and four months from now. And that will be that the Lakers will be amazing. U can never count out a team with a GOAT candidate. Lakers will be the champs. Just like how people doubted the Heat their first year. The only difference is that when they make the finals, they will have a lot of veterans(KOBE, NASH, JAMISON, HOWARD, and MWPEAACE) and will win it all. Just watch!

  6. cesar says:

    If lebron can have 2 more championship ring, now he’s the best

  7. Tommy Scherer says:

    Kobe is one of the top SCORERS of all time. He is so good at getting the ball in the basket ion so many ways that I believe there is no one in the history of the game who was a better scorer than him. However he lacks in other areas of the game that could not have him be the GOAT. Jordan was a force to be reckoned with on defense when the game was on the line. And by the way Bill Russel’s name never comes up in talks of GOAT yet he won 7 consecutive titles and all of them while Wilt Chamberlain was in the league. My point is that players have different skill sets. Lebron is one of the most athletic individuals to play and he rely’s on that. His skill set is pretty good as well, but it’s his athleticism and his determination that make him M.V.P each year. Kobe has remarkable offensive skills maybe best of all time, but his other parts of the game ie lack of defense poor shot selection and inability to take responsibility for his mistakes (he usually points a finger at what someone else did or didn’t do when he make an important turnover than to say it was his fault. Anyway They are all great players in any case so enjoy each one for what he does best.

    • Mister 215 says:

      How can Kobe be lacking on defense and he is on the All Defensive first team a record 9 times??? Your argument holds no valid point!!!

      • itsbigwes95 says:

        i’ve seen kobe get blown by from many players this year, kobe gets the first team defense because he is so popular, and with stern, money comes from popular players getting things they don’t deserve

      • J-Short says:

        You are right on, you have to have some kind of defense to be selected, they dont select players first team for nothing.

        And no player can completely shut down a player even Jordan yes even Jordan had trouble guarding people he did not just hold Joe Dumars to zero points. I think people have made up their mind to think one particular way and refuse to think out side of the box or the future for that matter.

  8. Carl says:

    You can be an awesome player and still be overated. People think that just because Kobe is a great player averaging 30 a game it’s impossible to be overated. Can a great movie still be overated? YES

  9. johnny says:

    Kobe > Lebron
    Kobe is the 2nd greatest player of all time.

    • Francisco says:

      no chance , his stats are weak for the second all time, it has to be another kind of player(2) because the gap between mike and kobe is abismal.

  10. johndavid says:

    Kobe is Much better than Lebron ….

  11. BigBen34 says:

    Guys why are you comparing them?? You can’t compare two players on different positions
    Everyone of them has his goods and his weaknesses.. one of them is a shooter and one of them scores points in paint

    • itsbigwes95 says:

      then why is MJ constantly known as the best even though he only played SG, you still have to compare him to other players and positions

  12. antzrock says:

    Lebron is a better all around player. Kobe is the better offensive player of the two. Lebron has a better chance of winning more championships because he doesn’t have to score all the time. He makes others better and you need the whole team to win a championship, Kobe doesn’t have that mentality. That’s why he is a killer, always looking to score. Sadly that’s what’s killing his team too. So overall, Lebron is better than Kobe (That’s why he has multiple MVP’s). But Kobe is in another dimension in terms of scoring and knowing how to score in different scenarios. Who has all these? MJ.

  13. fan28 says:

    Kobe only 1 of 3 NBA players ever w/ 30000 pts and 5 rings.(has 2 final MVP’s too).

  14. fan28 says:

    People talk like Lebron is so dominant over Kobe. didnt he loose his first two finals appearances? Oh, all this Kobe only has 5 b/c of Shaq, plz! The first ring is all Shaq, but the next two, Kobe carried them past the Spurs and Kings. i hate how people rewrite history. If Lebron played w Shaq, guess what? Shaq would still have won MVP! That doesnt mean Lebron is any less talented. So why use that on Kobe? Didnt Lebron jump cities and teams to win w/ another Hall Of FAMER? Just sayin…

    • itsbigwes95 says:

      actually the refs carried the lakers, and horry made some of the biggest shots in laker history against the kings. and if shaq was in his prime when he won the championships with lebron, then yeah he would have won the finals mvp, but you can use that on kobe because lebron went to the finals with no other all star in 2007, please, tell when kobe ever did this? didn’t kobe ask to be traded when his team was losing back in something like 2007 even though he had an outstanding season? you can look it up, and name how many hall of famers kobe has played compared to lebron (and HOF’s in prime, not just on team) kobe had shaq, gasol, nash, howard, van exel, jones, horry. he’s had more, but you’re not going to listen. so tell me why kobe wanted to jump ship in 2007 when his team had a losing record? Just sayin…

  15. DISGRACE??!! u r fool!! says:

    lebron needs rings!!!

  16. I'M A FAN says:

    50’s – MIKAN
    60’s – WILT/RUSSELL
    70’s – KAREEM
    80’s – MAGIC/BIRD
    90’s – JORDAN, and just give credit to “THE DREAM”
    2000’s – KOBE/DUNCAN
    2010’s – ?…lets just wait who until 2020, either ROSE, DURANT, WESTBROOK, PAUL, GRIFFIN, HOWARD, RONDO, D-WILLIAMS,, LEBRON, WADE, LIN, HARDEN, RUBIO, LOVE, CURRY, IRVING, WALL, DAVIS, LILLARD or whoever be next..

  17. Best Team of All Time

    PG = Magic
    SG = Jordan
    SF = Bird
    PF = Duncan
    C = Olajuwon

  18. seth says:

    for you people saying kobe is going to beat out michael jordan for the greatest player of all time because he has 30000 points in 17 years thats not going to happen michael has stats that he did in 14 year and retired twice and still gets 32,292 points in his carrer so no kobe will never be the best player of all time and neither will lebron michael will hold that for many years maybe even forever because of what he did for the NBA

  19. W/E says:

    Too much talking about “best player ever”,Theres no thing as “best player of all time”, should be best PG,SG,SG,PF,C of all time, Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan,Larry Bird,Karl Malone – Tim Duncan, Wilt Chamberlain -Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Kobe is without doubt one of the best SGs, probably the second best behind MJ although i never liked his overall game due to his shoot the ball only mentality and lack of true leadership qualities.

  20. morfogo says:

    Kobe has done everything by volume. He is still trying to be the best by volume since MJ, Magic and other kill him when it comes to efficiency, PER, win shares, et cetera especially in the playoff and finals. Once again, he has VOLUME…fans.

  21. wael sh says:

    i don’t think the lakers will even make the plaoffs this year 😦

  22. ALDS24 says:


  23. ANDT says:

    Lebron James has a championship ring thanks to DW and CB! he still definitely has so much to prove, he hasn’t achieved anything yet compared to the greatest players in NBA History.

  24. unkown says:

    dumbest comments I’ve ever seen to those people who said that Kobe did not got those 3 rings without shaq? hahahah…..apparently basketball is a 5 on 5 sport which means to be precise it is called a team sport without kobe or the team shaq cannot win the title or without shaq and the team kobe cannot win a title to be precise without a team kobe and shaq and the others cannot when a championship without each others help got it?

  25. castor says:

    here’s one for the taking, i play the game since i was 5 yrs old, watched mj, kobe and lebron at their prime…the one thing i noticed is, i know most of you will agree with me…KOBE FANS DONT REALLY PLAY THE GAME OR LOVES TO PLAY THE GAME OF BASKETBALL BUT THE GAME DONT LOVE THEM BACK. :-p BAM!!!

  26. Darren Darville (Bahamas) says:

    First off I am a Kobe/Laker fan but the laker will not be a good team until he shoots less. If you notice when they are playing everybody stands around and watch Kobe do his thing. I think he is concerned more about shooting the ball than making the other players around him better. Nobody has gotten any better including Dwight howard. Everyone knows when you have a dominante big man like DW you gotta get him the ball, Kobe wants Dwight to give him the first shot, which is not good basketball.
    Sadly these factors make Labron James better than Kobe, LJ makes everyone around him better, and you cannot teach that.

  27. lbj says:

    well this doesnt matter because we all know kobe and dwight will be leaving for the world champion heat this offseason and wade will win sixth man of the year!

    PG Chalmers
    SG Bryant
    SF LeBron
    PF Bosh
    C Howard

    best lineup of all time and guaranteed championship for 5+ years!

  28. Matt says:

    I don’t get why people are complaining that Kobe got more votes then Lebron. Kobe is having a statistically great year especially concidering his age. Yes the Lakers are struggeling but is that any reason to deny what Kobe has been doing this entire year? And in all honesty Kobe is the arguable best SG in the league right now and surely the best in the Western Conference. So why is it strange he gets this many votes. Also yes it helps he’s popular but I also realize there’s just as many haters out there as people who respect him. But that’s the same for Lebron isn’t it? not everyone likes him either.

    Besides who cares what the exact number of votes is if both Lebron and Kobe are picked for the all star game anyway, they both deserve to be there afterall and are both great players. Heck I’m more shocked to see Lin getting the 3rd most votes for backcourt players in the west even though there’s so many players that have had a way better season then he did.

  29. Heisenberg says:

    Lebron deserves to be #1 on the All Star balloting than Kobe does . Duh..?? Look at the winning column. Look at the player stats. It’s all about Lebron doing everything on both ends of the court. I’m no Kobe hater. Actually, I’m a die hard Laker fan. If I were to choose, it should be a Lebron Durant debate on the all star balloting. No disrespect to Kobe.

  30. EMMAN says:

    i’m still laughing at ganja..LoL not because he plays on a non playoff team that says he’s not an all star… duhh…. are you really that dumb… its the time where individual talents rise up for players… a showcase not because his team is on a playoff team… stupid mind set… and one more thing remember the time when kobe was injured and did not play in the all star game even if he was the no.1 vote getter… check the income of the nba and check the reviews…it became one of the most lowest incomer in nba playoff history and the mostly commented it was boring.. kobe haters wat a newb..

  31. larrikin says:

    when kobe gets his championship rings, lakers is an all star team. shaq brought lakers to the championship but not kobe. MJ brought his team to the championship. lebron brought his team to the championship. lebron gets even better and better. you voted kobe bc you pity him. look at his team now, he can’t even make it to the top in the west. lakers is an all star team, kobe is just an ordinary player, he is a one man army. kobe can never be like MJ. just accept that. he won championship bc lakers is an all star team. got it.

    • yrb_17 says:

      i just want to see Kobe and Rose in the finals…and Rose willsay “give it to me kobe, its my turn now”..just like what michael said to magic…

  32. earl manigaut says:

    kobe is the most overrated player in the nba..greatest ballhog in the nba…

  33. killuabest says:

    Its Kobe killer instinct both MJordan and LBird picks over LBJames , dont you think you are wiser than them, whereas both we knew are greatest and talented Players of NBA all times..Never argue and you will lose a dumb face more like Bobson comments,a real no brainer, or perhaps a kindergarten mind watching just the last few years of NBA. Yeah you KOBE haters- the more you said negative things..the more LOSER-FACE you get..KoBe -all time best yes next to MJordan the G.O.A.T.

  34. suki says:

    everyone saying that kobe won 3 titles because of Shaq surely didnt watch the finals.
    Shaq was forced to sit on the bench every time in th 4th QTR when the game was on line cause of the hack a shaq!
    It was Kobe who got them through every time it was crucial!
    It was the other way around!
    It was Shaq that got the 3 rings because of Kobe!
    He was unstoppable-I remember every opponents coach saying they lost because they had no answer for kobe!

  35. johnny says:

    Kobe is definitely next to michael jordan(the best player of all time).The way how lebron james is not what people wanted to see.People want to see fadeaways and incredible shots over and over again and kobe did that most of his games.And first of all you have to have the charisma and great looks to be considered one of the best.You would ask who are the best player in the nba.First you would say MJ,KOBE,CARMELO,IVERSON first.This guys have greatlooks and charisma that attracts attention.This is what people always wanted to see people who are good in basketball and still have a cute face.I dont know about lebron james if possess all this

  36. Whosdabest says:

    @Lebron owns Kobrick..
    How can you say Kobe fans are bandwagon fans while Lebron James and his fans basically INVENTED bandwagon (or at least re-invented it, gloriously)?? Kobe has been in L.A. for 17 years now and isn’t going anywhere..and there is no need for me to re-tell the story of Lebron leave my own city James.
    @Robin and @MJC: you two probably made the best and most valid points in this whole discussion. But I think overall everyone should realize that these are merely all-star votes..anyone can go online and vote (and if you are ‘smart’ vote more than once). Everyone with acces to the internet can vote..and this includes a lot of people, of which most simply vote because they saw one good game, heard something good or love the clothes (or even more superficial things). So let’s just all not worry too much about this whole All-Star thing. I mean Griffin has been an All-Star since his ‘rookie’ season and the guy can still barely do anything else but dunk the ball.
    @Ben..let’s take the negative side to your point, and say Kobe is merely a top-10 player..seriously, who is above him in your top 10??

  37. AintaHater says:

    Are you kidding me? The only reason Kobe won 3 of his first 5 rings was because of Shaq, This dude was avaraging like 30-35 pts and like 15 rbs per game! Kobe didn’t won those rings, Shaq did….W/O Shaq on the laker, maybe AI could have won his first ring. Kobe is a great player but Lebron is just better. D wade is injured at the end of the season which then Lebron had to Carried them. Give Lebron some respect, when Charles Barkley and MJ’s own teammate Pippen said that Lebron could potentially become better than MJ, then it really could happen! THEIR LEGENDS.

    • Mister 215 says:

      Okay so why didn’t Shaq win a ring with Penny Hardaway, or with Lebron James. Also when was the last time you saw a player average 29.4 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 6.1 APG, and 1.6 SPG and not win MVP……. KOBE!!!!!!

      • itsbigwes95 says:

        that’s because shaq had the highest scoring average for a center in finals history. and shaq won with Wade, i think you forgot that fact, huh? and he was way past his prime with LBJ. and jerry west won the finals MVP even though they didn’t win the championship.

  38. Me says:

    kobe is quite over rated, but still a hall of famer dont get me wrong. first of all. he would have maybe 2 rings at the most if it wasnt for shaq carrying the lakers during the 3 peat…. kobe was just a pippen to shaq. stats n facts dont lie. kobe also failed to carry his laker team to a deep run in the playoffs by himself. i know youre going to say the lakers were terrible after shaq left. ok. what about the cavs vs spurs finals? lebron james and straight scrubs lol. he carried a terrible team to the finals. kobe is no doubt a great scorer and due to his resume (boosted by shaq) is top 5 maybe, top 10 definitely in nba history. the fact is kobe was THE MAN on a championship team just TWICE. he played as a sidekick for the 3 peat.

    • BigBen34 says:

      look Kobe and Shaq played perfectly together.. Kobe couldn’t win without Shaq and Shaq couldn’t win without him.. LeBron also couldn’t win without Wade and Bosh

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Me get it…. LOL, anyway you say stats don’t lie right??? Well let’s look at his playoffs averages during his title run…. His first title he averaged 21.1 PPG, 4.4 APG, 4.5 RPG, 1.4 BPG, and 1.4 SPG. Next title 29.4 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 6.1 APG, and 1.6 SPG. The second title was his best numbers that he had any year including during his 2 finals MVP seasons. I don’t know where your logic is but those number are no second tier player numbers. Pippen would kill to have those numbers, but how could he get these numbers when Jordan shot the ball about 28 times a game….. And yall call Kobe a ball hog….SMMFH!!!!!

    • Mister 215 says:

      Next you use Lebron making the finals with the cavs as an example??? Everyone knows that the Eastern Conference is the weaker of the two, which is why when the cavs played them they got SWEPT like a dirty floor!!!!!! Kobe NEVER got swept in the finals, as a matter of fact he was the reason why the Lakers didn’t get swept by the pistons. Game winning shot by Kobe, but people forget that, just like they forgot that teams used the hack a shaq plan which caused him to miss KEY MOMENTS in the Finals and the fact that Shaq stayed in foul trouble for all those offensive fouls that was called on him left and right. Everyone forgets those moments.

  39. grafem says:

    I think Kobe is getting more ballots because he is competing with a less strong guards in the western conference. LeBron is competing with Camelo in the east. Both are strong players in my mind.

    • Naz says:

      Paul, Westbrook, Harden and Kobe. Thats 4 great guards but only 2 spots for all of them. Last time i checked there are 3 forward/center spots so saying that the competition between LeBron and Melo reduces the number of votes that either gets is just illogical. And besides Melo and LeBron who the hell else deservse a spot in the east?

    • Aerialheads says:

      less strong guards? You’re so stupid. So what do you think of CP3, Westbrook, Curry, etc? You can vote for only 2 guards compared to 3 frontliners. Kobe is way more talented and popular compared to LBJ

  40. Adam says:

    I am sorry people but there is no comparison when talking Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. Lebron James is a much better all around player. He can even score better when he needs to. Kobe has five titles that lead to him being perceived better than he really is. If Lebron had Shaquille in his prime and the rest of the Laker’s supporting cast, he would have five rings already at the age of 28. I admit Kobe is awesome but he is no legend that should be compared to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. I don’t care how many points he has. He is a misperceived player.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @ Adam if that was the case then why did Magic say he is the best laker and why did Jordan say that only Kobe can be put in the same breath as him???

      • itsbigwes95 says:

        @mister 215, because magic is humble and jordan is afraid someone miight one day be crowned the best ever. and, why did scottie pippen say lebron was better again? because he is? he will be? i don’t know and no one else does, but scottie played with jordan and is saying lebron is better. so just saying what others have said isn’t an example of how someone is better.

  41. warren shelton says:

    This argument is absurd. I hate this comparison, because its unfair. Kobe entered the league when LBJ was just 12 yrs old, therfore there is a GAPING generational gap between the two. Better comparison would be Kobe @ 28 vs LBJ @ 28 (prime to prime, like how most VALID generational comparisons are performed) comparing them in the present is like comparing Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, etc to an agin MJ back in 96..just isnt fair.

    • warren shelton says:

      besides that FACT….the two do have completely different skill sets…the only way to judge them both is by winning percentage. (Yes Kobe had Shaq, haters…but LBJ also needed Dwade in order to win…) Kobe will go down as one of the best scorers to ever play the game…and LBJ will go down as one of the best to play the game, peroid. there is no further argument to be made

  42. Good for Kobe! most overrated player in history?! Kobe is clutch, and just wait til Nash gets setled in, Lakers will make it to the conference finals… And either way, I bet the heat don’t repeat. Lebron got his ring, and he’s an animal… But it’s over. people need to quit sippin’ the hateraide and watch these two for the love of the game, PERIOD. Only thing worse then a BANDWAGON STEELERS FAN IS A BANDWAGON HEAT FAN!!! HAHAHA

    • SRFS says:

      Whoa don’t get ahead of yourself… Conference Finals? You should just hope for a #8 spot for now… Kobe was clutch, he isn’t clutch now. i.e. his team isn’t even in the talks in the west. he’s shooting more then he’s ever shot in his career, his field goal percentage isn’t even on the same level as lebron 50+% and durant 45+%. The Lakers have a terrible bench, they don’t play defense and they fired a defensive coach for an offensive one…Steve Nash isn’t going to help them defensively, Dwight and Pau would get destroyed playing teams like Memphis. Pack it up… go home dude you’re drunk.

  43. Trevor Dylan says:

    @ Bobson Kobe is not overrated! He is like 35 playing excellent basketball. He looks younger and much better than Lebron James. He can still score alot of points, fast moves as if he was still in his 20’s. C’mon man you are bugging! He is the closest to Michael Jordan based on veteranship, skills and championships (5). Michael Jordan even said Kobe can only be in the same conversation as him.

  44. Adam says:

    @ Wonderboy: I wouldn’t really say LeBron is “just getting started” he’s already 28 and more than halfway through his career in all liklihood. LeBron can pile up the MVPs and the stats, but realistically he’ll never have 5 titles. Kobe already had 3 by age 23. And before you say it was all Shaq, just don’t. Because everyone knows it was the dual-threat that got that 3-peat.

    • itsbigwes95 says:

      jordan won his first championship at 27 or 28, so what’s your point? and where was kobe when shaq left? kobe had way better players through out his career from having shaq, horry, gasol, odom, howard, nash, and many others. besides in the last 2 years, name how many players of this caliber that lebron had on his team in cleveland? and who got further without another all-star on the team? lebron did, by going all the way to the finals against the spurs, who had 3 players that could be on the all-star team. and why not say it was all shaq (it wasn’t), but you make it sound like kobe led the team, that’s why shaq has 3 finals mvp’s to kobe’s 2? because kobe led them there? bring some real arguments here to say that lebron isn’t getting started, because kareem started at age 22 and then played 20 years.

    • Francisco says:

      Shaq was the BEST laker , check stats, kobe was not even an star in the first chip.People forget that kobe was a bench warmer his first 2 seasons

  45. FAN says:

    @ bobson……I knew there would be one hater out there who apparently doesnt watch or even understand the game. Overrated? Seriously? You have to have more respect for players than that. One question that I have never seen asked in the Kobe controversy is this…….who else has Kobe had CONSISTANTLY to help him? Jordan-Pippen, James-Wade-Allen-Bosh, Durant-Westbrook. Yes he had Shaq, but its proven it takes more than a big man to win. In order too seek out the best they have to be divided into “era’s”. Jordan, was the best of his era, where Kobe was the best in his era….point blank enough said. James although slow getting started and finding a home will and is along with Durant the next era and will leave as the best in their era. A couple of years from now it wont even be about Kobe vs anyone. It will be James vs Durant maybe, and then people like bobson can stop hating even though they will find someone else to hate on, thats the nature. I have been a Lakers fan for as long as I can remember back when basketball was physical, and you had to be prepared to be planted on the hardwood if you took it in the paint there was no “love tap” fouls. Jordan played then and thats what will always seperate him from the others. It is dissapointing what is happening to the Lakers but there is something about putting on that gold and purple for example Ron Artest nearly put us out of the playoffs as a Rocket avg. 31 points in that series, comes to LA and fights to score over 10, but its probably Kobes fault he cant find the rim, Gasol stopped being aggressive, Howard struggles to get a rebound. The only thing that will change LA which is where the gold came from for MJ and Kobe is Phil, no argument.

  46. money mike says:

    They are all great in their own rights, but none could win a championship alone. I dont understand how you can credit michael Jordan GOAT when he needed a bunch of other guys to do what he did, moreover he never even played everyone in the nba. GOAT doesnt exist, Jordan was great in his era, kobe in his, russell in his, we are waiting to see who is going to be the next greatest in their era. As far as I am concerned, am I going to but my money on a little kid from chicago named derek rose. But thats just my opinion, you can have yours and I respect that, lets not go shoot someone because he likes derek rose better than Lebron James or vice versa, and that we can all agree is absurd.

  47. CHUCK NORRIS says:

    Durant is better than both LeBron and Kobe, but there is one that tops them all. BRIAN SCALABRINE!

  48. Mo Jay C says:

    Hey Bobson – you’re an idiot.

    Kobe is 34 years old an averaging over 30 ppg. He probably dunks 1-2 times a game IF THAT. How many of Lebron’s points are in the paint? Dunks? Layups? Maybe 75%-80%? Why do you think he shoots at such a high Field Goal %? Why do you think he averages so many rebounds? His game is a direct relation to his size and athleticism. If you think about it, if Lebron wasn’t 6’8″ 250 lbs, he would be NOTHING. If he was Kobe’s size and had the same athleticism as Kobe does now, at 34, LEBRON WOULD BE NOTHING, because he relies FAR too much on his athleticism, rather than talent.

    I’m guessing you’re a kid, who is growing up watching the newer era of players (i.e. Lebron and Durant). You didn’t grow up watching Kobe in the early to mid-2000’s, where he was absolutely dominant in his athletic prime. But yet, he’s 34 years old now and STILL leads the league in scoring. Most of his shots are difficult, fade-away or mid-range shots.

    Even KD is far more talented and skilled than Lebron. Like I said, take away a player’s athleticism and see how they’d fare.

    10 years from now, when Lebron is in his mid-30’s as Kobe is now, I GUARANTEE he will not be doing what Kobe is doing now.

    You’re watching history, son. Sit back and appreciate it.


    • allan says:


    • Kobnot says:

      yeah but no more rings for Kobe… he might as well retire

    • dattebayo says:

      Only 37% of James shot attempts are layups or dunks, not 80% you idiot.

      And… you know, if Shaq hadn’t been as tall and athletic as he used to be, he would have been NOTHING. Seriously, how dumb of a comment is that?

      I’m guessing you are easily impressed by Kobe scoring a lot of points, sadly that’s all he does in ballgames these days. I can’t count how often Kobe has been abused on defense this season, like when Jrue Holiday blew past him for a gamewinning dunk or when Afflalo scored 30 on him. How this dude was voted into the All Defensive Team these last 2 seasons is a mystery to me.

      Oh and yeah, 10 years from now, LeBron will have more MVPs and more Finals MVPs than Kobe and no matter what he is doing at that age, he will still be considered a better player than Kobe. Kobe will always be a poor man’s Jordan, because that’s what he always was.

    • Francisco says:

      lame, it does not matter how is done , what matters is the result , I NEVER noticed Kobe like you did , He never was dominant , where are the stas to support he was better at his prime than now, other than those 35 ppg in 2006 when he average a selffish 27 shots per game , his results were pathetic in the playoff, kobe now is shooting better than he was at his prime, numbers do not lie, you are trying to convince uneducated people that if this is kobe at 34, could you imaging how good he was at 28 , but where is the DATA to support that, I give credit to kobe for playing better at 34 than at 28, same like barry bonds who was better at 38 than at 28!!!!!!!!.

  49. Stone says:

    Lebron by far is the better player and talent with so many more years ahead of him in his career, it will be scary. LeBron all day a better than kobe

  50. hfri says:

    this only proves that the lebron james marketing push never really caught on. Years upon years of this guy james being shoved down the throat of the average nba as the greatest thing ever still proves to be a failure even after his 3 mvps and championship ring, good to see people still have a mind of their own

  51. Joey Fisher says:

    Kobe is having a more impressive year because he is older than LeBron, not in his prime and playing like he’s 25. Same with Tim duncan, both very impressive. Both top 10 all time. If Kobe and the Lakers were better, he might be a lock for the MVP.

  52. Joey Fisher says:

    If Carmelo doesnt start which he will, i wont watch it. Kobe is having a slightly more impressive year than Lebron mainly because of his age. If the lakers were better, probably an MVP lock.

  53. Robin says:

    Kobe and LeBron are different players. LeBron is a game-maker while Kobe is just a killer. simple as that. do not let the stats the LeBron posts fool you into thinking he is a better player – he is not. In a game where WINNING is the last stand, you can get impressed by the regular season all you want. Hell – for all I care CROWN LeBron as the 2nd best player in the regular season history. Kobe is simply the 2nd best player of all times.

    AND… Everyone is forgetting one thing! KOBE has played ALL his life in the western conference. Meaning every season, except unless 2001 and 2008 when they were relatively close in strength.. he has to compete against great teams 4 times each season to LeBron 2.

    Why No one is talking about Kobe’s 5.6 RPG and 4.7 APG? In the Western Conference?

    Put Kobe in the eastern conference, let him face teams like Washington, Cleveland, Charlotte for 4 games a year – and he will probably end a season with 35+ points, and probably raise his RPG and APG by 1.something.. not kidding at all.

    Anyway you look at it, unless LeBron takes 4 rings in a row now, he will have to work SO HARD to get close to a man playing his 17th year in the league, averaging 75 games a year, that has 5 rings (3 in a row, and then 2 in a row – how dominant is that??), played almost every national team game in the summer, and most important, not to mention…

    Since Shaq’s move – When exactly did Kobe have someone at D-Wade caliber at his side? and Yet he won 2 championships with players like Pau Gasol, Odom and Fisher. Good players but not exactly the flash..

    • sweet potato says:

      Exactly Kobe is spoiled to get all this player. then they got howard. is that not a d-wade caliber. lebron has to humiliate himself to leave cleveland so he get to play with better players. I don’t like lebron but your statement is lame. now nash too? and not a playoff team. pathetic.

  54. Ganja daze says:

    The allstar voting is disgusting, how can Kobe be the leading the voting when his averaging 30 points in a non playoff teams, and leading the league in TOs, most missed shots, most shot attempts and his team rarely wins when he scores 30 or more points. Way overated, it’s pathetic there’s still fools voting for this guy when there are plenty of other people playing WAY better than him in the west such as Durant, CP3, Z bo, Duncan, Kevin Love. The gap between lebron and kobe is so huge, it’s delusional that kobe has more votes than him.

    • mart says:

      to ganja daze http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45mMioJ5szc says all what kobe does and lebron is great too I just don’t watch the heat, its like to compare no.12 and no.18 , who meet in Denver 20th jan, no point both are great, just one has to win Why go back and forth whom is better just enjoy the game

    • Enlightenment says:

      You do realize that when you vote on a ballot it is two guards and three front court players right? You named not one shooting guard in the list of people playing better than Kobe in the west. So that means for every person that votes CP3 or his contention Russell Westbrook, they pair him with Kobe. So logically, shouldn’t Kobe lead the votes? I’m a fan of basketball no team in particular, but I just like to show the logic in things. name a West shooting guard that you would vote for over Kobe based on play and you would have an arguement.

  55. Ben says:

    As much as I respect Kobe and everything he has done for the league in his time…

    Surely the debate these days is Lebron v Durant? Kobe gets the most votes because he has built his popularity over a long time and it isn’t going to die overnight, and he is still probably a league top 5 (definitely top 10) player. But come the finals, its a Lebron Durant rematch that we all really want, isn’t it?

  56. Who cares most Kobe fans are bandwagon fans anyways. It comes down tonthenfans, everybody knows Lebron is the best to play the game all Kobe dies is score look at the stats. Lebron does everything

    • Does not dies d*mn iPad

    • odj563 says:

      Kobe is the best player ever after Jordan without doubt. What did Lebron achieve? nothing so far. He has more to prove even though today he is a good athlete and good player. Kobe has been constant in stat for over 15 years and bringing something amazing and entertaining each year . Are you comparing MVP trophies , leading scorer titles or championships? Come on guys! See you in 10 years to compare Lebron and Kobe.

  57. Nano says:

    Kobe is the most hated player yet he gets more votes than every other player. That’s amazing. I’d like to see the breakdown of votes as far as regions are concerned. That way we’ll be able to see where most of Kobe’s votes come from. I’m guessing his votes are mostly internationally, in particular China.

  58. Scott says:

    What are you talking look at all the records championships and other award he has most all star carrer points idk how you can say hes over rated he is easily top 6 all time u could argue top 5 also hes one of the nest clutch players the nba has ever seen dont even question kobes greatness!

    • Breeezy says:

      Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul – Jabar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Russell (in no particular order).
      Which one of these fellas is being bumped out to make for Kobe in the top 6 all time? Would be interested to hear the justification for such. Top ten perhaps for Kobe, not top 5/6.

  59. danito says:

    kobe at his age still the second best player in the nba after lebron. but overall kobe is way ahead of james. lebron need lot of catch up to get to kobe level, as one of the greatest, kobe is a top 5 of all time and for me he is a top 2. and the best player that ever played for the lakers. if kobe gets one more championship, and tops the scoring of all time, i think he can be the greatest player of all time

    • Don says:

      Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest player of all time and best Laker–no one has come close to topping him. The second greatest was Michael Jordan. If Lebron James continues to play at the level he has played for 10 years, he will be the thirds greatest of all time. Kobe Bryant is in the top ten, but not close to Wilt, MJ or Lebron.

    • sweet potato says:

      second best player? maybe you haven’t seen OKC, Knicks, Clippers.. get your game on dude

  60. salomon says:

    I can smell a Lebron v.s. Melo rivalry in the coming years. Both in the same conference, playing the same position. Both are on great teams with the same reach in to the championship trophy

    • Breeezy says:

      The league is shaping up to come into a time of many great, intense rivalries of both teams and individual players alike. And yes, Melo vs Bron is going to be great.

  61. bobson says:

    Kobe has to be the most overrated player in NBA history. No way in hell should he have more all-star votes than Lebron & Durant… thats absolutely a disgrace

    • David says:

      5 rings, over 30000 points, 1 mvp, 2x scoring champion, 2 finals mvp… overrated… right…

      • Doctor S. says:

        thanks to shaq

        and best 4-5 in the league…gasol bynum

      • castor says:

        what’s his shooting percentage again? uhm…ok play making skills? and where does the “infamous” lakers are at now. when mj was at kobe’s age they were close to unbeatable, a good player makes a team look good and eventually a champion, mj made scotty, paxson, cartwright, armstrong, kukoc, rodman, phil jackson look good, james made most of his tandem (which are almost unknown of) an all star like ilgauskas, williams, varejao almost if he weren’t a center like the big z and his coaches…and kobe…? he made payton and malone crash and burn their legacies on the hardwood against the pistons.

      • SRFS says:

        And this is what’s wrong with the NBA All Star Vote, its based upon the Fans. Same reason why KLove get snuffed two seasons straight, and why Jeremy Lin is going to be the starting PG in the west… definately not stats, or championships… Forget about what Kobe has done, he should be judged for what he has done this season. If that’s the case, highest ppg doesn’t elevate you above Lebron or Durant considering what they’ve done with their squads and what Kobe can’t do with his… But oh yeah… Nash, Dwight, and Pau aren’t enough… they too old, they need a younger squad like the Knicks or something right… oh wait wrong.

    • bounty hunter says:

      Waaahh Waaahh

    • Chris says:

      A disgrace? To see someone put in as much work as Kobe and perform for everyone including you, the NBA should be honored to have a person like him. Hes part of the reason why everyone watches these All-star games. In the final minutes of the All-star game, in whose hands is the ball in? KOBE. Because everyone knows that despite his age, he still one of the best player in the NBA today. OVERATED? DISGRACE?….Psh! You don’t know anything.

      • Kobnot says:

        good player….weak person…..atleast bron was never in trouble with law OR cheating on his wife repetedly

        Great player….Awful Human

    • billy says:

      good one

    • Kojo says:

      Although I dislike Kobe myself, to see he’s overrated or even the most overrated player in NBA history tells me you just don’t watch basketball….you probably just watch the xmas games, come on here, post once and go back to the dark whole you crawled out of

    • lakurrrr says:

      The most overrated player in NBA history ! It’s a disgrace you call a player like Kobe that..

    • Confused says:

      Sorry what?

    • RFN says:

      He is. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great player, just not as good as James. No disgrace in that.

    • Kojo says:

      Although I dislike Kobe myself, to say he’s overrated or even the most overrated player in NBA history tells me you don’t watch basketball….and not just that you don’t watch it on a regular basis, I mean you haven’t watched basketball in over 10 years is what you’re telling me…..

    • Shubh says:

      ur completely wrong kobe is one of the hardest working athletes in sports and he deserves all the credit attention and his giant fan base he had something to do with all of those 5 championships leader or not how is 30 pts avg in his 17th overrated? kobe has played more seasons than lebron and durant COMBINED and hes still scoring better than both of them just look at his resume….he cant be overrated because of his longer resume… kobe has achieved much more than lebron and durant combined… 30000 is not overrated being the 5th leading scorer in the history of the nba is not overrated the fans recognize these milestones and appreciates Kobe’s hard work which leads him to these many all-star votes. The fans know greatness while ur too stubborn to open your eyes and realize greatness when ppl see it,

      • sweet potato says:

        He is overrated and spoiled. A lot of them are as hard working as kobe. None of them broadcast it to the world. Oh wait let’s get shaq to help kobe. oh let’s get gasol and bynum because kobe was nothing after shaq left. Oh let’s get artest and barnes so no one will guard kobe come playoff time. if iverson or mcgrady got this treatment they had multiple rings as well. hell even vince carter too.

    • duwayne86 says:

      how is kobe over rated he fourth all time in scoring… he also leads the league this year in scoring… get real his only problem is his team isnt winning this year… but he is actually shooting his best field goal ppercentage of his career…. stats over opinion everyday

    • Breeezy says:

      I agree that to some extent Kobe is slightly overrated. He is top 10 – 15 all time, but not in the top 5 or anywhere near the GOAT as many (predominantly Laker fans) say. Rings are vital in the conversation about all time greats, but just as much are MVPs – makes sense given we are speaking about individual players. Kobe was the second best player on his team in 3 of the 5 rings he has, so although he was great at the time, he cannot be credited as leading 5 championship team, but rather he can for two. I don’t see why Tim Duncan is not given more credibility when it comes to talks about the greatest player of 98 to say 2008 era (there abouts). Duncan earned 4 rings, 3 finals MVPs and two regular season MVPs in that time, while playing at a more competitive position in the era given the defenders and players at his position (not to say Kobe hasn’t had to deal with a few). Where Kobe is perhaps standing above Duncan is the longevity stakes, given he has playing at a consistently high level longer than Duncan, who has declined slightly over previous seasons, certainly with some renaissance this season – And have we seen a more dominant force than Shaq during his peak? Not during the current generation.

      • Breeezy says:

        And yes, it is quite reasonable for him to be leading the all star ballot given his lengthy resume – this doesn’t mean or indicate he is the best player in the world at the moment, but simply the most popular. Seems fine considering the years he has played so well and earned a large following while showing gritty determination and a win at all costs attitude. I’m an OKC fan, and Durant is my favorite player, but I’m realistic. How could you expect Bron or KD to have more votes than Bryant? Silly. They are both CURRENTLY better players, but are only in the baby and adolescent stages of their growth compared to Kobe. All three are great players and will play, and start, the all star game, who really cares who wins the voting?

  62. SMR1 says:

    LeBron James edges it for purely for stats this season,
    No doubt Kobe is an amazing player is now only a scorer who edges KD in that department but won’t for long!
    James is improving in every aspect of his game which is good to see
    LeBron James or Kobe will never ever be as good a MJ
    But I think LeBron is on the right path to catching up Magic Johnson!

    • James says:

      The stats Lebron got it’s bc of his teammates Dwade and Bosh and allen who draw attention so he gets easy buckets. You can never prove that he is as good as Jordan bc he never draw as much attention from his opponent as MJ did…every single game..year after year…yet, still on top.

      • Question says:

        dude he had very simalar stat in cleveland…..

        wade and bosh helped but lebron gets his near triple double night in , night out for the last 4 years

      • sweet potato says:

        He is a ball hug. Heat doesn’t need a point guard. He has the ball all the time. that’s why he has this kind of stat. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but that is how he plays his game. yes he has similar stats in cleveland but he didn’t get a ring so you could say that if not for bosh and wade then what? he hugs the ball more than kobe.

      • SRFS says:

        Wait what…. Allen, Wade, and Bosh drawining attention for Lebron? Do you even watch basketball or seen the Heat play a single game? There offense is centered around Lebron. He is at the hub pulling attention and the rest are benefitting off of him. He is the reason why they are on track for a 2nd championship… you getting it all twisted up. When you watch a beast like him score, it seems as if they are easy buckets, but its because he puts himself in great positions to get those “easy” buckets.

      • DON'T EVER CLICK MY NAME says:

        first of all lebron is not a ballhog if you had chalmers on a team with 4 hal of famers including lebron would you trust him to carry the ball up and down the court by himself? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kobe fans are hypocrites because kobe is ballhogging and scoring 30 a game on 30 shots and his team isnt winning nothing. all you smug laker fans with your ego maniac star should look at the numbers. Who’s won 3 mvp’s lebron who isn’t going to win 2 kobe. Wade bosh and allen make a great supporting cast but lebron is the most lethal player in the nba so of course he draws the most attention.

      • Kobnot says:

        yeah but kobe coudn’t do anything we he didnt have anybody on his team…
        LeBron still made it to the finals
        Lebron had better stats,
        better reg season record.

        Take shaq away kobe wouldn’t have 3 of those rings

      • James says:

        @SRFS Everytime Allen steps up to a three point line, does he draw attention from the defense? Everytime Wade is in the paint, does he draw attention from the defense? Everytime Bosh is w/in 15ft, does he draw attention? Have you watch any Heat game?

        Your comment is disgraceful and disrespecting other players and giving Lebron way too much credits he deserves. It’s a team game, Lebron didnt do it himself, and he has proven that hes a failure alone for 7 years in Cleveland.

        @ Kobnot Take Wade away, Lebron wouldn’t have any ring at all. Still a failure on a different team.

  63. ko0kie says:

    we’ll probably never see kobe vs. lebron in the finals.. 😦

    • Wonderboy says:

      I don’t think this laker team will make the finals…and 4 months ago people were saying LAKERS 2013 CHAMPS

      • SRFS says:

        Yeh you can’t find any of those Laker goons anymore. Talk about counting your eggs before you even get the chicken…. Forget about finals… they are struggling to get the #8 spot which they will probably miss…Team is awful, they can’t keep up anymore even if Kobe shoots a stunning 40% LOl…

    • James says:

      I still don’t get it…Even if you get Kobe and Lebron in the finals, you won’t see the best of the two. Kobe is 34 and Lebron is 28…so what’s the point?

    • celtics says:

      Lakers got an amazing team but are struggling to win.I dont think they will win the championship this year.

  64. Abebe says:

    First of all the two have different skills and talent. They can’t be rivalry. Rivalry can be b/n Durant & Jams.. This is rather Kobe’s Fans Vs James’s Fans. Therefore, it doesn’t represent the competition b/n the two best.

    • Wonderboy says:

      not true, as long as two people are both playing in the NBA, they can be rivals. they are rivals in the discussion of greatest ever to play the game. that’s why they will always be rivals. I think there is more a rivalry betwene James and Bryant as opposed to Durant and James, because Durant has yet proven himself as a champion. James looks up to chasing Bryant and Jordan, and he just getting started.

      • Breeezy says:

        Would disagree that the rivalry between James and Bryant is bigger than that of James and Durant. In the current landscape of the NBA, the Lakers are not a threat to knocking the Heat off, and have not been for a couple of years now, and with that comes less rivalry between the two leading players from their respective teams. Furthermore, James and Durant are (we’re speaking in present tense) right now the two best players in the NBA, as they were last year – 1 and 2 in MVP voting, which has occurred in two of the past three seasons. Bryant is a legend and a top 10 player to play the game, but right now, the James/Durant rivalry is more intense, more relevant and in truth, much more compelling to watch. To say that James and Bryant is all about Lebron trying to take the mantle of best player in the game is well over – 3 of the last 4 MVPs would already indicate the mantle has long been taken by James, and now Durant is the only player who truly threatens to knock him off the number one spot (obviously, Melo and CP3 factor into MVP talks).

        But in saying all of that, there is still a big rivalry between Kobe and Lebron, and yes Durant is yet to prove himself as a champion – but he is really the main player threatening James’ reign as best player in the world right now

      • Imad Akel says:

        it takes years to have a rivalry to be honest this isnt exactly a bird vs. magic rivalry.
        This is a discussion concerning who is better (much like the kobe vs. MJ discussions, you can’t call that a rivalry as Kobe and Mj were barely ever rivals)

        Fact of the matter is, MJ was the best player in the period he played in, Kobe was the best player in the period he played in, and Lebron is the best player now. Its so difficult to say “best of all time” because the competition changed in time. You can discuss it, as i’m sure every fan has an opinion about these things, but the endpoint is moot. If all were in their prime playing with their best teams at the same time only then could we have known who the GOAT is.

      • James says:

        If Duran is “Just getting started” in the rivalry with Duran than that means James is “Just getting started” with Kobe. If Duran doesn’t count bc he doesn’t have a ring to prove he is a champion than James doesn’t count bc he doesn’t have 5 rings to prove he is a 5 times champion and is able to do it back to back…James can never catch up to Jordan bc he will never able to get the three-peats like Jordan did. Jordan drew so much attention from his opponents, where as James gets his stats easily bc of the help of other 3 big mega stars like Wade, Bosh, and Allen. Jordan had to play hard game night in and night out, year after year. James is more like chasing Kobe than chasing Jordan. but James cannot be compared to Kobe if Duran cannot be compared to James. It’s clearly that Duran is one of the greats!

      • James says:

        Typo: If Duran is only “just getting started” when compare to James than that means James is only “just getting started” when compared to Kobe.

        Kobe has haters bc of the way he acts, not the way he plays. He plays clean basketball with high IQ and skills…James also has haters bc of the way he acts, not the way he plays. Duran so far doesn’t have any hater.

    • MHM 35 says:

      There can be a rivalry between them IN THE GAME as Magic and Bird had, but I don’t think anyone insisted on those two constantly being in the G.O.A.T. discussion like people seem to do with Kobe and LeBron, despite being two totally different players.