Clippers’ 17-Game Winning Streak Now A Two-Game Losing Streak


OAKLAND – The Clippers pummeled the Celtics and stormed back against the Jazz. They swept a four-game trip and they won two home day games in about 24 hours in a freak schedule occurrence. They played with the hunger of a lottery team and the composure and heart of a champion. They racked up 17-straight wins.

But that was earlier in the week.  The winning streak (the longest streak in franchise history and the best by any team in a little more than four years) ended Tuesday night at Denver and a reverse streak continued Wednesday with another loss against the Warriors.

Strange how the best run in the Buffalo-San Diego-Los Angeles years could become a partial statement on the Warriors, an opponent not even involved in the nonstop winning from Nov. 28 to Dec. 30. Welcome to it, though. Welcome to the reality.

Seventeen consecutive victories is usually able to provide some separation from the field, yet there was Golden State all of 3 ½ games back in the Pacific Division. And then came Warriors 115, Clippers 94 on Wednesday to slice the margin to 2 ½ games.

That made it official. Los Angeles had a historic string of success and could not give its top challenger within the division — and now, it must be said about Golden State, within the Western Conference — the slip. All that winning, which started when both were 8-6, is now worth 2 ½ games in the standings.

More perspective: The Clippers have had 18 home games and 15 road games compared the Warriors with 15 home games and 17 road games.

This does set up well for Golden State

“What they did has nothing to do with us,” Stephen Curry said after making 11 of his 16 shots en route to a game-high 31 points. “For us, we didn’t need this game to prove that we’re playing good basketball and that we’re a serious team and a force to be reckoned with. This is just another opportunity for us to play well in front of our fans at home. We were coming off a nice little break to re-energize ourselves and we didn’t have any slip-ups after being off for three days. That just shows how locked in and focused we are.”

Indeed, the Warriors found little statement in essentially taking the best hit the Clippers had to deliver and refusing to go away. As coach Mark Jackson said:” Give them credit. They put together a great run. It’s not our concern. Our concern was to take care of business on our end. We’re satisfied with what we’ve been able to accomplish, and we’re going to continue fight and scratch and claw and put victories together. That’s the Clippers’ business. More power to them.

“Credit to my guys because even though the Clippers put together a great run, they separated themselves from a lot of people, and we’re within range.”

That was the closest Jackson came to turning L.A.’s success into Golden State’s success.

“If we continue to do what we’re doing, our goal is not the Clippers,” Jackson said. “They’re a very good basketball team having a very good year. Our goal is to be the best that we can be.”

The Warriors and Clippers play again Saturday night in Los Angeles. Another Golden State win will clinch the season series, a valuable tie-breaker chip if it is needed in April. Another Golden State win could also, depending on what happens before Saturday, be worth the Pacific Division lead.

Welcome to the reality.


  1. specialfriedrice says:

    Another great article…not…when is some focus gona be put on the Lakers terrible season…a team rated by most at the start of the season to push for the Bulls 72-10 record…though apprently the way the media choses to work is to bash sucsesful teams…then throw in a article about how great of season Kobe is having and that his 4th last team in the conference should still get him MVP votes…Kobes selfish play has clearly been the thorn in the Lakers side…as proven over the past couple of seasons imparticularly the playoffs…a place that the Lakers WILL NOT be at the end of this season…hence would make a much better article to write and READ…do a betterr job

  2. bballfan says:

    does anyone else notice that deandre jordan is worthless and overrated most of the time
    Dude averages 9 n 7 for a guy making over 40 million a year

    • Macky says:

      He does not make 40 million a year. No basketball player makes that much from their contract. I think Kobe is the highest paid and he’s getting 30 million this year. No one else is even close to that. Durant and James are only getting around 15-16 million this year. Jordan is probably getting like 6-8 million which is still overpaying him because yes he is overrated in my opinoin.

  3. bballfan says:

    doe anybody else notice that deandre jordan is worthless most of the time.
    for a guy getting payed over 40 million he only averages about 8 n 8

  4. jrent says:

    Nuggets beat the clippers a game before

  5. googergieger says:

    The west is totally about match ups this year. Warriors are a bad match up for The Clippers. Nuggets are a bad match up for Warriors. Clippers are a bad match up for The Nuggets. Everyone is a bad match up for The Lakers.

    • Macky says:

      I disagree. All of the teams in the top 4 can beat the Lakers handedly. They are not a good team. The only reason the Lakers will have a chance to beat any team in the playoffs is because they play 8on5 every game. Just watch the games and look at all the calls they get. Not talking about the games on national television because they don’t replay the missed calls.

  6. Wammy Giveaway says:

    Let’s face it, the Clippers are weak against the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs know all of their weaknesses, and will capitalize on every single one of them: free throw shooting, rebounding, 3-point defense, and zone defense in general. Festus Ezili even tried to take out Blake Griffin with a flagrant foul, with Griffin doing more hurt to himself by flopping (we’ll have to wait for an NBA ruling). Griffin could have rigged the game with that hard fall in order to get Ezili ejected, but the result was a flagrant foul type 1. In other words, unless they can get a Warrior ejected or fouled out of the game, the Dubs are invincible. They stand no chance against them, and if they meet in the playoffs, the Clippers will automatically lose to them. The only team who can defeat the Warriors is the 2012 Hall Of Fame Laker Gods, but they are having their own problems as we speak.

    One minor note: Chauncey Billups might be the X-factor against the Warriors. In the lockout season, with him on the lineup, the Clippers were able to defeat them on Christmas Day. But since Chauncey’s injury, the Clippers have been 2-4 against them. The Warriors are like the Grizzlies, Spurs and Thunder all rolled into one.

    • slider821 says:

      I disagree. The clippers are a good team and can beat the Warriors, they came close the first time they played at Staples. Also, the Lakers are not the only team that can beat us. Memphis does well against the dubs. Teams with two bigs inside (Denver, Memphis, Lakers) and/or teams with small, quick PGs are our weakness (Sac).

  7. thatweirdodante says:

    can someone tell me why blake griffin is an allstar (6-22 in last 2 games) and david lee(playing at an allstar level) is only getting recognition from nba coaches and staff?!?!?!!?

  8. BJ says:

    I dont get it, the Clippers are a total of 19-2 the past month and now they are being counted out to get knocked out of the playoffs?!!.. All teams lose at some point. SA just got their rhythm and are on a 7 game winning streak, they lost several in a row before they got going. MIA started losing a few games. Are you guys serious? lol. And we know Kobe is coming to play tomorrow. He always has a chip on his shoulder and you can see it in his disposition when he plays the Clippers. He feels like they aren’t good enough or better than his team is but the record speaks for itself.

    the Clippers are still no. #1 in the Pacific division and 3 in the West. SA and the Clips have the same record, percentage wise puts the Clips in the 3rd position. what happens when GSW lose 2 or 3 in a row to the Bobcats, Bucks and NOH? will they not be contenders for the West? I mean Jesus…. lol

  9. Kamote says:

    So the Clips lost two in a row, and there’s this frenzy already??? Denver and Golden State are one of the good teams this year, any NBA team can lose to them. The Clippers are playing great this season, and they have what it takes to wreak havoc in the playoffs, a couple of losses won’t trouble them much.

  10. yoblob says:

    I’m really liking what I see from the Warriors, but the real test is later this month, Denver, Miami, San Antonio if they can beat Miami and San Antonio then they’ll definitely be challenging for the conf finals.

  11. AnnoYouLater says:

    i noticed in this game that griffin took a lot of jump shots and missed a lot of them but i cant blame him cuz this GSW team is really good at defending, i mean they are well coached,,,they know when to double team and to switch…and they got unlimited option in offense, this is prolly one of the hardest team to beat in a best of 7 playoff game…i just hope no1 get srsly injured…

    • BJ says:

      i noticed they all took a lot of jumpshots and missed most of them. when you see Odom and Griffin taking 20+ footers you know something is wrong with the offense. GSW played some serious D on them and got them out of their rhythm. they need to study the tapes and what they were doing wrong, regroup and get ready for Sat. Kick the Lakers butts on Friday first,

  12. BJ says:

    got to give GSW credit they played very well. the took the lead and never looked back. they looked like the Clippers have been looking for the past month. but I dont understand when people say the Clippers will always lose against good teams when they have beaten all the good teams except for GSW this season and OKC. and they’ve played GSW twice and OKC once. They have to them them again saturday so we will see if the Clips get their rhythm back with the Lakers first. Stop talking crazy people we still have 50+ games left in the season.

    The Clippers are still No. #1 in the Pacific and second in the west. You guys are talking like they are at the bottom of the list…. like the Lakers, LOL.

  13. bunbury says:

    I’d say “give credit to Mark Jackson.” but this is how coaches get fired all the time. a coach comes to a bad team, they do better than expected. in fact, they make the playoffs after a10 year absence. then the bars are high in the following year. they get into a low start and the next thing you know— “last year’s coach of the year has been fired.” NBA routine!!

  14. ko0kie says:

    golden state is a very intriguing team.. they have a nice backcourt with curry, thompson, jack.. all lethal 3-point shooters although I didn’t know that Jack is such a good shooter (maybe he is just hot right now). david lee is playing great and even the rookie at the 5 is solid.. I wonder how Andre Bogut will fit in.

    • slider821 says:

      Beidrins is playing his role very well and the rookie Barnes is having good first quarters and learning quickly. Ezeli is getting better and I love his defense and rebounding, he just needs to work on having his hands ready.

      I find it hilarious everyone who was angry we traded Monta and dismissed our future since ‘we no longer have any scorers’. The guy we traded Monta for hasn’t even played and wer’e doing the best we have in 30 years. Can’t wait until Bogut is 100% and ready.

  15. Jacques Durceille says:

    Clippers will always falter against the better teams. They will be a good playoff team they just won’t win it all. Golden State will be a dangerous team as well and have done great for themselves. The clips need to learn to win against the better teams. They lost to denver, golden state, they will probably beat the lakers but I wait till saturday to see the golden state rematch. Golden state might have their number and take the season series.

    I am glad for the faithful in golden state. The young kids are proving themselves. I want golden state in the Conference finals,it will be exciting.

    Curry must stay healthy, jarrett jack must continue playing well,and they must continue to move the ball well. Go Warriors.

  16. lareka says:

    Someone please remind the writer that the Clips have lost to Denver so they were not on winning streak against the Warriors !

  17. E-SY says:

    And again the Warriors have a night off before they play the Clippers and the Clippers meet their home town rivals on friday. Let’s see the Clippers start their next 17 + game win streak tomorrow and get this speculations over with!

  18. The Warriors have been fantastic this year and I actually picked them to get over the Clippers in this game. More for the fact the Clippers were coming off a tough back to back in Denver but you have to give credit to the way this team is playing and they proved tonight they are going to be a tough playoff matchup for any team in the West this year.

    • slider821 says:

      The Dubs play 11 playoff teams in their next 12 games. It will be a real test for them to show they are playoff potential, especially getting wins against these good teams on the road.

  19. Filipino Idiot says:

    A dark horse, this team. Just hope Curry remains healthy and Bogut gets back and gel well with the team.

  20. amitpal says:

    Lets get one thing straight the warriors arent better than the clippers. The clippers have lost two games because they have been just out of it and cant make shots. The shots they’ve been taking r good shotd they just didnt fall in the last two games. Thats not going to continue especially with the clippers coming home for there next two games. And once Chauncey comes back I wouldnt be surprised if they go on another 12 14 game winning streak.

    • slider821 says:

      The Dubs beat the clippers twice now so I’m not sure you can say that. Besides, the first game Crawford scored 27pts so it wasn’t a scoring issue for the clips.

      • thatweirdodante says:

        compare the PF position, david lee dominated blake griffin(2-11 shooting) finished with 10 which 6 came from 6-10 from the FT. Blake needs to stop crying and be a man. as for the SG position curry out played all of the Clips guards. CP3 finished with 23 which 10 came from FT. that being said the Clips got to the line more because of our mistakes and had more fastbreak points due to our turnovers, if the warriors get better at protecting the ball and not fouling last night would of been a blowout, take away 28 points from FT and 20+ points in fast break points i would imagine the Clips only having 60+ points…..

        clips are all hollywood and highlights, thats why there were no lobs last night hence blake isnt in the top 10 for another boring two hand catch dunk at the #3 spot…

        David Lee deseveres blakes spot as an allstar simply because hes playing at an allstar level, who knows if DLee will ever get the chance again. Same with DHoward, WHY IS HE AN ALLSTAR!?!??!?!?!!?!?

    • takeoneshotatatime says:

      A lot of teams have been saying the same thing as of late when they play the Warriors. The same old excuse we just didn’t make shots. Well guess what folks the dubs are for real and their defense is a big part of why they can’t make shots. Should be a fun year.

  21. Chris says:

    I’m Clipper fan but I’ve had my eyes on Goldenstate all season, this team could see the finals this season if they keep playing the way they are. They’re incredible

    • slider821 says:

      As a long time Warriors fan, seeing Kenny Smith, or anyone for that matter, become a bandwagon warrior fan is not something I’m used to 🙂